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Walking in a winter wonderland~
Fluffy jongkey gift for @herewegobebe​ ♥
Thanks to @choiminoh for helping me get their faces right!!

UT Mob Main Story Masterpost

This is the masterpost for the UT Mob Main Story, which focuses on young Frisk (Little Pup) and the skelebros.

Original creator of UT Mob AU is @in-sideunder

Below is my version of UT Mob AU inspired by it.


★ = No Pics

Last updated: July 15

(Now in Korean!) 

♦ Major Storyline

1. “Skelebros meet Little Pup”

2. “Go on a walk”

3. “Is Little Pup from an illegal child trafficking ring?”

4. “Hungry Pup”

5. “Toriel Visits”

6. “Little Pup’s tag?”

7. "Sleeping in Three”

8. “Papyrus and Little Pup meets Undyne”

9. “What does Sans and Little Pup do together?”

10. “Balanced Meal”

11. “Is Little Pup Mute?”

12. “I Won’t Dance”

13. “Does Little Pup get nightmares?”

14. “WHERE IS THE —–?”

15. “=)”

16. “You have us.”

17. “Has Little Pup ever gotten sick?”

18. “What are you afraid of, Sans?”

19. “i’m sorry.”

20. “Clingy”

21. “Smiles!”

22. “Like old days.”

23. “Why is Sans being so cautious?”

24. “Pups”

25. “Greeting a new friend”

26. “Warning”

27. “sleep tight, kid.”

28. “Knock Knock”

29. “Chara”

30. “Save”

31. “here we go.”

32. “Fight”

33. “♥”

34. “Two Hearts”

35. “Little Pup and the Skelebros” (END)


“Does Sans and Papyrus have fake businesses?”

“Do they know Little Pup’s real name?”  ★

“Does Little Pup go on dangerous missions?”

“Papyrus/Sans ever done anything they regretted?”

“Does Toriel visit often?”

“How often does Little Pup get bathed?”

“How smart is Little Pup?”  ★

“Series of Asks”  ★

“Why does everyone treat Frisk as 'pup’?”  ★

“Does Sans have a background in science?”  ★

“Can Sans teleport?”  ★

“Is Little Pup a boy or a girl?”  ★

“Wouldn’t Frisk be scared of Gaster!Sans?”  ★

“Is Little Pup’s SOUL stronger than normal?”  ★

“Gaster Theory”  ★

“Is Sans a boss monster?”  ★

“Tell me more about Gaster!”

“Do the skeleton bros have a past with Gaster?”  ★

“Sans vs. Toriel: Who would win?”  ★

“Has Little Pup encountered Temmies before?”  ★

“Height Chart”

“Why is Little Pup good at singing?”

“Does the skelebros remind Little Pup of Gaster?”

“Do skelebros bring anything for Lil’ Pup from work? What does Lil’ Pup do when alone?”  ★

“Will Little Pup ever kiss the skelebros?”

“Sans’ breaking point?”  ★

“Is Sans more powerful than Undyne?”  ★

“Does Little Pup give out hugs?”

“Did Toriel meet skelebros before or after splitting with Asgore?”  ★

“Did Little Pup have a mother?”  ★

“Any Soriel?”  ★

“Skelebros’ Home”

“What do human children do after…?”  ★

“How old is Sans and Papyrus?”  ★

“Little Pup dressed as the skelebros!”

“Sans and Little Pup”

“What causes Little Pup to switch?”  ★

“Munch munch”

“Papyrus and Little Pup”

“Do you miss your home?”

“C-Test for CUTest!”

“Sleeping Papyrus and Little Pup”

UT Mob World

“All the major UT Mob gangs”

“Asriel & Chara”

“Alphys & Undyne”

“Monsters vs. Humans, Human Soul, Underground”  ★

“SOUL and Determination”  ★

“Humans are endangered species? Can Asgore recognize a human?”  ★

“How would Grillby act towards Little Pup?”  ★

“Is there a secret lab?”  ★

“How many years do monsters live?”  ★

“Do monsters rely more on physical attacks instead of magic?”  ★

“Does E.X.P. and L.O.V.E. exist?”  ★

“Gaster, Chara, DT?”  ★


“How would Toriel react if Little Pup got hurt?”

“How would Sans & Papyrus react if Little Pup got a boy/girlfriend?”

“What would skelebros do if someone hurt/killed Little Pup?”

“What would skelebros’ life be when Little Pup gets older?”

(Response to “i’m sorry”) “What would Papyrus’ response be if Sans returned after sending Little Pup?”  ★

“Kitty-Cat vs. Little Pup: Who is cuter?”

(JOKE) “Little Pup at age 30?”

“What if Sans met Kitten?”


“Balanced meal” (by @elara-moon​ )

(What if) “What if Papyrus got hurt?” (by @elara-moon​ )

“Kisses” (by @tsukithewolf )  ★

“Road Trip AU x UT Mob AU Crossover: A New Gang”  (by @tsukithewolf )


It’s a fact: everything tastes better in a glass jar😛😛 my Friday afternoon consisted of a long walking with pup, working on blog posts, doing household duties and this heavenly golden parfait🙏🏼 mango-maca nicecream layered with fresh nectarines, brown rice puffs + crunchy homemade granola🌞👅💦 Happy Weekend sunshines!

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i was walking my pup through the streets of our neighborhood this morning and i started thinking about you and all of the false ‘you’s i’ve met in my life.

there have been the men who throw those three little words out to me within the first two weeks of dating. the men who rest their hand on my thigh, look me in the eye, and accelerate much too fast for the tight streets we’re driving on. the men who literally let go of me and walk away when they find that i’m not looking for a temporary placeholder. the men who have brought me rock climbing in the morning, beer festivals in the afternoon, and an art fair in the evening. the men who find the corner tables of a lowly lit bar and let their intense eye contact speak louder than their weak words. the men who have spewed lies since day one. the men who plan a morning of church and breakfast with me while we chat about all of the dogs we’d like to adopt. the men who have taken advantage of me at age sixteen, nineteen, and a few other times throughout my twenties. the men who have put their hand on the small of my back to gently guide me through a door and walk me to my car without pushing boundaries. the men who have intrigued me and the men who have bored me. the men who have met my brothers and fear how protective they are of me. the men who push through crowds and dull conversations with strangers to get to me. the men who lock eyes and ask questions in order to better know me. the men who tell me to get ready and that they’ll be at my house in twenty minutes to pick me up for a spontaneous date. the men who have brought me flowers, and the men who have not. the men who have shared their music and their thoughts. the men who have prayed for me and over me. the men who wait years to say anything and the men who waste no time at all. the men with false identities. the men who’s hearts have changed my own for the better.

and i am thankful for each one of them. for each one of them have taught me about masculinity, my own femininity, the heart and all that comes with it, my own racing pulse, and the lines i sometimes need to draw.

i feel you so deep in my heart, yet i am just as terrified to meet you and know you. you will see my past hurts; the way i sometimes tense up when you touch me, how i struggle looking someone in the eye when they compliment me, and how much it takes for me to commit. i hope you choose me despite these things, despite my past, and despite my being consumed by fear from time to time. i desire so much to see your hurts, your past, your humanness - and to love you, to choose you, to be with you because of and through those things.

wish you were here. xo

I will do everything in my power to make you happy.
I will take the trash out when you are too tired to do so or when you simply just do not want to.
I will buy you an endless supply of those unwrapped Starbursts to sweeten and brighten up any bad days.
I will go on walks with you and the pup no matter how tired I am because the light in your eyes and your radiant smile are worth waking up for.
I will learn to grind and make your coffee for the days you are too sick to get up or be bothered to make your own.
I will watch Grey’s Anatomy so we can go through the emotional roller coaster of that show together.
I will rub the back of your neck when I know you are stressed.
I will buy you clothes and things you tell me you want because I love making you feel as beautiful as I see you.
I will remind you often about how much I care because I don’t want there to ever be a moment that you forget.
I will look into your eyes whenever we speak because they are prettier than any sunset or view I’ve seen.
I will watch your lips curve at the edges whenever you laugh because that sight and that sound are seriously like music to my ears.
I will give you my love you for as long as you will allow me to.
I will love you on your good days and your bad nights.
I will love you forever.
—  I will, I know I will

In the Highlands in winter, the days are short and the sun low in the sky.  This can lead to beautiful light as I hope my winter photos show.  It also brings many days of frost that are bright and wonderful for walking.  Today my wee pup Gill and I enjoyed such a walk when the low sun glistened off the hoar frost of the winter grasses.