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Harry sighed as he walked into his apartment. The last place he wanted to be at right now was his home. In reality, he wish he never walked out of your apartment. You were right. Your world didn’t revolve around him. He should’ve realized that he wasn’t the center of your universe. He should’ve let you tell him all about your date. “I’ll just talk to her in the morning,” he thought while he started to walk to his and Kimberly’s room.

“Where’d you go?” a voice called out. Harry halted mid-step. He turned around to see Kimberly sitting in the living room, her arms crossed over her chest. Harry bit his bottom lip, beginning to walk towards her. “I went to Y/N’s. Listen baby, I’m sorry I said-”

“You were with Y/N?” Kimberly asked, her voice laced with bitterness. Harry’s eyebrows quickly furrowed together as he sat down on the spot next to her. Kimberly was quick to move away, beginning to pace around. “I always go to her when I need to talk to someone.” Harry added, suddenly feeling the need to explain himself.

Kimberly quickly turned around to face Harry. “I’m your wife, Harry! Don’t you think you should be talking to me whenever you have a problem?” Harry’s cheeks immediately heated up,looking down at his fidgeting fingers, “We got into a fight. I just wanted Y/N’s opinion.”

Kimberly let out what was mixed between a scoff and a laugh. “As if we can trust her opinion.” Harry quickly stood up, feeling like he needed to stick up for his best friend. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Kimberly eyes widened, her head shaking, “How could you be so oblivious, Harry! The girl is in love with you!”

Harry quickly shook his head, “She’s my best friend, Kimberly! How could you accuse her of something like that!”

Kimberly crossed her arms once more before she sat back down on the couch. “I’m supposed to be your best friend.” She shook her head as she stared at the ground. “I notice the way she looks at you. She looks at you like it’s just you two in the room. She listens to every word you say. She puts your needs before hers! Everyone sees it! Everyone but you!” Harry remained silent as he sat down next to Kimberly, his palms beginning to sweat.

“Didn’t you notice how sad she was at the wedding?” Kimberly whispered as she placed her hand on top of Harry’s. Harry closed his eyes. “No…no. I’m her best friend. She was just happy for me. They were happy tears.”

Kimberly sat further into the couch. “Harry, they were tears because the guy she was in love with was marrying someone else.”

You were sitting in your kitchen. A cup of tea in front of you that was now cold. You sighed as you heard a knock on your door. You wiped a tear that fell from frustration from your fight with Harry. When you opened the door, there stood Harry at your doorstep for the second time tonight. Harry was giving you a look that sent shivers down your spine. He let himself into your apartment. You closed the door behind him, “Listen Harry, I’m sorry for-”

Harry spun around to face you, his breathing becoming harder and harsher. “Are you in love with me?”

Your eyes widened. Your secret that you kept for years was finally out. Your eyes quickly scanned Harry’s, trying to get some sense of how he was feeling. When you didn’t answer Harry, he immediately knew what your answer was. He ran his hand over his face as he took a deep breath. “How long?”

You suddenly felt so small. Your arms crossed, as if they were trying to protect yourself. You never wanted Harry to find out. You thought if he ever did find out, the two of you would be old and gray’ you would have a husband and the thought of once being in love with Harry would seem funny. Now, you felt nothing but shame for ever growing feelings for your best friend.

You took a deep breath, your eyes threatening to spill out tears. “Since we were 18,” you whispered. Now it was time for Harry to gasp. “18!” He repeated, his hand slamming down on the counter. You visibly winced, you closed your eyes as your arms tightened around your body.

“5 years! You’ve been in love with me for 5 years!” Harry shouted. He began to pace around your living room, pulling on his hair out of frustration. Harry looked back at you, his eyes softening at your trembling body as you cried. “Why didn’t you tell me,” Harry whispered so softly that you almost didn’t hear. You looked up at the ceiling, tears falling from your face, “I didn’t want to ruin what we had Harry! Our friendship…it was so beautiful! So…real! I was afraid that if I told you or if you somehow you found out, it would ruin everything.”

Harry looked down, his own eyes beginning to fill with tears. He looked up at you and took a deep breath, “You should’ve told me, Y/N. If you told me…things would’ve been different.” You let out a quiet scoff as you stared at the ground. Harry came closer to you. He placed his hand on your cheek, causing you to look up at him. Harry leant his forehead against yours, “I’ve been in love with you all my life.”

You let out a small gasp before Harry continued, “I’ve been in love with you…for so long, Y/N. But I knew someone like you would never be in love with someone like me.” Harry opened his eyes as he grabbed your hands. “You’re so..beautiful. You’re so compassionate and kind to the world. How could I not fall in love with you?” Harry chuckled through his tears. You looked into Harry’s eyes that were filled with nothing but sadness.

“If I knew that you loved me…I would be married to you right now.” Harry whispered. You let out a sob as you rested your head against Harry’s chest. Harry wrapped his arms around you as he looked up, trying to stop crying. “But I’m with Kimberly. And I fell in love with her too.”

You nodded your head as you buried your face more into Harry’s chest. For what felt like an eternity, the two of you held on to each other as if this was the last time you guys would be seeing each other.

Niall let himself into your apartment. He placed his bag down as he quietly made his way into your bedroom. He sighed as he saw the plate of food he left out for you remained untouched. As he came closer to your bed, he noticed the tear stains on your face as you were asleep. He sighed, feeling the same sympathy he did for you when Harry got married. Niall grabbed a blanket you kept on your bed and placed it over you before he left your room.

When Harry left your apartment that night, you immediately called Niall and struggled to tell him what happened between your sobs. Niall tried assuring you that everything would be okay. He tried telling you that this was just a bump; that somehow you and Harry would get past this. But it’s been two weeks and Harry hasn’t tried contacting you since.

Niall was sitting on the couch in you living room when you finally came out of your room. You sat down on the spot next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest. Niall placed his phone down. “I brought some food.” He said as he nodded towards the bag on the counter. You were staring at the wall in front of you. You let out a quiet “thanks.”

Niall bit his bottom lip, trying to think of what to say. He glanced at his phone and smiled. “Your birthday’s tomorrow. That’s exciting isn’t it?”

You shrugged your shoulders. Niall sighed, “Would you like to do anything? I can clear my schedule. Maybe we can go to-”

“I don’t really want to do anything. Thank you though, Niall.” You said quietly. Niall nodded his head as he scooted further into the couch.

Eventually Niall left. He placed a kiss on your head and a promise that he’ll be back tomorrow. Your eyes shifted to the clock on the wall. 11:34PM

With the time ticking closer and closer to 12, you could feel your anxiety bouncing off the walls. Harry has never missed the tradition of coming to your place for your birthday with a home made cake. Surely he wouldn’t miss it because of what happened.


You looked at the clock again. 12PM. It was officially your birthday. You stared at the door, hoping that Harry would burst in. Your eyes began to water when you realized it wasn’t going to happen. Tears began to fall off your face as your tradition was broken. You placed your head into your hands. Of course he wasn’t coming. Just because he knew you loved him, he wasn’t going to leave his wife for you. You were his past, Kimberly was his present. Stupid girl you thought.

Harry glanced at the time on his phone. He sighed as he looked at the cake he made earlier in front of him. He grabbed the cake and threw it into the trash can before he went back to bed.

i have never been so excited to write this! thank you guys so much for the constant love for married! it means the absolute world that you guys like it! i love hearing from you guys! let me know what you thought!

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Hey has anyone noticed that all of Cullen’s scenes where he’s relaxed or happy seem to take place outside, and all the ones where he’s going through emotional are indoors?

Idk thinking about his claustrophobia just kills me.

Inside is like, for despair over lyrium, or desperately praying in the Chantry shrine thing. Like every nice scene is outside in Haven, then they stick him in a tower and he literally leaves a hole in the roof. They’re happy out on the battlements or playing chess in the garden or dancing outside the ball. His happy/safe place is a wide open lake. Literally the end scene of the game they walk out into the open air of the balcony…

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(You're like the only sterek blog I follow so I figured I'd share it with you!) So tonight when I got off work, I went and got caribou. As I was walking out to my car, a black Camaro speeds by on the highway through town with this thin, long young dude hanging out and yelling whatever. He sees me and like enthusiastically waves and shouts at me and I just got like flashes of Stiles yelling out of Derek's Camaro just to bother the sourwolf and others but nobody stops him cause he's happy


Stiles would totally do that. He would open the window, Derek asking what’s he’s doing, ‘I’m gonna have some fun, Der’
‘What do you mean fun? Your fun is me getting arrested by one of your dads deputies!’ Stiles leans out of the window, starts waving at people they pass by, ‘Stiles get in the car!’

Stiles starts shouting greetings, and ‘Nice shirt’ at people and waves almost manically at anyone that waves or greets him back.

‘Get in the car, NOW!’ Derek pulls at Stiles leg until he’s fully in the car again. ‘What if your-’ They hear a siren blip twice and Derek sees the light in the rearview mirror and pulls over and then glares at Stiles as he gets his licence and registration papers out.

‘Evening, Mr. Hale.’ Derek freezes and his glare turns into a slightly frightened expression, Parrish he had no trouble with, Grimes he had no issues with, but Sheriff John Stilinski was more than just the law around here. He was also Dereks boyfriend-of-almost-two-days father. With a swallow Derek turned to John.

‘Sheriff Stilinski.’
‘Hiya Dad.’ Stiles waved, not looking even slightly guilty about anything. The brat. ‘How’s your evening going?’
‘It was going wonderfully until not only Mrs. Sanches but also Hillary and Duch called me about my son hanging out of the window of his boyfriends car.’ At this Stiles flinched. ‘Yeah. So son why don’t you say goodbye to Derek and get in my cruiser.’
‘I’m gonna talk to Derek for a bit and I will deal with you later.’ Stiles dares to kiss Dereks cheek and says a quiet goodbye and leaves the car, Derek is not sure where this is going but the next thing out of John Stilinskis mouth was not it.
‘Derek, son, if or lets be honest here, when, my son does something like this again don’t hesitate to just stop and leave him at the curb. Or just drive down to the station and he can stay a few hours and do some papperwork instead.’

‘I know my son, Derek, I am not gonna charge you or give you a ticket for something I am sure you tried to stop-’ Derek nods. ‘when it’s my son doing whatever it is.’John pauses to give Derek a moment before continuing. ‘I’m expecting you over for dinner sometime this weekend, alright?’ Derek can only nod and is still sitting there 10 minutes later when Stiles texts him ‘So my dad just had a shovel talk with me, for you. So I guess he likes you?!’

Derek was alright with this, now he just needed to figure out what to bring to dinner this weekend.

Wildest Moments Part 2

In which Y/N and Harry have trouble loving each other 

Read part 1 here /wildest-moments

Three days, it’s been three fucking days since Harry walked out that door leaving behind his girl and everything they’ve ever been through. Harry was a complete and utter mess. 

To say Harry was missing Y/N would be an understatement. Harry felt completely hopeless without her, she was his everything. He knew he was in no place to be complaining because let’s face it he brought this on himself.

All Harry wanted was to have his girl back, to have her all snuggled up under the covers with him while she reread one of her favorite classics and he would be perched over her shoulder reading as well with a steaming cuppa in his hands. 

Harry knew sitting and wallowing in self pity wasn’t going to bring his girl back, he knew what he had to do, he knew he had to get his sorry ass off of his sister’s couch and back to his girl to beg for her forgiveness.

But, the thing with Harry is his pride meant a great deal to him and if he did that, wouldn’t it make him weak? Probably but that’s something he was willing to risk for his girl.

“Oh for fuck’s sake Harry” Gemma groaned as she walked into her living only to be struck with the scent of beer. 

“Okay that’s it H, I’m not having anymore of this bull, stop feeding your fucking ego.”

A loud grunt left Harry’s lips in response.

“Go, clean yourself up and get your girl back” Gemma demanded as she pushed Harry towards the shower.

What Harry didn’t know was how much worse this had affected Y/N. 

Y/N was completely torn, she felt like her heart had been ripped out of her chest and stamped on by Harry, her everything,her happiness, her reason to breathe. 

Y/N was positive she could feel physical pain coursing through her body from how much she’s been hurting.

You know how in Tolkien books, some creatures could die from a broken heart? Well Y/N was positive she was one of those creatures and that she was gonna die from a broken heart.

All she wanted was to get her Harry back, she knew he was the reason she was suffering but it seems as though he was the only one who could stop the pain. 

After all, Harry was her everything, without him she was definitely no one. Even though they’ve both put each other through a tremendous amounts of pain and heartache on numerous occasions it was all worth it in the end.

Even in their wildest moments, they could be the greatest. They were two wrongs, no rights but  according to science two negatives make a positive don’t they?

Y/N felt like she couldn’t breathe, she could feel her throat slowly closing in on her and her breaths becoming less frequent and shorter. She knew what was happening, she knew she was about to pass out, she wanted to accept it and let it happen but a part of her told her to fight.

“No no no” Y/N muttered as she reached for her phone to call for help, but who was she to call she had no one, well no one except for Harry. Y/N was positive Harry wanted nothing do do with her after everything but right now she had no choice.

Y/N really did wish she had other options but after all Harry is all she has well was all she had.

Y/N could feel herself slowly slipping in and out of consciousness as she struggled to reach for her phone, to call the one person she hoped and prayed cared enough to help her, Harry.

“Lo’ petal, I was just on m’ way t’ see yeh”

Harry could her hear Y/N’s ragged breathing through the phone, causing him to go into a state of panic. He knew that sound, he knew it wasn’t good.

“Y/N baby, wha’ is it?”

“Baby please” Harry pleaded over the phone

“Answer me Y/N”

“Harry” Y/N wheezed out

“M’ here baby wha’ is it” Harry cooed over the phone.

“I.. I can’t breathe H, think I’m gonna die” Y/N said between forced breaths.

Harry knew what was happening, Y/N was affected so badly by the break up, she felt as though her heart was literally shattered to pieces causing an aching pain in he chest. Y/N then went into a state of depression and with everything Y/N had a panic attack.

“No no poppet yeh gonna be alright yeah, m’ right here” Harry gently spoke

“Sing to me H” 

“Of course my love” Harry whispered as tears pricked his eyes

“If I could fly I’d be coming right back to you, i think I might give up everything, just as me to.”

And Just like that Y/N drifted off to the sound of Harry’s voice.

A/N: No she’s not dead.

Also I would love some feedback, let me know if you want a part 3 lovelies. Lots of love -K xxx

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Dating Steve Rogers would include

Dating Steve Rogers would include

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-       He was so nervous when met
-       He is super protective
-       If he decided that the mission getting dangerous, he demanded you go back to the jet
-       In fact, you had to beg him most of the time to even walk out of the jet
-       Steve helped you train in hand-to-hand combat, but he went easy on you
-       Morning runs around town
-       Movie dates
-       When you made love for the first time, he was nervous (virgin steve tho)
-       He was holding back so he went slow
-       Steve telling you war stories
-       Him getting jealous whenever someone flirted with you.
-       You and Sam bickering a lot
-       You and Sam making fun of Steve
-       Sam making fun of the both of you
-       Steve giving you a little spank whenever you cursed
-       So, you took that into the bedroom
-       You acted ‘’naughty’’ so he gives you spanks
-       For an old guy he sure was kinky
-       Lazy Sunday mornings
-       Taking baths together when you felt stressed
-       Massages
-       You calling him ‘’Captain’’
-       Rough sex
-       Kinky sex
-       Tons of hidden hickeys
-       Going on for hours because he didn’t get tired quickly
-       Quickies on the jet when it was just the two of you
-       Tony giving you hell for it later
-       Steve freaking out whenever you got a little hurt during missions or training
-       One time you fell down the stairs because you slipped
-       And he went crazy
-       He was so worried because you hit your head, he was pacing around the room
-       Literally letting out few tears
-       At first, Bucky wasn’t sure about you
-       But after he realized that Steve was happy, he warmed up to you
-       Going for late night drives when you can’t sleep
-       Cuddles
-       Cheek kisses whenever Steve got jealous
-       Him spoiling you rotten
-       You two eventually getting your own place in Brooklyn, just like he always wanted

Thank you to the very lovely @theoptimisticnewyorker for the SD&S tag!  I will pass along the tag to @fortheloveofmango, @runningforbiscuits, and @runningfortheriesling.

I got home a bit late, so I rushed to get dressed for the gym…and as I was walking out the door, I got a text from the husband that he forgot there was a work sponsored happy hour for employees and their significant others tonight at Top Golf.  I guess I’ll be making up this gym day on Friday because I won’t have time to do boot camp and get home and clean up enough to be presentable.  I haven’t been to one of the husband’s work functions since the holiday party in December. There are some new people in his group since then, so it’ll be nice to put faces with names.  Also, free food and drinks and no cooking?  Sounds perfect!

ONE MORE DAY of work until I’m out until August 14th!!!! *praise hands* I am SO ready!! I cannot wait to spend some leisurely time in nature seeing all the beautiful sights and enjoying more humane temperature conditions!!  This 100+ business is THE WORST! 

However, I am really sad that tomorrow will be my last day working with Wayne (his last day is actually the 11th, but I’ll be gone)…it’s the end of an era! I like the “new Wayne,” Joel, but still…working with Wayne is the best ever and I’m going to miss him terribly!  At least he’s still in gym book club; he is going to be our family tennis instructor starting in the fall, and he just signed up for our favorite annual 5k with me for November.  My friend Michelle hasn’t worked there in almost two years and we’re still super close and see each other often, so it’s not the end of the world.  I know this logically, but we all spend so much time at work…it’s so nice when we work with people who are our people!


Becacause they’re aren’t enough YOI nesting fics.

Yuuri ran around his and victors shared apartment picking up couch cushions unconsciously, taking the to the small closet in his bedroom. He arranged them to his liking before wondering out again.

He walked into the bathroom, looking down at Victor’s garish pink towel sitting on the rack. He picked it up taking in the strong scent.

The omega walked out of the bathroom holding the towel picking up Victor’s things without really realizing what he was doing taking them back to his closet, putting them in various places that he saw fit, purring loudly as he laid down.

Victor came home sniffing the air in confusion, Yuuri’s bland scent now covered by a sickeningly sweet aroma. He walked toward Yuuri’s room, knocking on the door gently.

“Yuuri?” He called softly opening the door just as Yuuri crawled out of the closet, his heart pounding. Victor knelt down in front of him.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly. Yuuri looked frantic glancing between Victor and his nest. Victor glanced at the closet door going to open it. Yuuri hissed loudly becoming territorial. “I see.” He whispered backing up letting the omega calm down. Victor walked out noticing his towel missing, he smiled widely running to grab his bedding.

Yuuri began rearranging his nest, no longer happy with the way it looked and felt. Victor came in again dropping everything in front of the closet door. Yuuri glanced out blushing.

“Victor…” He whispered before pulling everything into the closet and shutting the door. After what felt like an eternity to Victor, Yuuri opened the door again still blushing as he opened it wider to show Victor his nest making the alpha smile.

“Your nest is beautiful Yuuri.” He whispered as he sat down in front of him. “So you’re really an omega?” He asked smiling slightly.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t coach me. So I posed as a beta.” Yuuri said softly moving back to let Victor in still purring from the praise of his best. Victor crawled in kissing his head.

“I still would have coached you.” He told him, finally taking in the omega’s scent. “You smell delectable.” He growled listening to Yuuri purr louder.

Yuuri leaned against Victor practically begging him to be knotted.

“What concerns you the most while attending school?”
“Definitely relationships. Because I basically stay at school all day, even when I walk out of the classroom I always run into people. Even if I was in a fight with someone, I have to keep seeing that person. Of course, it’s best if we’re on good terms. But how can I face him/her as soon as we get out of a fight…”

“학교다니면서 가장 걱정되는 건 뭐예요?”
“사람관계요. 학교 안에서 쭉 지내다보니까 교실을 벗어나도 어딜가나 사람이 있어요. 만약에 서로 싸워도 계속 얼굴 봐야 하잖아요. 물론 잘 지내면 좋죠. 그래도 싸우자마자 어떻게 다시 얼굴을 봐요…”

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Your continued excitement over Tom's duckie curls makes my heart happy.



I mean, when he let his hair get longer and he had terrific scruff going on last fall, I thought that would be the closest we would get.  

Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

Then the Group Nap photo appeared and it looked like there were Duckie Curls. Then he walked out on stage and QUACK QUACK!

Originally posted by niallerislife-24

I think I love the curls because they remind me of William and that’s when I started falling down the the rabbit hole.

Originally posted by sjallepalle

But I also think he is different with longer hair.  I think it makes him feel sexy.  He sizzles. Like Ultimate Tom. *sigh*

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you know what i (actually all of us) deserve? a scene in a movie/series where a lesbian cackles when asked if she and some boy are dating. she just cackles and keeps on cackling while walking out of the room. then she slams the door shut just to open it up again while still hysterically cackling. she does this a few times. because let’s be honest, this is a lot more realistic than 99.9% of the relationships between straight people depicted on tv

Nothing Special

So I’m on a roll with the smut for some reason so here is my third one! It’s revival era and is just sweet. Thank you to @alittlemissfit for editing!!! 
@xfficchallenges @kateyes224 @piecesofscully

There’s nothing special about the day by itself. Work was full of paperwork and re-certification tests but I got to spend it with her. At the end of the day I wasn’t ready to leave Scully so I muster up the courage to ask her over to the house for a movie.

We both know I’m thinking beyond just watching a movie, but we keep up the pretense walking out to my car and leaving the garage, turning off at our exit on the Beltway, driving into the Virginia countryside. 

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A Court Of Witchcraft And Wizardry: Part I

The ACOTAR Hogwarts AU that nobody asked for.

A/N: This fic was totally unplanned for, but I randomly got a sudden burst of inspiration to write it, so here we are. I am aware that the title is stupid, but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else. I took some liberties with how to sort the characters, so no, they are not all in the same houses SJ Maas put them in. This is my first ACOTAR fic and my first AU fic! Exciting stuff! Please feel free to comment/leave constructive criticism. Enjoy!

Read on AO3

Summer had officially come to an end. It was time to return to school.

The Hogwarts Express sat idly at Platform 9¾, a steady stream of witches and wizards walking out of the brick barrier to join the raucous swarm of students dawdling beside the train. With ten minutes before departure, the Archeron sisters entered the fray. From across the way, a tousle-haired boy with violet eyes grinned and pushed himself off the wall he had been leaning on.

Feyre, the youngest sister, abandoned her luggage and began elbowing her way through the crowd, launching herself into the arms of the grinning boy. “Rhys,” she breathed into the crook of his neck.

“Feyre darling,” he returned, pressing a kiss to her temple, “I missed you this summer.”

Pulling away, eyebrows pinched with concern, Feyre began, “I’m so sorry I couldn’t visit. My father–”

Rhys’s gaze fell to where his finger absently twirled a stray piece of her golden-brown hair. “Don’t apologize, Feyre,” he said softly, “You have nothing to apologize for. Not ever, not to me.”

There was a long pause. Then Feyre sighed, and reached up to kiss him gently. “I love you,” she murmured against his mouth. She felt his lips stretch into a smile.


The couple broke away, Rhys’s deep laugh vibrating through his chest as Feyre rolled her eyes. Behind them, the eldest Archeron sister watched with a scowl on her face. Above the clamor, Nesta shouted, “Get your hands off my sister, Rhysand!”

Sliding his hand down Feyre’s arm and lacing their fingers together, Rhys said, “It’s good to see some things never change.”

Feyre snorted. “Tell me about it.”

It was amazing, really, how Nesta managed to peer down her nose at Rhys when her head barely met his shoulder. Perhaps she had been taking lessons from Amren, who was technically the shortest of the group, though her personality made up for any lack in height. Regardless, Rhys felt a wave of uneasiness wash over him as Nesta turned her icy stare to him.

“So,” she sniffed, “You’re still here.”

“That I am,” Rhys said jovially, gesturing toward the train. “Shall we board?”

“Please,” Feyre muttered, quickly ascending the steps to escape the tension.

Elain, the middle sister who had been silent until this point, glanced toward Nesta. “Will you sit with us?”

Guilt flashed across Nesta’s features, the emotion gone before it could fully form. “I’m afraid not. As Head Girl, I’m required to go to the Prefects’ carriage,” she said softly.

“That’s a shame,” Rhys drawled. He would have looked like the epitome of boredom had his eyes not glittered with mischief. “I know Cassian is eager to see you again after so many months apart.”

Nesta did not deign to acknowledge Rhys’s comment. To Elain, she said, “I’ll see you in the Great Hall.” She then spun crisply on her heel and stalked onto the train.

Rhys sketched a small bow as a the train’s whistle sounded. “After you,” he said politely to the remaining sister.

With a grateful smile, Elain gathered her pleated skirt and climbed aboard.

Feyre was already deep in conversation with Mor by the time Rhys and Elain arrived, and Cassian’s thundering laughter spilled into the corridor at something Amren had said. A smirk played at Amren’s blood red lips, and she whispered something to Azriel, who sat half-immersed in shadows beside her. Azriel snorted, his gaze flicking to the newcomers.

Rhys plopped himself down beside Feyre, snaking an arm around her shoulders. Feyre leaned into his touch, but didn’t break her discussion with Mor. This left Elain standing somewhat awkwardly in the doorway, unsure of where to sit, until Azriel slid over and provided room for her. She offered him a timid half-smile, and delicately took her place.

It was only after everyone had settled that Cassian frowned. To no one in particular, he asked, “Where’s Nesta?”

“The Prefects’ carriage,” Rhys answered, “Apparently she’s Head Girl.”

Cassian’s brows rose in surprise. “Really?”

“Of course she is,” Amren scoffed. “She’s the smartest girl at Hogwarts.”

With a lazy grin, Cassian taunted, “Even smarter than you, All-Knowing One?”

“No,” Amren replied immediately, silver eyes glinting, “But I’m too humble to be Head Girl.”

“Clearly,” Cassian quipped.

“Well, she’s certainly smarter than you, Cass,” Azriel interjected.

Cassian relaxed into the back of the seat, clasping his hands behind his head and resting his right ankle on the opposing knee. “Oh, I don’t doubt that,” he said, unabashed. “But at least I haven’t got a stick up my ass.”

“You must be so jealous of this metaphorical stick,” Rhys observed, struggling to keep a straight face. Elain’s cheeks flushed a rich scarlet color and Azriel coughed. Even Mor and Feyre’s chatter came to a stop.

Rhysand,” Mor scolded, her voice taking on a motherly tone.

Cassian’s neck burned red with embarrassment, but he schooled his features into a look of nonchalance. He opened his mouth to shoot back something exceptionally vulgar. Before he could get the first word out, however, the trolley lady arrived.

“Anything from the trolley, dears?” She trilled.

There was a whirlwind of exchanging candy for coins, and only when everyone was munching on Pumpkin Pasties did the topic of Quidditch arise, as it always did. It was impossible to avoid talking about the sport when two of the Team Captains were in the same room.

“All I’m saying,” Cassian said around a bite of Liquorice Wand, “Is that Gryffindor is going to kick your ass this year.”

Azriel shrugged, popping one of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans into his mouth. “I wouldn’t be so cocky, Cassian,” he advised, “I’ve got some new tactics up my sleeve.”

“Tactic only gets you so far when you have a shit team,” Cassian pointed out. “I’ve got Viv as seeker and Varian as keeper. My team is solid. Plus you’ve gotta get through me.”

Shaking his head, Azriel argued, “You can’t just take your players and throw them out on the field. It doesn’t matter how good they are if there’s no organized plan.”

Cassian rolled his eyes. “I have a plan. And good players. You don’t stand a chance.”

“Is this brute disturbing you guys? I’m allowed to assign detention now.” Nesta’s distinct, cold voice turned the air chilly. Cassian’s head snapped to her, his eyes instinctively running over her body like he was taking inventory, like he was making sure she wasn’t somehow hurt. He sat up straighter, fixing his slouched posture, which made his already massive body appear even larger.

“Hello, Nesta,” he said, his warm hazel gaze catching her frigid blue-gray one.

“You,” she said as a greeting. Silence fell over the compartment as Nesta stared at the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. Everyone waited with baited breath as if one of the two could explode at any second. But instead of making any scathing, sardonic comments, Nesta simply said, “We’ll be arriving soon. I suggest you change into your robes.”

Nesta finally looked away from Cassian, letting her focus slide over Elain and Azriel suspiciously before whirling around, cloaks billowing dramatically, Head Girl badge gleaming.

Entering the Great Hall was like returning home. There was a simultaneous sigh among the student body as the doors creaked open, the thousands of floating candles against a velvet sky coming into view. Feyre clutched Rhysand’s arm as they made their way to the Slytherin table, Mor hanging behind to exchange low words with Viviane’s sister.

Elain, now flanked by her friends Nuala and Cerridwen, broke off from the rest of the group and headed for the Hufflepuff table. Lucien, who was unhappily sat beside Tamlin at the Gryffindor table, attempted to catch Elain’s eye, but his efforts were of no avail.

At the Ravenclaw table Nesta and Amren were either gossiping or plotting something dreadful, and Azriel appeared extremely uncomfortable to be beside them. Cassian passed Nesta and leaned down to whisper something in her ear, at which point Nesta whipped around and tried to slap him, but Cassian darted away with a roaring laugh.

Thus another school year began.

Man In Uniform {Part 8}

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: James Barnes is the local neighbourhood cop known for saving cats from trees and walking people home at night. It just so happens that he lives in your apartment building, in the apartment across from yours.

Prologue X, Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X

Man In Uniform Tag List:

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anonymous asked:

can I request fluff Drabble #6 "I need a place to stay" for Jimin BTS please, ^^ I love your blog

Note: Thank you for the request and I’m so glad you like my blog! I hope you enjoy it!

Drabble Challenge Prompts

6. I need a place to stay.

A knock on the door drags you out of bed at two in the morning. You slowly get out of bed and turn on the light, wondering who could possibly be knocking on your door at this time of night. You walk out of your bedroom and to the front door, unlocking and opening it to see your friend Jimin standing there. A backpack slung over his shoulder and his hood up to hide his face. You hear sniffling coming from him, causing you to frown.

“Jimin? What are you doing here? What’s wrong?” He looks up so that you can see his face. His eyes are bloodshot and his cheeks are red and puffy from crying. Tears are continuing to stream down his cheeks as he sniffles and soft whimpers escape from his mouth.

I need a place to stay,” he chokes out. You nod and step back so he can walk inside.

“Well, of course you can stay here. The guest bedroom is always open to you and I’m pretty sure you even still have some clothes here.” He only nods in response and bends down to take off his shoes. You watch him frowning, wondering what could have possibly happened to cause him to be this upset. You assume it has something to do with his girlfriend. You’ve never liked her and often let Jimin stay at your place after they had gotten into a fight. That stopped a few months ago, in fact you’ve barely seen Jimin at all the last two weeks. His girlfriend never likes you either, mostly because you’ve known him longer and she’s jealous of that. You two have been friends since birth.

You don’t know if you should ask Jimin what’s wrong or just wait for him to tell you. You decide to stay silent and watch as he gets up and walks towards the guest bedroom. You sigh and turn to close the door, making sure it’s locked before going after him. He’s sitting on the bed in the guest bedroom. “You know where everything is so there’s nothing I need to tell you…umm if you need anything you know where my room is. Feel free to come to me for anything, or if you like need to talk or something…” you trail off watching him. He looks so broken and it’s making your heart clench. “Uh well yeah, good night Jimin.” You turn to walk back to your bedroom.

You climb into bed and shut off the light. You lay awake for a while, not being able to sleep because of how worried you are for Jimin. After a while there’s a small knock on your bedroom door followed by the door opening. Jimin is standing there, still in the same clothes before, still crying.

“I-I don’t want to be alone tonight,” he whimpers. You quickly sit up and nod.

“Come here then.” He waits no time to walk over and crawl into bed next to you. He scoots close to you and you reach out to pull him into a hug. “Do you want to tell me what happened?” He nods, but takes another few minutes to start talking.

“S-she cheated, (Y/N). She cheated on me. I came home from practice pretty late, expecting her to be asleep. Instead she was still awake. She was awake in our room, in our bed, having sex with someone else.” His words come out tight and are constantly interrupted by sobs, but he finally manages to get it all out.

“Oh, Jimin…”

“I don’t know what I did wrong. I really thought she was the one, you know? But I guess she isn’t, because…because she went and did that!” This statement sends Jimin into a whole new bought of sobs. You say nothing and simply just hold him tight while rubbing his back, letting him cry it out. After he finally calms down until his crying is just sniffles. You pull away from the hug and force him to look at you.

“First of all, you didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t blame yourself, because it is not your fault at all. Second of all, she is a horrible person for doing that, especially to like you. Obviously she’s stupid and doesn’t realize how amazing you are. You are wonderful Jimin, in so many ways. Any girl would be lucky to have you! Third of all-”

“I know,” he cuts you off. “You told me so.”

“I mean I did.”

“I know, I know. I should’ve listened to you because you were right, as usual. But I didn’t and there’s nothing I can really do about it now.”

“Well, now you just have to move on. It will take time but you’ll eventually be able to move on, and I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You’re welcome to stay with me for as long as you want to.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” he says through a yawn. “It’s really late, we should probably get some sleep.” You nod and lay back, watching as Jimin gets under the covers. You opens his arms and you laugh, scooting close to him so he can wrap his arms around you. When you were children the two of you used to sleep just like this, cuddled with each other under the covers. You haven’t done it in a while. “I missed this.”

“Me too,” you mumble, already falling asleep. He smiles down at you and rests his chin on the top of your head.

“Why can’t I find someone like you, (Y/N)?” Jimin whispers, just as you’re falling asleep. You’re much too tired to process what he said before you fall asleep, wrapped securely in his arms.

Tiny Bond

Q’s tongue-lashing of his over-eager subordinate was long, biting, and left the tech barely holding back tears. “I trust that in the future you’ll think twice before deploying experimental technology without having completed the testing phases first. Dismissed,” he said finally, and the tech’s shoulders slumped in ill-concealed relief as she walked out the door. Not fired. Severely reprimanded, but not fired.

Why the hell wasn’t she fired? 

Then Q shut the door to his extremely sound-proof office. He looked at where Bond was standing on his desk, all of three inches tall, naked except for a toga hastily formed out of Bond’s pocket square. 

Q bit his lip. His eyes crinkled damningly. After only a few moments, he lost the battle and started to laugh. “Oh my god,” he kept saying, slapping his leg, with occasional utterances like “priceless” and “can’t believe” and “should’ve given her a fucking pay rise” added in for variety. 

Bond waited it out, fuming. “Are you done?” he asked once Q’s laughter had subsided. But his voice came out like a mouse’s squeak, and of course it set Q off again. 

“I’ll make a–a–hahaha–a customized voice modulator,” Q managed to get out between giggles. “Get you sounding a little bit more like yourself if you want.” 

“How. Long?” Bond growled in his squeaky mouse voice. 

Q’s smile faded a little. “I’m not sure. I can say that the effects most likely won’t be permanent, and my best guess is that you’ll be right-sized within the next thirty days. However, this is new scientific territory, and even I can’t predict how long you’ll experience this…phenomenon.” 

Bond scowled. “What am I meant to do in the meantime?” he asked. 

“That depends on you, of course,” Q said crisply. “But you’ll need some help; if you tried to get to your flat by yourself you’d be tread on, or cause an uproar, or both.” 

Bond glared. 

Q looked up at the ceiling, affecting an air of nonchalance. They both knew that Bond’s only other real babysitter options were Tanner and Moneypenny, and Tanner had kids and Moneypenny had a girlfriend. 

“Fine,” Bond grumbled. “You can stop me getting run over by a lorry. And figure out something new for me to wear! And are there even any books that are small enough for me to read while I wait for you to fix this?” 

Q smiled. “I should think a pocket-sized paperback would be manageable, though not ideal,” he said. “And I’ve seen some tiny novelty books before; I’ll try to get you some. No promises on the quality of your clothes; I don’t think we have a tailor with the right clearance. As for other things to keep you occupied, I should think it would be rather easy to build you an obstacle course maze…” He trailed off, a thoughtful look in his eyes. 

Bond could see the death traps now. “I’m not saying no,” he said, “but keep in mind that it would be exceptionally difficult for a doctor to operate on me if I were injured. And no mazes–I’m not a rat!”   

“No, you’re a rat’s arse who was messing with experimental technology!” Q said. “And you deserve every moment of handkerchief couture after all of the times you’ve snuck in here and bothered my techs and stolen my equipment!” 

Q’s vehemence sent a hint of suspicion eeling through Bond’s mind. “Q,” he said slowly. “I’m sure it was just a coincidence that I got hit with an experimental laser that managed to damage my pride more than anything else. Right?” 

“Of–of course,” Q said. He coughed, a light flush on his cheeks. 

“And I’m sure that you would never intentionally incapacitate a double-oh in order to teach him a lesson about keeping his hands to himself, right?” Bond continued, letting a hard edge leak into his voice now. 

“Oh, never,” Q said, but his eyes were crinkling again, and his lips were twitching, and it was only a moment before he was back to laughing. 

Q was damn lucky Bond’s gun hadn’t shrunk with him, or Bond might have shot him full of tiny PPK bullets. 


Note: this was started before she posted it, but check out BBR’s wonderful Eve Moneypenny art, which also features tiny Bond, with bonus tiny Q! (Maybe Bond was able to get his revenge :D) 

It’s Broken, Our Love

A/N: this is the angsty one shot i’ve been talking about! basically, this takes place in phase 4, after you and murdoc broke up at the start of phase 3 when his actions started to get too much and, quite frankly, he started to scare you a bit. i thought this up when i was listening to broken by gorillaz–i think it sets the scene really well and, in this universe, was probably what inspired murdoc to write that song in the first place. anyway, i hope you enjoy! 

The day that you had ended your relationship with Murdoc Niccals seemed like some sort of fever dream by now. It had been so many years ago, you had stopped keeping track, but you estimated that it was about eight years ago since you walked out of his life, and had never heard from him personally again. Sure, you heard him on the radio a few times, but that was about it. Since then, you knew that he’d had some sort of misadventure that involved an isolated island in the middle of nowhere, and recently you had been seeing more of him on posters, in magazines, on TV and radio, promoting his new album with the rest of the band. You tried your very best not to look up on what he was doing these days, as the sheer memory of him caused a pain in your heart and a heaviness on your chest. You sort of just wanted to forget that he existed–that your relationship ever happened at all. Sure, the few years you spent together was good while it lasted, but that just made the pain all the more unbearable.

You found yourself in an old, shabby pub that you and Murdoc used to occupy quite frequently. It was one of his favourites–just somewhere that he could relax in when he didn’t feel like being bombarded by fans. You weren’t all too sure on why you had decided to pay it a visit after so many years, but you almost felt compelled to as you were walking past it on your trip to London. It would be rude not to, right? After all, you used to be one of the regulars at this pub. One drink couldn’t hurt, and you were almost certain you wouldn’t bump into Murdoc there, so there was no reason why you shouldn’t. As minutes ticked by like hours while you were sipping your drink, you felt yourself beginning to regret entering the pub at all. It just wasn’t any fun by yourself, and the reminder of Murdoc was starting to get overwhelming.

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