walk the path less traveled

  • I call to Hekate, who stands at the crossroad,
  • who stands at the city gate, who stands before
  • each family's home, to watch and to ward off evil.
  • Bearer of torches, leader of hounds, holder of keys,
  • daughter of the deep earth and the starry sky,
  • you tread upon the path less traveled; you walk,
  • with certainty and without fear, in the dark night,
  • in the wilderness, along roads most treacherous,
  • among those who skirt the edges of order.
  • Hekate, friend of women, protector of children,
  • you know the perils of all the worlds, goddess,
  • as each world is your realm to wander. Thus do you
  • hold safe the home, thus do you bar the door from all ill,
  • thus do you drive away the baneful and the false.
  • Hekate, compassionate goddess, I call to you.
Hey You.

I’m really glad to see you made it to the end of 2015.

You actually did it. And you deserve to be proud of that.

I don’t care how you got here–

kicking and screaming, crawling, hobbling, limping, in a spaceship, in a box, on a hospital bed, skipping through a field of roses (maybe daisies, cuz roses have thorns and that would hurt), strolling casually, walking or running or meandering or streaking, on the path less traveled, in a handbasket, on the bullet train, on a horse or snail or very large dog,

with scars and wounds and bandages and tape and hot glue holding you together, with tears and laughs and screams,

through happiness, sadness, joy, heartache, anger, frustration, pain, hate, love, friendship,

through illness and wellness and crappy situations and great situations, totally normal boring days, everything in between the extremes,

with your life together or it completely in tatters, with a clear vision of where you’re going, with some clue, with hopes, with no idea, with fear, dread, anxiety, worry, with inspiration, faith, with everything, nothing, something, anything,

You did it.

You made it.

You survived. You lived.

And dang it, you deserve to celebrate that.

You deserve to be here right now. You deserve to stay here. You deserve to kick 2016 in the nuts, to embrace it like a friend, to run through it, walk through it, play, laugh, cry, scream, love, hate, fear, learn,

And I don’t care how you stay, I just care that you stay. Because we made it here to the end of 2015, and it was one heck of a ride, but look at us. We’re here.

We’re alive.

You made it to 2016, and I can’t congratulate you enough.

And thank you for being here.

it takes a certain type of maturity to refuse to entertain meaningless social gatherings or engage in conversation that isn’t beneficial to the soul. it takes a certain type of maturity to walk the path less traveled by others or do things that are deemed unpopular. it takes a certain type of maturity to create a way instead of following the trends set by others. you can either be like them or be more like yourself. you choose…
—  r.h. Sin