walker howle

  • Neil: If I run and throw myself at Matt, he will most definitely catch me.
  • Neil: *runs at Matt*
  • Matt: *drops coffee to catch Neil*

Third session of lining. Only characters left to add now are Sophie and Howl, and a quick addition to Haku since one of his hands needs to be adjusted before it goes on for good. This session saw the addition of Howl’s castle, the Nightwalker/Great Forest Spirit, Porco Rosso (via his plane), and Catbus, another little totoro, Satsuki and Mei.

I’m so impressed with Nadia’s work. She’s done an amazing job so far and I’m looking forward to getting into colouring with her right away!

Interestingly the inside of my arm didn’t hurt much at all when it was going on. It stung, but it was way better than I thought it would be… The day after was freakishly terrible, haha, but after I put some moisturizer on there it finally stopped hurting.

Next session is in just under two weeks, so more photos to come after that.

EDIT: If you like what you’re seeing and you’re in the Edmonton area, my artist is Nadia Farhat, at The Mile. She’s amazing and you should go see her! :D

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zombie apocalypse kacchan x deku pls

They move under the cover of dusk, arms laden with this week’s raid. Katsuki’s been on enough runs that he can navigate the streets with his eyes closed, but for all that they’ve been living this way long enough for him to have gotten used to moving like this, Midoriya still trips over his own two feet when they go out for runs. And he does it far too much for Katsuki’s liking.

“You dumb fuck,” Katsuki snarls, gripping his blasters tighter as they run. There’s a cut stretching down his arm, jagged and angry and red, from where a walker with a particularly nasty quirk caught him from behind, and the pain is jarring enough that it makes him kind of want to punch something, but that would require stopping; mostly Katsuki just doesn’t want to get eaten.  

“Sorry about that”. Even in the dark, Katsuki can pinpoint the exact moment Midoriya’s mouth curls up into an apologetic smile, reminiscent of how easy things used to be, before it stills back into something harder, grim. Immersed under the white light of the moon, Midoriya looks very young. He doesn’t look afraid, even as they duck into an alley and come face to face with three walkers, even as he uses his quirk to take out two of them at once—only tense. Midoriya jerks his chin roughly in the remaining walker’s direction, eyes flicking to Katsuki briefly, and then away again. “That one’s all yours”.

“Quit fucking telling me what to do,” Katsuki snaps, but it’s offhanded, automatic, more out of habit than anything else. Midoriya looks like he might say something more, but then the walker howls at them, a shifting mess of flesh and bone, and shuffles forward, arms outstretched. There are tendrils of smoke curling around it’s ankles, snaking down the floor and moving towards Katsuki, and briefly, he despairs at how, in situations like this, his quirk is all but useless, more of a liability than anthing else—Katsuki knows Aizawa’s words by heart now. He’s been reprimanded enough times for him to actually start taking said advice into account, even when he’s tempted not to. And so—

Katsuki quells the tingling in his palms into something duller, goes for the knife tucked into his belt instead and moves.

There’s a smirk on his face when he lunges, twisting around in the air for a moment before sinking the knife into the walker’s skull. It snarls at him once, twice, teeth snapping, before finally quieting down, the shadows on its ankles withering down into nothing. Katsuki can’t quite help the grin he throws over his shoulder, all teeth. “Now if that wasn’t that most brutal thing you’ve ever seen—”

“I’ve seen all your moves remember?” Midoriya says, lip quirking, but it’s easy to see that he’s distracted, intent as he is at staring at a point somewhere above Katsuki’s head. Katsuki doesn’t have to look behind him to see what Midoriya must be seeing; he feels, rather than sees, the movement from behind: a couple of walkers shuffling forwards in their direction—not quite big enough to be a horde, but large enough that he and Midoriya won’t come out of it unscathed if they tried to engage.

Apparently, they hadn’t been quick enough—or quiet enough to not draw attention. Katsuki knows these streets by heart now, and there’s nothing down the alley but a dead end. Swearing, he pulls out his gun, but Midoriya shakes his head at him, not even bothering with his. Instead Midoriya’s crouched over the manhole he’s been standing over in a heartbeat, sliding the cover off and peering down into the immense darkness. They don’t partner up for runs, as an unspoken rule, but there’s no denying that Midoriya’s quicker out on the streets than he is anywhere else, no less jittery than before, but steadier, surer of himself—and just this once, Katsuki can appreciate that. Midoriya eyes snap up to meet his for a moment, and then he’s looking away again as he hoists himself down, disappearing into the shadows. His arm shoots out a moment later, stretched out for Katsuki to take. Katsuki is tempted snap at him again, to slap his hand away and remind him that he’s been on more raids and can handle himself just fucking fine, but there’s no time for petty grievances when they’re about to have their insides ripped out.

“Come on,” Midoriya’s voice whips up to him, equal parts impatient and panicked. Katsuki snarls out a response, shoots out a couple of rounds at the walkers for good measure, and even though Midoriya can’t see, Katsuki still makes a show of rolling his eyes before reaching for his hand.

My Sweet Pup Pt. 3

My Sweet Pup Pt. 3

“That had to be the best yet, sunshine, give me a few minutes and we’ll see if we can make it even better.”

Negan gave you a lazy grin, and you laughed breathlessly, letting your hand flop into his face, batting him on the nose. You had no idea what time it was, being in an apocalypse time was irrelevant usually, but you knew that the both of you had spent most of the day in his bed. It had been like this for a few weeks now, and you were enjoying it, though he had yet produced the results you were after. His wives hardly ever slept in his bed with him, yet you seemed to have been the exception to the rule. You knew on some level he had a soft spot for you as you did for him. Yet it was different, yes, Negan loved to flirt with anything female but it hadn’t been that way with you.

There had been general teasing in his passing and a few jokes when he spotted you alone. He said he loved your smile, and even without the compliment you usually did with him around. Even as vulgar as he was he tried to restrain it around you. It was if he knew you, your timid nature. But of course being your own personal savior, he would know. Finding you with those…people. He found you naked, beaten, and doused in walker guts, howling in pain in the center of the town’s circle. You had been fine before, surviving as best you could, then they found you, and deeming you weak were allowed to do as they pleased with you before you were killed for your worthlessness. Perhaps it was true, but Negan didn’t see it that way. He said we’ve all got our roles, each one destined for us, and that you were meant to make things a little brighter.

He always said things like that, kind smiles and kind words. In time though jealousy bubbled towards his wives, they were good people, some good friends, and it wasn’t the fact they were with him that bothered you it was how much time they got with him. And due to him finding you in your trauma you knew he’d never come to you, probably, like so many others in your life, didn’t even want you but despite the fear of rejection you went to him.

To say he was surprised was an understatement. But, in your meek way, had told him your qualms and said you’d still do your jobs if he wanted. If you could be with him, have his time. The surprise was lingering and you found out later many didn’t want his time, not the way you wanted, and when he gained his composure back, the cockiness back in place he told you that he didn’t want you dealing with all that shit to begin with.

You smiled, hugging him, startling him. He wasn’t used to affection from his wives, usually didn’t want it, but as before, he knew, he knew it was something you craved. Whereas, the sex was something you were introduced to in an awful way, yet, you knew it was what he craved. And though you contemplated leaving that up to the other wives, you went to him and it was odd to see such an imposing man look so uncertain. But with your coaxing he took you back in here, his own personal sanctuary and had you in the gentlest way he could. Letting you stay that night and all the nights he came for you. Yes, it was rule he sleep alone, but he admitted you were the first to approach him – to be his wife, his lover, and that had earned a great deal of trust something he hardly gave over completely.

Then you had gotten sick, and you were scared he would turn you away, instead he sheltered you to him even more. On a morning like this you had found him on the edge of his bed, cradling his bat – Lucille. He looked broken then, sitting there staring at it like it would tell him the secrets of the world. He saw you looking giving a sad smile. It was then he had told you about her, Lucille, the real one, the human one. A wife from another lifetime, a woman who took his shit when he cheated on her, who stood by him no matter what, a woman that died in a hospital bed and came back to kill him.

“I was the biggest piece of shit and she was the one to suffer, in more ways than one. She deserved to kill me, should have.”

But she didn’t and he couldn’t kill her, he had asked someone else to, and it broke him. This world broke that man and turned him into something else. But that old Negan shined through with you, the repentant one, and you didn’t need to see anything else.

“I’m not going to let it happen to you, sunshine. Even if I have to take out everyone on this fucking earth I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you here.”

You knew it wasn’t that simple, or possible. But you let him think so; you’d stay as long as there was breath in you to exhale.

“I say we take ourselves a damn shower, get something to eat, and start back where we left off.”

Gif by heartfulloffandoms

You let yourself glance at him, he sporting a toothy grin, when you let yourself roll over burying your face into his chest, the hair tickling your skin as you giggled softly.

“I think that sounds like a good idea, I’m getting kind of hungry. But I’m sure you can find another way to fill me up when we get back.”

Negan cocked a brow at that. “Oh, my little sunshine can have such a dirty mouth when she wants to.”

He pulled you up so you were straddling his waist and true to his word, you could feel him pulsating on your back.

“I love when that sweet little mouth does naughty things.”

“Only for you.”

His grip on you tightened as he sucked on your neck. “Only fucking me.”

He was grinding against your back, and you whimpered feeling empty. You could feel the teeth of his grin on your pulse point.

“One more before we go?”

You nodded eagerly, placing your hands on the headboard so he could guide himself in.


You could feel his anger coursing from that sound.

“Who the fuck is it?”

“It’s Gary, sir, we need the inventory lists for the run today.”

You let yourself fall back on the bed, Negan cursing as he put on the pants from last night.

He wrenched the door open enough so you were still obscured from the visitor’s vision.

“The fuck is this? We’re not going on a fucking run today. Where’s Simon?”

“But sir, you said so, the night before last, you wanted to head to Alexandria and perhaps the Hilltop.”

“Well, maybe I fucking changed my mind. And if I don’t go on the run no one goes.”

You could hear the panic in Gary’s voice. “S-so do you want me to tell the drivers to stand down?”

“Fuck, no, you tell them to delay for twenty goddamn minutes and I’ll be out, time to go see what slick Rick has brought us.”


You could hear the paces get further away. And you were kind of glad, the cursing starting to make you anxious.

“And get fucking Simon, he’s the one with the fucking inventory sheets. Damn dumbass.”

You watched your husband close the door, running a finger through his hair. You pretended to pout.

“No breakfast in bed, huh?”

“Not today, darlin’. You know the fools can’t do shit without me there. What about you, you need anything while I’m out?”

You shrugged. “I got everything I need.”

Negan pursed his lips at that. You knew what he was thinking; there was plenty you needed, but no way to get it.

“Anything you want? Come on, anything your heart desires?”

You leant back, tilting your head on the pillow, smiling while taking his hand. “Remember when you brought me here?”

He looked surprised by the question. “Of course I do, that’s the day this shithole finally got a little sunshine in it.”

You blushed at his endearment, leaning back up to rest your head on his shoulder. “You let me decorate for Christmas that year. A few stockings and a tree but it meant a lot.”

“You want another tree, darlin’? I’ll cut down a whole fucking forest for you.”

You smiled at the sentiment, coughs overtaking you before you could respond. For a flash of a second you saw that fear in his eyes as he ran a thumb across your forehead. “Just a star, one of those tree toppers if you can find one. I don’t want it to be like before, I knew it took too much time and wasted the time when the men could’ve found real resources but if something like that catches your eye maybe you could get it. Just something I can look at.”

Negan stroked his fingers through his beard, musing. “What happened to all that stuff in the first place?”

You pretended to scoff. “You don’t remember? You and the men burned it all to ring in the New Year.”

“I’m sorry, sunshine.”

You shook your head smiling. “Don’t be, everyone had a good day with it.”

Your smile turned serious, tenderly slicking his hair back for him. “These are the people who took out the satellite post, aren’t they?”

Negan licked his lips. “They are, how do you know that?”

“Word gets around, I won’t say I grieved for any of them. I know you send the worst ones from here to different posts. But Negan…these people seem dangerous. I just - I want you to be careful.”

Placing his leather clad palm on your neck, you sighed into the buttery texture. “Ain’t nothing going to happen darlin’. You just get yourself to the doc and get some rest, okay?”

“I will.”

“Good, and if you get lonely or nervous you got your mutt to play with.”


You watched him throw on his boots, and let him kiss your forehead.


“Yeah, darlin’?”

“You brightened my world too that day.”

And it was these times you were glad you could throw him off kilter.

You showered letting yourself lavish in the hot water, usually you went as quick as you could but with your body so exhausted in good and bad ways you didn’t hurry. Straightening up the bedroom before you dressed you took one last sweep around the room and made sure everything was in place before locking the door behind you. You weren’t sure what you’d do today besides see Carson. You felt bad for that man, he probably saw you more than any of the others put together, and you only kept coming back. Knocking on the door you waited for the jovial greeting before you entered.

“Y/N, how are you today dear? It’s too early for another pregnancy test. Are you having other symptoms?”

You flushed. “Uh, I’m afraid so.”

“Name them off.”

“Some coughing, fatigue and my eyes are hurting again.”

He motioned to a chair. “Come and sit and let me look at you.”

“I’m sorry to keep coming in.”

“Don’t be, this is my job, and though I hate to see you ill it’s better seeing you than patching up broken bones and gunshot wounds due to fighting.”

“Yeah, they can be a rowdy bunch.”

Carson chuckled sardonically, placing his stethoscope under your shirt. “Breathe deeply for me.”

As you did you felt that familiar lump in your chest winding up and by the third inhale you started coughing again.

“Okay, easy, has you cough anything up? Phlegm? Blood?”

You shook your head, no, no blood. Thank God.

“Any digestion problems?”

“No, I have an appetite.”

“You eat something and it upsets you come back to me. I only have allergy and cold tablets for your cough right now, we’ll cross our fingers they get something good on the run.”

“Tablets will be all I need.”

He smiled at that. Sadly, you could see past it. “You don’t need to do anything demanding today. Just take it easy.”

“So like any other day?”

You didn’t mean to be biting, but you’d never do anything if it was up to someone else.

“Y/N, I know it looks rough to you, but you’re strong, I see it in you, you’ll get through this as long as you follow doctor’s orders. You hear?”

You tried to smile at that. “I will.”

“Good. If you need anything else you know where I am.”

“Thank you, Carson.”

Well, there went your 5K run, maybe you could find something to do in the kitchens. You didn’t know how the other wives did it. Only you and Tanya ever did any work, of course, wives didn’t need points. They could have what they wanted if they asked. But the days dragging doing nothing but waiting for Negan to return, it had drove you stir crazy in a less than a week. So you did odd jobs gaining points and it was something to do. Not many were on staff today probably due to the number of people gone on the run.

“Hi, Grafton, I was hoping you needed some help.”

Grafton was another nice man, his face very weathered from age and hard labor. But he had a kind nature to him, and was always nice to you.

“I’m afraid we got the prep done already Y/N, with everyone gone it wasn’t too much trouble today.”

You nodded, understanding. Before you could leave Grafton called from behind.

“We do actually have an abundant supply of flour and sugar though maybe you could do something with it.”

Your face nearly cracked from how wide your grin was. “Oh, thank you. I’m going to go get my friend and I’ll be right back.”


“Yeah, Daryl.”

You smiled, Grafton liked Daryl, he didn’t mind when you came in a made him a plate of food. Sometimes he’d even sit with you both spouting questions and not waiting for an answer. Which was good since Daryl hardly ever said anything back, and with everyone gone maybe you wouldn’t have to get any flak today. After Daryl’s stunt a guard was always posted with the two of you, though thankfully it had been Dwight’s orders which meant he never mentioned anything to Negan about what happened. You were thankful to him about that. It didn’t mean he and everyone else didn’t say anything. They really wanted you to treat that man like a dog and you couldn’t. The last straw had come from Arat throwing the plate you made on the floor, telling Daryl to lick it up or she’d shoot him. You had taken a good sized cutting board and slapped her with it. She had gone to Negan on that, which, when he had found out it was you had done the damage had been fine. He thought it was funny.

“My sunshine has fire in her. Made her nose squirt a quart of blood, she won’t mess with you again I’m sure.”

After that he gave Daryl more privileges or more accurately let you give him more things. A small pallet mattress in his cell as well as a blanket, you made sure he wasn’t given those dogfood sandwiches anymore and that tape was turned off. You also got him more clothing and a few books to read. You thought he trusted you more though you were sure not by much. It shouldn’t bother you, but it still made you sad.

“Excuse me, Joey, will you unlatch the door for me?”

Joey was lounged in the corner facing the cells with a sandwich on hand. “Where the hell’s your guard?”

“What do you mean?”

“I got Dwight’s orders you can’t have him with you without a guard.”

“It’s fine Joey.”

“I ain’t getting in no trouble for some redneck –“

“Joey, open up the darned door or I’ll tell Negan. I swear you act like he’s a real animal, for Christ’s sake Grafton’s upstairs if something happens.”

“And what’s his old ass going to do die on him?”

You were about to retort but your threat had worked and Joey was getting up, placing the sandwich in his mouth as he fumbled with the keys.

“You try anything there doggy boy and I’ll be up there to shoot your ass.”

“Shut up, Joey. Would you like to help me in the kitchen today, Daryl?”

You could hear Joey’s high pitched impersonation of you and you rolled your eyes before looking back in the cell.


You smiled, reaching out your hand to pull him up. He was still timid about it, but small gestures like this he would take. With Negan gone, you didn’t need the chain, and you were happy to have him be able to walk by your side as an equal.

“Missed ya the past few days.”

The past few days were mostly in Negan’s room and you tried to cover a blush. “They did bring you food didn’t they? I told them if they skimp –“

“Wasn’t that, just…missed ya, I guess.”

You? He had missed you? Not many times you could say that in your life, and with yourself near to tears you hugged him, causing him to grunt in surprise.

“I kind of missed you too, Daryl. Come on, I think you’ll be strong enough to roll out some cookies for me.”

Grafton and Daryl gave their mandatory nod in greeting before Daryl sat at the large makeshift island.

“Y/N, do you reckon you’ll be fine here? Since the soup’s simmering I was going to take a nap.”

Oh, Joey will be pissed.

“Yeah, Grafton we’ll be fine. Take as long as you need.”

Watching the old man waddle out the door you started to get the ingredients he left for you.

“So cookies, huh?”

“Yep, Grafton says there’s a decent amount of supplies that we can make a batch for tonight. And, it’s just the time of year to bake.”

He could feel your excitement and he only shook his head and smirked at you. Gathering everything you let him start to whisk things together with you.

“Oh, no, Daryl that’s way too much.”

You stopped him from pouring any more of the bag of sugar in the wet ingredients.

“Said they were damned sugar cookies.”

“Yes, but too much sugar can make it grainy; you don’t want to feel like you’ve got a beach in your mouth do you?”

“’spose not.”

“Here, use the measuring cup; we need about six to seven cups of flour.”

It was slow, but it was nice. A comfortable silence falling between you both. With everything mixed you let it cool in the refrigerator.

“Why we doin’ that for?”

“So they’ll slice better, maybe we could roll them out and make shapes, you want to?”

He snorted. “Up to you there Betty Crocker.”

“Oh, hush. I guess we can try to make some icing, we still have enough sugar.”

“Where’d ya learn to cook?”

“My grandmother, she could make something out of anything.”


“She was a good woman.”

You didn’t talk about her much, dying when you were young. You kept her memory to yourself, the one person to love you, you wanted to hoard it away.

“Think she’d want ya in a place like this?”

You clenched your teeth. “I don’t know, she didn’t want me in a lot of places I ended up.”


The comfort had begun to turn to tension now.

“Have ya ever even been outside these fences?”

“Of course, that’s why I don’t mind them.”

He grunted angrily.

Looking around you, you checked the doorways making sure everything was clear before putting the frosting the fridge.

“Come on.”

Daryl looked bewildered as you grabbed a kitchen knife and giving him one.

“You coming?”

He followed, still unsure of your intentions. Going out the delivery entrance you watched the grounds, making sure no one was walking around. Making yourself over to the end of the fence you found the familiar post.

“You’re okay with bending now aren’t you?”

“What the hell are we doin’?”

You winced at the tone, but motioned at a gap. “I do this sometimes, you think I don’t get away from here sometimes but I do. Just to sit and think. Get away from gravel and metal for a while. Now you coming or aren’t you?”

gif by reedusgifs

You had already made your way under brushing dirt from your clothes and walking ahead. A few moments later you heard the familiar shuffle and mumbled curses behind you.

“We’re here.”

It wasn’t far out from the Sanctuary just enough to be under some trees and on actual grass.

“This is where ya come?”

“Yep. Usually I write or do my best to attempt to draw. I wish I could do it, my fingers don’t have a light enough touch. But I do it, I’ve even drawn you.”


“Yeah, I just – seeing you it was like, I don’t know, a wolf that has lost their pack.”

“I’mma wolf, huh?”

“You are, stoic, fierce, yet I know you’re very loyal though you don’t trust easy. Not to mention you’re as beautiful as one too.”

His eyes jumped with that. “I’m not fuckin’ beautiful.”

You smirked. “Fraid so. You have a good soul, Daryl, and that’s beautiful. I also know that like a wolf you crave –“

You heard a grunt but you knew it wasn’t Daryl, swerving around you panicked as you saw a walker making it close to the two of you. Reaching for the knife you closed your eyes and charged, ramming the blade in its temple. You heard the gurgling, the dying cry it made.

“Y/N! Why the hell’d you do that for? I could’ve got it!”

You heard him but you couldn’t reply, the adrenaline, panic, anxiety, the exertion it was throwing you under and your chest starting heaving and you hacked. You couldn’t breathe, and your body started to burn.


You couldn’t do anything; the coughs kept coming, the effort giving sharp pangs in your throat. The moment you could gasp for air you looked up at him through watery eyes.



“This is your chance, go, wolves are supposed to be free, Daryl, go.”

The coughing took over again, and you felt it, the giving way as you coughed up the sputum caked with clots of blood in it. You felt hands on you then as Daryl hefted you up, you doing your best to fight as he made his way back to the fence. Your lungs felt like they were shrinking, your heart beating fasting to keep blood flowing, your sight was bleary, you felt like you weighed a thousand pounds. You could hear people yelling as you were carried away, you felt yourself lifted and a moment of clarity came and you made out Carson’s face.

“What the hell you do to her?”

That’s not the doctor’s voice.

Craning your head the best you could you saw Joey standing there, pistol in hand.

“I didn’t do nothin’.”

“Why she like that then?”

“You both need to stop.”

“My fault –“

They turned to you, three pairs of eyes staring at you.

“The fence –“

“Why the fuck were you by the goddamn fence? You stupid –“

You stupid fucking girl! I should’ve drowned you when I had the chance, you worthless piece of –

“Shit. She okay?”

“Get out of here, Joseph and take that damn gun with you. You’ve upset the poor thing enough.”

You are weak child, and this new world has no place in it for you.

You whimpered as you felt something pressed on your face, the images of your abusers fresh in your mind. You felt the familiar puffs of air and realized it was oxygen taking it in gulps your lungs began to relax with each breath. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you glanced up seeing Daryl’s worried face looking back at you. You had two saviors now.

Letting your hand land on his your gripped it, letting the fresh air make you light headed and lull you to sleep hearing in a soft haze.

“She’s not okay, is she?”

“No, son, she’s not.”


Some process gifs of the works I’m kinda satisfied with to date. I think it’s nice to see how my works progress, and it’s also a nice reminder of how much I’ve improved as the years pass.

I tried to remove as much grain and banding as possible, but photoshop Save for Web is bullshit so. Eh ( ´,_ゝ`)

And I’m totally not trying to escape doing my research paper by wasting time making these, nope.