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Have you ever thought about how much time David Duchovny probably spent with making sure that Gillian Anderson doesn’t fall…

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YOU MET COLIN OMG!!! How was it when you first saw him? Are his eyes really that blue in person?

I honest to God don’t know how I survived. I don’t THINK I looked him directly in the eye (which is probably why I’m still here) and there was a bit where I blacked out during the photograph - legit, I can remember saying hi and him responding but everything from that to when I walked out of the room is just black. The only reason I know I stood next to him with his arm around me was because of the photographic proof currently sat on my book shelf. 

First seeing him though… I tried explaining this to @ive-always-been-a-pirate the other day and it’s gonna sound like I’m insane, but… That moment when he first walked out onto stage for the gold panel it was like you knew at that moment you would never be in the room with anyone as handsome as that. You could FEEL the handsome and presence walk into the room basically. 

And that’s weird to say but I can distinctivly remember feeling that way the first time and then it not hitting me as strong for the second panel. I’m pretty sure I forgot to breath during the Gold panel (thank God I’m a former flute player, hahaha)

BTS, First Comeback Stage At Seoul Concert..First Reveal of New Songs

(Boy) Group BTS will reveal their new album ‘WINGS Side Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ stages for the first time at their Seoul concert.

At BTS’ upcoming '2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR’ which will open at Seoul Guro-gu Gocheok Sky Dome, they will reveal 'Spring Day’ and 'Not Today’ as well as other songs from their new album to their fans for the first time.

Big Hit Entertainment stated, “the 'WINGS TOUR’ is the last in series of the 'BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE’ that started in 2014, and will show a performance that completes a part of the storytelling that has unfolded until now” and continued to explain, “(BTS) will reveal their new songs at the concert so that it can become an even more meaningful gift to the fans.”

For the fans who gave BTS’ second full album, 'WINGS,’ a lot of love last year, BTS has decided to reveal the first stage for this new album at their concert and are now busy with final preparations.

On the other hand, BTS will reveal their new album 'WINGS Side Story: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ through online music sites on the 13th at 12AM.

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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OTP Idea #792

Imagine Person A is dragged to a concert of a band they’ve never heard of by their friend, Person C. Together, they get to the show early, so Person A breaks off from C for a while to get away from the commotion of the fans waiting to get into the building. Person A ends up wandering around till they accidentally run straight into a stranger aka Person B. Person A feels so bad that they ran into B and starts apologizing profusely while B keeps saying it’s ok. They strike up a conversation together and B asks for A’s phone number. Later, once A is back with C and the concert is starting, A sees B walk onto the stage. Finally, they realize that Person B is the lead singer of the band.

SU Theory

there’s a theory about the one who shattered pink diamond not being Rose Q by herself, but as THE TEMPLE FUSION and that would be SO COOL.

but it can’t be because that fusion includes AMETHYST, and Amethyst wasn’t around while the war was happening.

but THINK ABOUT IT. The temple fusion has always been there since episode1, we are familiar with it! WE KNOW IT EXIST! IT HAS A GIANT SWORD! (forgotten on the ocean now, but still)

Imagine that after a PANEL. Sugar could walk to the front stage, drop the mic, leave without a word while everybody would be that guy from avatar


i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together

Nothing More (Lin x Reader)

Not gonna lie, I’m incredibly ashamed of this. I gave up at the end, so that’s why it sucks. But hey, if you’re this desperate for some disgusting, un-proofread fluff, then be my guest. Also, this is my first fic in years. Forgive me.

Warnings: None really. No idea how plays work? Terrible writing? I think it’s pretty safe.

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Word count: 1,596

At first it was nothing more than stolen glances.

Eye contact from across the stage, quickly forgotten in the rush of the music. A shared look as the cast took their bows and walked off stage, as you maneuvered your way through your coworkers and recently-made friends to leave the theater at the end of the night. You never stayed to talk much–you were new and inexperienced and really just wanted to go to bed. You never felt his eyes on you as you walked out door, your coat pulled tightly around you.

It was just glances.

It was nothing more than quick smiles and rushed words.

A simple greeting in the hallways of the theater as you brushed passed each other, both on your way to your dressing rooms, usually something along the lines of “Good luck!” or “You did great!” You weren’t even sure if he knew your name, to be honest. He occasionally smiled at you during rehearsals from across the room. He’d call out good-byes when you exhaustedly slumped through the door to go home, and surprised you one day by high-fiving you as you exited.

“See you tomorrow, (Y/N)!”

An uninvited smile stole onto your face. “See you tomorrow, Lin.”

It was just words and smiles. Smiles that stayed plastered to your face all the way home.

It was nothing more than simple conversations.

“Come in!”

Your dressing room door opened, and Lin poked his head in. “Just us?” he asked.

You looked up from your phone, having chosen to relax for a bit and eat a granola bar instead of going to lunch. “Yeah. Everyone else is at lunch. What do you need?”

He sat down on a chair facing the couch, and propped his feet up on the cushions. “I just want to talk.”

Instantly, every stupid thing you’d ever done since working at the theater came flooding back to your mind. What had you done so wrong that would make Lin himself come to your dressing room and make sure you were alone to talk to you?  Had your singing been getting worse? You knew you hadn’t tried as hard as you could have at last night’s show since you’d detected the telltale signs of catching a cold. Had it really been that noticeable? They were going to ask you to stop performing with them. That had to be it. You’d just gotten this job and they were firing you, how–

“So, tell me about yourself.”

Your eyes snapped up to meet his. “What?”

He laughed, and it had to be the most relaxing sound you’d ever heard. “I mean, what do you like to do? What’s your life like outside of this theater? Why aren’t you at lunch with your friends? I just want to get to know you a little better.” A hint of a smirk was playing on his mouth, but there was no malice behind it.

You leaned back into the couch, ignoring the flicker of butterflies in your stomach, and began to talk with a laugh. “I was scared you were firing me for a second. Well, theater is my entire life, and this has to be the best job I’ve ever had.”  The conversation took off, and it was easy to talk to him. Lin was kind and genuinely interested in what you had to say. You weren’t any less of a person to him because you only had a small role in the play. When your castmates returned from lunch, you both left that conversation with a new friend and a new phone number. You know, in case you ever needed anything.

It was just a conversation.

It was nothing more than thoughtless banter..

“Are you naked?” You pushed open the door to Lin’s dressing room, not waiting for a response. He wouldn’t start getting in costume for another half hour or so. Not that you kept track.

“You wish.”

Lin was lying on the couch, phone in hand, most likely on twitter. He looked at the half-empty pizza box you set on the table next to him. “What’s this?”

“The pizza you insisted on having.”

He sat up to make room for you. “But… Where’s the rest of it?”

You rolled you eyes and picked a piece up. “Don’t tell me you expect me to walk through a theater full of hungry men and not share with them.”

Lin’s voice dropped. “That’s exactly what I want,” he whispered in your ear, and you could feel your face go red.

“Lin!” You hit his arm and stood up, taking the remaining pizza with you.

“I’m only joking! Wait!” He followed you out into the hall, where you were met by Anthony, who gasped dramatically when he saw the food.

“Thank you,” he said, taking a slice and giving you a quick kiss on the cheek before continuing down the hall to Jasmine’s dressing room.

“She’s not sharing!” Lin called pointlessly after him. “The pizza or herself,” he added cheekily, taking the box from your hands and shutting the door to his room before you could swat him again.

It was just mindless teasing.

It was nothing more than careless touches.

High-fives were commonplace between you two. There was nothing weird about it–just two friends congratulating each other on a good performance. Lin would hug you when you arrived at the theater in the mornings, and place a hand on your back when he guided you through crowded places. You would turn and put your legs over his while relaxing on his dressing room couch, and sometimes he’d lay his head in your lap while obsessively checking twitter. You both pretended not to give it a second thought when your head was resting on his shoulder after a long rehearsal. The cast and crew turned away and smiled to themselves when Lin picked you up and spun you around after your first performance filling in for Angelica. A few weeks later, you both acted as if you weren’t incredibly shaken when you had to play Maria Reynolds for a night.

It was just touches. Empty, meaningless touches. Right?

It was nothing more than a date as a friend.

From: Lin-Manuel: Will you do me a favor?

You squinted your eyes in the darkness as you read the message.

To: Lin-Manuel: Lin, it’s three in the morning, this better be important.

A few moments passed with your face buried in your pillow, but your stomach and heart were refusing to sit still.

From: Lin-Manuel: I totally forgot about a dinner party I was invited to after the show tonight. I need a date, and I’d be eternally grateful if you went with me.

A beat.

From: Lin-Manuel: Please.

Despite the hour, you were smiling, and despite the short warning, you agreed, and the next day found you frantically searching through Jasmine’s closet for a dress.
“Calm down!” she laughed. “It’s just a dinner!” But the glint in her eyes reaffirmed your suspicions of just how transparent you were.

It was just a dinner. Just a favor.

It was nothing more than kissing.

“What took you so long?” Your roommate asked as you shut the door to your apartment late one night.

“Oh, I just…” You’d forgotten to prepare a lie. “I don’t know… It just took us a bit longer to get out of costume tonight, I guess.” Cringing at how see-through you were, you hung your coat up by the door and avoided eye contact.

“It was that boy, wasn’t it?” she taunted, gasping dramatically when your face turned red. “Oh, what was his name? Lin, I believe?”

“Shut up,” you managed half-heartedly, your face darkening another shade.

Your roommate laughed and gestured to the couch next to her. “Tell me about it.”

“Well…” You had no idea how to go about this in any dignifying manner, so you just told it like it was. “Lin’s usually the last one at the theater, but I, uh, stayed with him tonight.”

“Staaaaaayyy,” your roommate sang loudly, throwing herself onto your lap, making you blush again.

You pushed her off and continued. “We were rearranging costumes in the dressing rooms, and as we were leaving, he turned the light off, and I tripped.”
Another dramatic gasp. “Did he catch you! Oh, I’m swooning!”

“He didn’t, actually. I fell on my face. He helped me up, and then somehow we were kissing. It was weird. But I don’t think it means anything,” you added stupidly as you stood up and walked to your bedroom, anxious to get out of the situation. “Don’t make a big deal out of it!” You shut the door and fell onto your bed with a ridiculous smile on your face, hugging a pillow tightly to your chest.

You had failed to mention that the kiss had ended with you being pressed against the wall, hands tangled in his hair.

“Helpless…” Your roommate teased as she made her way to her own room.

It was just a kiss, you told yourself. Don’t get your hopes up.

But a text from Lin told you otherwise.

From: Lin: Maybe let me buy you dinner next time ;)

Forever the flirt.

To: Lin: Are you asking me on an actual date?

From: Lin: I suppose I am.

You gave up pretending like you had any chill and screamed for your roommate to come see the messages.

You couldn’t wipe the stupid smile from your face as you replied.

To Lin: That would be nice.

It was more than you could have ever hoped for.

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Tidbits from the PAX Q&A

- DoL/DoH will be streamlined similarly to DoW/DoM at seventy .

- They are working on something Krile-related for the shop (yay!).

- Regarding seasonal events: they want to re-utilize existing assets for events, like the 2016 Halloween (No Halloween!) event.

- Jumping puzzles… I don’t know how to feel about that one…

- “What’s the status on the male bunny outfit?” Yoshi-P pretends to walk off stage. Roegadyn and Hyur are done, though. The other races are on hold, because Stormblood. “Hyur one was pretty nice, pretty sexy.”

- Any plans for raid tier set bonuses? No.

- Plans on expanding on old clan lore, e.g. Duskwight? There might be something, but he can’t say if and what. No spoilers here, obviously. “If I say something about that to the lore team, they’ll say: We want to make another lorebook, so…”

- Weapon/Armor racks for interior furnishings? Will be done within 4.X.

- Will there be a diving log/underwater sightseeing? Maybe, needs to doublecheck.

- Any new tank class, like a puppet master tank? (What, why this question?) “If we add one now, I’ll die, the dev team will die, then there’ll be no Stormblood. We haven’t even finished that yet. Please play through Stormblood first.”

EDIT: NA datacenter will be moving and the servers will be expanded/upgraded! ETA middle of May, before the SB launch. Official notification will come in time. Stay tuned for more details.

It’s a Yes from Me

My newest Malec OS is available on AO3.

For those of you who want to, it comes with a list of songs on Spotify.

Summary: Reclusive singer Alec Lightwood has been taking some time away from the spotlight for a few years now. He has lost his inspiration, his reason to keep making music. 

That is, until his manager, Luke Garroway, asks him to enter the panel of the ridiculous singing competition The Angel’s Voice. Alec only says yes because that means keeping an eye on Clary and Simon. He hates those fixed, degrading TV shows with a burning passion. Hopefully, Alec figures, he’ll get some inspiration back watching new comers try their luck on TV. Some of them are bound to be good. 

It isn’t until Magnus Bane walks on stage, however, that Alec realizes just how right he is.