#au where she is a death eater#who didn’t go to hogwarts#but goes undercover there as like a librarian#supposed to be unassuming and sweet#and gain people’s trust#so she can learn secrets#esp about how to secretly get into the school#and i could continue#about how she befriends the skinny art teacher#who comes in every friday to get a new book for the weekend#about the history of moving paintings#or an encylocpedia of flowers he’s going to use for his next project#and he is nice to her and brings her tea when she is down#etc etc etc


// Okay, first of all, I am incredibly confused as to why you felt the need to send me this. Yes, I made a post saying that I do not understand Jerelista, but that doesn’t mean I wish for whoever you are to explain it to me. And now I move on…

  1. Jerelista is AU. It was AU for a reason (i.e. because it would never happen in this universe we are rp-ing in). I really don’t know how to put it in simpler terms for you. I’ve RPed with Sarah and her character, Jeremy, for over a year now. He is best friends with my character, Niall. And while I do not claim to know everything about Jeremy nor do I believe I understand him in all the ways that Sarah does, I do like to think I have some sort of understanding of him. And from I have observed through the NON-AU interactions with “Jerelista”, Jeremy seems to just put up with Calista. Nothing more and nothing less. There is nothing romantic at all.
  2. “With Jerelind it’s very boring, and they don’t really do anything for each other. That ship has a tendency to be uneventful.” That right there, that proves to me that you either a) didn’t come from UTNG or b) are incredibly uninformed or haven’t been paying much attention. Jerelind has been through so much together; Jeremy stopped Jocelind from joining the Death Eaters, Jocelind helped Jeremy through an INCREDIBLY tough time when he thought his best mate was dead, they’ve grown up together, had numerous quarrels and almost-falling-outs, soft and romantic moments, etc. They’ve fallen in love, they have a child, and now they’re going to get married. They have a stable relationship. Which, you know, is something you really ought to want. This is why I ship them. I ship Jerelind because they have a steady, unbreakable love. And they are electric because of that. The sort of electricity you are speaking of is called instability and, from my experience, is anxiety-inducing and fun for about two months before you realize how goddamn miserable you are because you have no idea where anything is going.
  3. And here we come to the part where you speak like you know anything about these characters. Again, I do not claim that I do, but I am close with both Sarah and Emily, I’ve talked to them endlessly about their characters and what their characters want/need. Jeremy does not need a “hot-headed counterpart who drives him crazy”. Last I checked, if anything, that is Niall. Jeremy has been thrusted into fatherhood far, far earlier than he ever expected to be and he has Joce alongside him – the snarky and beautiful girl he grew up alongside, the woman he sees himself spending the rest of his life with, the person who is also his friend as well as partner – to help him through. Jocelind is who Jeremy needs. As for Calista, she does not need ANY sort of person to “assert her dominance”. Calista can do that with whomever she wishes. And right now, she has Wynn. Wynn is calm, professional, kind, and patient, and he loves her so unconditionally that I don’t even know how to deal. He loves her crazy, her dominance, and her sharp tongue, because she is everything he is not. And after RPing with both Calista and Jeremy for over a year, I think I can tell when their characterizations are a little different and not entirely themselves. Because. It’s. AU.

Overall, you can have your opinions, but I am never going to agree with them.

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do you havewalista headcanons?


  • When Calista got hurt in her first and only fight, she ran into Wynn at the hospital where he was visiting his mother. (IDK if this even makes sense because I’m not sure if Wynn is a half-blood or muggle-born. If he’s a pure-blood, it makes sense. Because they’d be at St. Mungo’s.) The run-in reignited their friendship, and they began owling constantly. Calista sometimes even sent him sketches.
  • Calista still snarkily addresses him as Professor when he’s in one of his moods. 
  • Wynn kept every one of Calista’s art projects, including the personally humiliating ones. He flicked through them following particularly dull art classes in the years after her graduation.
  • There was a moment after Calista’s break-up with Thomas when Wynn thought he might kiss her. He was attempting to lift her spirits with a Night of Debauchery in Hogsmeade, but the village was unusually quiet. They both drank too much, and she wound up reducing herself to furious tears after a tirade about house elves (Wynn didn’t see the connection). Calista buried her face in his shoulder. When she looked up at him, she was a mere breath away. He had leaned a fraction of an inch closer when she said, “I’d apologize for your shirt, but you probably weigh more wet. You’re welcome.

I’m sorry for these. I don’t play Wynn or Calista, so it was hard. I don’t do them justice. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME.