walked 15 miles

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I'm so happy to be seeing some stories from Abby and little snippets from Rodney (and I think I've seen a few from Mandie?) I feel like it helps us connect with the admins more and makes some of the answers more fun and it's nice that you guys share your own experiences with us.

I’m glad you enjoy them. I thought I was being an annoying old fart telling stories about walking 15 miles to school and back in knee high snow up hill everyday. lol Honestly it helps us vent along with you guys. This blog isn’t our full time job and even we need to get our day off our chests. It’s nice to know that it’s not off putting. -Abby


It was so amazing to meet Dan and Phil. They’re so sweet and such amazing people. Their show was so fantastic. I would highly recommend it, 10/10.

So, when I met them.

A bit of context is that last night I did Relay for Life, an all night cancer walk for the American Cancer Society. I stayed up all night and walked 15.25 miles.

So, when it was my turn to go meet them, they gave me hugs and asked if I wanted my book signed, which I had them draw pictures of each other in. As they were doing this, they asked how I was doing and I just told them I was really tired because I did a cancer walk last night and walked 15 miles. Dan just kind of froze and looked at me and said “Wow, I’m so proud of you.” And Phil just said “Wow,” and had his mouth open in shock. Then we took selfies and they were so sweet. But anyways, that was my story of meeting Dan and Phil at TATINOF Seattle!

All gathers in incredible joy. I cannot stop writing poems! They come better and better. They come from the vocabulary of woods and animals and earth that Ted [Hughes] is teaching me. We walked 15 miles yesterday through woods, field, and fen, and came home through moonlit Granchester and fields of sleeping cows.
I cook steaks, trout on my gas ring, and we eat well. We drink sherry in the garden and read poems; we quote on and on: he says a line of Thomas or Shakespeare and says “Finish!” We romp through words. I learn new words and use them in poems.
—  Sylvia Plath to her mother (April 21, 1956)