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Different kinds of fandom welcomes
  • Type 1: I am damaged. Far too damaged. But. You're not beyond repair
my two 'roadtrip across North America' stories
  • Bonds: a bunch of messed up Artists (magic users who inherit their gifts, specifically tied to one school of magic) meet while on a magical pilgrimage to an unknown location, while the world around them erupts in a second civil war.
  • Walking, Waking: a boy's ghost shows up thinking he's dead, but he's not. the boy and his ghost roadtrip across the country, collecting a girl who lives in billboards and a sentient heart of a Tilt-A-Whirl ride.

[FFXV Spoilers]

Genderbend Gladnis is like the cutest and saddest thing if you think about it immediately after Leviathan battle.

Because it was mostly for sure that Gladdie had to go help Ignis with her hair, because she knows the adviser likes it perfectly brushed and perfectly combed in a perfect ponytail, but right now Ignis can’t…well…she’s struggling with it.

So Gladdie goes over to her, stops her hand and just goes “Let me do it for you”.

She brushes Ignis’ hair as best as she can, and even though she does fine and Ignis thanks her kindly, Gladdie just hates and despices this, not because it’s a bother to her but because she isn’t meant to be helping someone who could do such a simple task on her own just three days ago.

Idk, the mental image of a sad Gladdie helping female Ignis with her hair is just…aodhfsiasdkljsdfj give it to me.

i’m seeing a worrying trend in the current discourse and just like…reminder that nb people are incapable of having any sort of resemblance to straight privilege because….straightness is defined as exclusive m/w attraction…..even a truly heterosexual binary trans persons access to straightness is conditional…..an agender person attracted to all genders but unable to be attracted to their same gender due to not HAVING a gender isn’t straight…..

things about cole that make me die #257: how sincere he sounds every time he thanks someone


just ‘cause the similarity was strong there. And plus getting sick 24/7 like irl! 

I wish I could jump that high. I really do. 

Sorry guys, today is Tuesday night.
And either I have nothing queued still or I managed to queue things last minute today [thursday] so
1. sorry ‘cause I am going to have no Story Queue until friday or saturday. 
2. Sorry for making you read this b/c I do have story stuff queued and managed to get it done in the future. 
Since, todays tuesday for me, at this moment. Idk what’ll happen tomorrow, [wednesday or thursday] which is technically today? since this is posting on Thursday? 

I did not confuse myself but maybe confused you guys. Either way, if I havent or have, I will continue or start! 

when i know i should be studying hard and getting my shit togehter but all i do is watch too many shows and get way too invested in the characters’ lives.