walk in microwave

When I was in grade 7, I had a seat right next to a microwave in our classroom. One time, a kid in my class walked up to the microwave to heat up his sandwich. However, the thing is, the sandwich was wrapped in tinfoil. My only thought was ‘I wanna see where this goes’ as he placed the tinfoil wrapped sandwich in the microwave. I watched him close the door, punch in the numbers, and press start. He walked away just in time for the microwave to start sparking. The entire class went into a mass panic as the kid ran back up to the microwave. The kid turned it off and opened the door to reveal a sandwich, half of which was on fire. Luckily he was able to blow the fire out. I spent the entire time with a blank expression, way too tired to care.

Shaladin Secret Santa Piece

So my giftee was @tsubasaart ! I wrote them a modern AU featuring pre-established Nurse!Lance and Police Officer!Shiro that ended up a bit angstier than I had intended but I think it turned out pretty nicely. (thanks to @elsiemcclay for betaing this)

“Overnight shift? Again? I just worked that yesterday!” Lance groaned as he looked at the calendar on his phone, bumping the door to his and Shiro’s apartment open. A small smile reappeared on his face, however, when said boyfriend’s face appeared from behind the couch.

“What was that?”

“I was just talking to myself. I’m working the overnight again tomorrow, I’m sorry.” Lance sighed as he walked over, pecking Shiro’s lips before setting his back down by the entrance to the short hallway that was spattered with framed photos of the two of them over the years. “The reservations can be rescheduled, right? I asked for tomorrow night off but you know how it is..” He leaned back a bit as he felt two arms wrap around him. “You might not want to do that—I changed my scrubs, but I got thrown up on this morning.”

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anonymous asked:

HI! I saw you were writing itasaku fanfics and I was wondering if you could do a soulmate themed fic of them! THANK YOU <3

title Red Thread 
summary You just really get me.
pairing Itasaku


Four drops of water raced down the window pane. He leaned against it, staring out at the street below. When he pulled away, his fingerprints had smeared onto the glass. Teeth clenching around his pen, he swiveled away. His chair squeaked. He stared at the numbers on his computer screen.

“Fucking shit. S’gonna rain,” Hidan grumbled from his desk. He turned away from the window too. 

“I’m going out for a smoke before it does,” Kakuzu said, already pulling his jacket off the back of his chair. He tugged his mask down, the elastic loops stretching from behind his ears. Hidan’s glare followed him all the way out.

“He’s had ‘allergies’ for like a month now. He ever think it’s because he smokes a pack a day?” Hidan muttered. 

“Good. Hope the both of you die,” declared Kisame, leaning back in his chair.

“Detective,” reprimanded Itachi without looking up.

“I’m not sorry, Itachi. Those two committed an unforgivable sin. I hope Jashin strikes them both with lightning,” Kisame huffed. He got out of his seat with his mug. 

“Dumbass. Jashin doesn’t do lightning. It’s more severing heads,” snickered Hidan. Kisame grabbed the warm carafe, shaking his head.

“Good. Even better. Hope he cuts off your head and then hits you with lightning,” amended Kisame.

“All we did was eat your ice cream. When are you going to let that go, man?” Hidan said under his breath.

“When you buy me more Chunky Monkey!” Kisame yelled back.

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Ramen Noodles (Peter Parker x plus size reader)

Summary: you and Peter barely know each other until one lunch brings you together.

Warnings: some body shaming, but not a lot

AN: ok so for the microwaves idk if everyone’s school has that or not but mine does, so if your school doesn’t you can just imagine it does. Also for the ramen noodles I’m talking about the ones that are in the cup and you put water in them so yea👌😂 This idea is kind of cheesy and I hate myself for writing it but whatever😂hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by parkers-myth

Another boring day of school, another lunch. You huffed as you punched in the number 3:00 on the microwaves that were placed in the back of the cafeteria. You stood there, your arms crossed, with your music blasting trying to block out all of the other annoying teenagers. As you stood there two girls and one boy were also using the other microwaves.

The two girls you recognized from your English class and the boy, you were pretty sure you had chemistry with. You also remember him being one of MJ’s ‘friends’ who you sat with at lunch. You never really talked to many of Michelle’s other friends, since you were so shy and hadn’t really opened up to them yet.

As you stood there, you watched the girls look over at you and giggle. You turned your music down so you could listen in on their conversation.

“Would you look at her? She has no right wearing that.” One said as they eyed your outfit, just a simple sweater and skirt. You rolled your eyes at their stupid comment. They then both grabbed their food from the microwave and left to sit at their seats.

1:06. How much you had left until you could walk over to your friends, or actually friend, and stop awkwardly standing there. The rest of the time you waited for your lunch to be done you were on your phone. You felt like someone was staring at you so you looked up to see that one boy staring at you.

As your eyes looked at each other, the microwave went off causing the boy to jump a little, dropping his phone in the process. As you opened the microwave, you let out a little laugh. You grabbed your instant lunch and walked away, leaving Peter a blushing mess, staring at you as you walked away.

You reached your table and saw Michelle sitting there with a book in her hand sitting across from Ned or at least that’s what you think his name was. You sat down next to her and set your cup down.

“Seriously y/n? Do you know how unhealthy those things are? There is so much cholesterol in them.” She laughed and you rolled your eyes and laughed along. It was always a joke between you two of how much you loved ramen and how much Michelle hated the food.

“They may be unhealthy but they are still delicious.” You said as you took a fork full of ramen and put it in your mouth. As you did Peter sat next to Ned and across from you. He started to eat his food and glanced up at you more times than he would like to admit.

After you finished your noodles you took the empty cup and went to go throw it out. Peter continued to ‘secretly’ stare at you but you ignored it.

“Hey Michelle.” You whispered over to her.

“Yes?” She answered. You moved closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“What’s that boy who is sitting across from me’s name?”

“Peter.” She whispered back and you let out an ohhh.

“You don’t like the boy do you?” Michelle spoke up knowing the boy probably wouldn’t even get what you two were talking about.

“No of course not.” You argued “I didn’t even know his name before you told me.”

“Sureeeee you didn’t.” Michelle said back.

“What?! What do you mean 'sureeee you didn’t’” You asked Michelle imitating her voice for the last part. She giggled and the bell rang before she could answer.

“I’ll tell you later, I have to get to class.” She said as she started to get up “bye I’ll see you later.” You waved to her as you also began to leave for your next class. But as you got up you couldn’t help but notice the lingering stare from Peter.


It was the next day at lunch. You went to the microwaves again. As you got to the lunchroom Peter was microwaving what looked like left over chinese food. You quickly unwrapped the cup from the plastic, filled it with water and stuck it in the microwave.

“So ramen noodles?” Peter awkwardly said trying to make a conversation. His face began to turn bright red. You looked up from the ground to meet Peter’s nervous face. His expression make you stifle out a couple of laughs.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing.” You said as you noticed that Peter’s face turned 10 times redder.

“I’m-I’m uhh Peter-r.” He said as scratched the back of his neck. “But you probably already-y knew that.”

“Not until yesterday.” You replied with a smile. He gave you confused expression but you just laughed. “I’m y/n.”

“Yea I know.” Peter said “I mean-n know that cause Michelle told me once. Not because I’m a stalker or anything.” Peter tried to cover up what he said by acting cool. The major deal breaker was probably when he tried to lean on the wall, but instead he completely missed the wall and stumbled over his own two feet.

“So-o ummm-” before Peter could ask you a question both of your microwaves buzzed, signaling that your lunch was done. You opened the microwave and grabbed the cup. And Peter grabbed his food.

You both awkwardly and silently walked back to your table. You saw that Ned and Michelle were already sitting next to each other making you and Peter sit next to each other. So for the remender of the lunch you both stayed quiet.


It was the beginning of the winter season. It had been one of those terribly cold where everything and everywhere seemed to be cold. Including the lunch room. Unfortunately the cold weather got to both Ned and Michelle, giving them colds, and making them miss school. Meaning it would just be you and Peter at lunch.

As you walked into the lunch you noticed Peter already sitting at the lunch table. You walked over to him and set your bag beside him. And grabbed your ramen.

“I’ll be right back.” You said quietly over to him and he just nodded his head. As you started to cook the ramen you realized that Peter must have forgotten to bring. So as you started to walk back to the table you picked up two forks instead of your usual one fork. You placed the cup and forks at the table. Peter looked at you confused as you handed him a fork.

“Do you have lunch or not?” You asked.

“I-I forgot it at home cause I-.” Peter began but you interrupted him.

“You can have some of mine.” You said as you offered the fork to him again.

“Are you sure? I’ll feel bad.” Peter said.

“You feel bad about the weirdest things.” You laughed as he turned red “seriously it’s fine.” He looked at you with his big chocolate browns eyes and nodded.You both began to move closer to the cup, making both of your thighs touch and your bodies almost squished together.

“This is ugh really good.” Peter said as he finished his first bite. You let out a giggle. “Thanks for ugh letting me have some.”

“Don’t worry I understand. I hate when I forget my lunch.” Peter then just laughed and smiled at you. As you both continued to each your lunch those two same girls that were at the microwaves walked past you two.

“Thank god she’s sharing her lunch. Maybe it can help her finally lose a few pounds.” Your smile instantly turned into a frown as you dropped your fork and stopped eating. Peter immediately noticed this.

“You know you shouldn’t listen to those girls.”

“Yea I know.” You huffed “but I just want to feel what it’s like being perfect and skinny.”

“Y/n.” Peter turned to you “I pretty sure you would feel the same if you felt what it was like to be so called 'perfect.’”

“Yea but-”

“Well actually I think you have already felt what it feels like to be perfect. Everyday actually.” You let out a laugh.

“That was the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said.” You laughed cheering you up a bit.

“Yea it might be but it’s true.” You smiled brightly.


Who knew the kid you sat with at lunch you barely even knew would become one of your closest friends and soon to be crush?

Mother Kills Infant Daughter Using Microwave.

On August 30, 2005, a woman named China Arnold returned to her apartment in Montgomery County, Ohio, furiously angry and aching for revenge. Her boyfriend, Terrell Talley, had expressed doubt over the paternity of the couples twenty-eight-day old daughter, Paris, and accused Arnold of cheating. To prove a point, Arnold seized the sleeping baby and committed an unthinkable atrocity; she cooked her baby in the microwave.

The next day Arnold took the unresponsive, limp infant to the emergency room, and horrified doctors when she presented the little body covered in third degree burns. A crash team fought to revive Paris, but it was far too late; the baby had died from heat exposure (well over 200 degrees) over a period of two minutes. It would have been an excruciating death, and Arnold was immediately suspected of murder.

A police officer gained access to the apartment and attempted to find the heat source that killed Paris. In the bathroom he found a tub filled with a “cloudy sediment, like flaky skin”, and a burnt towel stained with a dark liquid. The officer confessed he walked past the microwave “about twenty five times” but did not think for a second it was the instrument used to kill the baby.

Arnold was charged with one count of aggravated murder after a friend testified Arnold had told her Paris “fit right into” the microwave. The defense attempted to frame her young son for the murder, claiming the boy had put Paris in the microwave as part of a game. In May 2011, Arnold was finally found guilty of murdering Paris Talley and sentenced to life inprisonment without parole.

Frying pans?!

This came to me after an amazing anon came and told me about a dream involving Lucifer, Castiel, Chuck and frying pans. I literally got this idea in my head straight away and had to write it. Tags are from the tag lists from SPN Fanfic pond and @mrswhozeewhatsis

Summary: Lucifer is annoying you and demands a duel from Cas for your honor.

Warnings: Fluff.

Pairing: Reader x Lucifer? Reader X Castiel? Reader X Chuck? Gotta read to find out :D

Word count: 793.

Originally posted by lucifer-is-pretty

“Get away from me you weirdo.” You shouted at Lucifer. He had been following you around the Bunker for days. Just yesterday, he popped into your room as you were in the middle of a Disney marathon and he hadn’t stopped going on about it since.

“Really Y/N? I’m the weirdo.” Lucifer scoffed. “You’re a grown woman who watched Disney crap.”

You spun on your heel, jabbing your finger into his face. “Listen here you hell spawn. I enjoy the films. Lots of people watch them at all ages. Besides do you really have a leg to stand on? You go strop into your room like a teenager whenever you throw a tantrum and you are one of the oldest beings in creation.” You were panting by the end of your rant but you were furious with him. The sooner your brothers came back the better.

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Spend The Night (Part 3)

Originally posted by kissedmequick

Summary: Dean and reader have their third sleepover…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language

A/N: It’s getting so cute…

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Wait in Line: Chapter Two - Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: (Y/n) has been Derek’s best friend for as long as he can remember and he can’t help being hopelessly in love with her. But then he loses his family to the fire and has to leave before he can tell her and now he doesn’t know if he’ll ever see her again. 

As always, thanks to @agirlwithpointlessideas

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

Wait in Line Masterlist  

(Y/n) jumped to her feet, clasping Laura’s hand as they watched Derek throw the ball, everything seemed to go in slow motion as their eyes followed it through the hoop. Their hands flew into the air as they cheered loudly, excitedly celebrating Beacon Hills’ victory. On the court Derek could make out their voices, his chest puffing out with pride as he sent a wink (y/n)’s way.

She blushed, her face painting itself pink as she tried to pretend it was from the excitement of watching the game. (Y/n) found herself hating how good he looked in his uniform and how he barely broke a sweat due to his werewolf abilities.

The players disappeared off the pitch, giving her brief rest bite as tables were brought onto the court for the signing session. Laura smirked at her knowingly but (y/n) pointedly ignored her, casually making her way down the bleachers as if she wasn’t thinking about Derek’s defined arms or his stupid smirk that seemed to run in the family.

They hung back as Derek was swarmed by students and parents alike, all giving him their congratulations before getting him to sign their cards. He charmed his way through it, offering everyone charismatic smiles as he politely listened to what they had to say. Once the crowd started to die down, (y/n) grabbed a card and joined the queue. Derek’s friends recognised her immediately but they made sure to keep the flirting to a minimum, knowing from experience that Derek didn’t take to kindly to them flirting with her, Alex’s nose was still slightly crooked.

Derek was exhausted as the minutes dragged, all he wanted was to shower and sleep, preferably after watching a movie with (y/n). But as a player in the team, he had to take part in the signing session, even if he hated it. When another card was slid across the table, he couldn’t bring himself to look up.

“Who am I making it out to?”

“Your one and only best friend in the entire universe” Before he could even try to stop it, a beaming smile grew on his face. Standing up, he leant over the table and pulled (y/n) into a hug, laughing when she tried to scramble away from him. Eventually, she gave up, relaxing into his arms and patting his back. “You smell like wet dog”

Derek pulled back with an offended pout adorning his lips. “Thanks, it not like I just played an hour of basketball or anything”

(Y/n) bit her lip to stop herself from laughing. “Sorry”

“No, you’re not” He grumbled as he wrote on her card.

“No, not really” Derek let out an offended sigh to cover up the smile that was tugging at the corners of his mouth. (Y/n) didn’t move to the next player, instead, she leant across the table and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I’m proud of you, you were incredible today”

If anyone ever accused Derek of blushing, he would deny it. Unable to respond without making a fool of himself, he slid her card back across the table, smirking when she didn’t get the next players signature and instead went to sit with Laura on the bleachers as they waited for him to finish.

(Y/n)’s heart stuttered in her chest as she sat down next to Laura, an unmoveable smile stuck on her face. She’d forgotten about the card in her hand until she heard Laura scoff loudly. Looking down, she bit her lip as she read Derek’s scruffy handwriting.

To my best girl, the last one was for you, from your absolute favourite basketball all-star x

She rolled her eyes, snickering under her breath as she tucked the card into her jacket pocket. Laura bumped her shoulder as she stood up, signalling that it was time to go. (Y/n) trailed after her, lost in thought as they made their way to the car.

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common cold // nh

Here’s 4.1 k of shameless fluffy dad!niall stuff about his little one being sick and I’m not sure that I wrote in enough Niall but i hope that it was good and that you all like it and feedback is always appreciated! Thank you for the request anon! 

Niall was care-free.

He didn’t let little things get to him and he could keep his head in most stressful situations. You’d seen him be the only one to laugh and smile after three flights and four shows had been canceled for the band like it was just another Monday in paradise. He had that personality that made him happy by default, it automatically switched on when he noticed things were getting too serious to quick. You’d only ever seen him really worry a handful of times and when Niall was worried, it made you scared. He would go stone faced and he’d fiddle with his fingers and his hands, like he didn’t know exactly what to do with them. You hated when Niall was worried about anything, but it seemed that from the moment your daughter was conceived, all he could do was worry about her.

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Every day Disableism

Disabled person: *uses a mobility aid or some other device that allows them to carry out normal activity or work around their physical or mental limitations.*

Able bodied person: LAZY!! CHEATER!! NOT TRYING!!

Able bodied person: *uses remote control to change TV channel instead of standing up and using the buttons on the TV; drives to the shops instead of doing the 15 minute walk; reheats food in the microwave instead of using a pan on the stove; makes Pinterest board of “life hacks”*

Able bodied person: I am so clever. I am so efficient. 

The Prettiest

Originally posted by infiredbyshinee-shiningyoongi

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: -

Word Count: 993

Summary: Inspired by this post

// (I’m very new at this I’m so sorry if it sucks)


The bass was blaring into Yoongi’s ears as he tried so desperately to figure out what his recording lacked. Taehyung’s falsettos were all in the right places, intertwining with Jin’s high notes. Namjoon’s narration and lyrics were in time with the beat, Hoseok’s rap as well. Yoongi had just added Jungkook’s harmony to Jimin’s second chorus to see if it would work when Hoseok tapped his shoulder.
“What do you want” Yoongi uttered, his face unsmiling due to the frustrations he was experiencing with his work.
“Hyung, it’s a quarter past midnight,” Hoseok told him, leaning his shoulder against the open door frame behind him “Come home and eat something.”
Yoongi was debating whether to tell Hoseok to fuck off, or give him five more minutes before the younger spoke again.
“Jimin’s getting fussy and worried.”
Yoongi threw his head backward, closing his eyes to shut out the insipidity of the white fluorescent lights. Heaving a sigh, he straightened up and saved his progress, if he could call it that. Lazily packing his notebooks back into the small bag he brought and throwing on his coat, Yoongi finally turned to Hoseok, who had his arms crossed and his head leaning onto the doorframe with his shoulder. He smiled at Yoongi.
“Shut up.”

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Burnt Popcorn

here’s from the drabble prompt list. its number 79!! it’s short and simple. enjoy (:

“DAMMIT SPENCER!!” you yelled as you stubbed your toe on the coffee table that he had moved the night before.
“What?!” he yelled back.
“This damn coffee table!! Why didn’t you move it back?!” you said as you rubbed your toe in pain. He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the microwave.
“Hey (Y/N), want some popcorn?” he asked as if nothing had just happened. You glared over at him. You stormed over there with a slight limp.
“No. I want ice! And a foot rub! And an apology.” you said as you gave him a playful punch. He didn’t even flinch. He just put the popcorn in the microwave and picked you up and tossed you on the couch.
“What was that for?!” you shouted. What was his deal?
“I’m giving you a foot rub, (Y/N).” he said as he tickled your feet.
“Spencer Reid, I swear.” you said as you lightly kicked at him. You suddenly smelled an odd smokey scent. You heard the smoke detector go off as you got up from the couch.
“SPENCER THE POPCORN!!!” you yelled. He bolted over and grabbed it from the microwave. He threw it in the sink and poured water on it to try and stop the small fire that was built inside of it.

“Gosh Spence.” you muttered. “What did I do this time?!” he said without even looking up from his wet popcorn mess. You scuttled over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist. “I hope that I’m never stuck on a deserted island with you.” you chuckled. “And why is that?” he said with slight offense in his voice. “Because you can’t even cook popcorn, love” you laughed. He turned around and gave you a soft peck. “You’re a jerk.” he muttered. You let out a laugh and kissed him back. “I’m your jerk.”
Target Employee! Mingyu

hey guys! here is the second installment of my Seventeen shopping mall employees au, wow thats long. but alot of people enjoyed my Vernon imagine and gave me such positive feedback! i really appreciate it, and i hope you all will enjoy the rest of my writing! 

  •  this boi in target would be a freaking legend
  •  he’s organised, punctual, efficient etc
  •  loves his job sm
  •  close to being store assistant manager
  •  proud af of himself
  •  struts around with his cute smile
  •  is THAT employee that askes everyone “do you need help with anything?”
  •  all the other employees have to ask him for help constantly
  •  that would only make his self-esteem get higher
  •  he knows he’s good at his job
  •  you walk into target, holding a list of new appliances that you need for your new apartment
  •  kinda confused bc you weren’t familiar with the area and lowkey had trouble finding target in the first place
  •  anyways
  •  you walk to the microwaves and stuff when a tall figure approached you
  •  “hello, would you like any assistance today?” the calm voice spoke
  •  you turned and saw a boy smiling at you
  •  “um yeah actually, I need everything on this list” you show him
  •  he leans his head towards yours to read the list
  •  he smelt good
  •  wow not creepy at all
  •  “okay, well you’ve come to the right person, I’m kind of a legend around here”
  •  “oh really now?”
  •  “mhmm” he hummed, leading you towards the kettles
  •  whilst walking through the store together, he started making small talk
  •  “how long ago did you move here?” he asked
  •  “um like Monday”
  •  “you’re organised, I like it”
  •  you blushed at his comment
  •  you looked at his name tag ‘Mingyu’
  •  nice name
  •  he was hella helpful
  •  he even pushed the trolley for you while you grabbed which appliances you liked
  •  “Mingyu we’ve been walking around for like an hour, I think I have everything”
  •  “no no but y/n, what about spoons and forks?” he whined
  •  you rolled your eyes, giggling at his childish manner
  •  you had literally been walking with him and talking for so long
  •  you were worried he was gonna get told off for like bludging or something
  •  “ok noW I think I’m done” you huffed, taking a look at your trolley full of stuff
  •  “yeah I’ll help you check them out”
  •  (or check you out whatever lol)
  •  “thankyou for this, I probably would have been here for hours without you” you complimented him
  •  “ah that’s alright, come by again soon, I like talking to you.” He smiled softly
  •  your heart did some flips yo
  •  you couldn’t stop blushing wow
  •  he finished scanning your stuff
  •  being the clingy lil boy he is
  •  he helped you load the stuff into your car
  •  like what a man
  •  “you didn’t have to do this for me” you kept telling him but he kept ignoring it
  •  “y/n, I want to help.”
  •  You sighed, feeling at ease when he spoke to you
  •  You were about to go
  •  But he grabbed your wrist
  •  Lmao cliché
  •  But still
  •  Cute
  •  “do you wanna, hang out another time? I just had a lot of fun today but like I get if you don’t want to I just thoug-“
  •  “I would love that” you interrupted his stuttering
  •  his smile was so big
  •  it took over his whole face aw
  •  you exchanged numbers
  •  his name set as “mingyu the cute target dude”
  •  “I can’t figure out a name for you!” he whined
  •  “y/n, with 3 love hearts thanks” you joked
  •  but he wasn’t playin
  •  so you got your hearts
  •  and that’s that
  •  isn’t mingyu the sweetest
  •  ok bye now
  •  this was fun

anonymous asked:

98 + Harry Hart?❤️

Pairing: Reader x Harry Hart.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 377
Prompts: “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
A/N: If this fic has taught me anything, it’s that I cannot spell lasagne. (I even had to use autocorrect on that one. Oh my Goodness it is not that hard to spell, Sam!!)

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Prompto reacting to S/O announcing pregnancy

The third part in the series! Gladio can be found here. Noctis can be found here. Ignis here.

Warning: Spoilers! This plays after chapter 13 and pre chapter 14! 

Genre: Fluff, pregnancy announcement obvs, surprising prompto

Words: 2100+

Her heart was racing a mile a minute. She was overjoyed and overly excited to share the news with her long term boyfriend. 5 years ago they met on a shopping trip through the brightest city in the world: Lestallum. Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable. Through the highs and through the lows, nothing could tear them apart. It was only a matter of time until they’d get married, that was for sure! However, Prompto always mentioned that he wanted to get married once the sun returns. And when that’d be was uncertain. Noctis had to return first. But that was fine with her, she didn’t mind waiting.
Although they had been dating for quite some time, they never spoke about starting a family. They both only ever dropped hints, mentioning how cute babies are and how their offspring would be the most adorable baby in the entire world. Therefore his S/O was positive he’d be happy about the news of them expecting a baby.
She had been pregnant for 3 weeks by now but only found out 3 days ago. Unfortunately, her Chocobo-haired boyfriend had been gone for that exact time. She chose to test on those days just in case she wasn’t actually pregnant and only imagined things. She didn’t want to disappoint Prompto or worry him even. 

But now it was disclosed: she was pregnant. They were expecting an addition to their family.

So by the time Prompto came home, she had set up everything. The mother-to-be couldn’t wait to tell him, was way too happy about that news. He had to know. Now. 

(continue reading thing’s here)

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25 Days of Stray Kids - Day 1

Title: ‘Advent Calendars’

Genre: fluff

Member: Kim Woojin

QOTD: What advent calendar do you have?

AOTD: I actually dk yet I have yet to open it UPDATE: I have a lindor one!!!


“Woojin! Woojin!” I exclaimed, hearing the familiar noise of the key in the keyhole.

“Woah, you alright?” Woojin asked, putting his hand on my waist and leaning down to kiss me.

“Yes! I’m excited!” I exclaimed.

“What? Why?” he asked.

“Do you not know?” I asked, shocked.

“Um… no?”

I shook my head, taking his hand and leading him to the kitchen, stopping in front of the calendar.

“What day is it today?” I asked, turning to face him.

A look of panic washed over him.

“Our anniversary?!” He exclaimed.

I laughed, “no.”

“Your birthday?!”

“No!” I laughed.

He looked at me confused, “my birthday?”

I laughed, “you’re such an idiot.”

“I don’t understand,” he said, shaking his head.

I walked over to the microwave and picked up the two advent calendars that were leaning against it, shaking them in Woojin’s face.

“Are you serious?!” Woojin exclaimed.

I nodded, “it’s the first of December!”

“You panicked me!” Woojin exclaimed, “I’m having my chocolate though.”

I gave him a guilty look.

“What?” Woojin asked, “wait. Y/N.”

I smiled, “you can have both tomorrow!”

Woojin sighed, pulling me into a hug, as he smacked my head, “I can’t believe you.”