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BBC newsbeat posting that Harry is “hinting” solo music will be out April 7th and I am laughing like, leave it to this dramatic ass hoe to not put music out at all on 7th of April, what if he is just going to add more and more to this TV trailer and it will end with the dramatic music cutting out, Harry putting on a bright smile, an apron with bright colours as well and then he walks into a TV studio like “Hello ladies, gentlement and non binary, my name is Harry Styles and this is my new cooking show ‘How do you whisk?’“ and he picks up a whisk and the studio audience is applauding

anyways, better, more wholesome brook jokes to replace his thing with panties:

  • him and franky will turn a scene into a musical at random moments
  • his sense of gentleman etiquette is outdated and so he will do things like stand whenever a lady walks into a room, run over and pick up whatever a lady drops, and randomly help ladies across the street or help them out of a vehicle without warning. it’s only a little awkward on the ship but it’s mortifying in public. sanji tries his best to teach him modern etiquette but brook is scandalized by his cursing and how he smokes in front of ladies
  • people will talk to him for a while. he’s actually asleep.
  • he gets stabbed and freaks out but the sword has gone between his ribs.
  • franky’s tech fuckin blows his mind and from then on he assumes that any machine or weapon he doesn’t recognize does incredibly improbable things, or expects franky to have unreasonably specific gadgets for every situation. 
  • robin mentions important historical events, everybody turns to brook and asks if he remembers it. even if it happened 800 years ago
  • that’s all i can think of for now
She's perfect 💯, She's beautiful 👩‍🎤, she looks 👀 like Madonna💃.. You're a singer 💋 🎤. Everything 🔁 about you 👉🏽 is perfect 💯! Did she stone 💎 that top 👚 ? Oh, she's singing Million Reasons 💯❌💯❌💯! They eat 🍽 her up 🔝 EVERY🕛SINGLE🕧TIME🕗 she’s on that damned 👹 stage 🏟. She 😡ftsdbsds😣. She could walk 👣 out there in a fucking 😠 hoodie and they’ll 👥 be like 🗣: “Lady Gaga 👸🏼Your voice 👄 is beautiful! 😍”.

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

My thoughts is Beauty and The Beast

•I want a Harry Potter and B&TB crossover
• Belle’s singing is so pretty!
•"I need a dozen eggs! THATS TO EXPENSIVE!“
•Gaston is the creepy jackass he’s always been
•LeFou “Its not gunna happen ladies.” *walks off like a badass* THATS MA BOI
•"It’s just a little snow….. In June….“
•Phillip is a good boy
•Belle teaching that girl how to read. So pure.
•LeFou “A certain damsel is in distress…”
Gaston *looking in the mirror lustfully* “I’m not done with you yet.” *runs off to Belle*
LeFou *looks at the same mirror after Gaston leaves* “Neither am I…”
Me 😏 “What’s that mean LeFou?”
•Chip scaring Belle’s father.
•And his reaction: “Oh…. That-that’s quite alright…”*Runs away like a madman*
• I love Mrs. Potts! She’s so adorable
• #CandelDustShipping
•LeFou is the best wingman, I mean he started an entire song to cheer Gaston up.
•Gaston is still a creepy jackass tho…
•LeFou *Wraps Gastons Arms around him* "Too much?” Gaston “Yep.” •Hey LeFou, how’d you get that bite mark on your tum-tum? And why is it so low…? 😏
•LeFou’s face when Gaston picks him up
• Lefou not knowing how to spell Gaston’s name
•Belle’s father trying to find their way by using his arm to simulate the tree falling over
•"Think back to the war. Blood, explosions, widows…“
•Gaston *punches Belle’s father*
Lefou “I knew that was going to happen….”
•"I had an expensive education.“
•Beast "Some of them are in Greek”
Belle “Was that a joke? Are you making jokes now?”
Beast *hesitant* “……Yes…”*walks away*
•The Beast nailing Belle in the face with a giant snowball
• The Beast reading a romance and Belle calling him out on it
•Haggatha saving Belle’s father
• LeFou feeling guilty about leaving Belle’s father to the wolves
•Gaston practically seducing LeFou so he would lie about the whole “Leaving Belle’s father to the wolves” thing
•That Beast make-up scene
•The entire dance scene was so beautiful…..
•"He needs a hospital not an asylum!“
•Belle showing the mirror to Gaston so he could see the Beast and Gaston making it seem like she’s under a dark spell so the people will believe him and not her
• "I feel like the wrong monsters have been released….”
• LeFou “Aww…. You must be the talking tea cup. And you must be his grandmother!”
•THAT FIGHT SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
•LeFou *gets stuck under the piano guy* “Gaston! Help!”
Gaston being the jackass he is “Sorry LeFou. It’s hero time.”
LeFou *visibly hurt and betrayed*
Piano guy “Owch….”
• LeFou *saves Mrs. Potts from falling and beats some guys up with her help*
Mrs. Potts “Why are you helping us now?”
LeFou “Well, I used to be on Gaston’s side, but we’re on some bad terms now so…”
Mrs. Potts “You’re to good for him anyway.”
• The guy that loved that makeover he got was just amazing. HE LOOKED SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
•The Beast yelling Belle’s name when he sees her again
•The entire roof fight scene
•Gaston *falls to his death after the bridge crumbles beneath him*
• Hagatha was the entrancetrice all along!? *le gasp* It totally wasn’t obvious the entire time!
•LeFou *Dancing with a man during the dance and both of them being really happy*

Why does she need to die?

In terms of disagreeing with J/B as a canon romance, the position of “no romantic feelings on either side” is more difficult to comprehend, in terms of literary analysis.

(IOW: How much of the text from Jaime’s and Brienne’s chapters do you have to ignore, distort, or willfully explain away, to think there are no feels happening?)

But you know what bugs me a lot more?

It’s the position in which Brienne is in love with Jaime…and the most logical conclusion of her arc is to die to save him from Lady Stoneheart. Y'know, because she couldn’t save Renly, so dying for Jaime would make up for that. That grosses me out.

If you think Brienne’s scheduled for death because you just can’t imagine how a nice person can stay alive any longer than that in Westeros, well, I have some counter-arguments, but I see where you’re coming from, and I sympathize.

If the argument is that Brienne “should” die in the LSH conflict because her dying for the man she loves makes the best sense for where her story has already gone…that’s a whole other sort of wrong. That’s where I have a moral objection.

Any character in the ASOIAF universe who’s ever gotten to know Brienne would be perfectly unsurprised to find out she sacrificed her life to save someone dear to her. (The surprise, for most, would be that she cared that much about Jaime.) This is not a character who needs to experience a moral overhaul to be willing to die so someone else can live. She’s already at that position. Her conflict is not “Oh no I’m going to die, poor me!” It’s “Oh no, I haven’t rescued Sansa and I’ll let Jaime down and I can’t take care of Podrick if they kill me.” This is a girl who already thinks her life is only valuable to the extent that she can protect others. And why is that?

She’s a Westerosi noblewoman who’s used to being told she’s hideous. All her life, she’s been taught no one would ever love her except for her lands and titles, and she believes it. She’s still very young, and she’s completely resigned to the idea that romantic love is unavailable to her. Rather than accept a toxic marriage of convenience with some controlling old man who doesn’t understand how lucky he is to have her, she sets out to serve someone worthy of her loyalty. (Renly is a piece of shit, but starry-eyed teenage Brienne has only seen his nicer side, so there she goes.) She’s used to being roundly mocked whenever she tries to act like a lady, so she walks away from the pretty gowns and dancing and picks up a suit of armor and sword. She joined Renly’s army because she honestly believed that was the place where her life would have meaning and someone would appreciate her talents.

And here’s the thing: she beats herself up for not saving Renly, but really, she was a much better ally than he deserved. He had no business claiming the throne ahead of his brother, and he mocked Brienne behind her back. She would have died for him had it been possible to do so, but it’s a good thing she lived to tell about that shadow. She didn’t fail him. He failed her.

So now she’s carrying around the guilt of having failed to stop an act of magic that was specifically designed to be unstoppable by any human combatant, and also the guilt of having outlived Catelyn Stark, as if anyone could have saved her lady from an entire castle full of Freys and Boltons violating guest right. Was she supposed to have been in two or three places at once? Was she expected to know what nobody in the Stark-Tully force knew about Walder Frey and Roose Bolton’s arrangement with Tywin Lannister? Was she supposed to be unarmed, unarmored, and unprepared at that wedding feast, and still get her lady to safety? Was she supposed to know more about Arya Stark’s whereabouts than Catelyn or Robb knew by then? Should she have teleported down to the Red Keep before the Lannisters had a chance to force Sansa into marriage? And then teleport back up to the Twins before the Red Wedding? What exactly does this girl have to apologize for?

So now she has that burden of survivor’s guilt on one side, and Jaime’s friendship complete with priceless sword on the other side, both pushing her to bust her ass and lose her mind for her quest to look after Ned Stark’s daughter. I should note that she still hasn’t found Sansa in the book version. I think that girl would appreciate a protector who really doesn’t want anything from her except for the honor of being at her service. (For Sansa’s sake, it’s a good thing Brienne was far away from the Red Wedding, as she would have inevitably been part of the body count.) In Brienne’s mind, showing up for Sansa is as much about doing right by Jaime as helping the Starks. She’s conflated the two interests into one concern. “For her lady mother’s sake. And for yours.”

Now that she’s been captured by Zombie Catelyn and her goons, how is this a good time for her to die? She already thinks her life is worthless unless she’s protecting someone else; and no one will ever appreciate the joy of her company in life as opposed to the gift of her death; why does she need to be proven right? Why does the ugly butch girl need to die for the handsome rich man before she even gets a chance to rescue the pretty femme girl? Why does Jaime need to be the man she dies for?

Why can’t he be the man she lives for?

I love customers who are vocal about other customer’s bad behaviour so much.

I work in a cafe and we sell patty cakes which are SUPER dry and crumbly and that’s always what the kids go for so there’s always a huge mess of crumbs left afterwards. Some parents try and clean up what they can and put it back on the plates but most just leave a ridiculous mess for us to clean up. So a family with around 3 kids had just left and all of them had patties and the mess they left was the worst I’d ever seen. They were sitting in the booths with soft comfy chairs and there were crumbs completely covering the chairs, plus all over the tables and on the floor.

I saw some new customers spot the table to go to sit there so I went over to start clearing the table (they had already started clearing the table themselves, bringing the dirty dishes up to our dishes area). When I started clearing the tables they were saying to me “I can’t believe someone would leave a table like this! There’s no way I could walk away with a table this messy I would feel so ashamed. My kids would never make a mess like this!” And then the table of people next to them chimed in saying “I know right it’s just disgusting, how could you walk away and leave it like that?” And one of the ladies who had started clearing up the table before I got there was apologising saying she hopes it’s okay that she swept what was on the seat onto the floor. They thanked me profusely for cleaning it up and were so apologetic about having to deal with customers like that and it was just so nice seeing customers angry about bad customers too!

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Can you do something where Percy is fighting a monster to protect his little sister. Percy gets hurt really badly he kills it Annabeth was meeting them and sees Percy get hurt And then she is praying to for help and it starts to rain healing him

  • “Percy, why are we running?” His little sister, Abbie, asked. She was slightly out of breath.
  • Percy pulled her off of the slide and told her to run. He was practically dragging her since he was much taller and stronger. 
  • “There’s a monster. Bad monster, Abbie.” He replied, pulling his sister down a what he thought was a block, but it was a dead end. 
  • He pushed Abbie behind  him and uncapped Riptide. Percy knew that Abbie couldn’t see what he could. The Mist was too strong on her. Riptide probably looked like a baseball bat or something. 
  • “Stay behind me.” He warned her. 
  • Abbie stayed back, behind her brother. She looked at him, scared out of her mind. Whenever Percy said there were monsters, it never ended well. Percy always ended up with new bruises or scratches. 
  • Percy stared at the empousa. He wanted to defend his sister, but the empousa charged at him. He slashed Riptide as she got closer. She dodged and scratched Percy. 
  • He backed up and there was blood dripping from his arm where he got scratched. “Get away from me.”
  • “What’s wrong, Percy?” She looked at him with a slight smile, her voice dripping with charmspeak. “Why would you try to hurt a pretty lady like me?”
  • He froze as she walked closer to him. Her finger tracing his chest as he stared at her. 
  • “And you don’t want to see your sister get hurt.” Her mouth next to his ear. Her mouth was so close to his throat where she could drink his blood. 
  • “PERCY!” Abbie yelled right as the empousa bit Percy.
  • He went still. Abbie’s scream was faint to him, but he heard her. His arm felt limp, but he curled his fingers tighter around Riptide. Riptide felt like lead as he made a stabbing motion. 
  • The empousa shrieked before turning into dust on him. He was swaying back and forth until he fell to the ground. 
  • “Percy! Percy!” Abbie started crying. Her big brother was bare conscious. “Help! Help!”
  •  She heard running and suddenly Annabeth appeared in the alley. Abbie was relieved to see her. They were suppose to meet her at the Museum of Natural History but…they never made it there.
  • “Annabeth! Please help Percy.” Abbie had tears running down her face. 
  • “What happened?” She asked, kneeling next to her boyfriend. Her hand went to his wrist to check his pulse. She saw him bleeding and ripped the hem of her shirt to try and put pressure on it.
  • “This girl was chasing us. Percy said she was a monster. Then he tried to fight but he was under a spell and she bit him.” Abbie said between sobs.
  • Annabeth cursed in Greek. She knew she wasn’t suppose to, but Percy’s pulse was weak and the loss of blood wasn’t good. Even the ambrosia and nectar she had with him wouldn’t help him. 
  • So she did the one thing she could think of, she prayed to the gods for help. Anything to save him because even though she was calm on the outside, she was shaking and crying in the inside.
  • Abbie looked at Annabeth. “Is he going to be okay?”
  • “Y-Yeah.” She replied. “He’s going to be fine.”
  • There was a drop of water. Then another. And another until it started raining. Annabeth looked up at the sky and hoped this was a sign. 
  • Percy’s body started to glow in a green light. Abiie pulled on Annabeth’s shirt to get her attention as color came back into his face. 
  • “Percy?” Annabeth whispered, her tears mixing in with the rain. 
  • His eyes slowly opened as the green glow brightened. He looked at Annabeth then at Abbie. 
  • “Hi. When did you get here?” He asked.
  • Annabeth slightly shoved him before wrapping him up in a hug. “I thought you were going to die.”
  • “Well, I’m not dead. Where’s Abbie?” He asked, sitting up on his elbows.
  • Abbie tackled him with a hug. She was shaking from being wet and crying. She didn’t let go when he completely sat up. 
  • “Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay.” Percy promised rubbing her back. “I’m okay Abbie.”
  • She nodded and clung onto him like her life depended on it.
A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 2

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North.

Part One 

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/L/N) = Your Last Name 

Warning: Fat boys

Winterfell is beautiful, the way the snow falls in the trees and especially in the Godswood where you felt most at peace. Your bed room chamber was filled with books and candles so you can read at night. 

You decided to unload the rest of your clothes and place them in the drawers in your chamber. You decided to also were a beautiful dark blue dress and wear your hair in a long braid like Lady Stark. 

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Simsrena: the day Serena watched Bernie swimming....

In case you don’t remember, something happened between our lovely ladies which caused Serena to walk around like someone took all the wine away and Bernie to cry. Bernie, crying! It just doesn’t seem right to have the two words in the same sentence. 

In light of all that, last weekend I gave Bernie a bit of TLC… now that’s got my mind working… move it along, Rex!! Bernie agreed to join a group of people from work at a party in a nightclub and figured, yeah, some alcohol, a bit of dancing, a dip in the pool…. wait… skinny dipping is an option?! Bernie… swimming naked?!?! 

But wait, I thought to myself, this was supposed to be about Bernie. You’re supposed to be making Bernie feel happy! Get your shit together Rex and focus instead of feeding whatever little fantasy is going on in your mind - yeah I can see what you’re imaging and it’s not cool! 

Hang on, I said to that little voice in my head, swimming naked feels pretty good and Bernie deserves to feel good doesn’t she? Wouldn’t that make her happy? And that’s the whole point of this isn’t it?

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Oh you devil you!

So anyway, here we are, swimming naked in a pool on a roof top when…

Shit, fuck, bollocks! It’s only Serena Bloody Campbell! 

Now, I know, you might be thinking, isn’t this a good thing? And in any other circumstance it would be great to find out they were part of the same group but recently whenever Bernie has been stood in front of Serena she just starts crying and then they argue. So you see, I actually would have preferred them to not see each other for a little while. I mean, just while they get over whatever happened….

Oh ok. Never mind. 

Right. Well, ok then. Apparently we’re forgetting whatever happened…

I think erm… I just… I’ll just…

Originally posted by existlost-blog

Sorry… there was a moment there where I forgot all time and space. Who am I? What was I doing? 

Oh yeah. Simsrena! 

Anyway, after Bernie and Serena snogged the lives out of each other Bernie jumped back into the pool and I have to admit, I did invite Serena to join me…. I mean join Bernie! Oh shut up, all of you!

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the close up of Serena watching Bernie swimming naked. Oh I know and you’re welcome!

You’re also very welcome for what’s coming up now….

Oh yeah. Bernie and Serena, skinny dipping in the pool. THIS IS THE SHIT I PLAY THE SIMS FOR!!!! I think I’m far too worked up over this. I mean, it happened over a week ago and I’m still not over it!! Look at how sweet they were after they got out and dried off! 

I might be too invested in this. Am I too invested? Maybe someone needs to stage an intervention? Can someone organise this please? Can someone please send help?

I’ll be over here, sitting on my sofa playing Simsrena in my pjs and thinking about the possibilities for the next Simsrena update… SEND HELP!


Apart from my slight unravelling and mental breakdown Simsrena seem perfectly fine. They both had very unproductive days at work the next day because all they wanted to do was this….

And yeah I was happy to watch them do it…

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Forget the help. Forget the intervention. Fuck it all. I am pure Berena/Simsrena trash. And I am happy to bow before thee!

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so this happened last year during my time working for the local zoo/conservation centre
  • me: *running my station at the red pandas like a good little volunteer*
  • some lady: *walks up to me* this is so sad ):
  • me: i- pardon?
  • lady: they're just sitting there, they don't have anything to do! ):
  • me, looking over the many toys and other enrichment materials we have: ...ma'am, there's plenty for them to do. they're just sleeping because it's noon. they tend to do that.
  • lady: and there's no room for them to do anything! ):
  • me, looking over the large enclosure that connects to an even larger enclosure in the back: ma'am, there's plenty of room for two red pandas here, and there's a gigantic part that's out of sight for when they don't feel like being watched.
  • lady: zoos are so sad ):
  • me, internally: then what the ever living fuck are you doing at a zoo/conservation centre like this one?
I’m All Ears

→ Pairing: Yoongi X Reader
→ Genre: Angst, Listener!AU
→ Word Count: 2, 479K 
→ Summary: A love that never got the chance to blossom
→ A/N: So it has been quiet a while since the last time I have published something out here. And this short writing is somewhat a turning point for me to experiment on new things. I receive a lot of praises for my smut writings, and I am honestly so grateful, but I also know that I could do more aside that. So this is me dishing out an angst writing, inspired by a manga I once read a long way back /I’ll try to remember the title and link it for you to read/ from which I got the Listener!AU idea from. I hope this stirs up something in you!

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Jasper Hale/Cullen Imagine

Can you please make an twilight Imagine about Jasper and Y/N ? She is his mate and he will do everything for her and is very overprotective and maybe he bites her because she don’t want to live without him (like Bella) … I Hope you make a Long Imagine .. Please (:

“You have to accept this,” Jasper told you as he lead you, a and over your eyes, outside the house.

“Just you saying that makes me worry,” you laughed. Jasper counted down from 3 and removed his hand from you eyes. “I cannot take this!” A brand new black SUV sat in front of you.

“I told you you have to…because I can’t take it back.” He smiled largely at you. “It’s our three year anniversary and this is your gift.”

“This shoots my gift for you out of the water.” You felt defeated.

You and Jasper had met a little over three years ago once Alice had found her true mate and moved on. Jasper, although sad, understood that she had to be with her true mate and, as he put it, he was lucky because that’s how he met you. You were at a bar the night you two met. You’d finished a great week and were sitting in a booth by yourself when he came and stood next to you. “Mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all.”

“I’m Jasper,” he said timidly.

“Y/N,” you shook his hand. You two sat and talked until about 2 am. “I better be going,” you said reluctantly.

“Want me to walk you to your car?” You said you’d be alright and politely rejected. You were just about to your car when a man came around the shadow of the other side.

“Pretty lady like you shouldn’t be walking alone,” you could smell the liquor on his breath.

“I’m fine. Almost to my car,” you tried to walk around him.

“Why don’t I take you to my car instead,” he grabbed your wrist and tried to drag you away from your car.

Before you could finish saying “Hands off” he was flung off of you. “You hear the lady,” Jasper was by your side in a second rushing you into your car and getting in the passenger side quicker than you thought possible. In the emotional drive back to your house he confided in you the secrets of his life. “Why aren’t you scared…or nervous…or anything?”

“Not sure,” you shrugged. Ever since then he’d been your wonderful, overprotective, boyfriend.

“So,” he brought you back to the present time. “When do I get my gift?”

“Give me on second. Meet me on the deck?” The deck overlooked the beautiful scenery of the place you and Jasper had rented for the weekend. You ran off and grabbed the box that you had hid in of of your many suitcases and stashed under your bed. You found Jasper sitting at the table out on the deck. When he heard you open the door his eyes turned from the sunset to you. “Happy anniversary,” you slide him the box.

He opened the top and unravel the tissue paper. He remained silent when he saw what was in the box. Worry overcame you and you tried to explain the gift, “You’ve always told me so much about your time in the war and I know that was the biggest point in your life so…” You didn’t know what else to say.

“How did you find this?” He was entranced on the name ‘Whitlock’ that was sewn onto the jacket’s pocket.

“A lot of digging around,” you admitted. Before you could register what was going on you were cradled in his arms with his lips on yours. “I love it,” he said when he left your lips. “I can’t believe you found that. Original badges and everything,” he looked it over again. “You’re right,” he said making you confused. “Going to this war was the biggest point in my life. But, now, meeting you is. I don’t know where I’d be without you and, I know I already got you something, but,” he shrunk down on one knee. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the greatest honor of my life and be my wife?”

“Yes,” with tears in your eyes to hugged him and let him put the ring on your finger. “There’s one more thing I want before that though.” He looked up at you. “You have to turn me.” You could see him thinking in the look in his eyes. Finally, he smiled at you.

“I’m not Edward. It’s not that hard to convince me to spend eternity with you,” he laughed and brought you in for another kiss.

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Our open hours are printed in huge lettering on the window next to our doors. It was about 8:52 (we open at 9), my coworker pressed the open button on the doors to let another coworker in, and this old woman standing outside slipped in behind before the door closed. Like, LADY, what about the employees walking around drinking coffee, with the main lights off, at 8:52, with none of our open signs out, says, "yes, we're open, come in and complain to us about batteries you didn't even buy here"?!?!