Cyborg Takes His Rightful Place in the Superhero Set

By Kevin L. Clark

“The writer behind the recent Shaft comic book has been tapped to lead the charge behind the debut of former Teen Titan and current Justice League member, Cyborg. With the first issue available this week, the superhero born as Victor Stone is capitalizing upon the major status boost he received with DC Comics’ New 52 initiative (a 2011 reboot of their entire line). For those who don’t know, DC Comics shuffled the origin story of the Justice League, revising it to place Cyborg amongst Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as a founding member of Earth’s greatest team of heroes.

With Walker handling the scribing duties for Cyborg #1, alongside art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado (Justice League, Green Lantern), the new series will focus on the man behind the machine. 

Already the first installment is being talked about around the interwebs, as the debut series finds the son of Silas and Elinore Stone recreating one of the most famous scenes from 1976’s Green Lantern. Walker is a great reason why readers should check out Cyborg solo…”

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Cyborg Vol 1 #1 (2015)  //  Story: David F. Walker, art: Ivan Reis

My lip reading skill’s really aren’t that great but

In this GIF it look’s to me like Carmilla is saying “It was all my fault, I was selfish…” I can’t make out the last bit, it look’s like she either says “Don’t do this.” or “I’m sorry.” I don’t know probably none of this. 

Now in this GIF to me it look’s like Laura is saying “Nice try.” So maybe Carmilla was trying to apologize, but Laura doesn’t believe her? By the way Laura look’s over her shoulder slightly, clearly what Carmilla said, kind of embarrassed her. 

Like I said, my lip reading skill’s aren’t great, but that’s what I could kind of figure out.