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Body Heat

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Pairing: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: Kinda hate fucking?? Swears and choking

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got two requests from anons: “Anon: Pietro and reader are constantly arguing and the avengers go camping, decide reader and pietro need to admit feelings and basically put them in any awkward situation they possibly can. Smut pls xx” and “Anon: Pietro smut. Literally just anything.

“What do you mean we have to share!?” Both you and Pietro shouted. Tony smirked, holding up his hands defensively.

“Hey, you two missed the sign ups.”

“What fucking sign ups!?” Pietro said, advancing closer. Tony took a step back, holding his arms out in front of him.

“They were on my office door, everyone knew about them.” You glared at Tony, tossing your bag in the tent. The Avengers thought that camping was a good idea. Steve said it was ‘well deserved r&r’. Easy for him to say, he doesn’t have to share a tent with someone that annoyed him to the point of anger.

You and Pietro were always arguing. He said you were too ‘stuck up’ and you think he’s too cocky and aggravating. On the surface, his attitude annoyed you, but really, you had woken up, panting and aching, after dreams of him so many times. It was embarrassing how much him smirking at you turned you on.

The first day went by as nicely as someone could hope in this situation. During that time, you came to realize something. Every single person on this trip was a couple. Tony and Pepper, Steve and Bucky, Nat and Bruce, Wanda and Vision, all sharing tents. Sleeping was hard. Not only was there barely enough room for Pietro to shove his over six foot frame into it, but it was not nearly wide enough for both of you to sleep in it. The entire time you had your back pressed against his and you hated how much you were enjoying the thick, hard muscles there. Despite the close proximity, he didn’t seem to completely hate it. Once you two were cramped in the tent, the arguments stopped and you guys just sat in sleepy silence. The one thing was, he snores. But it didn’t annoy you, on the contrary, you actually found it incredibly adorable. They were soft snores, not loud.

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Lunch after 8km morning walk - brown rice, baked potato wedges, salad drizzled with tahini 🌿 #vegan
I feel like I’ve gone a little MIA… But I am back and tonight expect a long post of my thoughts and opinion on paid posts/collaborations, Essena’s choice to quit social media and my personal experience with it 😊

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Glad You Asked (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2455

Warnings: Kissing, fluff, Hansen family cuteness, awkward Jared

Summary: Jared has been crushing on Y/N Hansen since freshman year. He finally decides to ask her out.

Tagged: @lildipstick 

A/N: This was requested by an anon who wanted Jared and the reader’s first date with awkward fluff. Also, if you want to be tagged in any of my posts, just shoot me an ask or whatever and let me know.

The whistle of the kettle rung through the house, and I groaned at the high pitched noise. I trudged downstairs and took the kettle off the stove, gently setting it down on the bench.

Evan was still at the national park, and mom was at work, so I had the house to myself. I made myself a cup of tea and stirred it with a teaspoon, blowing on it slightly.

“Don’t you just love summer vacation?” I muttered bitterly, taking a sip from the mug. I suddenly heard the doorbell ring and I nearly spilt my tea.

I put down the mug and made my way to the door, squinting through the frosted glass to see who was on the other side. I twisted the doorknob and opened the door to reveal my brother’s best (and only) friend, Jared Kleinman.

“Hey Jared. Evan’s not here right now. Tree boy’s still at work.” I said and Jared nervously chuckled, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“I’m, uh, actually not here to see Evan.” Jared said, and I finally noticed the bouquet of flowers he held in his free hand. My eyes widened slightly, and I gestured for him to come in.

I closed the door behind him, noticing how he knew exactly where to find a vase for the flowers. “How, uh, how has your summer been?” I asked awkwardly, internally cursing myself for asking such a terrible question.

“My summer’s been alright. I went to that Jewish summer camp we used to go to, but it was kinda boring. My bunk did, however, dominate at capture the flag.” Jared said, puffing his chest out slightly.

I chuckled and looked down, noticing that I was wearing my (slightly revealing) pyjamas. My cheeks went red as I tugged my shirt up a little, trying to show as little of my bra as possible.

“Sounds like you had a blast. My summer has been pretty boring. Evan’s almost always out at the national park, and mom’s almost always at work, so I just spend most of the time here by myself. If I’m feeling adventurous I might walk to the mall, who knows?” I said sarcastically, resting my head in my hands.

Jared frowned at me, the disappointment clear on his face. “Don’t you, you know, go out with friends or something?” Jared asked, gently placing the bouquet in a clear glass vase.

I laughed bitterly and Jared’s brows furrowed. “Friends. That’s a good one, Jared. I’m a Hansen. We don’t have friends. At least, I don’t.” I said, my voice harsh and cold.

Jared hesitantly put a hand on my arm, and I looked up into his eyes. “I know for sure you’ve at least got one, and he’s standing right here.” Jared said softly, and I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

“Thanks Jared. I needed that.” I said and Jared smiled awkwardly at me, pushing his glasses up with his free hand.

“Now, onto the reason I’m here.” Jared said and my eyes immediately flitted to the flowers. He cleared his throat and picked the bouquet up and out of the vase.

“Would you, Y/N Y/M/N Hansen, like to maybe go on a date with me? You don’t have to say yes, it’s just.” Jared rambled, and I cut him off with a laugh. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” I said, gently pressing a kiss to his cheek.

His eyes widened, and his cheeks went a brilliant shade of crimson. He sputtered a little, trying to form a response. I just giggled and took the flowers in his hand.

“Thanks for the flowers. That was very sweet.” I said, sniffing the flowers. They were clearly fresh, because they still had a very strong smell. Jared laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s, uh, it’s no problem really, I just, oh god I suck at this.” Jared stammered, his entire face aflame. I gingerly took one of his hands and squeezed it, watching his eyes flick from our intertwined hands back to my face.

“Did you have a time in mind? Or what we’re actually doing?” I asked, enjoying the feeling of Jared’s hand in mine. “Well, uh, to be completely honest I didn’t think I’d get this far.” Jared said meekly and I snorted, shaking my head slightly.

“How about we catch a movie tonight? Mom will most likely be at work, and Evan doesn’t get back from the park until at least 6.” I suggested and Jared nodded eagerly, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

“That sounds perfect.” Jared said, squeezing my hand shyly. I smiled brightly and pulled him into a brief hug. Jared froze for a second before wrapping his arms around me, the embrace warm and comforting.

“If you want you can just stay here with me until Evan gets home. It’ll give us times to look up movie times, and it’ll keep me from going crazy.” I said and Jared nodded, tentatively letting go of me.

“I’ll just call mom and let her know what’s happening. Feel free to watch something on Netflix if you want.” I said, pecking Jared’s cheek before grabbing my phone.

I dialled mom’s number, and I didn’t have to wait too long before she picked up. “Hey honey. Is everything ok?” Mom answered, her sweet voice making me smile to myself.

“Everything’s good mom. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going out with Jared tonight, so I might be home late.” I said and there was a pause on mom’s end of the phone. “Mom?” I questioned, wondering if the connection had broken momentarily.

“Meredith, you owe me 20 bucks! They’re going out.” I heard mom shout and I felt a dark blush coat my cheeks. “You seriously had a bet with Mrs Kleinman that Jared and I would get together?” I said, and I heard a crash from the living room.

I looked over and saw that Jared was currently sprawled out on the floor, rubbing his head with a shocked look on his face. “I’m sorry honey, but even when you were young, you two just clicked. Mrs Kleinman was betting that Jared would end up with Evan, so lucky for me that he decided to ask you out.” Mom said and I buried my head in my hands.

“Whatever mom. We’re going to go see a movie tonight, so it’ll just be Evan who needs dinner.” I said and mom hummed in response. “Ok sweetie. Just remind Jared that he has to be safe and use protection.” Mom said and I scoffed.

“Jesus Christ, mom. I did not need that image in my head.” I said and mom chuckled on the other end of the phone. “Just forewarning you. I have to go, but I’ll hopefully see you tonight.” She said and I smiled to myself.

“Love you mom.” I said, walking slowly towards the living room. “I love you too Y/N/N.” Mom said, before hanging up the phone. I sighed and put my phone in my pocket, sitting down next to Jared, who was now back on the couch.

“That was mom. She said that she had $20 on you and I getting together, but your mom had presumably $20 on you and Evan getting together.” I said and Jared’s jaw dropped.

“There’s more. She also told me to remind you to be safe and use protection.” I said and Jared let out an annoyed groan, sinking low into the couch. “Why are moms like this?” Jared muttered and I chuckled, nodding in agreement.

“Speaking of moms, you wanna watch How I Met Your Mother?” I asked, pulling it up on Netflix. Jared snorted and nodded, shuffling a little closer towards me. “Very impressive segue, Miss Hansen. Very impressive indeed.”

“Well, Kleinman, it’s time to go.” I said, walking down the stairs from my bedroom. Jared looked up at me and his jaw dropped a little. “You look incredible.” Jared said, his cheeks dusted pink.

I waved a dismissive hand in his direction and walked over to him, my wedged heels giving me a little more height. “I left a note for Evan so he doesn’t freak out, so we’re all good.” I said and Jared nodded, looping his arm through mine.

“You still sure you wanna see Get Out? We could just as easily go see The Lego Batman Movie? Or Beauty and the Beast.” Jared said, opening the door of his car for me.

“Are you scared, Jared?” I asked, taking a seat on the passenger side. Jared’s face flushed and he sputtered, trying to find an excuse. “Jared, it’s fine. I’m a little scared too, but it should be fine.” I said, leaning back into my seat.

It turns out, I could not have been more wrong. The movie was absolutely terrifying, and I spent a majority of it with my head buried in Jared’s chest (much to the delight of Jared and I).

Jared’s arm was constantly wrapped around my shoulders, and I was practically sitting on his lap for most of the movie. Jared held me protectively, and I was secretly grateful that this movie was horrifying.

We left the cinema considerably shaken, and I clutched onto Jared’s arm for dear life. “Well… I’m never seeing that again.” Jared said when we arrived at the food court, and I let out a nervous laugh.

“I can safely say that I’m on the same page, Jared.” I said, noticing that my hands were trembling slightly. “How about we get something greasy and delicious from McDonald’s, and then head home?” Jared suggested and I nodded enthusiastically.

“I am seriously in the mood for some junk food right now.” I said and Jared chuckled, kissing my forehead softly. “Then your wish is my command, m'lady.” Jared said, tipping an invisible fedora with his free hand.

I groaned, but there was a wide smile on my face. “That is a long dead meme, Kleinman. I thought you’d know better.” I said and Jared smirked, shrugging his shoulders.

“It still made you laugh. One point for Jared.” He said and I shook my head, laughing weakly as we approached the McDonald’s kiosk. We ordered our food, and seeing as the mall was practically empty we got our food very quickly.

We took our takeaway bags and began the walk back to Jared’s car, casually munching on fries as we walked. “Thanks for taking me out Jared. I really enjoyed myself.” I said as we pulled up to my house. I noticed that mom’s car wasn’t in the driveway, but the car Evan and I shared was.

“It was honestly no problem. I’ve kinda been crushing on you since freshman year, so it only took me 4 years to ask you out.” Jared muttered, awkwardly fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

I took Jared’s hand in mine and squeezed it gently, intertwine my fingers with his. “I’ve had a thing for you since sophomore year, but I could never tell you about it because I’m a hot mess when it comes to feelings. Maybe it’s a Hansen thing, I don’t know.” I said, unbuckling my seat belt.

“Well, I mean, you’re definitely hot. Not so sure about the mess part.” Jared said, laughing slightly. “Just shut up and kiss me.” I whispered, watching as Jared’s eyes widened to the size of plates.

“What?” He squeaked out, his face a mix of shock and disbelief. I chuckled softly and sat up on my knees. “Just kiss me. Please.” I said and Jared took in a deep breath, leaning in towards me.

I pressed my lips to his, closing my eyes almost immediately. It all felt so right, and even though I was in a pretty uncomfortable position, I didn’t care. Jared’s free hand cupped the side of my face, and his lips tasted salty, most likely from the McDonald’s.

I sat my free hand on his shoulder, losing all track of time as we kissed. Jared pulled away for a breath, panting slightly. He had a dorky smile on his face, and his cheeks were flushed.

I probably looked the same, but it didn’t matter. “I should, uh, walk you to the door. Chivalry, and all that.” Jared muttered, clearly still dazed from the kiss.

I let go of his hand and opened the car door, laughing as Jared scrambled out of the driver’s side. He took my hand once more as we approached my front door, the porch light making me wince a little.

“Well, this is where I leave you.” Jared said, looking me in the eye. “You have my number. Call me, Kleinman.” I said, capturing his lips in another kiss. Jared’s hands flew to my waist, pulling me flush against his chest.

I clutched the collar of his shirt in my hands, the fabric slightly crushed. “Oh my god.” I suddenly heard a voice say and I immediately broke the kiss, looking at my older brother with wide eyes and flushed cheeks.

“Uh, hi Evan.” I said, my voice an octave higher than usual. Jared looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up, and quite frankly, so did I. “When you said you were going to a movie with Jared, this is not what I expected.” Evan said, flitting his eyes back and forth between the two of us.

“Did you not see the flowers and wonder why they were there? At all?” I muttered, retracting my hands from Jared’s collar. “You got her flowers?” Evan said, looking at Jared incredulously.

Jared nodded, his cheeks bright red. “Wow. That’s quite a gesture, especially for you Jared.” Evan said and Jared tried desperately to avert his eyes from Evan.

“You can save the questioning for later, Evan. I don’t want Mrs Kleinman to get up Jared for being home after curfew.” I said, trying to get my point of ‘leave us alone’ across to my slightly thick big brother.

“Oh, uh, of course.” Evan muttered, walking inside but leaving the door ajar. “I am so sorry about that.” I said, shaking my head. Jared laughed nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

“It was fine, really. I’m just glad you said yes to this whole thing.” Jared said, taking a hold of my hands. “I’m glad you asked.” I said, kissing his cheek. Jared gave my hands one last squeeze before letting them go.

“I’ll see you on Monday, ok?” He said and I nodded, smoothing my dress down. “See you on Monday.” I repeated, smiling at Jared as he pulled out of the driveway. “I can’t wait.”

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Bughead Greaser au

This fic has a greaser esc undertone to it, it focus’s more on the relationship aspect rather than the greaser background/tone 

Words: 1646


Jughead could remember the exact moment his life was turned upside down. It was the day his mother left. He knew in that moment that his life would never be the same.

It was a gradual process. A couple missed classes here and there turned into days then weeks that Jughead just wouldn’t show up to school at all. He cut ties with his old friends in ways he knew they wouldn’t miss him when he was officially gone; he couldn’t in his right mind drag them down too.

Now Jughead’s days consisted mostly of hanging out with the few Serpent teens he could tolerate in an old junkyard fixing up old bikes and crappy cars to the best of their abilities. Most days were spent in silence, the odd small talk here and there. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, for Jughead today was different.

“The party’s going to be pretty small,” Joaquin stated in an attempt to coerce Jughead into going with him.

“Tell me again why I have to go with you to meet your boyfriend’s friends,” Jughead scoffed from the other side of the junker they were working on.

“A buffer,” Joaquin simply laughed. “I mean let’s be honest Jughead, me spending more than a couple hours with Riverdale’s finest…” Joaquin stated. “That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.”

After a good twenty minutes of back and forth, Jughead reluctantly and unknowingly agreed to hang out with the very people he’d been avoiding, for an entire night.


Jughead didn’t dread hanging out with people so much as he dreaded the small talk that came with being in a group of people you don’t know. He tried to look as nice as he could. Jughead knew this night was important for Joaquin. He had his curls slicked back into his signature beanie, a navy blue and black flannel was actually worn as intended rather than tied around his waist, which he wore open with a black shirt beneath it. Even Jughead had to he looked good. With a quick deep breath, Jughead set out to meet with his friend.

“So, who’s all at this thing again?” Jughead asked as him and Joaquin drove out to Kevin’s place across town.

“Well there’s Kevin, and then there’s three of his closest friends,” Joaquin half-heartedly explains. “And don’t worry, you can still brood in the corner, we’re watching movies and eating pizza,” Jughead lagged at Joaquin’s reply. He would be civil and converse, he’s a loner, not an asshole.

As the pair drove up to the house Jughead saw an all too familiar face walking up the front steps. There she was, the only girl he’s ever loved, Betty Cooper.

Betty’s hair was shorter now than he remembered, she seemed to have cut her hair so it fell in waves just above her shoulders. She was dressing differently as well; straying away from her usual pink for dark navy’s and deep purples, walking in wedges or boots rather than her signature flats.

“Jug?” Joaquin broke Jughead out of his trance.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was going to be here,” Jughead whispered, still looking out the window to where the blonde was previously standing.

“I didn’t think you would come if I told you,” Joaquin replied.

“No shit,” Jughead answered turning to face his friend.

“Honestly, I thought when I told you my boyfriend’s name it would’ve tipped you off.”

“Obviously not,” Jughead states.

“Look Jug, I understand if you want to bail but I’m still going in there, and I’m going to have to tell them why you wouldn’t come in,” Joaquin teases. Jughead and Joaquin quickly made their way up the front steps and rang the bell. Both of the boys anxiously dreading this night for two very different reasons. Kevin opened the door greeting Joaquin with a chaste kiss and Jughead with a curt nod.

Jughead took in the scene before him. His former best friend laughing with his girlfriend on the couch. Or at least Jughead assumes they’re dating by the way Archie and Veronica were draped over each other. Joaquin and Kevin were narrowing down the list of movies to watch, but there was no sign of Betty.

“Jug?!” Archie asks astounded, he gets off the couch and moves to hug his estranged best friend.

“Wow,” Veronica starts from her position on the couch. “Johnny Cade lives.”

“Hey V,” Jughead stated simply, the two of them had never gotten the chance to actually become friends. “Kev, mind if I get some water?” Jughead asked; Kevin gave him a quick wave which Jughead took as his go ahead.

Seeing them was hard, all Jughead could think about was how many escape trips he was going to have to make to the kitchen or bathroom when Betty walked through the swinging door. “Hey, Juggie.”

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Seraphim || jjk [teaser]

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 Jungkook’s Story

Characters : Jungkook x Reader 

                 ✿ Mentions of Park Jimin x Reader 

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s): Childhood Best Friends!AU

Word Count: 645

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ 

Jungkook trudged down the street, his thoughts filled with nothing but you and the past you two shared.

    He remembered the first time you talked to him, with that red ribbon in your hair that your mother had put on and how he knew that he would always find you pretty in it. He reminisced about how that same day that you took it out of your hair and stuffed it into his small, chubby hands with a smile and told him that he could keep it. He may have been four years old then, but he knew that he would never forget you.

    When he was five and three-quarters, just a short year after the two of you met, he knew that he would never talk to you again. He had seen you talking a lot with Park Jimin, one of his neighbors, but also one of his best friends. He wasn’t upset that you were talking to him, but he was upset that Jimin, too, had gotten a red ribbon too.

   When he was seven, he started talking to you again because you two had been wedged together and doomed to share a desk together. When you weren’t looking, he would steal one of your M&Ms (only the red ones) and replace it with a gold star. It was needless to say that you had gotten plenty of gold stars that year.

  When he was eight, he knew that he had liked you. Every day after school, you two walked home together. He never said much, but he always blushed when you gave him a forsythia flower. Jungkook sometimes held your hand when you crossed the street too. He didn’t care about getting cooties, as long as he caught them with you.

   When he was eight and a half, he knew that you would never like him back. He noticed that Jimin sometimes walked home with the two of you. Jungkook may have never asked, but Jimin always carried your backpack along with his own as the three of you walked. When you crossed the street, you never held hands with Jungkook. You held hands with Jimin.

  When Jungkook was ten, he was certain that you were his best friend. There had been the minor addition of Jimin who sometimes frequented your walks to the park, but he figured that he could ignore that minuscule fact. You weren’t like the other girls who were too scared to get their dresses dirty, but you weren’t like the small majority of girls who went all in. He liked how sometimes you let him win and how he sometimes let you win.

 When Jungkook was twelve, he had forgotten what it felt like to have you not by his side. You had been glued to it since you both had been in every class together since the first grade. Every day, even if he was sick, he’d lug himself out of bed to make sure you got home.

 When Jungkook was fourteen, he realized that he had been in love with you. He missed walking home with you wedged between Jimin and him, skipping cracks in the sidewalk and talking about how Oh Sehun called you pretty. He missed how you used to run to him during his lunch period (you had shared yours with Jimin, bittersweetly enough to Jungkook) and stuffed red M&Ms that you had picked out the morning of into his hand. His cheeks flushed pink the second you turned from him.

  Jungkook chewed on his bottom lip as the flashbacks ran across his mind. He hated feeling this way. It was juvenile, after all. He had known for years that you hadn’t felt the same way he felt for you, but why did it feel like the first time?

How could I think that it would be different this time?

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ 

Underestimation & Overcompensation Part 2

read part one here. just a fluffy follow up, hope you enjoy!

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Imagine the next morning you wake up to the sun shining through the window and you’re both totally late for work. Spencer just keeps cursing under his breath and you are literally so sore even thinking about moving fucking hurts. So you just lay helplessly in the sheets while he runs around trying to clean himself up and listen to his twenty thousand voicemails from the team.

And after a minute he turns to you and asks why you aren’t getting up, and you shoot him this look that says are you fucking kidding me? so he backs off and as he buttons up his shirt he’s got this little smile on his face because he just knOWs that he fucked you too hard and he knows how much you fucking loved it.

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*quietly* don’t wear brand new high heels that u have only just started wearing them and then walk somewhere that’s pretty far after school/work

Imagine having a bad day and Pope comforting you

Gif from stilinski-ortiz posted here

It had been a very long day; your boss had been on you the entire day at work because corporate was in. You had done absolutely nothing wrong so there was no need for her to constantly remind you how to do your job, but you had to bite your tongue since you needed the job.

You got home and sat on the couch, kicking your shoes off the second you sat, and sent a text to Pope letting him know you were home and that he was welcome to come over. Usually, you’d go over and hang out at Smurfs for a little while but, when you’re already stressed out it’s a good idea to stay as far away from Smurf as possible. You flipped on the Tv and laid down, watching some reality tv show since you didn’t feel like changing the channel.

About 20 minutes later a knock on your door let you know Pope was there.

“You have a key for a reason!” You shouted as you dared not move from your comfortable position. You heard him mumble some snarky comment as he made his way into your house.

Pope walked up behind the couch and stared at you for a second. “I guess I don’t have to ask how your day was.”

You turned your head enough to see him and gave him a dead stare. You were just so done with the day.

“Alright, scoot over,” he said walking around the couch and wedging himself into the spot between you and the back of the couch.

You groaned and turned around pushing our face into his chest. While Pope got situated with his arms around you. You just laid there for a while, Pope running a hand through your hair and talking about some stupid job his brothers had pulled.

Eventually, Pope’s talking began to slow and his hand stopped. Looking up you saw him asleep, eyes closed and face relaxed. You smiled and snuggled close, happy to take a nap with him so close.

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Hiii, could you do some headcanons with Alex having a sister and her being with Zach?❤

  • Alex would be such a protective brother.
  • At first, he hated the idea of you and Zach dating but he quickly came around (with a lot of convincing from Justin and Jessica).
  • “Well, at least, he’s not Montgomery, I guess.”
  • Having an “open-door” policy whenever you and Zach are in your room.
  • Your dad loves Zach, so he’s invited to, almost, every family dinner/game night.
  • Hugs from behind from Zach and Alex gagging, jokingly.
  • Alex constantly teasing you whenever you and Zach share any PDA.
  • Being really extra with your PDA, just to piss Alex off sometimes.
  • When you and Zach started dating and you were, like, sitting on the couch together, Alex would walk up and wedge himself between you.
  • Alex being shocked when Zach tells him that he’s going to give you a promise ring.
  • Sneaking Zach into your room at night, making sure your family (especially Alex) doesn’t find out. He does though.
  • Alex bursting into your room at random times to “check” on you both when you’re studying.
  • Both of bonding over how much they both love you.
  • Alex being your go to when you need advice (if you can’t go to Zach for some reason).

That’s enough, right?

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Wedge walks into the hanger followed by Dr Aphra. "LUKE! Your stepmom is here" he calls out alerting the entire squadron. "She's not my stepmom," says Luke. "We know, tell your dad to hurry and propose already. He isn't getting any younger," says one pilot. "Hey which one of us is gonna be your plus 1 at the wedding?" Asks another.

“If you said something to those reporters,” Luke warns.

“Geez, take it easy, kid!” Aphra smirks.

“Don’t call me kid. Only Han and Chewie are allowed to call me kid.”

Aphra shrugs, but there’s tension in the gesture. “I…may have made one or two jokes. You know paparazzi, they blow everything out of proportion. And speaking of blowing things up, can I crash here for a bit? My brilliant "Aphra is dead” disguise has now been compromised, thanks to some very industrious reporters. And I actually don’t want your dear old dad to find me, in case he shoots me out of an airlock again.“

"What do you mean again?!” Wedge squawks.

“Oh pal,” Aphra chuckles and rubs her hands together. “Wanna hear the story of how I conned the one and only Darth Vader into accidentally sparing my life?”

Every morning, for the past two weeks, Robbie Rotten would awake to find a box with a note outside of his lair. The box was always a plain brown box tied with a purple ribbon. The note always on white paper with dark blue writing:

To Robbie

With the Deepest Affection,

You Secret Admirer.’

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Luke announcing that he's gay to the entire briefing to the surprise of no one, then Wedge walks out a minute later with messed hair, and his flight vest seemingly on backwards.


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There was a constant state looming around Destiny and that was boredom. The parties that she got invited to led to easy prey, which was nice, meant she didn’t have to just kill someone - she could drink and then wipe their memory and they’d just think that they had a little bit of rough sex while plastered off their face. 

That night, she’d preyed on some nice looking brunette but his game was lacking, which is why she took nothing more from him than his blood, leaving him passed out in the room while she joined the others. That’s when she spotted Chris in a corner, working his magic on a couple girls. At least he was interesting. Walking over, she wedged herself in between him and the girls, her back resting against his chest as she looked between them and him. “Well, well, long time no see Chris. If you’re going to chose one of these, I’d go with the blonde, she has quite an appetite in the bedroom, miss vanilla there, well, you’ll get bored with her in ten minutes.” Using her thumb, she wiped a little bit of blood that was in the corner of her mouth before looking over at him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your little game.”

Marilee Burt was born January 28th 1955 and died February 26th 1970. Marilee’s death is a tragic one, When I first heard about this cold case I knew it had to be the first one on this blog. I had to really get into this case, See what I could figure out and tell Marilee’s story. Marilee was a bright, vibrant, beautiful 15 year old when her life was cut tragically short on a chilly evening in February 1970. Marilee attended a Goddard Middle School basketball game for which she was a cheerleader. Upon leaving the game Marilee made the life altering decision to go to a friends house without notifying her mother of the change of plans, That she wouldn’t be at the school to be picked up. Her mother left their home and went to get her daughter at the school. Marilee wasn’t there. Marilee had decided to go ahead and walk to her home on Wedge Way in Columbine Valley, Colorado. Around 7pm that fateful night Marilees’ brother Ray was driving along and saw a girl with pig tails, He didn’t recognize the girl as it was dark and Marilee never wore her hair in pig tails. After driving down the road a ways he looked in his rear view mirror. He saw a pick-up stopped beside the girl. This girl indeed ended up being Marilee Burt, She never made it home.

Highway worked found her nude and violated body under a bridge in Deer Creek Canyon in Jefferson County, Co. A mere 6 miles from the home she shared with her Mother. She was nude, her clothing and belongings stripped from her body and never to be found.  The cause of death was determined to be strangulation, she was also raped.

In 1981, it was suspected that the volunteer gym instructor had something to do with it, given his extensive record of sexually assaulting girls and disabled women. However, in the early 2000s his DNA was processed through the database and came back as not being a match. The authorities in the case have stated that the DNA sample they are testing from the Marilee Burt case could be that of an accomplice, Which would not clear the volunteer gym coach of the crime, just of the sexual assault.

Baring in mind that her family stated to the police that Marilee always followed the strict family rules about not taking rides from strangers, It’s my opinion as well as the opinion of the authorities that Marilee must of known the person in the truck in order for her to get into the truck with them or even stop to talk to them, as her brother witnessed. This to me would point the finger directly at the gym coach, As she was due to participate in a gymnastics exhibition the following week, Which would of involved practice or at least communication with the gym instructor.  It is not stated whether the gym instructor had a two-toned truck or knew of anyone who had such a truck.

Marilee was an active, social, beautiful young woman cut down in her prime. She dreamed of going to New York, joining a ballet company, marrying the man of her dreams. She enjoyed swimming, diving, gymnastics and water skiing.

Marilee will be missed by those who remember her, If you have any information regarding the murder of Marilee Burt, Please contact Investigator Bruce Isaacson of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office at 720-874-4022.

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By: @nogitsunelichen

Wordcount: 1721

Summary: “Wait he let you use a thermometer on him? How come you wouldn’t let me?” Stiles asked, a little wounded.

Derek looked to him with a raised eyebrow, “because last time you shoved it in and I almost choked.”

“Well there’s a lot of things I shove–”

“Son,” his father warned.


“There you go, let it out babe– jesus fucking christ this smells terrible,” Stiles said, all but gagging at the acidic smell of bile in the toilet. Derek was hunched over it, claws scraping at the porcelain with each gut wrenching wave of nausea that flooded him.

“That’s not very–”

His boyfriend didn’t have time to finish whatever he was saying because another splash of yellow-ish looking stuff was being emptied into the bowl of the toilet. If Stiles had to look away so he totally didn’t sympathy vomit all over Derek’s head that was for him to know and him to know only. By the time this wave of vomit ended Derek was sliding back against the wall, using toilet paper to wipe his mouth before flushing it along with everything else.

Stiles grabbed a washcloth from the cabinet and made it damp with cold water, bending back down to press against Derek’s forehead.

“Alright…think you’re done for now?” He asked softly.

“Yeah,” Derek muttered, voice raspy and breath a little gnarly.

Stiles offered a small smile as he hooked his arms under Derek’s, helping the guy back on his feet and back to bed. It’s been like this for a few days, this was probably the worst of it. Constant stomach ache, hot and cold flashes, vomiting up anything eaten, and Stiles absolutely hated seeing Derek like this.

Pale and weak and just overall unhealthy.

When Derek whimpered occasionally Stiles’ heart did horrible flips behind his ribs. Like he said…he absolutely hated seeing Derek like this.

“Do you think we could try some tea soon? You’ve literally eaten a saltine today,” Stiles suggested while laying the werewolf into bed, pulling the covers up while keeping the bedside bucket close in case making it to the bathroom again wasn’t possible.

Without words a hand wrapped around his wrist and pulled him into bed, Stiles’ face getting smashed into the mattress as a result. A small chuckle left Derek’s mouth and Stiles rolled his eyes fondly while adjusting his position so they were next to each other. Stiles flipped to his side, his nose burying itself into the messy hair Derek was sporting while his arms wrapped themselves around the broad expanse of chest.

“Hey Stiles?”


“Your toes are really cold against mine,” Derek said and Stiles felt like he nearly snapped his ankles with how fast he moved them.

“Sorry about my cold toes shnookums,” Stiles huffed, kissing at Derek’s heated temple.

“You know I hate that pet name.”

With a smile he lifted his head up, “shut your eyes and rest while you can.” He curled back in after that, waiting until Derek’s breathing evened out and the heartbeat under his fingers was calm before letting his own eyes slip shut for a while.


“I’m not drinking that,” Derek whined, using his fingers to plug his nose like a child who wasn’t eating their vegetables. Narrowing his eyes Stiles looked from Derek and the mug then back again.

“It’s ginger tea and it’s supposed to help with vomiting, you’ve been vomiting for three days, ergo you’re drinking this damn tea Derek,” Stiles said with finality, putting the warm mug -the one Derek bought him for Christmas, it was a Stormtrooper helmet- into Derek’s hands.

The werewolf looked at him, a scowl on his face. That whole sourwolf thing hasn’t worked for years. Stiles crossed his arms, arching a brow in warning but thankfully Derek put on his big boy pants and took a sip of the tea, pulling it away while making a face.

“Ow…’s hot,” Derek whimpered.

Stiles frowned, “oh shit babe, sorry. You okay? Please don’t die.”

He took the mug away, setting it on the nightstand -with a fucking coaster because Derek insisted that their furniture wouldn’t have stains on it- before sitting on the edge of the bed to make sure his boyfriend was okay.

“It’s already healed–”

Derek didn’t finish his sentence nor did Stiles have any warning time whatsoever by the time vomit was being sprayed onto the bed and both of them. What was Stiles’s first reaction? Scream like a little child and flail around like a fish out of water. Classy.

His second reaction was a lot more…calm and collected which involved him taking into account how embarrassed Derek actually looked, cheeks a furious red and eyes downcast.

“Okay…no more tea, we need to get us and the bed cleaned up,” he said, jumping into action.

Eventually he got the sheets all wrapped up and Derek in the shower within five minutes of the incident. He settled on just changing shirt before frantically calling both his father over and Melissa. One armed with broth from the soup house in town the other armed with medicine for Derek.

Yes, Stiles truly had the “hook-up” and only offered the best for his boyfriend.

He grabbed a new set of lounge clothes for Derek, setting them on the bathroom counter for when he finished the shower. Right on time the loft door opened, his father and Melissa walking in both looked equally as worried.

“Ginger tea didn’t work?” Melissa asked.

“Nope, he actually just threw it up all over himself, me, and the bed,” Stiles said while pointing to the stripped bed. The two gave him looks of pity before moving to unload everything they brought. Melissa went over two pill bottles one had enough anti-nausea medication for a horse and the other was medical prescription grade stuff for the headaches Derek was getting. Meanwhile his father pulled out two containers of hot broth as well as some ginger candy which may be a better alternative than tea.

The three of them paused when the bathroom door clicked open, Derek stepping out hesitantly. Stiles walked over, running a hand over the back of Derek’s neck where beads of water were still stuck to his hair.

“I kinda needed to call back up,” Stiles said with a small shrug, “is it okay that they’re here?”

“It’s fine,” Derek muttered, nose crinkling, “but what’s not is the fact you still smell like vomit.”

That got a laugh from the other two and Stiles looked to them with a mock look of betrayal on his face. “Okay…jeez hint taken, I’ll take a shower,” he huffed, moving Derek to the couch before making his way to the bathroom.


Did he scrub his body a little harder where he got hit with puke? Yes. Yes he did. Honestly though he can’t be one to judge considering he threw up on the walls all the time as a kid because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom, like, ever.

Besides it is now over and done with; water under the bridge, bodies freshly showered, ruined sheets in the wash. Fully dressed and feeling much better Stiles made his way out of the bathroom, pausing as the cold loft air hit his steam heated skin. The TV was on, fucking Buffy once again -it was secretly the cutest thing to Stiles though…because werewolves, duh- with Derek watching it.

This time was different though.

This time he was sharing a big fuzzy blanket with both Melissa and his father. Melissa was taking the time to run her hands through Derek’s hair in slow and lazy motions. His father was holding a mug full of broth with a straw in it for Derek while making jokes at the episode playing.

Without hesitation he pulled out his phone taking about ten billion pictures.

“Stiles…stop it and come here,” his father said when he was caught red handed. Shrugging he put his phone in his BHHS hoodie pocket before walking over to wedge himself between his father and Derek, feeling oh-so cozy.

“I took his temperature when you showered, it’s a little higher than normal. He also took some medicine,” Melissa said.

“Wait he let you use a thermometer on him? How come you wouldn’t let me?” Stiles asked, a little wounded.

Derek looked to him with a raised eyebrow, “because last time you shoved it in and I almost choked.”

“Well there’s a lot of things I shove–”

Son,” his father warned and that got a laugh pulled from Melissa and a blush to cross Derek’s face.  Stiles smirked and curled into Derek’s side feeling shameless. He was an adult with a boyfriend and unlike high school he was so not a virgin, stuff like that was bound to be said.

For a long while they stayed curled up, watching Netflix, his father making witty jokes about Willow and Spike, and Melissa honestly using her mom powers to get Derek to finish the broth without vomiting. As the sun began to set was when the party ended, his father saying he needed sleep for his night shift later and Melissa saying that Scott was stopping by her house soon.

“If you need it take the medicine again in twelve hours for nausea, take the migraine one whenever you need,” Melissa instructed, leaning down to kiss Derek’s cheek before she made her way to the door, offering a wave to Stiles.

“With him around I think I’ll need another bottle,” Derek teased.

Stiles gasped, smacking his arm playfully.

His father stood as well, a hand clasping around Derek’s shoulder, “call me if you need anything Son.”

It didn’t take a genius to realize that “son” wasn’t directed to Stiles. He watched his boyfriend’s eyes widen significantly, something between complete happiness and pure fear washed over his features. There was a moment of silence and Stiles was afraid to even breath, watching their eye contact convey something between them, something Stiles couldn’t even begin to decipher.

“Thanks John,” Derek muttered, voice breaking.

Stiles felt himself nearly coo when the two went in for a hug, his heart melting when his father added, “when you’re ready you can call me dad.”

Then as quick as they came the two left leaving him and Derek in the loft alone. Glancing over to his boyfriend he saw the broken look on his face, green eyes all watery. It made him reach for the puke bucket that had been moved over from the bed.

“Babe?” Stiles prompted, knowing if he needed it or if the tears were the byproduct of something else.

Derek shook his head, wiping his eyes, “‘m fine…can we just cuddle and watch more Buffy?”

“Of course.”  


As for me, prom shoes have to be comfortable and fit your leg perfectly. Also they have to fix it well to avoid confuses. Remember: if you can’t walk on high heels - don’t try to make it on the prom! But if you decided to wear high heels - begin your learning of how to walk and dance on high heels in three weeks before celebrating.
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Can you do a blurb or one shot with any of the boys where they are on tour and you surpire them by showing up at a meet and greet and it get all cute and fluffy!! Thanks love x

a/n: this is honestly so cute thank you for requesting it i really don’t think i did it justice omg i’m sorry also any time y’all give me an option i will literally always choose luke lol :)

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It was Liz’s idea, really; you had popped in to say hi while Luke was away on tour — and, okay, maybe you wanted to stop by his old room and steal one of the hoodies he’d sent her to wash. Sitting on the couch next to her with a cup of tea, she smiled softly, “I don’t want to make you… sad, love,” she reached out and pet your hand affectionately. “But — our boy really misses you, you know?” You felt your cheeks blush crimson at her words; not only at the thought of Luke calling his mum to whine about missing you, but because she approved of you enough to happily share her youngest boy with you.

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