walk like a lady

Spiraling update I sliced my finger and I’m walking behind a baby toddler with cornrows that is toddling and he can barely walk and is so fucking tiny. He is 2 at most. He’s like 11 inches tall??? I can’t believe he can walk. He’s holding one yellow rubber duckie and a lil clear tube of other colored bath duckies and bounce walking. and he stops walking and points and goes “EWW :-)” and pointed to dog mess. then his mom is like “stop *pulls him* the lady is tryna walk and you talkin bout ew” LMAOOO and she let me pass them. I love him and he is my neighbor! He’s sitting outside squeezing the duckies and they’re squeaking I can hear them 2 house down

okay one last thing before i stop drawing for the day

so i really wanted to make an au for cc and after some thinking i figured i could do a coraline au!! 

basically everything takes place at the camp, max would be like a new camper showing up, nikki is a fucking furry bc i didn’t think anyone else fit very well (i mean heck nikki isn’t a perfect fit but oh well) david and gwen would still be counselors but they would take the role of coraline’s parents y’know?

and daniel and gen/jen? would be like the other parents 

anyways, better, more wholesome brook jokes to replace his thing with panties:

  • him and franky will turn a scene into a musical at random moments
  • his sense of gentleman etiquette is outdated and so he will do things like stand whenever a lady walks into a room, run over and pick up whatever a lady drops, and randomly help ladies across the street or help them out of a vehicle without warning. it’s only a little awkward on the ship but it’s mortifying in public. sanji tries his best to teach him modern etiquette but brook is scandalized by his cursing and how he smokes in front of ladies
  • people will talk to him for a while. he’s actually asleep.
  • he gets stabbed and freaks out but the sword has gone between his ribs.
  • franky’s tech fuckin blows his mind and from then on he assumes that any machine or weapon he doesn’t recognize does incredibly improbable things, or expects franky to have unreasonably specific gadgets for every situation. 
  • robin mentions important historical events, everybody turns to brook and asks if he remembers it. even if it happened 800 years ago
  • that’s all i can think of for now

BBC newsbeat posting that Harry is “hinting” solo music will be out April 7th and I am laughing like, leave it to this dramatic ass hoe to not put music out at all on 7th of April, what if he is just going to add more and more to this TV trailer and it will end with the dramatic music cutting out, Harry putting on a bright smile, an apron with bright colours as well and then he walks into a TV studio like “Hello ladies, gentlement and non binary, my name is Harry Styles and this is my new cooking show ‘How do you whisk?’“ and he picks up a whisk and the studio audience is applauding

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

She's perfect 💯, She's beautiful 👩‍🎤, she looks 👀 like Madonna💃.. You're a singer 💋 🎤. Everything 🔁 about you 👉🏽 is perfect 💯! Did she stone 💎 that top 👚 ? Oh, she's singing Million Reasons 💯❌💯❌💯! They eat 🍽 her up 🔝 EVERY🕛SINGLE🕧TIME🕗 she’s on that damned 👹 stage 🏟. She 😡ftsdbsds😣. She could walk 👣 out there in a fucking 😠 hoodie and they’ll 👥 be like 🗣: “Lady Gaga 👸🏼Your voice 👄 is beautiful! 😍”.

My mum is a massive Green Day fan. She literally loves everything they’ve done. You will never hear bitching about Know Your Enemy or Nightlife or King for a Day from her. She knows more about Green Day history than I do.

Today she told me she saw a young girl on the train in a RevRad shirt so she smiled and said “Green Day!” and this girl just gave her a filthy look and walked off, like she was some weird old lady who couldn’t possibly like the band. This is something I’ve noticed a lot at shows as well. People stare and laugh at older fans as if they’re not supposed to be there, make passive-aggressive comments, or even feel disgusted by older fans taking up space on the front row where young fans could be. Most people don’t even consider that older fans might be there because they want to be, not because they’re accompanying their kids.

I think we’re forgetting that there are generations of Green Day fans who came before us and that they’re closer to Green Day’s age, and likely their ways of thinking, than we are. There are songs we can’t truly understand because we’re too young, but they do. Billie loves getting older people on stage.

That doesn’t make them more valid as fans or special in any way, and I know there are a few older fans who are dickheads and think their age/how long they’ve liked the band make them entitled. But acting like the fandom is some young peoples’ club, or that there’s a certain way Green Day fans should look or be, isn’t cool either and doesn’t even make sense.

Green Day fans come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life and that’s what makes our fandom special.

Fragile (Stark!Reader x Steve Rogers) 2

Summary: After Steve taking care of your fragile state after being assaulted, you had promised him you would tell your father Tony. However, Tony returns from his trip the next day and you don’t tell him for over three days. What will Steve do?

Warning(s): Mentions of rape / sexual assault, swearing, depression, flashbacks of rape/events before rape (it italics), heavy angst, this is quite long im sorry

Requests are OPEN 

Part 1 | 2

A/N: I’m blown away by the amount of requests for part 2 and for this to be a series! Thankyou! As this was my first fanfiction on this site I didn’t expect such an overwhelming amount of support! I love you all for that and thankyou for every reblog/heart! If you would like to be tagged or if you’d like to request more parts / different imagines, please message me HERE.

You walked towards the destination that your friend was guiding you too over iMessage, your heels clicking against the large stoned floor below you. You decided to take a short cut for the night, as your friend heavily suggested. New York was usually busy on a Friday night after all and you were already running late to your high school reunion as it was.

Your (H/C) was curled and bounced with each step you took as you wore dark blue skinnies, black heels and a low cut black bodysuit which melded under your jeans perfectly- followed up with a leather jacket to coat any revealed skin.

You were stunning. 

The streetlights lit up your path as you kept your phone in your palm to read the directions over in your brain.

However, to your luck of being a Stark- droplets of rain soon began to soak the ground. 

A groan of annoyance slipped from your cherry lips, before holding your handbag and phone between your thighs and sliding your jacket off, holding it above your head to protect your hair and body from the harsh rain.

You quickly sorted yourself out, placing your phone back in your free hand and keeping your handbag under your arm as you picked up a quick, careful pace throughout the private street of New York city.

“Of fucking course.” You cursed, shaking your head as it began to get hard to see the signs of which road was which. You stopped in the path, wiping the splatters of water that had landed on your mobile device in order for you to see if your friend was leading you the correct way.

“You seem lost darling.” A gruff voice spoke from the side of you.

You turn your head to see a man, about 6′3 with an average weight. He had black hair and messed stubble coating his lower face. He was stood under some shelter from a closed store, a cigarette between his lips as he spoke. He took away the cancer stick, blowing out some toxic smoke your way.

You raised an eyebrow, “Excuse me?”

“Ah, you seem deaf too.” He teased, smirking slightly as he flicked off some ash from his cigarette. “Do you want one?” He held up the cigarette as if he were offering one to pass over.

You were silent for a moment, “No, I don’t smoke and I don’t talk to strangers.” You eyed the mans attire, it was messy. His shirt was riding up his flat abdomen and his jacket was hanging off both of his shoulders and barely on his arms. The flyer of his jeans open and exposing the black underwear beneath. “Goodbye now.”

With that, you attempted to strut away from the man. 

You heard him pace next to you and you huff, looking to see him grinning.

“A pretty lady like you walking out here alone on a dark Friday night? Aren’t you scared?” He spoke to you as if he was speaking to a toddler. You didn’t like it.

“Did I not say that I don’t talk to strangers?” You snarl the man, your inner sass glowing.

The man whistled at your feisty behaviour. “I like it, this attitude thing of yours. Men like me love it.”

“Well women like me don’t love men like you. Walk away now.” You go to pull out your phone to call your friend to ask her to come meet you so you could actually get away from you new profound ‘friend’.

His hand quickly snatches your wrist. pulling you close and making you drop your jacket in order to quickly try and retreat your trapped wrist.

“Tsk, tsk girly, I don’t think you get to just choose what I get to do.” He flicked his tongue against his teeth and he tugged your form closer to his, the stench of vodka mixing with the air around you.

Your eyebrows furrowed angrily, before stopping yourself from struggling and attempting to use your free hand to dig into your hand bag to grab your bottle of pepper spray however his free hand grabbed your wrist and held it tightly, pinning both of your hands against the wall after flipping you behind him. Your (E/C) beads widened in shock at the situation, your handbag falling to your heels and the insides unraveling out into puddles of misery.

You quickly lift your leg and slammed your spiked heel into the attackers thigh, pushing and kicking as hard as you can. A cry of pain emitted from the drunk, before letting one of your wrists go and sending a harsh and very much so violent punch into your delicate cheek which made you stumble to the floor due to the force of not being able to stand upon one foot.

One heel slipped off as your hair was quickly soaked from your temple hitting the ground of a puddle. 

Rain danced around you and soaked your clothing.

For once, you (Y/N) Stark were terrified and didn’t have the upper hand.

The man smirked and quickly went down on you, sitting on your hips to prevent you from kicking him again. One hand of his pinning both of your tiny wrists against eachother on the damp concrete. A long cry for help pleaded past your lips which was silenced by the mans sinful lips forcing against your own. His tongue slided inside and roamed your privacy. 

You clamped your set of perfect teeth down on his tongue, causing him to retreat and hiss loud.

“You little fucking bitch!”

This is when you began to struggle again, blood not only in your mouth from his tongue bleeding but his  mouth was now dripping blood onto your face. 

His free hand wiped away his metallic tasting blood from his lips before spitting on your face with a deathly glare. You cringed, tilting your head to the side and you struggled with his weight above you.

His hand trickled down to your body, grabbing your wet jeans and quickly ripping them away with expert ease. 

“You’re gonna fuckin’ regret that, you bitch.”

A scream left your now awakened state, sweat dripping from every pore of your damaged body. Your face damp of salty pools of tears, your emotions pouring out in waves.

“(Y/N)?” Steve panicked as he rushed in, seeing the same state you were in yesterday morning and the day before.

You pulled up your blanket, covering your body despite being fully clothed. Shame reckoned within your soul as you had the same dream.

“Are you okay, doll?” He made his way over quickly, sitting down next to you on your bed, wrapping a protective arm around your frame.

“I-it happened again, Steve..” You croaked, reminding him of yesterday and Sunday morning too.

“(Y/N)..” Steve whispered, stroking your messed (H/C) strands of hair. “It was just a nightmare, don’t worry.. You’re okay.”

“No Steve, it wasn’t a nightmare.. it actually happened..”

It was later in the day on that Tuesday when Steve was thinking to himself.

 He was the only one who knew about the horrible turn of events that had happened to you. It was killing him to see you like this.

You had promised him that you would tell Tony the day after it happened, yet you hadn’t done so yet. It was now three days later, going on four days. 

Tony needed to know, if it wasn’t gonna be from you it would have to be from Steve.

Steve sighed heavily, sadness coating his features as he stood up and headed for the labs. He bit his lip as he thought through what words he would speak to Tony, how exactly do you tell someone that their daughter has been raped?

After a bit of searching for the genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist he soon finds Tony in one of his many labs with no one other than Bruce Banner. The two were working away and bonding with eachother over the love of science.

“Tony?” Steve spoke up, leaning against one of the walls with a heavy heart.

Tony looked back and grinned only for Steve to speak up again, “can we talk?”

You sighed as you sat at the bottom of your tub, the shower water soothing your nerves. Each splash lulling you off away from any bad thoughts, you had been in the tub for roughly two hours if not more. 

This was becoming a daily routine for you ever since the attack, you’d purposely push yourself away from others so you wouldn’t have to face them. You still hadn’t kept your promise to Steve by telling your dad but it was easier said than done to do so.

You were scared to make it public, to even tell another soul other than Steve. Even with Steve, you didn’t tell him. You didn’t have to say a word for him to know what had happened to you that night.

“(Y/N)! Come out here now!” You flinched in shock, hearing your fathers voice from the other side of your personal bathroom.

“C-coming dad!” You called, quickly stopping the trickles of hot water.

You threw on your pyjamas, in other words Steve’s sweats and one of your own nerdy shirts. Your hair remained damp and stuck to the sides of your face and neck before unlocking the door and opening it, to see your father with a broken expression.

“Dad..?” You whispered, seeing his eyes starting to become glassy.

“Why didn’t you tell me, sweetheart?” Tony croaked, gently pursing his lips together.

No words were exchanged as your eyes too matched your fathers. Tony lifted his shaking arms for you to fall into. Which you did. You father pulled you into a loving hug, kissing your forehead over and over with his arms rubbing your back. 

This was what he would do to you if you had a nightmare as a child.

Tears began to seep into your fathers shirt, before looking up and seeing Steve in the doorway, leaning with his arms folded and a frown on his face. 

“Thankyou.” You mouthed to Steve, before burying your face in your fathers loving embrace.

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College AU! Jimin - Librarian

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Previous AU: Jungkook

A/N: Here is the second AU in the series. This College AU will be with all the boys, but with different scenarios

  • Jimin was usually pretty diligent when it came to his schoolwork
  • However there was something about this project that just threw him off-course
  • Everything was going wrong for him basically
  • His laptop broke
  • He lost his copy of the book that the project was required on
  • And he just checked his email off his phone only to read that his professor moved up the due date of said project
  • Needless to say Jimin wanted to scream and hide under his comforter for a good year or two
  • The next day he decides the only way he’s going to get this project done is by going to the college’s library
  • Except he’s never been there
  • And didn’t ever want to step foot near the building
  • It wasn’t that he disliked libraries
  • In fact, he loved the idea of them
  • But there were a lot of,,,shady? people that hung out behind the building
  • Nevertheless he went the next day, trying to hide his face underneath his hat
  • He wanted to be in and out of there as quick as possible
  • So he enters this boring, little building at the edge of campus
  • Only it’s beautiful inside
  • So. many. BOOKS
  • He didn’t think it was possible to fit so much in what he assumed was a small, run-down building
  • He doesn’t know how he’s supposed to find what he’s looking for
  • He walks up to this grudgy looking old lady who looks like she hasn’t left that desk for years and asks if she knows where he can find the right book
  • She just stares at him
  • For an uncomfortable amount of time
  • Not saying anything ???
  • He thinks she may be dead when all of a sudden you pop out from the backroom behind the desk with a cart of books
  • Your day was hell
  • Edna refused to help put any of the books away and instead gave you even more jobs today than normal
  • You were the one that had to try to chase the creepy kids away from the back
  • To which they laughed in your face
  • So when you’re called to help some student find some stupid book while cleaning the backroom, you’re not too pleased
  • So you walk out, expecting some pissed kid that just dealt with Edna who’ll take it out on you
  • Then you see Jimin
  • In fact he looks more scared than mad
  • And you kinda want to laugh at this boy’s face because goddamn he looked horrified and it kinda made your day a bit better
  • You surprise yourself when you smile instead of snarl, “What are you looking for?”
  • He tells you the name of that crummy book you remember all too well as you took that same class a year earlier
  • You begin walking to the certain aisle, pushing your way-too-squeaky cart while talking over your shoulder to the boy
  • “Did he move the due date up on you too?”
  • He looks shocked but lets out this gIGGLE that is just so contagious you can’t help but to laugh yourself
  • As you’re walking to get his book you’re putting away some as well and Jimin can’t help but think you are probably the cutest librarian there has ever been
  • So he just kinda follows you around like a lost puppy, which he pretty much is
  • Finally you get to the right aisle where the book is, unfortunately, on the top shelf
  • Jimin finally realizes that you’re shorter than him, which he’s thrilled about, and quickly grabs the book off the shelf
  • He had to get on his tippy toes shh
  • There’s this kind of awkward silence where neither of you really know what to do now
  • He doesn’t want to just say “bye” to you but he can’t think of any excuse to stay
  • “Well…uh, if you need to use the computers, they’re a little bit further down and if that’s all you need make sure you check the book out”
  • Ultimately he blurts out the first thing he can think of, “Do you need any help putting the books away?”
  • You smile at him, flattered that this stranger offered more help to you in five minutes than Edna has in almost two years.
  • “You know I would take you up on your offer except you’d be kinda taking my job so I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.”
  • His face just flUSHES INSTANTLY
  • He doesn’t really know what else to say or do
  • You giggle at his reaction, deciding this boy doesn’t need to deal with Edna even more so you offer to check him out
  • Or that’s what you tell yourself, you really just wanna spend a bit more time with this shy boy
  • You sign him up for a library card and check him out
  • He leaves the library
  • “Park Jimin, huh?”
  • You didn’t notice you were grinning until Edna looks up at you
  • “He’s cute.”
  • “Yeah. Yeah he really is.”
  • Fast forward a week, Jimin is done with his project finally so he returns to the library to return the hellish book (and to see you)
  • He walks in and instantly sees you standing on stacked, teetering chairs, trying to put some books away on a too-tall shelf
  • “Holy shit, Y/N! What are you doing, do you know how dangerous that is?!”
  • He scares the living crap out of you
  • Which causes you to sway even more
  • Which causes Jimin to rush over and wrap his arms around your waist, keeping you in place
  • Which causes your cheeks to flare up as you didn’t expect such a shy boy to do that
  • You finish your stack but Jimin has yet to let go
  • As you’re about to speak up about how you were done, your feet are lifted off the chairs and your back is pressed against Jimin’s chest
  • oh my oh my oHMY
  • You’re internally freaking out
  • Your feet hit the carpet of the library and that’s when Jimin let’s go of you
  • When you turn to look at him you notice just how red his face is as well
  • You two are just blushing messes, not saying anything to each other
  • “Thank you, Jimin.”
  • He awkwardly nods his head before it seems he remembers something and pulls out the book from inside his hoodie pocket
  • After you check everything in Jimin surprises you by asking, “Do you have any book recommendations?”
  • It’s really an excuse so he has a reason to keep coming back here
  • You smile and lead him over to your favorite section
  • Fast forward a couple of months
  • Jimin has been visiting the library pretty much everyday, checking out all your favorite books and seeing you
  • “Jimin! There’s no way! She needed to die in order for him to develop. If she wouldn’t have, nothing would’ve happened.”
  • “No! She shouldn’t have just been killed off like that, that’s wrong. The author just wanted to that for no good reason other than to play with my feelings!”
  • “Yes, Jimin, because I’m sure the author wanted to just specifically target you.”
  • “She did Y/N! And what? You think that something drastic has to happen in order for development to occur?”
  • You two always had debates like this on books
  • It was honestly the highlight of your day being able to talk and bicker with Jimin
  • You guys went out a couple of times as friends
  • Most people just kind of assume you guys are together now
  • Honestly, even you kind of just assume it’s a thing now
  • But nothing has really happened to make you guys “official”
  • “In some cases, yes!”
  • He just stops the conversation, staring at you
  • “Really?”
  • You’re kinda confused by his sudden still and hushed behavior
  • So as you’re gauging his reaction, he steps closer to you
  • So close you can feel his breath on your lips
  • That’s when you realize just what he means
  • “In this case, for sure something… “drastic” needs to happen”
  • And you’re finally able to feel his soft lips on yours
  • Needless to say you’re now an “official” couple
  • And you’re inseparable
  • But not that anybody really minds
  • Because you each bring out the best in the other
  • And are able to make everyone around you brighten up whether it’s due to your bickering or just your infectious positive attitude
  • Jimin’s friends adore you
  • And even Edna likes Jimin
  • Though he swears up and down that that isn’t the case
  • But she hired him so that’s prove enough that there’s at least a little affection there
  • So now you guys both work at the library
  • Which was kind of a mistake
  • But one of the best things that could happen
  • So when you two are missing and someone needs to find you, all they have to do is walk to the YA section
  • And there you two will be
  • Making out
  • What can you say?
  • It’s all Jimin’s fault
  • He just needs help finding where the books are supposed to go
  • And you’re helping
  • At least that’s just what you say
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


(i.e Taehyung was the first “victim” to catch you guys)


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(word count is like 2000+ oops)

- First things first, let’s be real,, best friend yoongi would roll his eyes at you a LOT n0 doubt

-   your friendship is probably built on insulting each other, in like an affectionate way lmao

- also music,, that would definitely be a major factor of your friendship

-   he’d have such good song recs aaaaa

-   i’m still screaming about his playlist on Spotify !!!!!!

-  ok but like imagine trying to wake him up

-   He’d probably hit u over the head with a pillow n prolly swear at u to get lost

- The most effective way to wake him up was to tip water on his face,,, which he hATes lmao

- But it works s0,,,

-  Sometimes when he’d go a night without sleeping and was feelin kinda cheeky,, he’d pour water on u at 4:30am and justify it as payback

-   loWKEY Cuddles

-   like you’d just be sitting on the couch watching a movie n he’s just flop down and use your lap as a pillow and you’d be all like “yoongi wyd” and he’d be “shh ur comfy”

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Some concept artworks for an aborted project. 

The story of a young lady walking in a Tokyo-like city, encountering strange and imaginary beasts, she collects them in her wallet.
It was inspired of a french poetry Le Bestiaire Incertain by Claude Roy

When they catch you gushing about them on the phone with a friend (Anonymous request ♡)


He’s just walking by your bedroom, wondering what you’re doing since he left you alone to work in the Monstudio. He understands you’re on the phone but stops walking when you say his name. Joonie comes closer & covers his mouth to hold his laugh when he hears you’re totally gushing about him, saying his new song is the best you’ve ever heard. You’re always so supportive but hearing you brag about him is just… Adorable. He enters the room and finds you on the bed, earphones on, legs in the air and fingers playing in your hair. You talk so much you don’t even hear him getting closer. « Wait until you hear it… Girl, you’re not ready. Namjoon is honestly the most talented person in the word. Can you believe he’s my boyfriend ? » Namjoon sits on the corner of the bed and leans to kiss your forehead, taking you by surprise. You look up to him with your mouth slightly opened and when you see the way he’s looking at you, your heart skips a beat. Namjoon offers you the sweetest smile and you can read « You’re so cute » on his lips. You bite your lips while trying to focus on what your best friend is saying on the phone, even if you just want to hang up and kiss him again and again, and again…


Taehyung frowns when he hears his name. You’re on the phone with your bestie for about forty minutes and he simply lets you enjoy it alone but he’s too curious now that he heard you’re talking about him. He founds you leaning on the kitchen’s counter and smiles immediately when he hears that you can’t stop gushing about him. He starts to laugh like a kid and walks towards you. You see him coming to you with his big stupid smile and it never fails to make you smile in return. He’s just too damn cute. He hugs you from behind and rests his head on your shoulder, smiling like an idiot. It doesn’t stop you from letting your friend know how awesome your boyfriend is, because she needs to hear it (for the 2029924th time). Taehyung giggles at every compliments and tighten his embrace around you. When you hang up the phone and turn around to put your arms around his neck, something has changed in Tae’s smile. You already know what’s in his mind. Taehyung puts his tongue between his teeth and lower his hands to cup your ass. He raises you up in his arms and kisses your nose before dragging you to the bedroom « Let’s make babies. »


He comes in the kitchen to see if you need any help and finds you idly stirring the sauce while talking on the phone. « Yeah, he’s amazing. I think he doesn’t even know how beautiful his voice is. He drives me crazy. He’s so talented sometimes I wonder if he’s real… » Jin smiles while walking towards you. He sits on the counter next to you, making you startle. You blush and ask your friend if it’s okay to call her back later. You hang up and put your hands on your burning cheeks « You heard me… ». Jin laughs and beckons you to get closer. You place yourself between his legs, hands on his thighs, and close your eyes under the sweet caress of his hands on your cheeks. « You forgot to tell her something… » You pouts, sure he’s gonna tell a joke. He always tells a joke. You sigh and reply « What ? That you’re more handsome in real life ? » Jin bursts out laughing, making you smile. He kisses your cheek and slowly leans to your ears while tracing a wet path of kisses, making you shiver « You forgot to tell her I have the best girlfriend in the world… »


When you hang up the phone, Hobi suddenly opens the bedroom door, making you scream like a crazy old lady. He walks towards you, his wide smirk making you smile even if you don’t know why he’s acting like this. When he’s in front of you, he caresses your chin and raises an eyebrow « It seems like you have a lot to say about me… » You know you’re blushing but you try to remain impassive. Hoseok runs a hand on his hair and continue with a cocky voice, repeating the things you just said to your best friend « He’s so talented… Omg, did you saw his last performance ? And his voice, always making me so happy, and soft, and more in love… He’s so handsome… He’s really my sunsh… » You stop him before he finishes, your hands gripping on his forearms and your cheeks burning. The fact that he heard you talk like that to your bestie embarrass you even if you always say those kind of things to him. On the phone with your best friend, you’re the real J-Hope stan (and you don’t want him to know how crazy you really are). Hobi laughs and pulls you against him, his hands cupping your cheeks « I’m so lucky to have you, Jagi… » He tighten his embrace and kisses you deeply, his body pressed against yours as he slowly leads you to the bed.


Suga grins when he understands that you’re talking about him. He sighs and comes in the bedroom to listen to your conversation. When he hears how proud you are while talking about him, Yoongi gets super cheesy but he’s glad you don’t see him. He walks towards the bed and puts his annoyed face on. You look up at him and tell your friend to wait a minute. Yoongi stays silent and stares at you while you sit straight up. He sighs again and his annoyed voice fills the room « Don’t you have other things to talk about ? I don’t even know her. » You don’t have any time to reply, Yoongi’s hand already taking your phone from your hand. He hangs up and throw it on the chair without looking at it. Outraged, you raise yourself up on your knees and open your mouth to protest but Yoongi shuts you up by kissing you. Your entire body shivers and you let him lie you down on the bed while he settles on top, his head sinking in the crook of your neck. You caress his hair and hear his cute pouty voice « You always say the nicest fucking things about me and it gets me so soft I hate it. »


Jimin hears you from the corridor when he exits the bathroom and walks towards the bedroom. He’s sure you’re talking about him, but why ? He’s hiding behind the doorway and listens to you for several minutes with a gummy smile and blushing cheeks, overwhelmed by the way you talk about him. You just can’t stop gushing about him, telling your friend how amazing he is. After a while, he gets distracted by your words and leans a little too much, revealing some hair through the embrasure. You startle and tell your best friend you will call her back. « Jimin ? What are y… Were you listening ? » Jimin walks slowly in the bedroom while making a seducing yet cute dance « I heard everythiiiiiing…. » You begin to laugh as you sit up straight, feeling embarrassed but Jimin seems more embarrassed than you even though he’s trying to hide it behind his goofiness. When he sits on the bed, he pulls you on his lap and asks with a cute voice, head against your shoulder and eyes glued on yours « Do you really think everything you said about me, babe ? » You sigh and press his cheeks « Is this a real question ? Don’t make me start again… » You kiss his cheeks and lips, making him giggle like a child.


You hang up after being on the phone and sigh when you realize that you’ve been bragging about your boyfriend for thirty minutes. He’s been sleeping on the other side of the couch with his headphones on, his legs on yours. You were bored you called your bestie and you both began to gush about your respective boyfriends. Kookie didn’t woke up so you were free to ramble about him. While you rethink about your convo, you look at him and get soft when you see how cute he is. « Yah, I forgot to say how beautiful he is when he’s sleeping… » Suddenly, you see Jungkook’s lips moving « Send her a text, then. » You startle and open wide your eyes while he stands on his elbows just to see the look on your face. He laughs at you like the little demon he is and takes off his headphones. You feel the heat on your cheeks and pout. Jungkook raise an eyebrow and says cockily « You’re so obsessed with me, it’s unbelievable. Do you know how many times you said « perfect » ? » You look at him without saying anything, feeling ashamed as you stand up to get out of the room. « Jagiya ! » Jungkook grabs you and turns you to face him. You look away and whine « Stop making fun of me… » You turn your back again but Jungkook passes his arms around your waist and pulls you back on the sofa, you sitting on his lap. He begins to kiss your cheek and neck while he whines with a guilty voice « Sorry baby, but you were so cute… I love you… forgive me, It was just too tempting… » He continues to beg you for forgiveness, knowing that it will not take you long to give up. And he’s right. You roll your eyes and turn a little to kiss his lips, your hands pulling his hair a little harsher than usual, making sure he knows you’re still mad. Jungkook bites your lips and chuckles against your mouth « Let me show you how much I’m sorry, Jagi… »