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Not sure if this is being discussed elsewhere, but…

Theory: the original ending to Rogue One was changed in post-production, away from one where Jyn and Cassian at the least might have survived.

Evidence? The trailers. Having footage from movie trailers not make it into the final product is not an unusual thing; they are made and released during post, and sometimes footage is cut or different takes are used. Rogue One is no exception. The best examples of this are Jyn’s initial meeting with Mon Mothma, Draven, and Cassian (almost none of the dialogue from the first teaser trailer is in the film, i.e. “I rebel”) and Saw Gerrera’s entire “what will you do” speech. But what interests me the most is some action footage.

First, there’s a shot of Jyn and Cassian in the cockpit of a spacecraft, an orange sunset glowing outside. (”Good?” “Good.”). Then there’s a shot of Krennic walking through the shallows of the beach on Scarif, also at sunset, headed towards some flaming wreckage. But most telling for me is this shot of Jyn, Cassian, and K-2S0 running through the tower on Scarif with the data drive containing the Death Star plans, along with footage from the Celebration sizzle reel showing Jyn and Cassian running on the beach still with the data drive (there’s another shot of this in the original teaser trailer too). There’s even footage of Alan Tudyk running on the beach in his motion-capture suit. Finally, there’s the shot of Jyn limping toward the edge of the tower deck, which in the film did not include a TIE Fighter rising up to meet her.

So, all of that together. We know from the film that the data drive never left the tower, so why is there footage of them running on the beach with it, or even through the base itself? Jyn went straight to the top of the tower after acquiring the drive. My only conclusion is that the decision was made to change at least part of the ending. We know they did some reshoots. Perhaps that cockpit shot was Jyn and Cassian leaving Scarif. (Who the hell knows what Krennic was getting up to in his own beach shot, I just know he never got anywhere near it in the final film.)

I just can’t help but be curious as to what the original ending was, if anyone actually survived, and why it was changed. Interested to see if any of this makes it onto the Blu-ray.

Thoughts? Comments?


long walks through beach city, with you <3 - my rusty Steven Universe lever has been lifted, out of sudden and i started drawing one of my favourite ships :) i am not really active in the SU fandom, but do people actually ship these?!? :D

nevermind, i am super happy how this piece turned out. i didn’t wanted to draw Buck and Sour Cream like akward love birds, looking at each other, but instead they are acting, the way they always act, when they are together :)

i hope i’ll be able to draw more SU in the future :3

• Doing the stuff you love the most with somebody else is honestly the most amazing thing ever. I normally used to walk down the beach by myself to try clear my head because I would be going through a bad episode. Now I’m able to walk down the beach with somebody by my side, holding my hand and my mind at ease. I can finally enjoy being by the sea side again.

Taj Exotica - Male, Maldives 

This luxury resort is perfectly located on a private island in the middle of one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives. Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, the resort is defined by its over water ocean view villas. Visitors can relax in beach side hammocks, go for scenic walks through the island, or snorkel off shore. 

With its warm, turquoise waters, and the white sandy beaches, the Taj Exotica is postcard perfect to look at, and an ideal honeymoon location. 

things I want to do with you

1. Build a fort under my dining room table with fairy lights and drink wine and watch movies
2. Go for walks through fields and along the beach, sharing headphones and listening to our songs
3. Buy groceries
4. Help each other decide what to wear in the mornings
5. Wash my hair and I’ll wash your beard
6. Disney film duvet day marathon
7. Buy a savings jar for our holiday fund
8. Make a scrapbook with all our train tickets, receipts, photos and little souvenirs
9. Go halves on a Polaroid camera
10. Take a blanket to a hidden field, have a picnic, drink kronenbourg, play music and dance together as the sun goes down
11. Buy a train ticket to a station we’ve never heard of and spend the day exploring
12. Make ‘our playlist’ with all our favourite songs and all the songs that remind us of each other
13. Sunbathe
14. Moonbathe
15. Hand write each other letters to post each other while we’re apart
16. Share clothes
17. Obsessively watch a season of our favourite TV show together in bed
18. Walk barefoot along the sea shore, hand in hand talking
19. Take pictures in photobooths
20. Sing in the shower together
21. Give each other back scratches and massages
22. Write a travel bucket list of all the countries we want to visit together in our lives
23. Ride around on the tube all day
24. Buy ingredients and cook a candlelit dinner together, no matter how messy or terrible it ends up being
25. Go out for dinner at a restaurant which overlooks the sea
26. Get drunk and film ourselves while you play guitar and I sing
27. Sit in Greenwich park all day
28. Light incense in your room, then out all the lights and cuddle in bed
29. Go to museums and art galleries together
30. Try on clothes in the changing rooms when we’re shopping and give each other our opinions
31. Find a comedy club to spend the evening in
32. Get matching onesies and have Mexican/pizza/sushi/Chinese nights in with a good movie
33. Hire out pedal boats in the sunshine
34. Laughing over a DIY sophisticated wine tasting with a cheese board
35. Wander around a food festival together, filling up on all the free samples and discovering new things
36. Go to a theme park and ride all the rollercoasters at the front
37. Take a sleeping bag to a park and kiss for hours while we’re stargazing listening to our songs
38. Cuddle under a blanket at an outdoor cinema in the summer
39. Go swimming in the sea when the moon is up
40. Watch the sunset
41. Watch the sunrise
42. Go for a long bike ride around the countryside together
43. Build snowmen, make snow angels and go to an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter
45. Draw and paint each other, despite how terrible we’ll be at it
46. Spend an entire day in bed holding hands and play fighting
47. Choose a book to read together and then call each other to talk about it
48. Explore Camden together, go shopping, get shisha and drink overlooking Camden lock
49. Go on safari and to the aquarium and invent names for all the animals and fish we meet
50. Dress up extremely smart; I’ll wear heels and a dress and you’ll wear a shirt and your blazer and we’ll meet at a posh restaurant and pretend it’s our first date
51. Make each other flower crowns and bracelets
52. Bake red velvet cake together
54. You write the music, I’ll write the lyrics to a song
55. Go camping in the woods, just us, and we’ll make a fire and toast marshmallows and dance and cuddle and listen to our songs together


Halloween Qualms: Tate

Every Halloween, it was the same thing. A walk through town, some dinner, then falling asleep on the beach and waking up back in the house. This year, however, Tate wanted something different.
“Baby?” He asked, quietly, pushing the door to the living room open. The family was out and you wanted to stretch your legs.
You looked up from the couch, asking, “Yeah? What’s up?”
Tate sat down beside you, taking your hand and avoiding your eyes. “Can we, uh, instead of what we usually do, can we visit my grave this Halloween?”
You bit your lip in thought and lifted his chin with your free hand. “Of course we can.”
He met your eyes. “Really?”
Nodding, you readjusted how you were sitting and took his hands. “You obviously have a good reason to want to visit your grave. I think we can spare one Halloween to do what you want.”
“I just wanna see where I am, you know? Like, what’s there, what it looks like, if it’s destroyed…”
“Don’t think the worst, Tate, we can definitely see if if you want to, yeah?”
Tate pressed his lips to your forehead and sighed. “Thank you.”
“My pleasure, sweetheart.”
He looked down. “Do you want to see yours?”
“Oh, no, no, I’m fine. I’m okay without seeing mine. This is about you.”
“(Y/N), if you want to…”
You shook your head, quickly. “I’m fine. Okay?”
He nodded. “Yeah. Love you.”
“You, too.”

The “L” Word (Seth Clearwater)

Requested by anon



The day Seth told you that he loved you was the greatest moment of your life so far. You two had been seeing each other for a little while, just a casual thing. However, things were soon beginning to get more serious between you two. You were becoming exclusive. However, you felt like he was hiding something from you.

That night, he took you on a romantic walk through the res, all the way to the beach. You two were walking, your arm looped through his. He was so warm to you– like feverish warm. You asked him about it before, and that’s when he told you about the wolf. You accepted it because you knew of the legends, and you always felt they were true. You soaked in the heat he gave off as you walked. You were enjoying the calming noise of the crashing waves when Seth cleared his throat.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it? Even though you are far more beautiful…” he flirted awkwardly. You giggled.

“Thank you. And yes, it is quite beautiful.” you told him. You curled up closer next to him. There were a few moments of silence before he spoke again.

“Are you sure that you are okay with the whole wolf thing? I know it’s a lot to take in, and I will understand if you don’t want to be involved.” he asked you. You could hear the seriousness in his voice. It was clear that this meant a lot to him. And you understood.

“Seth, I am completely fine with it. As long as you are being safe and come home to me, I will always accept you for everything you are– including the wolf.” you replied. You couldn’t be more honest than that. He smiled down at you and kissed your temple like usual. You smiled and continued on your way. You eventually got to a massive piece of driftwood and you took a seat. You curled right up next to him and put your head on his shoulder.

“You know the legends, right, (Y/N)?” he questioned.

“I know them all by heart. You seem to forget that I was also raised on the reservation, Seth.” you joked. He chuckled lightly before continuing.

“Then you must know about imprinting, right?” he continued. You looked at him questioningly. You felt that he was getting to something, but you weren’t to sure what it was.

“Yes, but not everything. Could you explain it to me?” You knew the tale full and well. You even understood the concept. You just wanted to hear it from him.

“Having an imprint is like… well… its like nothing else matters to you but them. You would do anything for them… be anything. They are your angel. You can never be apart from them. It’s like a wolf’s soul mate, in a way. You only get one, and you would lay down your life for them. It’s no longer gravity keeping you grounded; its them. You get what I mean? Seeing them is like seeing heaven for the first time. It’s like your world was just black and white; but as soon as you see them, everything is full of color. That’s what I think at least.” he told you. Your heart swooned a little. You wanted to see where he was going with this.

“So why did you bring this up to me?” you asked cautiously. You didn’t want to seem too forceful.

“I’ve known for a while… actually since the day we met… that you would be important to me. And as soon as a phased, I knew why…” he trailed off.

“What do you mean Seth?” you urged.

“What I am trying to say is that… You’re my imprint.” he confessed. You heart stopped. You were in shock. You and Seth were destined? There was no way. But somehow, you always knew this was coming. A smile broke its way on to your face.

“You’re serious, right? I am your imprint?” you asked.

“Yes. I would never lie about something as major as this, trust me.” he told you. He was just glad you were happy with it.

“So we’ll be together. I’ll always be there for you.” you told him as you curled closer to him.

“I’ll be there for you too. Not just because you are my imprint; but because I love you with all my heart. I hope you know that.” he blurted. He didn’t even flinch when he said that. You looked straight in to his eyes to see if he was lying, but his eyes remained true.

“I do now. I love you too, Seth” you spoke. You both smiled and shared a small chaste kiss before gazing back out to the sea and the starry sky. You could go the rest of your life knowing that your heart was in good hands. You knew your love could withstand anything.

Maybe the “L” word wasn’t so scary after all.

Summer association
  • Aries: Forest fires, water fights, street lights, palms, beach parties, biking.
  • Taurus: A glass of wine in the sunset, laughing with friends, flipping through magazines, walks by the beach, forests.
  • Gemini: Background music, road trips, sunsets, white clouds, lemonade, bees, late night conversations with friends.
  • Cancer: Midnight sun, staying up all night, clear skies, butterflies, morning fog, full moons.
  • Leo: Sunrises, grass waving in the wind, shopping, hot sand at the beach, strawberries.
  • Virgo: The smell of grass, fields, barefoot, last day of summer, writing, picnics.
  • Libra: Ice cream, bubble baths, long hair waving in the wind, water bottles, laying on a hill at night.
  • Scorpio: Backyard parties, Lying on a rooftop at night, smoothies, pools, balsamic moons.
  • Sagittarius: Dry air, sunglasses, standing on a cliff, traveling, gone for days.
  • Capricorn: The smell after rain, working late, cool winds, sleeping all day, iced coffee, cloudy days.
  • Aquarius: Shooting stars, fans, first day of summer, going to concerts, teen movies.
  • Pisces: Butterflies, flowers, insects, baking, kids playing, hot asphalt, sandals.

Anders is a tactile seeker. He needs to touch, drag his fingers across everyday things and feel their texture, their temperature. It’s partly to ground himself, partly to assure himself that they’re still there, still real. He’s still free.

He trails his fingers along rough stone walls as he walks, getting to know the rusty iron ring where a chain was once attached, that patch where the door to his clinic has been worn smooth by decades of hands touching the same spot. His hands play along the leaves of the elfroot plant growing outside his clinic, not yet ready for harvesting. The leaves are prickly against his palm and they leave their heady scent on him. Healers always smell of elfroot.

And he has to squeeze his hands tight, nails biting sharply into palms, to avoid from touching Hawke’s new furry collar, though it looks so soft, or the cuffs of Varrics coat, smooth and shiny with age. At Wicked Grace his fingers follow the edges of the playing cards, again and again until the dwarf glances over and says Blondie, don’t mark the cards.

Storm Warning

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Featuring: Leo, Taekwoon (VIXX)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin S

For @kpoplovefanfics93 since I’ve owed her a request since…January. Hope you like it!

In which you plan the perfect weekend in Jeju, but the unexpected change in the weather forces you to change your plans.

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With a tiny hand enclosed in Jeremy’s, he walked his stumbling five-year-old daughter, dressed like cupid, along through the beach, catching her every time she fell. He let go of her hand, stopping their walk as he reached into his backpack, pawing through it to find some sunscreen. Unfortunately all it takes is five seconds off of his blonde cupid before she is already shooting her cupid arrows at someone. His eyes widen as he immediately grabs her, “Lily, no!” offering apologetic eyes to the person before him, “I’m so sorry. But hey it looks like cupid chose us.” Jeremy teased before turning bright red, not because he was sunburnt, “Oh god. I totally just used my daughter for a pick up line. Worst father in the world award goes to me.”

Rio De Janeiro - Day 4

Rio De Janeiro is truely an amazing city! I just have to get that out there
But it has;
breathtaking panoramic views
totally spontaneous, vibrant night life
street parties
an abundance of gorgeous beaches
the largest urban forest in the world
small (and large) islands spotted through it’s many beaches
walking trails and hikes that literally leave from the streets
Cristo Redentor - Christ the Redeemer 
beautiful botanical gardens (and many of them)
C A R N I V A L .

Sadly however, it is also struggling immensely with poverty; where people regularly get mugged, threatened, or otherwise. 

Since I haven’t been mugged, threatened, or otherwise (yet) the good far outweighs the bad but it’s saddening seeing such an amazing city tied down due such severe poverty. 

Photos ensuing 

Thunderbird Cape Cod Headcanons

- cape cod is approximately 4 ½ hours from mount greylocke, massachusetts, and the perfect place for outdoor thunderbirds
- thunderbird students, on the weekends, taking day trips or overnight trips out to the cape
- having beach parties, playing frisbee and volleyball, setting up their speakers and listening to music. cold lemonades and iced tea in a full cooler. 
- getting tans, or trying to and getting burned
- chasing umbrellas down the beach when it’s too windy
- walking through the hot sand to find the perfect spot to set up camp for the day
- pokemon go at the beach to finally catch a god damn lapras
- collecting shells and rocks from the sand, chasing seagulls and tossing sandwich crusts to the birds
- fires on the beach at night, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, sharing ghost stories
- surfing, paddleboarding, skimboarding, boogie boarding
- watching the sun set together on the bayside, walking out to sea during low tide
- long walks down the shore
- taking pictures, getting candids of each other
- standing with their feet in the water, doin that thing where you let the waves bury your feet
- nature walks
- whale watches
- eating slimy clams and lobster, being adventurous with seafood
- freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and deep sea fishing
- adventuring at every opportunity, taking full advantage of the cape and its environment

Cape Town

After almost 30 hours in flight and waiting at airports combined, I finally landed at Cape Town International Airport. From there it was really easy to order an Uber.

I checked in at Once in Cape Town, a cool hostel in Kloof street, close to Long street where the party people hang.

The hostel staff seemed to be very nice and helpful. Every day there is arranged free activities for the guests to attend.

From Saturday until now, I’ve been hanging out with two girls also from Norway. We have checked out the V&A Waterfront, went to the Two Oceans Aquarium, saw the sunset from Signal Hill, walked through the Company’s Garden, relaxed at Clifton Beach and visited sites like the Slave lodge, the District Six Museum and the Castle of Good Hope.

So far, Cape Town has shown it self from the good side. And I hope I will experience a lot more before leaving.

“Let go of me.”

Request from Anon: Could you do one where you and Sam are in a relationship but you have to go home and you try to break it off bc you’re scared of long distance but Sam convinces you it’ll be ok? Thank you and love you :)


“This was an amazing week.” I say, looking down at my feet walking through the beach with a guy I met when I first came to LA. “Yeah, it’s been great. Spending all week with you, showing you around, talking to you, getting to know you.” He smiles at me. “Can’t wait to do this again.” He holds my hand. “So, I was thinking, we could FaceTime every day before we sleep, text all the time, call each other when time is permitted, and visit each other when we have time.” He suggested. I just look at him funny. “What?” “Yeah, so we don’t lose contact and nothing between us changes.” 

“Sam…” He looks at me. “I- this is just a fling..” “No.. I know you are feeling something between us. Don’t tell me you don’t feel anything between us….” “I do!” “Then?” “I just- I don’t believe in long distance…” “It’s not long distance.” “Sam, I’m going back home to Florida. I don’t know the next time I’ll be coming to LA.” I broke it down for him. “Why can’t we do on distance?” “Because it never works. And we just met each other. So it’s going to be hard to keep it up together.”..” “If we both put in the effort, we’ll keep it going..” “I don’t know.” “Come on Y/N,-” Just then my phone rings and I answer. 

“Y/N, come back to the hotel room. We are going to have dinner as a family tonight as our last night. You can not bring Sam this time. Dad said.” “Ok, Ok, I’ll be there.” I hung up my phone. “I got to go.” I try to walk back but Sam grabs onto my arm, “Wait,” “Sam, let go of me. I have to go to my family. We’ll talk tomorrow. Right here. 9 AM.” I leave him in the middle of the beach alone. 

The next morning, I leave the hotel room with everyone sleeping still, and made my way to the spot where I left Sam. I started walking onto the beach when I saw him already standing there, waiting for me. “You’re here early.” I say to him. “I’m here to fight for you. I can’t lose you because of distance.” “Sam,” “And I know you don’t want to break it off. If you did, you wouldn’t have wanted to talk about it today. You would’ve just said so, and just left it as that. But here we are, trying to talk it out.” He said correctly. He’s right, I don’t want to end this. This week has been the best week I’ve had in a while. Meeting a guy. Hanging out with him. Getting to hang out with his friends. Him and his friends hanging out with my family. My family liking them. Exploring LA together. Going on adventures. Everything. 

“Sam,” “What’s really the problem… Why won’t you do long distance?” I just deep sighed, “I don’t trust people that easily like that. I’m afraid, I’ll be wasting my time talking to you if you’re going to talk to other girls. I’m tired of wasting my time with these types of guys.” “I’m not those types of guys.” He grabs onto my arms a little too tight. “I don’t know that. I haven’t known you that long for me to know that.” “Y/N, this week has been so great for me. The guys keep saying to me how happy I’ve been since I’ve met you. You have literally brightened up my life. I can’t just let you leave like that!” He squeezes harder. “Sam, let go of me! You’re hurting me!” I pull my arms away from his grip. 

“Sam, we can’t do long distance. I’m sorry. You’re going to have to let go of me. You’ll get over me. I promise. You’ll be fine.” I tip toe to kiss him on the cheek. “You’ll find another girl that will make you feel even better than I did.” “Y/N! IT’S TIME TO GO!” I turn to my right to see my family yelling out to me, telling me it’s time to catch the flight home. “I got to go Sammy. Thank you for everything. It has been wonderful to meet someone so passionate, lovely, and down to earth. It was a blessing. But I have to go.” I kiss him on the cheek again. “Just let go of me. You’ll be fine.” The last thing I said to him before walking away. 

On the flight home, I sit in the middle between my brother and sister. “So, you and Sammy??” My sister teases. “There is no me and Sammy.” “What?! You guys were totally into each other. What happened?” “I don’t do long distance.” “Fuck you mean you don’t do long distance? You do if you really like the person!” My brother slaps me upside the head. “Who cares about distance. Do you really like this dude?” I just nod. “Does he really like you?” I nod again. “THEN?!?! I know you’re too young to know, but it gets harder to find someone that fits perfectly for you as you grow up. You start to become more picky, and specific. He fit perfectly in all your categories. He’s athletic, he loves music, he’s family and friend oriented, he’s funny, good looking, respected and respectable, positive vibes, and he’s into you. SO? WHY ARE YOU JUST GOING TO GET RID OF HIM LIKE THAT?!” He gives me a long talk. “Well, too late now. What’s done is done. What we had is over.” I shrugged my shoulders knowing I didn’t want to do it, but I had to prevent myself from getting hurt. 

2 weeks after being back home, I couldn’t get Sam out of my mind. I kept thinking of the times we did things together, hiked, walked on the beach, lied on the rooftop to look at stars, had lunch, went swimming, every single thing we did. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I missed being able to talk to him. I missed being able to be with him. “You’ll be fine.” I whisper to myself. I got up and got ready for school. I left 3rd period to go to lunch with some friends when I saw a group of girls surrounding a table. I just ignored it and bought lunch and sat at a table with my friends. Just then my brother and sister pull me up and off the bench, “You need to see this.” “What?” I say with my mouth full. They point their fingers to the group of girls and there was a split of the group. 

I saw in the middle was Sam standing there, with a bouquet of roses and a wrapped box. He saw me and smiled, walking towards me. When he finally got to me, he handed me the roses and box. “I know you told me ‘Let go of me’” he put in quotations. “But, I just couldn’t. You literally brighten up my life. I dream about you all the time wishing I could talk to you, hold you in my arms. I want to be able to know that you are mines. I don’t care how far we are. I’m willing to do this if yo are. Please. I’m not like those guys. I’m not going to waste your time. I promise. Please, give me a chance to show you.” I watch him beg. 

“What’s in the box?” I smile at him. “Your favorite make-up brands. Candy. One of my favorite shirts. A necklace.” I see him get all excited. “You flew all the way here just so we could try talking to become a real couple?” “Yeah, yeah I did that. Was it stupid?” “NO! IT WAS CUTE!” My sister yells from the back of me making him laugh. “It was cute, stupid, but cute.” “Soooooo?” “Yeah, we can try.” He lifts me up, twirling me around, happy. 

Under a Roman Sky

Aesthetic credit to brraveprincess, written by maytheymeeetagain

Paring(s): Bellarke, (some) Minty
Rated: T
Length: 5,035 words
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green, Nathan Miller
read it on AO3 here

“Clarke had eaten a waffle on the streets of Brussels, ridden a bike through the winding roads of Amsterdam, and walked the grounds of The Tower of London.  She’d lounged on a beach in Spain, taken a gondola ride through the breathtaking canals of Venice, and eaten sausage in Berlin.  She’d marvelled at Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors, braved her fear of heights to ride the London Eye, felt the sand of Juno Beach beneath her toes, and walked silently through the tombstones of her fallen countrymen who had given their lives on D-Day.  She’d stood on the Cliffs of Moher with the wind ripping through her hair, hiked Portugal’s Parque Nacional de Peneda-Gerês, and sampled chocolate in Switzerland.

But Rome had always been the dream.”

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► Dating Profile: Aspen Muntz


Name: Aspen
Last Name: Muntz
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: German/American
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5′6
Current Occupation: Waitress


Hobbies: Going on long beach walks, stay healthy and browse through cook books for recipes to try out herself.
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite snack: Peanut health bars
Favorite drink: Mango and Lemon shake
Favorite animal: Fox

Looking for:

Male, around the ages of 20-30, someone who she can take long walks with, someone who shares her interests of being healthy, someone who doesn’t mind her going to get togethers with her friends from time to time and someone who might be interested in having one or two children when the time is right.

Are you interested in a date with Aspen? Send a message or submission with the following information and you might hear back from her!


A starry night in Amethyst // Dream Address: 5500-2145-9833

Come spend a beautiful starry night in the newly-updated Amethyst! Don’t forget to lay out under the stars in the hammock, have a picnic on the beaches, and take a walk through the forest! Most importantly, there is a brand new OBSERVATORY in Artemis’ house! There’s also plenty of goodies for playing with and dressing up around the town tree! I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to Amethyst!