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Who Would’ve Thought.

Summary: You’re picked in the Negan lineup. 

“Can you do one where the reader is in a relationship with Carl and is in the Negan lineup thing and the reader is the one that gets picked and Carl loses it? 

Ringing overtook your hearing as “Lucille” stopped ahead of you. The end was blunt in your face and the realization hadn’t even hit you yet.

“-it. Bring her up.” His voice sent fear down your spine. Your breath was shaky when two men walked up to you, huge grins on their faces and roughly grabbed your arms and pulled you up.

“N-no! No!” Carl instinctively rose from his knees, but Rick grabbed him and tackled his son to the ground. His hat fell in front of him. He struggled desperately, but his father’s protection overpowered him. Sweat stuck his hair to his face.

You could see men out of the corner of your eye walk toward your love and his father.

“It’s alright. Let the boy be. He needs his eye to see this. Builds character” You were shoved onto your knees. You shook terribly. They let go of you and you settled your hands in your lap. Your mouth was open, void of anything to say. Your eyes were wide, and tears cleared paths from dirt down your cheeks.

You looked to Carl whose face was covered in dirt and then held down by Rick’s hand. “Y/N! Please, no! Take me! Take me!” He continued to struggle free to no avail.


Your cheeks colored vividly as he swung his jacket over your shoulders. You looked up to him and he looked away with a serious expression on his face. “You were cold, so here.” He shoved his hands into his pockets and sat next to you.

You closed the jacket around yourself and smiled. The stars were especially beautiful that night. You knew you wanted him to be here a lot longer.


Negan said something you didn’t interpret and turned his head to look at the rest of your group. This was it. Your life was over. Everything that was you is going to be gone in a moment, and you had no say in it. However, if anyone were to die tonight, you would have volunteered yourself over anyone else.

He looked to you with a stupid grin on his face and raised his bat over his head.


He stood with the smoking gun pointed behind you and let it down. “Why didn’t you check behind you first? You could have died.” He was breathing heavily. Walkers surrounded the building, and you two had found refuge in a room deep within.

“S-sorry.” You rubbed the back of your sweaty neck and looked away from him.

You could see him walking closer to you, so you moved to the side assuming he was going to check the barricade. Instead, he grabbed your forearm to stop you from moving.  

You looked up in confusion and were immediately caught off guard by his face coming closer to yours. Once his lips touched yours, you were on fire. His breath brushed your cheek and his other hand was grasping the back of your neck. You slipped your arms around his neck and pushed yourself closer.

He pulled away and looked into your eyes. His one blue eye shone so brightly that you could swear that you two were alone right then in the entire world.

“Don’t be stupid. You’re kind of important.”


Negan brought his bat clean on the top of your head and pulled it back, hair was caught on the wire and ripped skin along with it. You could hear bone crunch. Your ears rang. Your teeth cracked under the pressure. Warmth seeped onto your face; blood, you assumed.

“Damn, she took it like a champ!”

“Fuck you! I’ll fucking kill you! I’ll-” Rick drove his fist into the side of his boy’s head to take him from consciousness.

A ring fell from his pocket. A small silver ring with a yellow stone on it.


“You’re really serious about her, aren’t you?”

Carl looked to Glenn and pocketed the ring he had found and risked his life for earlier that day. “She sure is something. I couldn’t even imagine someone like her.” His heart swelled with love and a smile played on his lips. He knew that if he just kept you close, that he would make sure nothing ever happened to you.


Note: I liked doing this one. Let me know if you have an idea for a story/oneshot! :)

Okay but we are all so used to think PastA as our Allen despite having no confirmation what-so-ever that that’s the case. Yes, there is a Past!Allen who we knew not really exactly much about who offered his body to Neah and most likely were friends with him but that’s really all we got. And like??? If it gets canon that current!Allen is simply a random child or someone/something else, I wonder how the fandom would react…

Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 14

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 14

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You finally try to move on by resolving your conflicts with certain people.

Warnings: SFW, angst, mention of Glenn lmao

Original Idea by: @babyblues915

Note: And so it begins…the climax! Lotsa emotions in this part and some tension at the end. I can’t thank you all enough for the endless support for this story!!! I hope this met everyone’s expectations omg.

DDHTK Masterlist

You tried to get yourself back to normal after Negan’s goodbye. It was difficult but you had to, you needed to. So, to keep yourself preoccupied you went back to being in charge of supply runs. You didn’t want to dwell on how your relationship with Negan ended, it was heartbreaking and depressing. Whenever you looked back on your days with him, you couldn’t seem to function well.

Suppressing your emotions was something you did so often that it’s become a habit. At this point, you knew it was an unhealthy process of moving on but it was the only way you could think of to cope up with the situation.

“Are you sure you don’t want to bring anyone with you?” Rick asked you worriedly.

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The 71-story Bank of Manhattan Building at 40 Wall Street. Henry Craig Severance-Yasuo Matsui, architects. 1929-1930. View looking northwest of the Bank of Manhattan tower in spring 1930, showing the steel skeleton of 51-story Irving Trust Building (Voorhes, Gmelin & Walker, 1931) at background, left.

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis. 

Source: Ric Burns, James Sanders, Lisa Ades. “New York, an illustrated history”. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 1999.

So We Meet Again

Warnings: Language. Negan. Smut. (unprotected sex). 

Request:  Hi there! I love your writing and I wanted to make a request if that’s okay? :3 One where the reader is in her early twenties. She and Negan had teamed up early on in the outbreak, and had a close, romantic relationship. Then a hoard came through, separating them and causing them both to think the other is dead for a few years. One day he and the Saviors find a new town to “make a deal” with and he finds out that she is the leader. Fluffy smut if possible? Thank you! ^-^ - anon

If you requested this…. hit up my ask (anon if you’d like) and tell me how you liked it!

A/N: I may of gotten carried away, but I hope you enjoy it anon! Thanks for sending in!! Also, keep sending in your request. I have a few I’m going to start working on! 



You’d met him just a week after the world went to shit. Being nineteen at the time, you fell head over heals for him. He, an older gentleman that he was, didn’t force you into an uncomfortable situations. He took care of you and you took care of him. You learned how to kill these dead creatures that resurrected from the grave together. 

Together you two were unstoppable. Neither walkers nor people could stop you. The first kiss was something of magic. The sparks you felt run through your body was the best feeling you had at the time. Your first time together was wonderful. 

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Hope (Merle Dixon x Reader)

Prompt: #1. “I don’t want to lose you.” Requested by @lilmonkey29 and #14. “You’re all I need.” Requested by anon. I combined these two, I hope that’s alright.

Warnings: Angst & Fluff, Swearing.

Maybe a part of you was still clinging on to the past like a leech eagerly feasting on their victims blood. Maybe it was foolish, but that little glimpse of hope inside of you refused to be extinguished.

Not even Merle could erase that. Even if he tried his damnedest.

It wasn’t that Merle had lead you on or anything. He’d made it perfectly clear that he was only in for a good time. Literally. Told you he wasn’t much for this love and relationship crap. And you’d agreed to that, figured it was better than the emptiness eating you up inside. But your brain had declined to tell that to your starving heart and you ended up falling for the hotheaded redneck anyway.

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Please? Part 23

Everything seems perfect now. Everyone is settled in, has their place in this new family. Carl and Rick have started a garden and raised pigs for food. It’s nice, having this place all to yourselves, it’s peaceful, never have to worry about anything, not even on runs.

The months rush by. You and Daryl are happy, he’s happy, and that’s all that matters to you. It took him a while to adjust to all the new faces, but now he’s familiar enough, he treats them like he treats everyone else. He walks by and everyone has to say hi.

You’re sitting at a table, gnawing on a piece of deer Daryl brought in. You’re talking to one of the new faces, you wish you could remember her name. Rachel or Remmy, something of that sort. She and her sister look so much alike, you can hardly keep them apart.

Daryl walks by and everyone waves, thanking him, making sure he knew how much they appreciate the deer and other meat. His hair has gotten much longer and you’ve begged him for the past few weeks to let somebody cut it, but he refuses. By now, you know he won’t, but it’s fun to tease him about it.

You tell Rachel or Remmy that you’ll be back and get up, running over behind Daryl and wrapping your arms around his waist. You let him sleep in today, he needed it after the long hunt yesterday. “There’s my man.” You sigh happily.

You catch him off guard and he jumps a little, but he sets his hands on yours and chuckles. “Mornin’, sunshine.” He hums. Another face walks by and claps him on the shoulder, thanking him for the food. Daryl grunts and watches as they walk off, sitting down under the metal roof he helped build for shade.

“You’ll get used to the extra love.” Carol smiles. She’s handing out food, making plates and making sure she smiles at everyone. It’s what she does best lately. “Going to have to around here.”

Daryl grunts again and you let go of him, walking over and taking another piece of deer from Carol’s table. It’s nice to have enough food to steal pieces here and there. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t go to waste.

“Can Ii steal him for a moment?” Carol looks at you, her bottom lip sticking out playfully. “I gotta talk to your boyfriend about the fence.”

At the word ‘boyfriend’, Daryl blushes bright red and looks at the ground. He isn’t used to it yet, and that’s fine with you. This is just how Daryl is and you don’t want to change anything. “What ‘bout it?”

“Go on, love.” You smile back at Carol and gently push Daryl closer to her. He stumbles over his feet a little but he takes the hint and follows her. “Just have him back at a decent hour!” You tease and Daryl shoots you a very unamused glare.

You wave your fingers at him then walk off, going to get the vehicles ready for the run later that day. You and Daryl normally lead them, teaming up and bringing along a few of the best. You try to switch them out, bringing different people each time, letting them all get the feel of being out there. But sometimes that was a hard choice. Some of the younger crowd, they can’t handle being out there with the walkers and the guns. They didn’t grow up as Carl did, having to be tough.

Your job is to make sure there’s enough snacks and ammo in the truck. You grab easy stuff, granola bars and cereal mostly. You pack backpacks full of ammo for each of the guns and make sure you have Daryl’s arrows, counting each one to know how many he can use if there’s a real breakout, which you haven’t had in a long time anyway.

Daryl walks up behind you and sets his overly sized hands on your hips. You instantly melt into him, pressing your back against his chest and looking up at him. “Ready?” He asks, his voice deeper than ever.

You nod and close your eyes, just imagining the two of you are going on a vacation instead of a run. Somewhere to the beach, or better yet, in the mountains. “All set. Everything okay at the fence?”

“Eh.” Daryl grunts and kisses the top of your head. He removes his hands and you spin around to look at him. “Walkers building up. Carol thinks I shoulda stayed an’ helped but we need this run.”

“Do what you think is best.” You nod, closing the tailgate of the truck and walking over to Zach, Beth’s boyfriend. You’re happy to see her with someone, though she always seems distant and doesn’t like to talk about him much. “Go say bye to Beth, we’re heading out.”

Beth appears as if she heard her name and smiles at the two of you. Zach walks over to her, giving her a sweet kiss. They’re good together.

Daryl closes the door to the truck and looks over at you. “Got the keys?” He asks.

You feel your pockets, searching in your vest as well. You feel a little bump and nod as you pull the keys out and show them to Daryl. “Got ‘em. Sorry, it was a reflex to take them out.” You giggle and toss them over the truck bed. Daryl catches them, no problem, and puts them back in the ignition of the truck.

“Not gonna say goodbye?” Zach raises his arms as Beth starts walking away. She hurries off, but you know she’s smiling. Zach is good about making her smile.

“Nope!” She giggles and hurries away faster.

Daryl is standing by Zach now, hands on his hips. “Damn romance novel.” He shakes his head and begins walking away, back inside.

Zach turns and looks at Daryl, an eyebrow raised. “I didn’t know you could read. Also, have you seen the way you two act?” He follows Daryl as you bust out laughing.

Zach is close with Daryl, or rather he likes to trail behind Daryl and talk his ears off. One night last week, the little guy came in on the two of you sleeping because he wanted to guess what Daryl did before the world went to shit. He’s guessed several different things; firefighter, navy, truck stop manager, tattoo artist, among some far out there job titles only Zach could think of. Daryl shot him down every time, telling him he couldn’t disclose his job.

You start to realize that you have no idea what Daryl did before, other than following his brother around where he went, but even then, Merle was the one who drug Daryl around. Daryl would have been happy living a normal life with a normal job, perhaps actually learning to talk to people.

The trip is a little out of the way. You’re on the back of Daryl’s bike, as usual, as two other trucks follow behind. You close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair, sometimes watching the trees fly by you. It’s an unreal feeling to watch the world moving so fast, not having walls to protect you.

It doesn’t take too long to get to the place Daryl found on a hunt. He pulls right up to the fence and you look around, making sure there are no walkers around.

You jump off and run over to the fence, looking inside the hole that was cut. You hear the boom box they put out there and glance over at Sasha, an eyebrow raised. She only laughs and shakes her head.

“Aight.” Daryl step through the fence and holds his crossbow up. “Stay safe, grab what you can as fast as you can.”

Zach runs over and follows you and Daryl inside. Again, he’s like a magnet. Sometimes you wish Beth would give him more of her time, but you’re sure he will still follow.

Army tents are set up all over the place, blood and body parts scattering the ground. With the heat of the sun, it’s starting to smell around here. You try to take your mind off of it by remembering that you have to carry on and gather supplies.

Daryl runs over and sits on the windows edge, banging his elbow against the window. Zach leans his shoulder against the wall as Michonne and yourself pace around, watching inside the windows and waiting.

Zach grins and he stands up straight. “I have my next answer.” He holds himself up, rolling his shoulders back and staring Daryl down. “I got this.” He sits down beside Daryl.

“You sure, little man?” You watch him wiggle in his seat. He’s so excited, he can’t contain himself.

Michonne tilts her head to the side. “What’s this?”

Daryl shrugs his shoulders. “Been trying to guess what I did before the turn. Goin’ on six weeks.”

Michonne grins and lets out a snorty laugh. “What is it this time?”

Zach nods his head and looks up at Daryl. “After watching your behavior… How strong you are, how surly you are even though you try to help us.”

You and Michonne bust out into a fit of giggles. You look at Zach and throw your thumb in the air. It fits him way too well.

Daryl narrows his eyes at you, setting his jaw and shifting in his seat. “Your point?”

“You were a homicide cop!” Zach grins.

You and Michonne pause to watch Daryl’s reaction. He nods his head three times and looks out at the others, who are scavenging the tents for anything to use. He sniffs and clears his throat. “You got it.”

Zach blinks a few times then looks up at you, rubbing his palms on his knees. “Wait, really?”

Daryl looks over at the boy, but you knew that look. Daryl’s fucking with him. “Been undercover, it’s why I can’t say nuthin’.”

A walker presses its ugly face to the window and Daryl jumps to his feet. “Time to rock.” He says, running over to the doors.

Zach looks up at you and you shake your head, telling him that it isn’t true. You pick up your gun and follow Daryl and Michonne to the door.

The sweep inside doesn’t take long. Each of you grabs a cart and starts running down the aisles, picking up whatever you are assigned to. Normally, you and Daryl or you and Michonne team up for this, but there’s little time and a lot to grab, so you go your own way and gather things here and there.

Walking down one of the aisles, you run into Glenn. He’s picking out batteries and filling his pockets. You smirk and grab your flashlight, pointing it in his face.

“Sir, that is called stealing and I need you to put those back.”

Glenn jumps a little but looks over, a huge smile spread across his face. “Do you know how many times I heard that growing up?” He chuckles.

“You? Stealing? Never would have guessed.” You smile and push your cart over, motioning for him to place his items in there. “What’s that camera for?” You nod to the device in his hands.

He shrugs. “Just an idea I have. Hey, you and Daryl look all cozy.” He smiles at you.

“As do you and Maggie. Planning any babies yet?” You tease him and nudge him with the corner of the cart. You smirk, knowing Glenn and Maggie can’t keep their hands off each other.

Just like the night you caught the two in tower two. You were heading up there to shoot a couple walkers down that were trying to climb the fence, but you found those two getting busy. Though all three of you act like it never happened, you still felt a little jealous. Not for either one of them, but because you and Daryl don’t do things that way. You have always wanted a relationship like Glenn and Maggie do, it just never happens that way.

Glenn chuckles. “Not exactly. We’ve… talked about it. How about you and Daryl? He does love little asskicker.”

“No babies for us. We like Judith because we can give her back.” You giggle and wave him off, wandering over to the next aisle to grab medical supplies. Band-aids and wraps and rubbing alcohol. You throw what you can into the basket and pray that you’re grabbing the right stuff.

It’s deadly quiet in the building. The only thing you can hear are the sounds of the carts with a squeaky wheel or if someone drops something on the ground. Every now and then, you run into someone and give them a high five after seeing the amount of supplies in their cart.

You hum very quietly to yourself and walk over to the baby stuff. Daryl is standing there, looking over some diapers and trying to decide which ones to grab. You giggle. Watching him concentrate so hard is cute.

“Not that one.” You point to the newborn on the floor.

It was quiet. Something breaks that silence and causes an echo around the building, a bunch of glass breaking and a scream.

Daryl takes off, running toward the noise. You follow close behind him, abandoning your cart in the baby aisle. Zach and Tyreese are already there, trying to help Bob out of the mess he created over in the wine. One of the shelves are knocked over, laying across him.

The three of them lift part of the shelving up, trying their best to help Bob out of the mess.

You hear something above you. You glance up and see and something hits you on your cheek. It doesn’t feel like anything really. “Hey…” You say quietly, still looking around the ceiling.

And your worst nightmare comes to life.

One walker falls through the ceiling, snapping it’s jaws until it lands with a splat on the floor. You call for everyone, letting them know what you just saw, when another walker falls and hits the ground, this time still alive and snapping on the floor.

Daryl shoves you back and yells for Zach and Tyreese to help Bob out from under the shelving as he starts shooting the walkers that are suddenly falling from the ceiling.


Daryl appears in the doorway of your cell. He leans against the bars and looks at you, watching you sit on your bed and read your book. You wanted to get the events out of your mind. It’s how you deal with things now, reading until it all seems unreal to you.

You glance up and see him. “How’d Beth take it?”

He shrugs and shoves his hands in his pockets. “She hugged me…”

Beth looks up to Daryl, as did most of the people here. You think it’s sweet and you feel a little smile on your cheeks. “Really? So she didn’t…?”

“Says she’s done cryin’.” Daryl looks at the ground. “I think we’re all tired of losin’ people.”

“We are.” You agree and pat the spot beside you. He walks over, closing the door to your cell, and sitting on the bed. He hunches over and sets his elbows on his knees. “I thought I lost you…” You mutter.

“Thought I lost you.” He glances over at you. “Next time, I wan’ you to stay, but I know that won’t hap’en.”

“It won’t. We made it out because we are such an amazing team.” You smile, assuring him.

“You belong to me...”

Warning: Smut. 

Originally posted by reedustine

It’s been a few months since Woodbury fell and Rick brought those willing to accept out ways to the prison. You were in charge of people inquires and relations, a dumb job you thought, but it gave you something to do every day. Help those who came here and help them get back into the everyday motions. You were standing outside watching a group kill the walkers that were building up against the fence, when you felt the presence of another person standing next to you. You turned and seen it was Evan a young guy, about your age, that a crush on you. You felt bad for him because you and Daryl had been together since before the farm fell before your time at the prison. “Hot day out huh?” He asked wiping sweat off his brow, he looked at you and ran his thumb across your brow, a shiver went down your spine. You nodded and stepped away from him, “It’s always hot in Georgia,” you chuckled.

“Probably because it’s full of women as pretty as you,” you blushed at his kind words, and giggled like a school girl “Thank you Evan.” He ran his fingers up your arm, and laid his hand of your shoulder, a gentle gesture that if it was Daryl it would drive you absolutely crazy. “No need to thank me, thank yor parents for making such a beautiful daughter,” your blush grew deeper across your cheeks and he beamed at you. Little did you know Daryl was standing with ear shot, he growled. Stomping off in the other direction, you turned and seen Daryl stomping off away from you, and you shrugged it off. You laughed again laid your hand on his chest, pushing him back as he got closer to you, “You’re too kind Evan, but I have to go find Glenn, he was supposed to relieve me of watch 20 minutes ago, and I’m hot from the sun,” you chuckled at him, he wiggled his eye brows at you “Nah it’s just you not the sun.” You walked away and headed toward your and Daryl’s shared cell.

As you got in the cell you were slammed up again the cold stone wall, and before you could scream a calloused hand covered your mouth. “You belong to me” you were startled by this sudden outburst, but then it dawned on. He was jealous of Evan, you smirked against his hand. He removed his hand, “I didn’t know I belonged to anyone,” you said in defiance. Daryl pressed your back against the wall, “You belong to me!” he said in a stern voice, you were soaked at his dominance. You shivered as his slide his fingers up your arm and latched his lips to your neck. “Your arms, your neck, you cheeks…” he kissed your cheeks “mine.” Your body quivered against him, “your lips,” he kissed you roughly, “mine.” He kissed you more and pulled away, leaving you to feel empty, and full of desire, a look that reflected in his eyes. “Strip” you didn’t need to be told twice, and in an instance you were naked in front of him. His cock hardening at the sight of your bare breasts and the slick glimmer on your legs. He had you soaked and dripping. Just with his words, his actions nearly sent you over the edge. He pushed you against the wall again, cupping your cunt in his large hand sliding his fingers between your folds, roughly circling your clit. You squirmed against him, it felt so good. His other hand made its way to your hair and he pulled back, tilting your head back, exposing your neck to him, he kissed it, sucking greedily at the flesh, leaving little marks. “Now everyone will know you’re taken,” he whispered harshly into your ear. “Now hold still,” you stood stock still, as he forced his fingers into your hungry snatch. “You’re eager today kitten,” he purred, roughly going in and out of your cunt, your legs were shaking and you were close to much needed release when his ripped his fingers from you. You whimpered at the loose of fullness. He grabbed your hair and pulled you forward, forcing you again, “You’re gonna learn who you belong to!” he ordered pulling his pants down, his cock bouncing forward in front of you face, you licked your lips. And took the tip into your mouth, Daryl groaned as you slid your tongue around the head expertly, his knees buckled when you took more of his length into your mouth and sat down on to the bed, you took as much of his cock into your mouth as you could. He shuttered, as he was close to cumming, you pulled off of him with a coy smile on your lips, you stood and sat down on his lap, rubbing your slick folds against his wet cock. It twitched against you, and Daryl latched onto your nipple as you guided his cock into your waiting snatch. He filled you completely, you bit into his shoulder as he thrusted into you. The feeling magical. You wanted to scream you bit down hard, and Daryl groaned, laying down on the bed, letting you ride him, you swirled your hips and his bucked matching your pace, you both were panting loudly. “Scream my name kitten, let them know who gets to please you!” Daryl demanded. You let out a loud scream as you came. You rode out your orgasm, Daryl bucked roughly and soon came after you. You sighed, laying down on his chest, him still inside you. You’re breathing sporadically, Daryl breathing heavily under you.

“I love you,” he breathed, if this is what jealous Daryl was like, you needed to get him jealous more often, you smiled and kissed him lightly, “I love you too Daryl,” you cuddled into him.

Twilight Dreams

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: The first night in the Ark is as hard as the first day was, and Allen is just tired. But the Noah want this to go well as much as the exorcists do, and they’re trying. Really. (Commissioned by @iamtheun, prompt: Allen-centric pacifism AU.)

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