walk through the beach


Some of the most remote locations on earth in the Arctic. 

These are scenes from my latest video that I just put up. You can watch it here:

This video has footage and the story of an Arctic expedition I was on with Astronaut Chris Hadfield. We ride straight INTO ice, walk through a beach full of skeletons, enter one of the most remote places on Earth, eat the oldest organisms on Earth! (all for real!)

This was a bucket list adventure. Hope you enjoy!

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fahye who are some authors you've followed into unknown fandoms/your favourite authors? i'm dying for recs


  • this list has to be topped with @astolat​ because I trust her tastes to line up superbly with mine, to the point where I will hungrily read tens of thousands of words of slytherin dad/gryffindor dad fanfic for a video game I am never going to play. just open her fandoms list, flail around, and click at random. it will probably be so good you want to punch something.
  • the great, the one, the only @cesperanza​ was the reason I got into due south fanfic when I was a tiny baby fandomer, and that got me into due south the show, and then exactly the same thing happened with stargate: atlantis. her captain america fic is SU-FUCKING-PERB and will change your life.
  • I deeply resent @seperis​ for making the answer to ‘what fanfic do you reread the most often’ be ‘a piece of american idol RPF’ because her ability to write relationships and stretches of dialogue that store all their emotion and meaning between the lines is just phenomenal. I resent her EVEN MORE for ‘down to agincourt’ because who has the time to throw at literal millions of words of excruciatingly slow-burn WIP destiel fanfic despite caring zero for supernatural as a show? who?? (me, apparently.)
  • sometimes what @dsudis​ writes doesn’t click for me personally, even though it’s always fantastically written. and then sometimes I end up completely fucking engrossed in a generation kill au about sentient wolves. you do not need to know anything about generation kill. or wolves. just go for it.
  • usual tilt of the hat to @rageprufrock​ for making me have endless, ENDLESS feelings about that dude from the social network. among a plethora of other things. pru enjoys long walks on the beach and ripping your soul out through your chest while you wail in confused gratitude. have fun.
  • @gyzym​ waltzes from fandom to fandom like a whirlwind of genius and is another person with whose ao3 profile you could play close-your-eyes-and-click, and end up with a guaranteed great read. including yet more inexplicably compelling RPF.

listen nothing is more beautiful than simon’s gigantic ass smile when he found out he can go out in the sun. like, simon is someone who loves the sunshine and you know it. he grew up loving walking through crowded city streets under warm sunlight. he loves the beach and the feel of warm sand and the sun on his back. and i can just imagine how he felt when he turned but now he can go back in the sun and see all the beautiful wild flowers swaying in the spring breeze and glass windows reflecting stranger’s faces and bright bright sunlight and wow he must’ve been so fucking happy i love him

Hawaii Loving (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “hi, i absolutely love your writing! could you possibly write something about being in hawaii with grayson? i’m still not over all of those pictures of him! 😭😂”
Word Count: 1,730
Warnings: None.
A/N: Gurl, I feel you and I got you. Hope this satisfied your Hawaii!Gray needs. ;) xx (Also, if you’ve requested something then please be patient. I’ve gotten a lot of them so it might take a while!)

Hawaii was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. The sand was white and searing hot against the soles of your feet, the ocean sparkling blue and clear and the food was just simply amazing.

School had been stressing you out, but you had finally graduated and as a present, Grayson decided to book you two tickets to Hawaii. When he’d broken the news, you had squealed, jumped around and then jumped him, disbelief and excitement running through you at the thought of spending a whole week in Hawaii of all places with the person you loved.

The surprises just kept coming though, because you had thought that you would stay at a hotel but you should’ve known that Grayson would go all out, because he was just that incredible. He had booked you the Honeymoon water bungalow, way out in the ocean with an incredible view of the beach that could be seen through the roof to floor windows. You couldn’t lie, you had cried at the sight and Grayson had laughed, pulling you in for a hug and a kiss.

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Bad Luck

@afitz1996 requested a Voltron fic with the below prompt with a sick lance and some klance thrown in;

It’s Nothing - (character) insists they’re fine, right up until they collapse

Lance was breathing hard as he ran, of course he had to be the one that ran into a pack of wild yuppers. He honestly was having the worst luck of the entire team lately, he had been stung by a strange wasp like creature which resulted in his face swelling to the size of a melon for three quintants, he had fallen from Blue’s head when he was doing maintenance on her and sprained his ankle, when he had been electrocuted by the invisible maze when he had been training alone and hadn’t realised that Coran was doing upgrades to the system and had turned the program on unaware of Lance down below.  

And now he was being chased through a strange forest planet by a pack of yuppers that were even larger than Laika and had decided that he was going to be their next meal.  He was barely managing to stay ahead of them as he came across a cliff that was easily 100 feet high and had a waterfall crashing down into a lake below, he hesitated to jump and in that split tick the lead yupper latched onto his right leg and bit down.  Lance managed to activate his bayard and shoot the yupper, causing it to let him go, before he turned and leapt off the cliff face and plunging into water below.

Once he resurfaced, he swum to the opposite bank to ensure that the pack couldn’t follow him but realised that he was now even further away from where had left Blue and his leg was starting to ache.  Lance winced as he bound the bite on his leg, using a strip of his under layer as a makeshift bandage.  He knew he needed to get back to the others before they started worrying and that was the last thing he needed, especially if Keith realised that Lance was hurt again. Honestly that mullet brained boy was the worst kind of worrier, every time that Lance had been hurt lately Keith would hover over him, constantly checking to see how he was going and if he needed a healing pod or some more blankets.

Lance sighed as he pulled up the map of the planet he and his team were currently on, they had come down to explore the unchartered area, the land was covered in large trees and Pidge suggested it could make a good base for the Voltron Alliance.  He studied the area around him and plotted a course that would take him back to Blue but giving the area that he had found the pack in a wide berth, he wasn’t too keen for a round two.

As he started hiking back up the hillside his leg complained, the bite was a deep one and was still bleeding but Lance didn’t have any other option than to continue moving forward, he had no first aid kit or portable healing device, he should chat to Pidge about making one for instances like this, and the only way he was going to get better was by getting back to the Castle.

It had been another varga of walking before his coms crackled to life, “Lance, come in.  What is your eta?”

“Hey Shiro,” he replied privately pleased that it wasn’t Keith who would be able to pick up on the slight hint of pain in his voice, “I had to take a detour back to Blue so I might be another varga or two before I can get back to you all.  How did you go?”

“None of us found any evidence of hostile life or anything that could prove a danger to us or a base. What about you?” Shiro asked.

“Well I did find a pack of wild yuppers.  If we stay far away from where their territory seems to be then we shouldn’t have a problem, the nasty little biters,” he whispered the past part not wanting to raise Shiro’s suspicions.

“Fair enough.  Did you want one of us to come pick you up and take you back to Blue?”

“Nah, the walk will do me some good,” he replied with a laugh.  He could just imagine Shiro’s look of disbelief, while Lance would proactively train and work out, taking walks through nature wasn’t his thing, unless it was a beach or other aquatic area.

“Sure,” he said dryly, “Well don’t take too long, Allura wants to have a team meeting soon about where we are going to set up and all those fun topics.”

Lance chucked, as much as Shiro had a crush on Allura and therefore spent as much time with the Princess as possible, he hated long talks especially on boring subjects.  “Copy that Shiro, I’ll be as quick as I can.”

After he had signed off with Shiro, Lance tried to pick up the pace, the sooner he got back to Blue, the sooner he could take his weight off his leg, the pain was starting to become worse and the longer it went untreated the better chances of infection were.

Another varga passed with no communication from his team but Lance was ok with the silence for once, it gave him the ability to focus on putting one foot in front of another, which was now starting to become a problem.  His vision was starting to blur and he could feel his body heating up, the planet temperature was warm but not warm enough to be causing him to heat up like he was.  

‘Dammit,’ he thought, ‘the bite must be worse than I thought.’

He considered radioing in for help but at that moment he caught a glimpse of blue from in between the trees and realised he had found Blue, he just needed to get into the cockpit and she could take it from there.  He used the last of his energy to hobble over to where she sat in all her magnificence, when he got close enough she dropped her force field and lowered her head so that he could slowly climb into her mouth.

Really?  Another injury?

Lance grimaced as Blue’s voice echoed in his head, “Sure make fun of the injured paladin, what kind of partner are you?”

Once that is starting to wonder if I need to get your mate to be by your side every tick of the quintant so that you don’t get into these situations.

“It’s not like I go looking to get hurt, it just happens!”  Lance made his way to the pilot’s seat and collapsed.  “Can you fly us back to castle?  I don’t think I have the energy to do it by myself.”

Of course I can.  Just relax, I will have you back to the others in no time.

30 dobash’s later Blue glided into her hanger, landing softly as to not disturb her paladin who had fallen asleep on the flight back.

Time to wake little one, we are back.

Lance groaned as he cracked his eyes open, “When did it get so bright in here?”

It isn’t bright little one, there is no difference from when we left. Are you feeling ok?

“I’ll be fine, just need to head to the med bay and clean this bite up and I’ll be right as rain.”

If you are sure then.

Lance could tell that she didn’t truly believe him, but what could she do?  She was a large metal lion, she didn’t have the ability to dress his wounds or escort him through the castle.  He took a deep breath and pushed himself up and had to hold back a whimper of pain, his leg was now burning with a fire that he hadn’t noticed while he was sitting.

“Better get moving then,” he said to himself as he staggered out of Blue’s mouth.  

He called out to his team mates through the coms, “Hey guys, Blue and I are back.  I’m just going to get cleaned up from my nature walk.  Where should I meet you all?”

“Welcome back buddy,” Hunk replied, “We are all on the bridge so just pop in here when you are ready.”

“Thanks man, I shouldn’t be more than a few dobash’s.”

After taking off his helmet, he removed the top layer of armour and placed it on the stand next to Blue, he would need to get a new undersuit after tearing his earlier so it wouldn’t matter if he wandered through the castle in just that.  He shuffled his way through the castle until he could see the doors to the med bay only a few meters away, when his head started to feel dizzy, his vision swam, Lance suddenly felt like the entire world was shifting and the last thing he saw was the floor rushing up to meet him.

“Ok, seriously, I know they guy likes to be clean and all that, but it has been over 20 dobash’s since he was supposed to be here,” Pidge grumbled from where she sat on her chair on the bridge.

“I’ll go see that he hasn’t fallen asleep, he’s probably just tired like the rest of us,” Keith said as he pushed himself off the wall where he had been leaning and walked towards Lance’s quarters.  

Keith decided that he wasn’t going to rush, if Lance was sleeping he wanted to give him as much time as possible to catch up on his rest, the guy seriously needed a good night’s rest.  He turned a corner as he passed the med bay and spotted a black lump on the ground a few meters down the hall and as he got closer he realised that it was Lance!

“Lance?” he hurried over and dropped to his knees, rolling the unconscious boy onto his back.  “Lance can you hear me?”

Lance groaned but didn’t open his eyes, his breathing was laboured and he was covered in sweat.  Keith’s eyes raked over him trying to work out what had happened when he spotted the material tied around Lance’s leg and the blood that had covered the skin that was poking out from underneath his suit.

“Dammit Lance!” he said before picking the boy up in his arms and carrying him into the med bay. Once he had placed him on a table, he dashed over to the communication system and hit the button, “Guys, I need help in the med bay.  Lance is hurt and won’t wake up.”

He didn’t wait for a reply before he ran over to the first aid station and pulled the trolley behind him as he returned to Lance.  He used the scissors to cut away the suit from the leg and as he revealed more skin he saw that the wound was a bite mark of some kind.  The skin around it was red and inflamed, it was infected and leaking blood and puss from the puncture marks.

As he used the first aid kit to clean the wound the best he could, the doors to the med bay opened and the rest of the team ran in with worried looks.  “What happened to him?” Allura asked as she and Coran made it to the table first.

“Something bit him and his leg is infected,” Keith replied looking up from his work.

“Yuppers,” Shiro said, “Lance said that he ran into a pack of wild yuppers but he never mentioned being bitten.”

“Some species of yuppers are known to have a poison in their bites to help bring down their prey,” Coran said, “It’s probably best if we give him a shot of antiyupper just to be safe.”

“Antiyupper?” Pidge asked, “Is that like antivenin?”

“I don’t know what antivenin is but antiyupper counteracts the poison from a yupper bite,” Coran explained as he produced a syringe from a cupboard and injected its contents into Lance’s leg.  

“We should give him a few dobash’s before putting him in a pod,” Allura said as she wiped Lance’s head with a cool cloth, “The antiyupper will take care of the poison and the pod will take care of the rest.”

Lance felt the familiar feeling of cool air and his ear’s popping, ‘I must be coming out of a healing pod’ he thought as he fell forwards into a pair of waiting arms.

“Welcome back Lance.”

“Hey Keith, miss me?” he said with a cheeky smirk.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had been bitten?” Keith asked sternly.

“Cause I didn’t want you to worry.  I didn’t think it was that bad and I thought I could just clean the wound and let it heal on its own.”

“Well obviously you were wrong.  Next time, just tell me if you are hurt ok?”

Lance smiled he would only get one chance to use this line so he better make the most of it, “Yup.”

99 Problems (8/)

  Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing, flirting, angst, fluff, and smut ;)

99 problems masterlist

Marvel masterlist

                                                       Chapter 8

   You hear the door open behind you , your hands fly to your cheeks to wipe away any lingering tears. 

“ Y/n?“  Steve asks, his voice coming from right behind you . 

You turn to him , plastering a fake smile on, ” Good morning Steve.“ you try to sound happy, but you can tell Steve sees right through it .

” You know, I can still read you like the back of my hand. “ he says as he crosses his arms. You sigh, then begin telling him what happened last night with Bucky .   When you finish the story , he pinches the bridge of his nose as he groans.

" Ill talk to him .” he says, moving towards the door. You grab his hand to stop him .

“No, Steve this is something I should do on my own . I just - not right now.” you answer quietly .

“ Why not right now? Y/n, he doesn’t want that girl, and if he does something with her its going to be out of spite & bother both of you. "  Yelling from outside breaks you from your conversation with Steve, you both look to the window, seeing Bucky and Johnny yelling at each other.                                                                                                                                 ” Oh shit. “ you say as you rush to the door with Steve hot on your heel. When you make it down to them , Bucky is reeling his fist back . You launch forward, grabbing onto it.

” Bucky no !“ you say as he turns to see who stopped him .

 ” Of course you’d be the one to stop me.“ he snaps.” What the hell is that suppose to mean?!“ you shout . Now you and Bucky are face to face, anger radiating off of both of you .

” Guys-“

” Shut up Steve.“ you both say at the same time.

” Bucky what the hell is wrong with you!“ you angrily ask .

” Theres nothing wrong with me ! Keep your boy toy on a leash , he was hitting on my girl “ His Girl? You hear the girl from the beach giggle, walking up and lacing her arm through Buckys. She leans up pressing her lips to his ,you nearly lose it . 

You let out a cold laugh , ” Oh really ? Your new girl? “ you ask , you direct you gaze to her , ” You have 20 seconds to get the hell out of here .“ you growl at her.

” I don’t think so.“ She replies bravely. You send her an impressed look , then take a step towards her. Steves arm wraps around your waist stopping you ,

” I would listen to her ma'am. I don’t think I can hold her back.“ Steve says to the girl.  She scoffs, moving behind Bucky to use him as a shield.  Bucky is wearing a sick grin that’s begging to be wiped off his face.

 ” Steve, let me go.“ you demand, and to your surprise he listens.

You lock eyes with the girl , ” You want him, you got him Honey. Goodluck. You did me a favor, Saved me from telling an asshat like him that I love him.“  The last words falling from your lips before you can stop them . Your eyes go wide, mirroring everyone elses. You didn’t even realize how far you had fallen until this moment when the words involuntarily flew from your lips in a moment of hurt & anger. You turn , leaving everyone absolutely silent.  You don’t try to fight the tears that are falling now as you climb the stairs to your room.   Before you can shut your door a hand slides through .

" 10 /10 on that performance . You left everyone speechless. ” Johnny says, trying to make you laugh . When he sees he failed, he pulls you to him . You push away though , wiping the tears from your eyes.  You hear a knock on your door, and he goes to see who it is . Him and Steve return ,

“  What Steve.” you snap when you see him staring at you .

“  Talk to him.” Is all he says ,all you can do is laugh.

“ You’re kidding , right Steve?” Johnny asks

“ I  don’t think so sweetheart. That ship, has sailed and sunk. ” you say while you flop down on your bed.

 ” Y/n?“ Oh hell no.You immediately sit up at the sound of Buckys voice,

” Get the hell out.“ you say . You lock eyes with him, and he steps towards you . ” What don’t you understand Barnes. Get. Out.“ you growl.  He keeps moving towards you , making your anger boil over.  ” Your girl wouldn’t appreciate you being in my room ,would she? “ you question with fake sincerity.

” Y/n I’m sorry I shoul-“   you push past him , exiting your room.

 Johnny catches up to you before you reach the stairs , he grabs your hand, pulling you with as he sprints down the stairs.  When you reach the bottom of the stairs he grabs a random pair of keys off the hooks then continues outside.  When he hit the alarm button on the keys,Tonys red convertible starts blinking.  You hear johnny pretty much moan at the sight and he hops in the drivers seat. You leap over the passenger door,landing in the seat beside him. Both super soldiers barrel out of the front door after you guys, but its too late . The car flies past them in a blur , you can hear them yelling after you but it soon fades.       

  When you return to the house a few hours later,  you feel much better . You spent the day arm in arm with Johnny, walking around & eating at every icecream shop you could find. You both try to sneak into the house quietly,  you’re praying the team is out back or on the beach  . It was too early for them to be asleep .

You silently close the front door,  you and johnny both yelp when FRIDAYS voice appears.  ” Sergeant Barnes, Miss Y/n has returned.“ He would ask to be told when I’m back . Fucking creep.

  Bucky walks through the kitchen doorway , standing in front of you. Awkward silence ensues, until you break it by laughing. ” Well, that was fun . But I’m gonna hit the showers. Night boys. “ you say as you go to the stairs.

 ” y/n its only like 6 !“ Johnny calls after you . You flick him off over your shoulder as you start on the stairs.  You don’t get too far before a hand wraps around your wrist. You turn on the step , as you an arm snakes around your knees and you fall over someones shoulder.

” What the fuck. Put me down!“ you yell, you look up seeing Johnny in the same spot you left him .Oh fuck . You realize Bucky is the one carrying you , you start squirming in his hold.

” Unless you wanna fall head first down the stairs I suggest you stop. “ he warns as he climbs the stairs.  When he finally stops , he tosses you onto your bed.

“  I should of let you explain last night, I jumped to about 500 different conclusions instead. I thought you were embarrassed that Johnny caught us, or that maybe you wanted him instead.  Or that you came to your senses and realized that you deserve more than me .  I love you Y/n , I’ve known for a while, but when you kissed me I couldn’t hide it anymore. The thought of you not -”

“ Stop.” you say  . You are barely holding in the tears now, you move from your bed to your door.

 ” Y/n please-“ his voice cracks .

” Your goal was to hurt me by being with that girl, right? To hurt me like you were last night? Congratulations,you got what you wanted.I thought you were different ,I didn’t think you’d ever hurt me on purpose, whether we are friends or lovers.  You’re not who I thought you were . “ 

 " I’m the same person Y/n,  I made a mistake, and I am sorry for it.  But can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t of done the same if you were in my shoes last night ? If I pushed you away , what would you of done?” he was getting aggravated now, anger taking over his tone.  

“ I would of let you explain!”

“ Oh really? Like you did today when you took off with Johnny!?” he shouts.Oh crap. 

You sigh , realizing he is partially right. When you don’t answer, he sighs as he pinches the bridge of his nose. You walk back to the bed and sit on the edge. He sits next to you , your elbows brushing eachothers.

 "When I came here, I really only had Steve.  You didn’t even know me, and you came to my rescue when Ross showed up . You came hurling into my life like a hurricane; a beautiful, crazy as fuck, caring hurricane. You blew away everything I thought I knew , and accepted me as I am; a broken monster . I didn’t think I stood a chance, why would someone as wonderful & sweet as you , love a disaster like me?“ he says . 

 You turn, your hands going to cradle his cheek. Tears are slowly falling down your cheeks at his words, at how low he sees himself.

” You are not a monster, do you hear me Bucky? You are far from it .“ you tell him , but you see the insecurity in his eyes.  " I didn’t want to push you away , ” you sigh , trying to gain the courage to continue, “ You spent your life having decisions made for you , never having the chance to choose what you wanted to do . I didn’t want to bombard you with my feelings, and make you think you had to feel the same.  You’re still piecing together your memories Buck, I didn’t want to add more weight on your shoulders. “ 

” So , you made the choice for me , huh?“ he scoffs.

 ” No! I was just- okay I know it seems like that . But I wasn’t - ugh this is just so- I wanted to talk about it with you last night. See if that was you really wanted, if I was what you really wanted .“ you say shyly.  The room is filled with silence, until Buckys deep laughter shatters it. You whip your head towards him in  confusion at his outburst.  

He shakes his head, then leans over and places his lips gently on yours in a quick kiss, ” I love you.“ he says , his lips brushing against yours.

” I love you Bucky.“ you confess. The second the words leave your lips his fingers card through your hair, pulling you closer to him . You don’t resist, giving in as his lips move with yours . You run your tongue over his bottom lip, and he immediately parts his lips to let you in. As the kiss gets dirtier, you push his shoulders back, knocking him flat on the bed . You straddle his lap, quickly taking off your shirt. 

You lean back down to connecting your lips once again . His hands are all over you , massaging your breasts, then sliding down your sides to grope your ass . He flips you both , then removes the rest of your clothes, then his. The feeling of his metal fingers swiping through your drenched folds sends a new set of chills through your body.  His fingers tease your clit as his lips trail down your neck .  

” Bucky , I cant wait. Just please.“ you beg through the moans that slip out. He leans down , starting a passionate kiss as he glides his cock through your folds . Your hips lift as you feel his tip prodding at your entrance . He slides into you , both of you moaning at the feeling . He gives you a moment to adjust before he begins slowly thrusting .  He stays slow for a while, before he grips your hips and starts pounding into you.

” God, you don’t know how good you feel doll. “ his voice was raspy and strained.Your back arches as he picks up his pace, you can tell you aren’t going to last long from the way you can already feel yourself clamping around him.

 "Bucky I’m-"   His grip tightens on your hips, his pace quickening as he slams even harder into you . ” Oh my god.“ you whimper . You spiral into your orgasm, loud whines leaving your lips as you tightly shut your eyes.  Bucky doesn’t stop though , just continues relentlessly fucking you as he chases his finish.

” I think I can get one more out of you Darling.“ he says between grunts. His fingers find your clit, the feeling of cold metal hitting your sensitive folds sends a shock through you . He keeps his animalistic pace as he harshly circles your clit. You can feel his rhythm falter, signaling you that hes close.

” Bucky , harder !“  He listens, almost violently fucking you into your second orgasm and him into his . He cums moaning your name, and you swear it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.   He rolls off to your side, both of you panting  .

  ” Mr.Barnes,  Mr Stark requests your presence in the back yard when you are ready .“  FRIDAYS voice startles both of you . You can feel the ache in your body forming already as you stand to dress.  Before you can take a step, Buckys arm is around your waist tugging you back down.  

” Don’t go anywhere. Ill be back. “ He says as he gently kisses you . You giggle and lay back down.    

 When you wake up , you grab your phone and see its been a couple hours since Bucky went to talk to Tony. You look to the other side of your bed and find it empty. Where is he?  You roll out of bed to find him . You find him in the kitchen, staring out the back windows at the ocean.  His posture was tense, setting off alarms in your mind. What could Tony of possibly said to him  .

” You never came back .“ you say quietly. He doesn’t turn around when he responds ,

” I know. “ You step behind him, beginning to wrap your arms around his waist from behind. As your hands go to meet at his stomach his hands stop you, grabbing onto yours and removing them .  

"  Whatever this is, its over."  he says coldly.

"  What are you -  It barely even started Bu-”

“ Its over. I dont want this. ”

I’m sorry , what?

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long walks through beach city, with you <3 - my rusty Steven Universe lever has been lifted, out of sudden and i started drawing one of my favourite ships :) i am not really active in the SU fandom, but do people actually ship these?!? :D

nevermind, i am super happy how this piece turned out. i didn’t wanted to draw Buck and Sour Cream like akward love birds, looking at each other, but instead they are acting, the way they always act, when they are together :)

i hope i’ll be able to draw more SU in the future :3

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"Lance, I ACTUALLY fought off a dozen bounty hunters for you a month ago, and nearly lost an arm to that freaking pet dinosaur-thing of theirs," Well THAT must've been a fun adventure XDD

I feel like y’all are baiting me, and I keep falling for the bait :D *hugs* Okay, well, since you’re curious, and since I’m all done with getting poked and prodded at the clinic (a huge thank you to those who sent me get-well messages, and thanks for everyone’s patience in general :D) — here ya go. 

That Time Keith Saved Lance From A Dozen Bounty Hunters and Their Pet Dinosaur:

Lance is tied to a tree, again, and it’s not funny … Well, it’s a bit funny. But Keith isn’t laughing when he stealthily creeps in closer, rolling his eyes when Lance spots him and then immediately tries to act casual — casually widening his eyes and proclaiming, “Hey dudes, I think I heard some kind of loud giant Lion coming from that direction. Blue should be on his way. Wanna go catch him?”

Keith is tempted to throw a rock at Lance’s head, but as he does actually care about his boyfriend, and he definitely wants him back in one piece, he refrains. Barely.

The bounty hunters laugh at him, one large butch alien hollering, “Eh, boy, why don’t you keep your loud mouth shut and let us eat our dinner in peace, yeah?”

“You won’t be getting any leftovers if you don’t learn some manners,” chimed in a thin, leather-clad female, her hand stroking over the scaled skin of what looked like a baby T-Rex. But with wings. And arms that were not ridiculously short.

Considering that Lance was in this predicament because he’d wandered outside of the city limits —precisely what they were told not to do by the Supreme Governor of the planet — Keith is tempted to let Lance sweat it out until everyone is asleep and they can escape under cover of night.

But as he closes the distance between himself and Lance, he takes in the brutally tight chains wrapped around his boyfriend, the cut on his forehead, the bruise on his cheek, his split lip … And suddenly, Keith finds himself unsheathing his bayard, gritting his teeth as he glares out towards the crew of bounty hunters.

He counts them clinically, staring with narrowed eyes — twelve armed aliens, and their winged dinosaur mascot thing … No problem.

Keith had found Lance’s bayard tangled in some vines a mile back. He manages to sneak his way to the Blue Paladin’s tree, leaning behind it, out of sight, as he soundlessly picks the lock on the chains.

Lance goes completely still, hardly daring to move. And when Keith gets the lock off, thereby enabling him to loosen the chains, Lance lets out a long, quiet breath. Keith squeezes the hands restrained behind the tree gently. When Lance grips him in return, Keith pulls back and wraps Lance’s fingers around his blue bayard.

“Wait until I’ve got about half of them down — then move.” Keith tries to whisper this near silently, and so he’s not one hundred percent sure Lance hears him — but the Blue Paladin will figure it out soon enough.

Keith sneaks back around to the other side of the camp, and then situates himself behind one of the small ATV-looking vehicles. He moves fast, turning on the engine and gunning it right into the middle of the dining bounty hunters.

There’s screaming and guns firing as he launches himself off his improvised ride, knocking out two guys with one blow. He turns to cross blades with a female alien nearly twice his size, and by the time he’s knocked out his fifth bounty hunter, he suddenly remembers the dinosaur.

Too late, because the beast has roared and plunged its teeth straight through Keith’s left arm. His shield disappears as he screams in pain — and then there’s more laser fire as Lance starts unleashing a wave of blasts that find their targets in joints and hands and feet. Keith has beaten off the dinosaur and takes care of the last few bounty hunters with one hand.

Silence falls in the woods.

Until Lance whoops and hollers, “Holy crow, Keith that was freaking amazing. I barely — oh my god, your arm!”

“Lance, it’s fine,” Keith says through gritted teeth, even as Lance rushes over, his face pale.

“Uh, no, you are bleeding all over the damn place. I think I can see bone! Oh my god, oh my —

Keith uses his good arm, the one that has just sheathed his bayard, to grab his boyfriend by the collar of his armour, and yank him into a kiss. This gets Keith some blessed quiet, and also reassures him that Lance is more or less okay. He was able to get up and fight with no problem, ramble without breathing, and is currently pressing his mouth to Keith’s like they’re every action couple in every cheesy explosion-filled movie that Lance adores … So, yes, Lance is fine.

Keith pulls back and Lance rests his forehead against Keith’s temple. “Okay. Point made. But you need some time in the cryo-pod, like stat.”

“Probably,” Keith says, avoiding looking down at his arm, which has gone alarmingly numb. “But first we have to get back to the city. You know, the city we were not supposed to set foot out of?”

Lance grins sheepishly. “So I heard a rumour that there was a gorgeous beach just a short walk through the woods —”

Keith groans. “No, don’t want to hear it. Just drive us back into town so I can watch with great satisfaction as Allura and Shiro chew you out. And then as Hunk is all nice to you and makes you feel as guilty as you should be.”

Lance swoops in to steal one last kiss before helping Keith onto the ATV and then swinging up onto it. Keith wraps his uninjured arm around Lance’s waist, and murmurs into the Blue Paladin’s ear, “If you try any fancy tricks —”

“Listen, sugar pie, I’ve got precious cargo on here,” Lance says gravely, and doesn’t flinch when Keith tries to knee him in the back. “So you best believe I’ll be smooth as butter with my stellar driving.”

Keith snorts, but holds back an insult as Lance revs the engine and begins a swift and uneventful journey back to town.

In the end, they both get lectured — Lance for leaving the city limits, Keith for going after him without back-up — but the Supreme Governor somehow feels responsible for Keith almost losing an arm, so he arranges a full day at the beach Lance had heard about. Keith gets to watch Lance swim and frolic in the sun. He gets to be pulled into crystalline waters, kissed beneath the waves, and fall asleep with Lance’s head on his chest, far-too-soft sand between his toes.

So maybe he’s not nearly as annoyed as he pretends to be later, but letting out his faux-irritation gets Lance teasing him, catering to him hand and foot, cooing over his no-longer injured arm … All in all, it actually turns out to be a pretty damn awesome week for the Red Paladin, even with the dozen bounty hunters and dinosaur that almost ate him. He’ll cling to his wins whenever he gets them. Which is probably why he’s never letting Lance go, idiot trips to alien beaches and all.

Once again, all the fluff, unleashed! I’m still a bit sleepy, so hopefully this makes some kind of sense. And I hope I answered your unspoken question ;D *many hugs* Thanks again to all you amazing people :)

700: sapphic rates

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gayley kiyoko song: girls like girls | cliff’s edge | given it all | pretty girl | one bad night | palace | feeding the fire | sleepover | gravel to tempo | ease my mind | this side of paradise

stereotype: flannels. flannels everyday | locker rooms = torture chambers | beanie obsessed | softball stan | snapbacks af | short hair | buying stuff from the men’s section | short/unpainted nails. always. | cats. cats??? catssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | watching v gay shows only for the gay content | theater geek

sappho quote: someone in some future time will think of us | what is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful | their heart grew cold, they let their wings down | once again love drives me on, that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done | although only breath, words which i command are immortal | what cannot be said will be wept | may i write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve | i know not what to do, my mind is divided | love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables 

gay meme: harold, they’re lesbians | she said with surprise in her voice for some reason | there is absolutely no heterosexual explanation for this | that gay shit: / me: | “as a lesbian—” supporter? “AS A LESBIAN” | all the cool girls are lesbians | we popping the biggest bottles when makorra happens tomorrow | just gals being pals

people wlw love: katie mcgrath | zendaya | hayley kiyoko | dodie clark | stephanie beatriz | melissa benoist | cate blanchett | grimes 

date: amusement park | retro diner | ice skating | romantic candle-lit dinner | coffee shop and bookstore | walk through the woods | beach | going to the park at night | picnic

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Do you have any fluffy SF and US bros relationship headcanons?

You got it dude. 



  • tries his best to impress you, when he doesn’t need to
  • It’s actually really cute
  • Black is cute. Even if he tries to be fearsome
  • He’s not clingy and likes it when you’re independant
  • If someone is roughing you up, he trusts that you can handle yourself
  • But he’s going to want to join in on the fight too. 
  • He’s a spooner. He thinks he’s the big spoon, but really, Black is better at being a little spoon
  • Dates are extravagant and daring, like skydiving, bungee jumping, rocking climbing
  • If you’re ever afraid, Black understands. He’ll hold you and promises you that nothing will ever happen to you while he’s around. 


  • Why get a dog when you can get a Rus? 
  • Just kidding, but boi is he loyal af
  • He’s utterly, selflessly devoted to you because he loves you so much
  • That doesn’t mean he’s clingy or anything, in fact, he loves that you can be independant. 
  • His devotion means his full support in everything that you do. Sure, you guys might have a dispute every now and then, but no matter what, he’ll choose you. 
  • He’s a great listener. Rus might now say much if you’re ranting, but he’ll soothe you by running his fingers through your hair. 
  • Dates would be awful karaoke or baking cookies in the middle of the night. 
  • Great kisser.  



  • Excitable little skele!
  • Blue gets excited about all the little things, like listening to your day
  • He’s a good cook so he will feed you a lot. Especially tacos
  • Blue wants to do things with you like take you out on romantic walks in the park or strolling through the beach at sunset
  • Cuddle monster
  • He will squeeze you to death because he loves you so much.
  • Blue will compliment you everyday without fail.
  • Bought a new shirt? He’ll say it brings out your eyes. 
  • If you’re ever feeling down, he’ll bring you up again by praising and complimenting you until you smile. 


  • god Papy is such an asshole
  • But he’s an asshole that loves you
  • Consider him to to be the “bad boy” type
  • He can be rude, but he doesn’t mean it and always knows his limits
  • Head kisses. Stretch loves head kisses. 
  • Beware, he will fall asleep on you whenever he gets the chance
  • You’re just so soft….and squishy
  • Dates are usually some cheesy horror movie and take out from Muffets. 

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Hi! Could you please write prompts #37 and #60 with Raphael Santiago? I love your blog keep writing 💕

Raphael Santiago - “You are my sunshine”

“Don’t you miss it sometimes?” You took a deep breath while you turned your head towards the vampire next to you. “The sun warming your face while you walk through the park? Watching the sunset on the beach? Watching the sunrise in the forest?”

“I do, actually.” Raphael nodded. He had his legs crossed, his ankle resting on his knee. His lips curled up onto a smile and his arm was resting loosely behind your back. “Although I don’t complain about my life, there are moments I hate the dark.”

You licked your lips and squeezed your eyes a little. You still couldn’t believe that you had managed to run into a vampire, a real vampire, not the kind of vampire that glimmered in the sun, but the kind of vampire that couldn’t go anywhere during the day.

“But, you are my sunshine now.” Raphael spoke softly and he grabbed your hand, his fingers rubbing your knuckles.

Your cheeks heated up a little and you turned your head away to avoid his glance. “I can be a lot, but I don’t think I can be the sun.” You giggled, shifting your weight a little. “Especially not for a vampire who hasn’t seen the sun in a very very long time.”

Raphael took a deep breath and for a moment the two of you just sat there in silence. His fingers kept on rubbing your hand though and after a few minutes Raphael looked up and cleared his throat. “I tried my best to not feel anything for you.” He cocked his head a little. “Guess what? I failed.” He waited until your glance met his before he continued. “I don’t mind that you’re human. I don’t mind that we probably won’t have an endless future together. I just know that you make me happy, that you make me smile, no matter how hard my day has been and no matter what a chaos the outside world is.”

You held your breath and your eyes widened. “Can I say something strange?” You paused for a moment and bit your lip. “I know that technically you’re dead, but somehow I feel like I’ve been dead for all those years too and now I have you, now I finally start to feel alive.”

“If anything in the world was possible and if money wouldn’t be an issue, what would you like to do? Where would you like to go? Which dreams would you want to come true?” Raphael whispered and he now wrapped his arm around your shoulder, pulling you a little closer towards him.

“I don’t even know where to start.” You leaned back and you felt his chest against your back. “I would love to walk through Paris with you. I would love to share our italian ice in Rome. I’d want to borrow your water bottle while we’re exploring the pyramids in Egypt. I’d love to visit the Chinese wall, knowing that even though I will never be able to walk from beginning to end we would still try and would not run out of subjects to talk about…” You felt your heart beating in your chest when you paused.

“Then you shall have it. All of it.”

Affordable Basics for a New Witch

A Wand - 

Fasten your own out of a stick from your favorite tree (don’t cut a branch without asking the tree first). Paint a chopstick with colors that inspire you and your magic. Tie a pretty ribbon to the end.

A Chalice -

Used to represent water or make offerings to whomever you choose. Find a  dish that can hold water. Find a lovely shot glass at a thrift store. Use a mug or old bowl you fancy.

Blackbook or Book of Spells -

A place to keep notes throughout your journey. Keep track of ways you feel when interacting with different magickal things in your environment and in nature. Keep track of your progress and journal what you wish to someday accomplish in your craft.

Altar Cloth - 

Use a bandana in colors you enjoy. Cut some cloth from an old shirt that doesn’t fit anymore. Paint and old pillow case.

Stones - 

Find stones that draw you in when you walk around in nature. Go to a beach and pick a few stones that speak to you. Invest in your first quartz stone, useful for almost any purpose and to develop your magick ability. Display them on a windowsill or somewhere you can see them everyday.

Jars -

Use containers found around your house. Old salsa jars. Soap tins. Match boxes. Decorate them to your fancy with stickers, paint, or markers.

! Tips !

- Gather things for your environment. Pick up rocks, sticks, and feathers from a walk through nature. Bring a jar to the beach to take home some sand.

- String goes a longer way. Macramé your stones to hang them around your room. Tie closed notes for yourself or your friends. Braid strings and tie them around your jars for decoration or for labels.

- Salt is useful for all starts of spells starting off, as it’s cleansing property makes it easier to start fresh in any environment. It is also cheap and can be found in most households.

Remember that beginning anything is difficult. Don’t give up, and never let physical objects stand in your way. Send out good vibes and they are sure to come back to you.

~ Selenite

Tim Drake x Reader - Sweater Weather Pt. 1

Requested by: Anon

Song: “Sweater Weather” - by The Neighborhood

Word Count: 1319

Tagging: @solis200213 @angstytodd


It was a cold and humid day, the clouds could never be more dark gray. The air in the atmosphere was dense, and the temperature was a cool and chilling 40 degrees. Lucky for you, you had only packed shorts, and the plan was to go to the beach today, so this was going to be, interesting, to say the least.

The wind whipped at your bare legs as you walked through the back door of the beach house, stinging the skin. Tim had taken you on a vacation this week, and the two of you went to a convention for video games yesterday and were now relaxing in the house on the beach he had rented for your week.

You walked out the sliding glass door to the beach, Tim following behind you. You ignored the sting in your legs as you walked down the stairs, following the pathway to the cool sand and freezing ocean. You had worn a sweater to keep your torso and arms warm, luckily you had at least brought that. A pair of converse covered your feet, and your hair was windblown and tangled from the ocean breeze.

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So headcanon time about Yuuri’s hobby being gaming:
- he pretty much exclusively plays single player stuff. Multiplayer games stress him out, especially MMOs. He might play a two player game with Phichit now and then, but only really lighthearted fun stuff.
- He absolutely hates horror, will never play a horror game ever. He can’t deal with jump scares and gore makes him queasy.
- He likes fantasy stuff, I feel like this kid grew up on Final Fantasy and cried his eyes out over the big iconic moments like Aeris’ death.
- If he’s into Final Fantasy, his favorite protagonist is Yuna. Because she’s kind of shy and unsure of herself but then she’s so courageous and strong even though all this awful stuff happens! Kid!Yuuri definitely wanted to be brave like Yuna.
- For a long time when he’d play stuff with character creation, he’d never play as himself. He’d either invent a character or just model them after Victor. But once he became more confident, he’d name his character Yuuri and make them look like him.
- He’s a really stubborn completionist. He’s got to collect every item, do every side quest, earn every trophy. Also he’ll get super pissed off when he’s stuck at a boss that keeps killing him over and over, but it’s really rare for him to ragequit. Spite keeps him going a good long while.
- Victor was never into games and he’s mostly pretty terrible at them when he tries, so mostly he’ll just watch Yuuri play.
- And cuddle with him during the sad parts. Yuuri’s usually the one to cry but some really heartbreaking moments got Victor going too.
- Victor probably overthinks things a little whenever there’s a romance option in the games though. Why is Yuuri going after Dorian in Dragon Age Inquisition? Does he like mustaches? Or men who read? Should I grow a mustache and read more?
- The only games Victor can get into are visual novels or super cute fluffy things like Animal Crossing. He’s got a town full of dogs and blue roses.
- If he had been into games when he was a kid, Victor probably would have liked ones where you can make friends with people. He was a really lonely kid.
- Yuuri plays Animal Crossing too, and sometimes when they’re away from each other they’ll go on long distance ‘dates’ through the game, visit each other’s town and walk on the beach together.

{Reaction} EXO confessing their feelings

Disclaimer: I don’t own images/gifs used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol had stayed up all night, composing a song that he had put all of his feelings and emotions into for you. When the time came for him to finally perform the song for you, he’d be incredibly flustered and shy, his heart beating fast as he concentrated hard on not messing up his words or the chords on his guitar.

Chanyeol: “This is for you {y/n} I hope you feel the same way.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyungsol

After receiving the worst possible advice from his fellow members, Kyungsoo decided to take matters into his own hands and put his cooking skills into action. He invited you over and cooked your favorite meal.

During the dinner, you noticed how much shyer than he was than usual.

{y/n}: “Is there something on your mind, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: Actually, there is something I need to talk to you about…”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun, being one of the more outgoing and forward members of the group came out with his feelings pretty smoothly and quickly, making sure to pull on your heartstrings with that charming smiles as he did so.

Baekhyun: “So… we’ve been friends for a while right? Well, I’m thinking we should take our friendship to the next level. How about we start with a date next Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exosback

He wouldn’t want to confess, the thought of being denied would be enough to turn his nose up at the idea. But one afternoon, the confession was almost pulled out of him on a rainy walk back to your apartment.

{y/n}: “You should have stayed at home, Sehun, you’re going to catch a cold.”

Sehun: “Do you think I want to be out here getting wet? I’m doing it because I love you, dammit.”

{y/n}: “You… what?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing took the more traditional way to try and win over your heart by turning up at your doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a charming smile as he asked for your hand.

Yixing: “I know it’s short notice, but I thought we could spend the day together. I also have something I want to talk about with you.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would drop the bomb on you on  random afternoon you’re spending out together (more than likely in a coffee shop.) He’d be sipping his coffee before looking up at you with nervous eyes and and adorable smile before admitting his feelings honestly and directly.

Minseok: “I’ve liked you since the day we first met, but only now do I feel confident telling you how I feel so… should we consider this our first date?”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Before going on tour would be when Chen decides to confess to you. He’d be so worried about you not feeling the same way that he would purposefully tell you before he’s about to leave in case you found it weird and needed time to think. His way of confession would make up for the time of the confession though.

He’d work on a video, filming all the members saying how much they’ll miss you while their away before presenting himself at the end, confessing fully to his inner thoughts in the hope that he can claim you as his as soon as he returns from tour.

Jongdae: “I know I was a coward, leaving it until now to confess. But it’s because you mean so much I can’t face the thought of losing you. I love you {y/n} and I hope you feel the same about me.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would more than likely, like Kyungsoo, ask the others for help and get rubbish in return. So, he’d decide on something sweet and original. He’d go into your place while you’re out and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the living room. In the living room at the end of the trail of petals would be a bouquet of roses and a little note that explains everything.

I’m so nervous to tell you how I feel in person, so here is the next best thing. I love you {y/n} I always have and I always will. I hope you will accept my feelings and let me take you out on a date next weekend.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is a sweetheart, and so will his confession. He’d decide on doing something more traditional too. He came to pick you up before driving you to a pretty beach just before sunset. When you’re finally walking through the lapping ways would he bring himself to bring up the topic.

Suho: “So {y/n}, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us to date?”


Originally posted by parkchny

Luhan wouldn’t take the same route of confessing as the other members. He’d think pulling something romantic would be pointless. Buying pretty flowers or staying up all night to write a song wouldn’t make you like him anymore in his eyes, so he decided it would be more practical to take the more direct option.

You and him were sitting in his apartment, his arm wrapped over your shoulder as the two of you watched his new film.

Luhan: I like you, {y/n}, I think we should date like this more often.”

You: “This is a date?”

Luhan: “Do you want it to be? Because I do…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would use his dancing to his advantage for this one. He’d decide on buying you both tickets to a professional dance performance to watch together and wait for the perfect moment to confess.

You: “The dancing is so amazing, almost like they’re really in love. It’s a shame it’s all just an illusion.”

Kai: “If you date me I can prove that not all dance partners love is just an illusion. I can show you some of my moves, maybe some of the more sexual ones, but perhaps not on the first date.” *winks* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris wouldn’t be shy about his feelings, he’d come out straight forward with how he feels and as he doesn’t think that sentiments will help the value of your feelings. Like Luhan, he doesn’t think these big gestures will make much of a difference, if you like him, then you do, if you don’t, then no big romantic gesture is going to change your mind. 

Kris: “I know this is sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now {y/n}… So, I was wondering how you feel about going to the cinema this Friday night?”

It’s me again fire crotch,

I would much rather write down my thoughts to you than to talk to some of these idiots down here. i know you’re probably never going to read these but I have to get them off my chest.Because for fuck sake Ian I can’t get you off my mind.You’re under my fucking skin. I got my tattoo fixed by the way. Your name is spelled the correct way. It hurt like a bitch, but then again our relationship was filled with a lot of hurt right? It only makes sense. Fuck I miss you Ian every fucking day that I’m stuck in this hellhole. The thought of you gets me through. Maybe someday soon you’ll be walking up to me on the beach. That gets me through. But more than anything the thought of you happy gets me through. It makes things easier. I fucking love you Gallagher and I hope you know that.  I’ll see you again soon I promise. Take your pills, be good to your family, and to whoever you end up with please tell them to treat you the way you deserve to be. I’ll know if he doesn’t and I would hate to have to leave this shithole just to kick someones ass. Sense the sarcasm.  I love you ginger snap.

—  A letter Mickey will never send.(3)