Fat Haters; “Fat girls don’t exercise, they’re all just sitting around eating 8,000 calories a day and having to be airlifted out of their homes!”

Yeah, no. I do this almost every morning, and every evening! But I often never document it because I feel like I’ll get hate from some people for eating healthy and exercising and going against the whole “riots not diets” fad. But far more so, I also feel like I’ll get hate from fat shamers, who will imply I’m lying or tell me no amount of exercise will help me.

I don’t want to get discouraged enough to stop doing this. I won’t. I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from living a productive life. Even on the days where I’m too sick to try, I still.. Try. My doctor said I needed to walk more and eat better, for my health. And who the hell am I to argue?

So I’ve done that. It’s been a year since that doctor visit and I’ve lost 45 lbs, even though that wasn’t even remotely the goal. Being healthier is important to me because I’m having a fucking kidney removed. Not because I wanna conform to societal beauty standards. I know I’m beautiful. I shouldn’t need to prove that.


Either way, I’m up! Barely. Morning walks are so good for the body and mind. And the soul! It’s super great for reflection and just ease of mind to go for a walk by yourself. I don’t need make up or a pretty, perfect outfit to exercise. It’ll just get sweat off since it’s already in the early 90’s at 10:30 AM. So humid! Fucking south. Idk.

Just know that I love y'all and I thank the people who send me “how are you feeling”’s and “you’re lovely” and “you inspire me”’s that I receive in fan mail daily. I thank all of the people that support me. And even the ones who don’t. Keep mentioning my name, you know what haters do.

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Cadi Cliff is walking the 186mile long Pembrokeshire coastal path to fundraise for Voluntary Service Overseas

A lot of change is afoot … Come October I will be spending 3 months with Voluntary Service Overseas on an ICS placement in Ikorodu, Nigeria. ICS only work with communities which have specifically requested their help, and WARDC (Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre) will be the implementing partner organisation in Ikorodu.

The focus will be to work alongside volunteers from Nigeria to help drive greater youth participation in governance, creating environments where young people can deliberate on issues affecting their community and emerge with a united voice to hold local leaders and elected officials responsible. 

All of VSO’s projects are informed by a belief in the vitality of gender equality, mitigating the effects of a changing climate, and the inclusion of people with disabilities. Find about more about what they do here

I’m walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path in September to raise awareness and money for VSO. The coastal path spans 186 miles, from St Dogmaels to Amroth, and the ascents and descents add up to a whopping 35,000ft.  

I’ve pledged to raise £800 and any money donated will help ensure that VSO can continue to bring about positive change in the developing communities where they work. None of the money raised is funding me (this placement is government funded), it all goes straight to VSO to ensure they can continue their work. Any and all support (and plasters…) is appreciated, thank you!