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Supercorp: Before Kara asks Lena to marry her, she pays a visit to Lillian. Up to you whether Kara visits Lillian in prison or at the cemetary.

Kara walked through the cemetery, shaded by the trees that had been planted on either side of the walkway. She had been a little distracted when she had left the jewellery shop and had just flown about aimlessly; she was a little surprised to find herself at the gates to the cemetery, but felt her subconscious was trying to tell her something.

She followed the path until she saw the large mausoleum on her left, ‘Luthor’ engraved into the stone above the doorway. She entered and looked along the wall until she spotted the plaque she was looking for; ‘Lillian Luthor.’

The showdown between Cadmus and the DEO was taking place; agents were fighting henchmen, but eerily calm, in the centre of it all, stood Lillian Luthor.

‘Go ahead and pull the trigger’ Lillian sneered at the woman pointing the gun at her.

Lena stood completely still, jaw clenched, gun raised as she stared at her mother, trying to feel as calm inside as she looked on the outside.

‘Lena… no!’ Supergirl cried out as she ran towards Lena, ‘you are so much better than this.’

Lena felt her hands wobble as Supergirl implored her not to fire and she prayed her mother hadn’t noticed.

‘See; you can’t do it,’ Lillian crowed triumphantly, ‘and that is why you’ll never be a Luthor.’

The words washed over Lena as the gun fell from her grip and hits the ground. She could hear Lillian berating her, but the words washed over her, only white noise in her head.

Supergirl stepped forwards, moving to place herself between Lena and Lillian, but at the last moment, bent to pick up the gun. It feels cool in her hand, lighter than she expected and she marvels that an instrument so tiny could tear so many families apart.

She shakily raised the gun to eye level and heard Lena gasp behind her.

‘Well, I have to say this is unexpected,’ Lillian taunted, ‘go on Supergirl, pull the trigger and take a life. Prove to the world that you are everything I have tried to tell them you are.’

Lena pressed her back to the caped hero in front of her, close enough to whisper in her ear; ‘Supergirl, please, you don’t kill.’

Supergirl couldn’t look at Lena, for fear of breaking down. ‘For you I would…’ she whispered, barely audible, one hand dropping to her side, the gun still pointing at Lillian.

Lena entwined her fingers with Supergirl’s, holding back the sobs threatening to overtake her body.

‘Supergirl, if you fire the gun, she wins,’ Lena took a deep breath gambling everything on her next sentence, ‘Kara, you are better than that.’

Kara froze as Lena uses her real name.

A shot rang out, taking both women by surprise and they watched as Lillian fell to the floor, a bullet hole in her forehead.

Kara stared at the gun in her hand and turns to Lena in shock. Before she can say anything, a figure clad in black runs past and skids on their knees in front of the body, before pulling their helmet off.

‘I took the shot, Lillian Luthor is dead.’ Alex informs the DEO before turning towards where Lena and Kara stood, their fingers still entwined. There are tears in her eyes as she slowly stands and walks towards them, once she is close enough, she takes the gun from where it is hanging limply at Kara’s side.

‘I couldn’t let you do it,’ Alex confessed as the tears flow down her cheeks, ‘I couldn’t let you take a life. There would be no coming back from it. I had to protect you.’

Kara launched herself into Alex’s arms and buried her face into the crook of Alex’s neck. Lena stays still, continuing to process the night’s events.

‘Lena… I’m… I’m so sorry’ Alex implored, holding her hand out to Lena. A few seconds later Lena is enveloped by the Danvers Sisters and finally allows the tears to fall.

Kara ran her fingers over the gold leafed name and sighed. She plunged her hand into her coat pocket, her fingers wrapping themselves round the black velvet box.

‘I bought this today,’ Kara started, speaking out loud, ‘I bought this for the most amazing woman I have ever met, because I want to spend the rest of our lives together, because she is… simply wonderful’

Kara opened the jewellery box to reveal a large solitaire diamond set into a band of white gold. So many feelings overcame Kara as she gazed at the ring; her love for Lena, the sadness at not being able to always protect Lena from being a Luthor, the giddiness of what proposing meant for them, at permanently tying their lives together, but above all, Kara felt pride; pride for the person Lena was despite the numerous obstacles that had been put in her place, pride at her ability to rise above them all.

Kara snapped the lid of the ring box shut and replaced it in her coat pocket and once again looked upon the name of the woman who had made Lena’s life so difficult.

‘You said she’s not a Luthor. You taunted her about never being a Luthor. She is so much more than you ever gave her credit for. She wanted so desperately your love and approval and you denied her that.’ Kara clenched her fists as she felt her anger bubbling inside her, ‘she flourished, in spite of everything you did, she flourished to be such a beautiful, loving, caring person.’

Kara found herself pacing slightly, her hands waving around as she continued to rant; ‘you starved her of affection. How could you do that!? And when she needed you most, when Lex descended into madness and she was desperate for another human being to help her, to support her, you shut her out.’

She felt tears filling her eyes as she let everything she had ever felt about Lillian pour out of her. ‘I could have forgiven your anti-alien rhetoric, it would have been difficult, but I would have done it for Lena’s sake… but I can’t forgive what you did to her.’

Kara shook her head and wiped the tears from her eyes; she felt a sense of relief from finally spilling her emotions about Lillian, but she had to focus on what was important; building a life with Lena, which started with proposing.

Kara headed out of the mausoleum, but turned back towards Lillian’s name one final time; ‘she never stopped loving you, you know?’ she said softly before heading back out into the sunlight.

The Arrival Final Chapter (Karamatsu's Point of view)

I paced back and forth as the doctors tended to my Ichimatsu. I held our son as nurse came out. “Is Ichimatsu ok???????” I asked  The nurse was silent for a brief moment befire she spoke. “It pains me to say that Matsuno Ichimatsu…did not make it…he had lost far too much blood for us to save him. We are sorry for your loss Karamatsu-san and to your family too” the nurse said. I almost collapsed at the news.

My little Ichiamatsu was…..gone. Just like that  i looked over to see the grief struck faces of my brothers and parents. “I-ichimatsu nii-san….ICHIMATSU NII-SAN” Todomatsu wailed as he fell to his knees. Osomatsu looked away to hide his tears from the rest of us..jyushimatsu and Choromatsu held eachother in a embrace and sobbed softly. I looked at our son whom we have not named yet. “Koichi….I am sorry” I said  as i started to shed my first tears.

Five years later…..

Koichi was now five years old. He had grown to be alot like Ichimatsu over these past 5 years. He never understood why his mama was never around so I had to tell him the truth. We walked through the cemetary until we were met bu a rather unique tombstone. A tombstone tinted with the slightest purple. “Here he is Koichi your mama” I said softly. Koichi looked at me. “Dad….why is mama here?”  he asked me. I started to cry softly.. “Because he is an angel now” I said through my tears. Koichi looked at me then at Ichimatsu’s tomb stone before hugging it.

He started to cry softly. I looked at him. Before joining him in the hug

My little Karamatsu boy…..

….I miss you

Alternate Ending

I paced back and forth as the doctors tended to my Ichimatsu. I held our son as nurse came out. “Is Ichimatsu ok???????” I asked. The nurse noddxed happily. “He is ready to see you now Karamatsu-san” she siad. i wnetinside to see Ichiamtsu stare at the celing. “Ichimatsu…you are ok” I said. Ichiamatsu looked at sme smiling. “Yeah I am now can I see my son…” he siad. “You mean our son” i said softly handing the boy over to Ichimatsu. “Hi there..Koichi” Ichimatsu said softly. I smiled.

Five years later…..

Koichi was now five years old. He had grown to be alot like Ichimatsu over these past 5 years. Same obsession with cats and everything. I smiled as I watched Ichi and Koichi play in the living room. Oh yeah we move out of our parents house into our own apartment. Ichi became a vet and I became a hair stylist. 

“Koichi my little Karamatsu boy why won’t you play with daddy” I said. Koichi looked at me. “Painful he said. I laughed. Yes me and Ichimatu are finally the happy family we deserve to be. And i wouldn’t want to change it for anything in the world.

The End


Oh my gosh the ending! So sad DX But I’m glad there’s an alternate ending hehe you did a good job with the fanfic! ^^ Hope you do more later on!

~Question Time~

~I’ve seen a lot of these around and wanted to try making my own~

1. What are you doing right now?
2. What’s on your bedroom walls?
3. Do you like the hot or cold?
4. Do you own a lot of movies?
5. Do you own a lot of games?
6. Do you have any allergies?
7. Have you broken any bones?
8. Do you own a lot of books?
9. Do you own a lot of manga/comics?
10. Do you have a television in your room?
11. Where do you spend the most time in your home?
12. Do you have a job?
13. What’s your favourite flavour?
14. What’s your favourite smell?
15. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
16. Pepsi or Coke?
17. Do you have a favourite number?
18. Would you tell us an embarrassing memory?
19. Is there a show you’re currently working through?
20. Is there a book you’re currently working through?
21. Is there a game you’re currently working through?
22. Do you prefer to sleep in complete darkness or some light?
23. Have you ever had a ghostly experience?
24. Are you spooked out when walking through a cemetary?
25. Cake or pie?
26. Do you ever use game walkthroughs/Do you own any?
27. What’s your dream job?
28. Do you have any merchandise you regret buying?
29. Do you hang clothes in your closet?
30. Which gaming systems do you own?
31. Do you have a special talent/skill?
32. Do you always wear matching socks?
33. Pick up the closest book to you and go to page 33 and put down the third line.