walked 15 miles


anyway here’s some pictures of me flipping off all the cliffs I climbed today. 22 miles in total, up and down those sandy, fossil-encrusted bastards. don’t know how far that is in kilometres but my feet really hurt. I’m exhausted. officially hitting the hay with both fists.


My furthest run to date. 15 miles is far. I started and sos first 10 on the treadmill and left the g and ran down the road to the Greenway and then ran 5 miles in the grueling heat. I was dying. I walked at the 13.8 mile mark. Then ran and walked mile 15 which was good because I can get a grasp on running and walking a mile. I am wiped though. It was a tough run.


Paris: Part 1

Paris…I don’t even know where to begin.

Let me start off by saying that the flight there from Italy over the Alpes is so freaking beautiful I could have cried. If you’re ever flying between France and Italy, please get a window seat. It’s incredible…I probably took a million photos of the amazing view.

I had no idea I was going to love Paris as much as I do now. I mean I was excited to go, but it wasn’t like this huge bucket list thing for me to do (besides see Versailles). But holy moly…Paris is beautiful. And there is SO much to do and see. Even though it rained pretty much the whole time I was there and my feet hurt like they never have in my entire life (on the verge of tears at one point), I fell in love.

We fit basically everything you can do that’s touristy in Paris in two days…besides see the catacombs. We saw the Arc de Triomphe and climbed to the top, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower (even in the rain haha), spent an afternoon in the Louvre, went to Laduree (HEAVEN), went to Versailles, walked on the Love Lock Bridge, saw the Van Gogh and Monet paintings in Musee d'Orsay, went to Notre Dame, and saw The Thinker. If we had more time there we could have done more, but honestly? That’s really impressive for two days. PLUS I pretty much mastered the metro and I’m seriously proud of myself for that haha.

Since Paris was so amazing, I’m going to break it down into two more posts specifically about my two favorite places: the Louvre and Versailles.

BUT before then, let me talk about my overall experience a little more.

We stayed in an adorable Air BnB apartment, which I seriously recommend. Having an apartment for the 3.5 days we spent there was perfect because it really lets you experience the city like you would if you actually lived there. We were right down the street from the Gambetta Metro station (East side of Paris) which was great because we had easy access to the rest of the city.

Right across the street from us was an awesome bakery that we stopped in almost every morning to get pastries and quiches for our ride on the metro. Above you can see my tattered (and deeply loved) metro map. Shoutout to this piece of paper for helping us explore this amazing city. You were a live saver…and being in possession of this map basically made me the human form of Google Maps for the trip haha. Pretty sure I’m gonna frame it for my apartment in the states…no joke.


  1. Get a metro pass for however long you’re staying there because it will save you so much money on taxis/buying a new pass every day
  2. Get a museum pass because it gets you everywhere important in Paris (including Versailles) and lets you skip the line! Except at Versailles…but if you go in the morning there isn’t even a line so no worries.
  3. BRING COMFY SHOES. Because you will spend the whole day walking (we walked around 15 miles each day) and you will regret wearing boots trying to be cute. I was in so much pain at one point I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that I was in Paris. I ended up buying Nikes…which I needed anyway but don’t be dumb like me. Lol.

Food: Macarons at Laduree, Lobster Risotto at Le Coq, and gyros/greek beer at Le Gyros.

Must see: Versailles (try to pick a weekday because weekends are super busy), the Louvre (plan to spend a whole afternoon there…it’s huge), the top of the Arc de Triomphe during the day and the top of Eiffel Tower at night.

Stay tuned for details about Versailles and the Louvre….


We passed Dutch and Jessica here. Dutch was holed up in his tent with a stomach thing. I left Jessica with a bouillon, because if the stomach thing was giardia it was important to stay hydrated.

Turns out he had appendicitis. Which ended up rupturing. And he walked 15 miles to a ranger station where he was airlifted and hospitalized for 3 weeks. And then they finished the trail.


SN: this is called getting it right. Of course that is an over optimistic sentiment for the following project, but a 15 mile, continuous green space and recreation area that spans 100 streets is an ambitious goal. One that I praise in its size and scope.

Singapore is renovating an abandoned railway to include rock-climbing caves and urban farms

In Singapore, there’s an abandoned railway with grass spurting from the tracks, where hikers can walk the 15 miles from downtown all the way to Malaysia.

Now, the city plans to completely redesign the Green Corridor into a series of community spaces, including a rock-climbing cave underneath a highway.

“This is an excellent opportunity to transform the Corridor into a very special community space that is more than just a park,” says Humphrey Sew, a spokesperson for Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The design features bike and pedestrian paths with spots for eight different activities, including yoga, growing vegetables in an urban farm, and watching wildlife.

It will connect to around 100 streets throughout Singapore.

The railway tracks were constructed in the 1920s, when trains would travel from downtown Singapore across the sea into Malaysia. The railroad remained under Malaysian control as part of a land separation agreement between the two countries. It was later transferred back to Singapore in 2010, and closed as a functioning railroad a year later.

Now, mostly hikers and wildlife enthusiasts roam its tracks. They’re about to be joined by a whole lot more people.


What do you think about girls 16 and under on birth control?
There are many reasons girls go on birth control and it’s not because of sex.  I never had sex but had to use it because I bled straight through for a month.  Birth control was the only thing to stop it.  Though I ended up getting severely sick from it in the first place so I had to stop.  So if girls need them for whatever reason, then one shouldn’t judge.

What are you listening to?
The One by Shakira

When did you last eat corn on the cob?
It’s been awhile

Where’s your biggest scar?
my forearm

How’d you get it?
Carried a heavy bag that cut through my skin

Ever broken a bone?

What does your 39th text say?
My phone doesn’t work like that

Do you want die?
No, I still have so much to do in my life

Screamo or country?

Does anyone intentionally try to make you jealous?
Yes, but it doesn’t work

Closest silver object?

Last beverage you drank?
iced caramel coffee with soy

Do you get your eyebrows waxed or do you tweeze them?
I tweeze them

What was the last movie you watched called?
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Favorite song is called?
Bohemian Rhapsody -Queen

What color eyeliner do you use?

What are you listening to now?
All I Wanna Do -Joey McIntyre

Do you wear hair ties on your wrist?

Do you like boys, girls, or both?

What do you think of Barack Obama?
Miss him so much.  I want him back in the White House.

What are your plans for summer?
Work, see friends, comedy shows

Does hand sanitizer smell good?

Which is heavier; Pound of feathers or pound of lead?
I don’t know

Eat 20 spiders or lose sense of smell?
I don’t have a sense of smell to begin with due to sinus problems LOL.  So I’d lose it all over again

Be 100 or 1 again?

Be bit by a tiger or shark?

Are you wearing any bracelets?

Which face is better: (= or =) ?
I use :)

Sea food is delicious, right?

Is music pointless?

Do you have self respect?

Are you/Have you ever been a stripper?

What’s your fourth hour class?
Not in school anymore

How do you want to die?
I don’t think about that

What are you listening to now?
It’s Matters to Me -Jason Castro

Is your phone usually on vibrate?

Do you own a Ripstick/Waveboard or Skateboard?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I’m an author which I always wanted to be. Also go into comedy

Do you tend to scare people?

Do you get mad easily?

Who do you blame for your mood right now?
Sal…but that’s cause I’m in a good mood

Ever fingered a girl?

Do your parents still hide eggs around the house for Easter?
No I never did that actually.

When did you last take a nap?

What do you currently hear?
Still Jason Castro

Drake’s better than Lil Wayne, right?
I don’t listen to either.  But I loved Drake while he was in Degrassi so I’ll go with him LOL

When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?

How do you dot your i’s?
a little circle

Know anyone who has had an abortion?

How many times have you cried this month?
I lost count

Is there a pop can in reach of you?

Do you wear choker necklaces?
I have some

When was the last you ran a mile?
Never. But I’ll walk like 15 miles or more

Crazy things happen when drunk, correct?
Never been drunk

How many belts do you own?

What’s the closest blue thing to you?

What are you currently wearing?
Leggings and a hippie shirt

Do you have a hangover?

When was the last time you used hand sanitizer?
No idea

When was the last time a stranger talked to you?
Probably Sunday

Did you know boys get boners a few times a day?

Does the room you’re in have tile?

Do you own an iHome?

You know what sex bracelets are, right?
I heard of them. But I was out of school when they were in schools.

If so, do you wear them?

Who’s the most slutty girl you know?
No one

Are you friends with her?

Have you ever called a guy a manwhore and meant it?

When was the last time you saw a yellow car?
No idea

When did you last punch someone?

Ever kissed a redhead?

What is your favorite thing to order at Taco Bell?
I don’t go there

What is your favorite thing to order at Subway?
Depends what I feel like having

When do you feel trapped?
I don’t know

Where do you have cutting scars (if you have any)?
I don’t

What song are you listening to now?
Viva La Vida -Coldplay

What is your favorite thing to order at Arby’s?
classic roast beef

What is your favorite coffee shop?
Bean and Bean

What is your favorite thing to order at McDonald’s?

What is your favorite ride at Disney World?
Never been there

What is your favorite ride at Cedar Point?
Never been

Do you often wear your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite type of chicken?

What is your favorite tea flavor?
plain green tea

What is your favorite pizza topping?

What guy/girl do you wish would notice you?
My crush

What is your favorite slushie flavor?

Do you like cotton candy?

Do you like snow cones?

Did you watch Nick Jr. with Face?
Yes, though I was in High School when that aired LOL

Does your heart ache for something?

It has come to my attention some people aren’t too fond of the length of the Alice games. The padded. Visual Novel esque. With helpful Favorable Anime feature. Alice game.

Guys. Really. You don’t KNOW a long game until you’ve played the one and only ORIGINAL Heart No Kuni No Alice


You don’t GET the option to skip through the prologue on the first go. You have to sit through it. It’s long. Classic QR trademark.

There IS no favorable anime animation whether you choose correctly or incorrectly. You just don’t know until the next heart meter updates! And it takes time for it to! So even if the heart meter updates, you could be at the normal end and be sent home!

There is no instant event give. You have approximately 300+ turns to visit the character you want to raise favorability points. Events come every 10-12 turns, and it’s up to YOU to keep count of it. I have an entire Rilakkuma notebook FILLED with tally marks from me trying to keep track of when to visit and what time I needed to change it to! Because if you fuck up, you won’t know until the end!

Time is random, as it should be. If you visit the charater on the turn of the event at the wrong time, no event. Too bad. You should have been more attentive! (Or good at guessing) and time can only be changed with the hour glasses, which you only start with three of and can only replenish by using your turns to go where a character won’t be available at that time. It’s a waste of turns, but tough.

So tell me. Compared to this, how lenient is the app version?

- It lets you skip straight to the character content

- Makes the prologue optional

- No pesky turns or tallying

- No hour glasses

- You get the events practically gift wrapped to you in a bright red bow on a silver platter

So to those who groan about how long the app routes are, I say ENOUGH!

We never had such a luxury coming into the fandom!







All gathers in incredible joy. I cannot stop writing poems! They come better and better. They come from the vocabulary of woods and animals and earth that Ted [Hughes] is teaching me. We walked 15 miles yesterday through woods, field, and fen, and came home through moonlit Granchester and fields of sleeping cows.
I cook steaks, trout on my gas ring, and we eat well. We drink sherry in the garden and read poems; we quote on and on: he says a line of Thomas or Shakespeare and says “Finish!” We romp through words. I learn new words and use them in poems.
—  Sylvia Plath to her mother (April 21, 1956)

I walked over 25 miles yesterday to get somewhere I could rest. It was quite a long and difficult day, so I spent today resting for tomorrow. I plan on walking about 15 miles to the next town over and couch surfing with a pretty groovy person. I really appreciate all of the love and support you guys have been giving me, thank you so much! It really means a lot and it’s a part of what makes this experience worthwhile. Getting to share it with you beautiful people is an amazing thing! I love you all!


It was so amazing to meet Dan and Phil. They’re so sweet and such amazing people. Their show was so fantastic. I would highly recommend it, 10/10.

So, when I met them.

A bit of context is that last night I did Relay for Life, an all night cancer walk for the American Cancer Society. I stayed up all night and walked 15.25 miles.

So, when it was my turn to go meet them, they gave me hugs and asked if I wanted my book signed, which I had them draw pictures of each other in. As they were doing this, they asked how I was doing and I just told them I was really tired because I did a cancer walk last night and walked 15 miles. Dan just kind of froze and looked at me and said “Wow, I’m so proud of you.” And Phil just said “Wow,” and had his mouth open in shock. Then we took selfies and they were so sweet. But anyways, that was my story of meeting Dan and Phil at TATINOF Seattle!