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Request #2: Daryl Imagine (Smut)

Request by anon0106 ( I stupidly erased your message so I have to reformulate): Basically the reader is in love with Daryl but he hardly wants anything to do with her because he thinks she lived a privileged life before the apocalypse. Eventually he finds out that it isn’t exactly true and smut + fluff follows.

Scars aren’t always visible 

“So (Y/N), what did you do before the outbreak?” Deanna asked me in her living room. She was interviewing the entire lot of us and I was one of the last ones remaining.

I felt uncomfortable as I sat on the couch and saw the small red dot of the camera just behind her, the bookshelves filled with books and I guessed I just wasn’t used to this kind of luxury any longer.

“I was doing a graduate degree in (your favourite subject),” I replied, eyeing the windows suspiciously. The post-apocalyptic world had changed all of us and I failed to recognize the person whom I had been before it all started. It was almost like we were two different people.

“You’re a scholar,” the lady commented, a pleased smile growing on her relaxed face. “I’m glad people like you and I survived,” she stated before going on with the questions.

The ‘interview’ went on for another fifteen minutes and by the end of it, when she was turning off the camera, she informed me that she already had a job in mind for me and that I would fit just right in Alexandria.

I walked back to the two houses Deanna had so graciously offered us and spotted Daryl skinning the possum he had caught just before we got inside Alexandria.

“Need help?” I asked him as I sat down in the stairs a few steps away from him.

The weather was great. After weeks of travelling in the infernal heat and drought it was incredibly relaxing to be outside with a refreshing breeze.

“What d’ye even know about skinning animals,” he groaned as he kept sliding his knife through the dead animal’s fur. The sight was rather disgusting but I had gotten used to it after spending so long surviving in the apocalypse and stabbing countless walkers.

“Not much,” I admitted, shrugging my shoulders. “But you could teach me,” I added, my voice careful this time as I was unsure about his reaction.

Daryl and I weren’t exactly friends. I had been with Abraham’s group practically since the very start and when our groups merged, he mostly kept away from me, almost like he didn’t think I deserved to have made it this far. He was unpleasant every time I spoke to him but I just kept trying. I wanted him to open up to me.

“Ye think this is like yer old life, princess?!” He seethed with anger, his blue eyes looking up at me with a coldness that froze me. “Well it ain’t so ye better get used to it now and grow the fuck up,” he spat at me and I tried to remain calm.

Many people had resented me for the privileged life I had lead before the apocalypse but they forgot that having money wasn’t everything and that no one was immune to suffering. Daryl was one of these people and for some reason it hurt a lot more when it came from him.

“I was just saying that I could learn if you taught me how,” I sighed, remaining calm because I knew Daryl was like a grenade and he might just explode if you weren’t careful.

“Ye think this is fuckin’ college and ye want a degree in animal skinnin’,” he fumed, stabbing the poor animal in his angry state.

I was so done with all of this, he could go on hating me for all I cared! I stood up abruptly, towering over him and managed the necessary courage to confront him.

“Fuck you!” I snapped and he stared at me in disbelief. I was usually very calm and this outburst was out of character for me but I couldn’t care less. “Yes, I have a college education and I’m proud of it,” I sneered. “But I still managed to survive, kill countless walkers and kick ass out there,” I said, my outstretched arm indicating the wasteland beyond the walls.

“I bet yer daddy payed for yer survival classes too,” he rebuffed and I had to use all of my strength not to crack in front of him, I didn’t want to give him that pleasure.

“You might have scars all over your back Daryl, but you aren’t the only one who knows pain!” I didn’t bother looking at him again. Instead, I went inside and walked over his foot on purpose.

A couple of days passed and as we got more comfortable around Alexandria, Rick decided that it was time to settle in permanently which meant using the second house as well.

Abraham, Rosita, Eugene and myself moved into the second house, the smaller one which we hadn’t previously occupied. I chose a small bedroom on the first floor which by the looks of it had been destined to a teenage girl.

As the four of us were settling in someone rang the doorbell.

“I’ll go get it,” I yelled and exited my new room before going downstairs in a rush.

“Hi,” I said out of breath as I opened the door and was met with Daryl’s presence. “What do you want,” I inquired defensively, crossing my arms over my chest. We hadn’t talked since the possum argument and I was still waiting for an apology.

“Rick’s place’s full,” Daryl groaned and just as I was about tell him that it wasn’t my problem, Abraham appeared behind me and told Daryl that he could take the spare room on the first floor.

I wasn’t pleased with this but none of my other housemates seemed to care and I decided to let it go when it became obvious that it would be pointless to protest.

After all, I had lived with worse people in my life. Daryl’s grogginess would be a piece of cake compared to it.

Aaron and Eric invited me to dinner on the night of the party. Eric and I had become friends after I started my job as a teacher. He really enjoyed being with children and insisted on helping me plan the lessons.

“Hello (Y/N),” the redhead greeted before I had even rang the doorbell. He looked all put together in a patterned button-up shirt.

“Hey,” I said, hugging him with one arm. “I would have brought flowers but this is the apocalypse,” I joked and followed him inside.

I helped him with the Bolognese sauce and had just finished setting the table when Aaron appeared out of nowhere with Daryl.

“Great,” I muttered sarcastically under my breath but it didn’t go unnoticed.

“What?” Daryl growled as I took a seat in front of him at the dinning table. Aaron and Eric eyed us suspiciously, the latter one with a grin on his face.

“Just delighted by your presence,” I lied, a big fake smile plastered on my face.

I guessed he was doing it on purpose just to annoy me and it was working. He ate his spaghetti in the most unrefined way possible and both Eric and I were shocked by his behaviour.

I tried to ignore it but every time he noticed me staring at him, he would make it even worse and I just wanted to smack his head. Luckily for me, Eric couldn’t keep his mouth shut and Aaron and Daryl soon left the table and went to the garage.

I used this occasion to leave without having to face him again and went home. The streets were exceptionally calm, everyone seemed to be at Deanna’s party and I was happy for some quiet.

I was helping myself to a glass of water when I heard the front door being closed violently behind me. Startled, I let the glass fall to the floor, thousands of sharp pieces flying everywhere.

“Bet ye ain’t even used to servin’ yerself a drink,” someone sneered behind me and I didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was.

“What the fuck is your problem, Daryl,” I yelled, raising my arms in frustration as I turned around to face him and bumped into his shoulder. He was a lot closer to me than I’d expected. “Because I’m seriously getting tired of it,” I added the last part in almost a whisper, still surprised at his closeness.

“Yer a spoiled princess who never had to do shit,” he answered forcefully, his breath very hot on my skin.

I sighed and turned away from him, just now realising what his problem was.

“You had a rough past Daryl but you aren’t the only one,” I started and heard him snigger but I decided to be the bigger person and just let it pass. “When my dad died, my mom married a man who had two teenage sons. I was just twelve at the time and they made my life a living hell until I left for college,” I explained and finally mustered the courage to face him after telling him something so personal.

“Did they,” he stumbled with his words even more than usually. “Did they, ye know?” He asked and I could see regret written all over his face.

I shook my head and saw his face relax a bit. “They didn’t mind violence though,” I admitted and suddenly Daryl did something I would never have expected from him: He walked over to me and took me in his arms, giving me the hug I desperately needed.

I could feel his heart beat fast against my cleavage and when I looked up at his face, he was already staring at me, his blue eyes the softest I had ever seen them.

We stared into each other’s eyes for a long time in complete silence and then both of us somehow decided to do the first move at the same time and we ended hitting our noses. He was still smiling one of his rare smiles when our lips met and I was surprised by their unexpected smoothness.

He was hesitant at first, probably not having a lot of experience but when I fisted his long hair in my hand and deepened the kiss, a very masculine growl escaped his mouth and he pushed me against the kitchen counter, my lower back hitting it with some pain which I ignored.

We only broke the kissing to catch our breaths and when I felt his hands wandering under my shirt, his touch ghostlike over my ribs and breasts, I decided to be bold for a moment and took off my t-shirt without a warning. I smirked as I saw him look at my torso appreciatively and he unconsciously licked his lower lip.

Still smirking and hoping I didn’t look completely ridiculous, I bent my arm behind my back and unclasped my bra, letting it slowly fall on the shards which littered the floor.

Everything happened very quickly afterwards: Daryl closed in the distance between us, the soft material of his worn shirt rubbing over my nipples before he cradled my face in his strong hands and kissed me more confidently this time around.

His hands then left my face and I felt him grab my tights before sitting me on the counter. I was happy enough to have sex with him there in the kitchen but he seemed to think that it was a bad idea, probably because of the shards and he lifted me again, one arm under my ass and the other one behind my back.

He walked us to his room, stumbling across various items and my head hitting a door frame as he walked us up the stairs and we had to give up on kissing for a few seconds because I was sure we would have fallen before making it to his bed.

He unceremoniously let me fall on the single bed and I was still chuckling at his eagerness when his body covered mine again. I undid his shirt one button at the time and when I was done with the last one, I also unbuckled his belt singlehandedly.

His body left mine for a second as he took off his clothing before he leaned back down and trailed kisses on my skin, starting at my collarbone and going down until he reached my pants and slid them down my legs before using his teeth to remove my panties. This gesture would probably have made me laugh if it had been done by anyone other than Daryl but with him, it was incredibly hot and I blushed at the enticing sight.

He stopped for a few seconds after entering me so that I could get used to the sensation before he started moving inside me and pleasure erupted all over our bodies. It was a mixture between lovemaking and fucking, and Daryl almost choked when I lifted my left leg and rested it on shoulder, allowing him to go deeper.

I came undone shortly before him and when it was over, he let his body fall on top of mine, his weight crushing me but I didn’t mind. I felt him catching his breath, his face resting at the crook of my neck and each of his exhalations tickled my sensitive skin.

As he rolled away from me, I immediately felt his arm encircling my waist and adjusting us into a spooning position.

“I didn’t know you liked to cuddle,” I breathed amused and I couldn’t help the smile that crept upon my face when he tightened his hold around me.

“Shut up (Y/N),” Daryl chuckled as he brushed away my hair and kissed my neck.

Taking requests even though I still have a couple of them waiting (I’ll try to do them soon). Also, if anyone has a suggestion for a Norman Imagine don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to try writing something with him :)

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Off the grid for Harry's birthday? Louis was literally having dinner with Danielle that day. Lol.

I don’t think that photo was taken on Harry’s birthday. I still laugh thinking about how over the top they were with those balloons and staged pap shots walking past the car and waiting for their cue to move. That was a mess.

“How you enjoying the view back there?” You asked, having felt being watched.

“What…” Daryl asked, looking away from you.

“I haven’t heard you move in five minutes, so I thought I’d ask.” You said turning around to face him.

“How did you know I was checking you out?”

“Well I didn’t, you just told me.” You smirked. Daryl shook the hair out of his face and you could have sworn you saw him smile. “If you got something to tell me Mr. Dixon, I’d say it now.”

“Nahh…” He groaned and looked out the watch tower. You nodded your head and did the same.

“How are you on ammo? Do you need any more?” You asked while shifting off the foot you were previously standing on.

“I’m– I’m good.” He answered oddly. You turned your head around and caught him staring at your bottom half while chewing on his lip. His eyes shot up to yours, causing you to laugh.

“Ok this is like the fifth time today I’ve caught you staring, are you going to make me ask you or…” You trailed off, waiting for his answer. The look in his eyes changed, but he didn’t say or do anything. “Of course…” You put your guns down and started walking over to him, but then stopped when he spoke.

“I don’t think we should Y/N, something could happen…”

“Oh I see– you can fight off a hundred walkers, but when it comes to one woman you freeze up.” You teased. He tried so hard to hold back from doing anything and it was easily seen.

“I don’t know… Our watch is almost over.”

“Then you better hurry up and make a move, Dixon.” He stood there surprised by your boldness. His mouth was slightly apart as he stared at you hesitantly.

“We really shouldn’t Y/N.”

“Ok—just let me know when you grow a pair of balls then.” You smirked and walked away from him.

“That ain’t fair.” He spoke up just as Morgan and Rick showed up early to relieve you two from your shift.

“What isn’t?” Rick asked having caught Daryl’s words. He looked between the two of you, waiting for an answer.

“Nothing.” Daryl said, trying to convey for you not to say anything.

“You best man here is afraid of me.” You laughed before patting your leader on the shoulder, leaving him in confusion. “Oh hey Morgan, are we still on for practice later.”

“Sure thing Y/N. Remember it’s at five o’clock, don’t be late like last time.”

“All right,” You smiled, “See you around Dixon.” You winked at the archer and left the watchtower.

“Did I miss something?” Rick asked.

“Just drop it Grimes.” Daryl said before taking off behind you.

“Well apparently we’re calling each other by last names now.” Rick said while looking over to Morgan.

“Let it go, Rick.” His friend laughed, having caught on to what happened.

Here we are with my first Caryl one shot (it’s actually my fourth fan fiction, but it’s the first I’m sharing here). Thank you to my lovely @passportcolor who translated it from Italian (and made this wonderful drawing inspired to one of the scenes in the story) and to my friend Stefania ( @stewaits88)  who did another reading before I decided to post it. We did our best. Enjoy it! (tagging @lovesdaryl who wanted to read it). 

Descalimers: Carol a bit OOC; Setting: TWD 6x09.

The World Against Us

“What happened?”

Carol and him were in a corner not too far away from the crowded infirmary. She had her back against the wall, a band-aid on the forehead and a disturbed look

“What happened?” Daryl said again. The first time he might have been a bit harsh in his tone, but it was because of the agitation.

Alexandria was a mixture of blood and gunpowder. The bodies of the walkers gathered everywhere, spread in every spot of the community. There were other bodies too, that someone was carefully covering with bed cloths and plastic sheets.

“Carol, what happened?” Daryl’s tone became more gentle and sweet. He put one hand on her shoulder, expecting for her to look at him.

He didn’t want to know what had happened in town, he could understand that by himself. Half of the herd ended up there, the guard tower had fallen down making a breach into the wall, many people had died, some were injured. Almost all the survivors were gathered inside the infirmary, were the chaos reigned almost like the one outside in the streets. Daryl had found Carol just there and together they had gone outside by her own entreaty.

“You sure you’re fine?” He tried with a different question, “You look like you can’t even stand on your own.”

He had been ensured that her injuries weren’t serious and she wasn’t bitten, and yet she looked terrible. She seemed, more than anything else, tired. And on the edge of crying.

“I’m fine” she finally replied, with a weakened tone.

Daryl checked again the band-aid she had on her forehead when suddenly he heard someone’s steps coming their way.

Morgan was coming closer, and he also appeared tired and filled with dejection.

“Carol, can I…”

“Stay away from me, Morgan” was her response. Her voice always weak but she articulated those words with clarity and steadiness.

The man looked at them both. He seemed like he was going to say something else but when Daryl took a step ahead towards him, with a vexed expression, he walked past them without saying a word. Dixon followed the man’s movement with his sight and when he was far enough, Daryl looked back at Carol who was wearing the same expression.

Passing by he had heard Rosita and someone else talking about an incident that involved Morgan himself, but he hadn’t gotten much due to all the things that had to be done and were taken care of in the infirmary. That was it, that was what he wanted to know. He wanted to know how was she. What had happened to her.

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Max and Furiosa, amusement park AU

Max finds the poorly-printed paper advert for the travelling carnival stuffed inside his locker at the end of 2nd period. It has a time - 11pm? - written in Sharpie at the bottom. Folding up the leaflet, he slips it inside a pocket of his beat-up leather jacket, grabs his books for Chemistry and Spanish, and knocks the locker door shut with his elbow.

If there’s a small smile on his face as he strolls down the hall, no one looks close enough to see it. Max just transferred, and between that and the old police jacket and the brace on his leg, he has been left very much alone.

Or - almost.

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Assignment: Built to Walk

Our most recent assignment Built to Walk asks our members to submit images of the human movement. Writer Paul Salopek and National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer are leading this assignmnet looking to answer the question of why we as people continue to move?

Writer Paul Salopek is on a journey. He is setting out to recreate the voyage of dicovery our ancestors made when first wandering out of the prehistoric African Eden and migrated across the Middle East and Asia, before crossing into North America. His project, called the “Out of Eden Walk,” is an online experience where Paul is posting his thoughts, images and encounters with people he meets on his trail. Along with National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer , who is visually documenting the Out of Eden Walk project, they are curating an assignment called Built to Walk , which asks our Your Shot community to submit images of human migration and movement.

Following the lead of the Out of Eden Walk project, we’re looking for images that answer the question: Why do people move? What makes us seek out new horizons, and why can’t we just sit still?

You don’t have to go far to capture these kinds of images. They can be found in cities or on farms, in small towns or migrant camps. Look for a way to capture the art of human movement in a creative and artful way. In addition, show us the narrative of life around your. Every photograph does not have to be of someone walking.

If you’re in need of inspiration both Paul and John have uploaded images to their Your Shot profiles to help you better understand what they may be looking for content wise with this assignment.

With the help of our Your Shot members, Salopek and Stanmeyer hope to explore a fundamental quality of being human: restlessness.

Submit your photos to this assignment by February 15th!

View the Out of Eden Walk web site.

Follow the Out of Eden Walk on Twitter.

Photographs by John Stanmeyer, Thomas Kelly, Nilesh Bhange, Ian Plant, and Alessandra Meniconzi


Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word count: 2294

Warning(s): None, really. Mentions of the reader’s past and cursing but that’s pretty much it.

a/n, just a little drabble i came up with a while ago and posted on my wattpad account.

“The hell are you doing up there, woman?” you heard a gruff voice call. You peered down from your high perch in the tall tree and rolled your eyes at who you saw. “I done told you not to roll your eyes at me, girl. Don’t you know nothin’!”

“Dixon, you can’t even see my eyes all the way up here so I know you can’t tell if I rolled ‘em or not!” you called back to him. You proceeded to sit back on your branch with your head against the tree and sighed contentedly. You could hear him muttering to himself. “What was that!” you called.

“Nothin’, dammit! Rick sent me down here to get you because no one else will!” Ah, that’s why he was so ill.“ I trekked all the way out here and I ain’t going back empty handed!” You heard a noise and look down at the jack ass of a hunter. He was pointing his crossbow right at you. “I’ll shoot ya down if I have to!”

“Ya wouldn’t dare!” you shouted back. You could see him raise his brow. Of course, he pulled the trigger right after you said that. You squealed when you felt the arrow zip by your head and got stuck in the tree. You untied your legs and packed all your stuff back in your pack, including the birds you had caught. You put your bow back over your shoulder.

“Can ya grab my arrow for me?” You could hear the smirk in his voice. You scowled down at him. Before you started down and you grabbed the arrow, broke it on your knee and threw the pieces down to him. He was seething by the time you got to the ground. “What did ya do that for!”

You shrugged. “You shot at me,” you said simply before turning around and headed towards the prison.

Daryl shook his head after you left. Crazy bitch. You were seriously starting to make him regret picking you up out of that barn all those months ago. You had been burning up with an infection from a recent gunshot wound. He didn’t have it in him to just leave you there.

So you’ve been with the group ever since. There weren’t many people that actually liked you, to be honest. In fact most were scared of you. Daryl didn’t know why. You were about as scary as a wet kitten to him. You never said how you really had gotten shot. You changed the story every time, each new story more ridiculous than the last. He once called you on it but all you told him was, “Gotta keep you on your toes, Dixon.” The only people that did like you were the group that Daryl had came here with. They all saw you as a little sister or a crazy cousin. You were family.

Daryl wasn’t sure how he saw you though. Hell he hardly knew shit about you! Even if he wanted to know more he wasn’t going to fucking ask, because he knew your type. You would see it as “an eye for an eye” type deal, and he wasn’t about to let you go digging through his head for nothin’.

He was brought back from his thoughts you called his name. “Daryl get down!” He ducked down just as you shot an arrow through the skull of a walker that had snuck up behind him. You grabbed his wrist and yanked him towards the now open gate to the prison. “Come on, ya crazy shit!”

You both made through the gates just as walkers were closing in on you. You put your hands on your knees, trying to catch your breath. “What the hell-” you breathed “-was that!” He just stormed past you, bumping into your shoulder as he did so. You shrugged it off and went inside to find Rick.

“Y/n,” he called out from one of the cells. You looked in to see he was feeding Little Ass Kicker.

“Hey Rick,” you said quietly. “Daryl said you needed me to come down for something?” You scratched the back of your hand.

Rick nodded once, slowly. “Yeah. Well you didn’t have to come all the way up here. I told Daryl to give ya the message if he was goin’ huntin’.”

You smacked your face. “Fuckin’ son of a bitch….” You ran a hand through your y/h/c hair. “Okay so what did ya need me for?”

You could see him, struggling not to grin. He knew exactly what Daryl did. “You’re on watch tonight at sundown.”

“Is that it?” you said.

He nodded. “Yeah, you’re good to go.”

“I’ll be there for my shift. I’m gonna go walk the perimeter.” You stalked off grumbling to yourself. “Dumb redneck… smug bastard… wring his neck….”

Rick finally couldn’t hear you anymore and he smiled down at Judith. He knew he didn’t need to worry about you hurting anyone, especially Daryl. Neither of you might have noticed, but you’re the only two who haven’t. Y/n Y/l/n and Daryl Dixon were too much like each other in personality, that was the only reason you clashed so much with each other.

You wanted to go up to Daryl and smack the shit out of him, but you didn’t want to scare anyone again. Most everyone already thought you were a freak, although you didn’t really care about what the adults thought. You just didn’t want to scare the kids that were around.

Instead of doing what you wanted, however, you ran up to Carol when you spotted her. You took out the string of birds from your bag and gave them to the older woman. You smiled at each other and you went walking along the fence until the sun was almost covered by the horizon.

You ignored all the people sitting around eating supper and relieved Glenn from his watch.

“You okay, Y/n? Have you eaten yet?” he asked.

“I’ve got it taken care of, honey,” you lied. “Go on and get you something to drink, you look flushed.”

He patted your back and nodded. “See ya later then.”

Daryl watched as you climbed up the guard tower, not even bothering to come and eat first. Stubborn woman, he knew you hadn’t eaten that day. He grunted and grabbed another plate for you. He went over and climbed up.

You turned, startled, as you saw a plate of food shoved your way. Daryl glared down at you. “Ya gonna take it or not? I ain’t gonna stand here all night.”

You took it wordlessly but put it down in front of you. “I’m not hungry, but thanks anyway.”

“Whatever,” he mumbled. “Ya need to eat. Keep up your strength.”

“I will later,” you said. You were thankful when he dropped it.

Looking back through your binoculars, you started chewing on your thumbnail. Daryl had finally had enough. “Ya need to fucking get out of my head!” he yelled suddenly.

His outburst startled you, but you didn’t show it. You put down the binoculars. “Excuse me?”

“You’re the reason I wasn’t payin’ no attention today! I don’t need some girl constantly in my head, makin’ me miss things I shouldn’t be missin’, like damn geeks coming after me!” he continued ranting. “I don’t even fuckin’ know you, so get outta my head!”

You snapped back at him. “Well none of you people have ever bothered to get to know me! And as for being in your head that’s not my fault, Dixon, so don’t even start!”

You glared at each other hard for a few moments. Finally Daryl backed down some and broke the silence. “What did you do before all this?”

 Sighing you said, “I was a waitress at this shitty little Chinese restaurant.” He let out a small chuckle. “What?”

“Nothin’,” he said. “Just thought you’d have done somethin’ more… excitin’.”

You smirked. “How do you know that I didn’t? Ya gotta ask the right questions if you really wanna know. I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine.”

He knew that was coming. “There’s some I won’t answer. Understand that.”

You nodded nodded. “Got any tattoos?”

“I have a few. Do you?” he said back.

You lifted up the jeans on your leg and he saw a weird shaped blob just above your ankle. “A camera?” he asked.

You picked up your plate and nodded. “I loved reading, writing, video games, but my favorite thing to do was take pictures. Do you ever wonder what the world looks like through someone else’s eyes? That’s what a picture is. Seeing the world the way someone else does. And the best thing about pictures? Maybe the people who were in them change, but the pictures themselves… that’s a memory frozen in time. The photographs can’t change. They’re amazing.”

Daryl just stared at you for a long moment. That was the most he’d ever heard you say to… well anyone. He wasn’t sure how to feel about him being that person, but he didn’t hate it. “Never thought about it like tha’ before.”

She just grunted and that was it for conversation. You both ate in comfortable silence.

The next morning Daryl was woken up by the door slamming shut in the guard tower. It was Maggie climbing in for her shift.

Daryl didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep up here. “Where’s Y/n?” he asked groggily.

“She went huntin’. Said you were right behind her when we tried getting someone to go with her.” Maggie looked concerned.

“Ah shit,” Daryl groaned. He packed up his crossbow and quiver and climbed down to go after you.

Hearing leaves crunching behind you caused you to groan. “Daryl, I am fine!” you said without looking at him. “It’s day time, bright and sunny, and I can defend myself against any-” you finally turned and saw a walker a foot away. You quickly shot an arrow through its head, but there were about 6 more behind it. You tossed the bow and went for your knife you had hidden in your boot. You managed to get two down before another pulled your hair and tried going for your neck. You screamed when all of the sudden it dropped, with another person’s arrow sticking out of its eye. You and Daryl took down the remaining three quickly.

He turned on you. “Do you have a fucking death wish!”

“I was handling it just fine,” you said curtly.

“The hell ya were!” He was screaming in your face. “You should have brought someone else out here to watch your damn back! Unless you really are just wanting an easy way out! I’ve saved your ass at least three times now, the least you could give me is a damn thank you!”

You flinched away from him, about to express that you actually were grateful to him until he said, “Probably wasn’t even worth the damn trouble to get you outta that barn anyway and saving your ass the first time! More trouble than your worth.”

Your demeanor changed then. You couldn’t have felt more angry. “Maybe you fucking should have left me then,” you spat.

You began stalking back to the forest and Daryl didn’t follow. He needed to cool off. 'Course he didn’t mean what he said, but you didn’t know that. He was just pissed that he almost lost you right as he was getting her to open up to him. He chewed his thumbnail before deciding to go back to the prison. He’d send someone out here to get you; there was no way you’d come with him now.

A week had passed with no change. Both you and Daryl were more moody than ever and never spoke to each other. You just didn’t speak much at all, really.

Glenn, Daryl, Bob, one of the teenagers Zack, and a few others were on a run to the Big Spot. The inside didn’t look like it’d been touched much at all. Daryl saw Glenn stopped in one of the aisles staring hard at something.

Daryl’s eyes widened when he saw what it was, and he and Glenn grabbed a couple of them each. That was then the ceiling caved in and the screaming started.

You had finally calmed down enough to try and sleep after pacing back and forth worrying for God knows how long. They should have been back by now. Not that you really cared or nothin’…

You jolted awake when a gruff voice yelled, “Dammit!” You looked up and saw Daryl rubbing his head which he had apparently bumped pretty hard.

With a sigh, you shook your head. “Let me see, tough guy.” He winced when you felt around his skull. “Just a bump. I think you’ll live. If not, I’m getting the vest and the crossbow.”

“You already have your own bow,” he grumbled.

“But it’s not a crossbow. What are you doing in here?”

“Well it was supposed to be a surprise…” He rubbed the back of his neck before deciding to give it to you anyway. He grabbed the bag from behind him and tossed it.

You caught it opened it up to reveal several polaroid cameras, the kind that develop as you take them. You looked up at him wide-eyed. Grinning widely you stood and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Thank you!”

“I don’t hate ya, girl,” he said. He hugged you back. “Just hate that I’m worryin’ about ya.”

“Ya know,” you started, “it wouldn’t kill you to admit you care about someone Daryl. More than you normally care for people. I care about you more than I probably should, even though you’re a mean old son of a bitch.”

He grinned at you and sat down beside you. “Wanna go take some pictures? The moon looks… kinda cool tonight.”

You looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you out of your mind? Taking pictures of the moon is a bitch. But we can go in the morning and catch the sunrise.” You smiled and leaned your head on his shoulder, and sighed when you felt his head rest on yours.

Dead Natural {2}

Reader x ?

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions Of Guts

Words: 2,108

Part 1

Here we go guys, the second part. I tried making it longer, but I just couldn’t. Hopefully you enjoy it anyway! Love You Guys!

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Rick Grimes Imagine- “You hurt me.”
Prompt: Your Ricks wife of 8 months and ever since coming to Alexandria, you’ve distanced yourself and kept rather close to Maggie and Daryl. But when the walls come tumbling down, the first person you run into is none other then your husband.


You could still remember the day you gave into your feelings for Rick Grimes. He had told you the day you were “married” by Hershel at the Prison that you were the one for him and had kept him going since Lori died giving birth to Judith.

You missed that version of Rick. The new one, the Head Constable of Alexandria, was a jerk. And avoided you at all costs even when you were with his children because he wouldn’t stop looking at the blonde you loathed, Jessie Anderson. And she wouldn’t stop looking at him.

There would be nights where you never came home and spent the night at Aaron’s, or never left the confines of Maggie and Glenn’s house. It broke you to know the only man you ever loved didn’t care enough to check on you, to make sure you were safe.

When the walls of Alexandria finally caved like you knew they would, you pulled out your gun and ran for your life straight In the direction of where you could see Carol, your best friend, and Morgan running towards a vacant house. “Y/n!”

Whipping around, you nearly fired a bullet into Jessie Andersons head when she gripped your wrist and yanked you backwards. Luckily it only took down a walker in the distance. “Let GO of me!”

“You have to come to my house!” She snapped. “Michonne saw you and is nearly freaking out because she thinks you’re DEAD. C'mon’!” Michonne was one of your best friends and you couldn’t bear to let her believe you were gone. So you ran behind Jessie until coming up on her house where a small group had just run inside.

The second you ran in the door, you slammed into a familiar body and it sent you both tumbling to the floor. “My-y/n?” The deep Southern accent you adored filled the room, and your eyes snapped open to meet none other then the ocean blues of Rick Grimes eyes. Those eyes you loved. “God help me woman- I was terrified.”

“That’s funny, considering you’ve barely spoken to me since we moved into this town in the first place.” You growled, flinching as he gripped your wrist and took you into a private room of Jessie’s home. “You hurt me, you stupid man. Every time I saw your eyes on Jessie it was almost like I have never existed in the first place. Why? Do you want me to fall apart, Sheriff?”

Your heart stopped when he cupped your face in his hands and swept you off your feet, crashing his lips against yours in a frenzy of tongue and teeth. You wrapped your fingers through his dirty curls and cursed as he pulled away, your body pressed against the wall. “I have a duty of care to make sure abusive husbands don’t kill their wives. Remember when Carol told you about Ed?” You nodded weakly, your knees buckling as Rick bit down on his lip and lowered his face into your shoulder. “Pete was abusing Jessie and his boys. I had to make sure none of them got hurt. Y/n.. I love you. Don’t you know that? You’ve kept me going. You and Carl and Judith are my reasons for breathing.” A sigh escaped your lips as he began kissing your neck, leaving his hands gripping your waist tightly. “Please, I need my (your nick name) to help me kill some walkers. Just like we used to. Don’t run out there to get away.”

A smile crossed your face as you gently kissed his cheek, inhaling that familiar smell Rick always carried with him. “When do we start?”

Walking Her Home

Characters: Jensen x Reader
Words: 1144
Requested by Anonymous
Based on “Walking Her Home” by Mark Schultz 

Jensen’s Point Of View

           I remembered everything. I remembered our entire life together. And it was the most amazing life I could have ever hoped for.

           I met her dad right before I took her on our first date; her first date ever. I promised him I would have her home by curfew and that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her. And I kept both promises.

           We went to the fair that was in town, “That’s so cute!” she squealed when she saw the teddy bear hanging off of one of the games.

           And then it was on, I was determined to win her that bear. I was handed three tennis balls and had to knock over the three bottles that were stacked in a pyramid. I knew the game was fixed, but I needed to win her that bear.

           “Jensen, it’s okay,” she touched my arm, “You did really well.”

           “I didn’t win the bear,” I said.

           She raised up and kissed my cheek, “I have my teddy bear right here,” she hugged me, “I don’t need that one.”

           I kissed her forehead, “I’ll take you on the Ferris wheel,” I said.

           “That sounds perfect.”

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man crush monday → matthew staton bomer

There are things I love and appreciate in New York – the culture, the metropolitan aspect, taking public transportation. The museums, the theater. And New Yorkers. There’s nothing I love more than a really indignant New Yorker walking through our shot who says ‘I don’t care what you f***ers are doing, I’m going to my building!’ They’re so righteous about it.


That’s right guys, we’ve now reopened one shots, so we are accepting any of the following fandoms; 

  • The walking dead
  • Supernatural
  • The 100
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel (Xmen, The avengers, & Agents of shield (others possibly depending on what they are))

Please be aware we will now be more selective on what we accept!


Winter is filled with a thirst for improvement. Frigid air keeps us from leaving our cozy homes. I’ve been longing for a change in my work. Small, but significant. In the years past I’ve always gone to a photoshoot hoping to walk away with that “one shot” I’ve since learned that it’s more beneficial to walk away with a series of photographs that while separate, still speak to each other. This year will be filled with new faces and collaborations such as the one above, but also new experimentations to hopefully unify my entire body of work.

Walk The Moon: We Might Have Been Strangers Before Today, But Now, We Are Friends

Fears of rain went unnoticed as the crowd turned out in droves to catch Walk The Moon as they were in town recently as part of their latest tour. The boys might be busy preparing for the launch of a new album, but that doesn’t them form conquering the world one tune at a time.  

Walk The Moon, who shot to fame for their 2014 hit, Shut Up And Dance, were super excited to be here. The crowd was peppered with teens decked out in face paint, all eager to dance their hearts out. While Singapore was quite late on the tour bandwagon (Shut Up And Dance was released 2 years ago?), they more than made up for it with their performance.

A bit apprehensive about attending the gig, my fears were totally erased as Walk The Moon appeared on stage with the Circle of Life song from Lion King. Their goofy and energetic personalities shone through as the boys took over the stage with their incredible stage presence. Eli even rocked some facial paint of his own to match the concert goers, and Nicholas’ rainbow colored hair totally stole their limelight.

Despite the slight drizzle, everyone was busy dancing or had their hands up in the air as the band threw out hit after hit. With catchy lyrics and upbeat tempos, the air was sizzling with chemistry as the band became one with the fans.

All about building a community and inspiring listeners, Nicholas, the frontman of the band united everyone. “You might all have been strangers before today, but now, we are one. So just reach into your heart and release your emotions!” It felt a little bit cultish, but a surprisingly enjoyable cultish segment as everyone raised their arms to the trance like music.

Of course besides their famous Shut Up And Dance single, other hits like Different Colors, and the renowned college anthem Anna Sun ended off the night. Nothing beats the feeling of singing in unity amongst strangers, and the sense of belonging is exactly what Walk The Moon hopes to spread. Nicholas even tried joining the crowd to the horror of the bouncers who immediately flanked him as he reached over the barrier to be physically closer to fan.s 

Everyone went crazy as Walk The Moon jumped onto the Star Wars bandwagon by seguing to the classic theme song in the midst of their own. Not to forget a David Bowie tribute, because naming him as an inspirational figure is the rage now. 

Some bands are good at singing to the computer, others are better live, and it was clear that Walk The Moon was one of the latter. I don’t think I would be able to go back to listening to their records again for at least a few months after the concert now. Walk The Moon has received our stamp of approval, and nothing beats live music.


Photos courtesy of LAMC Productions and Michelle for Radiopulze

Article: Michelle