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Tips For Those Who Are Considering Witchcraft

Deciding to practice witchcraft and magick can be equally daunting and exciting.  Here are some tips about what to do if you are thinking about becoming a witch!


First, a few things that you should NOT do:

1.    Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, period.  Trust your intuition, and always stay true to yourself.

2.    Do not do anything that puts you in danger.  This includes casting a spell without protection, or opening yourself to spirits before you know what you are doing.  This also includes running out in the middle of a storm to collect rain water, or agreeing to meet a witch that you met online, alone.  Use common sense in all matters of your craft; your safety and health, both physical and mental, must come first.

3.    Do not do anything that contradicts your own personal, spiritual, moral, ethical, or other beliefs.  Unless you plan on changing what you believe, just don’t do it.  It doesn’t matter if everybody and their familiar is doing something; if it doesn’t agree with you, walk away from it.

4.    Do not start actually practicing anything witchcraft-related until you have researched it.  Do not do a spell until you have a working understanding of magick, as well as all of the ingredients involved in the spell – even ones you intend to substitute (especially the ingredients that you intent to substitute, actually).

5.    Don’t take witchcraft lightly. Your craft doesn’t need to be all serious spells and spiderwebs, but you do need to have a healthy respect for the energies and powers that you will be working with.  You shouldn’t fear them - never work with anything that makes you afraid - but you should respect them.

6.    Don’t take your studies lightly. Put yourself through witch school. Research everything; ask yourself questions and give yourself homework.  Ask others questions and ask them to give you homework!  Be creative in your studies, but still take them seriously.  You don’t have to be hunched over spellbooks all day, but you should make an effort to at least mentally review your existing knowledge, on days that you can’t find the time for more.  

7.    Do not be afraid to ask questions or for help – but do not automatically assume that everybody actually knows the answer.  Most witches around here will do their best to answer your questions, but they’ll also usually straight tell you if they don’t know something themselves; you should respect that, whether or not they point you in the direction of somebody else.  On the other hand, if something sounds wrong, trust yourself and double check.  Get a second opinion, if need be.  


Next, a few things that you should know before you enter the world of witchcraft:

1.    Witchcraft is real, and magick is real.  Whether or not you believe in it, it believes in you (as the saying goes).  Approaching magick as if you were cosplaying Harry Potter is an attractive but ultimately unwise idea.  Approaching magick as if you were learning to operate a highly beneficial but potentially dangerous piece of machinery – now, that is a wise idea.

2.    Witchcraft isn’t inherently evil, but neither is it inherently pure good.  Witchcraft is power, plain and simple.  It is what one chooses to do with that power that gives it such meaning, and even then, the concept of good and evil is an ethical and spiritual one, and thereby tends to vary from person to person, and from witch to witch.  You have to use your own morals to guide you.  The only type of magick that should be in your witchcraft is the magick you intentionally choose to put there.  On a related note: I personally don’t agree with classifying magick as ‘black magick’ or ‘white magick’, period – not because magick can’t have precise descriptors, but because there’s no need to use terms that have such negative racial undertones.  Light can be harmful and ‘evil’, while darkness can be protective and ‘good’. Your intentions aren’t “to do dark” or “to do light”, anyway.  Your intentions are “to do harm” or “to do healing”; your intentions are “to take away” or “to give”.

3.    Witchcraft is a personal practice. You do not need to follow any one specific path, spiritual or otherwise, in order to practice witchcraft.  There are many different types of witches, and many different types of magick.  If there is not one specific path that you feel is absolutely perfect for you, don’t choose one that feels ‘close enough’ – walk your own path and mold your witchcraft into something that is uniquely yours.  

4.    Witches worship in varying ways.  Some do not worship at all, and are purely secular witches.  Some are simply spiritual and do not follow one set path. Some are polytheists and worship many gods; some are monotheists and worship one.  Some are atheists and worship none!   Some are Wiccan.  Some are Christian.  Some are Satanists.  Some worship ancestors.  Some worship the stars.  Witchcraft is a personal practice, and should co-exist with all other aspects of your life.

5.    You don’t need a whole lot to get started.  Twigs can be used as wands; rock quartz can be used as a crystal.  Tea mixes contain herbs, and your spice cabinet is basically a magick cabinet.  Most of what is in your house can be used for magick, for that matter.  While it is definitely helpful to have the proper tools and ingredients when performing magick, it is possible to DIY your way through witchcraft until you can afford otherwise.  Also, it is probably smarter to wait a second before you run out and purchase anything, anyway.  As you learn more, you’ll start to see which tools you really need, which ingredients you’ll likely be using the most, which items really call out to you.  If you run out and buy everything that you see right away, you risk wasting money on things that just don’t work for you, or that you don’t even need.


Lastly, here are the things that you DO need to do, no matter what:

o    Be true to yourself.  Do not compromise yourself or your beliefs.

o    Be safe.  Don’t do or use anything that you do not have a working knowledge of.

o    Be educated.  Never stop seeking out new knowledge; try to learn something new daily.

o    Use common sense.  Don’t get caught up in things; think before you take action.

o    Trust your intuition and instinct.  We often know more than we consciously realize.

o    Be creative.  Write the spell that you’ve been looking for.  See what is laying around the house that you can use for your witchcraft.  Be inventive!

o    Have patience.  Learning takes time; magick takes time; developing your craft takes time.

That’s it for the moment!  Tune in tomorrow for a post regarding more tips and information on what to do when you do decide to go ahead enter the world of witchcraft ^_^


Long Will The World Remember

May your sorrows be few
your blessings many
may abundance flow through you
as a river
to quench the parched throats
of all those who of hope haven’t any
may your courage face adversity
armed with but love and a winning smile
even if the unaware should dislike
and perhaps as well despise you
do not return their dark imaginings
for that you know was never your style
equally greet misfortune and gain
be compassionate to all who pass your way
and though
*you’re only dancing on this earth for a short while
walk your own path, follow your heart
and long will the world remember you loved
and lived well this day

*Oh very young
What will you leave us this time
You’re only dancing on this earth for a short while
- Cat Stevens Oh Very Young

Alone (Reader x Gilgamesh)

A/N: When you get the distinct feeling that you’re writing things that you shouldn’t but you do it anyway because fuck it, honestly.


Cor had left you alone in the small chamber to make sure nothing had trailed after the two of you. Gladio had left earlier to complete a trial on his own. You sighed as you leant up again the wall of the cavern, happy for the moment of peace.

There was no way you could have let Gladio leave on his own. You knew something had been eating him up after the encounter with Ravus. You had known Gladiolus your entire life, he was your closest friend, pretty much a brother and there was no doubt that you had picked up that imperceptible change in his demeanour. As soon as he had declared that he was going to handle some business on his own, you had followed after him leaving no room for argument. Noctis had Prompto and Ignis with him so he would be fine.

At the time you didn’t realise Gladio had called up Cor for help, but it didn’t hurt having you around. Even if the Amicitia didn’t express it, you knew he was happy to have your support. He always was.

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KOTOR gothic

·         You drink a bottle of Tarisian ale. The next day there is an identical bottle there, but it is full. You remember that Taris was destroyed. There is no longer a supplier of Tarisian ale.

·         The food is never good. It may be sentient. You eat it anyway.

·         There is rattling in the storage room. You think it’s one of the droids, but then you realize droids don’t sound like a young child speaking a language you don’t understand.

·         There is singing coming from the fresher. The only person you can’t find on the ship is Bastila. Bastila doesn’t sing.

·         Some nights you wake up to the sound of screaming. The screaming is your own. You don’t know why you are screaming.

·         On those nights, Bastila wakes up screaming too.

·         Sometimes you can’t remember your dead fiance’s face. It is like he never existed. Other memories are foggy, too. You can’t quite remember things before the Endar Spire. It takes you a minute to remember your own name sometimes. Must be the food. You ignore it.

·         “You are the most promising student in memory,” they say. You do not know why they didn’t find you before. You blink, and swing your lightsabers. The weight is familiar. You close your eyes and the Force is there. It has always been there. Waiting. You do not know how you forgot it.

·         Kashyyyk is familiar, but you know you’ve never been there. You hear a screech. “Tach”, you whisper. You don’t know how you knew the creature’s name. It is as though you have always known its name.

·         There is a hermit living in the trees. He is kind, speaks as though he’s known you for years, decides to come along on your journey. You didn’t ask. You didn’t have to ask. You didn’t have to ask any of them. They just came.

·         You have never gotten lost on your journey, not even once. Your feet know where to go. You can turn your brain off and watch them move, taking you where you need to go. Sometimes you walk the paths in your dreams. You do not know how, or why. You have never been to any of these places.

·         You know this ship. It is evil, but familiar. Karath smiles knowingly at you. He is familiar. Everything is familiar. Escape is easy. You know the way.

·         Four words and everything makes sense. The same four words destroy everything.

Epitome of a butler

 You have been the sun in my sky.

You brighten and darken as is your will and play havoc with me as you walk down your own path.

You have no idea of all the people you’ve saved by simply shining up in the heavens.That part of you is very much like the sun.

Only with you as my sun could my days begin and the breeze that blew life into my stagnant heart, the stillness of the night healed me.

I pray that your light never grows dim for there is no ice that will not melt before you.

Why the Movie Industry Shouldn’t Villainize Mental Illness

In 1973, when the book “Sybil” was released, the world was captivated by a patient diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID), known back then as multiple personalities. The story was so strange and unique that it was made into a television movie in 1976, and again in 2007. The good news is that Sybil opened the dialogue on a little understood mental illness. The bad news is that decades later, the portrayal remains the same: misunderstood and sometimes villainized.

Fast forward to 2015. I first met Sunshine when she registered under the name Denise Purcell to share her story about losing a daughter in Grief Diaries. Although her story was sad, I was struck by her writing. Between the lines I found a lovely, compassionate, and extremely talented soul. We bonded immediately. Months later, Sunshine shared with me that there are multiple alters—seventeen parts—who reside within Denise. I knew her condition stemmed from childhood trauma, but that was all and I left it at that. To me, Sunshine hadn’t changed since revealing her condition. She was still Sunshine, and I adored her.

It’s been decades since Sybil was released, and yet those who live with DID continue to face deep societal stigma. They’re often accused of being crazy or fake, or just downright feared. I hope today’s Grief Diaries release will change that.

Now available on Amazon, Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID features the stories of 17 men and women who live with dissociative identity disorder. Each one has faced tremendous challenges throughout life with little support and sparse resources, yet each courageously bares all in the book in the hopes of helping others like them feel less alone, and for the rest of us to better understand.

In light of the new movie coming out next week featuring a guy with 23 personalities who terrorizes 3 girls, the writers understand that bravely sharing their private stories puts them at risk for more judgment, and yet they share anyway to help make a difference.

The book also highlights that although DID is an illness caused by severe trauma, people who live with DID are so much more than just their diagnosis. One writer is an award-winning musician. One is the artist who designed the book’s cover, has had her work shown in galleries, and has her own adult coloring book coming out next week. Two host their own episodes on YouTube. Two are published authors, and many are writers.

Many might say that next week’s movie is just that: a movie. Nothing more. But the truth is that villainizing any mental illness keeps societal beliefs firmly rooted in falsehood. The damage done is invisible yet vast. I worked with the writers for a year on this book; did I fear them at any point? No. I fear sane people with guns far more. Are the mentally ill insane? No again. They are people like you and me who live with a highly misunderstood and deeply stigmatized condition, and far too few resources at their fingertips.

Just when they think they’re finding their footing, the media once again villainizes them.

“My name is Sunshine, my birth name is Denise. I have dissociative identity disorder. We are seventeen personalities living in one body. There is sadness and a lot of love in this book.” -Sunshine Purcell

A big shout-out goes to the 17 writers who courageously shared their stories and what it’s like to live with multiple alters, parts, identities and personalities sharing one body. May this book bring comfort to all who walk your path and wear your shoes, and help the rest of us to open our hearts to your journeys.


Nice Fireworks, Minho

So, apparently my buddy @chanyeolandthebananas thinks Minho is a sweetie cinnamon roll too pure for her to think impure thoughs of. And… well, @smutfictionaddicted and yours truly think she needs to see the LIGHT.

CL made this awesome moodboard based on my smutty story, and we’re not even one bit sorry. Here you go, sweetie… Merry Christmas and a Smutty New Year. 

Word count: 2254
Genre: Smut
Warnings: the usual. Don’t read if you’re a minor.

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🌟Mirror Book🌟

Originally posted by bloody--cherry

What is a mirror book? A mirror book is a record of your progress in your path. It can be any notebook you want, but it is only for you to read. It is basically a mirror of your spiritual life.

What do I write on it? You can write the results of your readings, how connected (or disconnected) you feel with your path, your doubts and fears, dreams, ideas and thoughts, and everything you feel like writing on it! 

How will this help me? One of the goals of a Wiccan or a Witch is self-knowledge, so knowing how you’re walking your path is really important. Your mirror book will help you grow by analyzing all that you write on it. When you read over your book, you become your own teacher.

Some other tips:

- Write before sleeping.

-Write the moon’s phase and any other astrological information that can be affecting you.

- Have fun with it! 

You and Me Against The World (Veronica X Reader)

Warnings :
- Might be triggering
- Angst


“Hey VeroniCAT!! Hehehe get it? Cause you have eyes like a cat? I’m running a little late, i had to take extra classes for chemistry.. Even though i know nothing about chemistry, i don’t need a class to know that you and I have chemistry! Hehehehe anyways see you soon!!”

Veronica sniffled. Its been five years since you left. She should stop listening to this damn recording and move on. Who is she kidding? She won’t. She can’t.

The thing is, you never left a note. You left one for everyone, Betty, Jughead, Archie, even Kevin. But she never got one. She was your girlfriend for fucks sake and she never got one. Oh wait… She hasn’t been your girlfriend ever since the incident. Even after 5 years she still thinks of you day and night. She should have treated you better. She shouldn’t have cheated.

A tear rolled down her face as she returns to the day she met you. You entered the diner, wearing a leather jacket with a flannel tied around your waist. She remembered thinking ‘woah’ when she first glanced at you. She remembered being scared to talk to you, judging by your badass outfit and hairdo. Your [Y/H/C] hair falling messily, framing your face. You walked over to her that day. But you never said anything. She wanted to say something, start a conversation. But she was too scared. If she had talked to you, maybe she would have got with you earlier. Maybe she would have had more time.

The next time she saw you, she made sure to talk with you. You were sitting alone at lunch, drawing in your sketchbook. You were sketching a raven, symbolizing grief. You weren’t expecting to see her after Pop’s. She came to your table and sat down, wringing her wrist as she did so. She seemed… nervous. Why? You wondered why she was so nervous. Did you look scary? You weren’t glaring and you were just sketching in your book. You closed your book and looked her dead in the eye. You didn’t want to scare her, she looked okay.

“Uhh.. hi?” You were usually very confident but something about this girl made your confidence waver. Nevertheless, you had to keep your reputation.

“May I help you?” You asked. You were curious what she was thinking, she was deep in thought, staring at you. You waved a hand in front of her face. “Hello? Earth to girl who just sat down?” You didn’t know her name. You knew she was new but you never bothered introducing yourself.

She finally snapped out of thought and started stuttering. You smiled unknowingly, amused that the girl was still nervous. You lightly chuckled, not knowing that it was music to her ears. That seemed to calm her a little. She introduced herself as Veronica Lodge. Veronica. That name fit her. You talked to her, discovering what she was like, her personality. You clicked with her easily, she had the same tragic past as you, knowing your pain.

You and Veronica started hanging out after that, she found out that you weren’t the ‘badass artist’ afterall. She looked through your shell, and saw the real you. The goofy teenager who resembled a puppy. You never understood why she thought you looked like a puppy. You looked nothing like a cute animal, while Veronica on the other hand, looked like a sly cat. A cat and a dog. Ironic isn’t it?

You and Veronica started dating two months later. You were extremely happy when she told you how she felt, knowing you felt the same. There was an incident during lunch one day, you had gotten into a fight with one of the jocks. You were bullied a lot when you were younger, and you wanted to look out for the other kids who couldn’t defend themselves. Obviously, being the tiny idiot you are, you punched the jock in the face and started a fight. Lets just say things did not go as well as planned. He ended up with a black eye and a split lip while you ended up with a cut on your jaw and a sprained wrist. He was more beaten up than you were, which made you a little proud.

When Veronica saw you, she ran to you, checking every body part. She was talking so fast you couldn’t understand her. You chuckled, smiling that she cared so much. You felt… loved. You haven’t felt like that in a long time.

After the fight, most of the jocks started picking on you. Archie tried to help, but obviously failed, leading them to bully him. You felt bad for him, he was just trying to protect you. One day, you snapped while you were with Veronica.

You were walking down the hallway with Veronica, hand in hand, when Chuck Clayton showed up. He took one look and began to pick on you.

“Hey there [Y/L/N].” He shoved you against the locker. Archie wasn’t here to help out. You can deal with this yourself. You were about to punch him before Veronica intercepted.

“Back off Clayton.” He turned to her. You feared that he would hurt Veronica. Before you could get his attention back to you, he spoke something you didn’t expect. “Go back to your boyfriend Lodge.” Boyfriend? But you and Veronica were dating. You were utterly confused and hurt, wondering what Chuck meant by that.

Your questions were answered when Chuck turned back to you. You glanced at Veronica who was as white as a ghost. She seemed nervous. No, scared. But scared of what..?

“Oh right, your little side chick here doesn’t know does she? Veronica here has a boyfriend. You were just a little experiment. A bet. Oh don’t cry, what happened to the badass [Y/N]?”

You felt tears sting your eyes and started to run out the door. You heard Veronica calling your name but you didn’t care. She had a boyfriend..? But how could she? You stopped outside the school and sank down the wall. You sat there crying as quietly as possible. No one ever saw you cry. It made you feel weak. Vulnerable. Broken.

Thats when it occured to you. You were broken. Who would want you? You were just a damaged toy that people used when they were bored. Veronica was from New York. Of course she could do this. She could have any girl or boy in the world, why would she choose you? You vowed that you wouldn’t let anyone hurt you again.

You wiped your tears and stood up. You tightened your jaw and held your head high. You walked back in the school, confidence on show. You could here whispers and murmurs but you didn’t care. You were alone in this world. You were born alone and you’ll survive alone. You didn’t need Veronica.

Veronica constantly tried to talk to you. She tried calling you, texting you, she even showed up at your house. Your dad was rarely home due to the fact that he’s always busy working, so you locked yourself in as soon as you got home. Your dad has a key anyways.

You avoided her easily. You had experience. Cause thats what you do. Avoid people. Ever since your parents’ divorce, you changed. Your dad was never home, while your mom is in another state. One day, she caught you. It was inevitable. There was no escaping it.

You were walking home your usual path, headphones blasting the remix you put together. You noticed that Veronica wasn’t in class today, but you didn’t care. She probably moved back to New York. Good for her. There are more people with feelings she can mess with.

You took your keys out of your jacket when suddenly, Veronica popped out of nowhere. It seemed like she was waiting for you, sitting on your doorstep. You groaned. This girl was going to be the death of you. How are you supposed to move on when she keeps reappearing?

“[Y/N]! I’ve been calling you nonstop and you didn’t answer any of my texts! Where were you?” So thats how she’s handling it. Acting like it never happened. You ignored her and stepped around her to unlock your door. Before you could close the door behind you, she blocked it with her foot. You sighed. Guess it is time to deal with it.

“What? So now you’re ignoring me?” She’s still trying to act like nothing happened? You glared at her. First she broke your heart, now she’s not taking the blame. How did you fall for this girl in the first place? Right. She was the ONLY one who talked to you besides Betty and Jughead.

You were done with this. She wants to act like nothing happen? Fine then. Tears started stinging your eyes as you yelled.


She was stunned. She never heard you yell. You could see tears brim her eyes but you didn’t care. She did this to yourself. You choked back a sob when she didn’t answer.

“You know what? Forget it. You want to act like it never happened? Fine. None of this ever happened. I never met you and i sure as hell never fell in love with you. You know the way out.” You spat.

You turned around and headed up the stairs to your room. You could hear her crying and you almost ran back to forgive her. Almost. As soon as you entered the room, you let out a sob. The relationship that could’ve been more, ruined by one simple choice. You couldn’t do this anymore. It was too hard. You knew what you had to do. You had to disappear.


“VERONICA! VERONICA DID YOU HEAR?” Kevin was yelling through the phone as soon as she picked up.

Its been 7 years since you disappeared. Veronica tries not to think about you but fails nevertheless. She still thinks of you day and night but is handling it better. She moved to New York to start her fashion magazine, Lodge Fashion. She was finally bringing good back to her family’s name. Many people were interested in dating her but she always refused. Her heart belonged to someone else. Someone that got away.

“Jesus Christ Kev, don’t be so loud!! What’s going on anyways?” Veronica chuckled. She missed her friends back in Riverdale. Although Betty is also staying in New York, working for Times, they rarely meet due to their busy schedules.

“LOOK OUT YOUR WINDOW!” Veronica was confused why she should but she looked out anyways. As soon as she saw it, she dropped her phone. On every screen was a pre-recorded clip of you, posted by the Times. Tears started falling from her eyes as you started talking.

“Uhh.. Hi? Well um.. some of you may know me as [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. I come from a small town in Riverdale. Some of you may have recieved notes from me consisting of my goodbyes. I’m here on this giant screen.. oh wait.. erm… all of THESE giant screens cause i want to tell my story. But before i start, i’d like to thank my good friend, Betty Cooper who helped me with this…

The camera pans to Betty, who had a huge grin on her face. While Betty rambled on, like she usually does, Veronica recieved a call from no other than Betty herself.

“Hello?? Betty?? What the hell is going on? [Y/N]’s ALIVE? You knew about this? What do you mean open the door? You’re here?” As if it was on cue, the doorbell rang, signalling that someone was there.

Veronica slowly walked towards the door, scared of what will appear. She opened the door, not sure of what to expect. You stood there smiling, holding some roses that Veronica always loved. Tears were rolling down her face, as she started spluttering and muttering at the same time. She muttered incoherent words but you could make out ‘i hate you’ ‘how could you’ 'i missed you so much you idiot’. You laughed as she launched into your arms like she used to. She pulled back from you. “You and Me Against The World?” You chuckled. That earned a light slap to your arm.

“My story starts with a girl. A girl that turned my world upside down…”

Wrong Partner

Summary: A trip to Disneyland with Tyler’s family in which you unintentionally spend more time with his younger brother instead of him, striking him to become jealous.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: Big thank you to the sweet anon who requested this gem. Sorry for being on hiatus for almost a month on posting any new fics but hopefully I’ll be back on track for things. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated my frens.

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Witch Respect

I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our intuition.

I respect the witch who chooses a traditional coven. Whether it is Gardnerian, Alexandrian, reconstructionist, or another group, it requires an intense amount of devotion and time to learn a tradition. You have earned your titles and should be recognized by our community. From the members of groups and covens we can learn patience and determination.

I respect the kitchen witches who fill your homes with magick and tend the hearthfires. With the ancient elements you nourish your family and remind us all of our human history. From the kitchen witch we can all learn how to create magick from the mundane and appreciate the domestic arts.

I respect the hedgewitch who works with the spirits that surround us. It can be exhausting and misunderstood work. You have gifts that can help the living and the dead, and I admire that. From the hedgewitch we can learn how to communicate better and how to see different points of view.

I respect the sea witch who walks along the dunes at night and gathers kelp. The energy of the sea is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of magick, and is recognized in many cultures. From the sea witch we can learn to work in harmony with the elements and listen to the pull of the moon and tides.

I respect the gray witches who do not look at magick in black and white. Within magick, as within life, we are often called upon to use our own judgement in a situation. I do not condemn my fellow witches for not seeing things as I see them. From the gray witch we can learn to examine a situation from many points of view and realize that there are no rules but those we create for ourselves.

I respect witches of all genders and sexual orientation. Each person deserves to feel welcomed and comfortable in our community and does not need any more judgement than they already experience. From these witches we can all learn how to appreciate diversity and to practice tolerance and kindness.

I respect witches who are in tune with their local environment. It is important to learn about the creatures and plants who live near us and you have much knowledge. From these witches we can learn how to look closely at what is around us and how to be aware of the land we live on.

I respect the witches who are new to the craft and starting out. Most are willing to learn from elders and need to be guided by those of us who are older and have more experience. They do not need to be bullied or insulted, for we are all constantly learning. From the new witches we can learn to be teachers instead of judges and should remember the joys and mistakes of our youth.

I respect Christian witches. I support anyone’s personal beliefs. Perhaps we should view these members of the community as bridge builders. With their help we may be able to open doors and cross the divide that has separated the religions. From the Christian witches we can learn that religious tolerance applies to all spiritual paths.

I respect the witches who try to adhere to the paths of your ancestors. It is not easy to do that in the modern era and you are to be treasured. You truly connect the generations and help pass on information that would otherwise be lost. From these witches we can learn to honor our elders and ancestors.

I respect all members of the pagan community who treat others with respect. It is indeed a circle, and each of us is part of the whole.

For all the paths I forgot to mention, I respect them too, and I will probably add to this as the mood strikes me.

Most importantly, respect yourselves.

Requested - Michael Gray x Reader

Request: Anonymous - A one shot where you’re friends with John and end up falling for Michael?

GIF Source: bonniebird.tumblr.com


You wander into the Garrison pub, shivering from the cold outside. You make your way over to your usual spot, taking a seat and removing your coat.

You order a drink and begin to wait patiently for your old friend, John. After a short time, he arrives through the front door of the pub, tailing his older brother, Tommy. You smile and wave as he looks at you, nodding in your direction.

You watch as Tommy mumbles something to him before making a small hand gesture in your direction. John walks over to your booth, a younger man following him. They both take a seat across from you, John signalling the barmaid, who quickly begins making drinks.

“Hey, (Y/N).” John greets you, a warm smile on his face as he chews on a toothpick. “How you been?” You smile back, taking a sip of your drink. You feel slightly self-conscious that the other man is sitting there; you decide he must be a friend or relative of John’s.

“Oh!” John exclaims, noting your expression and realizing he hasn’t introduced you. “This is Michael, Poll’s lad.” He tells you, making you relax slightly. Michael offers you his hand, which you shake quickly. He gives you a smirk as you lean back again.

“So,” John says, bringing your attention back to him. “Where you been, (Y/N)? Haven’t seen you around in a while.” You shrug, leaning on the table.

“Just here and there.” You tell him. “Been down to London a few times.”

You spend a few hours chatting and catching up with your old friend, all the while feeling Michael’s gaze on you. Eventually, you tell them that you have to get home.

“I’ll walk you home, if you like.” John offers. You accept gratefully, noticing how dark it’s getting outside. “Michael, go find Tommy.” John nods towards the back room. Michael begins walking over to the room when Tommy storms out, a murderous look on his face.

“John, come on.” He snaps, making for the door. “NOW!” He yells when John doesn’t immediately follow. John curses at your side.

“Sorry, (Y/N). I’ll get someone to walk with you; don’t want you walking the streets alone.” He says, rushing off to the back room quickly. He reappears with Michael, hurriedly telling you that Michael will walk you home and then dashes after Tommy.

“Shall we?” Michael says, holding out his arm for you to take. You chuckle slightly, letting him lead you outside.

“So,” You begin as you walk with Michael down the dark street. “How are you enjoying Small Heath?” You ask, trying to make small talk. He flashes you a smirk, pulling his coat tighter.

“Yeah,” He nods. “It’s alright.” He tells you. He seems to want to say something else, so you raise an eyebrow at him. “I think I fit in here.” He tells you, almost embarrassed. You give him a warm smile.

“You definitely fit in here.” You assure him. He reminds you of the Shelby’s, his mannerisms and the way he speaks to you. He chuckles slightly at that.

You continue to make small talk as you make your way to your home. When you arrive, you pause on the doorstep.

“Thank you for walking me home, Michael.” You say, dipping your head slightly as a gesture of thanks. He smiles and gives a slight shrug.

“That’s no problem, (Y/N).” He replies. “A nice girl like you shouldn’t be out alone at this hour.” You smile, knowing full well that no-one would dare touch you, a friend of the Shelby’s.

Michael clears his throat, glancing over his shoulder. “Anyway, it’s getting late.” He says. You nod in agreement.

“Well, goodnight then, Michael.” You say, beginning to turn towards the door. Just then, Michael leans in to give you a small kiss on your cheek. You could swear your heart flutters at his touch.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” He says, walking down your garden path. “I’ll see you around.” He gives you another of his signature smirks before disappearing into the night.

like, i know that the world is in a scary place rn. and im scared like everyone, but im also in awe of the world and im fascinated to see what the future brings. my dad once compared this era to the industrial era (at least the american industrial era of like the 1900s and 1910s). like we look back adn we can see the terrible shit that happened in factories. but it happens time and again like this. technology leaps ahead of society and society is left to scramble to play catch-up. it leads to political and social strife, conflicts between generations, all the stuff we see today. but then we can look to the past and say “they made it through, this has all happened before. something good can come of this if we make it that way. this isnt just these terrible times, this is clay we can mold”

and i know that that doenst take away the fear and anger that people have. people on all sides have it, even if a lot of people respond to their fear and anger in hurtful and awful ways. im not apologizing for them. its terribly what theyre doing. but i feel like everyone on this planet rn is feeling the fear and anger and uncertainty. technology has advanced so much, and everything is changing. for some people this change looks to them like theyre losing a way of life. for others it gives them the chance to realize that they arent as alone as they thought, a chance to make a positive difference in the world and to carve out a space where they can feel accepted.

the world is changing, and while we cant just lie back and let things happen, this isnt the first time that this /has/ happened. we can make it through. humans are nothing if not resilient, history has proven that. we will find a way. and just imagine what the future could bring when we do.

its this kind of thing that makes me excited to be alive in these times, even as scary as they are. someday theres gonna be a new generation of people out there, and theyre gonna look to us and say “you were there when the world changed, what was it like? what did you do? what did you see?” and i hope to hell i have a good answer for them. i hope to hell that they see what comes out of this as a positive change. that they see that we saw the world afraid and angry and uncertain and alone, and we reached out a hand and helped each other and built something better out of it. 


“No-ones gonna give you a map, you gotta walk your own path." 

once i realized that my person is a reflection of me, i didn’t mind being alone. i don’t wish to be in a relationship, i’m not sad that i don’t have someone, & i’m not gonna actively go look for a distraction or some temporary bs right now because i haven’t evolved enough yet. i don’t want someone who’s a half assed version of me, i don’t want to entertain that. i’ve never been interested in loving haphazard. i truly truly believe the divine will send you someone when you walk confidently along your path and when your heart has the capacity to let something beautiful in. the universe works in strange ways and you just have to have that trust. work for what you want and eventually you’ll be blessed with what you never knew you needed in return.


Happy birthday to our most beloved maknae. You define the word “Determination”, even in your lowest moments, you rise up, brush off your heart and walk into your rightful path. You worked and still working hard for those who love and appreciate you. It’s only fair that you’re so adored for your precious personality and vibrant aura. A million thank you for being BigBang’s light.