i cant believe i main lúcio and i haven’t noticed until now 

that the things in his hair aren’t weird beads

they’re speakers

Sing Me A Song

Carl had a clear shot & didn’t shoot Negan:

Gabriel calling Spencer a massive shit:

Negan making Carl take off his bandage:

Negan burning half of Mark’s face off:

Spencer running into the woods & taking a bow from a walker:

Carl telling Negan he can’t kill him:

Someone (most likely Jesus) helping Daryl escape:

Olivia slapping Negan in the face:

Negan holding Judith & hanging out with Carl and Judith on Rick’s porch:

I know TWD is not my typical content, so I apologize for that slight Negan reblog vomit. It’s just…man…especially after seeing all that tonight…that is a well done villain. He does evil things, but he has a code…he’s a murderous, sadistic lunatic, but he can still cuddle a baby…He’s a complex character…One minute I’m staring at my screen like a deer in headlights, the next I’m doing my best to hold back a smile or a laugh, and the next I’m wanting to bash his brains in myself…Given everything he does, would I hate this guy in real life? I absolutely 100% guarantee that. But seeing as he’s a character in a fictional story…I’m intrigued, fascinated, in awe…I like him…more than any other villain I’ve ever liked. I must make art…he compels me

Combating election anxiety by booking all of my vacations early and way the fuck out of the country next year. So far I’ve got one long distance walk in Scotland (by MYSELF) and one tour in Mongolia with a homestay and lots of hikes.

I forgot baekhyun is afraid of heights and they really put him on that bridge for dream.mp3 and that rising platform thing for the exo performance rip 😭


Jennifer Hudson’s new music video for “Walk It Out”