Hello guys I hope you’re well on this happy Friday!!

I’ve been working through some things since I started makin’ those changes last week, and I gotta say I think I’m finally right where I wanna be again!

Had a long chat with a few good friends, and I’ve had my moment of ‘enlightenment’. I’m feeling like myself again & honestly I haven’t felt that way in MONTHS. It’s like a new, upgraded version of myself haha.

And I went on this long walk yesterday ( 3 hours oh boy ) & Price of Freedom started playing AND it rained at the same time and I just had a moment omfg.

But anyways! I wanted to make a few announcements.

I was debating putting this blog on a hiatus, which I still might (I even debated deleting, but we won’t talk about that). For now I think it’s best I revert to Yuna as my main and Zack as my second in command.

Now this may change in the future - I’m only doing this because I’ve been versed much more on Yuna lately. I don’t wanna keep people hangin’ here. I’m not saying I won’t keep replying to threads cause I will! I just will probably not be proactively on here & most things will be queue’d up.

I’m also dropping some blogs & makin’ a Zen blog (yes I’ve become Mystic Messenger trash). I won’t be publically broadcasting that blog (at least now for a bit cause of reasons) though so if you want it just ask me for it!

And yeah - my Skype is always up for grabs! I’ll do a Skype drop again soon enough too for those who don’t get to see this on their dash.

I will reblog this a few times to get it circulated so everyone is aware.

B) I think that’s all. Thanks for being awesome & sticking with me through thick and thin. I love you all !! <3