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Y'all I just had a dream that was like a movie about two lesbians and I KNEW it was gonna end tragically and sure enough with two minutes to spare, one of them declined the kiss, saying “we have all the time in the world”, walked out, and got shot, and died in her girlfriends arms.


@dazzmazing-dazz I have a class on Monday nights that doesn’t end until after 7pm and the last bus going in the direction of my apartment is at 6:50. XD Thankfully the walk is almost a straight shot down a pretty major street and I’ve got a big dog to walk with me. However I do have to walk past danger zones like the liquor store and there are a lot of unlit sections of street at night. I’m probably going to wind up bumming a ride from some classmates who live nearby if I can manage it.

Imagine: Playing Ricks Wife In The Walking Dead And Andrew Falling In Love With You Off Set. {AU}

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“Rick,” you whispered, your forehead pressed against Andrew’s. “Come back, please.”

“I love you,” he replied, smashing his lips against yours.

“Cut!” The director yelled. You and Andrew pulled apart and smiled at each other.

“Soft lips Lincoln,” you winked sending him a smile that made his heart flutter. If only you knew every romantic scene he did with you came from his heart because Andrew Lincoln is in love with you.

“Sup dude,” Norman asked, sitting down next to Andrew.

“It’s Y/N," he sighed, stroking his beard like he usually does when he’s thinking. "Man, every ‘I love you’ I’m saying to her character to character and every kiss I give her on screen, I mean it.”

“Andrew, hi!” the producer said. “You know Y/N’s character get’s killed off in the next couple of filming days, so you really need to spend time practicing with her. It’s a very emotion, passionate scene and I think with a little more practice you two could make the whole thing look a hundred percent real.”

“I couldn’t agree more sir,” you smiled behind the produce, your arms crossed against your chest. You had to admit, you had always had a big time crush on Andrew since 2010, and nearly 7 years later, your time on The Walking Dead is coming to an end. The producer and Norman scuffled off somewhere, leaving you and Andrew alone together. “Why don’t we grab a coffee and go back to my place and get working on our final scene as lovers together?”

“Sure,” He whispered, grabbing his coat and walking out with you. You went to Starbucks and ordered coffee then made your way back to your apartment.

“I’m sad I’m being killed off the show,” you sighed throwing your keys on the coffee table and sitting down on the couch before taking your script out of your bag. “7 years and I’m being killed off by Negan.”

“Hey, at least it’s Jeffery Dean Morgan,” he winked laughing.

“Have you got your script so we can start rehearsing?”

“I already know my lines,” he stated, grabbing your hands and pulling you up. “Your line first.”

“Rick,” you whispered as you threw your arms around Andrew. “His men kidnapped me from Alexandria. Are you okay? Has he hurt you?" you placed your small hands on his cheek and rubbed circles waiting for his lines. However, he didn’t speak, just stared you in the eyes before pressing his lips to yours in a chaste yet passionate kiss.

"I love you, Y/N L/N,” Andrew muttered into your soft lips as he fell on to the couch and pulled you with him. You kissed back, unable to comprehend whether what was going on was some sick joke or if this handsome British devil had feelings for you. “Every kiss I give you and every 'I love you’ I say in front of the camera is so much more than my character to yours. It’s from my heart, you’re so beautiful and talented. I’m thrilled you were casted to be my wife, and that I got to kiss those amazing lips almost every time we were in front of the camera.” Andrew placed a kiss on your cheek and circled his thumb on your lips where he had kissed, before kissing them again.

“I-I love you too Andrew..” you whispered, causing him to smirk in victory.

“That’s why I want you to become my significant other in real life,” he smirked before kissing you passionately. You didn’t even have to think about an answer, because no matter what, it’d always be yes.

Special thanks to @rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts for inspiring me to make a side-blog dedicated to The Walking Dead.
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The scenes that were shot with the two actors inside of the house were part of an assignment for my senior cinematography class at Portland State University. I decided I liked the small narrative that I had created, and challenged myself to find footage that I had previously shot and incorporate it into the story arc to make it more expansive. The result presents itself as an art style music video, utilizing a song by the modern Russian composer Kai Engel. Kai Engel offers his music for creative use through the Free Music Archive online, and I am an enormous fan of his work! The daylight freeway and sunset tunnel footage was shot with a bumper mounted GoPro Hero 3; the wide angle shot of Portland and the Willamette river was shot with a tripod mounted GoPro Hero 3; the drone shot was achieved with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional; the female character walking up the stairs was shot was with an RC Timer gimbal mounted Panasonic Lumix GH4 DSLR; the sunset ridge shot was done with a Manfrotto fluid head tripod mounted Panasonic Lumix GH4 DSLR; the remainder of the shots were achieved with a Manfrotto fluid head tripod mounted Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

i was playing ow with a pal one time and she was at the pool table in one map before the match started, and there were some cups stacked up and she said ‘look how neatly these cups are stacked!’ so i walked over


shot them, ruining the cup stack

and all i could think of was this

Slang- Carl Grimes

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Hi can i have a carl imagine where the girl is Australian and she is trying to teach carl aussie slang but he just get frustrated and the girl kisses him to calm him down? :)”

Word count: 206

Warnings: swearing,

Note: fluff galore !!! :)))


“Okay, try ripper.” You offered, trying to ease Carl’s anger.

“What the hell does that even mean?” He growled, and you could’ve sworn you’d seen smoke release from his ears. His face was already red enough to be mistaken for a fresh sunburn.

“Carl, calm down.” You laughed softly, almost assumed by his anger. It wasn’t often you could laugh with someone nowadays. But your boyfriend Carl always seemed to bring a smile to your face in even the most difficult of situations.

He’d always loved your Australian accent, and how you still used the slang throughout the apocalypse.

“No, (Y/N). I’m pissed I can’t figure this shit out–”

You cut him off quickly, placing a soft kiss on his lips. The younger Grimes boy felt your skin touch him ever so gently and calmed down almost immediately. You pulled back slowly and he whimpered, wanting more time with you.

You stayed close, looking up at him with sheepish eyes. He smiled widely, shaking his head.

“Okay. Maybe I should calm down a bit.” He laughed, and so did you. It was a moment of happiness in a world full of despair, and you would forever cherish it.


Marilyn Manson - “Disassociative”

I can tell you what they say in space,
that our earth is too grey.
But when the spirit is so digital,
the body acts this way.

That world was killing me.

The nervous system’s down,
the nervous system’s down,
I know.

I can never get out of here.
I don’t wanna explode in fear.
A dead astronaut in space.

Sometimes we walk like we were shot through our heads, my love.
We write our song in space
like we are already dead & gone.

Your world was killing me.

I can never get out of here.
I don’t want to just float in fear.
A dead astronaut in space.

The nervous system’s down,
the nervous system’s down.

Impressions - Joe Sugg

“Hey guys today I will be doing youtuber impressions” Joe explained to the camera. I sat in a chair watching. I love his impressions they always make me laugh and smile. I I scrolled through my phone. He kept laughing trying to do Jim’s. He finally got through that one and his next one surprised me. “Was up guys it’s your fam here (Y/N) (L/N)” I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. Next up he was doing Tyler Oakley. he looks so cute. I know he was going to be annoyed but what ever. I bit my lip and walked into camera shot. “What are you doing?” Joe asks why smiling and laughing.

“Nothing” I said. He furrowed his eyebrows. I kissed his cheek while giggling lightly. I lent towards his ear. “You’re cute as a nerd but I prefer the bad boy” I whispered. I giggled and walked back to my seat. 

“Ok guys that’s going to be the end of the video today….” I’m in trouble. ;)

I had a dream where they made a new Portal game, but instead of the portal gun the main character had a magic walking cane that shot portals and Chell’s friend (who was played by Ben Affleck) was somehow trapped in the cane and over the course of the events she realises that it’s not her friend (Ben Affleck) in the cane, it’s GLaDOS using Ben Affleck’s voice

Gunshot- None

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do an imagine where instead of Daryl being shot by Dwight is the reader? Thank you :) By the way i love your blog and I think you are an amazing writer 😊”

Word count:

Warnings: violence

 first non-paired imagine i’ve done!! :)


You crept close to where Glenn and Michonne were being held captive, Daryl and Rosita on either side of you. You took in the area, marking the points of weakness in your mind before attacking.

The trees weren’t thick in this particular part of the forest, and it worked to their kidnapper’s advantage. You barely had space to hide. The leaves were thin and scarce. It took you a few moments to move forwards, but even then, the others could see you all in your entirety.

It was still light out too. Th world seemed to be pushing against you. Watching with laughter as you struggled to stay away from the edge of death.

But it seemed to push you too much, and you couldn’t help but peek over the edge. Still, you shushed as Glenn shook his head frantically, seeing you as clearly as the savours.

Dwight approached you from behind, choosing between you or Daryl with his loaded gun. You heard a twig snap behind yourself, which is why you turned your body back. Within an instant, the gun shot off. Into your shoulder. The bullet lodging itself deeply.

Dwight said something to you, but the world was drowned in darkness as you collapsed forward.

Number Game- Paul "Jesus" Rovia- 57

Requested By- Anonymous  (Hope you like it)

Paul laid on the grass under the stars, one of his arms was around your shoulders, keeping you close, and the other was behind his head, keeping it up as he his gaze slowly shifted to you.

You’d had a nightmare and woken him up, needing to calm down a little from the trouble. The world around you making it hard to find happiness.

A soft sigh from your left snapped your out of your thoughts, causing you to look over to Paul.

Noticing the movement his gaze met yours, and a small smile slipped onto his face.

“You know.” He started, “There’s a lot of reasons to be happy in life. You’re a pretty good one.” He added, propping himself up onto his elbow as he turned to you a little bit.

You smiled as he leaned down, pressing a kiss to your lips.

Shower Songs - Daryl Dixon Imagine

AN: No one requested this, I just wanted to write it. I’ve not written in a while as I’ve been struggling so I’m easing myself back into it. Hoping to start on the requests on my inbox (which is closed for the time being) and get them posted over the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who has messaged me and checked in to ask how I am…You know who you are and it’s greatly appreciated! <3 

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You smile as the warm water cascades down your body and you lather the soap up in your hands, since the world was claimed by the dead, the luxuries you used to take for granted were a blessing when you could get them and since coming to Alexandria you appreciated everything that was there. You soap up your arms, and start humming to the tune of a song that’s playing in your head, the corners of your mouth turning up in a smile.

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
But they’re so spaced out, Bennie and the Jets
Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful..’

You turn your back to wet your hair and raise your voice, you know the house is empty as Daryl and the others are out on a run. Your movements and facial expressions over exaggerated as though you have the record blasting.

‘Oh Bennie she’s really keen
She’s got electric boots a mohair suit
You know I read it in a magazine
Bennie and the Jets..’

As you brush your hands through your hair you hear the click of a door and freeze for a moment, holding your breath for a second, the shower the only sound. You hum the remaining notes and rinse yourself clean and start mumbling the lyrics under your breath, you turn the shower off and step out, grabbing the towel and wrapping it round your body. Smiling you pull open the door and walk into a wall of solid muscle, a choked scream stuck in your throat. Daryl looks down at you, a ghost of a smile flashing across his face, his blue eyes looking into yours making your cheeks flush with colour.

‘Nice shower?’ he asks, an amused tone in his voice. You hold the towel to closer and bite your lip as you see Daryl’s eyes flick down your body before settling back on your face.

‘I urm…I thought you were on a run?’ Daryl takes a step closer to you, the breath leaving your body, for so long you have fantasised about making your feelings known but have squashed them down deep inside in a place where you can’t get hurt by his rejection, a place of fear.

‘Ya well..I got back a few minutes ago.’ You feel a fresh wave of embarrassment go through you again and scrunch your nose up.

‘Shit…So you heard me singing huh?…Great!’ Daryl only smirks at you as you push past him and start padding towards your room, he grabs you by your arm and looks at you. You feel electricity shoot through you, a tingling sensation that reaches out and grabs your stomach, your eyes scan up to meet his and you lick your lips as Daryl’s features soften, he opens his mouth to say something, but closes it and swallows before saying.

‘S’good song.’ He lets your arm go, it drops to your side as he walks into the bathroom and clicks the door shut, a thousand thoughts running through your mind and your breathing shallow.

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Hi, i just wanted to let you know that walking burns a lot of calories (i burn 400 in an hour and a half) and if you consider it exercise, you should start doing it. Hope I helped :* stay safe

Thank you so much!! I’m actually considering downloading Pokemon Go just so I have an excuse to walk around a bunch, even though I’ve never played Pokemon before and I’m really not all that interested. I might just give walking a shot! Thank you!

plz be safe playing pokemon go friends, someone ran over a pregnant lady near kc(she survived and so did her baby thankfully), intentionally, while she and friends were playing the game on a walk. a guy also shot at some kids who were playing in florida and it’s just a bad deal so plz be safe babes <3