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Burnt Popcorn

here’s from the drabble prompt list. its number 79!! it’s short and simple. enjoy (:

“DAMMIT SPENCER!!” you yelled as you stubbed your toe on the coffee table that he had moved the night before.
“What?!” he yelled back.
“This damn coffee table!! Why didn’t you move it back?!” you said as you rubbed your toe in pain. He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the microwave.
“Hey (Y/N), want some popcorn?” he asked as if nothing had just happened. You glared over at him. You stormed over there with a slight limp.
“No. I want ice! And a foot rub! And an apology.” you said as you gave him a playful punch. He didn’t even flinch. He just put the popcorn in the microwave and picked you up and tossed you on the couch.
“What was that for?!” you shouted. What was his deal?
“I’m giving you a foot rub, (Y/N).” he said as he tickled your feet.
“Spencer Reid, I swear.” you said as you lightly kicked at him. You suddenly smelled an odd smokey scent. You heard the smoke detector go off as you got up from the couch.
“SPENCER THE POPCORN!!!” you yelled. He bolted over and grabbed it from the microwave. He threw it in the sink and poured water on it to try and stop the small fire that was built inside of it.

“Gosh Spence.” you muttered. “What did I do this time?!” he said without even looking up from his wet popcorn mess. You scuttled over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist. “I hope that I’m never stuck on a deserted island with you.” you chuckled. “And why is that?” he said with slight offense in his voice. “Because you can’t even cook popcorn, love” you laughed. He turned around and gave you a soft peck. “You’re a jerk.” he muttered. You let out a laugh and kissed him back. “I’m your jerk.”
common cold // nh

Here’s 4.1 k of shameless fluffy dad!niall stuff about his little one being sick and I’m not sure that I wrote in enough Niall but i hope that it was good and that you all like it and feedback is always appreciated! Thank you for the request anon! 

Niall was care-free.

He didn’t let little things get to him and he could keep his head in most stressful situations. You’d seen him be the only one to laugh and smile after three flights and four shows had been canceled for the band like it was just another Monday in paradise. He had that personality that made him happy by default, it automatically switched on when he noticed things were getting too serious to quick. You’d only ever seen him really worry a handful of times and when Niall was worried, it made you scared. He would go stone faced and he’d fiddle with his fingers and his hands, like he didn’t know exactly what to do with them. You hated when Niall was worried about anything, but it seemed that from the moment your daughter was conceived, all he could do was worry about her.

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Moving Out - J-Hope Drabble


Pairing: J-Hope x Reader

Genre: humor / fluff

Warnings: Mature language

Word count: 514

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Drabble below the cut! Please enjoy~ ^.^

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“Sorry?” Pt. 2

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(Not my gif) 

Authors Note: So here is part 2! I hope y’all enjoy! Also, this takes place before the season 3 finale. 

Warnings: minor swearing

Summary: Y/N and the team get to know each other a bit better. A situation comes up and Barry handles it. 

Word Count: 747

As Y/N watched from a short distance, she couldn’t help but think that Barry Allen was kind of cute. Almost as if he could tell what she was thinking, he turned to her and said, “Hey Y/N, come on over here and get to know your new team a bit better.” He smiled a warm smile and Y/N thought to herself, Gladly.

Y/N had spent a few weeks with team flash and had really gotten to know everyone. Iris and Caitlin had taken an immediate liking to her and they became fast friends. As Y/N was training, Cisco calls over the comms. 

“Guys, we have a situation.” He says nervously. Y/N stops hitting the punching bag and runs out to the cortex. Barry was already there, obviously, and was waiting for the rest of the team to get there. 

“Alright Cisco,” Barry said as Julian and H.R. walked in, “What are we up against?” 

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The Prettiest

Originally posted by infiredbyshinee-shiningyoongi

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: -

Word Count: 993

Summary: Inspired by this post

// (I’m very new at this I’m so sorry if it sucks)


The bass was blaring into Yoongi’s ears as he tried so desperately to figure out what his recording lacked. Taehyung’s falsettos were all in the right places, intertwining with Jin’s high notes. Namjoon’s narration and lyrics were in time with the beat, Hoseok’s rap as well. Yoongi had just added Jungkook’s harmony to Jimin’s second chorus to see if it would work when Hoseok tapped his shoulder.
“What do you want” Yoongi uttered, his face unsmiling due to the frustrations he was experiencing with his work.
“Hyung, it’s a quarter past midnight,” Hoseok told him, leaning his shoulder against the open door frame behind him “Come home and eat something.”
Yoongi was debating whether to tell Hoseok to fuck off, or give him five more minutes before the younger spoke again.
“Jimin’s getting fussy and worried.”
Yoongi threw his head backward, closing his eyes to shut out the insipidity of the white fluorescent lights. Heaving a sigh, he straightened up and saved his progress, if he could call it that. Lazily packing his notebooks back into the small bag he brought and throwing on his coat, Yoongi finally turned to Hoseok, who had his arms crossed and his head leaning onto the doorframe with his shoulder. He smiled at Yoongi.
“Shut up.”

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Mother Kills Infant Daughter Using Microwave.

On August 30, 2005, a woman named China Arnold returned to her apartment in Montgomery County, Ohio, furiously angry and aching for revenge. Her boyfriend, Terrell Talley, had expressed doubt over the paternity of the couples twenty-eight-day old daughter, Paris, and accused Arnold of cheating. To prove a point, Arnold seized the sleeping baby and committed an unthinkable atrocity; she cooked her baby in the microwave.

The next day Arnold took the unresponsive, limp infant to the emergency room, and horrified doctors when she presented the little body covered in third degree burns. A crash team fought to revive Paris, but it was far too late; the baby had died from heat exposure (well over 200 degrees) over a period of two minutes. It would have been an excruciating death, and Arnold was immediately suspected of murder.

A police officer gained access to the apartment and attempted to find the heat source that killed Paris. In the bathroom he found a tub filled with a “cloudy sediment, like flaky skin”, and a burnt towel stained with a dark liquid. The officer confessed he walked past the microwave “about twenty five times” but did not think for a second it was the instrument used to kill the baby.

Arnold was charged with one count of aggravated murder after a friend testified Arnold had told her Paris “fit right into” the microwave. The defense attempted to frame her young son for the murder, claiming the boy had put Paris in the microwave as part of a game. In May 2011, Arnold was finally found guilty of murdering Paris Talley and sentenced to life inprisonment without parole.

Spend The Night (Part 3)

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Summary: Dean and reader have their third sleepover…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language

A/N: It’s getting so cute…

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Bum Touching// Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Comedy, fluff,

Summary:Anonymous said:
hello💖💓💘 may i request a suuuper fluffy scenario with mark where he’s constantly touching y/n’s butt and y/n gets a little annoyed about it (but secretly really really enjoys it) and decides to do the same with mark? it’s just an idea, you can change/play around it however you want // I LOVE YOUR WRITING // thank you💖💓💘

Author’s Note: This is such a mark thing to do i sweAR TO GOD IM SCREAMING

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)-noona!” Yugyeom chuckled when he opened the door to see you, wrapping his arms around you to pull you in for a tight hug.

“Hi, Gyeomie~” You hummed, patting his back softly for him to let you go, sliding off your shoes as all of the other boys’ heads peeked up from above the couch.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Youngjae smiled at you softly, waving as all of the boys followed, giving you greetings as you walked over to the couch.

“Hey guys,” you hummed, “where’s my bo-“

“jagGIII!” Your statement was interrupted by the man himself, Mark. You and Mark had been dating for around six months, causing you to become close friends with all of the boys from GOT7. The months you had been with him made you the happiest you have ever been.

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Beer Pong Part 2

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Request: @harrypotterpostblogger asked if there was gonna part 2!

Words: 716

Warnings: none

A/N: (who can spot the small in the heights quote?)

Part One

You kept replaying your last conversation with John. You thought of the forced smiles and stiff movements. You thought of the loving looks shared by the couple, and the lingering touches. You groaned, picking up your phone to call Alex.

“Hey, what’s up?” His voice asked through the receiver.

“Why didn’t you tell me John had a girlfriend?” You demanded, your voice slightly cracking.

“Well, I was going to, but he said he could do it. You’re jealous aren’t you?” You could hear the smirk in Alex’s voice.

“Shut up.”

“Well, I’ll be at your dorm in like 5 minutes.” You sighed in relief, knowing he’d bring popcorn.


Knock. Knock. Knock.

You raced to the door, greeting your friend.

“Sleepless as always. Seriously, your bags are dark as hell.” You commented, letting Alex inside, smiling slightly at the bag of uncooked popcorn kernels in his hand.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I have like 10 electives.” He defended, walking to the microwave to cook the popcorn.

“It is literally all your fault for choosing 10 electives you idiot!” You laughed, following him.

“Yeah yeah.” He waved you off, putting in the time for the microwave. It started; a faint noise rang out that indicated it was working.

“He never expressed any interest in anyone when I knew him, so why is he suddenly in love?” You wondered aloud.

“Well, there has been a girl he’s had his eyes on for a while.” Alex laughed at your sudden interest and surprise. “But I think she’s extremely oblivious to his love.”

“W-Wait who?” You questioned, frustrated.

“You, idiot! He went up to me last month raving about the ‘cute girl’ he ran into in the hallway!” Alex was smiling, but your expression hadn’t changed from surprise.

“Wh- But, he’s dating-”

“Probably trying to get over you.” Alex pulled the popcorn from the microwave, walking beside you to the couch.

“Damn.” You breathed. “I’m just too late.”

“I’m sure you could still go over to his house and tell him.” Alex mentioned, causing a grin to break out on your face.

“You think?” He nodded, and without another word you ran out of your dorm. You navigated through the halls, and finally found yourself in front of John’s door. You knocked, waiting impatiently for the door to open. When it did, you realized how stupid this idea was.

“Oh, hey Y/N. What’re doing here?” John smiled, and you could see Annabeth in the background. She was watching you with an odd look, which made you uncomfortable.

“Can we talk?” You managed to say, as he gave you a confused expression. He closed the door behind him, leaving the two of you alone in the hallway.

“You alright?” You nodded, swallowing hard.

“I just… Well Alex kinda told me-” You were cut off by John groaning.

“He told you about my crush on you, didn’t he?” He sounded annoyed, making you regret talking to him.

“Um… Yeah, and I just wanted to-” You paused, not meeting his eye. “I like you too, but now you’re dating Annabeth and so you probably don’t like me anymore and that’s ok I just needed to tell you ok bye.” You said in one breath, quickly turning to leave before he processed the sentence.

“Wait, Y/N!” He grabbed your wrist, launching you backwards. He caught you before you stumbled onto the ground, and gave you a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I- uh- I know I have a girlfriend. But, I don’t know, I still really like you. Plus, Annabeth’s kind of a bitch.” He laughed.

“You still like me?” Was all you could say. He nodded, pulling you into a hug. You immediately melted into it. “What are you going to do about her, though?” Your voice was muffled from the hug.

“I could just break up with her and start dating you instead.” Your cheeks heated up, and suddenly you were stuttering. John laughed, breaking away from the hug and giving you a quick kiss before returning to his dorm. You smiled to yourself, and ran off to tell Alex the news.

Connect Call

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Request: Happy Imagine where you are childhood friends but you haven’t heard from Happy for years until you get a phone call from him in prison.

Type in bold is flashbacks.


High School Graduation. You had made it, despite all odds, you had finished high school. You stood in front of the mirror and stared at your reflection and took a deep breath. Today was the first day of the rest of your life. The graduation ceremony started in two hours and after that, you were free. Free from the shitty hallways and shitty classrooms. Free from the shitty teachers and your god-awful classmates.
The roar of the motorcycle pulling up outside bought you back to reality and you grinned before running outside.
He stood leaning against his bike, his black t-shirt clinging to his sculpted body.
“Happy!” You yelled as you ran towards your best friend.
He grinned at moved towards you and you leapt into his arms.
He twirled you around, with of your hugging each tight on the front lawn of your house.
Happy was your best friend. You had grown up together and you had spent every afternoon together, getting high down by the river or getting drunk and getting shitty tattooed and hiding them from your parents. He had dropped out of school last year, when his mom got sick the first time. And despite seeing him everyday after school you would spend all day in your classes dreaming about him.
You were madly in love with him, of course. How could you not be. He was loyal and caring. He had a good heart and he could make you laugh harder than anyone else. He didn’t talk much, to others. But sometimes you could barely shut him up. You dreamed of a life with him, despite what your parents thought, and despite knowing he didn’t feel the same way. You were like a sister to him, and it broke your heart silently every time you thought about it.
“Hey pumpkin.” He grinned at you and you rolled your eyes.
He had been calling you that for two years, ever since you’d gotten high with him at the river then gone home, eaten the whole pumpkin pie, and threw up all over your moms thanksgiving dinner.
That was the first time your parents banned you from seeing Happy, but you had rebelled against them, and they knew better than to try stop it these days.
“You ready?” He asked you, an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face.
You tilted your head and looked at him questioningly.
“How mad do you think your parents will be if you arrive at graduation on the back of my bike?” He asked you, his smirk turning into a full blown grin.
You laughed and nodded. “Lets go Hap.”

“Clean up on aisle two.”
You sighed as you stacked the last can on the shelf. You had ten minutes left of your shift and it was just typical that there would be a spill just before you finished.
You walked to the cleaning closet and pulled out the mop and bucket and pushed them in front of you as you walked to Aisle Two.
You looked at the open can of soda on the floor and the fizzy puddle surrounding it and swept the hair out of your face as you began pushing the mop around.
You hummed along to the music as you mopped.
Once you’d finished you walked back to the closet and poured the soda in your bucket into the basin.
You watched it pour down the drain, and couldn’t help but think the soda was a metaphor for your life.
You’d been working at the grocery store  for four years now, and you knew you were wasting your life.
You used to have such big dreams for your future, for your life.
You wanted to travel the world, have a family and make a name for yourself.
But that had all turned to shit years ago.
You rubbed the wedding ring on your finger for comfort and leant against the wall.
The smell of bleach filled your lungs and you closed your eyes, wishing that you could just disappear.
37. You were 37 years old and widowed. You had no kids, no friends, you worked in a grocery store, earning just enough money to pay the rent in your one bedroom apartment and keep yourself alive. Living the dream, you thought sarcastically.

You scanned the room, eyeing the men clad in leather and the topless girls.
ACDC blasted through the speakers and the scent of weed and pussy swirled around you.
“Lookin for me, gorgeous?” A voice slurred and an arm draped over your shoulder and the breath filled with alcohol was hot on your air.
You shrugged the arm off you and glared at the man.
“In your dreams.” You said with an icy stare.
The man shrugged and walked away, leaving you standing alone in the doorway of the Sons Of Anarchy Tacoma charters clubhouse.
You looked towards the back of the room and finally spotted him.
It felt like acid poured through your veins, or knives ripping through your body.
There he sat, your best friend, Happy Lowman, with a topless red head in his lap, grinding into him.
You fought back tears and swallowed before waking towards him.
You cleared your throat as you stood at the end of the couch but he didn’t even look up.
You fumbled with your hands awkwardly before clearing your throat again.
This time he heard you and he glanced up at you.
“Hey pumpkin, you came!” He smiled at you and the sight of his smile almost made you forget the whore in his lap. Almost.
“Happy birthday, Lowman.” You said, trying to sound normal.
He smiled at you.
“Can you come outside? I have something for you.” You said and rubbed your neck awkwardly.
Happy hesitated and looked at the girl in his lap.
“Maybe later pumpkin?” He asked awkwardly.
Your heart sunk and you nodded slowly as four burly men came over and crowded you.
His attention went to them and you slipped outside without him noticing.
You ran to your car and jumped in before pulling out of the lot.
Tears streamed down your face as you drove home and you felt empty, knowing that you’d left your heart on the cum stained floor of that clubhouse.

You stood and walked to the kitchen, the smell of instant macaroni filling the room.
You walked to the microwave and opened the door,and reached into grab the tray.
Ever since your husband had died six years ago you had been practically living off frozen microwave meals. You had never been good at cooking and your husband Tom had cooked every night. You were married for two years before he died, an innocent victim of a drunk driving accident. You’d never forget that phone call. You had been sitting on the toilet, a pregnancy test in your hands, tears of joy streaming down your face as you looked at the two pink lines.
The phone had rung and you’d practically ran to the phone, hoping it was your husband on the line.
But it wasn’t Tom, it was the hospital. You didn’t remember driving to the hospital, and you didn’t remember getting the car.
All you remembered was the two police officers with solemn faces, standing outside the emergency room. They told you that your husband had died and you had fallen to your knees, sobbing on the floor of the hospital.
You loved him, you knew you did. But you were always filled with guilt knowing that you loved someone else more.
Things had never been the same between you and Happy after that night. He was always busy with the club he had joined and you were busy working your ass off to get enough money to get the whole out of that place.
You used to spend every minute together but then you’d go weeks without speaking, and you both knew you were drifting apart.
Some friendships just seemed to have an expirary date, and for you, it was Happy Lowman’s 19th birthday.
You had almost fallen asleep on the couch when the phone rung.
You groaned as you stood, wiping your eyes and waked across the room to the phone.
It was probably work, wanting you to come in on your day off or someting.
You answered the phone and pressed it to your ear as you stifled a yawn.
“This is a collect call from Stockton State Penitentiary. Inmate Happy Lowman is trying to contact you. Dial 1 to accept the call. Dial 2 to decline, or hang up.”
You froze, the phone pressed tightly to your ear.
The message repeated itself and with shaky hands you lowered the phone and pressed 1.
You heard a click as the line was connected and your heart almost beat out of your chest.
The familiar raspy voice sent shivers down your spine.
“Hey pumpkin.”

There will be a part 2 😘

As many of my followers know, I’m abnormally short (4'8")

I’ve worked at my current job for three months and the entire time I’ve been there, I’ve avoided using the microwave because it’s on top of a fridge and I knew there was no way I could reach it. There aren’t any tables or chairs I could climb and I’m too proud to ask for help.

I usually bring like sandwiches or something that I can keep in my office and eat whenever. Well, I ran out of sandwich ingredients so I took one of those lean cuisine meals that HAS to be microwaved.

I walked up to the microwave and I had to tiptoe just to reach. That should have been the point that I was like “maybe I’ll go out for lunch today” but nope. I slid the tray in and immediately regretted it as I realised there was no way in hell I was getting it back.

I turned on the microwave and could only hope that when it stopped spinning it was near the front. It wasn’t.

I turned it on for three more seconds, too far, it spun away. Two seconds was still too long so I put it on for one and it was finally near the front.

I tiptoed but still couldn’t reach it. So I flailed, but no luck. I didn’t want to ask for help because I’m pretty independent and I don’t like asking for help due to my height.

Instead, I dug through the cabinet and found a fork. I tiptoed again and managed to catch one of the prongs on the tray. So I drug it forward and it kind of tipped toward me. At this point I’m just hoping I don’t spill ridiculously hot pasta on my face. It fell and I managed to catch it without burning myself or spilling it.

Needless to say I’ll be going back to avoiding the microwave.

Pretty Little Liars as... hostile goose tweets

Alison - death isn’t real but the government doesn’t want you to know

Aria - 
fashioning a small pair of sandals out of reeds and corn syrup

Caleb -
philosophy? ffffffhffshshhsshut the fuck up kiddo. its called the matrix,  learn it. live it. love it

Emily - 
despite the literal garbage decaying inside me , pathogens fear my skillful and muscular body movements and so I remain virile, sexy and gay

Ezra -
no officer i didnt fuck that bagel. alright officer, perhaps i did, but the state need not know it

Hanna -  
I just feel like everyone cherishes me but no one respects me

Mona -
there’s nothing wrong with hate. if you dont hate then you dont truly love something. without hate there is no love

Spencer -
how do i stop my eyes from watering when i bond with others

Toby -
jerked it raw, feathers everywhere. father walked in and dropped his microwave meal saying, ‘son, your mother did not die for this’

Jenna -
hobbies: allowing the great to fall

Jason -
bruh. let me hit this blunt and have trouble talking to you for the next hour

Lucas -
sext: *wheezing*

Melissa -
everything that i touch dies

Mike -
sibling are like dogs. they know when you’re upset, they wont judge you and they get diarrhea after drinking too much seawater

Noel -
Jackin it on the sly.. layin low. like da provisional cummer my pappi raised me 2 be

Paige -
see a cute girl and I feel like cryin,

Cece -
why are you all following me. fuck off

A - 
keep in mind i see absolutely everything everyone says to me. be afraid


This one gets a title because the prompt is so long!

Prompt: Bucky wants to get back to a somewhat normal so he decides to get his own apartment. While moving in he meets his neighbor, who lives just across the hall(The reader). The reader is a former SHIELD agent, one of the best, she used to work with Natasha. She is a incredible hacker, and is amazing with tech. Now she lives is hiding. 3 years ago she faked her death to protect her loved ones after an undercover mission went wrong. But they are still coming for her. Bucky is first very distant and not much of a talker, and she doesn’t hold that against him. It’s not before Steve comes to visit Bucky he meets the reader and they start talking, getting along really well. So Steve decides to introduce Bucky to the reader. And when they find out who the reader are (accidentally) they decide to try and help her.
A little bit of fluff, like a passionate kiss or something

Word Count: 2266

Warnings: language, mentions of PTSD, heavy subjects

Author’s Note: Holy crap this is a long one! I love requests like this. Details are my best friend. Thanks for requesting!! // ALSO, to those who talked to me about the name specific thing, I want to warn you! In the beginning and a few times throughout, a cover name is used. It’s only for the purpose of the story. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable!

Bucky looked at the door in front of him. This was his place. He could be by himself, start anew. Well maybe not new, but definitely leave things in the past.

After all that had happened with him coming back and being in so many trials for his crimes, Bucky knew it was time to take a break. He was free to do as he pleased. He just pleased to be on his own. Get back on his feet and make a new Bucky.

The apartment was kind of small, but definitely Bucky sized. He would thrive well here. He opened the door to put in the last box. He’d start to unpack tomorrow. There wasn’t much, but he was rather tired. It could wait now that he didn’t have a job to go to. Shield had taken him, and now he had an account full of money he didn’t know what to do with.

Sounds from across the hall made him look over as he picked up the box. It was a female. Seemingly innocent but he wouldn’t bank on it. Everyone was a possible threat in his eyes,

The female finally looked over to see Bucky with his box. She seemed to offer a smile that was simple. It showed no true attachment and wouldn’t go deeper than her lips. She walked over to meet him.

“Hi, I’m Bay.” She said. Bucky nodded, keeping a neutral face. Weird name but whatever. The twenty-first century was full of weird things.

“Bucky.” He said. Bay nodded before walking away. She kept it brief, which Bucky appreciated. He watched her disappear behind a corner.

Bucky didn’t let himself think on it too much. Just a neighbor. Normal people had neighbors. Bucky would be a normal person. He’d try his hardest.


Y/N sighed as she collapsed in her chair. It had been a long day, and she was ready to go to sleep. Though she wasn’t ready for the nightmares that came. But getting to close her eyes for just a few moments would be worth it.

Even after three years, Y/N still kept herself on high alert. She knew there were still people after her. She was a wanted women even though she was “dead”. She left a whole life thanks to them.

The microwave dinged, making her jump. Y/N took in deep breath. “You’re okay,” She whispered to herself to calm down. They couldn’t get her today. She wouldn’t let them.

Y/N walked to the microwave, getting her dinner out. Natasha would give her such hell for eating something out of the normal regiment. Though Y/N could easily bring back her love for ice cream, which would shut the whole argument down quickly.

If there was one thing she could have kept in faking her death, it would have been Natasha. They were good friends at the moment Y/N hacked into Coulson’s computer. They found some great Captain America stuff, and that was the beginning of a good friendship and team. The only problem was she had to be left behind for her protection. Y/N couldn’t live with herself in Nat got hurt for her.

The dinner was pretty crappy but she ate it anyway. This day needed to be over, in fact this whole hiding out needed to be over. She needed to feel safe at some point.


The next few weeks were filled with only quick looks and waves. Bucky wasn’t really up for talking, as he didn’t really trust her. He didn’t trust anyone but Steve.

Bay wasn’t trying very hard either. She would only look his way before scurrying off if she saw him. They were actually very similar in a way. Neither held it against each other that they didn’t talk.

Some days Bucky could see Bay’s door was open for a few minutes while she threw out her trash. He could see almost nothing. She didn’t have much as far as house things went. It was almost sad but Bucky couldn’t really judge. He would just go back further into his apartment and read. It filled the time well.

Nothing changed until the day Steve came for a visit. Y/N’s downfall could be marked in that moment.


Steve waited outside of Bucky’s door, having only knocked a few moment’s ago. He looked around while he could. Buck chose a pretty nice place.

“Um, I don’t think he’s home. He left a while ago.” Steve turned to see a woman behind him. He furrowed his eyebrows.

“Are you sure? He asked me to meet him here.” Steve said. The woman looked to panic on the inside but she kept a cool front. Did she recognize him? Was she a crazy fan?

“Yeah. I was going back into my place when he left. I remember because he actually nodded at me…which he’s never really done before.” Y/N said. It was pretty big step in her mind. Steve nodded a little.

“Thanks for letting me know….” Steve trailed off in hopes of getting her name.

“Bay.” She said. Steve would shake her hand but it didn’t look like she was up for a ton physical contact. He could understand.

“Steve.” He introduced. Y/N refrained from blurting out that she knew. He worked by Nat’s side. She saw it on the news often enough. He was her replacement in a way. Though she couldn’t harbor feelings that had no place to be there.

“It’s nice to meet you Steve…” Y/N decided to take a chance. Bucky wouldn’t be gone for too long, would he?

“You can wait in my apartment if you want.” She offered. It was a risky move but she could eliminate him in she had to. She didn’t want to but she would if she had to.

Steve thanked her before following her into the apartment. His mind was on high alert in case something were to happen. He was trusting to an extent,

“Um, I don’t have much except water.” Y/N said nervously. Steve shook his head with a kind smile.

“I’m fine.” Steve said. Y/N nodded. She felt nervous with her door open but Steve wanted to see when Bucky got back.

“So what do you do Bay?” Steve asked. He looked around at the trinkets she had. One of them was her key chain. It had a little black widow charm. Natasha had a little computer one. They were actual, honest to god, dorks. Y/N watched Steve examine the keychain.

“I have a friend who likes black widows.” Steve noted before she could answer the question. Y/N scowled on the inside. That was her Natasha but whatever.

“That’s great. My job is a computer technician.” Y/N said. Steve nodded thoughtfully.

Bucky entered the hall view, looking a little flustered when there was no Steve there. Steve noticed first and left the apartment. Of course Y/N was gonna follow.

“Hey Buck. I was just visiting with Bay. You two have met before, right?” Steve asked to get his attention. Bucky moved to see the two side by side. He nodded and looked at the girl.

“She’s my neighbor. Of course I have.” Bucky said. Y/N nodded to him, who nodded back. Steve shook his head.

“But have you met her? Like gotten to know her?” Steve asked. Y/N and Bucky shared a look.

“No.” He whispered. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but he didn’t like getting close to people. He knew what was coming.

“Then I say we have a small introduction before you and I hang out.” Y/N and Bucky looked between themselves then Steve.

“My name is Bay, I’m a computer technician, and I like burritos.” Y/N said. Bucky nodded.

“My name is Bucky, I’m…well I’m Bucky, and I think Steve is being stupid.” Bucky said. Steve looked at him with his head cocked to the side.

“Your tone seems very pointed right now.” Steve said. (if you got that reference, I’ll love you forever). Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. I’ll see you later Bay.” Bucky told her before going into his apartment. Y/N was fine with going back into her own apartment. Steve looked between the two doors before going to Bucky’s. He would make them be good neighbors.


It never failed that Steve would come by twice a week. He’d make Y/N and Bucky talk until they were both comfortable. It took a while, but it was done. They talked more and more. Soon they didn’t even need Steve.

As Steve got to know Y/N more as well, he became suspicious. When he mentioned Nat, she’d get upset for a reason unbeknownst to him. He’d talk about missions he did and she’d frown the whole time. Something was up. Steve would find out what it was.

Steve confronted Natasha finally. Maybe she knew Bay. It was unlikely but he could ask. He found Natasha in the breakroom of the new Avengers building. She was eating a muffin while scrolling on her phone.

“Can I see your keys?” Steve asked. Nat looked at him skeptically but handed him her keys. There was a small computer chain amongst the keys.

“Why is there a computer on here?” Steve questioned. He could see her face pale, putting down her muffin.

“It’s for my friend who passed a few years ago. She had one with a black widow.” Natasha painfully admitted, taking her keys back with a yank.

“What was their name?” Steve asked. Nat gave him another look.

“Y/N.” She said. Steve looked confused. That wasn’t Bay. He thought for a moment. He needed to look around in some files if he could.

Steve thanked Nat before leaving. Down to the file room he went. It was dark and cold, but he didn’t care. He had some research to do. He looked for agent’s files and started to look through them all. It took a while before he found Y/N’s. She’s been dead for three years after a bad mission.

He leafed through the info before finding the pictures. He almost dropped the files. That was Bay! That was Bucky’s Bay! Steve took the file with him. He had to tell Bucky. Ask Bay what the hell was up. Steve would get his answers.

Steve drove rather quickly to Bucky’s apartment building. He prayed to God that Bucky was home. He dashed up the stairs with the file in his hand. He rounded the corner the corner before stopping dead in his tracks.

Bucky and Bay were in a sweet embrace. He leaned down, kissing her passionately. It was actually very cute but Steve needed Bucky. Though this one time Steve would let Bucky enjoy himself before ruining everything. Steve waited until the two were done before making his presence know.

“Buck, can I talk to you?” Steve asked. Bucky and Bay pulled apart quickly. She blushed before telling Bucky goodbye before walking past Steve to leave. She muttered a quick ‘later’ to him as well.

“What the hell do you need, punk?” Bucky asked, a bit upset that Steve interrupted a nice moment for him. Steve held up the file.

“We need to talk about Bay.”


Y/N walked up the stairs with a smile on her face. The first kiss she had in a long time. Maybe today would be a good day. She held her book close as she walked down the hall.

Steve and Bucky waited by her door, making her smile wider.

“Hey…guys.” She trailed off, seeing their serious expressions. It gave her a major uneasy feeling.

“Hey Bay, or should I say Y/N?” Steve asked in a low stern voice. It wasn’t as angry as she was expecting.

“What?” She asked in shock. Bucky couldn’t look. It wasn’t that he was hurt or angry. People lied to protect themselves, himself included.

“We know who you really are.” Bucky whispered from behind Steve. Y/N took in a deep breath. She knew this would happen. Her head hung low, staring at the floor.

“How did you find out?” She asked. Steve stepped forward a little. He noticed she stepped back to keep the same amount of distance.

“Natasha had a chain on her key. I asked about who its was for, and she told us about Y/N. I have your file here.” Steve said, holding it up. She looked up to see it hanging in the air. She wanted to grab it and burn it. She wasn’t Y/N. That person died a long time ago. She was Bay now.

“Are you gonna turn me in? Make Tasha hate me even more?” She asked angrily. Her gaze was back on the floor. Y/N had to move, leave this place. A new name, new job, new acquaintances.

“No, we’re gonna help you.” Bucky said. Steve nodded. Y/N looked up in shock.

“What? Why?” She asked. Bucky moved out from behind Steve to stand right in front of her. He didn’t mean to like her like he did, honest. It just came…naturally.

“Because you’re apart of our lives, my life. I can’t lose you, I’ve already lost enough people.” Bucky said. Y/N smiled a little.

“I can’t lose you either, Buck.” She said. It was nice to be liked by someone who knew the real her.

“We’ll do everything in our power to keep you safe.” Bucky said.

And he kept that promise until his last dying breath.

BTS Reaction to you seeing a spider

Anon Requested:  Hello😁 May I request a BTS reaction where y/n is super afraid of bugs and she sees a spider in the house?

Jungkook: “Jungkook kill it! Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!” You screamed from your bedroom. You were standing on your bed and pointing at your vanity on the other side of the room. Jungkook came running in, towel wrapped around his waist and hair still soaking wet. 

“What is it?!” He shouted, panting and alert as he ran into your room.

“Bug! Spider! Kill it!” You screamed once you saw it move across the mirror. “Oh my god Jungkook, Kill it!” You jumped from your bed and ran straight into the bathroom.

“You’ve got to be kidding me (Y/N).” Jungkook grumbled, you heard a loud smack and soon enough a knock on the door. 

“Is it dead?” You asked.

“Yes, the tiny spider is dead.” You slowly opened the door and saw Jungkook, hand around the towel that hung on his hips and a wadded up tissue in his other hand. “I can’t believe you screamed over this.”

“What are you talking about? It was HUGE!”

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V: He instantly came running once he heard you scream from the kitchen. His feet ushering him down the stairs from his room. Once opening the kitchen door he finally saw you. Knife held in hand while you were sitting on top of the table counter. You were looking down at the floor, knife raised up as if you were about to stab someone.

“What the hell are you doing?” Tae asked exasperated. 

“Spider.” You simply said, eyes still focused on the ground. 

“And what do you think you’re going to do? Stab it to death?” Your eyes quickly diverted from the floor to your boyfriend. 

“Well what am I supposed to do? It could bite me!” 

“I can’t believe you. Just step on it!”

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Jimin: “There it’s dead.” Jimin stated as he smashed the spider on the wall with the tissue in his hand. “It’s so small Jagiya why were you freaking out.” Jimin asks looking down at the small spider in the tissue.

“It was not! It could’ve killed me!” You yell from the other side of the living room. “If you didn’t kill it, it could’ve layed eggs and there would be millions of baby spiders!”

“I doubt that it could’ve killed you.” Jimin turns to you and sees you standing on the loveseat in the corner of the room. “Hey Jagi do you wanna see something.”

“No, Jimin. Throw it away.”

“But I just want you to see how small it is.” Jimin laughs and begins walking to you. In an instant you jumped from the seat and bolted upstairs where a mocking Jimin came after you.


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J-Hope: “Jagi why’re you screaming!” Hoseok ran into his bedroom where you had been studying while he was down in the kitchen. He saw that you weren’t on his bed anymore but on Namjoon’s instead.

“Spider!” You cried out pointing at the wall where the head of his bed sat on. 

“What where?!” Hoseok screamed jumping on the bed with you.

“No kill it! It’s on the wall!” You tried pushing him towards it but his strength pulled you off of the bed and towards his bed. “You’re my boyfriend! You kill the bugs!”

“Nope finders keepers.” Hoseok yelled before bolting out of the room.


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Rap Monster: Your scream could be heard even through the music blasting through his headphones. He knew what kind of scream that was and just let out a sigh. He walked to the bathroom unrolling some toilet paper and slowly strolled to the living room. “Where is it?” He asked seeing a terrified girl standing in the middle of the room. You immediately pointed at the TV to see a small spider in the middle of the screen. In a matter of seconds he squished the bug and threw the toilet paper away.

Walking back into the room you immediately flung yourself on Namjoon, wrapping your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. “My hero.”

“You’re killing the next one.”

“Yeah, yeah, you said that the last three times”

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Suga: “Yoongi!” You screamed from your bedroom’s bathroom. You were standing on the toilet looking at the floor at the spider that happened to crawl over your foot. In a matter of seconds Yoongi appeared, slightly breathless and eyes wide. 

“What is it? Are you hurt?” Yoongi’s head diverted to the toilet and looked up. His alerted expression dissipated and a bored expression soon took over his face. “If this is another spider I swear I’m leaving you in here.”

“No! It’s so big! Kill it please!”

“Nope.” Yoongi said before turning around and leaving you alone in the bathroom. 

“Min Yoongi!”

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Jin: “Jagi, what’s wrong?” Jin ran into the kitchen to find you standing on the kitchen counter.

“Spider!” You yelled pointing at the microwave across the kitchen. Jin walked up to microwave, pulling down a paper towel and looking around for the spider. “It’s in the microwave.” You shudder at the thought of your food being cooked where a spider has been roaming. Jin opened up the microwave and quickly smashed the spider.

“That was so small (Y/N), I can’t believe you screamed that loud.”

“That spider tried killing me I swear!”

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Summary:  “You know what your uncle always says, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’”   What was Jack thinking as he ran toward the haus right after graduation? A peek at Jack Zimmermann falling in love with Eric Bittle. A love as sweet as honey.

Originally posted by itsybittle

“You know what your uncle always says, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, go say goodbye. You won’t be back here for some time, you know? If that’s what your heart is telling you, you should go… Go really say goodbye.”

Jack let the words his father said sink in, and then he knew exactly where he needed to be. Where he wanted to be.


In that instant, Jack took off. He didn’t even bother removing his graduation gown. He ran through the park and straight toward the haus. Immediately, moments the two had shared began splattering across his mind. And Jack ran hard, spurred on by a single word. Bitty.


The knots were what appeared first. Deep and unrelenting, churning and turning in the pit of Jack’s stomach. Then, it was a cold sweat at the base of his spine – a cold that refused to leave, no matter how much he willed it. Anytime Bad Bob came to see him play, it was always the same. His anxiety would rear its head and continue to hang around even after the fact. Fucking fantastic.

Proud. He wanted to make his father proud, but what if he failed? Crisse. At least his mother wouldn’t be coming out this time around. It’s not that Jack didn’t want to see Alicia, but if he failed…well, no need to have them both be a witness to that.

“No, I want you to come papa, I swear,” Jack said clutching his phone tightly.

The cool breeze outside helped a bit, but only a bit. Jack swung his legs as he sat at the end of the loading dock.

“You know my anxiety is going to be a problem no matter what. It’s not you! Sorry, yeah, sorry. Okay. I have to go back.”

He ended the call and cradled his head in his hands, trying to steady his breath. He hadn’t had a full-blown panic attack in a while, so at least Jack was thankful for that.

“Shit,” he muttered.

“Are you okay?”

He looked up and saw Bittle standing by the door. Bittle approached slowly and sat next to Jack. In his lap, a box of jock straps.

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title Frequency
summary Seriously, how?
pairing science, but also sasusaku

(For @thefreckledone and @vesperlionheart​‘s Fluff Friday)

Static filled the screen. A sharp buzz filled the air, piercing her left temple with an unbearable sharpness. Hissing, tongue between her teeth, she ripped her headphones off. When she shot her partner a glare, his hands were already up in the air.

“Don’t touch the radio again. Got it,” Naruto promised. She clucked her tongue before she twisted the knob a few notches to the left. Naruto scribbled down a note on his legal pad. While he certainly caused a lot of trouble, Sakura had to admit that he was at least a diligent notetaker.

“They say she’s got magic hands, you know. Since Haruno came on board, we’ve found two new signals worth listening to,” Kakashi drawled as he walked in with a microwaved dinner. Sakura eyed the flimsy plastic tray with curiosity but didn’t say anything. She cranked up the volume on the equipment to drown out their voices.

This was from one of the older stars. One that her own mentor had discovered nearly thirty years ago. Kakashi had flagged it as a less probable prospect and so most of the other researchers skimmed over it. Or if they did listen, it wasn’t for more than an hour at a time.

But something about this star felt strange to Sakura. Something about the fuzzy nothingness bothered her. Her eyes drifted shut just as a sharp ping erupted in her headphones. Sakura jolted upright, her binder toppling off her lap. She flapped her hand at Naruto. He fumbled to pull on his own headset. His eyes grew huge as another pulse of sound rose and fell in pitch.

“1….1….2,” Sakura counted out loud. Kakashi dropped his meager dinner before he scrambled to find anything to write on. He began scribbling on the back of an old invoice.

“3…5…8?” she continued. Her eyes met Naruto’s.

“Is that the Fibonacci sequence?” he asked her. She didn’t answer. Knuckles white, she gnawed on her lower lip as she counted the next set of sounds.

“Holy fuck. 13. Sakura. You found something,” Naruto whispered.

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