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Hola! I had a freaking vision man... Ok so yuri was called in on his day off because there was a important interrogation that had to be done (im basing this off that other ask about sexy walk) and his boss was like "you know what dont even get in uniform it will be quicker that way" and hes like "okay??" yuri walks in with form fitting sweats that say "juicy" on the ass and a cut-off teeshirt. the guy fesses up in SECONDS. 🖤

Hahaha, that’s definitely a pretty interesting way to get info! XD
the true power of Yuri Katsuki o3o

I think my favorite part is just the idea that Yuri hangs around in this stuff casually when he’s at home???
Like, this is his “I’m comfy and just want to relax” outfit XD


Awkward Moments with Garrus Vakarian - #5

Kaiden: *embraces Shepard* You know I love you, right?

Shepard: I love–

Garrus: *pushes past them* Excuse me.

Kaiden: What the hell, Garrus?

Garrus: *smirks* Yeah, hi. I just wanted to walk by and remind Shepard how hot I am. And to point out that she and I will probably totally nail each other later. Also, to let her know what a massive turn on our interspecies erotica will be. Because … well … look at me. 

Kaiden: What the fu–

Garrus: *winks at Shepard and walks off*

Ways of talking to people who insult your OTP.
  2. The Calm way:smiles It’s okay. I can respect your opinion….but your probably the stupidest human being I’ve ever met. Honestly, I know door knobs smarter than you.

  3. The Boss Way:puts on shades My OTP is PERFECTION. I’m not even going to waste my words of wisdom on your dumbass ears, so here’s a book full of my OTP’s moments. throws the book at their face HERE. EDUCATE YOURSELF. walks off like a MOTHERFUCKING BOSS

Bet. Part 2. (Michael Clifford.)

Requested - Yes. Thank you so much for over three hundred notes and the amount of requests I got were unbelievable. 

Prompt - You give Michael a taste of sweet revenge.

Warning - We got ourselves a badass. 

Words - 868. 


Part 1. 

Part 3. 

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"Amazing" Spider Man 2 Thoughts (spoilers)

i finally had some time between editing videos to put all my thoughts down on tumblr, and bear with me, it might be rambling. If you are just here for the “gist of it”, I actually hated it more than I hated the first one. And I’ll explain why…

You see, the first Amazing Spider Man was an awfully written story, but it was carried by the amazing chemistry between our two lead actors. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone really stole the show, and despite their lines being horrible and the fact that the movie was filled with so many little things that pissed me off it ruined the over all experience, they made it at least watchable. 

This time around, I was in a theater filled with Spider Man fan friends, and they were not happy - so at least I can say i wasn’t alone in my disgust.

So, let’s go back to what I liked about the first Amazing Spider Man. Did the sequel still have that magic? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t there, the two of them have great chemistry. BUT GOD DAMN if they didn’t take the Gwen/Peter story and make it into the stupidest unnecessary melodrama. 

It starts with the usual, Peter has trouble with his social life and being a hero story, that has been a staple of most super hero movies. But they throw in the fact that he for some reason sees her dead feather everywhere. He remembers back to when her dad said “leave gwen out of this” and he can’t help but feel he’s betraying her dad’s last wish. So they break up. Pete is all depressed, Gwen is all depressed. Then they try to get back together as friends, then they are in love again, then gwen gets a scholarship for oxford, then she leaves for england, then he stops her, then they kiss then….

all of this is going on, while there are like 5 other plots taking place in the same movie. And spoiler, the thing about seeing her father everywhere, continues through the movie…AND NEVER PAYS OFF. EVER. 

Anyway, back to the beginning of the film. I will openly admit that the first 10 minutes is fantastic. Very well done intro to the movie, in fact it might be the best part (except for one scene later).

Then after an incredible intro, we immediately cut to Spider Man fighting the russian mob led by Academy Award Nominated actor Paul Giamatti portraying what can best be described at GRU from Despicable Me. Nothing he said even resembled a language found on earth. Just grunts and growls. Of course spider man captures him and barely makes it to graduation - having missed Gwen’s big speech. 

The worst part is, Peter Parker is NOT spider man. Yet, in this movie, Pete barely makes it to graduation, walks in like a fuckin’ pimp, kisses Gwen in front of everyone, high fives the principal and walks off like a boss. 

Spider Man? You’re damn right he’d do all that. But that’s because the mask was freedom for pete, who was just as nerdy as it got. Say what you want about the Toby movies, but he was a great Peter Parker.

Anyway, like I said we then continue on this will they won’t they crap with Pete and Gwen after that moment.

Meanwhile we are introduced to a completely unbelievable nerd played by Jamie Foxx. In the long line of nerd stereotypes, this one takes the cake. Pushed around? Check. Awful hair? Check. Pocket Protector? Check! Crooked glasses that always seem broken? Double Check!

Anyway, after being saved my spider man, he suddenly becomes obsessed with him. And in what might be the quickest and poorly written villain transformation, essentially stolen from Jim Carrey’s Riddler in Batman Forever - our villain Max, takes an obsession too far and after being electrocuted by eels and power lines… becomes some sort of fame whore, obsessed with being bigger than spider man? Having all the figurative and literal power he can get. 

So we finally get to our first battle between hero and villain. And while the special effects are amazing, the music in the background is laughable. The entire time a dub step, electronic beat is playing whenever we get a close up of Electro, but whispering lyrics like “they’re all laughing at you” and “spider man is joke” or whatever they are saying ruin the entire scene. It was so strange. i guess it was supposed to be his inner thoughts, but it came off as just really awful lyrics to a really silly song.

Anyway, Spider Man beats him and Electro  is put into containment by none-other than Oscorp.

OH, ya, let’s get to that other plot.

Harry Osborn, another character with as little character development as possible joins the story.

I’m going to break down his scenes in order, cause they are insane…

- Harry comes back from bordering school and meets his dad, who is dying of essentially “Green Goblin” disease. He and his dad obviously don’t get along and his dad is like “ps, you have it too” and then hands him his life’s work.

-Just like Wiley E. Coyote finding out he’s out over a cliff and THEN falling, Harry only after being told about this disease immediately starts to show signs. And he rapidly starts to decay, even though his father made it to… 70?

-After his father’s death, Peter comes to see him and the two have the most awkward, possibly romantic, scene where Harry stands atop a flight of stairs while Peter tries to woo a smile out of him. It’s like a 1950s romance movie. He does and the two end up going on a bro date and catching up.

- After that one scene his entire plot then becomes trying to find a way to live. And he will do this by getting Spider Man’s blood, which has the regenerative properties of the spiders Pete and Harry’s dads worked on.

-There is a very quick scene where harry meets Gwen in the elevator, they talk for 2 seconds, but it’s really just to establish the end of the movie.

-Anyway, Harry asks Peter to get Spider Man to give him Blood, Pete is like “no way, it could make you like Connors from the first movie”

-BUT, Spidey shows up to tell Harry it in person, and suddenly Harry HAAAAAAAAATES SPIDER MAAAAAAAAN!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR

-Immediately after this his secretary who up until this point has had 1 scene and 2 lines, comes to him and lets him know she overheard corporate guy X tell guy Y that there’s a secret facility where all the other experiments are. AND the venom from the spiders is there.

- Harry tries to access info, and then hired goons and the guy who had 2 scenes up until this point and is the “evil corporate guy who hates a kid took over after his dad died” comes to fire him for hiding the secret storage space, that he himself created. OH NOZ.

- THEN, Harry decides his only option is to free Electro, from his prison he was being held at under the supervision of a dude named “Doctor Kafka” (i can’t make this shit up). Harry’s almost stopped, but as he’s being pulled away by a security team, he pleads with Electro. AND electro finally feeling needed, decides it’s time to get the exact same powers Sandman had in Spider Man 3, and can now turn into pure electricity. He killed everyone but Harry and the two go back to Oscorp.

- Harry and Electro find evil corporate guy, and Harry gives electro access to the power grid “which he designed” (a plot point mentioned many times, but never really touched on). Harry makes evil corporate guy take him to the secret section of oscorp and inject him with the venom. Of course Harry starts to mutate, and is dying…?

-He crawls to a nearby power suit and gets in, it starts to activate “life restoration”….?????

-He then becomes …Hobgoblin? Look I don’t even fucking care any more. ALL of the above happens in roughly 15 minutes total screen time. 

There are at least 3 other plots in this movie guys…

The origin of the Sinister 6, the secret of Peter’s parents (it ends in a subway car that rises from the ground!), and his day to day life with aunt may….  All of them just, quickly resolved or started… 


the climax of the movie is a show down with Electro at the power plant. Immediately after the movie ended I wrote down these thoughts about the finale. 

1. Every characters motivation is so weak. People turn evil for no reason. Miscommunication, that could easily be handled turns into epic battles. 

2. When Electro absorbs the power grid from the city, they also show him absorbing power from planes in the sky. These planes lose the power in the cockpit, but somehow still have lights on in the cabins or more importantly still fly? Also car batteries, totally unphased.

3. Speaking of planes, a sub plot about two planes on a collision course with each other occurs during the battle. With no power, the control tower can’t guide them! OH NO! Now Spider Man only has 4 minutes to stop Electro, which is 4 minutes movie time, so it lasts 10 minutes.

4. Gwen shows up, and using knowledge from high school science, the two defeat electro and make him explode into energy… except…isn’t he made of energy………?!?!?!?!

5. So the planes don’t collide and everyone cheers and cheers in the control tower. No one in the audience gives a shit since we just met these people 10 minutes ago.

6. Aunt May, working at the hospital when the power is out, sees the power come back on and starts ordering people about, like “alright lets get back to work people”…..excuse me, aren’t you just a nursing student? Why are you ordering doctors around? 

7. Just when everything seems safe, Harry shows up looking like a guy who woke up the next day after a keg party, with fangs and green skin and crazy hair, and from the one discussion he had with Gwen earlier, deduces that Pete is Spiderman.

8. He grabs Gwen and drops her from a clock tower, pete tries to save her.

9. Using his web, which seriously…guys…seriously…is animated to look like an extension of his hand trying to reach out to her as she falls, snatches her at the last second…

10. BUT…in one of the very few good parts of this movie, it doesn’t stop her momentum and he smashes into the ground. 

11. Harry of course gets his ass knocked out, and spider man cries.

12. MONTHS AND MONTHS AGO BY. Pete is depressed and feeling like shit and can’t move on, then he watches a conveniently placed usb drive of Gwens speech from graduation that he missed. Of course is sounds completely tailored to the very specific moment and he finds the courage he needs to carry on. 

And the last thing I wrote down was this, in an obvious nod to the future of the franchise, we see Harry who happens to look just fine now (who brushes off his looks with the dialogue “it comes and goes”), talking to who we all thought was Doctor Octavius, but turns out to a guy named Fierce? or Fear? Who knows… about getting a group together to take on Spider Man. The first is Paul Giamatti from the beginning! Who returns at the end to shoot up the city as Rhino. 

Blowing up cop cars and all sorts of crap, a little boy, featured once for a scene earlier in the movie who is saved by spider man from bullies, dressed in a spider man outfit walks out into the street…. and challenges Rhino. Now like any comic villain he mocks the little boy just in time for real spider man to show up, talk with the boy, wave to the crowd, grab a loud speaker and jump on a cop car. ……… WHY DIDN’T HE JUST SHOOT HIM?!?!?!?!?!

The movie ends with Rhino charging at a reinvigorated Spider Man, and cut to black.

….. two things.

1. What a shit way to end a movie. “even though we don’t deserve it, see you in the 3rd one!”


2. how come every fight in the movie has hundreds of new yorkers behind barricades watching? I lived in New York, no one would do that. People would be like “nope, fuck this shit”. 

Anyway, for sitting through all that trash you get a secret sneak peak at the next movie in the credits.

Oh, I’m sorry did I say next movie. I meant at the new X-men movie. Which has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING TO DO WITH SPIDER MAN…ugh…

she literally poured bud light all over herself, jumped back out into the crowd, let everyone wrap their arms around her, got back on stage, dropped the mic like a boss and WALKED OFF STAGE IM LITERALLY SHAKING