Little Mix - Oct. 16-22, 2016

In cased you missed anything this week (like me!), here’s some media links (please add anything I missed):

Hey, I actually made it to the gym! I haven’t been to this gym in many months, though to be fair, a chunk of that I was still actively running outside. The last couple of months I’ve definitely been slacking. I definitely DON’T recommend taking months off of running and also eating crap and gaining weight, cause damn. This was hard. I’m definitely not starting back ALL the way at square one, but I’ve definitely taken a few good steps back. Lots of (as in mostly) walking, heart beating, sweating. Still not my SLOWEST 5k ever though, so all is not lost. 

Now it’s time to get into heavy training mode to get myself ready for my next Princess Half! This time I’m doing the glass slipper challenge, so it’s going to be even tougher. Let’s get in gear and go! 

Hundreds of students from Norman High School in Oklahoma walked out of class on Monday morning to protest their school’s handling of three alleged rape cases. The protest is in response to allegations from a 16-year-old who said she was raped and subsequently bullied when she tried to return to school. After the girl made her accusations public, two other girls came forward and said they were raped by the same student. The 18-year-old suspected of the assaults has been suspended for the year, but the three girls have not returned to the school.

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Iowa Students Stage Walkout After Catholic School Rejects Teacher For Being Openly Gay

Last fall, Tyler McCubbin began substitute teaching and coaching track at Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa. McCubbin, who received his teacher’s certificate in September, enjoyed his experience at the school, so he did what most aspiring instructors would do: he applied to be a teacher.

February 5th, 2014.

Portland Student Union organized a walk out and got 600 out of 1200 students to walk out of our high school, in solidarity with the teachers union about to go on strike.

This picture shows the point in the march that I’m most proud of. The police tried to barricade the street so that we would turn around, and instead the students just walked around them, got back in the street, and kept going.