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Burnt Popcorn

here’s from the drabble prompt list. its number 79!! it’s short and simple. enjoy (:

“DAMMIT SPENCER!!” you yelled as you stubbed your toe on the coffee table that he had moved the night before.
“What?!” he yelled back.
“This damn coffee table!! Why didn’t you move it back?!” you said as you rubbed your toe in pain. He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the microwave.
“Hey (Y/N), want some popcorn?” he asked as if nothing had just happened. You glared over at him. You stormed over there with a slight limp.
“No. I want ice! And a foot rub! And an apology.” you said as you gave him a playful punch. He didn’t even flinch. He just put the popcorn in the microwave and picked you up and tossed you on the couch.
“What was that for?!” you shouted. What was his deal?
“I’m giving you a foot rub, (Y/N).” he said as he tickled your feet.
“Spencer Reid, I swear.” you said as you lightly kicked at him. You suddenly smelled an odd smokey scent. You heard the smoke detector go off as you got up from the couch.
“SPENCER THE POPCORN!!!” you yelled. He bolted over and grabbed it from the microwave. He threw it in the sink and poured water on it to try and stop the small fire that was built inside of it.

“Gosh Spence.” you muttered. “What did I do this time?!” he said without even looking up from his wet popcorn mess. You scuttled over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist. “I hope that I’m never stuck on a deserted island with you.” you chuckled. “And why is that?” he said with slight offense in his voice. “Because you can’t even cook popcorn, love” you laughed. He turned around and gave you a soft peck. “You’re a jerk.” he muttered. You let out a laugh and kissed him back. “I’m your jerk.”

One of my roomies knows me better than I thought

I’m pissed at one of our roommates and I was walking to the microwave, with what I thought was a normal expression. But she stopped me and said, “Smile. You look pissed off, alot. I can tell.” While my best friend roomie didn’t notice

title Frequency
summary Seriously, how?
pairing science, but also sasusaku

(For @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart​‘s Fluff Friday)

Static filled the screen. A sharp buzz filled the air, piercing her left temple with an unbearable sharpness. Hissing, tongue between her teeth, she ripped her headphones off. When she shot her partner a glare, his hands were already up in the air.

“Don’t touch the radio again. Got it,” Naruto promised. She clucked her tongue before she twisted the knob a few notches to the left. Naruto scribbled down a note on his legal pad. While he certainly caused a lot of trouble, Sakura had to admit that he was at least a diligent notetaker.

“They say she’s got magic hands, you know. Since Haruno came on board, we’ve found two new signals worth listening to,” Kakashi drawled as he walked in with a microwaved dinner. Sakura eyed the flimsy plastic tray with curiosity but didn’t say anything. She cranked up the volume on the equipment to drown out their voices.

This was from one of the older stars. One that her own mentor had discovered nearly thirty years ago. Kakashi had flagged it as a less probable prospect and so most of the other researchers skimmed over it. Or if they did listen, it wasn’t for more than an hour at a time.

But something about this star felt strange to Sakura. Something about the fuzzy nothingness bothered her. Her eyes drifted shut just as a sharp ping erupted in her headphones. Sakura jolted upright, her binder toppling off her lap. She flapped her hand at Naruto. He fumbled to pull on his own headset. His eyes grew huge as another pulse of sound rose and fell in pitch.

“1….1….2,” Sakura counted out loud. Kakashi dropped his meager dinner before he scrambled to find anything to write on. He began scribbling on the back of an old invoice.

“3…5…8?” she continued. Her eyes met Naruto’s.

“Is that the Fibonacci sequence?” he asked her. She didn’t answer. Knuckles white, she gnawed on her lower lip as she counted the next set of sounds.

“Holy fuck. 13. Sakura. You found something,” Naruto whispered.

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The most romantic thing I’ve ever read is still the scene in @wordswehavesaidworld‘s Partners, with the microwave. 

I can’t describe it. The way the whole thing is set up. In an earlier chapter, after a small tiff between Barry and Oliver, Barry and Diggle buy Oliver some Big Belly Burger while he’s vigilante-ing, and when he comes back, it’s cold. Barry suggests that they should get a microwave for the foundry, an idea that Oliver doesn’t seem that into.

Fast forward many chapters later - Barry has been drugged by The Big Bad and falls asleep in the Foundry after asking for some food (Big Belly Burger, duh). When he wakes up, he makes a comment about how it’s probably cold, and OLIVER. GOD. OLIVER TAKES THE FOOD AND IS LIKE “NO PROBLEM” AND THEN WALKS UP TO THE MICROWAVE HE’S GOTTEN FOR BARRY.


I’ve read many a novel with dying for each other and killing for each other and death-ing for each other, but a gumpy man getting someone a microwave was the one act that brought me to tears.

Bless You

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It is around 11 at night and I am sat on my couch eating popcorn and having a Hunger Games marathon. I pause the movie and get up to pop more popcorn because my gluttonous self has already finished the third bowl. I shuffle into my kitchen and throw another bag into the microwave. I’ve been sitting on that sofa for hours now; I should probably stretch because I feel a little stiff.

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