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New fic: Closer

OK, I was working until gone 2am today and I’m so tired it hurts, so this is just dumb. Sorry

This is based on this song: Closer by The Tiny and I can picture the story in my head, but I can’t write it. I wanted to try writing something that wasn’t a million words long like everything else.

Anyway, sorry x

I hadn’t managed to sleep for more than a few hours at a time in months now, and the world felt distant and strange.  I’d been walking the city for hours through the night, unable to sleep for the thoughts that hunted me through my dreams. I’d walked until my feet were sore, my bones aching, but knowing I wouldn’t sleep. That’s when I ended up in the bar, slumped on a stool as if I might find a respite there. It was dark outside the window, the streetlights and headlights were starbursts in my tired eyes.   I looked for that respite at the bottom of glass after glass but there wasn’t any peace in my head, despite the world becoming blurrier and further away.

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