walk the same

Do you think there’s an exercise culture anywhere in the Shire? Do you think there’s like a handful of hobbits who are uncomfortably swole 

“My love, come and build this home with me.” 

Izuku and Shouto’s first dance as husbands.  


Soooo… Loki seems to be wearing the exact same costume but in different colours in Thor: Ragnarok.

First one, very dark, black and green, with a cape. And second one blueish and green, much more colourful and lighter.

this is one of my favorite yoonseok moments because of its ridiculousness. yoongi walked in during hoseok and tae’s broadcast and immediately started yelling about how happy hobi looked when he saw him and hobi was like “haha ok ok time to finish it V COME HERE”

(ominous slapping noises in the dead of night)

lance: (breathing heavily) the heck was that?

hunk: shhh, i think i heard it coming from the hallway over


pidge: (under her breath) ayyyyyy i’m walkin here


who would win, two fierce warriors or one party guy


171015 BTS_official’s Tweet

[#오늘의방탄] #방탄소년단 이 꿈을 이룰 수 있는 건 모두 아미들이 있기에 가능한 것✨ 아미랑 방탄이랑 같은 선율 위를 함께 걸어가요. 쭉👉🏻💕

[#Today’sBangtan] #BTS is able to fulfill their dreams because of ARMYs✨ ARMY and Bangtan, let’s walk along the same melody. All the way👉🏻💕

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okay one last thing before i stop drawing for the day

so i really wanted to make an au for cc and after some thinking i figured i could do a coraline au!! 

basically everything takes place at the camp, max would be like a new camper showing up, nikki is a fucking furry bc i didn’t think anyone else fit very well (i mean heck nikki isn’t a perfect fit but oh well) david and gwen would still be counselors but they would take the role of coraline’s parents y’know?

and daniel and gen/jen? would be like the other parents 


the walking dead meme — scenes [ 2 / 8 ] — (episode one, chapter ten: later that night)

“This man found me and took care of me, we met up with other survivors and we all tried to make it… but it didn’t work.”

Happy birthday to this iconic, earth shattering, life changing moment:

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