“You’re kinda fuckin’ crazy, aren’t ya?” Negan smirked as the young woman stripped and redressed in front of him…and about half his men.

She didn’t seem to notice, seem to care, as she stepped into cutoffs and rummaged the pockets before pulling out a compact and lipstick.  She took her time, perfected her look, then kissed at the tiny mirror and pulled her attention back to him.  “I like your bat.”  Her smile was big, but crooked with suggestion.

He grinned.  “Lucille’s growin’ mighty fuckin’ fond of you too.”

“Can I have her?”

“No.”  Negan’s smile was quickly replaced with a stern look.  “You wanna fuckin’ bat, get your fuckin’ own.”

Harley pouted a moment, tucked her makeup away, and looked at the other men around them.  Suddenly she smiled and headed over to one.  “Hi!”

“H-Hey,” the man replied, unsure what to do.  What she wanted.

“You have a bat.”

“Oh, uhhh…yeah.”  He smiled, unsure.

She fluttered her lashes, moved closer to him, beamed.  “What’s it say?”

The man straightened up, puffed his chest, as he set the bat between them so she could see as he read.  “Here it’s ‘Goodnight’…”

“Uh-huh,” Harley leaned in more; her fingers brushed the bat, felt the inscriptions.

“And here is says —” The bat smashed into his face, twice, and he crumpled to the ground.

Negan busted out laughing as Harley gave the man one last whack before slinging the bat over her shoulder.  He put a hand up to keep his men level-headed.  “It’s alright…he’ll be fuckin’ fine.”  He laughed more.

She smiled over at him.  “Got one!”

“Goddamn, you are fuckin’ crazy,” Negan mused in delight, chuckle still rumbling through his body.  “And ya know what they say ‘bout the fuckin’ crazy ones…”

“They really know how to handle a bat,” Harley smirked her reply before whistling as she half-skipped out of the asylum yard.

Because these two finally wanted to play together again, haha!  (Helped in no small part by the lovely post by @laufeysons​, from which the top gif actually comes.)  This is sorta the sequel/next part to the first piece I wrote of them.  Honestly, I haven’t seen Suicide Squad (yet) so I’m writing Harley Quinn based on what I recall of her in the comics/cartoon and my own imagination therefore certain things about her might be different…just think of it as a big, crossover, AU, haha!

Tagging because they might be interested/asked: @zoesmama2024​, @laufeysons​, @animelover177​, @xpropertyofnegan​, @ambroselunatic​, @wadeyourebarelyalive​, @trashforwinchesters​, @superpinkkcat​, @purplejellybean​, @negans-signora-sete

I like to walk alone. I walk until the gum in my mouth has lot its flavor. I walk until the sun has set and I can barely see the road in front of me. I walk until my feet ache and my face is flushed, I walk until I have no more storage in my phone for more pictures of the sunset. I walk in hopes that the sounds and fresh air will soothe the breaking and screaming. and i’m ashamed to say it, but I walk alone so that maybe, just maybe, you decided to walk alone too.
—  crossing paths

POTG goes to the lady who works at the local Vietnamese grill who first pointed out that I dropped my gloves on the floor when I stepped inside and second came running out halfway down the street in the freezing cold in just her work clothes because she forgot to give me the sauce


summer-of-the-shinx replied to your post “¦.. If I could actually figure out how to get things set up, would…”

I’d love to pop on by for when you do Akki! (As their voice actress I’d love to see your reaction!)


O-omg, I really did not expect my silly little post to get the attention of someone who actually worked on the game?! Aaaaaaaaahhhhh. Gosh.

If I do try to run the livestream, it’ll probably be Sunday evening, but I’m in the UK so who knows when that is for everyone else. And of course, that’s assuming I can get the technology all set up, ‘cause I am a noooooob and had a huge amount of trouble with it the one and only time I’ve tried to livestream a thing previously.

(I might try Twitch this time; if it goes okay I can save it for people to watch whenever I guess, but I also wanted to hang out with the Tumblr friends in the comments and basically play together, so idk if saving it for later would make any sense if I’m constantly replying to people, lol.)

I am not an organised person by any stretch of the imagination. ^^;;

[Sunday 8pm UK time = 3pm for east coast USA and 12pm west coast??]

thenerdytraitorgirl  asked:

What are your Yuri on Ice!!! brotps?

Yuri and Yurio. (I really want them to be friends.)
Hm. Somewhat Yuri and Chris… (I blame episode 10 for that one)
And Yurio and Otabek. (I finally learned his name.)

I have just written a one page resume for my dog, so I think we can safely say that house hunting has pushed me right over the edge.