“Success only comes to you through sweat, tears and misery” is a sentiment I see a lot in the art community. Talks about all-nighters, hand injuries, sleep deprivation and stress panic attacks. People working themselves to the edge of exhaustion and catapulting themselves over them into longlasting damage to their health, all for the sake of chasing success. There are enough jokes about art students fuelled by coffee and desperation, articles on people working in the gaming industry who don’t leave their offices for days during crunch time. 

And the worst part? 

Working yourself into the ground has become a badge of honor of sorts. “Look at me destroying all the parts of myself for this little bit of success”. A surreal competition for who can push themselves further to the edge of breaking. There’s no winner if you end up destroying your health. Neither you, nor the people looking up to you who will see your destruction as a needed component to becoming successful. We are building an environment in which it is deemed acceptable and necessary for artists to work themselves harder than they should for less, all the while thinking they are not doing enough. It’s never enough.

What i want to say with this is: take care of yourself. Realise why you are pushing yourself so hard. Don’t give up on big dreams, but don’t let them consume you. Your health is worth more than sprinting to an ever shifting finish line. You have worth as an artist without grinding yourself up into tiny bits.

be someone George Blagden would be proud of


Also while tonight I had a great time with my new friend Nicole, at the end of the night we walked by Goldengate Park and this guy started following us and like he wouldn’t stop following us for like blocks and like he kept tailing us so finally we had to like dive into like a public place and I ordered us an Uber and I was like we are getting the F out of here. Like we both had our mace ready and all that but like we did not want to have that confrontation.


Congressional staffers stage walk out to protest police killings

More than 150 congressional staffers, as well as a few elected officials, walked off the job Thursday afternoon, gathering on the steps of the Capitol to join protests in support of the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two unarmed black men killed by police officers last summer.


California high school students stage massive walk out after racist message appears on library computer

Messages which read “FUCK ALL THE N*****S IN THE WORLD” and “KKK FOREVER PUBLIC LYNCHING DECEMBER 9, 2015,” among other things, were found on a computer monitor in the Berkeley High School library this week. In response, students walked out of classes on Thursday while chanting “Black Lives Matter.” School officials promised a concerted investigation, but said finding the perpetrator would not be easy.