Baby Jeon Timeline


Holy shit, I did it. Wow, I’m crazy (only did the actual drabbles). Naming could use a little work with more consistency though…

For those who don’t know, Missy from an-exotic-writer, has graced tumblr with a wonderful bts au (au is exclusively on her own blog) where you and the 6 members come together to raise up the abandoned baby Jungkookie. AU known as baby jeon.

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anonymous asked:

ii want Eriidan to forget hii2 pa2t, cut all tie2 and 2tart a new life runniing an orphanage. He love2 the chiildren, liike the parent they never had. But one day, he get2 an iidea. He buy2 hou2e in2urance, and then BURN2 THE MOTHERFUCKER TO THE GROUND, BURNIING CHIILDREN SCREAMIING AROUND HIIM. AND A2 HE WALK2 PA2T THEIIR CHARRED CORP2E2, ALL HE CAN 2AY IIS "vvore me"


Ok everyone! So this is a great app everyone should get!

so this app is called seconds and its the best app I’ve ever used for conditioning my horses. Now, its free, but its only free if you don’t save your timers. it is 4.99 for the full version ( the only difference is saving your timers) but i think it is DEFINITELY worth it. The first photo is what you see in the app store. The second and third photos are the settings and times i have set for conditioning. Now, let me tell you, for conditioning, you need two walks. if you only have walk trot canter, it will go in this order :

trot, walk, canter, trot (see how your horse wouldn’t get a walk break like this?)

instead, having two walks in the order i have them makes the workout go like this

trot walk1 canter walk2 trot walk1 etc. 

i changed the “rest” period to five seconds later. that time is just what i gave myself to prepare for transitions.  

the preview lays out the entire workout which i love. i allow it to give me voice notifications, so i ride with headphones, with music playing and the voice notifications playing over the music. This app is just really helpful and great and i love it! its so easy to get used to, but you do have to play around with it a little bit before you get everything perfect