walk on the pavement

If you ever think your 12 year old self was an idiot just remember this: 

one time when I was in seventh grade I decided to walk home from the community center without wearing any shoes. But it was like 98 degrees outside, so obviously the pavement was hot as balls, but I stubbornly continued to walk home barefoot. Long story short I got second degree burns from the pavement and painful blisters on every part of my feet. When I had to explain to my parents why the hell I walked home barefoot I told them that my shoes were hurting my feet. I ended up going to go see doctors, and I wore inserts in my shoes for three years. My parents even considered surgery to fix my feet so that they wouldn’t hurt. 

I never had the courage to tell them that the reason why I walked barefoot that one day was not because my feet hurt, but because, being an avid fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I had wanted fucking callouses on my feet like Toph

Haikyuu Fic Recommendations List

A list of Haikyuu fanfics I enjoyed. All of these are completed. There are more fics that I liked but they aren’t finished so I didn’t include them. Might make a separate post for that one day.

(it’s pretty long oops)

Do Unto Others - Kindaichi x Kunimi - Rated T - 10,685 words

The Jacket You Never Returned - Bokuto x Akaashi - Rated G - 5,152 words

Shiver - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 16,703 words

Love Me Like You Do - Iwaizumi x Oikawa - Rated T - 100,516 words

Over The Pavement We Walked On - Kageyama x Hinata - Rated G - 1,890 words

Come and Get Lost With Us - Kageyama x Hinata - Rated M - 150,504 words

The Coming Of Spring - Daichi x Sugawara - Rated G - 3,876 words

(more under the cut)

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I want them to have a dinner again at Angelo’s..

This time I want them to walk together close, fingers entwined with each other’s. 

I want them to lean in to each other and giggle and whisper sweet nothings when they walk together towards their sanctuary,221B.

I want them to stop at the pavement in front of the flat.

And the John will try to role-play and ask, with a flirtatious smile “Aren’t you gonna invite me in?” And will kiss Sherlock. Leaving him almost breathless.

And Sherlock will say ,between breaths “Um…while I’m flattered, by your interest… I think you should know that I am married to…”

“Married to?” John will ask raising his eyebrows.

“A certain Doctor John Hamish Watson. Do you know him?”

“Let’s go upstairs and I will show you if I know him or not.”

Percival Graves x Reader - I Deserve Better

Title: I Deserve Better

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 1933

Warnings: This one is a little sad.

Request: Hey loved rule four! !!! I was wondering if I could have Percival graves x muggle!reader where someone they get into a fight because she doesn’t wanna sneal around anymore?

Sorry if it’s a bit shorter than my normal stuff.

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An Unexpected Surprise

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 5.2K

Summary: Saddened at the idea of having to spend Christmas alone, you return to your apartment to find an unexpected surprise in the form of your very cute, sexy and adorable boyfriend Namjoon. 

Snowflakes floated gracefully down to the pavement as you walked through the bustling city streets. Lights were strung up all around you, twinkling beautifully in a whole spectrum of colours and the gorgeous scent of mulled wine and cinnamon lingered in the air. Everything about the place was simply magical, children wearing thick coats and knitted scarves weaved in and out of market stalls laughing gleefully as their parents chased behind them, the whole atmosphere of the place was just…good.

And yet despite the magnificence of everything, you found it hard to smile, you found it challenging to even care enough the admire the scene taking place all around you. Because for the first time in years you would be spending Christmas alone. The very thought of this made the vibrant reds and greens seem duller, the delicious scents made you feel nauseous and all the hanging lights gave you a painful headache.

You dragged your feet against the pavement until finally you reached the entrance to your apartment building. With numb fingers, you pulled out your key and turned it in the lock of the main entrance. Reluctantly, you wandered into the building, the warmth from inside instantly hitting your body and thawing your frozen skin.

The lobby area was quiet, painfully so, most of the residents had gone to see their family and loved ones over the holidays leaving the hallways deserted and silent, it was almost eerie. Your parents had gone to visit some friends of theirs in another country and despite their invitation for you to join them you hadn’t wanted to intrude on their gathering so you’d assured them you would spend the Christmas with your boyfriend Namjoon. At the time you hadn’t been lying, you really had thought the two of you would be able to spend Christmas together, but sadly he’d ended up having to work right the way through until New Year’s Eve.

You’d understood of course, work came first. Namjoon was the heir to a highly prestigious company, his father being the manager of it, you knew that if he wanted to take over one day, he couldn’t afford to take much time off. He had to show that he was determined, dependable and focused, and so, when he’d announced with a sullen face that he couldn’t be with you on Christmas, you’d simply nodded, even managing a small smile.

It was just one Christmas after all. Sure, the sheer feeling of isolation was going to be pretty miserable but…it was just one Christmas.

You traipsed through to the elevator, pressing the correct button to get to your floor, the Christmas music playing on the speakers cruelly mocking you with its sickly sweet melody, one that left a bitter taste in your mouth. You supposed you should feel grateful, to spend your Christmas in such a luxurious apartment, something that was all thanks to Namjoon and his hard work, but it was hard to see the value of expensive items  when you had no one to share them with.

You worked hard too of course, but working as a waitress didn’t exactly bring in the same paycheck as the ridiculous amounts of money your boyfriend made. Nonetheless, you would insist on buying most things for yourself as much as he wanted to spoil you, you never let him buy you clothes or technology or other kinds luxurious presents, the only exceptions being your birthday or Christmas.

When you reached the door of your apartment, you pulled out another key from the key ring and turned it in the lock in one smooth action, you pulled the handle down so the door swung open. In the darkness, you stumbled towards the light switches and flicked them on individually until the room was thoroughly illuminated, , your books were still scattered across the coffee table and a small Christmas tree stood pathetically by the couch. You had half a mind to take it down right now and pretend that Christmas wasn’t happening.

Just as you were about to collapse on the couch you heard a strange clattering noise coming from the kitchen. The first time, you decided to simply ignore it, you couldn’t muster the energy to go and check the source of the noise. However, after a few seconds the noise occurred again, over and over, becoming more and more impossible to ignore.

You weren’t scared for some reason, as you moved towards the kitchen, not even considering the possibility that someone could have broken in, perhaps you were just too blue to care. But as you swung the door open you were met with a sight you certainly had not expected.

Your boyfriend was standing amongst a heap of pots and pans, something was steaming in the corner and the plates were piled a mile high in the sink, the oven was on, the microwave was on, the kettle was on, just about everything was on and the room had a rather odd smell to it, like a mixture of hundreds of different varieties of food. 

Yet despite the disastrous surroundings, a feeling of blissful joy ran through your veins at the sight of him and without even a second thought, you found your feet moving and your body throwing itself into his unexpecting one.

“Y/N! You’re home” he exclaimed happily once he was over the initial shock of basically being tackled into a hug. His skin was so warm against your cold cheek and  you gripped him even more tightly. Your body must have still been quite cold because you felt him shiver, but he made no complaint as he wrapped his long arms around you.

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There is blood on the pavement, ruby red and fresh,
I’m walking with bare feet, wondering if you cut yours on glass from broken bottles?
And if I should watch my step?
Or did life just punch you in the teeth again?
I hurry along, faster paces, hoping to see your grimace soon, dripping with the gore of Karma’s keen wrath,
And the look in your eyes when you realise that it was me behind you the whole time
—  a long walk on a twisted path @rarasworldbro
BEYOND THE PALE | Prof!Seb x Reader – Part 4

Originally posted by little--batman


A/N: Sorry about the wait, university is crazy right now! Hope it was worth it though :)

← Part 3

You walked back to your apartment sluggishly, your heels scraping along the pavement as you did so. The beginnings of fall were starting to settle in early as you noticed that one of the trees on your walk was starting to have it’s leaves change color. You couldn’t even be excited about the approach of your favorite season with your mind racing a million places a minute. The walk back to the house you and Chloe shared took almost double the amount of time it usually did.

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Loved You First (Part 1)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: none

Tags: @buchananbarnestrash @minervaem @imaginingbucky @illuminationunknown @witchwhoviandemigod @aweways

Originally posted by coporolight

Your shoes clicked against the pavement as you quickly walked to brunch. You were seeing your best friend, Peggy, for the first time in over a year, and you couldn’t seem to walk fast enough.

Approaching the cafe, you slowed down, feeling your stomach tingle with anticipation. You smoothed your shirt and walked inside. The cafe was full of laughter and clinking glasses. You saw Peggy standing in the corner, anxiously scanning the room. When she saw you walk in, her face lit up as she ran over.

“(Y/n)!” she squealed as she threw her arms around you. You inhaled her familiar, flowery scent and returned her hug, the warmth of seeing your best friend spreading to every extremity in you body.

“I missed you,” you said as you separated, pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. Peggy smiled, twirling her dark hair around her index finger.

“Well you’re the one who decided to travel all over the world to God-knows-where,” she said, bumping your shoulder playfully. You rolled your eyes, a small smile spreading across your lips. “Why did you end up leaving, anyway?”

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Coffee Shop Kisses - Wonwoo

First kiss during a coffee shop date drabble with Wonwoo as requested by @spicadeservesbetter ! Hope you enioy and this is what you wanted ♥ (I would alsonlike to dedicate this to my fave Wonwoo stan @lil-nochu ily XD)

“You’ve been so busy lately, I thought we wouldn’t have a second date,” you confessed to your boyfriend of a month Jeon Wonwoo, holding onto his arm and huddling closer to his body as a brisk chill ran through the air. You suddenly regretted not wearing a thicker coat; it was still winter after all. He smiled softly down at you and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you as close as he possibly could to his warm figure and sighing, watching his breath form white wisps in the winter wind.

“I know,” he murmured, regret tingeing his deep voice as he kept his gaze fixed ahead on the pavement you walked down together. “I’m sorry.”

“No don’t apologize!” you became somewhat frantic, feeling guilty for making him feel bad. “I understand. I’m just glad I can be with you now.” He smiled, eyes crinkling behind his wire glasses in the cutest way as he led you to a quaint little coffee shop situated in the corner of a pretty empty street. “Wow…” a gasp of mingled surprise and awe left your lips as you stepped into the building, the rich aroma of coffee immediately hitting your nostrils and warming all your senses. The interior was all chocolate and a creamy off white, with booths separated by glass dividers occupying most of the main area and smaller wooden tables for two people dotting around the edges by the large windows through which the morning sun shone. There weren’t many people inside and it felt warm and homely, and just being inside made you feel fuzzy and joyful. “It’s so pretty in here,” you hummed, choosing to sit opposite Wonwoo in one of the booths seeing as the sunlight was incredibly bright and would probably blind you. You already had Wonwoo for that. “I can’t believe I’ve never been before.” Wonwoo leant forward, propping his elbows on the varnished oak of the table and resting his chin on his hands, smiling gently at you as you continued to take in the aesthetic of the decor.

”I’m so glad you like it,” he replied in his husky voice, letting out a small huff of laughter as he looked around the establishment somewhat nostalgically. “I used to come here all the time in college. I remember I liked you a lot then too, I used to think to myself that if I ever worked up the courage to ask you on a date I’d bring you here.” His eyes gleamed with the reminiscence and your heart suddenly fluttered - the way he looked so adoringly at you made your cheeks flush hot. You didn’t know he liked you until he finally asked you out sometime last month, when his idol group were awarded a break after promotions. Your friends had called you oblivious, not even trying hiding their frustration but you could never understand why. Until now, as he gazed at you like you hung the stars, like you were all he ever wanted to look at; it seemed this was more than just a crush. A waitress sauntered over, lazy smile spreading over her plump lips as she saw you and Wonwoo exchanging fond looks and shy smiles.

“You guys are so cute!” she lilted, now beaming at you both as she took a small notepad and a pen from the small black apron encircling her thin waist. “Would you like anything to eat or drink?” You glanced at Wonwoo and he nodded, knowing you weren’t the best with other people, especially in situations like this.

“Just a regular coffee for me and…” he narrowed his eyes slightly at you; you’d frequented coffee shops together in the past as to study but it had been a while. “A caramel macchiato for the lady.” Attempting to hide the triumphant grin already tugging up the corners of your mouth turned out to be incredibly difficult - he remembered your favourite.

“Is that everything?” At Wonwoo’s nod she scurried back behind the polished bar and set about making your drinks.

“So how’s idol life treating you?” you questioned in a soft tone, playing with the tasselled ends of your thick scarf. He pouted slightly, trying not to blush too obviously as he cautiously moved one of the hands from his lap to lace his fingers with yours which sat atop the table.

“It’s nice, living out your dreams and all, but I barely get any time to see you which I hate.” he cocked his head to the side a little, eyes scanning every detail of your now rather pink face as if inspecting you. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to take you out.”

“I had somewhat of a clue,” you smirked, looking down at the table awkwardly before forcing yourself to look him in the eye. The deep brown orbs then looked so enamored yet amused by your timid manner, causing you to scratch the back of your neck bashfully. Breaking the awkward silence the waitress then came back with two steaming drinks and you both thanked her before turning your attention to them, hot and incredibly well made to say yours had a large heart drawn into the foam on top. You took a glimpse of the waitress who smiled proudly at herself before going back to cleaning the already shiny espresso machine. Wonwoo looked up at you, one hand supporting his jaw and the other reaching for the steel pitcher of milk which he slowly poured into the bitter beverage sat before him.

“So,” he coughed lightly, finally breaking the tension between you both as he moved onto shaking the contents of the small sugar packets into his drink. Usually he’d have it black but today he felt like the added sweetness. “Did you end up pursuing writing?” You grimaced a little, watching the thin silvery wisps of steam evaporate from the macchiato.

“Not… quite,” you mumbled thoughtfully. “I’m still trying to make it but at the moment I’m still focusing on studies,”

“I see…” his tone was distracted but his gaze was attentive which was mildly confusing, but you shrugged it off and took a small sip of your coffee, laughing at the foam that decorated your upper lip afterwards. He chuckled before reaching for his own coffee, looping two of his long fingers through the small and delicate china handle of the cup and bringing it to his lips. He blew ever so lightly on the hazelnut coloured surface as to try and cool it before taking a tentative sip, still watching you and listening to you talk. He recoiled immediately after the beverage touched his mouth, setting the cup back down on its saucer with an abruptness that startled you into silence. You frowned at him, concern etched onto your features as you raised an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Are you okay?” you asked, voice mellifluous and calm as your head tilted to the right. He gasped whilst nodding, furrowing his brows at you with a hopeless smile.

“Yeah sorry I just… wasn’t paying enough attention and burnt my tongue.” he exhaled slowly as you reached over the table and placed a finger on his chin, raising his eyes to yours. Suddenly bold you tried to fend off your smirk, him blinking with wide eyes as he waited for you to speak.

”Do you want me to kiss it better?” you whispered, watching him turn beet red with a somewhat gleeful smile despite still being shy yourself. Nevertheless he took the incentive and leaned in, careful not to upset either of the drinks as he placed one palm flat on the table and the other on your cheek and pulled you closer as to press your lips to his in a sweet and sincere first kiss. It was short yet the butterflies in your stomach lasted even when he pulled away, lips tingling and tasting slightly of coffee still as his lip curled into a bewildered grin.

”You know what? It still hurts.” he grinned with an overexaggerated shrug and laughed lightly, grazing your cheekbone with the pad of his thumb as he leaned in to kiss you again.

Hope you like! ♥

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Bad Day


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: You’re feeling so stressed after life just gives you a bad day, and Theo is there to comfort you.

Side Note: I had a shit day and literally feel like this. So why not write an imagine about?

It was one of the worst days you’ve had in our entire life, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. From spilling coffee on your new top, to your car deciding that it was the right time to play up, and you couldn’t forget when your phone thought it would be a good idea to say hi to the pavement, smashing the screen. Walking out to the school’s parking lot you had just finished a make up test. Positivity nor luck were on your side today so you had a feeling that the final score wasn’t going to be all that great, especially since your mind was in overdrive and stress levels were rising rapidly.

Unlocking the car a huge ramble of thunder came rolling in and that’s when a massive downpour of rain started. This was the moment where your body and mind had officially given up, as you were running to reach the warmth of your car the keys slipped from your grasp and fell in a puddle. Bending to pick them up, you looked up at the sky. “I am a good person, what in the world did I do to deserve this?”. Feeling silly being out in the open and talking to thin air, you hopped in the car soaking wet and drove home.

Not caring that droplets of water were dripping from….well everywhere, you headed on upstairs and turned on the shower making sure the water was nice and hot. Looking in the mirror the reflection staring back at you was hardly recognizable. Make up was a mess, your eyes looked beyond tired and it showed due to the black circles underneath them, and your hair was all frizzy. This was all becoming too much and the first single tear rolled down the right cheek. Not wanting to look at yourself anymore you walked fully clothed into the shower, slid down the wall and let all the emotions come pouring out.

The water by now was screaming hot, but not one part of you cared. It oddly felt nice or perhaps you were just numb and that’s why you couldn’t feel a thing. Time for now was non-existent, you realized that when you’d lost track of it and by now it had to be dark out. However not long after your question was answered when Theo came through the door.

“Babygirl there you are, didn’t you hear me calling?”, when he saw the state you were in he dashed immediately over. He reached out to turn off the water and retracted his hand, “Geez Y/N the water is scorching hot, you’re going to burn yourself”. The water stopping flowing from the shower head and Theo kneeled down beside, “I don’t care”, was all you said even if it was a delayed response.
Theo got back up and returned with a cloth, dabbing on your arms and forehead, it was ice cold. “No, I’m fine I don’t-”, you tried to wiggle away but he sat down on the wet floor and pulled you ever so close. “No babygirl you’re not fine. Your hand, arms and face are all red and super hot, I need to cool you down”. By that stage another waterfall of fresh tears erupted, burying your face in your hands, Theo tried to soothe you by stroking your hair that was sticking to your face, all while whispering comforting words.

After Theo let you cry on his shoulder he still had a very worried look, “Alright come on, up we get. You need to get in some clean clothes”. Lifting your body which felt numb, sore and drained of any life he carefully undressed you, put the wet clothes in the hamper and managed to put one of his clean, fresh shirts over you. “Do you want to talk about it?”, he softly asked as you slipped under the covers. Closing your eyes and then re-opening them, “I just had a really, really bad day. And nothing was going right. I spilled coffee on my shirt, my car was on the verge of a break down, my phone fell and now it’s smashed and if that wasn’t enough stress, mother nature thought it would be a good idea to make it pour down rain”.

You don’t know what it was, maybe the sadness had finally turned into anger because you were pacing the room like your life depended on it. “I’m so tried Theo, every bone in my body hurts, my head is throbbing and I don’t think I’ve even passed my make up test for chemistry. Ugh!”, without meaning, or maybe a small part of you actually did mean it. You knocked the vase containing flowers, causing it to shatter all over the floor. It felt good, like you’d found an outlet for this anger. So without any hesitation grabbed a few more things off the desk and started to throw them on the floor, “I’m.a.good.person. This isn’t fair!”.

About to throw a picture frame, Theo came up behind you and took it out of your hands, grabbed your waist and pulled you tightly against his chest. “Hey, hey, it’s going to be okay. I’m here babygirl, okay? I’m here and I’ve got you”. Relaxing under his embrace you cried into his chest, completely exhausted. You allowed him to put you to bed soon after.

Not once throughout the night did Theo ever let go, waking up wrapped securely in his arms you noticed just how big of a mess that room was. Broken glass, ripped books, papers everywhere it was like a hurricane had hit. Untangling yourself from Theo, flashbacks from last night hit, and every single part of you felt ashamed for letting Theo see you like that, but you also felt guilty. Cleaning up, you were picking up the glass when you saw Theo open his eyes. “Y/N, baby, you don’t have to do that”. Getting out of bed he sat next to you, taking your hand in his and lifting your chin so you’d look at him. “Let me do this and you can go back to sleep”.

Shaking your head vigorously. “No, I did this. I caused this mess so I’m going to clean it up”. Theo wasn’t having any of that and moved the bin away, “It can wait, I’m more concerned about you”. Sighing, you stood up and glanced out the window, Theo joining you in seconds. “I’m sorry, everything came crashing down at once and I lost it”. Eyes tearing up Theo rubbed your shoulders, “That happens sometimes. We all have bad days, you don’t ever have to apologize for that. But next time you get one, come to me. You scared me half to death when I walked in to see you sitting on the shower floor, soaking wet and crying. I hate seeing you cry, it makes me feel powerless and all I want to do is make your pain go away.”

He kissed the exposed skin that was showing thanks to his shirt slipping down on your shoulder, and slowly your emotions were starting to come back to normal. "I don’t know what I’ll do without you”, admitting to him while turning around to gently kiss him. “Same here babygirl, and I hope we never have to find out. Now come downstairs I’ll make you breakfast”. Taking his hand, the entire morning was Theo being there for you. It started with him making pancakes and ended with the two of you curled up in bed watching marathons of your favourite movies.

Yesterday had been hell but today thanks to Theo proved to be the opposite, you were finally able to breath again and that was one of the best feelings you could have ever asked for, after having one of the worst days of your life.

Letting you go was never an easy thing to do. No matter how hard I’ve tried to forget you, I just couldn’t. There were so many times when I was walking alone in the streets, staring at the pavements, I didn’t even realize that the path that I was taking was the one going to your house. When I was a few steps closer, that’s when I stopped. You were there outside, staring at the sky. Probably admiring its beauty, questioning its existence even. You were standing there, waiting for something to happen. I was admiring you from afar when suddenly, she was in the picture. She runs towards you and kissed you. In that moment I was trying so hard not to shed a tear for you but then I saw you holding her neck and you fucking kissed back. I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s like I’m watching my life being stripped away from me. I couldn’t bare to see it so I started to walk away, taking my way home. And then I found myself stopping by on the pavements while I cry my heart out. It was so difficult to go home. Especially with me being like this. Such a mess, your mess.
Promise?//Tate Langdon

(A/N): After coming home from a long day of school, reader tries to comfort Tate.

Warnings: None


Cars buzzed down the hectic road as you walked down the cracked pavement. The bag you carried weighed down against your shoulders, causing an aching pain to cover your back and neck. You stood at the end of the Murder House’s driveway, admiring the ancient home. After inhaling a deep breath, you drug your feet the remainder of the way.

Your parents’ cars weren’t outside, so you had the entire house to yourself– well kind of. The door softly clicked behind you as you entered the musky house. You barely had enough time to kick your shoes off as Tate appeared in front of you. Silent tears streaked down his distressed face, provoking a frown on your lips. His blonde hair was even messier than usual, as of he was just trying to pull it out, and his plump lips were cracked and irritated. You instantaneously dropped your bag on the floor, landing with a loud ‘thump’. Before you could utter a word, Tate’s arms engulfed you in a bear hug. Your arms wrapped around his figure as he fell apart under your touch.

“Tate, what’s wrong?” you asked; concern lacing your voice. Your arms tightened around him as his entire being shook with sobs erupting from his throat.

“Where did you go?” he pitifully hiccupped into your ear. Your heart instantly dropped knowing that you were the cause of his tears.

“I was just at school,” you answered softly, gently brushing your fingers through his tangled locks. Guilt plagued your mind as Tate’s cries echoed through the otherwise silent house. Ever since you met Tate you’ve been skipping school a lot more than you probably should, resulting in a less than satisfactory report card and some very unhappy parents. So, now you are required to be dropped off with a chaperon.

“I thought you left me,” his speech was muffled as he nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck. With each passing second you could feel his tears soaking through your shirt.

“I would never leave you,” You reassured, continuing to brush your finger through his hair. Your eyes closed as you took a gentle breath.

“Don’t lie to me,” he snapped, but quickly let out another cry into your shoulder. His sudden outburst made your heartbeat quicken. “I-It’s just t-that I keep waiting on the day for you to– t-to tell me I’m not enough a-anymore,” Tate quaked against your skin.

“Don’t say that,” you commanded softly, gently tugging his chin up to face you. His brown eyes looked so naive and broken as he held your gaze. The pad of your thumb gently wiped a stray tear from his flushed cheek before you began. “You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. What you did in your past, it doesn’t matter to me. This is a new chapter of our lives and I probably wouldn’t have even made it this far if it weren’t for you. But starting right now, I want to spend it with you. Nothing you say can change that, Tate, because I will love you forever and always,” Your long-winded confession came out ill defined, but the words remained strong and pure to your heart.

“Promise?” he asks, holding out his pinky finger. His dimples appeared as a boyish grin graced his lips.

“I promise,” you replied with a sweet smile, wrapping your own pinky around his long flange.


So, what did you think of my first Tate imagine? I had a lot of fun writing this one and really hope that you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading!

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What more is there to time than illusion
Skin shed yesterday and I am new
Yet we pick it up like coats on a mad winter
Fraying and mauldy, but warm all the same
This much is fine
Sleep is all the deeper in old clothes you never let
see or know the time of day
And we walk the same pavements
With ash in our head

Restlessness (11) | A Phanfiction

You don’t need to have read any chapters before to read this one. 

Summary: Phil goes on a walk around London and starts thinking of the future and dreaming of buying a house with Dan. 

Fluff and smut. 4325 Words

(If you’d like to read the chapters before there all in one page on my blog titled ‘Restlessness | A Phanfiction’

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Please Don’t Leave Me

Hello! Happy National Adoption Day! Here’s an old regal believer piece set during their pre-Emma days.

Summary: It’s Henry’s first day of school and both mother and son are having a hard time letting go.

FF.net link.


The day is as fresh in her mind as the grass beneath her feet. Thirteen years later and she still hasn’t forgotten the feeling of his tiny hand in hers as they walked down the sidewalk from their home. Later on she would learn to let him ride the bus but on that day, the first school day of hundreds to come, she’d decided to walk there with her little prince. She’d told herself that it was for his benefit. A chance to give him extra time with her before spending hours away in a classroom where she was nowhere to be seen. But walking down the sidewalk with her heels clacking against the pavement and his light up sneakers sparkling with each step she knew she’d done it for herself. She’d wanted to prolong the moment. Extend the chapter of their lives where she’d spent every minute by his side.

She could still remember how he looked that day. She remembered looking down at his normally messy brown hair, currently tamed with the help of a last minute haircut the day before. She remembered the sight of his brightly-colored Spiderman backpack, hanging loosely from his shoulders, bouncing against his back with every hop and skip he made. He’d nearly filled it to the brim the night before, stuffing in every notebook and pencil he could find, so sure that he would need them all for the day to come. It had taken an hour for her to convince him that he would only need one of each, if he’d need them at all. Her little prince had been so excited, more excited than her, that day. Peppering her with questions the whole way there.

What’s my teacher’s name?

Will I get lunch?

Do we spend all day inside?

How will I know who to be friends with?

Each new inquiry brought a smile to her face, as did the efforts she made to satisfy his curiosity.

Your teacher’s name is Mrs. Jameson

Yes they will feed you lunch. Mac and Cheese. I promise I checked.

You’ll get half an hour of recess where you can run around as much as you’d like.

Your friends will be the people who treat you with kindness and smile when they see you.

Every answer she gave him only added to his excitement. The closer they got the wider his grin grew, the more she’d mentally prepared herself for the moment he’d finally drop her hand and run off to this exciting new world without her.

Except that’s not what happened.

They’d rounded the corner and finally caught sight of the school. They’d been there weeks before to enroll, to show Henry a glimpse of his first classroom. But the school had been quiet that day, with only a tenth of the students there. That had not been the case on the first day.

The school was swarming with students now, many of them bigger than her little prince. On the lawn, in the halls, in the classrooms. Their shouts and laughter made it hard to hear to her own thoughts. In their identical school uniforms they were practically a sea of black and white, and even as an adult Regina found herself struggling to navigate her way through them.

She’ll never forget the way his grip on her hand tightened. They way he started clinging to her waist as they made their way down the hall. By the time they reached the kindergarten classroom, Henry’s grin had all but disappeared. He seemed to shrink into her side as they entered the room where he would spending most of his time for the next year.

The kindergarten class was small that year, only twelve or so in the group. The bell had yet to ring so they were still exploring the classroom with their parents, wonder present in their young eyes. The theme that year was caterpillars and butterflies. There were different pictures of cartoon butterflies all over the room. She’d shown him each one hoping to help him relax before class started. Ten minutes later she still hadn’t felt like she’d succeeded. Henry still seemed withdrawn.

But what more could she do? The bell rang and Mrs.Jameson started ushering the parents out of the classroom. Something the children weren’t particularly happy about. More than a few shouts and tantrums were heard and she found herself grateful that Henry hadn’t been among the few initiators. At least until she kneeled down to give him a hug and heard the four words that would crack her heart in two.

“Please don’t leave me.”

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unafraid ; (mafia) kim minseok

description; fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

a/n; the gif is from @xiundeer OH YEAH, i used names that depict people of all ethnicities, so that “you” can truly be someone of any race, who could live possibly anywhere. chapter ii is ready to be posted, and will be soon, so let me know if you wanna be tagged in that chapter!

part; i | ii | iii| iv | v | vi

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