walk through aquarium

reasons why lance would take keith to disney world for their honeymoon

  •  since lance grew up in florida his family would buy season passes to disney world so it only made sense to take his new husband there to share the tradition
  • they could get those adorable groom mouse ears that say ‘just married’ on the back
  • lance is a giant fucking child and always will be 
    • keith finds his enthusiasm to get a photo with peter pan and tigger absolutely adorable
  • they could conquer all the mountains (thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain, expedition everest, and space mountain)
  • who can spin faster on the teacups (lance)
  • who can stay drier on splash mountain (keith)
  • who can score higher on buzz lightyear’s space ranger spin (lance)
  • who can score higher on toy story mania (keith, bc lance is fucking awful at simulators)
  • people with just married buttons always get congratulated by the staff and lance would eat that shit up
  • romantic walk through the aquarium at epcot
  • romantic dinner in italy at epcot
  • japanese candy for dessert from epcot
  • keith winning prizes for them at dinoland usa 
  • keith insists on building his own lightsaber
  • lowkey makeouts in the back of the preview theatre in hollywood studios
  • romantic breakfast in the castle
  • keith would find so much of it so silly but would still have just as much fun as lance god it would be so cute
Stucky First Date/Valentines Prompts

I’ve been sitting on these for a year. Feel free to use as prompts for art/fic/whatever :D I won’t be writing any of them myself, but i’d love to see them done!

  • Bucky notices the blond guy keep coming into the hallmark store where he works. Steve never talks to anyone, but he does occasionally sign basic ASL. Bucky draws on their dry erase board that if Steve comes in, he should see “Bucky.” Steve comes back in and sees the board and wanders around a little lost. Bucky comes up to him and waves. Steve waves back. Commence a date where Bucky uses a ton of discounted Valentine’s Day cards he got from work to communicate with Steve, and Steve’s too shy to speak because he knows he can’t pronounce words too well, so he writes back on them. (Who said Valentine’s Day Cards were only good during the holiday?)

  • Steve works at an aquarium. The aquarium is always crowded with couples thinking they’re being “unique” with taking their date to the aquarium instead of dinner and a movie. Bucky, a disgruntled veteran with a prosthetic arm comes in and together, they start making fun of the couples and inadvertently spend the entire day walking through the aquarium together, looking at the couples and not at the fishes, but finding they have much in common.

  • Bucky works at the zoo as a zookeeper for the gorillas. He expected to yell at a lot of kids to stop climbing on the guard rails to the exhibits like usual, but what he didn’t expect was a skinny guy to go into a full blown asthma attack and fall over the guard railing into the gorilla compound. Now Bucky’s gotta rescue this kid before Tito the gorilla adopts him as his new child…

  • The best thing about Valentine’s Day is the day after. Bucky and Steve both decide to go to the store and clear out the discounted candy. They meet each other and talk about how each year they always sit at home watching movies that have absolutely nothing to do about love because, why would anyone love them? Turns out bonding over chocolate at the candy store can lead to a lot more than they thought.

  • (modern Bucky) Captain America has never celebrated Valentine’s Day. He lets it slip in an interview and Bucky happens to see the interview. Bucky stands outside the Avengers tower with a “Will you be my valentine” teddy bear and Tony teases Steve about it. Steve, bless his heart, decides “why the heck not.” Steve ends up having a way better time than he could’ve imagined. Even if he sucks at dancing and Bucky’s a little spitfire.

  • (modern Bucky) Steve walks his dog around Central Park every Valentines day. He enjoys seeing the couples enjoying the day, even if it’s not something he’s ever experienced. He’s about ready to call it quits when he hears a man shouting frantically for “Cap.” Panicked, Steve tries to avoid him when he turns to see the man is actually running after a dog…named Cap? Steve, along with his Great Dane go off on a rescue mission to grab the little bull terrier and end up meeting a frazzled amputee named Bucky.
blue [ pt. 5 ]

pairing | pcy x reader
count | 4.6k

You woke to the sound of indistinct voices. Peeling your eyes open, you flinched, blinking away the haziness of your sleep. You sat up, goosebumps rising on your skin from the coldness of the air in the room. Pulling up the sheets under your arms, you turned and looked outside. You could see half of an amber sun rising beyond the city skyline, its orange hues blending into a veil of wispy grey and blue clouds.  

You heard the click of a door closing as your ears began to pick up sounds more clearly. You watched him walk over to you, setting a large tray down onto the mattress, holding an assortment of fruits on plates, a basket of croissants, cups of coffee. He was in a pair of grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt, messy tufts of his dark hair falling in all different directions on his head. You questioned for a second if this was the same person you’d only seen in suits and ties up until now. He looked much more human. But somehow the difference perturbed you. 

“Did you sleep ok?” he asked, handing you a cup of coffee from the tray. 

“Yea,” you responded quietly, your voice gravelly from sleep, taking a sip of coffee. You avoided his gaze, looking around the room, wincing slightly at the feeling of how normal this all seemed. Its familiarity made you uncomfortable. You wished it wouldn’t feel so relaxing and natural to be sitting here beside him in his bed, drinking coffee, making small talk. 

You took a deep breath, turning and looking at him. You saw him smiling at you, his eyes bright, reflecting a bright caramel color from the sun in the distance. You set the coffee back onto the tray, sliding your legs over the edge of the bed, standing up, pulling the sheets along with you. “I should go,” you said quietly, without looking at him. You turned to walk towards where he had dropped your dress the night before next to the piano when he grabbed onto your arm, pulling you towards a door on the other end of the room. 

“Chanyeol, my clothes are other there,” you protested as he dragged you into the room, flipping on a light switch. You scoffed as the light illuminated the room and you glanced around you at the shelves of nicely pressed suit jackets and shirts hanging around you, the back wall lined with endless pairs of shoes, rows of ties folded neatly on the shelf to your left. You watched as he walked to the back, opening the drawer and taking out a pair of sweatpants before reaching up onto the shelf and pulling down a black hoodie hanging next to 20 other identical black hoodies. 

He walked back over to you. “Drop it,” he said, looking at the bedsheet you had wrapped around your body.

“Excuse me?” 

“It’s freezing outside, you’re not leaving in that dress,” he moved closer to you, the corner of his lips turning up into a smirk when you unfolded the sheets from around your body, letting it drop to the floor. “Arms up.” 

He slid the sweatshirt over your body, its hem dropping down below your thighs, its sleeves drooping far past where your arms ended, its hood getting caught on your head. He knelt down in front of you, setting down the sweatpants and telling you to step your legs into it, before pulling it up over the sweatshirt, tugging on the elastic string to tighten it around your waist. You peered up at him from under the edge of the hood on your head and saw his face wrinkle before he burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. 

You reached a hand up, brushing the hood back from your head, glaring at him as he jolted forwards, collapsing onto the floor, his arms clutching his stomach, his laughter echoing through the apartment. You turned, walking out of his closet in a huff, stumbling towards where your clothes still sat on the floor, the excess material of his sweatpants falling around your ankles, making it difficult to walk. 

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you heard him call out, catching his breath. You picked up your clothes and shoes, wrapping them into a small bundle in your arms as he walked out from the closet, pulling one of the identical black hoodies over his head. He stopped a few feet away from you, his eyes looking you up and down before breaking down into laughter again. “You look ridiculous,” he commented.

You turned and headed towards the door. “Ok, ok hang on,” you heard him following behind you. “I’ll drive you home,” he said, grabbing a black cap from the hook on the wall by the door and his keys. 

He parked his car against the curb of the sidewalk in front of your apartment building across town, following behind you as you walked up to the door, unlocking it. You held the door open, pausing momentarily and looking up at him, a confused expression on your face. 

“Um…well thanks for driving me home,” you waited for him to leave. He stood still, a big, wide grin on his face, waiting for you to go into the building.

“Ok…bye,” you said, turning and walking through the door. You stopped, noticing him following behind you. “What are you doing?” you asked, impatient. 

“Going up to your apartment,” he answered simply. 


“Because it’ll be warmer if I wait for you inside your apartment than outside in my car..” he gave you a perplexed expression. You were astonished at his words, both of you clearly confused at the other person. He made a face, “Although, seeing the state of this building, I’m not sure if it actually would be warmer inside, seriously Y/N this place should be condemned-”

“Wait for me? What for?”

“Well, you need to shower and get changed so we can go out,” he smiled. 

You felt your eyes grow wide, “Go out where?”

“On a date,” he looked at you, eyes glowing, his smile growing wider. 

You scoffed, “Excuse me?”

“A date,” he repeated, enunciating. 

You wrinkled your face in a frown, raising your hand up, “No, I heard you. I mean why?”

“Because I want to take you on a date,” he was beaming. 

You stared at his face in bewilderment. You turned and started up the stairs to your apartment, “I have stuff to do today.” 

He followed you, “Like what?” 

You huffed, “I don’t know, stuff, weekend stuff, errands.” 

“Ok, I’ll accompany you on your errands and then we’ll go on a date,” he replied casually. 

You arrived at your door, turning to face him. “Alright, listen-”

“Why don’t you want to do this?” he interrupted. You looked up into his eyes. He was being sincere. And his sincerity bothered you. His sincerity made it hard for you to lie. 

“Because this isn’t going to work,” you answered, your tone reflecting your exasperation at the entire exchange. “You and I have nothing in common, I know nothing about you-”

“I think you’re wrong,” he grinned. “Maybe if you’d spend the day with me, you’ll find that we have lots in common. I really like you, therefore I think we should date.” 

“That’s..completely illogical,” you shook your head, frowning in confusion and annoyance. “That does not follow that if you like me then I should date you.” 

He reached out, grabbing onto your waist and pulling you close to him, rolling his head back, exasperated. What the hell does he have to be exasperated about? “Come on, stop trying to logic your way out of this,” he leaned down, peppering soft kisses on the corner of your mouth, on your cheek. 

“Well first I’d have to logic myself into this,” flinching, tilting your face away. 

He sighed, letting you go. “One day, that’s all I’m asking for.” He pressed his hands together, pouting in a puppy dog face. You looked into his eyes and felt your mind running through all the different ways this could end. A hundred different reasons why this would not work. A hundred reasons why you should not do this. 

“Fine,” you heard your words betray your mind. He smiled, watching as you turned the key in your door, following you into your apartment. 

You sat at a table in the far corner by the large sunroom behind the gift shop of the aquarium where he took you. You spent the morning with him, wandering through the exhibits, rolling your eyes as he gawked at the various sea life displays, scoffing when he whined about getting splashed at the dolphin show even though he insisted on sitting in the front row. But as much as his juvenile quirks annoyed you, you couldn’t help but stare in awe at him. The way he walked, sauntering through the aquarium, moving from display to display, as though he had no care in the world. As though no one else existed except for you and him, as though the world faded into black and white around him. 

You couldn’t help but stare in wonder at his childish innocence when he smiled, when he laughed. You could guess that it was not easy for him growing up in a family like his, and you marveled at how at least on the surface, his past had not worn him down or made him hard. When he smiled, it was as though nothing could be wrong in the world. His energy was infectious, and you tried your best to deflect it. 

You watched him through the window of the gift shop cafe, waiting at the counter, taking the baseball cap off his head, sweeping his hair back with his hand, before putting it back on, and pulling the hood of his sweatshirt over it. You watched him walk back over to you, two coffees in his hands, a large plastic bag hanging from his arm. 

“Here, for you,” he smiled, setting down the coffees on the table before holding out the plastic bag to your face. 

You dodged it slightly, taking it from his hand. You peeked through the top, seeing a large plush toy of some sort. He sat down in the seat across the small table from you, crossing one ankle over his knee, sipping his coffee. You pulled the toy from the bag, finding a large stuffed penguin. You held it in your hand, looking up at him, confused. 

“This is a stuffed penguin,” you said. 

“Yep,” he took another sip of coffee. 

“You got me a stuffed penguin?” 

“Yes,” he kept smiling. 


He tilted his head, his eyes confused, “Didn’t you like the penguin exhibit?”

“I liked the penguin exhibit so you got me a fake penguin?”

You saw his eyes grow wide in surprise, “Did you want a real penguin?”

“What? No! That’s-” You saw him grin, amused at his own teasing. “I was just surprised. I didn’t need a stuffed penguin from you.” 

He looked at you intently, studying your expression. “Well, I have something else to show you.” You turned, seeing him smiling, his eyes lighting up. 

“What is it?”

He stood up, reaching for your arm and pulling you from your seat. “Come on!”

A short car ride later, you watched as he pulled up next to a tall, red brick building across the bridge. You stepped out of the car, looking up at the beautifully painted white crowning around the tall windows, the black metal fire escape climbing up the side, following behind him as he led you to the door. You walked through the open glass doors, following him into a quaint lobby, up to the receptionist’s desk. 

The receptionist recognized him immediately, stumbling through her words, as though it were a terrible faux pas that she didn’t know he would be visiting today. You barely heard their conversation as you looked around at the exposed brick walls around you, the wooden shelves lined up along the walls, holding volumes of books and magazines, a seating area on the other end of the large open lobby, recreations of impressionist oil paintings hanging along the back wall. 

“Here,” you heard him say, grabbing onto your hand, leading you towards the elevators. “Head up to floor 10,” he smiled, pressing the button, letting you onto the elevator alone. “I’ll be there in a few, I just have get some paperwork from the receptionist.”  

The doors opened to an expansive floor plan before you. Dark oak floors lining the ground before you, great big windows on all sides of the open space, the piping exposed above an industrial ceiling of the top floor above you. And you realized, he meant to show you this building as a potential location for your new office. You heard yourself gasp at the beautiful open space before you. 

You walked in slowly, moving towards the windows when a voice stopped you. 

“Can I help you?” The voice was low, gravelly, and familiar. You turned, feeling yourself freeze at the sight of him. 

You watched as he approached you, his steps deliberate, his expression stern, unreadable. You wanted to move, but your feet were glued to the floor below you. You wanted to speak, but you felt as if the air were pulled from your lungs. Instead you simply stared at his face, serious and poised with lines of age, of wisdom. His grey hair expertly brushed on his head, his hands in the pockets of his longline grey coat. It felt so strange, like you’d somehow stepped into a time machine. 

“I know you,” he said. You felt your heart pounding in your chest. What do I say? Who does he think I am? “You’re the one behind CoreTech’s newest business campaign.” You were shocked, seeing his austere face turning soft, smiling. “I’ve seen a recording of your presentation at the BoS conference. It was very well done, and people are still talking about it, which is pretty rare. So that old snob over at CT has decided to give you your own firm has he? I’ve been reading the company’s press releases. Are you here looking at potential locations? Although, I’m interested in how you found out about this place, we haven’t formally put it on the market yet..”

You were speechless, seeing his brows furrow, expectantly waiting your answer. “Um..I just..well,” you stuttered. You took a deep breath, realizing there was no way out of this. “Actually, Chanyeol brought me here..” you gazed up slowly, trying to discern from his expression what he was thinking, but he gave away nothing. 

He sighed, “Then I can assume you know who I am,” his expression remained serious. You nodded. “Are you dating my son?” He looked directly into your eyes, and you felt exposed, as though you were facing a lie detector. 

“No..no!” you felt your cheeks grow flushed, waving your hands. “I just met him at the conference, and he just brought me here,” you stumbled through your words, acutely aware of the details you left out, desperately hoping he wouldn’t question you further. 

You heard him laugh softly, “Well, as thrilled as I am with this matchup for my son, I must tell you I think you are a fool.”

You looked up at him, conflicted and surprised by his words. He sat down on the ledge of the window, closing his hands together in his lap. 

“I do not know you personally, but from what I’ve heard of you, I think it’s accurate to say you are a very smart individual. I can tell you’re driven, you have vision, and you’re determined. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder, like you have something to prove, which I must advise you I hope you will not let your pride be your downfall.” You heard the elevator ding and the doors slide open. 

“Dad..” his surprise was clearly audible in his voice. “What the hell are you doing here?”

You turned, seeing Chanyeol walking towards you, an anger manifesting in his eyes, hurriedly looking between you and his father. 

“I was only getting to know your friend,” you saw his father smile. “I must say you’re keeping much better company than before.” 

You looked down, feeling him step in front of you, stepping between you and his father, saying nothing. 

You heard his father laugh softly. “Listen, Y/N, we’re having an event at the Omni in midtown tomorrow night to celebrate a merger coming through next week. Chanyeol will have to be there, I’m sure he’d be happy to escort you with him-”

“You said you didn’t want me there,” you saw his hands clench into fists at his sides. 

“Oh, nonsense, this is your merger, of course you should be there,” he stepped forward, patting Chanyeol on his arm. You could see him visibly flinching at the contact. “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” He said firmly before walking past you, into the elevator. “It was nice meeting you, Y/N, I hope to see you tomorrow as well.” 

The elevator doors closed and the two of you stood in silence for a few moments, neither of you knowing which words to speak first. You found your mind drifting back to the conversation you overheard at his house the day before. You thought about the exchange you just had with his father. You felt cornered, despite him not having said anything to corner you. He hadn’t insulted you, yet you felt so inferior in his presence. You weren’t sure how to describe this sinking feeling in your stomach. 

“I’m sorry..” you heard Chanyeol whisper. You looked up at him, hearing his breath shaking. “I don’t know what he said to you but…don’t,” he took a deep breath. “Don’t believe a thing he says.” 

You looked up at him, seeing the anger and sadness in his eyes. The same anger and sadness you saw last night. You felt anger and animosity towards the thing that made him this way, and you didn’t know why. But before you could think, you felt your arms reaching out around his waist, leaning your body into his. 

“The merger will grow acquisitions of his business by 30% to be realized in actuals over the next three quarters,” he said, crawling across the bed to you, reaching his arms around your body, resting his head on your bare chest. “I worked for a year on this merger. I didn’t tell him at first. He had no interest in acquiring any new businesses, at least not any that did not have revenue yet.” 

“But FTD’s value isn’t in their potential revenue, it’s in their patents. Their leverage is that they could publicize their technology on the web and within minutes, their clients would be picking at the pieces, and competing agencies would completely lose their value.”

"Exactly,” he said, propping himself up next to you on one arm. “Once he realized the value of acquiring and funding a client like FTD, he brought his cabal of lawyers in. Over the last few weeks, he’s completely pushed me out of negotiations. I don’t care about the millions of dollars that they’ll bring in with their technology and their patents, I care that we’re setting FTD on a path to further their development and success. All my father cares about is the bottom line.” 

You sighed, leaning back onto the pillow, looking up at the ceiling. You felt him lay down next to you, sliding his arm around your waist, the warmth of his bare skin against yours, feeling his lips on your shoulder, your neck. “Will you go tomorrow?” you asked softly. 

He looked up at you. “Will you go with me?” he smiled. 

You considered it. “Yes,” you answered simply. 

His eyes lit up, “Really??”

“Yea,” you answered, laughing gently at his shocked expression. “I’ve always wanted to meet Sehun from FTD. You know he developed the base platform for his first prototype when he was just a college freshman?” 

You saw his lips curl up into a smirk. “What?” you asked cautiously. 

“You have met him.” 


“Well, you haven’t met him, but you’ve seen him. At the conference.” 

“WHAT?” you sat up, staring at him. 

 He laughed at the shocked expression on your face. 

That was Oh Sehun??” 

He nodded, still laughing. He reached out, wrapping his arms around your waist, pushing you back down onto the bed. “Don’t judge him too harshly, we were on vacation,” he grinned, leaning down, kissing your cheeks. 

“Well I can’t judge him any more harshly than I judged you, I suppose.” You felt him smile into the bare skin of your neck. He pulled his head up, looking down into your eyes. 


“I told you you’d find that we actually have a lot in common.” 

You looked up at Chanyeol fidgeting in his suit as you stood in the lobby of the Omni hotel where his father was hosting the event. Groups of men and women in business suits and evening gowns passed you, some waving to him, some shaking his hand hello. 

“We have to go in eventually,” you said, trying to be reassuring. He sighed, giving you a pleading look. You smiled. “Come on,” you tugged on his sleeve, pulling him towards the hall. 

You gazed in awe at the venue: the large crystal chandelier hanging from the ballroom where the event was hosted, the standing tables with crystal lamps, various bars serving guests throughout the room. You saw a familiar face waving at Chanyeol from across the room. He took your hand, leading you in that direction. 

“Hey man,” you watched as Chanyeol shake his hand. 

“Dude, have you tried one of these? I think the lady behind the bar called it a cosmopolitan. It’s delicious!” 

“No, Sehun, don’t drink those, it’s all sugar, you’re gonna feel like shit tomorrow,” Chanyeol said, wrinkling his face, pushing the drink away. 

“Well, too late cus this is my fifth one,” he shrugged, noticing you. “Oh my god, holy shit, you’re the girl from the conference!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Hi,” you said, shaking his hand. You wondered how someone who’s so clearly such a fool could be the mastermind behind some of the most innovative technological advancements. 

“Chanyeol, how are you?” You turned, hearing a man call out his name. A group of older men in dark suits and their wives approached you, each of them reaching out their hand to shake his, none of them acknowledging you. “So we hear you’re taking over this merger,” one of them said. “This is going to be a huge move for you, you should be very grateful to your father for this opportunity.”

You opened your mouth to speak, but stopped when you felt one of the women pull on your arm. “Come with us dear, we’ll leave the men to their boring shop talk.” 

The women introduced themselves to you. You suffered through their asinine questions about your education, your background, your job, their eyes glazing over when you began talking about strategy and market trends that affect your work. It was two sentences into one of them talking about their husband’s first wife and prenups when you had to excuse yourself. 

You turned and looked over at Chanyeol, surrounded by a different group of people, caught in whatever conversation that was going on. You sighed, and decided to get some air. You turned the corner around the ballroom exit towards the lobby when you heard a familiar voice call out your name. Looking up, you saw his father walking towards you through the entrance. 

“I’m glad you could make it,” he smiled at your cordially. 

You nodded, doing your best to muster up a smile. 

“So, how’s everything in there? I’m assuming since you’re here, Chan is here as well?” 

You nodded again. 

“Listen, I think you deserve some clarification on our brief conversation from yesterday,” he started. You looked up at him, confused. “I meant everything I said with regards to you. Now I want to be very clear with regards to my son. My son is, well…lost. He doesn’t know what he wants in life, he has never known. He’s always lacked a sense of direction, he has no focus. He’s smart, sure. Hardworking? When he wants to be. He stands to inherit my empire one day, and I believe given the right incentives, and with the right person at his side, he’s capable of greatness. Now, I don’t want to make any assumptions about your relationship with him, but I would like to think that someone like you has the potential to make a great impact in his life.” 

You heard yourself scoff at his unwelcome assessment. You sighed, shifting, feeling a strange kind of anger building inside you, a culmination of the events of the night. A kind of indiscriminate anger for which you had no outlet. “Someone like me..”

“He could use someone like you on his side. Advise him. Let him confide in you. Support him in his endeavors. I think you could help him finally achieve everything I believe my son is capable of. Now of course, you would have no need for your own business, you’d be taken care of..” 

You stopped listening. You felt your hands clench into fists, you bit your jaw down tightly. “And what about what I want to achieve..” you said softly, your voice barely a whisper. You felt your heartbeat thumping in your head, a deafening ringing growing louder and louder in your ears, your sight blurring, as though you were growing dizzy from being able to physically feel the Earth’s rotation beneath you. 

“I’m sorry?” he asked. 

"Thank you for the invite, but I have to go,” you said without looking at him, turning and heading towards the exit. 

You walked out, wincing at the sting of the cold wind on your skin, your eyes watering as you waved your hand up at a cab, pulling up to the curb next to you.

“Y/N!” you heard Chanyeol’s voice calling out from behind you. You closed your eyes, trying to hold back your tears, and opened the cab door. You heard his footsteps coming up behind you. He reached out, grabbing your arm. “Hey!” He stopped in front of you, seeing your face. “Hey, what happened?”

You sniffled, “Nothing.” You tried turning away, but he stopped you, grabbing onto your waist and pulling you around to face him. 

“It’s not nothing, what happened? Did you see my father? What did he do?”

Your felt your mind running at a hundred miles an hour. A tear rolled down your cheek, not from sadness, but from the sheer weight of the confusion and conflict in your mind and the adrenaline of your emotions. You took in a few deep breaths, trying to calm your heartbeat, trying to suppress any potential for your anger and frustration to explode through the surface. 

“I need some time,” you said quietly, looking down. He tried to pull you closer, but you reached up, setting your palm against his chest, pushing him back firmly. You looked up into his eyes. “I know you don’t expect me to be like those women. I know you don’t think of me that way. And I know you wouldn’t agree with your father, what he thinks of me….” you took another deep breath, holding back more tears, pushing down your anger. “But I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how to feel. Maybe once I’ve had some time, I can get over this. But right now, I need time, space. And I know it may be out of your control but if this is how it’s going to be with you..I can’t do this. I can’t do this, I’m sorry.” 

You saw him shaking his head, grabbing onto your arms, “No no no, Y/N listen I don’t know what my father said to you, but you can’t listen to a word he says, don’t let him get to you.” 

“It’s not just him..it’s all of this. I just need some time, I’m sorry.” You ripped your arms from his grasp, sliding into the cab and slamming the door behind you. You didn’t look back at him as you drove away. 

EXO's S/O taking them on a surprise date (current members)

Here you go Anon! This is my first time writing reactions, I hope you like it…


Suho would be so surprised when you took him to the park. There was a picnic set up by a tree. The setup wasn’t much but he was touched to see that you made his favorite dish. It would be a pretty chill surprise date and you two would lay on the cover in the nice warm outdoors watching the sun set.

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You took him to a pumpkin patch to find the perfect one. He was so excited to run around the pumpkin patches and scope out the best one. He’d lead you around the farm until finally settling on one. Once you were back in the dorms there was a mini bake session, you both had hot chocolate while the pie cooked.

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This unicorn would be all over the place. Once you brought him to the amusement park he had so much he wanted to do. He would love all the exciting rides and the venders. There was cotton candy, and funnel cake and he would totally love going into the House of Mirrors. His heart would be set on winning you at least one prize from one of the game booths.

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The best surprise date for him would be a stay at home gaming date. Everything would be set up when he came home. You’d cover the both of you with a large cover and place out snacks in the living room. Just when you began to win, he’d begin a tickle war which would evolve into snuggles on the couch.

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Like Baekhyun, he’d rather stay home. Chen would come home to a large stack of his favorite movies ready for a late night marathon. He’d be laughing loudly and rolling around. As the night went on he’d probably make himself comfortable lying his head on your lap while you ran your hands through his hair.

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You took him to the arcade and he loved it. There would be a lot of competitive and romantic banter while going against each other in games like air hockey. Your hand linked to his as he guided you to his favorite machines and won you a ton of prizes. I see him as being someone to go ham on DDR (just saying).

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Since D.O. is basically the Cooking Mama™ of EXO, you decided to make an amazing meal for him to come home to. It didn’t really turn out as planned and so when he came home he decided to help you out. He guided your hands from behind you helping you chop the vegetables. Even though it wasn’t what you were going for, the surprise date ended a success.

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You took Kai on an adventure around the shopping district. Looking at some clothes through the windows and occasionally popping in and out of stores. Eventually you ended up in a pet shop and the both of you cooed over cute little puppies. In the end you had to drag him out of there before he decided to bring ten home with him.

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Bubble. Tea. Shop. Obviously that’s how it started. You met up with him at a cute bubble tea shop and surprised him with tickets to the aquarium. You’d both hold hands walking through the dim lit aquarium seeing the aquatic life. More likely than not he’d probably be unsure about feeling the animals in the touch tank though.

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Aqua Dates

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Nayeon x Reader

Fluff x First Date


Word Count: 685

When she had asked you out, you were surprised. Nayeon was beautiful and smart and tended to date people who, as far as you were concerned, were nothing like you. And, even though you had liked her for a long time, you had never considered that she would like you back and definitely not that she would be the one who made the first move.

But here you were, waiting with your hands in your coat pockets, as she stood in line to pay the aquarium entrance fee. She had picked you up early that afternoon and told you how excited she was because she had never been before since she didn’t want to go alone. You had known Nayeon was energetic but you couldn’t help but smile at her when she talked about the things she liked.

You met up at the door after she paid the fee and the two of you walked through the aquarium together, Nayeon getting excited and taking pictures of all the fish. She asked you to take a few for her, smiling at them before taking hold of you hand.

“Let’s take one together!”

Nayeon pulled you beside her, casually wrapping her arm around your waist and pressing her cheek against yours. You tried not to show how flustered this made you.

“Say cheese!”

You smiled and let her take a few selfies of the two of you, you getting a bit more comfortable with each one. You each took turns making funny faces and Nayeon laughed as she went through the photos, the sound being added to the list of “Greatest Sounds Ever”.

“This one is really cute…” Nayeon mumbled, running her index finger over the screen. She put her phone in her pocket and turned to you with a bit smile. “Come on! Let’s go look around some more!”

You walked around the aquarium some more, Nayeon stopping in front of each tank and waving to every fish that got even remotely near the glass. She was just like a little kid. It didn’t help that she was talking and playing with all the little kids that were around, too.

You weren’t really sure when it happened but sometime between the clownfish tank and the gift shop, Nayeon had taken your hand in hers, your fingers intertwined. You stopped at the entrance to the gift shop, the store full of cheesy tee shirts and oversized stuffed animals. Nayeon’s eyes widened when she saw what she wanted.

“(Y/N), let’s get these!” She picked up large Nemo and Dory plushes, holding them up on each side of her face, pouting cutely as she looked at you. “We can each have one, it’ll be cute!” She didn’t say it but you could tell what she was thinking. This will be a really cute couple item.

You smiled back at her and nodded. “Okay, let’s get them.”

Nayeon did a cute little happy dance and you went to the counter together to pay for them. She hugged the Nemo plush under one arm, her other one interlocked with yours, as the two of you walked back to the car.

She drove you home, bouncing the whole way to songs on the radio, nudging you at every stop light to sing along with her. You weren’t sure when you had last smiled or laughed this much but you were grateful for it.

She parked outside your house and you sat in the passenger seat, running your fingers over the Dory plush in your lap, smiling softly to yourself.

“Thank you,” you said, “for today. I had a good time.”

When you looked over at Nayeon, she was smiling brightly, giving you a cheeky look. “It was fun, right? We should go out again. We can do what you want next time and I bet it will be even more fun.” She pulled you in quickly for a hug before patting you on the head.

“Go in. I’ll call you later!”

You nodded and got out of the car, Nayeon waving at you and waiting until you got inside before driving off.


Wow. Okay.

So we open with the line about demons, with a focus switch suggesting that John is Sherlock’s demon. Or, given the line about making our own demons from TAB, we know that Sherlock tried to make himself hide his sexuality and ended up making his own demons which he’ll have to face in s4.

Then the burning coupled with the same pink light from the wedding. I wonder if that is Sherlock’s mind palace? But pure speculation.

Other notable moments: aligning Culverton Smith with Mycroft by making it look as though he’s speaking Mycroft’s lines, reinforcing M-Theory. This is similar to the I Love You moment - even though it’s clear that Sherlock is speaking to some sort of camera and not to John, who is standing behind him, the context of revealing deep secrets to best friends ties the two together.

Molly Hooper with hands on her face. It’s very uncomfortable to hold your hands in that position, so we can assume that the one that is slightly darker than Loo’s skin tone belongs to Mary, the only major female left handed character.

Water imagery - when the promo image came out I was worried about them both drowning in repression, when Sherlock clearly came through it in TAB. Here I was validated by Sherlock walking through a massive aquarium completely shielded from the water, whereas John is drowning at the bottom of the well.

On the down side, this may mean more wallowing through repression. On the plus side, that was gay af.