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drawing uniform designs on a boring late afternoon because i cant stop myself thinking about an after WWI AU.

this fandom is so “AUable” it is amazing !

edit: i redrew it ‘cause this post was like 3 years old and so was the art >:’) and a few more

I Only Want You | Part: 2

Daryl Dixon x Reader | Smut Warning | 18+ Only | NSFW

(Part 1)

Request: Hey hon, can you make one with YN and Daryl were together and one day he out for a run and he brings a woman with him (he saved her) that woman start flirting with Daryl and YN get really pissed and end up with Daryl proving to that she is the only one (Daryl x Reader).

Summary: Daryl begins to train Nina and she makes advances at him. The Reader becomes extremely jealous. Daryl proves to the Reader he only wants her. Ends in smutty loud love making. 


The next few days were stressful. You had to listen to the new woman in the group complain and ask for Daryl’s help just about every time he left your cell. Of course he obliged because he was a giver. But, that didn’t mean you didn’t feel a twinge of jealousy when he would help her hobble by your room, her eyes coming to yours as if she knew what fire she was playing with. On the upside you yourself had begun to train more, taking advantage of the small shed you and Daryl had to brush up on your boxing skills.

Daryl had found an old boxing bag in one of the rooms where the prisoners used to work out in and had hung it up in the shed, making it the perfect get away spot when you needed one. You punched, jabbed, and kicked the bag as hard as you could until you fell over exhausted on the mattress laying on the floor.

Your sweat drenched body heaved in and out as you tried to regain your breath after yet another intense workout. You stretched your body out onto the mattress and concentrated on your breathing. Your hands ran up the sheets of the bed and your mind wandered back to the night before Daryl had left, when he had treated you so good. You two hadn’t been together since and you knew the reason why.

As if on cue you heard Nina giggling outside, you sat up and quickly grabbed the tank top next to you on the bed and pulled it over your sports bra. You heard Daryl pulling at the door. You swiftly walked over and banged on it from the inside, “Hold on! I’ll unlock it!” You shouted to him from the other side. The tugging stopped.

You quickly untied the rope from your side of the door and pushed the door open. Daryl took in your sweaty appearance and smirked to himself, he always loved how amazing you looked after a good workout. Although the kind he had in mind didn’t involve anything but him. You two locked eyes and your hard eyes started to melt when you saw him taking your body in. You smiled sweetly back, almost forgetting you weren’t alone. 

Suddenly you saw Nina’s hand grab at Daryl’s shoulder harshly as she tripped over her own two standing still feet. 

Daryl’s eyes were forced back to her.

“Sorry. I am such a clutz!” She tossed her blonde hair and batted her eyes at him.

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The Escape Part 1 X Daryl Dixon X Reader

A starter story for one I think I’m going to make quite long. First imagine in a long ass time. Not been in a good place so I apologies if it isn’t up to usual standards.


Your body slammed onto the cold hard floor as you were thrown back into your cell. One of the prisoners had escaped and everyone was running riot. The large metal door slammed shut muffling the voices coming from outside. You heard footsteps running up and down the corridor. After a few minutes the noises stopped.

You realised after a short amount of time that you hadn’t heard the lock click on the door and they hadn’t started the awful torture music. You stood slowly and pressed your ear against the door. There was no noise, surely they couldn’t have forgotten to lock you in. They couldn’t be that dumb could they?

You placed your hand on the metal handle and pulled it down slowly and quietly. You could feel your body shaking, you weren’t sure if you were scared or excited. You pushed on the door and it opened making a loud creaking sound. You stopped dead to hear if anyone was coming. If you were found there’s no doubt you’ll be beaten and starved for a long time. You couldn’t hear anything.

You started to run down the corridor as quietly as you could. Usually there was people everywhere but for some reason there was no one. There was a room where they sit and play cards but it was empty. ‘Where the fuck it everyone’ you thought to yourself.

You got to a closed door. You placed your ear to it to hear if there was anyone there. You opened it slowly and saw some clothes. This had to be your lucky day. You looked through a box of clothes till you found your own jeans and a pair of boots your size. They must have thrown your clothes in here when they made you strip and wear that filthy disgusting jumper.

You pulled your jeans on, found out a baggy vest and pulled on the boots. It was so good to be in clothes that weren’t filthy. They weren’t perfect but you were happy. You sat down in a chair for a second and looked to your left. There was an open jar of peanut butter on the table with a spoon in it. You frowned but snatched it up anyway. It was so delicious. You had been trying to eat bread with dog food scraped off it for so long, you forgot how nice real food is. After wolfing down the peanut butter you stood up and walked to the door. You pressed your ear against it again to see if anyone was out there but still nothing.

You stepped out and walked ahead to find a away out. After walking down some corridors you saw a room with the door open. Hopefully there would be a window you could look out of. As you got to the door there was still no people around but your heart stopped.

In the most beautiful room you had ever seen since the world went to shit. There was a dark wooden table with two sofas on opposite sides facing each other. Propped up against the table was Lucille. Seeing her made pictures flash in your head. Pictures of blood, screams and horror. When Negan bashed in the skulls of all your friends and family. He left you to be his wife, which you obviously refused. You tried to shake the images out your head and without thinking you picked it up. You swung it round once. “Cant believe he would leave this but this is mine now” You said to yourself.

You placed the bat over your shoulder and smiled to yourself. You crept out looking around to check but still nothing.

You didn’t understand why not one single person was around. It started to feel creepy. You made your way around cold empty corridors until you finally reached a door to outside. You looked through the window and saw some bikes and a gate. Still no people. You walked out side and took a deep breath in. You never thought you would enjoy the feeling of sun on your skin and a breeze in your hair without being dragged around by that asshole Dwight.

“Ermm excuse me miss? What are you doing?” a man’s voice from behind you made you jump.

You turned quickly to see a man looking at you confused. Your grip on the bat tightened. “Where is everyone?” You asked him, trying to avoid his question.

“Did you not hear? A prisoner has escaped. Everyone’s looking for him.” His eyebrows furrowed a little as he finished “Hey aren’t you that pretty priso—“ before he could finish you slammed the bat into his head as hard as you could. You kind of felt bad but then you remembered he was a saviour. His body slumped to the floor and you hit him a couple more times just to make sure.

“I’m sorry.” Your voice shook, you hadn’t killed anyone in a long long time. I felt awful but also slightly freeing to do it again.

You could hear voices coming from around the corner. You ran to the fence which was padlocked. You threw the bat over the top and climbed up, jumping over onto the floor. Your legs gave in on impact and you fell. You quickly jumped up and ran for the trees ahead of you.

You ran for a good 5 minutes. You hadn’t heard any voices follow you at all so you stopped. You looked up between the trees where the sun shone through, warming your dirty pale cheeks up. A huge smile spread across your face. You were free, finally free. You had no idea how long you had been locked up but you were now free. A warm feeling of happiness filled your whole body. A feeling you never thought you would have ever again. You took a deep breath in filling your lugs with fresh air.

A moaning noise interrupted you. You looked to your right to see a walker shuffling it’s way towards you. The smile didn’t leave your face as you walked to it. You may have even skipped a little. You swung the bat around and took it clean out in one swoop. It was quite a nifty little walker killer.

You started to walk forward. You had no idea where you were going but you knew you would never look back.

A week had past now. You had found a cute little hut that had a few cans of food but supplies were low. You had also built up your strength so you should be strong enough to last quite a few days out there. You found an old shoulder bag which belonged to the poor dead family you had to kill in one of the bedrooms. You even found an old leather jacket which used to be one of your favourite things to wear. It was time to move on. Maybe find some more supplies, maybe even some people. You filled your bag with as much things as you could, picked up Trevor (your newly named bat) and left.

It was a nice day. The sun shone brightly and there was a nice cool breeze. “Ahhh what a beautiful day for an apocalypse” You sighed to yourself. You weren’t in anyway clean but you needed something rotten if you wanted to keep walkers away.

After a few minutes of walking you saw a couple of walkers ahead. Nothing difficult and you needed some limbs. You walked up to them and took them down as easy and stomping on a flower. You put your hands on your hips assessing the situation. You weren’t sure how to get the limbs off without making a complete mess. You also didn’t know how you would attach them to yourself.

You decided to just hit one at the elbows and pull the lower arms off. The stench was overpowering. You couldn’t help but heave a few times. You took the laces from the walkers boots and tied them around the wrists, hanging the harms around your neck. The smell really was horrific. Hopefully it would work.

You had walked for days now. Your right knee was all fucked up from you falling over. It was at the point now where you couldn’t put any weight on your leg. You were using the bat as a stick to walk with. The arms had severed served you well though. The sun had basically cooked them. Even though you had gotten used to the smell you knew you smelt awful.

You had made it to an area with some broken down cars and some old buildings. A loud bang made you jump and without thinking you put pressure on your leg. The pain shot through your body and you fell to the ground. “Son of a bitch!” you shouted as your body collided with the hard concrete.

“We got a dead one over here!” you heard a man’s voice near you.

“No. Don’t waste ammo. I’ll get it” another voice said.

A man walked over to you lying on the floor. He raised a wooden stick above his head “I ain’t dead!” You shouted.

The man jumped a little “What? You’re alive? Why are you carrying dead arms?”

“Damn straight I’m alive! The smell keeps walkers away” to say you hadn’t seen people in such a long time you were in no mood to be beaten to death. You took the arms from around your neck and threw them to the side.

“Morgan step back!” another voice shouted.

The man turned to the other men he was with “Why?”

“That bat she’s holding. It belongs to Negan. She’s one of them”

You pulled your self up to a sitting position “I stole this from him when I escaped.” You saw 5 men looking at you. Morgan, 2 men with guns pointed at your head, a rough looking man with a crossbow and one man with grey dreadlocks.

The man with dreadlocks stepped forward “And we are supposed to just believe you?”
You shrugged “Honestly if I was a saviour would I look this shit? And smell this bad?” the man with the crossbow smirked.

The man looked you up and down. “We’ll keep her in the cage next to Shiva. Weather she’s one of them or not they will be looking for her. Get up”

You frowned at how rude he was “If I could stand do you really think I would be sitting on the floor?” All your sarcastic comments seemed to make the archer smile.

Morgan walked closer to you and held out his hand. He pulled you up and gave you his arm to hold on to. The archer came to the other side of you.

“King Ezekiel. I think you should take the bat, just in case she tries to use you.” One of his men said.

He simply nodded to him. You pulled you bat away from him “This is my walking stick. And king? Really? The whole world’s gone to shit so instead of removing your head out your ass you call yourself a king?”

“People need someone to look up to. Also I don’t need to explain myself to a rude little girl with an attitude problem.” He turned his back to you like a stroppy child and walked ahead.

“Mardy prick. Just cause I’m right” You said quietly.

You heard the archer laugh under his breath “Damn right” he said so only you could hear him.

They walked you to a place filled with people. They were walking around, working, talking, having a good time. It was like they had no idea how the world really was. “What the fuck is this place?”

“Its called the kingdom”

You laughed “Of course it fucking is.” People were looking you up and down like you were a piece of shit. You forgot how that felt. Before the apocalypse people would judge you for your tattoos and your appearance but you never though in a world like this people would still judge you. “What? Want a picture bitch?” You shouted at a woman you was pointing her nose at you.

You were taken to a room. In the middle were 3 cages all joined together. One larger one then two smaller ones. In the larger one there was a tiger pacing up and down. You stopped in your tracks. “A tiger?” You shook your head.

“Yeah I know” Morgan said.

“Nope! I ain’t staying with that! It’s a fucking tiger!” you tried to pull back put you stepped on your bad leg nearly making you fall again.

Morgan sighed “Look I’m sorry. I believe you aren’t one of them but if he says you stay here, you have to stay here. You need to rest and heal anyway.”

“Son of a bitch” You sighed. They opened the cage gate and placed you down on the ground. You moved to the furthest corner as far away from the tiger as possible. Morgan left but the archer stayed for a minute.

“Don’t I know you?” his voice was quiet but gruff.

You looked up at him through the bars “You look familiar too” You brushed your hair back out your face to try and get a better look.

All of a sudden he smiled “I didn’t recognise you without those nasty clothes on and Dwight dragging your ass around.”

Your face dropped “Holy shit! You were a prisoner too! You’re the one that escaped which caused them to accidentally leave my door unlocked and I escaped. Thank you!”

“You’re welcome. It’s Daryl by the way”


He nodded to you then walked out.

You rolled your empty bag up and took your jacket off. You put your head on your bag and put the jacket over you like a blanket.

After about 5 minutes you heard the door behind you. You sat up to see Daryl stood there with some stuff in his hands. He opened the cage door and walked to wards you. He placed a bowl of water down and a rag. He pulled out a bottle of water from under his arm and passed it to you.

“Thank you” You gulped half the water down.

He sat down in front of you and dipped the rag in the bowl. He leaned towards you and started to wipe some of the dirt off your face. You winced slightly when he brushed over a cut one of the saviours had given you. “I’m sorry” he whispered.

You looked up into his eyes and smiled “Its ok”

He continued to wipe the dirt from your face. When he had done he looked back and smiled a little. “That’s better. I’m gona convince Ezekiel to let you had a shower. You’ll feel better”

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

He looked down at his hands “I know exactly how you feel.”

You placed your dirty hands on his “Well thank you. For everything” he nodded at you “Gotta ask one more thing…”

He looked up into your eyes for you continue. “I’m gona need you to hold onto my leg because my knee needs to be put back.”

He frowned at you “You sure?”

You grabbed hold of your jacket and put the sleeve in your mouth. “What you doing?”

You spat the sleeve out “I’m putting my knee back in place in a cage next to a sleeping tiger. I do not want to piss it off”

He laughed at you “Fair enough. You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah had to do it before. Family didn’t really have any money and you know how expensive it used to be to go to the hospital.”

“That I do”

You put the sleeve back in your mouth and pulled the knife out of the strap on your ankle and held it backwards. You pointed below your knee and above your knee for Daryl to hold. He squeezed it tight. You brought the handle end out and then slammed it hard against the side of your knee. It partially clicked back you wanted to scream but waking a sleeping tiger was not something you wanted to do. You spat the sleeve out and breathed heavily. “Now for the worst part. I need you to help me bend my knee.”

He nodded at you. You took a deep breath in “Right, 1… 2…3.” You both pulled your knee up harshly and it made the loudest cracking sound you’ve ever heard. You bit into your lip drawing blood slightly. A whimper left your closed mouth.

He let go of your leg and wiped away the stream of tears falling down your face. He looked up directly into your eyes and then slowly wiped the blood of your lip. The feeling of his rough finger sent a shiver down your whole body.

He coughed and leaned back looking down at the floor. “I’m sorry. When was the last time you ate?”

You tried to shake away your flustered cheeks “I had a cabin a few days back. Some nasty old tins kept me alive. But I did find a odd jar of peanut butter just on the side when I escaped my cell. Strange huh, no food but that”

A smirk appeared on his face “That was mine”

Your face dropped “I’m sorry what?”

“I left that there when I escaped”

“So we shared a spoon? I think that’s the closest I’ve been to a man since this all happened.” You joked pushing his arm playfully.

He shook his head “You need sleep. Get some rest. When you’re awake I’ll find you some food and something to sleep on. I ain’t gona see you get treated like a dog.”

“You really are my Knight in shining armour” You gave him a cheesy grin.

False English Loanwords in Korean

aka ‘false friends’ in linguistics or often ‘konglish’ colloquially

english meaning + korean word + (suspected origin of korean word)


dress shirt 와이셔츠 (Y-shirt)

dress 원피스 (one piece)

overcoat 오바 (over) (note: the korean word ‘외투’ is also used to mean overcoat. ‘오바하다’ means to overdo something)

trenchcoat 바바리 (comes from the brand name Burberry)

sweat suit, work-out clothes 추리닝 (training)

corduroy 골덴 (cord)

zipper 쟈크 (from the japanese ‘chakku’)

jacket 잠바 (jumper)

suit 투피스 (two piece)

underwear 팬티 (panty)

muffler 마후라 (from the japanese word for muffler)

turtle neck 폴라 셔츠 (polar shirt)


glue 본드 (bond)

stapler 호치키스 (Hotchkiss, the name of the man who invented the stapler)

ball point pen 볼펜 (ball pen)

mechanical pencil 샤프 (sharp)

flashlight 후레쉬 (flash)

felt-tip pen 사인펜 (sign pen)

crayon 크레파스 (Cray-pas, originally a Japanese brand name for oil pastels.The word can also be used to mean ‘oil pastel’ but when clarification is needed 크레용 and 유성 페스텔 are used)

notebook 노트 (note)

car parts

emergency break 사이드 브레이크 (side break)

rear-view mirror 백밀러 (back mirror)

flat tire 펑크 (short for ‘puncture’)

steering wheel 핸들 (handle)

hood 본네트 (bonnet) 

motorcycle 오토바이 (short for autobike)

convertible 오픈카 (open car)

horn 크락숀 (klaxon)

wiper 윈도우 브러쉬 (window brush)

window tinting 썬팅 (sunting) 


supermarket 슈퍼 (super)

market 마트 (mart) (note: the korean word ‘시장’ refers to a street market)

cell phone 핸드폰 (hand phone)

apartment 아파트 (apart)

remote 리모콘 (short for remote control)

signature 싸인 (sign)

air conditioner 에어컨 (air con)

blind date 미팅 (meeting)

desk lamp 스텐드 불 (stand light)

duplex 빌라 (villa. used to describe an apartment which is not part of a complex)

friend with benefits 섹파 (short for ‘sex partner’)

sprite 사이다 (cider)

outlet/socket 콘센트 (consent)

swiss army knife 맥가이버 칼 (macgyver knife)

boots 워커 (walker. hiking or army style boots are 워커 and other boots are 부츠)

vomit 오바이트 (overeat)

discount 디씨 (abbreviated to DC)

commercial 씨에프 (CF)

coordinator 코디 (cordi)

combo 콤비 (combi)

gym 헬쓰 (health)

comedian 개그맨 (gag man)

mummy 미이라 (based on the japanese pronunciation of the portuguese ‘mirra’)

part-time job 아르바이트, 알바 (from the german ‘ Arbeit’)

office worker 샐러리맨 (salary man)

mass media 매스컴 (short for ‘mass communication’)

nail polish 매니큐어 (manicure)

wake-up call 모닝콜 (morning call)

greenhouse 비닐하우스 (vinyl house)

physical contact 스킨쉽 (skinship)

window shopping 아이쇼핑 (eye shopping)

protest 데모 (demo)

popsicle 아이스께끼 (from the japanese pronunciation of ‘ice cake.’ as slang it means lifting up a girl’s skirt)

uniform number 백넘버 (back number)

loaded bases 풀베이스 (full bases)

goal 골인 (goal in)

Walkers Amongst Us (Part 2)

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A/N: Part Two mofos! 

Pairings: Seth X Dean X Roman X Reader. (Mostly Seth and The Reader)

Warnings: Swearing.

Tagging wwefoever70 because they asked! :D

Seth handed you a empty backpack and just before you walked out the door, Dean came over to you.

“If you can, get me some twinkies” Dean whispered in your ear. You smiled and nodded your head.

“I’ll try.” You whispered back, before walking out the door and jogging to catch up with Seth.

“So where are we going?” You asked.

“Town.” Seth said.

“Oh. Well I was in town a few days ago and it was over run with Walkers.”

Seth didn’t say anything at first. just continued walking. “I’m sure they moved on now. Don’t worry about it.”

You walked with him for a while, quietly. “But what if they didn’t?” You asked. 

“I’m sure they did.” 

“Yeah, what if they didn’t? What do we do then?”

“Like I said. I’m sure they did! And if they didn’t then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

You didn’t like that, you liked to have a back up plan, and Seth didn’t have one. You began to think about another place you could go, just in case the town was still over run. 

But you were drawing a blank. “Are you really sure that they moved on?” 

Seth pinched the bridge oh his nose and sighed hard. “Didn’t I just say that I was sure?!” Seth asked, irritated.

“Sorry….” You mumbled. 

You and Seth walked in silence for the rest of the way into town. You really didn’t understand that. He was just smiling at you back in the cabin and now he’s acting like a jerk just because you were asking weather or not he was sure. You really didn’t want to die, you stay alive this long and you weren’t just gonna die just because he want to go into fucking town.

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Seth and you walked quietly and quickly into town. From what you could see there wasn’t any Walkers to be seen or heard. You bit your lip as you looked around.

“Sick close to me, Y/N. I don’t want you getting hurt.” Seth said, quietly as he grabbed your arm and pulled you near him.

You grabbed your knife out of the holster and held it tightly in your hand, as you stuck closely to Seth. 

You walked over to one of the stores and walked down the side of it, back to back. Seth spit on his hand and went to wipe the window when a Walker banged on it, scaring the two of you.

“It looks like it’s only one in there. I think that we’ll be fine.” Seth whispered. You nodded your head in agreement. 

“Yeah ok. We can handle that.” 

You and Seth went in quietly, the Walker came stumbling towards the two of you. Seth shot an arrow right into it’s head. He walked over to the Walker and put his boot onto it’s head and pulled the arrow out.

You walked behind Seth, looking down at the Walker as you passed it.

“Just grabbed whatever you can. Put it in the bag and then wait for me at the front door. Scream for me if anything happens.” Seth said, looking you dead in the eyes.

You nodded your head. “You got it boss.” You said, you shot him a smile before looking around the store.

You were throwing canned food into the backpack, you looked up and seen one box of twinkles. You smiled and pulled the box off the self, tossing it into the backpack. Dean would be happy with that.

Once you cleared the self of all the canned food you went and waited by the front door like Seth said. 

You leaned against the wall near the door, you seen something move out of the corner of your eye outside. You looked and your eyes went wide.

There had to be, twenty, maybe thirty Walkers outside, all in a herd. 

“Motherfucker!” You hissed. You ran looking though the store for Seth.

You seen Seth looking though the small pharmacy in the back of the store. You ran over and slid over the the contour. 

“Seth! We need to leave NOW!” You whispered yelled at him.

“What why!?” Seth whispered yelled back.

“Because they has to be at least thirty Walkers outside! We need to leave before they know we’re in here!”

“Ok, ok! Crap! Just give me one second! I need to find this!” 

“Seth we don’t have time! We need to leave NOW!” You said, through clenched teeth.

“I said hold on!”

You looked back towards the door and seen the Walkers were getting closer to the doors.

“Seth! Come on!” You were watching the door.

Seth was still looking though the self as you bounced on your feet.

“Goddammit, Seth! Let’s. Move!” 

Seth found whatever it was and tossed it into the bag, zipped it up and then he ran by you and over the contour. You slid over the contour and ran behind him. 

Seth shoved open the door and you two made a break for it.

The two of you ran and ran and ran. Suddenly you realized that you were nearing the woods where the cabin would be. You and Seth ran into the wood and then slowed to a walk.

“You think we lost them?” You asked, out of breathe.

“Yeah, yeah we did.” Seth answered.

The two of you huffed and puffed as you walked.

“Why didn’t you just leave?” Seth asked suddenly. 

You pulled your eyebrows together and looked at him.

“Why would I leave you? I’m in your group, I wouldn’t leave someone behind.” You said. 

Seth looked at you and smiled. “I don’t know, I guess I just thought that since, we’re all fighting for are lives, you were leave. Save yourself.” Seth said, shrugging his shoulders.

“You guys saved my life, I wouldn’t dream of leaving one of you behind. As much as I didn’t want to die, I wasn’t leaving you.” You said.

Seth smiled at you, happy with that answer. You looked at him. 

He was quite handsome, when he smiled, and his voice was nice to listen to and- Wait, no I shouldn’t being thinking these things! The world is ending and I’m thinking about how cute he is! You thought.

You bit your lip as you watched him walk, he that way his arms flexed when he shift his crossbow in his hands, the way his eyes would drat over to you and then away. 

Fuck! Stop thinking about him! 

You sighed softly and looked ahead, trying to think about something that wasn’t Seth.

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You made it to the cabin just at night fall, the town was farther away then you thought it was. Dean was sitting outside, smoking. Dean looked up and seen you and Seth making your way towards him. 

“Hey.” You said, walking up the steps.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.” Dean said, putting his cigaret out.

“What? Why?” Seth asked.

“Ro is pissed you didn’t listen to his order.” Dean said.

“What order?” Seth asked, annoyed.

“The order that said to have your asses back before night fall! That’s what order!” Dean said, clearly he was upset to.

Dean stood and shook his head. “You better think of a pretty damn good reason why you weren’t back before night fall.” Dean then went into the cabin. 

You turned to look at Seth, who just rolled his eyes. 

“He gets like this all the time. Don’t worry about it.” Seth said, squeezing your shoulder.

You both walked into the cabin. Roman was sitting in a chair, he glare was set on the two of you the second you walked in.

“Why weren’t you back?” 

“Roman, we were a little late, it’s not that big of a deal!” Seth said, sighing and tossing his bag on the ground. 

“I don’t care! Damn it! I’ve told you countless amounts of time! TO BE BACK BEFORE NIGHT FALL!” Roman raised his voice and slapped his hand off the arm rest.

Seth just rolled his eyes and sat on the couch. Roman looked to you.

“Where were you?” Roman asked. 

You suddenly felt like child being punished by their father. Like you were out partying for a night and he caught you.

You stiffened slightly and bounced on your feet. “We went into town and-” Roman cut you off. 

“You went into town! How many times have I told you Seth?! No one ever goes into that town!” Roman growled.

“We got quite a bit of stuff and-” Roman cut you off again.

“I. Don’t. Care. He knows no one goes into that town! EVER!” Roman growled, he then stood, making his way to the hall where the rooms were.

Seth stood and walked after him. Trying to reason with him. 

You were now left with Dean. Dean was sitting on the couch, he patted the space next to him.

You sat next to him and leaned against the back of the couch.

“Why does he not want anyone to go into the town?” You asked Dean. 

You noticed the he seemed a little more upset that the two of went into town, more then that fact that you came back late.

Dean sighed and looked at you. “That’s something he needs to tell you. It’s not my story to tell.” 

“Do you think he’d tell me if I asked?” 

“I don’t know. Me and Seth are his best friends and he didn’t even want to tell us.” 

“Oh” Was all you said. You sat there in silence, before remembering that you got him the twinkies he asked for.

You grabbed your bag of the coffee table and opened it, pulling out the twinkies and setting them in Dean’s lap.

Dean smiled from ear to ear. “You found them?!” 

You nodded your head. “Mmhm!” 

Dean hugged you from the side and then opened his box and pulled two out.

He handed you one and said. “You get one because you got me them! Every time I ask Seth or Roman they alway tell me no! And now you got them for me!” 

Dean was so happy that you got him twinkies. He was adorable. You didn’t know him long, but you had a feeling that the two of you would become close.

anonymous asked:

Post some pics of the graham norton show if you can

They didn’t allow photography in the studio, and the security guards were super strict on it, although I see one guy managed a sneaky shot on Twitter. But for the most part, they were quickly over to anyone who they thought had taken a picture, even of the empty set. The guys behind me had their pictures of the set deleted. So far the show has only released that one shot of Hillary in the walker cast boot that I posted earlier - probably as a middle finger to the Daily Fail who seemed to delight all afternoon in saying she’d cancelled so much today. More photography will likely be released before the episode airs on Friday though.