walk for democracy


What happened in Ferguson was despicable, it showed that the racism thought to have died out long ago is alive and well in THE UNITED STATES POLICE DEPARTMENTS. Those that commit the murder of innocent people NEED TO BE PUNISHED however the justice system in America is biased in most if not all cases where it is a white against a black but we need to stop for a moment and look at it in the perspective that is A POLICE OFFICER SHOT A TEENAGER 6 FUCKING TIMES LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN 6 MOTHER FUCKING TIMES AND WAS NOT CHARGED. Mike did not deserve to have four bullets in his chest, nor one in the arm, and least the one in his head and those that support Officer Willson are either racist themselves as NeoNazis, and KKK organizations do, have not seen all of the facts, or have a thick skull. We as a people are meant to have power in a Democracy through our ability to control the government, however when hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters are fired upon with tear gas and rubber bullets then you know that the Government is attempting to suppress the power that we have, WE MUST NOT ALLOW OUR VOICES TO BE DROWNED OUT, we can not be silenced, we will not be stopped, we demand Justice, what was promised by those who came before us and those that came before them, Justice was a priority, but only for those of privilege and not for all. In America we are taught from the age of five the pledge of allegiance, which claims that their is liberty and justice for all, BUT WHEN WE EXERCISE THE PROMISED FREEDOMS GIVEN TO US BY THE CONSTITUTION SUCH AS THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE AND THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH THIS DOES NOT REPRESENT A DEMOCRACY THIS REPRESENTS A FUCKING DICTATORSHIP WHERE EACH OFFICER CAN CONTROL WHOMEVER THEY CHOOSE. Mike Browns death was the spark to this flame, it inspired us to realize what was happening and has become our symbol of freedom and equality we will place our hands over our head and when they look at us through their scopes and sights they will know that they are firing upon innocence and in return destroy the innocence of human life for all those around. Hands up don’t shoot has spread as the symbol of needing equality, in places of struggle we find this symbol encouraging those wishing for equality, Hong Kong, where those wish to rule themselves and are refused that right, in Gaza, where people have been begging for hundreds of years to halt the death in the Middle East. Our world is reaching a tipping point which is chaotic and hellish but after we over come this final obstacle we will be truly equal.