2017.10.17 👣 5k Walk  #OctoberMile

OMG. I wanted to quit and go home SO OFTEN on this walk, it was crazy. I haven’t actually done a 3 mile walk in a while, I just kept making bargains with myself to go another few minutes and then I was within a quarter of a mile of the 5k mark, so I was able to get it done.  I used to walk this far and further EVERYDAY and that was on top of my ‘workout’ … sigh.

I just went around the neighborhood because it was cloudy and threatening rain all day, so didn’t really want to get caught out on the beach in that. And here are some flowers to brighten up the day and a Halloween decoration at one of the houses. 

Time to stretch now.

I tried to do my track repeats today but all the crap I ate at work (stupid birthday party junk) makes me want to puke so I’m going home. 2 miles walked instead.

anonymous asked:

How do you burn so many calories???

I cry for six hours straight everyday
I’m kidding. (I have a horrid sense of humor pls ignore that)
I walk 2.6 - 3 miles daily (ok no who am I kidding. I’m lazy and only do it every other day if the stars and moon line up with the freckles in a chickens face. Not on a chickens face but in it, don’t question it just go with it) I do 10 minutes of cardio, (the amount of breaks I take during those ten minutes should be illegal), and I do like 45 minutes of cleaning daily (it sucks ok), and then I burn off more calories by pacing back and forth like an idiot. + I do the workout I posted.
Yo copy and paste has just saved me on this. Like. I didn’t type a thing. Ok I’m typing this but I didn’t type the rest.

No running today. I stubbed/jammed my big toe while doing a front kick against a floor standing heavy bag last night at taekwondo, so it probably would’ve bothered me too much to run.

I did have my mostly regularly scheduled one on one with my team lead today; we usually walk a half mile to a Starbucks while we chat about work stuff. And back, of course.

I’m also glad I didn’t run because the t-shirt I wore today rubbed my armpit raw. There’s a rough seam that either hasn’t bothered me before, or some strange confluence of coincidences caused it to bother me today. Running with a raw armpit didn’t seem fun.

I also didn’t lift for the same reason. If it’s still bugging me tomorrow maybe I’ll bring a stick of BodyGlide.

I DID do a half hearted attempt at running through taegeuk 3, 4, and 5. I still have 3 and 4, but totally blanked on 5. I probably should have run through it a time or two after I got home from class last night and had it fresh in my head, but I was waylaid by my daughter informing me that she still had homework to do. Another late night. I also tried the first ~6 steps of taegeuk 7, but that was all I could remember (having run through it once or twice in class last night).

Instead, I made a super quick run to Target to get some more pants for the kids. Apparently these things (the kids) grow and so don’t fit into their colder weather clothing for the next season. Who knew?

I also got in my reading (which I blew off last night). If I haven’t mentioned I’m reading 5 self-improvement books, a chapter at a time. I’ve got on my schedule to read a chapter from one book one day, and then take notes on it the next, while reviewing the notes from previous note-taking sessions. And I’m alternating books for some reason instead of going all the way through one at a time; book A chapter 1, book B chapter 1, etc.

An extra mile

Walking an extra mile

To the top of a small mountain

From our home

As I take the first step

I suddenly feel this

Cold fresh air slapping my face

It goes inside my heart

And my whole being was thrilled

The thoughts start coming

As I walk up near the top

My heart was filled with joy

I started to talk

All this time

I wonder

All this time

I doubt

All this time

I hesitated

I don’t come

To see a burning bush

That cold fresh wind is enough

People saw my other side

How positive

How joyful

How strong

How mature

But You-

You see my weakness

You see my insecurities

You see my downfall

You see me as I am

You see me struggling

You see me-

I’m coming here

To meet You

This is where strength renewed

This is where joy restored

This is where new song made

This is where new poem written

I am here


I am listening

//Me to God//



I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
I promise I’m worthy
To hold in your arms
So come on and give me the chance
To prove I am the one who can walk that mile
Until the end starts

anonymous asked:

How do you burn all those calories?

I cry for six hours straight everyday
I’m kidding. (I have a horrid sense of humor pls ignore that)
I walk 2.6 - 3 miles daily (ok no who am I kidding. I’m lazy and only do it every other day if the stars and moon line up with the freckles in a chickens face. Not on a chickens face but in it, don’t question it just go with it) I do 10 minutes of cardio, (the amount of breaks I take during those ten minutes should be illegal), and I do like 45 minutes of cleaning daily (it sucks ok), and then I burn off more calories by pacing back and forth like an idiot. + I do the workout I posted.

Friend: …you’re going to wash that jacket afterwards, right?

me, shoveling deer teeth straight off the ground and into my pocket, with no intentions on washing said jacket: yeeeeeesssss?

The real Taylor Swift:

April 23rd 2009-July 10th 2010: The Fearless Tour

The Fearless Tour. Taylor decided to walk through the crowds at her shows, greeting fans of all ages, genders and races because SHE wanted to meet the fans that had been supporting her and helping her reach where she is to this day. After each show, Taylor held a meet and greet called ‘The T-Party’. This was a room where fans could go to eat pizza and meet each other and get to know other people and then get to meet Taylor. Taylor would walk around stadiums and hide behind food bars and then surprise fans in the line. Each night she would walk a number of miles to meet as many people as she could.

February 9th 2011-March 18th 2012: The Speak Now Tour

Much like at the Fearless Tour, Taylor said she wanted to continue walking through the crowds during one of her songs at the Speak Now Tour. Taylor hugged as many people as she could and thanked them for coming. Sometimes Taylor would tell her security to move out of the way and to let her hug more people. Taylor continued her ‘T-Party’ meet and greet. Taylor’s team would walk to different areas of the stadium during the show and hand out free meet and greets to fans who had gone all-out; screaming and dancing the whole time and wearing bold and creative costumes/handmade posters.

September 8th 2012: Ronan

The lyrics to this song are based on a blog she read about a four-year-old boy, Ronan Thompson, who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.Taylor wrote the song by putting together quotes from blog creator Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. Thompson is credited as a co-writer of the song. Taylor first performed the song live for Stand Up to Cancer in September 2012, and has only performed it publicly one other time, at the Glendale, Arizona stop of The 1989 World Tour, at which Ronan’s mother was in the audience. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

2014: 1989 Secret Sessions

In anticipation of the release of her album, 1989 on October 27, Taylor held a series of “1989 Secret Sessions” over the past few weeks at her various homes across America, where carefully-selected fans were told they were attending some sort of secret event, with no knowledge of what was in store for them. When fans arrived they were told to sit in a room together and wait. Taylor then jumped out and surprised them all and they all got to hear her new album before anyone else. Taylor baked cookies and other goods, fans got to meet Taylor’s cat, Olivia Benson Swift, and they danced together and each got to meet Taylor and just hang out.

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour

At each 1989 concert, before perfoming her song ‘clean’, Taylor gave a 3-4 minute inspirational speech, telling fans to love themselves. This is what Taylor said to the crowd of 60,000 at Hyde Park, London on June 272015: ‘There are people here from all over the world, so if you travelled to be here, thank you so much for coming. And, you know, looking out at you, thinking about the fact that we all come from different places, maybe we all have different accents, we have different hobbies, different backgrounds, whatever. But there’s one thing that we have in common that I know for sure. That thing is that when we feel a great amount of joy, or a great amount of pain, we turn to music. That’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much, and getting to know you, it’s never been more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015. Real talk. I mean, every single day we go online – and trust me, I love the internet, okay? Love it – but, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives – all we see is the behind the scenes. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we’re like “oh, God, not feeling my hair today. Not going to be a good day today for the hair”. We see our doubts, we see our fears, we see our concerns. You are the only one who is inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and the voices who are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voice is as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It’s true, right? Okay, so if there’s one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this – every day when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not – if those things are that you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique – those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not. Okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion. That’s what you’re not. You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you are not. Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger, and smarter because you made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses. But, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we’re all standing here together having the best time of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night. I realise that it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and realising that you’re happy today. That’s all that matters. I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you – that doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you clean.’

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour (Loft 89)

At Taylor’s 1989 concerts, she held a meet and greet called ‘Loft 89′ where Taylor, again, could hang out with her fans and dance around with them. Taylor met lots of different people including children with disabilities and illnesses. Taylor made sure everyone had a great time and that everyone was included and treated equally.

Christmas 2014/2015: ‘Swiftmas’

Taylor Swift surprised 13-year-old fan Delaney Clements who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of seven. Delaney, who is a massive fan of the 26-year-old singer started a campaign to meet Taylor called #TaylorMeetDelaney and on Saturday (19th December) her wish came true. Taylor surprised the family by turning up unannounced and the afternoon was captured on Instagram and Facebook with Delaney and her Mum posting photos. Taylor became so into the idea of ‘Swiftmas’ that she also sent a number of other fans packages of merch and other little presents.

Award acceptance speeches

To any award acceptance speech, there is always something directed to Taylor’s fans. Taylor thanks her fans for everything because she knows that we are such a big part of her life and she wouldnt be where she is now without us.

A very important quote Taylor has said:

Long story short: Taylor is one of those few artists who does nothing but good for her fans and everyone around her yet she gets body shamed and name called everywhere. It really does break my heart. 

Taylor has been there for me through everything and I know that she always will be because she has never failed to make us all smile and to make us all feel better about ourselves, She has made me feel loved and wanted and she has introduced me to some of my bestest friends ever. To me, Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s my best friend.


They sink into quiet after that, watching the way the lightning moves and lights up the rain, listening to the thunder as it rolls and announces each strike. It’s one of the more beautiful nights of Louis’s life and he pretends to himself that he’s not including Harry in that assessment as well.

He doesn’t really think about it when he turns his head to rest on Harry’s shoulder, the movement as natural as it would be to keep sitting up. Harry doesn’t flinch at the new weight as he drinks from his glass, the world illuminating around them once more. In the flicker of light, Louis watches as Harry reaches his hand toward Louis’s knee and then pulls back abruptly and puts his hands in his own lap.

“You can touch me,” he says softly, knowing Harry hears him in the bubble that belongs to them.

He feels Harry’s jaw move along the top of his head when he smiles and then Harry’s hand is on his knee, fingers tucked on the inner seam of Louis’s sweats. It sends as much electricity through Louis as the lightning poles have been receiving all night. He suppresses a shiver when Harry moves his hand, his fingertips tracing the seam in a gentle up and down motion.

-from Walk That Mile | by purpledaisy @daisyharry

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>>>Written for @1dreversebang<<<

walk that mile by @daisyharry | purpledaisy

“Yeah, well you don’t get to just decide what we are and aren’t going to do,” Harry says. He unhooks his seatbelt and flings it against the car door with a loud metallic thud. “This is my road trip and you are not just taking it over because you don’t like my ideas.”

“Did you want me to drag your lifeless body into the diner just so you could say you’d been there?” Louis says back just as loudly as Harry is talking. “You have such a detailed timeline of where we should be, I’m guessing you’d yell at me if I let you sleep at the diner and didn’t drive to the museum instead. Your anal retentiveness is showing, Harry.”

Harry stares at him, the line of his jaw standing out scarily. “I wanted to get the most out of this trip so I planned it carefully.” His voice is low and steady and somehow that’s worse than when he was yelling. “So far, you’ve put your sticky fingers on everything I’ve tried to do.”

“Sticky fingers?” Louis repeats, offended. “Are you saying it’s my fault you got stung by a bee? Had you been alone you would have gotten halfway to the Dotty Diner and ran the car off the road because of an allergic reaction, so don’t go blaming me.”

“Polk-A-Dot Drive In,” Harry spits before getting out of the car. He slams the door shut with a deafening reverb and Louis rolls his eyes.

An enemies to friends to lovers AU on Route 66 where falling in love was never supposed to happen.

Coming soon for @1dreversebang

Put some RESPECT on Daenerys’ name

There really is something wrong with some female fans in this Game of Thrones fandom. Instead of building the good and grey women up on the show, we beat them down and dismiss them, all over the competition of a man’s affections. What I love most about Game of Thrones and what kept me committed to watching is the badass representation of ambitious, strong, and persevering females on the show. From Daenerys, Arya, Brienne, Sansa, Yara, Olenna, Margaery, to heck, even Cersei’s ruthless behind. These women SLAY in every definition of the word. Can we not admire how they struggle through loss and violence through the best way they can? I respect that.

Reading a post dismissing Daenerys as someone “who watched everything be given to her” and comparing her to Sansa stating, “Dany never would have survived what Sansa survived.” This isn’t a competition for who suffered the most and who didn’t. My God. And to completely dismiss Daenerys as some person who did or achieve nothing because everything was handed to her is a complete disservice to the character and what actually happened in the show or books. Daenerys did not grow up with a loving mother, doting father, or protective brothers. Her entire family was killed ruthlessly and she lived her entire life on the run with her only relative at the time in Viserys. The older brother who physically abused her, who emotionally abused her, and who molested her over the course of years. The same brother who sold her maidenhood off to Drogo for an army with no care of her well-being, only of his goals and ambitions to take back their homeland. Daenerys was raped, defiled, and roughed up into submission. Instead of allowing herself to cower away in the corner, she learned to grow up and adapt to the circumstances surrounding her. How? Demanding respect for herself and the women around them through meaningful and impactful change. Doing so not with fire, but with what every woman is equipped with, her brain and determination to make lemonade from the lemons given to her. Suffering the loss of a child is painful, but to do so simultaneously as with the loss of a man she learned to love? Devastating. Her strength and grit which were born from pain and suffering, they brought with them loyalty from legions of people. And this isn’t even half of what else I could say about her.

Daenerys isn’t perfect and has obvious flaws and impulsive decisions made, just like any other character or man on the show, but I never doubt that at the root of her cause, it’s always for the good of the people. There are selfish means tied in there as well, but again, she’s not perfect and that’s what I like about her, flawed but a good-intentioned character. How about you walk a mile in Daenerys shoes and let me know if you can accomplish even half of what she did from ending rape among the Dothrakis, liberating slaves, commanding control over armies through not her dragons, but through strength and determination to create a better society that works for all socioeconomic classes. The unsullied only followed her because of the respect they have for her after being freed. She was the queen they chose not because the dragons would kill them if they didn’t, but because they believe in her. Daenerys gave them a choice and asked for their support and because she is a motivator, she gained their loyalty. Dothraki only follow strength so she had to finesse them into formation. Daenerys is no ordinary girl. She’s an ambitious woman with big goals and there is not one thing wrong with that. Both Sansa and Daenerys at the heart of their characters are survivors.