Development of the ST-1 started even before the start of World War II. The first world war, which was also called “the trench war”, showed an inefficiency in the usual infantry breakthrough and required the creation of an absolutely new type of ground vehicle - something that could cross destroyed roads and ground torn apart from explosions. This is what the ST-1 was about - the first and the only model of a walking tank.


He was such a handsome guy. But he was not only a pretty face. He was a wonderful person. He helped a lot of people and he was really kind to everyone. He did great things and made us laugh. It’s been a tragedy, but you know, no one ever dies if we keep them in our hearts. So he will never be forgotten. He’s still with us and he’s smiling from heaven. With that beautiful and perfect smile. Paul will always be remembered. We love you. See you again in a better place. ♡