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3 weeks with Zoe..She Is 11 weeks old, 100% potty trained and 5 days without any accidents! She sits by the kitchen door to let us know she need to go out. Instead of going out ever 20 minutes we are up to 45 minutes to an hour. She is starting to lose her puppy fur along her back and physicality growing, her paws are the same size as Zak’s. She went for her first walk yesterday with Zak, she walked on the lead like she had been doing it for ages. Her favourite time of the day is supper time, she LOVES to eat, she sits in the kitchen and barks at me when I’m getting her food ready. And her favourite pastime is wrestling with Zak. She has chewed the hair off the end of his tail! She knows sit, stay, come, down and leave it..

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AN:  Just going to put it out there that I’m horrible at doing smut so I don’t even try.  For future reference, if you’d like to request something like that, sexual content will always just be implied! 

Also, I apologize if parts of it are kind of weird.  I had to change some of it around midway and I tried to make it work! 


You and the crew were in Savannah, Georgia investigating what was considered to be the oldest building in the state; The Pirates’ House.  After going through the history of what used to be a gathering place for seaman, criminals and unsavory characters, and figuring out where you’d place all your equipment, you were all excited to get this night started.  

You and Zak wandered off on your own, getting a more in-depth look  at the place.  You’ve always had a fascination with old buildings and the history behind them, and maybe that’s what got you into ghost hunting.  Partly, anyway..  It wasn’t until after you met Zak that you started to be more open minded about hauntings and spirits, it was something you were always on the fence about, but since working with the crew, and experiencing certain things, you found yourself intrigued by the spirit world.  

Wandering down the old spiral steps into the cellar, you looked around at the chipped walls and white paint, chills running up and down your spine.  “It feels very eerie down here.”  You commented, glancing at the wooden barrels spread out in a row.   Zak walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, something that was a bit out of character for him when you were on location.  “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”  His voice was low, almost a whisper in your ear, causing you to wonder if it was now his hot breath that was giving you chills or if it was still the vibe of the place.  

“What are you doing?”  You asked, placing your hands on top of his.  “We could have cameras on us.”  You warned, also hoping no one would walk in on you two.  Not that they’d really be able to make out what was happening right away.  It was dark, but with the infrared cameras and the night vision, it wouldn’t take much to see you two.   

“I don’t know, I just felt like holding you.”  He turned you around so you were now facing him.  “You know, we’ll be alone for a couple hours.. We could do whatever we wanted down here.”  “What are you talking about? We’re working”  You hoped he could hear the confusion in your voice, wondering what had gotten into him.  “You’ve never wanted to do anything risky?  Join the mile high club?  Have sex in a public bathroom… a haunted cellar?”  You could definitely hear the mischief in his, which was oddly turning you on. You were silent for a moment, thinking about all the things that could go wrong, but there was a deeper urge in you screaming at you to ignore all of that and just go for it.  

“We have cameras down here, there’s no way we could do that  without being recorded.”  The professional side of you protested.  “We could slip in the corner, no cameras.”  You paused again. He could tell you were thinking. You pushed him back gently, letting him know that you were down for it.  “It’ll have to be a quick one..”  “Yeah, of course.”  He walked backwards until his back met with the wall, his hands finding your face and pulled you in for a kiss. 

“Damn these pirates.  Being a bad influence, even when they’re dead.”  He chuckled at your comment before you both collapsed to the floor, not paying much attention to the cold hard floor beneath you.  

Android in Space. I’ve finally discovered a way to break the icy exterior of my Internist… Wear awesome space leggings. First time I think I’ve seen him smile. Thanks, Jeffie! Also, my Zak Smith shirt… One of my faves.

Did the Ghost Adventures crew completely miss a full-body apparition in last night’s episode?

The clip above is from the March 8, 2014 episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, when Zak, Aaron, and Nick explored the Hotel Meade and Bannack Ghost Town. The clip occurs toward the end of the show, when Zak is scanning all of the buildings in the ghost town with a Flir camera. To me, it’s clear as day that a child-sized figure walks into the doorway as Zak scans past, but Aaron inexplicably declares, “No, there’s nothing” when Zak asks if he sees anything. Later in the show, while reviewing the evidence they captured, the girl in the doorway is amazingly not mentioned.

Here’s a composite of stills that clearly shows something walking into the doorway.

External image

Note that the other shapes do not change and the angle of focus remains the same, ruling out any stationary object inside suddenly coming into view, as you would expect had Zak been taking a “tracking” shot as he walked past.

So either there was a little girl helping them explore last night or the Ghost Adventures crew caught something amazing, despite the fact that they apparently missed it themselves.