life & death - it’s all starlight underneath the sky

the lake/ widespread
dark - unlighted
perhaps a glimmer/ in the depths
some kind of phosphorescence rising
& a bird/ making itself heard
despite the night

at the edge of the forest
hesitating/ a moving shadow
hunger on four legs

the water beckons


later/ someone walking
& just a burst of feathers
in the grass
entrails/ trailing
the dew of morning
tinged with pink/ & sparkling


Suitwalk Part one of two!

23.03.2015 Heilbronn, Germany.


My hardest time of day is right after lunch. I work a full work day by noon (I start early) and I come home to no rest. Immediately I cook, clean, deal with fussy kids…and I’m mentally exhausted from work. So I binge on junk.

Today I felt like that so I took baby for a 3.3km walk. It started to rain but I channeled my inner wicked witch with my hood and he was snug as a bug in the stroller so he fell asleep cozy warm and dry.

Feel way better than if I had eaten junk. :) yay me

April Goals

I made goals for March but never posted them. I did pretty well though.. so, for April here are my goals:
1) continue not drinking pop
2) continue only having caffeine on Sunday
3) Walk at least 2 miles 3 times a week
4) Finish homework before it is due
5) Not cry or dwell on Peter’s father
6) Reach my original start weight (Im 3 to 4 lbs away now)
7) Continue to not be focused on the scale
8) Make meal plans throughout week and limit random trips to grocery store

Wish me luck! Post some of your goals :)