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Emily Kinney photographed by Michael Buckner for Women’s Wear Daily

‘I slowly got agents to find me more auditions and it was all about auditioning and that seemed to make sense to me. Music is different because you are the creator of it. I realized that I was really keying into what I was good at. It wasn’t necessarily just the music but stories and the words and connecting with an audience. And that’s something you can do with music, but also with movies and TV and it started to become less important to me which avenue.

vonstars  asked:

Holy unicorn shit on a stick, what if Lance was offered a job sephora cause his makeup beeee flawless and Keith was like 'oh no I'm gonna lose Lance' and panics but Lance won't go cause he wants to be the only one with the flawless eyeliner

AAAAAHHH i love this keith is all sulky and he’s like “are you gonna take the job? it’s better pay and better hours and you could get out of this shitty town…………” and lance is like “lol no i wanna be the prettiest bitch in the room at all times, and the staff at sephora is on another level”

but secretly he doesn’t want to go bc he doesn’t want to leave his friends (and keith) and secretly keith thinks that lance is always the prettiest bitch in the room, no matter what room he’s in


I’m not big on delving into the personal lives of TWD actors because I find it distracting when I’m watching the show…..but I love how Norman cares so much for his castmates. He’s a hugger and a kisser and a cuddler……and a licker.

But I espically love the obvious affection that Norman and Melissa share for one another. It’s beautiful and genuine and it translates seamlessly onto the show.

Carol and Daryl are the heart and soul of TWD and that is the reason why the hope is still alive for them finding romantic love with each other.

My hope is alive, strong and fierce.

Caryl on.


Emily Kinney photographed by Ellie McLean for Nylon Magazine

‘When you’re young, you feel like there are fewer consequences.In my 20s, it was always ‘On to the next thing.’ I don’t think I saw the passage of time the way I do now. I didn’t hang on to the fact that there’s limited time. In your 30s, there’s more of an ownership. It’s not ‘Someday, I’m going to do this.’ This is your thing, this is who you are.’

I really like the image of someone (Senator? IDK) being like “Skywalker is being irresponsible falling pregnant. Think of the Padawan in his care and the message she is receiving”

Meanwhile Ahsoka is sitting crossed legged on the floor of Padme’s office while Anakin is in the private bathroom puking his guts out (because he felt ‘fine’ this morning and during a brief passing task in the building stopped feeling fine): “You know what? I don’t ever even want kids. Actually I don’t even want to have sex if this is a possible result from it.”


Today in Music History - September 27, 1986, “Walk This Way” by Run-DMC peaks at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100

Joe Perry is yummy.