walk the plank!


(Okay this is a bit lame and I didn’t present it well enough for some to understand, but it’s based on a true story)

Basically this happened while I was going through the Emerald Graves map, there’s an area where a chest is located on this small platform and the only way to get to it its by crossing a narrow ass plank. I made sure to command my team to hold their position so they don’t follow me while l carefully cross over

Not only the chest kicked me in the face with its Anitva Dagger, but somehow either the game glitch or my team didn’t register the command - showed up right in the middle of the plank, walking on it like it was nothing

100 Scurvy Pirate Prompts

Me amigos, ‘tis be ye cap'n @promptguy. Thank ye fer all th’ submissions. I translated some to be more scurvy pirate. 'tis might be th’ best list so far.

  1. “Which lovely booty ye be eyein’? th’ curvy wench’s or th’ shit-barnacles ye can’t spy wit’ ye eye in yon chest?”
  2. “oh me god! th’ boat be leakin’!” “No, that’s just bilge rum”
  3. Scribe 'bout a scurvy pirate that be scared 'o th’ ocean
  4. Ye discover that Prompt Guy be actually th’ Flyin’ Dutchman
  5. A pirate ship encounters sirens who use their song to lure them. th’ band 'o pirates give a go’ to escape but 'tis later revealed that th’ sirens don’t want sink them but join them
  6. 'tis ye first day on ship, 'n ye’re in learnin’. All th’ other members on board be experienced 'n professionals at their ship except 1. That one be ye “trainin’ laddie”… a child Jack Sparrow.
  7. “walk thee fuckin plank ye scallywag”
  8. Ye be th’ cap'n 'o a crew 'o Githyanki band 'o pirates, 'n ye be huntin’ ye quarry in th’ astral plane. th’ problem be, ye quarry consists 'o a ship full 'o illithids, or mind-flayers, who had previously enslaved ye kind wit’ their mental powers
  9. Ye got captured by band 'o pirates. be tellin’ a story on how ye end up becomin’ cap'n fer that scurvy pirate ship. Bonus points if ye scribe a way ye do it that dont murder anyone nor end up wit’ physical harm.
  10. Bin got a pair words fer ye scurvy dogs: “Shark Bait.”
  11. Poseidon, th’ God 'o th’ Sea, has chosen ye as his vessel. He whispers in ye mind, “by sea be th’ only way to travel.” ye embark on a journey, killin’ anybody who dares take an airplane or car.
  12. Ye’ve always thought that havin’ a peg leg’d be cool, but arh, the maintenaince yeh have to do to keep up yer cool appearance!
  13. “ye’re seriously makin’ me swim th’ plank again?!”
  14. A pirate cap'n goes on a mission to reclaim th’ pirate ship that was stolen from him 'n free his crew members from imprisonment
  15. Ye have traveled long 'n far in search 'o an infamous treasure that ye 'n ye crew have be searchin’ fer fer 16 years. Upon discoverin’ it, ye open th’ chest only to find a map leadin’ to another treasure. th’ value 'o friendship.
  16. They shout that treasures best be hidden on land. Yer cap'n be sayin’ they’re all lyin’. Yer cap'n be sayin’ th’ best place to be hidin’ treasure be in th’ heart 'o a storm.
  17. Ye ship be sunk, ye maties abandoned ye, but ye still have th’ gold… 'n spiced rum.
  18. Ye be kidnapped from ye home in th’ dead 'o nightfall 'n brought onto a ship wit’ a crew 'o 100 band 'o pirates. As ye look on in fear, they all bow below before ye. One 'o them introduces themselves as ye First Matey. ye be now their cap'n.
  19. Ye muster onboard a scurvy pirate ship, hopin’ to get some doubloons 'n th’ comradery ye sorely missed in th’ navy. But turns out th’ ship ye ended up on has a secret ye would never have guessed…
  20. A forbidden lust story between a sea cap'n 'n a siren he meets at sea.
  21. Ye’ve always wanted to be a scurvy pirate. ye even got ye chance when a fleet 'o them attacked ye town. th’ problem? ye’re a 'land-lubber’ 'n 'tis isn’t a nice world. ye’ll have to prove ye can handle bein’ a scurvy pirate just to make it out 'o th’ brig
  22. Ye’ve just taken control 'o a merchant ship only to find that th’ entire crew be more scared 'o th’ 4 year barnacle-covered girly offsprin’ 'o th’ wealthy tradesman ye’ve locked away. When she smiles, ye spy wit’ ye eye storms in her eyes - 'n then she laughs…
  23. Ye find a cursed treasure. When a piece 'o gold be spent it disappears. How do ye spend ye loot.
  24. “No women allowed on board!” says th’ cap'n. He finds out, one by one, that every member 'o his crew be a woman wit’ a fake beard.
  25. That scurvy scalawag Blackhearted Benton just stole yer ship wit’ all yer lovely booty! GET IT BACK!
  26. “Stop playin’ yer dratted cello, matey, 'n help me sword fight off Blackbeard!”
  27. Ye be th’ first astronaut to be sent to explore th’ galaxy. Suddenly, ye re stopped by space band 'o pirates, 'n be forced to choose between roamin’ aimlessly forever or joinin’ their crew.
  28. Ye got into th’ piratin’ business fer one reason - so ye can afford a ship in Malibu.
  29. “Remind me; if women be bad luck, why do we have a female cap'n?”
  30. Mermaid band 'o pirates. They find new islands 'n take down their enemies wit’ th’ help 'o sea creatures. Their ship be called “Poseidon”
  31. Band 'o pirates that set out to be villains accidentally return as jolly guys by screwin’ plans up
  32. Ye be a feared scurvy pirate who can control all th’ monsters roamin’ th’ seven seas, however ye worst enemy can control th’ oceans themselves.
  33. tell an entire tale in pirate talk, me hearty…
  34. Ye character just got accepted into MIT 'n be sailin’ towards th’ “scurvy pirate Certificate” (pistols, riflery, rowin’, fencin’.) wee do they be knowin’ that these courses be taught by actual band 'o pirates.
  35. An underground illegal racin’ rig has be started that involves scurvy pirate ships battlin’ though a rum track in a Need fer Speed style wit’ steampower-ups included
  36. Ye awaken on a scurvy pirate ship, last thin’ ye remember before 'tis was shoutin’ to a guy in th’ tavern at port. th’ cap'n had bought ye 'n ye be now sailin’ on th’ ship, what happens while ye be at sea?
  38. You turn on the Pirate Speak in Minecraft under language options as a joke, but then ye start findin’ that yer land lubber mates in reality arrrre beginnin’ ta talk like ol’ sea dogs, and even tha signs ‘round yer town turn inta Pirate Speak. Soon a squaky bird takes to perchin’ on yer shoulder. Tha townsfolk begin ta ask fer yer okay on things o’ trivial matter. Yer first mate, who lost 'is leg years ago ta scurvy, suddenly had a peg 'stead of a prosthetic. Congrats, matey– yer tha cap'n of tha town
  39. “Arrrr! the hour to loot EA 'o their precious Sims lovely booty!!”
  40. 'tis not uncommon fer a scurvy pirate to loose a hand or a foot on his travels. ye 'n ye crew dig up a chest full 'o hands 'n feet.
  41. Ye swore on a loved one’s grave that ye would someday sail to th’ legendary Grand Arcada, an ocean which none have ever found. this day, ye awoke to find ye ship stolen from ye - 'n th’ strange people seem to be changin’ ye course…
  42. A pirate loses his scurvy pirate accent 'n has to go find a different ship because they don’t fit in anymore.
  43. Ye find an ancient treasure map, 'n indeed, under th’ “X” thar’s buried treasure. But what’s under th’ “Y” 'n “Z”?
  44. Ye cap'n has caught a deadly disease, 'n be on th’ verge 'o Davy Jones’ treasure chest. ye 'n ye crew decide to pull one last raid wit’ them. th’ big one.
  45. Th’ band 'o pirates 'n th’ vampires have come to together to stop th’ ultimate evil. How do ye defend yourself?
  46. Cap'n Gus has a secret, his magic beard grows more wild 'n tangled wit’ every wind it ensnares. Cuttin’ a hair causes a mild breeze, a lock 'o his beard unleashes a strong wind. Now, captured 'n condemned to execution, he asks if he could shave
  47. Ye be th’ cap'n 'o th’ most infamous scurvy pirate ship on th’ seven seven seas, ye 'n ye crew have be through pretty much everythin’ together. Currently ye be on th’ hunt fer mer-people, they fetch high prices on th’ black market fer their beauty. What ye crew dont be knowin’ however be that ye be a mer-person 'n ye 'n ye kind only have tails when ye peglegs get wet.ye’re in th’ middle 'o a bath in ye quarters when ye first matey bustles in to speak to ye 'bout th’ ship’s course.
  48. Ye be a notorious scurvy pirate. ye’ve always be able to outrun th’ navy, but 'tis the hour they’re gainin’ on ye. ye agree to make a deal wit’ one 'o th’ lesser captains. What do they shout to ye?
  49. Arr, ye main character be kidnapped by a scurvy pirate at sea! It turns out th’ sea isn’t what it seems to be when he throws ye overboard to die….
  50. Ye cap'n has be noticeably feelin’ down, how does one scurvy pirate cheer up their cap'n back to their jolly self?
  51. What do ye do wit’ a drunken sailer?
  52. Ye’re a pirate who’s totally new to th’ business 'o stealin’ treasure from authoritative figures 'n don’t really be knowin’ what ye’re doin’. Suddenly, a dragon shows up 'n offers to tutor ye in piracy. What next?
  53. “What be land? I have forgotten.”
  54. Ye’re an undercover employee 'o th’ british government onboard a pirate ship on 'tis way to an uncharted island. ye mission be to find out what th’ band 'o pirates be goin’ thar fer.
  55. A pirate wit’ a rubber duck hand instead 'o a rusted hook
  56. Lesbian pirate flirtin’ wit’ sirens
  57. Ye were sent by th’ British government to spy on a notorious cap'n. ye join his crew 'n climb up th’ ranks 'til ye become his first matey. A few days before ye be to betray him, he tells ye a secret that changes everythin’. What be it?
  58. Th’ cap'n has gone missin’ overnight. ye, a mere chef, be th’ only one who can manage to control th’ crew. ye need to find whar ye cap'n has gone to.
  59. She was they best cap'n to sail th’ sea’s. She was Black Beard.
  60. Band 'o pirates be pillagin’ ye village, lookin’ fer somethin’. What they’re lookin’ fer be a wee unorthodox
  61. Th’ year be th’ far future, 'n space travel has be achieved. th’ human race has be denied entry into th’ galactic federations set up hundreds 'o years before their time. So, instead, we become space band 'o pirates. All 'o us.
  62. All ye pirates be sufferin from th’ evil scurvy, no matter how much citrus or undercooked meat they brin’ on th’ poop deck. they shout yer crews favoured wi th’ devil, but wee do they be knowin’ ye’ve just found th’ third cure to th’ scurvy
  63. “fer th’ last the time, don’t be puttin’ me tattered eyepatch in th’ dryer!”
  64. Ye look almost exactly like th’ female version 'o ye twin brother. Unfortunately, ye twin brother just so happens to be th’ notorious cap'n 'o a pirate crew. One day, he be killed, 'n th’ crew asks ye to pretend to be him so as to continue
  65. Th’ mermaid they pulled from th’ ocean turns out to be a jolly fighter. Maybe too jolly. Sh just killed th’ cap'n.
  66. Ye got scurvy. How ya gonna hide it from th’ cap'n?
  67. Ye pirate ship be stuck in 5 O'clock traffic. Somehow.
  68. Ye’re a stowaway on th’ dreaded cap'n LongBeard’s ship, tryin’ to find out whar he hides his treasure. Only problem be, ye’ve gotten caught sneakin’ around below deck.
  69. Ye’re th’ only jolly scurvy pirate in ye crew. ye’ve be tryin’ to keep it a secret, but then ye ship happens to sail past a group 'o sirens…
  70. Ye command one 'o th’ fiercest scurvy pirate ships in th’ seven seas. Just th’ mention 'o ye crew sends fear into th’ hearts 'o men 'n women. th’ only thin’ be, ye’ve never stepped foot on a boat.
  71. Ye’ve be travelin’ th’ seven seas fer a while now. Nothin’ can stand in ye way; ye 'n ye crew be unstoppable. 'til one thin’ crossed ye paths. What be that one thin’ 'n how do ye overcome it?
  72. Ye be th’ toughest scurvy pirate around. ye won many fights, pillaged many towns, 'n plundered dozens 'o ships. nothin’ could stand in ye way to riches, not even- oh god be that a baby on ye ship? who brought a baby?
  73. Ye be sailin’ th’ seven seven seas when yer lovely booty grows peglegs 'n starts swimmin’ off. How do ya catch a swimmin’ treasure hoard?
  74. Ye be a sea cap'n. Suddenly, ye ship lifts into th’ air. ye’re bein’ raided by sky band 'o pirates!
  75. Due to men believin’ eatin’ fruit was too feminine, th’ seven seas be now ruled by female band 'o pirates who beat their weakened males counterparts. Now, ye’re at a parrrty drinkin’ ornge spiced juice wit’ th’ victors.
  76. All ye pirates knows only women be sailors. Can ye think 'o anythin’ more unlucky than to have a scurvy dog onboard a ship? Still, rumour has it that th’ fiercest scurvy pirate ship 'o them all has a only-male crew.
  77. Ye meet Sodomy McScurvyLegs 'n buy a fitness regime. It opens up a whole new seven seas fer ye, an endless sea 'o knowledge… 'bout lovely booty.
  78. Turns out 'tis eyepatch be cursed to ne'er come off! Too bad ye put it on t’ wrong eye!
  79. Yrr secret island has been made into a parking lot and is overrun by scurvy lawyers while you were pirating. How do you fight lawyers? Your treasure is under that asphalt.
  80. Th’ cap'n 'o a magical sailin’ pirate ship takes several orphans under her proverbial win’s as new crew members
  81. “I lost m'hand to a shark, but I lost me eye to…”
  82. A rollickin’ scurvy pirate adventure from th’ point 'o view 'o th’ ship’s sea monster: th’ cat
  83. A classic pirate adventure wit’ a cursed object. Part 'o th’ curse be that th’ scurvy pirate cap'n 'n crew can never leave th’ ship 'n must come up wit’ creative ways to plunder, pillage, 'n eventually break th’ curse.
  84. Cuddle band 'o pirates- th’ fluffiest, snuggliest scurvy pirate crew ye can imagine, inexplicably survivin’ through skill 'n pluck in a grimdark hyper-edgy universe, rebellin’ against th’ grim 'n gritty status quo wit’ unflinchin’ optimism 'n hugs.
  85. “How th’ muck did ye get onto me ship 'n why be ye naked”
  86. “So ye meanin’ to be tellin’ me th’ map, which ye bought off a street vendor at Ivery Island, be an authentic map that leads to a literal buried treasure. scurvy dog, speak 'bout cliche.”
  87. Ye be highly disappointed when ye discover that th’ famous deadly 'Kraken’ be actually just a nutcracker.
  88. Two pirates travel th’ seven seas lookin’ fer lovely booty, but it turns out all they really want be each others lovely booty
  89. Ye finally come home from a year at sea 'n have to explain to ye main wench how ye got syphillis
  90. A scurvy pirate find th’ greatest treasure to be had: an island covered in lovely booty.
  91. Ye’re a pirate explorin’ uncharted waters when suddenly a giant hand made out 'o rum rises out 'o th’ ocean holdin’ a small baby wrapped in seaweed. th’ hand places th’ younglin’ on th’ deck 'o ye ship 'n disappears back into th’ depths. ye now have a child 'n a lot 'o questions.
  92. captains, greedy 'n tough 'n mean. But th’ strange thin’ 'bout him be that he wears a metal mask, 'n no one in th’ crew has ever seen him without it. One nightfall, ye resolve to spy wit’ ye eye th’ cap'n’s real face, so ye sneak into his cabin 'n sneak a peek 'o him sans mask. 'n what ye spy wit’ ye eye makes it clear to ye why ye cap'n would hide his face.
  93. Perhaps givin’ band 'o pirates Google Maps wasn’t th’..best idea
  94. Ye somehow became a pirate cap'n. One problem - ye be knowin’ nothin’ 'bout navigation…or ships…or fightin’ in general. But ye look well in a pirate coat 'n a hat, so thar be that.
  95. Ye’ve be captured by pirates, 'n thrown in th’ brig. th’ cap'n’s trusty parrot flies in, 'n says he can help ye escape.
  96. “Matey, yer lovely booty be th’ only one I be diggin’ fer t'night.”
  97. Ye’ve found pirate treasure by sheer dumb luck, but now th’ ghost 'o th’ lady pirate it belonged to be hauntin’ ye. 'n if that wasn’t that be all you can take, she’s got a crush on ye.
  98. Yer on a boat when suddenely yer First Mate throws 'imself over with no apparent reason. You dive in after him and find a grotto. What’s beyond it?
  99. Ye be that one guy on th’ ship that can swim. Somethin’ has jammed th’ rudder, stoppin’ th’ ship from makin’ it to port.
  100. Pretend ye’re a pirate 'n ye’ve just buried ye treasure. Draw a map 'n scribe below detailed instructions on how to find it again.

What prompt do ye like th’ most? Reblog if ye be a true scurvy pirate.

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your fave is problematic: uma, daughter of ursula
- bisexual turquoise haired pirate queen
- likes hearing people say her name
- salty ex
- has stolen both mal’s guys ayyyyy
- hair goals
- has adopted a group of abandoned, angry children as her pirate crew
- just wants everything that mal has is that too much to ask
- doesn’t like being called shrimpy good god gil just remember that
- 1000% done with her best friends
- really enthusiastic about people walking the plank
- owns a ship
- yells at people if they complain about her messing up their orders
- has probably killed a man
- can and will hurt you
- has too many swords

your fave is problematic: gil, son of gaston
- always eating 24/7
- loves face paint
- says the wrong thing and gets himself thrown out
- is a wall of muscle
- lets the prisoners escape
- only recognised the king from his poster, not from the fact that he’s a king
- calls uma ‘shrimpy’ too often
- not the sharpest
- or the brightest
- too loveable and funny to be a Bad Guy™
- hella thirsty for attention
- forgets his own name sometimes
- has made out with harry #confirmed
- really proud of himself when he remembers what people tell him to say (you go bby)

your fave is problematic: harry hook, son of captain hook
- wants to be recognised by his father
- carries a hook around
- hella thirsty for everyone
- has made out with gil #confirmed
- literally the most flirty person ever
- never takes anything seriously
- enjoys threatening people
- throws gil out for uma
- would legit die for uma (who wouldn’t lbr)
- wants to leave the isle and take over auradon
- literally the only person uma listens to
- lowkey insane
- does eyeliner that looks like a raccoon (bby let ur s.o’s help you)
- enjoys threatening people with his hook

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I want to lose weight and get that slim thick body but idk how

Girl don’t we all.

1. Increase your protein intake, and lower your carb intake. Some high protein, low complex carb snack ideas that are actually tasty:
*ham/turkey and cheese rollups
*apples and pb
*strawberries and pb
*berries dipped in yogurt (frozen)
*banana and pb (can also be frozen)
*turkey jerky
*tuna/egg salad with multigrain crackers
*grapes dipped in yogurt (frozen)
*frozen grapes (taste like candy)

2. Drink ya fuckin water. Cut out anything that isnt water or milk. Don’t drink your calories.

3. Use smaller plates/bowls so you take smaller portions

4. Eat a big breakfast, and have at least three meals a day.

5. Have a cheat day every week or two for tasty treats.

6. Exercise hoe💪 To lose weight and build muscle, do weight-bearing exercises like squats, pushups, situps, lunges, planks, pullups, crunches, etc. To keep your heart healthy and make sure you don’t get tired from exercising so easily, do cardo exercises like running, walking, jogging, jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. DO A MIX OF WEIGHTS AND CARDIO FOR FULL BODY HEALTH AND MAXIMUM WEIGHT LOSS; DO NOT IGNORE ONE FOR THE OTHER.

7. A lot of people will tell you you can’t target weight loss to certain areas, and they’re right to an extent; what you CAN do is build specific muscles in certain areas to ensure less fat buildup and quicker fat use in those areas.

8. For your waist and abs: crunches, sit ups, planks, side planks, and side leans (hold a weight in one arm, have your arm resting on your hip. Slowly lean laterally towards the side with the weight, and then slowly bring yourself back up)

9. For dat ass: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, walking, jogging, running, burpees

10. For legs: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, wall sits, walking, jogging, running, calf raises, burpees

11. For arms and chest: pull ups, push ups, planks, side planks, bicep and tricep curls, deadlift

12. For back: pull ups, push ups, planks, sit ups, deadlift, burpees

13. Stretch before and after each workout, and stay hydrated.

14. Have at least one rest day per week.

15. Never go grocery shopping while hungry. You’ll be less likely to buy junk food, and it’ll save you some money.

16. Have a bomb ass playlist to workout to, and switch up songs with every couple of weeks so you don’t get bored.

17. Switch up your workout routine every 3 months or so, to avoid your body plateuing (this is when your body gets used to the exercises and stops losing weight so fast).

18. Have patience. Weight loss and health takes *time*

Good luck sis, love thyself regardless of what weight you are or how you look. Be the best that you can be💖

Dating Harry would include...

-Taking walks on the coast of the isle, all the way to where the boarder lies

-Uma being the mother that has to approve of you

-Uma loving you and thanking you, in her words, “for keeping Harry a little less stupid than he already is”

-Both of you giving Gil a big hug when he’s sad because let’s be honest… you two are Gil’s older siblings

-Him grabbing anyone who even just looks at you wrong by his hook and throwing them out of whatever place you guys are at

-Using his accent to persuade you 

-“Pleeeeeease y/n? For me?”

-“Uggg fine! But only because you know I can’t resist when you make your accent all heavy like that”

-Him unexpectedly grabbing your arm with his hook

-Him pulling you by that same arm toward him for a passionate kiss

-Always going on dates at Ursula’s Fish and Chips 

-Him taking you on Uma’s ship all the time

-Him vowing that as soon as he gets his own ship, the first thing he will do is name it after you

-You, him, Uma, and Gil being super close

-Him being dominant

-Him liking the competition when you try to claim the dominance for yourself 

-Wearing his pirate hat

-Him holding you by the hips when he is teaching you how to steer a pirate ship

-Hate-loving his devious but delicious grin

-Him doing thick black eye shadow/liner on you so you two twin

-The first thing he tells his crew is to respect you as if you were him. If they don’t, they walk the plank

-Him being scary

-You loving it

* Requested by @opalescentobrien . I hope you enjoy!! 

Hook’Em (Harry Hook)

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For @gosusu123

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine that Harry Hook and the reader have a newborn baby girl and the reader and the baby get kidnapped, Harry and the crew rescue them, and when they are back home the baby is sleeping on his chest and he is smiling and speaking with her?

A/N: By crew I assumed you meant the pirate crew so I went with that, if that’s not what you meant I am so sorry!

“Harry Hook, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times, I am not staying in this bed! I’m a big girl I can walk and take care of myself and the baby!” You shot out at the pirate. He looked far too young to have a child, you both did. But, life has a funny way of working out. He raised his eyes to meet yours, the eyeliner lining his eyes only magnifying the mischievous twinkle in them as he paused from tying his boot.

“Kitten, I distinctly remember hearing almost the exact speech about nine months ago,” He remarked, giving you a greasy grin. He could barely duck in time to miss the book aiming for his head. He laughed and walked over, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Trust me, Lass. Ya need all the rest you can get. At least until yer - ah ladybits- are all healed up.”

“My… lady bits?” You asked, barely able to stifle your laughter. Harry wacked you with his hat before placing it on his head. “A true gentlemen never discusses such sinful things. I am a saint and shall remain one, don’t try to change me, woman,” He teased, obviously trying to impersonate Judge Claude Frollo.

“Oh go on, you mangy pirate. Stop bugging me,” You laughed, laying back on the mountain of pillows he had forced behind your back. “ Besides, Frollo would call me more than woman. He’d call me a disgrace on society for having a child out of wedlock and at such an innocent and reckless age,” You added, snickering at the thought.

Shaking his head, the pirate placed a kiss on your lips before walking over to the crib and saying goodbye to your one week old daughter, Wysteria. “Don’t let yer mummy get out of that bed alright, Princess?” He whispered softly to your sleeping daughter, placing a quick kiss on her forehead before making his way to Pirate’s Bay.

Once you heard the door shut and the whistling of the pirate slowly leave from your house, you immediately got out of bed.

“Rub-a-dub-dub, pirate baby in the tub,” You cooed, gently slipping the tiny ball of chubby adorableness into the tub. Harry would kill you if he found out you were actually doing something considering he was deadest on you staying on bedrest like a sickly child after you gave birth. But, he left you alone with no supervision, so he had no one to blame but himself for thinking you’d actually listen to him for once. 

It was the first time he left you alone in months, so you were going to go against everything he told you not to do. Including bathing your little girl. And you were enjoying your small taste of freedom. Well, until the window shattered.

“My Princess and my Queen! Yer knight with the shining hook has returned for ya!” Harry called out, stepping into the home he shared with you and your daughter. His eyebrows furrowed at the silence, hand coming to grip at the handle of his sword, “Short stuff?” He called out, using the name that guaranteed a reaction out of you.

His gaze fell to the floor as he heard the crunching of glass under his boots. He took one glance at the now broken window before bolting out of the apartment, murder in his eyes.

“Captain!” He called out as he stormed onto the boat, face a mix of panic and rage. His crewmates exchanged uneasy glances. When Harry was unhappy, everyone was unhappy.

“Harry?” Uma asked, confusion showing on her face. “I thought you were going home to check on Wysteria and Y/N?” She quizzed, pausing when she saw the look in his eyes. “What happened to them?”

“Ay, Mommy’s not being a very fun toy today,” the man with the yellowing teeth and bald spot remarked, stepping away  from your bruised form. “Not gonna respond to old Clayton, hm? Well, maybe you’ll react more if I hurt your precious little brat,” The man added with a smirk, walking to the crate Wysteria was in.

“No! Leave her alone!” You cried out, yanking against the ropes that held you to your chair. A wicked grin appeared on the man’s face, “There’s that reaction I was going for.”

He lifted the wriggling baby, placing her on the small table in front of you. “Now it’s time for some real fun.”

“Oh yeah, I love a good game. What about you, Lads?” An achingly familiar voice called out. Both you and the man whipped your head around to find the source of the voice.

“But my favorite is seein’ which eye of yers my hook is goin’ into first. You see that, that’s my speciality.”


“What’s wrong, Hook? Don’t think you’re strong enough to take me so you bring your whole crew with you?” Clayton asked, watching the group of pirates carefully.

“Well, lucky for you I brought some friends too.”

“This wouldn’ta happened if you’d stayed in bed,” Harry scolded as you were walking home later that evening, hook in your hand as Harry carried the baby.

“Hey, it’s not my fault everyone on the Isle hates you for flirting with their daughters,” You shot back. Harry stopped and stared at you for a second before laughing, “ You think that was what this was about, Lass? No no no. I hooked his son. Got’em real good too.”

You shook your head, opening the door for the pair of them, and giving Harry a swift kick to the ass as he walked by. “Ohhh feelin’ a bit frisky there, Kitten? You still have five more weeks,” He teased, throwing you a wink.

“Is it too late to make you walk the plank?” You asked, receiving a cheeky grin in return.

You took turns showering to wash off the blood and grime from that disgusting warehouse while the other would watch the baby. You walked out of the bathroom to tell Harry it was his turn, but paused just outside the door leading to the living room. You could see him lying on the couch in just his pants, eyeliner smudged, hat and hook carefully put away from the reach of your little girl.

You took some time to look at the boy you had fallen in love with, just really look at him. You had hated him once. You had seen him as nothing more than some bloodthirsty delinquent set on ruling the world someday, just like 95% of the Isle’s inhabitants. You couldn’t even hold a decent conversation with the guy until you had to pull him out of the water one night at Pirate’s bay when he jumped in after his hook, which had been knocked out of his hand by one of the drunken pirates stumbling around.

It wasn’t until he told you the story behind the hook that you were finally able to see pase the hard shell he worked so hard to engulf himself in, like some sort of cocoon. And now, as you looked at him, with your daughter sleeping on his chest, it was as if you were looking at a different side of the same coin. Sure, it looked rusted and rough to everyone else, but you knew that underneath, it was shining gold and beautiful.

“Yer mum says you can’t really understand what I’m sayin’ just yet, but I think you can. You’re a smart little lass, just like yer mum. Yer gonna be just like her, too. Just as brave and beautiful. And hardheaded. If yer mum isn’t the single most hardheaded, and stubborn woman I know,” You fought back the urge to laugh. Is he really being petty about me to our newborn?

“But she’s also determined, and strong. Tough as nails, too. Sometimes I really want to hook her. But I don’t know what I’d do without her. She reminds me of me mum somedays. They have the same spark in their eye. You’ll probably get that same spark too. Boys will be chasing after you once yer in diapers.” You smiled when he tilted his head to press his lips to her forehead before whispering ever so softly.

But if any of them are like me, and they try to take me Princess away… I’ll hook’em

Kidnapped/Captured Prompts

Anonymous said:Hello, same ask as the one for kidnap/capture fics. I forgot to clarify if they could possibly for Hero and Villain characters. I just really love those prompts… Anonymous said:Could I possibly ask for some more kidnapped/captured prompts?

Anonymous said:Hi! I love so much your blog, the prompts are all I ever looked for. May I ask some dialogues for the prompt evil wizard x kidnapped princess? Old but gold XD. Thank you so much! 

Anonymous said:More pirate prompts please! Maybe with a the captain from the pirate ship capturing one from the Navy?

1) “You have no idea how much I once admired you,” the villain said softly. “I wanted to be just like you.”
‘Then don’t do this!’ It came out muffled by the gag as the hero twisted against the restraints. ‘I was busy - it wasn’t a slight against you.’ A dozen different explanations that went unheard and ignored. 
“God,” the villain laughed giddily. “You really are quite something, you know?” They wet their lips, eyes gleaming with excitement. “So let’s see what makes you tick.”

2) “You, me, alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses,” the hero purred. “It’s like it’s my birthday.”
The villain eyed them warily, even as their body language stayed deceptively careless. “Well, I’m flattered. I’d have picked a nice hotel room myself, but there’s no accounting for poor taste.” The hero had been trying to apprehend them for years, always shiny and golden in the public eye, but in the private…obsession was probably the word. Wherever they were, whatever they did, the hero seemed determined to stop them. Honestly, it was like they had no life of their own to be getting on with. 
Alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses really wasn’t a comforting thought.

3) “I’m just saying,” the princess said. “You can’t be all that omnipotent if you have to resort to capturing girls to get what you want. Isn’t there a spell for that?”
“Magic doesn’t quite work that way,” the wizard said tightly. 
“Can you do anything cool? Can you turn into a dragon?” 
“Because I was once kidnapped by a prince who could turn into a dragon, and honestly I’ve kind of missed flying. We still write sometimes.” 
The evil wizard stared at her in annoyance. 

4) The wizard’s spell was difficult to resist. It fogged her brain and left her will cloudy, more and more so as the days slipped by. Imprisoned in her own chambers, what a joke!
“We’re only keeping you safe,” the queen assured her. “Stop fighting what is best for you.”
She never would.   

5) “You naval types are always the same,” the pirate captain said. “So proud until you’ve been hung out on deck lashed with no food and water for a week.”
The naval captain kept their gaze straight ahead, jaw clenched. 
The pirate captain grabbed a fistful of their hair, pulling their head back, lips pressing against the navy captain’s ear. “Or maybe I’ll just start with your crew. Make you watch one of them walk the plank each time you don’t give me what I want. Perhaps both. What do you think?” 
“You’ll have to kill me and all my crew before I ever tell you anything.”
The pirate smiled. “I wonder if your crew feel the same way.”

6) “You must feel so hurt, so betrayed,” the pirate captain murmured. “Years of loyal service, and your crew sold you out in a second to save their own skin…not that it helped them of course.”
The navy captain’s ship, and its crew, was a smouldering wreck on the horizon sinking fast. The navy captain could stil taste the acrid thickness of ash on their tongue, feel the blood beneath their finger nails. Their throat lodged tight. “You gave them your word that you would let them go.”
“I have no words or promises of honour for unhonourable men who sell out their captain. You, on the other hand…you have quite the reputation.”
“Then you know I’d never sell out to you,” the navy captain spat. 
“You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Return to the Isle: Part 2

Request: Can I have a harry hook x reader where the reader is carlos’s twin sister and goes to auradon with them and then also comes back to rescue Ben. When they’re on the isle she is captured with ben by harry because they know how much Carlos loves her and that will help convince the vks to bring the wand. Then can you do fluff where she ends up falling for harry eventually. I hope this makes sense haha. Also, I love your writing!!

Warnings: Fluff, kidnapping, fluff, mentions of abuse, and did I mention fluff?

Words: 1,587

A/N: Due to much demand, here is Part 2 of Return to the Isle! And since she asked, @chloe-skywalker  you have been tagged!

‘Oh no.’ [Y/N] thought to herself as Harry Hook, the only son of Captain Hook, grabbed her by her arm and began to forcefully pull [Y/N] towards Uma’s ship, him being far too strong for her to be able for her to pull herself free of his grip.

“Hook, let me go!” [Y/N] pleaded, doing her best to pull herself free of his grip, which only seemed to cause him to tighten his grip even further before he got annoyed and picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder as though she were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

“Love, quit struggling. You’re seriously making this difficult.” Harry said nonchalantly, as though he wasn’t completely kidnapping you. “Uma!” Harry called when he stepped onto the ship, the turquoise haired girl turning around upon hearing her name and grinning when she saw what Harry had brought.

“Perfect!” She shouted happily, coming over to Harry and [Y/N] as Harry sat her down, grabbing some rope to tie her to a pole. “Now they’ll have no choice but to bring the wand. Mal will want her little boyfriend back, and Carlos will be willing to do anything to get his sister back safely. Hook, you are a genius!” Uma said, bouncing up and down similar to a child who just learned she got what she wanted for Christmas.

“He’ll never hand over the wand!” [Y/N] argued, although she already knew that they would. With it being a fake wand, there was no reason for them not to hand it over right away. Although she had to make it seem as though it were going to be the real one.

Uma rolled her eyes at [Y/N]’s argument, laughing as she tapped her on the cheek. “But he will. Your brother has always been soft when it comes to you. It’s pathetic, really…Hook, make sure she doesn’t cut herself free somehow. You know how the De Vil kids are.” Uma said before leaving to go attend to some final details.

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Harry spoke first, which surprised [Y/N]. “You look good.” He said simply, polishing his hook, to which [Y/N] scoffed.

“Like you knew what I looked like before I left.” She said, looking away and towards the inner part of the Isle, her wondering if Carlos has noticed her absence yet. Surely he had. Carlos always noticed when something was wrong when it came to [Y/N].

This time it was Harry’s turn to scoff. “Please, of course I did. You and I had every class together up until high school, remember? We used to play together until your mother got angry at you that one day.” Harry said, letting out a small sigh after he thought a little bit. “I’m surprised you came back. I thought you hated it here.”

“I do.” [Y/N] said, looking at him. “But I love Carlos. If he comes back, so do I. He’s all I have. Wherever he goes, I go.” She said, sighing some as she looked down at her feet, then Harry sighed and stood up, looking over the water before looking back at [Y/N], something else in his eyes that she couldn’t quite name, although it was there for just a moment before the same cold look went back to his eyes.

“Whatever, [Y/N]… whatever.” He said, going behind her and tightening the ropes before leaving, and [Y/N] laid her head back against the pole to think, her eyes closing since that would help.

A million thoughts raced through her mind. A lot of them involved trying to escape, trying to find a way to warn Carlos and the others, or even just a way to convince Uma and the others to just let them go. But no matter what she thought about, her mind drifted back to Harry, trying to decipher the look in his eyes.

Disdain? No, that wasn’t it…[Y/N] knew Harry’s look of disdain. Anger? That definitely wasn’t it, Harry’s angry look could cause even a mummy to drop dead. It seemed more…hurt? Yeah, that was it. But why would he be hurt? They never were friends, not since they were small children, when their bond was rivaled only by the bond [Y/N] had with Carlos.


“Harry!” A young [Y/N] screamed with laughter, Harry standing above her with his hand forming a hook with his index finger.

“Aye! I got ye now, lassie! Prepare to walk the plank!” A six-year-old Harry said with an overly exaggerated pirate accent, even for him. Although Harry didn’t look threatening, his hair was in his eyes and the fake eye patch he wore was too big for his face so it kept sliding down.

“Please no, Captain Harry! I’ll do anything! I’ll join your pirate crew if you’ll let me live!” [Y/N] laughed loudly as she pretended to try to shield herself, laughing as she tried to ‘plead’ with the young pirate.

“A girl can’t be a pirate!” Harry said, still pretending to be a pirate just like his dad, grinning as he stood tall, one of his front teeth missing from an accident he had had while trying to play with a sword too heavy for him.

“Yes a girl can!” She argued, looking around and picking up a stick and holding it like a sword, which made Harry laugh again so he joined her, the two of them starting their own little sword battle, jumping around and chasing each other through the streets of the Isle, their laughter echoing through the crowd.

Suddenly when [Y/N] turned around, he wasn’t there. “Harry?” She called out to him, looking around and lowering her imaginary sword. “Harry!” She yelled again, jumping when suddenly someone grabbed her, turning around and seeing Harry standing there, a mischievous grin on his face, as per usual. “Harry Hook! Don’t do that, you scared me! I was worried!” [Y/N] scolded, hitting his arm with the stick and crossing her arms as he laughed.

“Oh come on, [Y/N], it’s just a bit of fun! Why were you worried? Do you looooooove me?” Harry teased with a laugh, grinning a wide grin before he looked over when the shrill voice of Cruella De Vil rang through the crowd.

“[Y/N] DE VIL!” Cruella screamed, and fear immediately went through her young body as she watched her mother approach her, fury in her eyes. “You didn’t take the trash out again! This is the third time this month!” Cruella screamed, grabbing her young daughter before looking at Harry, realizing what had happened. [Y/N] ditched chores to play.

“Momma, I swear I-” [Y/N] began to say, her imaginary fear replaced with the all too real version, her mother being the one person she was truly afraid of.

“You are never to see this boy again, do you hear me? You’ll be sorry if I ever catch you with him again!” Cruella shouted, shoving her young daughter away from the young pirate, who watched on in shock as his only friend at the time was taken away.

~End of Flashback~

In that moment, she realized just why Harry was hurt with what she had said. [Y/N] had Harry along with Carlos. He was her friend. The memory had even jogged a little something else… [Y/N] remembered that she had a crush on the son of Captain Hook during her childhood. The years of isolation from him having caused her to forget her feelings. But now, along with the memory of a dear friend, they have returned.

But [Y/N] knew she wouldn’t be able to talk to Harry, not yet…not now. She had to buy her time.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur. While she was glad to be reunited with her brother again, she stopped to look at Harry before she ran after the VK’s. “You guys go ahead…I have some business to take care of.” [Y/N] said to her friends, looking up at them and then looking at Carlos, who had a clear expression of worry. “Seriously…I’ll be fine. I’ll meet you at the limo in five minutes.” She assured him before going to find Harry.

It took less than thirty seconds to find the sopping wet pirate, he was feverishly trying to dry off his vest. “Hook!” [Y/N] said as she approached him, and he looked at her in confusion, opening his mouth to say something when she, for the first time in her life, was bold about something. She pressed her hands to his cheeks and kissed him, pulling away after a moment. “I remember…I remember.” She said softly as she looked at him.

Harry at first was confused, then it hit him like a ton of bricks; giving her the all too familiar grin from their childhood as he put his hands on her waist, pulling her close and returning her kiss. “I was beginning to wonder, love.” He breathed against her lips.

The pair stood like that as long as possible, before she had to pull herself away. “Come to Auradon with me…please. You can be so much more than this.” She whispered as she looked up into his ocean blue eyes, able to see the wheels turning in his head before he grinned.

“The Isle was getting boring anyway.”

Walk the Plank - BB


Destroy target non-Camarid, non-Cephalid, non-Crab, non-Crocodile, non-Fish, Non-Frog, non-Homarid, non-Insect, non-Jellyfish, non-Kraken, non-Leech, non-Leviathan, non-Merfolk, non-Naga, non-Nautilus, non-Octopus, non-Ooze, non-Oyster, non-Salamander, non-Siren, non-Slug, non-Sponge, non-Squid, non-Starfish, non-Turtle, non-Whale creature.

Her Happy Beginning

A little Lieutenant Duckling fic, vaguely inspired by this post (it sparked the original idea at least) for the lovely @the-reason-to-sail-home. Thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for reading this for me!

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Some people wait a whole lifetime for their happy ending. Others find theirs sooner and yet find themselves bored and wondering, is this it? Princess Emma of Misthaven is luckier than most. She finds her happy ending at just six years old.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

“Who dares trespass on the fearsome Captain Hook’s ship?”

Emma freezes at the rough words despite the evidence of all her senses clearly showing that she is far from harm. In a forest, in fact, not more than a few miles from her family’s summer home and miles away from the sea.

But, in all her six years she’s never known anyone to take such a tone with her. People usually don’t when they talk to a Crown Princess. She should know that this is but a game of make believe, but she’s a lonely child and not used to playing games. And so, these words are enough to strike fear into her heart.

“Oi! Are you deaf or are you defying the Captain, lass?”

The voice comes from much closer now and she jumps, unsure of what to do or say. Instinctively she raises her hands in surrender and turns to face the pirate.

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September 5, 1981: Bella Donna reaches #1 on the Billboard charts. 

“Bella Donna was released on July 27, 1981. It entered the Billboard album charts at #3. Within two months, it was #1. Within ten weeks, it was platinum. No one, least of all Stevie, expected success at that level, and at that speed.
"I was very happy with being three in the charts, and Doug Morris made me a beautiful little diamond ‘3’ necklace that signified, as a label, we were quite happy with that. And, in numerology, three is a child, the beginning, the creative, so it’s just a great number. So I was thrilled with that. But did I think it was going to go on and sell four million copies? No. But I knew that Jimmy and I had put every bit of blood, sweat, and tears into it. That we had prepared it. That we had taken such good care of it as we went along.”
After Bella Donna went to #1, Stevie rented a sailboat to take out everyone involved in the album. Jimmy and I are walking down the plank to the boat, and all of a sudden she has speakers up on top of it, playing 'We Are The Champions’! It was one of many great moments.” (Doug Morris) - Bella Donna deluxe edition liner notes.