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Walk Of Shame (2014)

Just watched it like 10 minutes ago and loved it ! This movie just made it to my favorites list ! It’s one of the best comedies i’ve seen in a while ! At first i thought it was Katherine Heigl because they look really similar. I loved every minute of this movie ! 

It’s about well…a walk of shame haha. Meghan is a journalist that is about to get a promotion. She doesn’t get the job and her fiance leaves her so as usual her bestfriends are there to take her out and make her forget about him. They meet bartender Gordon and Meghan ends up leaving with him. In the middle of the night she wakes up and finds out that she still has a shot at being a news anchor at CNB. Not knowing where she is and after her car gets towed she begins her journey of attempting to go home. That’s all i’m gonna say because i really don’t wanna spoil it ! 

I loved the actress and i just remembered that she is the porducer of Pitch Perfect. The movie has it all. There were some scenes where i just couldn’t stop laughing ! You have to see it ! It’s hilarious ! Don’t forget to tell me your opinions !

being neighbours with Michael includes:

•loud parties during the week
•late night talks from your windows
•him coming over to watch movies
•jam sessions
•short walks of shame in the early morning light
•getting woken up by loud bangs on the windows
• ‘babe? babe, i got kicked out again and i’m freezing my ass off let me in’
•sneaking in through your windows
•late night kisses and cuddles
•'gotta be quiet princess, can’t let your parent’s hear’
• him getting off near your window, waiting for you to see
• him eating breakfast with your family
• singing duets like disney characters
• day trips and long road trips
• cheesy ‘dates’ with arcade games and pizza
• friends marathons on snow days
• first meeting by throwing shit at his window
• 'jesus fucking christ, it’s 3 am, chill with the music’
• why don’t you come over here and turn it down’
• lots of immature arguments
•photo booth pictures littering your mirrors
• throwing socks not rocks
• kissing by leaning out of your windows
• make out sessions under your blankets
• 'Do you wanna come over?’ 'Nah too far of a walk’ 'Mikey you live next door I can see you playing video games’
• Watching the stars from your rooftops
• video game wars
• Staying at eachother a houses for days
• 'Michael why did you knock on the door you know you can just come in’
'Hey neighbor! Mind if I borrow some sugar?’
'Why do I even like you you’re so lame’
• arguments over superheroes
• Your mom asking who that neighbor boy who keeps sneaking in your window is

Written by me and antisocialhood !!


Red band trailer for Walk of Shame. <3

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I’m super excited about my upcoming movie Walk of Shame. Check out the new trailer. You guys are going to love it!