Tease || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: So I know you put everything on hold and I am so sorry about your grandma, I totally understand because I’m going through the exact same thing, I will keep you in my thoughts ❤️. I was just wondering if I could request something before I forget the idea 😂 so could you do an Imagine with reader X jughead where they are at pops with the gang and he keeps getting frisky with her under the table like thigh touching and stuff? Or something to that extent! Thank you so much!!

Warnings: Frisky Jughead

Word Count:

Originally posted by young-owlet

“(Y/N), are you gonna join us at Pop’s tonight?“ Veronica startled you as she linked her arm with yours suddenly.

“Oh yeah. I finished my paper last night so I’m free to hang out finally,“ she smiled at you while you walked out of the school in step. You two were walking to the car out front that was waiting for her.

“Good because Jughead has been annoying us with all the doom and gloom about everything and you’re the only one who gets him to shut up about it for a little bit,“ a soft chuckle left your lips as you got into the sleek black car.

“Where to, Miss Veronica?“ the driver said while he started to pull out of the school’s parking lot.

“Take us to Pop’s please,“ Veronica smiled quickly at you before turning her attention to responding the the text she got. You didn’t mind though. You enjoyed the silence that filled the car on the way to Pop’s. It was peaceful, “And here we are,” you jumped a little when you softly fell forward while the car slowed to a stop. You got out and walked to quickly link your arm with Veronica’s again before walking in and seeing the rest of the gang there in the booth.

“Oh, (Y/N), you’ve been released from your cage?”Archie laughed while you rolled your eyes and slid in the booth next to your boyfriend, Jughead. It felt right for you to be there. Betty and Veronica sharing knowing looks to one another, Archie finding a chair to pull up to the edge of the table being his usual cheeky self, and you and Jughead leaning gently on each other as laughs fell into the open air.

“Babe, did you finish your paper or are you taking a break?“ Archie, Betty, and Veronica were talking about the next football game and Archie’s music so Jughead took this opportunity to talk to you.

“I finished it last night,“ you went to sip your vanilla milkshake when Jughead almost made you choke by placing his hand fairly high up on the inside of your thigh. He completely avoided that one area though.

“(Y/N), are you okay?“ Betty’s voice was laced with concern from your very sudden coughing fit.

“Yeah, the milkshake went down the wrong pipe, that’s all,“ you got the rest of your coughing out while glaring at Jughead, who stared at you with an innocent smile. You couldn’t help but be thankful for wearing jeans that day though because as the night continued, both yours and Jughead’s frustration with each other grew. He kept teasing you under the table and leaning to kiss the side of your head while whispering some raunchy stuff into your ear but his advances weren’t gonna make too much progress with your jeans on.

“You tired, Jug?“ you smirked at him knowing full well that he wasn’t at all tired.

“A little bit why? You ready to get some sleep, baby?“ luckily for you two, the conversation was normal so the friends you were spending time with didn’t suspect anything. Of course, that could also be because they couldn’t see Jughead’s hand teasing you and squeezing your thigh tightly.

“Yeah,“ he patted your thigh as a signal to get up. The rest of your friends knew you two were going to up and leave after quick goodbyes like usual but they hand no idea about anything to follow your leave.

“When we get back, those jeans better be on the floor,” Jughead’s words were harsh in your ear as a teasing giggle left your lips.

I hope you like it! And thank you for saying that you’ll keep my grandma in your thoughts! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts as well


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Hi. William wrote Chris that he hadn't special moment with Eva. What moment was special for him and Noora? The moment that changed everything?

probably the moment he found out noora speaks as slowly as he walks out of his car, thats when he realized they were meant to be

The weekend is almost here!!!!!!! Just a few more hours to go. Put one foot 👣in front of the other and soon you’ll be walking out the door…….

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Fact: Eskild walked in on Isak doing squats with Even on his shoulders.

he soo did! and he just,, “im not even going to ask” and was walking out but then poked his head back in like “actually it’s gonna bother me if i dont”

A Happy Accident

This idea just happened last night. I couldn’t stop writing it… I hope you like it, because I loved writing it!

It wasn’t raining when we started fighting. Somewhere in the middle of our argument the clouds opened up and it was pouring as Cassian walked out of our house. It was as if the sky knew we were at our breaking point. As if the world was mourning the words we said to each other. Cassian threw open the door and left.

The worst part was I told him to leave. I told him not to come back.

I let him get on his motorcycle and ride away. I stood watching in the window as he looked back and then sped down the street. My hands shook as I realized how horrible I had been. This wasn’t entirely Cassian’s fault. I had made him feel even worse about a situation he had no control over.

And now I had no idea where he was.

I tried to calm myself down. The rain kept falling and it wasn’t the kind of weather he should be driving in. I pulled out my phone and swallowed my pride. I clicked on his name and closed my eyes.

“Leave a message. Maybe I’ll get back to you.”

His voice hit the ache in my heart.

“Cass. I didn’t mean it. Please come home. I just. I know this isn’t your fault. I’m sorry. Please. Come home.”

I clicked disconnect and buried my face in my hands. I had finally pushed him far enough away. Even the ring that sparkled on my finger wasn’t enough to save us. My head hurt, my heart throbbed. Cassian was the only person who ever truly cared for me. And I had finally broken him.

A tear slid down my cheek as thunder boomed in the background of my misery.

I slid down to the floor, clutching my phone and begging for it to ring. I just wanted to hear his voice, even if it was to tell me he wasn’t coming home. I wanted him to yell at me. If he yelled at me it meant he still cared. But when he walked out that door he was silent. And his silence spoke volumes.

I had finally pushed him too far.

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He Knew

Characters: Reader + A Winchester of your choice

Warnings: angst (a given), implied (more like hinted) smut, vague mentions of miscarriage, mild violence

A/N: This is for Angst Appreciation Day 2017. It’s been sitting in my word docs for awhile, just waiting to emerge and make people cry. Not the most intense angst I’ve ever written, but still a quick slap to my feels. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for reading this first through their tears (haha ;) love you both!)

She was at the end of the bar, tight jeans, low tank top, leather jacket, steadily drinking a whiskey. He’d slid down to join her and tried a few of his famous lines. He flirted shamelessly with the hope of a motel room and close encounters. But she’d only smiled, shot back the remaining liquid in her glass, and flipped him the bird before walking out the door. He watched her leave, her hips swaying and middle finger held high. And he knew.

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When you write, do you ever reach a point when your writing no longer sounds like writing to you? When, because you wrote/are writing it, it starts just sounding like disjointed words strung together, and you can't distance yourself from it enough to read it? If so, any advice for getting past that?

Time to go to bed. Or lay off the alcohol. 

Really though, stand up, walk around, read it out loud to yourself. Go watch some TV. Get some exercise. Mostly though, when I’ve gotten in that condition it’s that I’ve been at the keyboard too long and it’s time to give it a rest and go back to it tomorrow. Read it aloud to yourself first. It usually helps the words fall into line for me.

Short Fell Poth drabble

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(Will be calling Fell Goth Cupcake cuz
Lazy XP)
(And Fell Palette is already known as Rurik so)
It has been such a long time since Cupcake has felt true happiness, always seeming like he’s dragging himself around instead of walking, forcing words out instead of talking, not showing any signs of feeling better.

It’s not that he was pessimistic, it was because the fact that he basically has nothing to live for. His parents hate him, Rurik treats him like shit, and he is mostly just a speck in his AU with only a few people that either know him and don’t care for him or forgot about him the next day. He just felt so useless knowing that nobody wants him.

Which is why he was spending most of his time in the waterfalls.

To get away from his miserable life.

Rurik caught onto his behavior and decided to follow him the next time he went to the falls.

~•~•~Once there~•~•~

“CUPCAKE!!” Rurik called out to him, shocking him just a bit. Cupcake turned around to see who yelled.

“Rurik..?” Cupcake said to himself as he saw Rurik walking towards him. He stopped a few feet away from him.

“Cupcake what’s going on with you? You’re acting strange and I don’t like it.” Rurik stated. Cupcake didn’t say anything to that. Instead…

“You always carry your knife around right?” He asked him. Rurik raised a skeletal brow at the weird question.

“Of course..? I never leave without it, why?” He said as he pulled it out.

“Well…” Cupcake started as he began to move closer to Rurik. He took the hand that was holding the knife and pointed it at his chest, right where his soul is.

“I want you to use it on me.” Cupcake said ever so casually. Rurik widened his eyes at this.

“What?! No!! I’m not going to kill you!!” Rurik tried to move his hand away from Cupcake’s chest but he had a rather strong grip on his arm.

“Why not? It’s obvious that everyone hates me so what’s the point in even living anymore, hell I’ve been coming here every day for WEEKS before someone noticed I was gone.” Cupcake explained. Rurik then felt a sense of guilt rushing through him.

“Cupcake… I-I had no idea you felt this way… I’m sorry…” Rurik apologized. Cupcake stayed quiet, not making eye contact.

“But I just want you to know that not everyone hates you…” Rurik blushed looking away. Cupcake saw his blush and did something he hasn’t done in a long time.

He smiled.

Hell, he even chuckled.

“Heheh, aww Rurik…” He placed his hands on Rurik’s shoulders. Rurik stared at him, smiling. This gave him the chance to pull away the knife from his chest. All of a sudden he yanked Rurik towards him pulling him into a ‘hug’, but it was more of him wrapping his arms around Rurik’s so he can’t move them. It was at that moment that Rurik’s smile faltered and turned into a look of horror.

Too slow.

“AH!! CUPCAKE LET ME GO!! THE KNIFE-” He stared but was cut off.

“Now you won’t have to worry about me anymore…” Cupcake smiled, tears filling his eyes while he began to dust.

“LET ME GO YOU IDIOT!!” Rurik tried to move his hand from his chest, succeeding just a bit as Cupcake was getting weaker.

“I love you…” Were the last words that Rurik heard Cupcake say.

“GOTH!!” Rurik shouted Cupcake’s actual name for the first time in years, tears spilling from his eyes. Cupcake’s arms have long since fallen limp and he’s only standing because of Rurik hugging him, having already removed the knife. He had him in his arms for only a split second before Cupcake completely faded away to dust. All that was left of him was his scarf. Rurik held it in his hands and stared at it in shock.

“No… This can’t be happening… This can’t be happening…” Rurik repeated to himself, barely speaking above a whisper. Suddenly…

“I love you…”

“I love you…”

“Huh?” Rurik took his attention away from the scarf and focused on the voice saying that.

Or, more specifically, voices.

“Echo flowers…” Rurik whispered. He stood up, scarf in his hands, and picked one.

And never spoke to it.

Nor near it.

He wanted to preserve Cupcake’s voice for as long as he could.

~•~•~Months later~•~•~

Rurik came back home after an afternoon of killing.

“I love you…” He heard from the other room. He gasped and ran to the voice. But he sighed when he remembered it was only the flower.

‘I love you too…’ He thought to himself as he stared at the scarf wrapped around the flower pot that the flower was in.
Did the lennys in the beginning throw you guys off
Hope they did
Fell Goth by @nekophy
Rurik Roller by @angexci


get to know me → [8/10] celebrities: nina dobrev
“I made a mental note, ‘I’m gonna do that from now on.’ I’m gonna make it a point at least once a day or more, hopefully ten, twenty times a day, to walk up to someone or walk by someone and point out something about them that I like. say something nice and positive because it could change their day, it could make them feel good about themselves, and it will actually because I know that it make me feel that way.”


credit to the owner for original pic

word count: 1k

summary: you needed a tutoring session and fortunately enough, Jungkook was around. *little to no content*

genre: partial smut + smudge of fluff idk 

warnings: none!

A/N: it’s nice to be backk, but i’m also going to be pretty busy over summer so i’ll do my best to write as much as possible. here’s a short smut to make up for my absence for the past month or so! this one doesn’t contain a lot of smut for the reason being that it wouldn’t fit the plot. this might be a series, but i’m not sure yet. 

You never had a thing for cheerleading.

Yet here you are as the team captain. 

Releasing a deep sigh, you hurriedly copied down the notes from the board, erasing the misspelled words while resisting the urge to stand up and walk out of the class. The second semester was coming to an end and you couldn’t afford to have your GPA drop so low once more. The first semester was bad enough, having your GPA drop from a flat 3.5 to a deadly 2.4 all because you had borderline grades. Shuddering at the very thought, you gripped your led pencil harder as your hand flew across the page. Your grades were finally improving, now, all you have to do is maintain it until the very end. If your GPA dropped any more than it already has, then you’ll no longer be captain of the cheerleading team which means your scholarship will eventually be revoked and you sure as hell could not afford to have that happen..

Upon hearing the bell ring, signaling that it was time for lunch, you quickly packed your utensils and burst out the door, not caring to say goodbye to your fellow classmates who looked at you strangely. Dashing to your locker, you quickly shoved in your bag then speedily walked towards the football field for your tutoring session, textbooks and notebooks spilling in your arms. You weren’t dumb, but you weren’t exactly smart either. Sitting on the benches, you laid out your material and waited patiently. A few minutes went by before you felt the bench slightly dip down, causing a small smile to etch upon your face. 

“I don’t understand why you always run here,” Jungkook said, laughing, “I’m practically always behind you, you know that, right? I have class right next to you,”

You looked down at your hands before responding, “I didn’t want to waste any time.”

“We have a lot of time before the final exams and don’t forget, we can tutor after school at my house too!” Jungkook reminded.

You rolled your eyes as you open your book, explaining what parts you didn’t understand in regards to math. One of you weakest yet strongest subjects. Fortunately enough, Mr. Perfect here was a straight A student. Jungkook had it all: looks, intelligence, athleticness, wealth… but the one thing he didn’t have was a relationship. He pitied the girls that threw themselves at him without shame. All he wanted was a girl that loved him for him, not as the captain of the football team. You liked this about him, how humble and caring he was. He wasn’t like the others on his team, the ones who use vulgar words as they verbally degrade women and compete over how many girls they can screw in a single week. At times, they would even have a competition about who can make a girl moan the loudest. You would always scoff at their actions, labeling them childish for their behavior. You weren’t the type to hang with football players, despite always having to cheer them on at their games. You prefer being alone, enjoying the eerie silence. Sometimes, you would get picked on too by your fellow cheerleaders. They would insist on going out with them, getting wasted, and sleeping around, but you were against it. School has always been so important to you and after your little slip-up, you can’t even afford to have a C if you want to go to a good university.

All your life, you’ve been pushed to be the prestige, perfect daughter. You were forced to be the role model you never had. However, no matter how good you were, your parents were never satisfied. Eventually, you made the decision to stop living to please them. From that point on, everything you did was for yourself. Even if your parents weren’t proud of you, you were proud of yourself and at that time, that was all that ever mattered to you. In your years of education, you had made many friends, but none of them were able to become worthy of being someone you could call family nor best friend. However, that’s where Jungkook comes into play. He was the exception. Jungkook was always there for you since your middle school years. Fortunately, once you hit high school, you guys became closer instead of drifting like how many other duos had done. You were grateful to have him in your life and he knew that. You made sure of it. 

For the remainder of lunch, you sat beside Jungkook, shoulders touching as he elaborated on all the topics that left you dumbfounded. At times, you would find yourself staring at him as he demonstrated how to solve some of the problems. You began to wonder what it would be like to run your fingers through his hair as he unclasped your bra. You wanted him to moan your name as he penetrated your body, your juices splashing on his thighs as he thrust. Rubbing your thighs together, you shifted your body in an uncomfortable manner, causing Jungkook to stop in his actions and look at you with concern dancing in his doe-like eyes. 

“Are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the nurse’s office?” Jungkook put the pencil down and wrapped his hand around yours. 

“I-It’s not that. I have another problem..” You averted your gaze as you fiddled with the hem of your skirt. 

“What is it? You can tell me.” Jungkook spoke softly, tilting his head in confusion as he awaited your response. 

“Jungkook, I –” 

You got cut off by the bell, indicating it was the end of the day due to the fact that you only had 4 periods. Before you could gather your belongings and dash off to selfishly pleasure yourself, Jungkook invited you over to his house to continue the tutor session. You were lost for words but agreed anyways. If you were going to make your move, now was the perfect time. Worst case scenario, you get rejected. 

What could possibly go wrong?

You sat on the edge of the bed, legs dangling on the ground as you fidgeted around. Jungkook sat beside you, watching intently as he continued to wait for you to evaluate your problem. He lifted your chin, staring deeply into your eyes before smiling and god did he know how to make the butterflies in your stomach rapidly increase in flight.

“Are you hungry or something?”

Yeah, but not for what you’re thinking of.

You shook your head, embarrassed to admit what was really going on with you. The fear of rejection began to creep up on you, causing you to release a lengthy shiver before blinking rapidly.

However, the second he innocently placed a hand on your thigh, you lost it.

“Jungkook, can we please do something else other than study?” You said, releasing a small moan. You were desperate at this point, unable to contain the pent-up frustration.

“What do you want to do?” Jungkook smirked, finally understanding your situation as his hand traveled up your thigh.

Throwing one leg over his lap, you straddled him before gently pushing him down so that he’s lying on his back.

“Let me please you.” You suggested which came out more as a command.

Jungkook stayed silent, unable to utter a single syllable as he hungrily watched your hands graze over his bulge before undoing his pants and tugging down his boxers.

“You know, I always thought you had a big dick,” You praised, grasping his length in your hands. “but I didn’t know it would be this big.”

Licking the tip, you shoved his entire shaft into your mouth with a moment’s worth of hesitation, causing him to groan loudly at your actions. Relentlessly sucking him off, the sound of his moans filled the room as he fisted your hair, pleading that you go faster. 

“Please, Y/N, fuck    go faster.” Jungkook began to beg.

You hummed in reply, quickening your pace. 

“Wait, baby. I’m gonna co     ” 

“Come for me, Jungkook.” You looked into his eyes as you bobbed, tongue swirling around the swelled tip. 

With a couple more seconds worth of deepthroating, he finally released into your mouth, watching you sexily swallow his come, not missing a single drop. You threw off your shirt along with your bra before tugging down your black lace underwear. You kept the skirt on, knowing that it would please Jungkook.

Jungkook got up, but you stopped him. “You don’t have to eat me out. I’ve been dripping wet all day.”

“Because of me?”

“Because of you.”

Straddling him once more, you held his cock at your entrance before slamming down. With his hands around your waist, he began to suck on your breast as you held onto his shoulders for support. Bouncing on him, you cried out in pleasure as he thrust into you, unable to hold back. Asserting dominance, he flipped you on his back as he pounded into you. 

“This is what you were thinking about all day, hm?” Jungkook teased as he played with your clit. “Me destroying this little pussy of yours?”

You could barely form words as you screamed out, “Yes, fuck yes!”

His cock had filled you whole and it was making you lose your mind. He was hitting all the right places with the perfect amount of acceleration. Your mind began to become fuzzy as you screwed your eyes shut in pleasure, arching your back as he relentlessly attacked your g-spot.

 However, for some reason, your mind began to wander even more. The sex seemed more intimate than what you had originally planned. You didn’t mind it one bit and you wondered if he noticed too.  The sex wasn’t filled with lust, but love as well. You hadn’t noticed it before, despite him being balls deep in your cunt. The way he released sweet moans made your heart flutter. He caressed your body so gently but penetrated so roughly. You loved him for years on end, but you would never let him know. To confess your love would mean that you’ve finally surrendered to him.

 Sex with Jeon Jungkook is a one-time thing. You were just friends after all.

 And even though it hurts to admit it, that’s all you two will ever be. 

i know it’s been a month but i still keep thinking about otabek’s internal monologue during welcome to the madness

“ok beka listen if you can survive watching him walk out of the dressing room in that outfit then you can survive th-OK OK CALM DOWN HE TOTALLY DID NOT NOTICE THAT HE GRAZED YOUR TONGUE WITH HIS FINGER ok beka control yourself you are #2kool you can do this now it’s time to shoot ‘im dead aaaaand his shirt’s riding up and his hair’s fanned out FuCk just take your coat off hold it in front of you and make a run for the hotel you’ve had enough for one night IGNORE NIKIFOROV AND KATSUKI’S SIDE-EYES YOU’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG”

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Can you do one where they find out they're having a boy?

<3 xx

Emily felt as though her hand was going to snap off as Ali gripped to here so tightly, frankly petrified to let go.

“Babe, I know you’re nervous and so am I but- I think I may need use of my hand after we walk out of her” She didn’t mean it in any other way other than practically, but at the smirk that Ali couldn’t help but free they found themselves sharing a giggle.

“Sorry” Ali said, loosening her hold but still keeping Emily’s hand entwined in hers. Emily smiled, reaching across with her other hand and stroking the top of Ali’s head lightly, blue eyes meeting brown.

“I’m excited” Emily breathed gently “like, really excited” Ali couldn’t help but let happiness overflow her as she saw the joy that radiated out of her girlfriend.

“Me too” She said confidently, leaning in to softly touch her lips to Emily’s. They were interrupted by the doctor appearing in the room, pristine white cloak wrapped around her and a warm smile plastered on her face.

“Ms Dilaurentis?” She approached them “How are we doing this morning?” She asked them both cheerily. Ali tensed as she reached for the blue gel that sat ominously on the side table.

“Good, thank you” Emily replied, feeling Ali’s clasp on her hand tighten again. The Doctor smiled, walking over and taking out a pair of blue rubber gloves that squeaked with reluctance as she pulled them over her hand. Ali turned to Em, her expression suddenly faltering. “Ali” Emily said in hushed tones “it’s fine. I promise” Ali frowned, watching as the doctor squeezed out the thick gel.

“What if there’s something wrong with baby?” Ali asked, her tone wavering with this clearly genuine fear. “I mean, what if it’s-sick” Emily’s heart sank at the pain that peppered her girlfriends tone, and she delicately stroked her thumb in light circles in the hopes of calming her down.

“Then we’ll deal with it. Like we’ve dealt with everything else that life has thrown us” She chuckled softly, as Ali let the corners of her mouth tug up at Emily’s reassurance, their eyes not leaving each other’s as Emily provided all the comfort Ali could need.

“Okay” The doctor said, clearing her throat and breaking the pair out of their trance “could you lift your shirt for me please, Alison” She instructed as Ali hesitantly released Emily’s hand and pulled the bottom of her shirt up so that her steadily growing baby bump was on full display. The smile that shone out of Emily at the sight sent Ali’s heart speeding, letting herself be taken over by excitement now. “Lovely” the doctor said with pursed lips, grabbing the monitor and wheeling closer to Ali. Emily reached for Ali’s hand once more as the blue gel was smeared across her stomach, and she cringed slightly at the coldness.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to that” She laughed as the Doctor pulled the monitor on to her stomach.

“Are we finding out the sex today, girls?” She asked as she fiddled with the buttons on the screen with her free hand. Emily exhaled, her eyes darting to Ali’s and for a second they had a conversation with their eyes alone.

“Yes, please” Ali said confidently “I don’t think Em and I need any more surprises” She teased as Emily hung her head, trying to suppress her laughter. The doctor looked a little perplexed but said nothing, instead just smiling sweetly and proceeding to place the grey monitor that looked like something out of a bad 1960’s sci-fi movie on top of Ali’s bump.

“Look, Ali” Emily said, pointing at the screen as an array of blurred lines appeared, forming a shape that actually looked somewhat like a baby.

“I can see” Ali said, her eyes fixed on the image of her unborn baby, heart pounding in her chest.

“baby is getting a lot bigger in week 17” The doctor told them both, Emily finding herself leaning forward in her chair to get a better view. “about the size of an avocado. Now, if we turn this around” She said, moving the monitor across Ali’s stomach “we can figure out if you’re having a boy or a girl” They waited with bated breath as the doctor examined the image. Ali felt as if she were having a massage the amount of tense and hardening movements that were taking place. “Right” she said, turning away from the screen “congratulations, you two” She said with a grin “it appears to be that you’re having a little boy” Tears brimmed in her eyes and she looked at Emily she was thankful to see that she was not alone.

“A son?” Emily said, her voice breaking. She nodded in confirmation, still examining the image.

“I can’t believe it” Ali said, stunned and over the moon. She leant up to kiss Emily, her hand wrapping around her head so that her fingers were laced in her hair. “We’re having a boy, Em!” She cheered, chuckling as Emily pulled away, wiping away a tear that fell from Ali’s eye.

“Is he healthy?” Emily suddenly remembered the primary reason for their appointment today, and the Doctor sighed.

“Perfectly” she said with great joy, and Emily hadn’t realised how tight her chest was until it released from the stress being wiped away. Ali exhaled in relief, her eyes fluttering shut for a moment. “I’m so pleased for the both of you”

“Thank you, Doctor Greene. For everything” Ali said sincerely as Emily stood up for a moment to grab the wet wipes to clear Alison’s stomach.

“It’s my pleasure, as always, girls” She said with a warm smile “you get yourself cleaned up and I’ll book you in for your next appointment” She waddled off as Ali thanked her again, Emily walking slowly back over to her with a prominent smile taking over her face. She took the wipe and cleaned off the blue gel as Ali flinched at the unexpected texture.

“That tickles” she told her. Emily just wiped harder, smirking. “hey!” Ali grinned as the last of the gel was wiped clean. Emily walked closer to her, resting her hand on Ali’s cheek, tracing her finger along her jawline.

“I love you” she said softly, bending down to kiss her on the forehead.

“Shut up” Ali said, pulling her top down and swinging her legs back onto the ground, pulling Emily further down so that they could kiss more intensely. Emily nudged her, pulling away, pursing her lips. “I love you too” she amended, earning herself a goofy grin from Emily

“We’re gonna be amazing parents” Emily whispered.

“I know” Ali agreed, shrugging as they held hands “I can’t wait”

This is a little fic I wrote several years ago, but I found this ring on Amazon and it inspired me to edit it/repost it for your reading pleasure. It’s still my favorite Sherlolly proposal I’ve ever written, and was inspired by a long week of studying for a molecular biology final. (Sherlolly + science = the real OTP)

Come to Baker Street immediately. – SH

Please. – SH.

Important. – SH

Molly stared down at her phone and sighed. She had been looking forward to spending a quiet night with Toby in front of the television. Oh well, she thought. She couldn’t deny that she was excited to see Sherlock. Although they had been together for almost two years, a high-profile kidnapping had kept them apart for the past week and a half. She missed him. Maybe he had finally solved the case.

She hung her lab coat by the door and walked out to the street, hailing a cab and directing the driver to 221 Baker Street. She would find out what he needed, and then perhaps she could convince him to take her out to dinner. 

Their anniversary was fast approaching, after all.

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