walk the line*

pulled out in front of traffic b/c people were honking and I thought they were honking at me so I panicked.  swerved a lot, got pulled over, hyperventilating + half-crying, police officer had me do the whole “walk in a straight line stand on one foot” deal.  this was both kind of funny (because I do not drink and was in fact on my way home from buying milk) and humiliating (because I hate messing up and we were in full view of everyone driving by).  he let me off with a warning and then I parked behind a barn and cried for like a full minute.  unbeknownst to me mr. officer guy had followed me and wanted to know if he should call anyone.  no, mr. officer guy, you should not.

in short my first time being pulled over was about as anticlimactic as possible but PMS and anxiety made it 1000% worse and anyway now I’m home eating cereal with my milk how are y’all doin

Training heeling and a few tricks with toy (first part) and with treats/kibbles (second part).

+ good to make training fun
+ high motivation
+ walks happy with paws up
+ good focus
+not gaining weight
- there is not always a toy with us

+ ever in the pocket and smol
+ good motivationen but not as good as with a toy
+ better turns (back leg awarness) but I saw in the video that he is watching sometimes at my hands when we turn, a thing we must work on
+ faster reward then playing
- maybe gaining weight

And a thing we must work on is the motivation when both ist away, treat and toy.
And he has started to walk in two lines what means he is not walking straight beside me - because he want to see me, his front paws are near me and his back paws away, he is standing like “/” and if we ever should decide to go on competitions this would be bad.
Tipps are ever good 😊.
But I am really proud of my little boy, he is always giving is best 💕.


Iron Man 2 AU: When Sharon Carter is given the mission of evaluating her cousin for SHIELD, she considers it the lesser of two evils after she learns that they might send in the Black Widow if not for her. Tasked with getting Tony to step back on his Iron Man adventures and focusing on solving his palladium problems, along with marking his eligibility for the Avengers Initiative, Sharon must walk the line - between family and doing her job. Tony, from his side, is not making things any easier as he pushes everyone away in his attempts to solve his problems alone. 

“I can’t help you if you act like a stubborn asshole!”

“Maybe I don’t need your help, cousin o’mine!”

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You and I walk a fragile line/ I have known it all this time/ but I never thought I'd live to see it break

rating: 13.1989/10

me noting that i need to listen to haunted more often

send me the taylor swift lyrics u don’t think get enough attention and i’ll rate them out of 10

Bighit and BTS Meeting
  • Bighit: Alright it's that time again, we have to confuse the hell out of your ARMYs. So what do we got this time?
  • Namjoon: Let's...have Jimin in the ocean instead of a bathtub
  • Bighit: Nice one Namjoon!
  • Jimin: Dammit
  • Taehyung: Oh! Let's add a random shape to make them think it has meaning...a rectangle!
  • Bighit: Good job Taetae!
  • Jungkook: Put me on a train! They'll think its connected to RUN
  • Bighit: That diploma is coming in handy!
  • Hobi: Don't give me ANY lines!
  • Bighit: NOICE
  • Suga: Add laundry! We've never done laundry
  • Bighit: Confusing, confusing, confusing! I like it!
  • Jin: Make it seem like I'm alive...but still dead
  • Bighit: Get this boy a raise!
  • Jimin: Give me random blue sneakers!!
  • Bighit: Him too!