Sexy Toys

Merle made a bet with you. If you could take out more zombies than him, he would let you be the dominant one in bed. Lucky for you, you’re a good shot. Lucky for Merle, you know how to have a good time.

   “C’mon baby, don’t do this.”

   You ignored Merle as you tied him up.His arms were behind his back so he couldn’t move. Tonight was your night. Merle had made a promise. Oh, he thought you forgot but you remembered. He had made a promise to you. Okay, it was more of a bet. If you could take out more walkers than him, he would finally let you be the dominant one. The two of you had been fucking for a while now, and while it was fun to be the bottom sometime, it got old. So, you when Merle placed the bet, you were determined to win.

   Which you did.

   Forty. You managed to take out forty walkers. Merle only took out thirty-six. Grudgingly, he agreed to uphold his end of the bargain. He was probably regretting it, but it was too late.

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Please? Part 22

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2304 words
  • Warnings: cursing

When you wake up, you get an odd feeling. You bolt upright and look around, Daryl gone already. He must have snuck out much earlier, because he normally wakes you every morning, planting tiny kisses on the back of your neck and shoulder. Not this morning.

You stand up and pull on some jeans and an old tank top made out of one of the prison uniforms. You stretch and peek out, wondering if anyone one else is awake yet.

Beth and Carol are feeding Judith on the steps below you. You hear the sound of something ripping in half a few cells down from you and see a few pieces of mattress laying on the floor. That has to be Merle, you figure.

You walk out of the cell block and see some breakfast sitting on the table. Maggie is shoving oatmeal into her mouth and Carl is leaning against the wall, staring at his hat that he’s holding. “You guys seen Daryl?” You ask sleepily.

Maggie shakes her head as she finishes her bowl. She walks around you, cleaning them out in the sink. Carl looks up and places the hat back on his head. It’s rare you get to see him without out and this time, he looks so much like a kid, you realize you constantly forget that’s all he is.

“Dad took him and Hershel outside.” He shrugs and pushes himself off the wall. He grabs a gun and heads to the door.

You sigh. More work, probably. This war is making everyone antsy. Two days, that’s all Rick was given. Those two days are up now and you have no idea what’s going to happen.

You take your own gun and walk outside with Carl just ahead, looking out into the field and spotting Daryl and Glenn working on something in the back of the truck,

“Wanna help?” Carl looks up at you as Maggie rushes out of the door, wiping her mouth to rid of some extra oatmeal and she looks around. “Maggie and me are going to distract the walkers.”

“Sure.” You nod and walk down with them, standing between the fence and the walkers. After spending so much time around them, it isn’t too bad to see them up close. At first, you were horrified, nearly barfing up any and all food left in your stomach. The smell was god awful, too. But now, you hardly noticed.

Running out there, banging a piece of metal against the wired fence, you feel a little bit better. It’s a great way to get out any frustrations or worries, to leave them inside the prison for the time being. Now, you watch one of the female walkers look at you, her teeth exposed and an eye dangling from the socket. She hisses at you, extending her arms out toward you and snapping what is left of her jaw.

You narrow your eyes and start yelling, hoping other walkers will follow her lead, getting them out of the others way. “Over here!” You call, trying to be as loud as possible for them all to hear.

Daryl pokes his head out from the back of the truck and looks over at you. You’re distracted for a moment, looking back at him, when you run over Carl and both of you fall to the ground. You laugh about it, helping Carl up. He chuckles, too, looking up at you with a smile across his face. It’s nice to see him smile for once, it’s been days.

“Over here!” Maggie tries not to giggle as she bangs on her bucket, grabbing the attention of a few more walkers.

Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne do their thing. They plant traps out on the road, incase the governor’s men return in trucks, hoping to blow out their tires. It’s a smart idea, you wish you could think of something half as creative as that. Truth is, this isn’t your kind of thinking. You were never this kind of girl, hell, you can’t remember the type of girl you once were. That was all down the drain.


Daryl storms out of one of the other cellblocks. His crossbow in his hand, gripped tightly at his side. His strides are long and with purpose, but his eyes are down at the ground, not entirely looking at where he’s going.

“Sweetie?” You walk over and stop him, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Daryl, what happened?”

He wipes his nose on his sleeve and avoids your gaze. “Just talked with Merle. Says he’s sorry for what he’s said to you…Done to Glenn and Maggie.” He blinks fast and looks at you, finally. “But… I don’t believe ‘im.”

“We’ve been trying to tell you.” You say gently. “He gives us all bad vibes…”

“He’s my brother.” Daryl looks at you sharply, his mouth turned down. “My older brother. What am I s’posed to do?”

You shrug and bite your lip. You don’t know the correct answer here. Say the wrong thing, he will run off. Say the right thing, he may get angry. You don’t exactly want another fight to break out. “He’s your blood, I understand that, I do.” You look up at him, pleading him to stay with one look. “But we are your family. I would do anything for you, Rick would do anything for you, even Glenn and Maggie. I know they aren’t your biggest fans right now, just give them time and space.”

Daryl glances down, his eyes avoiding yours again. He’s already said something to one of them, and Maggie is with her father and little sister, has been for the last hour, so it has to have been Glenn.

“It’ll be fine.” You kiss his jaw and run your fingers through his hair. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel as greasy as it usually does. He’s washed it recently. “Listen, why don’t we go outside? Take over the shift.” You smile some. The two of you haven’t had much alone time.

He nods and lets you lead him outside into the courtyard, where the two of you can watch the walkers hit the fence, groan and hiss at each other. It isn’t all that bad anymore. You hear it so much, you don’t pay it any attention.

“If only we had means to play music.” You walk over to the basketball hoop, or what’s left of it. When the group first got here, Carl found a ball and he challenged you to play with him, but that challenge is long gone and so is the ball.

Daryl holds his crossbow in his hands still, watching as you look around. “Oh yeah? What kinda music?”

You smile, remembering CDs and playing them in your car. You only had your car for a year, maybe two, before the breakout happened. You always blasted them, causing people in your neighborhood to complain. “Any kind.” You look at him from over your shoulder. “Something slow so we could dance.”

Daryl shifts his weight. “I don’t dance.” He watches you twirl around, watching the way your hips move as you sway. “Never will.”

“I’m sure you would if we had music.” You giggle and try to remember the lyrics to one of your old favorites. “What sort of music did you like?”

Daryl shrugs his broad shoulders. “Didn’t really listen to no music.”

“No?” You stop, eyeing him. “Surely you liked something.” You giggle.

Rick burst out of the doors, rushing over to you two. Panic laces his voice as it shakes. “It’s off, the deal. It’s off. I can’t find—“ He pauses when his eyes land on you. He gulps and points inside. “Go.”

“Can’t find what?” Daryl looks over, his shoulders tensing again.

“Merle or Michonne.” Rick’s eyes shift to Daryl and Daryl’s grow a couple of sizes.

“C’mon.” Daryl and Rick start racing off, you just behind them. You aren’t going to let them go off alone, and neither one of them seems to care at this point.

Inside, Daryl takes you and Rick to the room he says he last saw Merle. He walks around, looking at everything to see what he may have been doing in here.

“Says he was lookin’ for drugs.” Daryl states as he picks up an old t-shirt on the ground. “He’s gone. Backpack was lying here.”

“I’ll go look for him.” Rick starts for the door but Daryl steps in front of him.

He glances at you before he looks at Rick. “Naw. I’ll go. He’s my brother.”

“I’m going, too.” You step in, not entirely caught up on what is going on, but you had to help.

Daryl shakes his head. “Not this time.”

“You always say that.” You pull out your gun and hold it up, pointing it in the air. You walk over to the door and push out, stepping into the light of day. You refuse to sit behind anymore. Something has to be done and if anything happens to Daryl because of Merle, you plan on killing him.

You jump on the back of Daryl’s bike and wait on him. He walks over, his eyes on you the whole time, until he reaches your side. He doesn’t get on, not yet. He watches you gently.

“We should go.” You say in a low voice.

He nods, reaching out and cupping your cheek with his hand. “Don’t change.” He brings his lips to yours for a split second, only pulling away to get on his bike and start it up, the vibrations filling you with joy, as they always do.


Leaving the bike behind a mile or so, Daryl takes the lead and walks the two of you to the place Rick and the governor are meant to meet. You hope it isn’t too late, that Michonne is okay. You were starting to like her, to trust her. She was starting to become part of the family.

Daryl hesitates as a walker walks by you, not caring that there are two fresh meat sacks standing there. You notice the jaw is torn off, that’s why it’s not running after you and Daryl. It won’t be able to eat anyway.

There are a few walkers scattering about, but only one is on the ground, gnawing at another walker as if it were a lion. It’s fingers digging into the stomach and pulling out nothing but crushed up organs and blood. You raise your gun, ready to shoot, when Daryl takes several steps back, his breathing becoming heavy and his arms slacking at his sides.

The walker looks up and your heart stops, falling down into the pit of your stomach. You look over at your significant other and watch as his whole life comes crashing down around him. For a moment, it doesn’t sink in, not entirely. He takes another step back and his mouth trembles.

A sob escapes him. You walk over and try to grab his hand but he only shoves you back, causing you to step several steps and fall over a dead body, a body that is very fresh. You land on the ground and look up in time to see the walker Merle slowly stand up, it’s eyes never leaving Daryl. It lazily steps over the body it was previously snacking on and stumbles a bit, trying to gather enough strength to attack Daryl.

It slowly walks toward it’s brother, though you know that is no longer Merle. Daryl sobs again, holding his shoulder up to protect himself, backing away from Merle as it gets closer. When Merle is close enough, Daryl bravely pushes him away and screams, unable to pick his crossbow up from the ground. You never realized he dropped it.

He pushes his brother again, another cry leaving him. You want to go, want to help him, but this is between Merle and Daryl. Daryl isn’t likely to forgive you for killing his brother, but you have your gun in hand, just waiting.

Seeing Daryl cry is something you will never wish for. He’s this strong survivor and he’s a good man. Watching the tears slide down his face as he looks his dead brother in the eyes is heartbreaking. He’s helpless, shoving his brother back inches at a time. Merle snapping at him, reaching for him, growling.

Merle reaches for Daryl one last time before Daryl stabs his brother with his knife. Daryl lets out a shaky breath as he pushes Merle away, but he loses his balance and falls over on top of him, stabbing him again in the brain just to make sure.

You get to your feet, your heart aching for Daryl, wishing he didn’t have to see this. You start over, but stop when you hear the gasps for air and see his hand flying in the air, over and over again.

“Baby… He’s gone!” You find yourself crying, watching as Daryl sobs and stabs his brother again.

He rolls himself off of Merle, watching him and scooting back. He cries and rolls over on his side, curling up and still gasping for air.

“Daryl…” You walk over and kneel beside him, touching his shoulder gently. “Baby, come here.”

He sits up and looks up at you, tears still spilling from his eyes and his cheeks flushed red already from the tears. He grabs you, wrapping one arm around you burying his head into the crook of your neck. You hold him, rubbing his back and playing with his hair.

Daryl goes limp, causing you to fall to the ground. He lays across you, and you hold him dearly. His shoulder shake and his tears cause your hair to stick to your skin, but you don’t care.

You kiss the top of his head and pause. Where is Michonne…

Listen to your heart ABO version ch. 1

Merle had gone out on a run with his brother Daryl, they were hoping to bag a couple squires or at best a deer. When the two began arguing they split up, Merle headed towards the river and falls while Daryl stayed closer to the prison. Growling under his breath he saw the water and gave a deep sigh before walking over and kneeling beside the water, setting his AR on the rock bank beside him. Cupping his hands in the water he brought the cool water to his face. Letting the coolness of the water calm him down he washed his face before taking a sip of the water. Whipping his face on the sleeve of his black button up he heard a twig snap behind him and stilled. He didn’t hear any grunting or growling and guessed it wasn’t a walker. Knowing the governor had it out for his head the thought of maybe it being a assassin crossed his mind. Continuing to wipe his face he glanced that way out of the corner of his eye, he saw nothing but a tree. Curling his lip up into a snarl he slowly stood and acted as if he didn’t know they were there.

You looked down at the strange male from where you had been hiding. He was roughly handsome. His tone body and his attitude pointed to an alpha. He wore a pair of dark jeans and a black button up. The thing that caught your eyes was his missing hand. He had some sort of attachment in it’s place and looking closer you saw it had a knife hooked to it. Curious you moved closer, sneaking behind the large rocks. When you got on the ground you peeked up from the tall grass to see him gone. Furrowing your brows you hopped onto the rocks in the water and looked around for the male who had caught your attention.

Merle hid behind the waterfall and took the safety off his gun. When the shadow of the person appeared on the other side of the water Merle readied himself and let out a slow deep breath. As soon as the person moved to the next rock he jumped out and aimed his gun at the person. When his eyes landed on the person his felt his body relaxed and his whole demeanor change. It was a female. A young female. She was dressed in only a pair of jeans and a torn up flannel shirt. Her hair was long ending at her hips and her eyes seemed to stare into his soul. Neither said a word as they looked at each other. Slowly lowering his gun he bent down to place it on the rock, never taking his eyes off her. He had seen and laid with many woman in his life and being in the world they lived in now he had yet to come across a woman who looked as innocent as her. He knew by this she was an omega. Her face didn’t contort into one of judgement as she looked at him, she didn’t look down on him. Her bright e/c eyes just looked at him with curiosity and wonder. For the first time Merle Dixon was at a lost for words.

Stepping into the water he gave slow steps towards her. When she looked down to the knife attached to his prosthetic she stiffened an took off away from him. Sucking in a breath he moved towards her, “No wait.” he said but she didn’t stop. Grabbing his gun he ran after her. She was fast he gave her that. She seemed to run through the woods like she was apart of it, jumping over fallen trees and rocks. When he came up to a larger part of the river he saw many walkers standing about.

Tensing up when you saw the walkers you brought out your knife and swung at them. Glancing around them at your small boat, you tried to make a run for it when you heard the alpha coming up behind you. Going to slide out of the walkers way one caught your legs and made you fall to the ground. Kicking at the monster you let out small cries and whimpers. Seeing another crawling towards you you closed your eyes and waited for the pain. Hearing grunts you opened your eyes to see the male from before killing the walkers around you. Stabbing the one that held your legs in the head with his bayonet before turning on the others. Seeing your chance you quickly pulled your legs out from the dead walker and ran towards your boat. Hopping in you grabbed the oar.

Finishing off with the last walker Merle looked to see the female in the small boat going to paddle away. “Hey.. wait.” he yelled. When her head snapped back to look at him he placed the gun against the tree and held up his hands. Bending back the blade on his hand to make sure he didn’t look like a threat. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya darlin’.” He told her in as gentle of a voice as he could. She just stared at him, not moving. Moving over to her he kept his hands up. “Don’t run off.” When he came up to the water he stepped in and held his hand out for her to take. “Let me help ya out of there.” she looked back and forth between his hand and his eyes and he could see the fear and nervousness on her face. “It’s alright.” he said giving her a soft grin.

There were many reasons not to trust people nowadays. This world had changed people. Too may times to count you had came across people who turned out to be worse than the actual monsters. You had kept yourself away from all others for months now. Not that you had ever been aloud out of you mother’s view in the first place. Being an omega you were raised to hide yourself away from others, especially alphas. Your own brother had been an alpha and when you had came into heat for the first time he had to be forced off of you. Your father had left with him and it had been you and your mother ever since. Looking at the man’s out reached hand you swallowed. You didn’t know what it was but you felt like you could trust this man. Looking back up you knew what it was, his eyes. They were the eyes of a man that had done many things he wasn’t proud of but right now they looked at you with such care. Staring into his blue eyes you timidly placed your small hand in his larger one.

“Who are ya?” Merle asked as he held onto the female’s hand. She seemed to tense up when he asked her questions and he guessed she had reasons not to trust strangers. “I’m Merle… Merle Dixon.” he told her.

Biting your lower lip you thought for a moment, “Y/n l/n.” you said in a soft voice. Hearing her voice made Merle give a soft smile. He nodded his head gently.


A while later and the two were sitting on the bank of the river talking. Merle looked over the young omega and saw how skinny she was, obviously hadn’t had a meal in a while. Her clothes were well worn with holes, covered in blood and dirt. Even with all that she still looked so innocent to him. It baffled him to see something so pure in this forsaken world. In his whole life he had only seen a few omegas. Carol was an omega but her husband was an abusive alpha, he had ruined her. His brother and her had been hitting it off for a while now and she was beginning to get better. Y/n from what he had guessed was unclaimed. She had no claiming bites from what he had seen on her neck and he had not smelled the scent of another alpha on her. He had pretty much guessed she was unclaimed form the beginning, it was very unheard of for an alpha to let their females wonder so far from them and being she was alone when he found her pointed to her having no mate. She was very skiddish acting, she wouldn’t talk too much only answer his questions with small words. “Are ya alone?” He asked, wanting to make sure. He noticed her tense.

Being alone was never a good thing. There was strength in numbers, protection. When a lone omega was cornered it never ended well. So when Merle asked you if you were alone you tensed. If he found out you were in fact alone would he hurt you? Would he rape you? Looking to your small bag in the boat you bit your lip, you didn’t have much. Maybe if you offered it to him he would leave you alone… Would let you go.

Merle could sense the change in her, she was afraid. Straightening his back he took a deep breath. When he went to move forward to take her hand she flinched and jumped up. He saw as she took deep breaths and shook slightly. Standing he watched as she backed up to her boat. “Now wait sweetheart…” he started but then heard the sound of gunshots coming from the other side of the river. Listening he could hear the loud trucks and knew imminently who they belonged to. By the time he looked back at y/n she was in her boat and trying to row away. Acting quickly he ran into the water and grabbed the boat. “Wait!”

“Let go!” You said, grabbing your bag you threw it towards him, “Here you can have it just leave me alone.” you said.

“I don’t want yer stuff darlin’…” he started but she cut him off.

Hearing that your mind jumped to the next possible thing, “Please don’t rape me…” You said, feeling your eyes water up.

Merle knotted his brows at her accusation and quickly shook his head. When more gunshots fired he tensed up. “We gotta go!” Grabbing her arm he pulled on her and saw as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She soon began to kick and pull on her arm, begging him not to rape her. “I ain’t that kinda man girl but those people, the ones coming this way, they are! They find a omega like yerself out here alone and they ain’t just gonna fuck ya!” Seeing fear in her eyes he felt his chest tighten up. Throwing his other arm through the strap of her bag he pulled her towards him again. “Come on. I’ll keep ya safe little bit but ya gotta trust me…” he said looking into her eyes.

Staring into those blue eyes you tried to slow down your racing heart. Taking a deep breath you nodded and felt him pull on your arm again.

As soon as he saw her nod he pulled her out of the boat and ran towards the tree. Letting go of her hand only to throw the gun over his shoulder he heard yelling and the gun fire. Soon bullets were hitting the trees and ground around them. Pulling her smaller frame behind the tree with him, he held her to his chest for a moment until the shots stopped. As soon as he saw the chance they began running. Holding her hand tight in his own he again heard the bullets hitting the bark of the trees around them.

Running back towards the prison he was met by Daryl on the way. When the beta saw the young female he stopped in his tracks.

“Who’s she?” Daryl asked, looking the female over.

Giving a growl he shoved Daryl towards the prison, “Not now baby brotha.” he said. Getting to the gates they yelled for Carl to open the gates and quickly ran inside before the walkers could get them. Stopping he caught his breath and looked to see Everyone coming outside. Instantly everyone tensed up when they saw the new person with the brothers. Rick was the first to stomp over towards the omega. He yelled and began demanding her name and asking why she was here. Merle didn’t know what it was but as soon as he saw the female coward away from the other alpha he felt his blood boil. Stepping in front of her he stared down Rick. “Leave er’ alone!”  he growled. 

When Merle stepped in front of the female Rick gave a snarl. “Who is she!? Why’d you bring her here!?” he yelled trying to get to the female hiding behind Merle’s back.

Blocking the view of the omega Merle stared Rick down. He could hear as y/n gave a soft whimper behind him. She was scared. “Her name’s y/n. Found er’ in the woods. She was alone, she don’t have nobody. The governor’s people came up and started shooting at us, couldn’t just leave her there.” he growled. Hearing this Rick stopped and just tiled his head to the side and glared at him.

“We ain’t got the supplies for no more people.” Rick said.

Merle grew more aggravated by the minute. Officer friendly would find anyway to send her away. “Ya ain’t gotta worry bout’ her. I’ll look after er’.” He said before he could realize what had just came out of his mouth.  

Daryl looked at his brother like he had just grown another head. Never not since he had known his brother had Merle Dixon ever cared about anybody but himself. Glancing at the smaller female Daryl raised his brows and met Ricks eyes. The leader was questioning him. Giving a small nod he heard as Rick let out a small sigh.

Rick pointed a finger in the alpha’s face and raised his chin. “She is your responsibility. She fuck’s up it’s on you.” he said.

Merle felt a deep growl rumble in his chest as Rick pointed in his face. Nodding he watched as the male again tried to get around him and stepped to the side to stop him. Holding his stare the other alpha backed down and walked away.

Curling in on yourself you looked down at you feet as the two alpha males argued over you. When Merle accepted to look after you you gave a small gasp and looked at his back. Watching as the other alpha walked away you felt extremely unwanted. Merle turned towards you after he left and you slowly lifted your eyes to look at him, “I don’t want to cause trouble. I can go…" 

"ya ain’t goin’ no where. Don’t worry bout” officer friendly there.“ Merle said interrupting her. Once he was gone he watched as the Hershel limped over followed by Carol. Looking at the doctor he nodded his head. 

"Hello miss. My name is Hershel. I’m he doctor of sorts here and wanted to make sure you didn’t have any injuries that needed to be tended to?” Hershel said in a kind voice.

Merle stood by as the older beta male talked to y/n. When she shook her head no to his question he looked to see Carol step forward. 

Seeing another omega made you mind ease some. She was an older woman with kind eyes. 

“Hi, I’m Carol. How bout we go get ya a room and see if we can get ya cleaned up?” she asked softly her eyes glancing towards Merle for approval. Being an omega herself Carol knew imminently the bond Merle already had with the girl. 

Looking up to Merle you saw him nod and slowly followed the older omega into the prison. 

Watching the two omegas walk off Merle let out a sigh feeling as Daryl came up to stand beside him, his shoulder touching his. Hearing a chuckle he looked over at his little brother to see him smirking. “What?” he asked in an annoyed voice.

Daryl smirked and met his brothers eyes. “ya got it bad bro." 

"The hell ya talking about boy?” Merle asked defensively.

“Ya just met er’ and ya already done claimed that omega in your head.” Daryl said.

“Get outta ere’ man.” Merle scoffed, watching as his brother walked off chuckling. Shaking his head he looked back towards the prison doors and furrowed his brows, ‘Could he…’

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Shane x Reader x Merle

Summary: threesome with Merle and Shane!

Note: i havent written for these two in a long time so i hope you enjoy!

Warning: threesome, smut, oral (Shane receiving), tiniest bit of angst- like a small spec

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You had met Merle during a girl’s night out, it also happened to be the last night of fun before shit hit the fan. Long story short, you were separated from your friends and were forced to go with Merle to keep you safe. This is why you were devastated to hear that he had been left to die on a rooftop in Atlanta. You immediately volunteered along with his brother to go and get him, but what you found made you sick. All that was there was a sawed-off hand, the thought of Merle handless made tears form in your eyes.
When you got back to the camp, Shane had noticed your distress and offered to comfort you for the night. One thing led to another and you ended up fucking. This continued all the way up until now. You were at the prison and you helped keep watch over the place as you stood in the tower, your sniper up and ready. Your eyes scouted the surrounding area until you spotted the familiar truck pulling into the gates. You watched it pull into the main courtyard, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie and Michonne exited the car. You didn’t expect to see another person come out. Your eyes nearly bulged out of your head and your heart beat increased when you saw Merle.

You let the sniper drop from your hands as you climbed down the tower, Merles eyes immediately falling on you. “(Y/n)?” he said, a big grin spreading across his face as you ran up to him.

He wrapped his arms around you as you jumped onto him, the feeling of warmth and safety radiating through your body. When he put you down you looked at his hand, or rather his blade. You lightly touched it and he chuckled.

“Couldn’t be waiting around for you slow folks!” he laughed, giving Rick a dirty look before smirking at the rest of them. There must have been some conflict that you missed because everyone was giving Merle a disapproving look.

“You’re back” A voice came from behind you and you turned around to see Shane walking towards the group, one hand shielding his eyes from the sun. You saw his eyes turn darker as he looked between you and Merle. “Long time no see” he said as he approached Merle.

“Ya still look like shit!” Merle replied, making you nudge his arm. “What?”

You gave him a warning look as you didn’t want Shane to get mad, but Merle quickly caught on to what you were implying.

“So, you two huh?” Merle asked, keeping his eyes locked with Shanes.

“Maybe we should head inside” Rick interrupted, not wanting the situation to escalate. “You three can sort your business out later, for now we need to get inside and work out a plan to attack this governor”

You all nodded your heads but Shane and Merle continued to send daggers at each other. You internally sighed as you were stuck with what to do. You truly felt safe around Merle and there were some unresolved feelings between the two of you, but Shane was there for you at your lowest point and he had started to grow on you, it would be unfair to just up and leave him like that.

It was late in the evening and you lay awake in your cell. You were still shocked to find that Merle was alive and you were re living old memories in your head. Your train of thought came to a halt as you heard footsteps outside your cell.

“You awake sweet cheeks?”

You smiled to yourself as you sat up and ushered Merle inside. He grinned at you as he walked in, immediately bending down to taste your lips for the first time in a long time. Your arms trailed up to his shoulders as you pulled him onto you.

“Still taste as sweet as I remember” Merle groaned into your mouth, his voice filled with a longing desire. You quickly began to remove your clothing, Merle too, as both of began to touch each other, remembering the feel of his body. Merle swiftly wrapped his arm around your back and pulled you up, making you straddle his lap as he now lay down on the bed. “You gon’ ride me like a good girl?”

“Mhmm” you moaned before scooting down and taking merle into your hand. You looked up at him evilly before wrapping your lips around his tip, your tongue flicking across his slit and collecting all the pre-cum. Merle let out a throaty groan as his hands made their way to your hair, tugging at it so your head would bob at the pace he wanted. After a while you began to feel Merle’s cock throbbing in your mouth. You closed your lips around him to make It more pleasurable, but you quickly stopped in your tracks when you saw a shadow approaching. You let out a sound from your mouth, trying to indicate to Merle that someone was coming but he moaned louder as the vibrations nearly sent him over the edge.

You forced your head up and Merle panted as you denied his orgasm. “What the hell (y/n)?” he groaned.

“What the-”

You looked up to the door to see Shane standing at the entrance, his mouth a little open at what he was seeing. You quickly stood up, not caring if you were standing naked before him. He’d seen you many times like this. Shane looked at Merle and scoffed before going to walk off.

“Wait” you started, stepping towards him and pushing your body against him. “Why don’t you join us” you said seductively, dirty thoughts running through your mind about what these dominant men would do to you. “C’mon, you know you want to” you reached up and whispered in his ear, making sure to lick up his neck as you went.

Shane brought a hand up to his head and closed his eyes. He let out a sigh before grabbing your chin violently and bringing it towards him. “You’re a dirty girl” he snickered, letting your chin go as he began to unbuckle his belt.

You walked back over to Merle who was struggling to keep himself together as he was waiting for release. He immediately slapped your ass as you walked over to him, you giggled at his excitement. You straddled Merle as you took his cock into your hand and aligned it with your entrance. You moaned as you felt his tip go in and you slowly lowered yourself down onto him. Merle couldn’t hold back any longer as he bucked his hips into you over and over, causing your boobs to bounce and both Shane and Merle moaned at the view. You threw your head back as Merle thrusted up into you, his cock filling you with each movement. Shane finally walked over and you took him into your hand, stroking him until the precum began to drip onto your hand. You licked it up, keeping eye contact with Shane even as you took him in your mouth. He watched himself disappear behind your plump lips and he moaned at the sight. You opened your mouth to let out a moan as Merle’s hands found their way to your clit and he began to rub on it quickly. Shane took advantage of this and thrusted into your mouth, making you gag and send vibrations through him. Shane pulled the hair off your face and held it in a tight ponytail as he continued to fuck your mouth, Merle still rubbing circles on your clit. You felt your earth-shattering release course through your body as you held onto Shane, preparing yourself in case you lost control.

“Fuck, yeah!” You heard Merle groan out as he felt your walls clench around him. You tightened your lips around Shane and you all released simultaneously. You felt your body get weaker as your release washed over your body like a wave, Merle’s cock throbbing inside of you. You lost your sense of time and balance as the room moved, and everything slowed down. You squeezed your eyes shut as you felt Shane’s warm seed spill into your mouth, his moans only making your release last longer. You swallowed every last drop and then finally collapsed on the bed as you panted, waiting to come down from your high. Shane crashed back into the chair, his legs stretched out as he caught his breath back. Merle’s eyes were shut as his chest rose and fell from the adrenaline rush that was starting to wear off.

“Fuck, you still feel as good as I remember” Merle said, letting out a last deep breath. You let out a small laugh and wrapped the covers around you as you sat up.

“You two should probably head back to your cells. I don’t want anyone catching us” you said.

“It’s too late for that, we were probably loud enough to alert the walkers outside” Shane joked. Merle let out a groan as he stretched and put his clothes back on.

“Guess I’ll see y’all tomorrow” he said, touching your cheek before nodding at Shane and walking off.

“Night (y/n)” Shane whispered, now fully clothed. He walked towards you and kissed your forehead before following in Merle’s footsteps.

You smiled to yourself and let your body fall back on the bed. You were sure this wouldn’t be your last encounter with the men, and you were definitely looking forward to more.

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What A Fine Girl - Merle Dixon x Female OC - ABCs of Merle Dixon

Pairing: Merle Dixon x Female OC

Word count: 656

Pre-summary: Hey guys! So, I joined @rooker-renegades ABC’s of Merle Dixon challenge! My letter was J(jealousy). I do admit I was a bit nervous, this was my first time writing a fic instead of just being a reader, however, I feel like I’ll be welcomed with open arms. Enjoy! :)

Summary:  Ever since he found her face to face with a walker, Merle Dixon always kept a close eye on her. Her name was Brandy. She is everybody’s shoulder to cry on, a helpful guide, a saint among sinners, and Merle ended up developing feelings for her. He never was considered a gentleman, always said what he thought had to be said, however, with Brandy, he kept his mouth shut. But, things changed he saw her spending most of her time with Daryl.

Warning: language and fluff

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Merle’s POV:

It was dawn when I heard it. First, a gunshot. Then a shriek. A damsel in distress? I’m one lucky sonofabitch if that was the case. However, when I reached out to figure out what it was, it was like one of those scenes from the movies. A walker laid dead in the grass and, when I looked up, she was standing there. Shakenly holding a rifle, torn clothing, and a look of sheer terror. A rookie gunman…or woman, in this case…. “Don’t just stand there, help me!” She now has the rifle aiming right towards me, is this bitch for real? “Look, princess, I don’t think you know how to work that thing. So, why don’t you hand it over and I’ll make sure you won’t be terrorized by no walkers no more, alright?” She was hesitant at first, but walked over cautiously. Smart girl. “Don’t worry, baby, Merle won’t bite” I reached for her rifle, grabbed it, and held onto it tight. “Now, why don’t you tell me your name.” “It’s Brandy.” “Well, Brandy, you’re a fine-looking girl”

It has been some good couple weeks since I rescued her and Brandy started to fit in just fine with the others. The prison may be a shitty place, but with her here, it became a place which you wouldn’t regret returning to after a long day. But, at the same time of me enjoying her company, I can’t stand it. She’s always with Daryl; talking about God knows what, laughing, hugging, makes me sick. He should’ve told me he was planning on sleeping with her….

It was pretty late when I bumped into her again, that bitch has some nerve. “Hello, Merle!” she smiled, “Sorry that I bumped into you like that, I’ll be more cautious.” Oh, so NOW you say something to me? “Don’t worry ‘bout it.” I tried to walk away, save the embarrassment, but she grabbed my good arm.

“Is there something wrong?” Keep your mouth shut, Merle…. “Because, every time I try to talk to you, you avoid me like I’m one of those walkers.” Keep your eyes forward…. “Can you at least acknowledge me when I’m talking to you?” She started to sound pretty peeved off now. “You can’t just keep avoiding me!!”

“You wanna know what my deal is?!” She froze in her tracks, “I save your weak ass and now you have the nerve to fuck ‘round with my brother! Of all people!” Suddenly, that agitated look on her face subsided into a look of concern and utter confusion.

“Merle……Merle, it’s not like that! We’re just good friends!” Her voice started to sound a bit harsher than before, “Besides, you have no right to say who I can be around with! Even if I am hanging around Daryl more than you, so what? It’s not like you like me or anything!”

……… “Merle?” God dammit…. “Wait a minute….” She starts laughing. “What?!” Too late to deny it now. Fuck…. “So, what if I do?!” She stops and smiles at me, “Well, I would do this” She gets closer and, I’m not even gonna question it, kisses me. I’ve kissed women before, tons of ‘em, but this kiss felt different. I felt like I just swallowed a boulder and I feel all flustered. What the hell, am I goin’ soft?! “You don’t have to worry about Daryl,” she smirked “and you never will”

Thank you for reading my first fic! I had a lot of fun writing this and, if requested, you’ll see more in the future!

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What Makes a Dixon

A/N: So this imagine came to mind when I was debating with a friend how I was a little annoyed that the trauma in Daryl’s past was pretty much glossed over (so far at least) in regards to being captive at Sanctuary. After watching through the older seasons for the first time I wondered what would happen if Daryl hallucinated his brother Merle in his cell like he did in season 2 when he needed his guidance. This is my first time writing for Daryl (and coincidentally Merle), and since I’m only caught up with seasons 1-3 and 7, hopefully I was able to write Daryl in a believable way.

This imagine takes place right before Daryl receives the note under his cell door in 7x07.

Words: 1930

Warnings: Swearing, angst, sad feels

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The same two long cracks in the concrete floor. The same dull and dirty brick pattern surrounding his field of vision. The sickening feeling of the mucked up sweats clinging against his skin, not having been allowed to wash since he arrived in this place. These were the only constants that Daryl had to expect in his cell.

It had come to the point where Daryl felt the desire to leave his body, as the feeling of being in his own skin was enough to make him disgusted with the state it had become. His hair, plastered to his face from all the grease and sweat, blocked most of his vision. He preferred not being able to see more than he had to in this place.

Blinking, he wrapped his arms around his body and set his head on his knees. Sitting in this cell reminded him of all the times he sat alone in his childhood bedroom, dreading when his father would return home drunk from the bar. Waiting for Dwight to take him out of his cell every morning was pretty similar. But at least Dwight didn’t drunkenly beat him, bruise him, cut him up. At least Dwight wasn’t kin because only a monster like his father would hurt their own flesh and blood.

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You Can Always Lean On Me

Request: Could you possibly do an imagine about the reader comforting Daryl whilst he is crying after he had to kill the walker Merle?

As soon as the walker caught sight of you, you knew exactly who it was. He was the same man who hit on you time and time again before Rick cuffed him to the roof. He was the same man that you had grown to know and care for-to a certain extent.

The Dixon boys were a package deal, so you had to learn to take the good with the not-so-good. Merle had taken you in and treated you like a younger sister, but it was only when Daryl made it clear that you weren’t leaving the group.

Merle had his downfalls, but he shouldn’t have been fated to become one of the walkers.

The familiar face was covered in blood. The lips that constantly teased you and Daryl about being too close were covered in flesh and blood from the dead man on the ground. Merle stood up and began limping toward you.

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THIS GETS ME HYPE. TWD in memorial mystery minis. Let’s go through the list, shall we? First we have TDog, Andrea, Dale, Deanna, Denise, Sophia (living), Gareth, Glenn, Jessie, Joe, Lizzie, Lori, Walker Merle, Mika, Walker Sophia, Nicholas, Shane, Sam, and Abe. Are we missing any character? I believe the only character we’re missing from this in memoriam series is a certain blonde with a gunshot wound? *Update* It was pointed out to me that they are also missing Tyreese, Bob, and Noah (all were season 5 deaths) so for now it’s still kinda up in the air as to if she’s just unannounced or if they are deliberately leaving a few characters off for reasons unknown atm.

Where Have Daryl's Hands Been?

I read a comment where someone said that Daryl and Carol were more intimate than Daryl and Beth, because Daryl walks around with an arm around Carol in the premiere of Season 4 and is constantly touching her. I’m pretty observant and I don’t remember that. Anyway, it got me thinking about Daryl’s physical contact with others in general. So, I thought it’d be interesting to explore every instance since season 1. It was a bigger undertaking than I expected, but here it is! God, I hope you guys like this, it took forever.

Here are the criteria I looked for:

1) Only instances where Daryl is directly, physically touching someone or they are directly touching him. (I know there are instances people may argue over, and if I come across one, I will note it in parenthesis under the episode.)
2) I will present the occurrence in the exact context it was shown.
3) Only including physical interaction between Daryl and his group. So no Vatos, no Randall, no walkers, no nameless Woodbury people, no Termites, and no Joe/Claimers.
4) I will not list any episodes where Daryl is not featured (what would be the point?).
5) I WILL include episodes where Daryl is featured, but there was NO direct physical contact made. This way you can watch for yourselves and see if I missed something. Mind you, I was very meticulous.
6) I know Daryl conveys a lot with his eyes, but since the issue was physical contact, that’s all we’re focusing on. I’m make a huge pro-Bethyl point in the process. Trust in me.

Click “Read More” to see the full breakdown of where Daryl’s hands have been.

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Still Confused

Still annoyed and bewildered by the sensational exploitation of a character death as never done before on TWD. I mean, as I’ve pointed out before… immediately following the MSF, we got the first official, “Returns in February” poster and it’s of what? Daryl sobbing as he carried a seemingly lifeless Beth out of the hospital. Right. So… I still can’t wrap my mind around it, unless it’s all some incredible act of deception; smoke and mirrors.

Many characters have met untimely ends on this show: Lori, Hershel, Merle, Amy, Andrea, T-Dog, Lizzie, Mika, Shane, Dale, Sophia. Several of those were major MSF or SF deaths (Hershel, Andrea, Merle, Shane, Sophia), and yet, we never got images of them in their “dead,” “dying” or “walker” states as promo pics for the show. We didn’t get Hershel semi-decapitated or Sophia stumbling out of the barn as a walker for official promotional posters inviting people to tune back in come February. we didn’t get Shane or Merle as walkers or Andrea exposing her gruesomely fatal walker bite as official promotional posters for “new season in October.”

Then we have the CGI artists stating that, “We’re putting a small wound on her forehead and some blood and a little bit of exit wound on the back of her head, without going too crazy, ‘cause – you know – it is Beth and we want to give her a very tasteful farewell.” So, how is it tasteful to show it at all? Then to exploit it in such a way afterwards? Of course, they do make it a point to emphasize the smallness of the wound they created for Beth, so I don’t know. That’s confounding.

“This isn’t about blood flying at the lens, it’s not about blood hitting the camera, this is about losing Beth.” This bit is bullshit, because they didn’t need to show it at all, honestly. There was plenty of blood flying. No, it didn’t fly at the camera, but it flew past it, and it landed on Rick and Daryl’s faces, which was incredibly unnecessary. These people don’t understand the meaning of the word “tasteful” if that’s what they were going for. Andrea got “tasteful.” She got a drawn out farewell. Got to speak her peace. Got to go out on her terms. She got her reunion and a proper goodbye. She got a closed door and a gun shot where we didn’t have to see it. It was all very tastefully Hitchcockian, in that we didn’t need to see it to feel it.

Lori got the same sort of farewell. She got to say goodbye. She got to give a few last words of wisdom to Carl. She got to choose Judith’s life over her own in a heroic fashion. She got a close up on Maggie holding her baby and the clang of a gunshot without us having to see it happen. We felt it without seeing it. I guess I figure that if a death is intended to be tasteful, then there were better ways it could have been done, which is why I can only hope this wasn’t actually a death blow, but merely a detour for Beth. She deserves better.

Finally, we get all of these promos featuring Beth and all of these international farewells. No other deceased character has been featured in promos for a new half season before. None received quite the “send off” that Beth has been receiving in these tribute videos. More importantly, none of the actors received such a trivialized farewell as EK got from Kirkman, Gimple, Hurd and even Hardwick. I’m still disgusted by all of that.

Truth be told, this will probably never stop frustrating me, and it’s not all about Beth. It’s not about Bethyl. It’s about maintaining a standard of storytelling that was introduced in Season 4 and then the writers and Gimple immediately dropping the ball. This season has felt like it’s being helmed by an entirely new showrunner, and that’s not good. If there isn’t continuity in quality, then it’s only a matter of time before people start to notice. They’re sacrificing quality of storytelling in favor of quantity of action and death, and that’s really just unforgivable to me, from a writing standpoint.

I feel like all of this has to amount to more than it seems. Otherwise, it really is a travesty for a show of this caliber to suddenly let itself go, as it were. It’s not like them to rest on their laurels in the sense of, “death sells.” So, yes, I choose to believe that because none of this makes any sense, that there’s more to it than we’re seeing, and that just maybe Beth isn’t really dead. Honestly, I feel like all of my hopes rest with Greg Nicotero, because he’s s powerful voice in the show and he’s the only person amongst TPTB who hasn’t let us down even in the slightest way.


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One of the greatest things about CARYL is that you don’t have to ship CARYL romantically to know that Carol and Daryl “together” in any capacity is already a BIG DEAL. 

1. Carol is a BIG DEAL to Daryl 

Saying that Daryl prioritizes Carol over the others is not news. He’s had a close emotional connection with her almost from the very start of the series and it was a connection that HE initiated in Season 2 when he went above and beyond to comfort her while Sophia was missing. 
Nobody else has quite the same impact on Daryl like she does
and while he follows Rick physically, Carol is undoubtedly the one he trails after emotionally. 

2. Daryl is a BIG DEAL to Carol 

Daryl is somebody Carol has treasured, loved and singled out for a very long time. I think she sees him as her hero and her partner in almost every way. While she’s nurtured everybody in the group at one time or another, Daryl has always been her soft spot and the person she knows she can’t lose, even now. As she gained strength and learned how to create emotional boundaries to protect herself, Daryl was always the exception and to this day I think he’s the only one that could both hurt and uplift her more than anyone else. 

3. CARYL was a BIG DEAL for their past 

Sophia never got the chance to meet and see the true Daryl but nonetheless he was the only one who put everything he had into searching for her. So much so that he almost died in the process and even now Sophia’s fate is something that weighs heavy on Daryl’s heart. 
Carol grieved the loss of her daughter and Daryl was right next to her while she did it. 
Her tragic death will always remain as the event that brought Carol and Daryl closer together. 

Merle’s presence was conflicting for the group but the only person who was proactive in trying to find a way to accept him, for Daryl’s sake, was Carol. Merle died to “give them a chance” and I am sure he died knowing that Daryl had found a place and person to belong with. 
The late bloomer, Carol, made sure of that! 

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I know Norman was probably just exaggerating about there being four Caryl forehead kisses, but could you imagine if Daryl had come back to the prison after putting walker!Merle down and Carol found him crying/hyperventilating and she started carding her fingers through his hair to calm him down and then she kissed his forehead when he finally passed out from exhaustion?

This Business About Crying

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the concept that we will receive Daryl tears in relation to his reunion with Carol.

I mean we’ve never seen happy or relieved Daryl tears before, have we?

There have been:

1. Distressed Daryl tears upon finding Merle’s severed hand.

2. Distressed Daryl tears upon discovering Walker!Merle.

3. Distressed Daryl tears upon succumbing to the guilt and pain of losing the prison.

But that’s it right?

If Daryl is inspired to cry from an emotion that is not rooted in pain, and that emotion is in fact based in his feelings for Carol…that would be…

That’s just…

Words, what are words?