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I am Cyndi.

I am a 35 year old autistic adult.

I will not shrink or change who I am to make others happy. 

There is no “normal” woman hiding behind my autism. I am me, autism and all. Being autistic has shaped every atom of my being. Everything from how I move to how I experience my emotions. You can’t take autism away without killing me. 

I stim shamelessly in public. I have a lot of sensory issues and difficulty with transitioning between activities. My overstimulation threshold is extremely low, so I’m almost always stimming in some form or another.

Sometimes I have meltdowns– some of them involve screaming, some are crying and some are self-injurious. Yeah, I punch myself in the head or bash my forehead against things.

I can talk reasonably well, but the words I say are often simpler than my thoughts. Speaking requires me to engage a lot of brainpower, though you can’t see the effort because it’s only palpable to me. Typing uses a lot less brainpower. I’m better at expressing myself in writing.

I am who I am and it’s not my problem if you don’t like it.

Autism Speaks wants to erase me and others like me from existence. Autistic people who can’t speak or make their communications understood by wide audiences are especially vulnerable to the hate and negativity this organization spews about us.

You are a hypocrite if you say “be yourself!” while supporting an organization that says “but not like that. We have to fix you first.”

Autism Speaks devalues autistic peoples’ lives. Why support that? So don’t.

Don’t wear blue on April 2nd. Don’t light it up blue. Don’t go to Autism Speaks walks unless you’re there to protest against the organization.

Don’t support Autism Speaks.

#boycottautismspeaks #actuallyautistic #walkinred


🔺I’m not a disease, a burden, a puzzle piece that needs to fit in, a naive baby, and especially a Retard and a “Nothing” and I won’t settle for “normal” no matter how “nicely” you tell me to. I never will. And let me talk because trust me, I have a lot to say. What I am though is creative, innovated, full of integrity, perseverance, persistence, and determined as hell. I accept who I am and who I will become in the future, so I’m asking why won’t you do the same? Your opinion of me doesn’t matter because I do matter so much.❣

Do NOT support Autism $peaks. They are a hate group under the guise of a charity that doesn’t have a single autistic person in their organization, sends autistic children to abusive Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA Therapy), scams families of their money where less then 4% of their donations actually go into helping them, they are apologists to parents killing their autistic child and promote others to videotape their child’s meltdowns and destroy their child’s privacy and dignity, and they have the gull to say autistics are an epidemic in America that must be eradicated YET claim to love and support us. Fuck. You. Don’t wear blue or the blue puzzle piece unless you support this cause. Expect a lot of red coming from me later, there’s more to come.

Preventing an autistic person from stimming is probably on par with taking a quadraplegic person’s wheelchair joystick away, taking a deaf person’s sign language away or taking a blind person’s Braille away.

Autistic people NEED to stim to function, dammit! You wouldn’t punish or shame physically disabled people who use mobility aids, tactile reading or sign language to function, so why does anyone think it’s okay to punish and shame autistic people for doing something that helps them function?

Parents, if you suppress your child’s stimming, you are being ableist and you are abusing them. It’s okay to teach them alternative stims or give them a quiet stim toy if you need them to be quiet, but you should NEVER, I mean NEVER, teach your child that stimming is bad and needs to stop.

If you are autistic and were shamed or abused for stimming– it’s NOT your fault. It was wrong of anyone to stop your stims and I hope you learn it’s okay to stim again. YOU are not broken!

Please reblog this around. Spread autism acceptance. I am autistic. My voice matters because I decided it does. ALL autistic voices matter.


ASAN Vancouver’s protest at the 2016 Autism Speaks walk in Burnaby, BC.* Part two! Photos by Marvin Schaber :)

[Photoset description: A series of six photographs taken of the attendees, the colourful signage, the flyers we distributed, and the location of ASAN Vancouver’s protest against Autism Speaks. We set up alongside a paved path that the Autism Speaks event used as the walk route.

Some of the signs say, “Listen to Autistic adults”, “Got questions? Autistic adults are the best resource for parents of autistic kids”, “Autistic rights are human rights”, “Protest against Autism Speaks”.

Two visible flyer titles say “What’s the Problem With Whole Body Listening?” and “Neurodiversity”. End of image description.]

*Correction: No brain, it was not. It was in Richmond this year.

Britt here, reminding you to listen to autistic people and that Autism Speaks ignores actually autistic people. They continue to spread lies/fear/hate about us and they are an ablest organization. So this April, don’t light it up blue, instead walk in red!

I’m autistic and I do not need to be “fixed”.


Soooo it’s April 2nd again.
For those of y'all who don’t know me I’m Larissa, I’m 16, I’m a model and I’m autistic.
I was diagnosed when I was 15 and the whole experience was incredibly helpful and exposed me to a whole community of people more diverse and beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Our community has struggled for so long to break out of the box society has built for us and now in 2016 I don’t believe we’ve ever been more powerful. I want to live in a world where I can exist without being treated like a second class citizen, I want my challenges to be as accepted as my gifts. I want this for everyone in our community.
I’m not your inspiration, I’m not your teachable moment and I don’t exist to ‘show you how to be a better person’. I’m autistic, I don’t ‘suffer from’ or ‘happen to have’ or 'live a life in the shadow of’, autism is a gift that has made my life hard in the past but is only making me stronger. And even though this day is meant for neurotypicals to tell us how horrible we are, we’re reclaiming it and asserting our power. I love this community 💘💘💘

Autism: Acceptance vs. Cure

trigger warnings for: medical abuse, ABA, conversion therapy, ableism, A$, brief suicide mention

note: I wrote this paper as an english assignment for a neurotypical audience. Because of this, it goes over a lot of “basics” that you probably already know (like what “allistic” means) but I’m hoping this can serve as a resource to direct your cure-seeking friends/family to.

here is a link to the same paper on google docs in a more accessible, easily linkable form. 

see end of paper for works cited.

long essay under the cut

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Autistic functioning labels are useless and offensive. If people saw only the videos where I’m articulate, they would call me “high functioning” or “mildly” autistic. If people saw only the videos where I’m stimming or having a meltdown, I would get called “low functioning” or “severely” autistic.  Which am I? Neither! I’m autistic and that’s all there is to it.

Here’s a video of me being verbal and articulate.


Here’s a video of me stimming.


And here’s a video of me having a meltdown. (I filmed and posted it myself.)


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A long, sad story about the attitudes that Autism Speaks propagates, and an encounter with a spokesperson "autism dad"

I’m still working on my post covering the Vancouver ASAN protest against the Autism Speaks walk, but here is the story of one of the “autism parents” we encountered. The interaction here was definitely the worst and most disheartening part of the day but I feel like it’s really important to talk about.

We were well into the morning, handing out flyers and pamphlets to the masses of families in “Team Aiden” and “Team Emily” shirts, answering questions and talking to anyone who stopped to look at our signage. A man and his adult son approached us and began chatting up our chapter leader, Alanna.

Marvin leaned down and quietly identified the man as the person who gave the fear/hope/cure speech on the stage prior to the walk. His motive was clear to Marvin and me from his hello— he was not there to listen. I was, though. I listened closely as I smiled and passed out flyers, and during breaks in the stream of people I watched the interaction between Alanna and the “autism dad” with growing distaste. Eventually I began taking notes.

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And now all the Light it up Blue people will go back to their lives after patting themselves on the back for their “awareness” stuff. Autism Speaks will wipe its ass with the money it made with its lies and stigma.

To those lighting it up blue, it’s just a month to flash a puzzle piece, speak over us and say they’re being supportive. 

To those walking in red, it’s a lifetime of fighting to be heard. Red is a great “fight” color. Red is like fire. Red is like anger. Red is like passion.

We are still here. We will always be here. We are fire, anger and passion. We are human beings and our importance shouldn’t be defined by a single month of the year.



ASAN Vancouver’s protest at the 2016 Autism Speaks walk in Burnaby, BC.* Part one! Photos by Marvin Schaber :)

[Photoset description: A series of six photographs taken of the attendees, the colourful signage, the flyers we distributed, and the location of ASAN Vancouver’s protest against Autism Speaks. We set up alongside a paved path that the Autism Speaks event used as the walk route.

There is a table set up with signage that says “Free Earplugs” and “People Not Puzzles” that is holding flyers and earplugs. Signage with the ASAN Vancouver name, logo, and a QR code stands next to the group.

Some of the signs say, “Listen to Autistic adults”, “Support Not Cure”, “Autistic rights are human rights”, and “Protest against Autism Speaks”.

Two visible flyer titles say “What’s the Problem With Whole Body Listening?” and “Neurodiversity”. End of image description.]

*Correction: No brain, it was not. It was in Richmond this year.

in honor of autism awareness, i am going to make a post on how all of us could help out these poor people with autism : (

  • give me all of your money
  • worship me
  • listen to me
  • accept me as your superior 
  • my autistic self will always be fantastic and i dont need the pity from allistics 
  • stop supporting shitty organizations that love to crap upon us (autism speaks)
  • dont ask me about information on autism speaks. i am not your walking talking Google
  • im perfect in every way
  • i am powerful
  • basically, me > allistics 

I guarantee you that this is best contribution you can give to autistic people 

Rebecca Sparks, who says she loves her brother more than anything in the world, reported today that she has dedicated a considerable amount of both her time and money to an organization dedicated to eliminating everyone in the world like her brother.

“I love my brother so much,” Sparks said. “He means the world to me. That’s why I want to make sure that no one in the world similar to him ever exists. Including him. I want him to be cured of being who he is.”

“I guess you could say I want to trade him in, and get a better version of him in return,” Sparks added. “Like a defective toy, you know?”

Sparks explained how this charity organization is dedicated to wiping out everyone who does not have the proper, acceptable neurotype.

“It’s going to be wonderful when we find a cure, and get rid of everyone like my brother. It’s like this one woman in the organization, who bravely spoke of how she was planning to murder-suicide her daughter for having the wrong neurotype. But she had a normal kid to take care of, you know? But still, she has the right approach. We need to cure the world of them.”

“I still love my little brother, of course,” Sparks explained. “I just want a genocide of his kind.”

Autism Speaks will be holding walks in April to raise awareness for its eugenics campaign.


Loving Sibling Dedicates Time, Money To Pro-Eugenics Charity Organization

The Wishwashington Post