AU Nair romantic drama movie: Stolen Moments
Victoria had always lived a happy, privileged life on the Upper East Side, never feeling as though anything was missing from her life. Until she met Oliver her senior year of high school.
“Oliver Oakley. We sorta met at your mom’s fundraiser for the veterans last week.”
“The one nervously adjusting his blue tie?”
“The one who wants to go on a date with you.”
And from that moment on, Victoria was hooked. Not only because of his handsome looks, but also because he was just so charming. And although she didn’t know it yet, there was a reason he was at her mother’s fundraiser.
“So what are your plans after graduation? Headed to a big university?”
“I’ve.. uh.. actually been training for the army and I head out at the end of the year.”
But even that wasn’t going to ruin their first date, because Victoria liked him. Everything about him.
“Then I guess we’ll have to make each moment count.”
“Ah, so there’s a we now?”
And just like that, they were dating. Victoria was filled with all this euphoria she didn’t even know existed, all thanks to Oliver and the amount of time they continued spending together. And even though he’d be leaving at the end of the year, they ignored it because it was ages away. Instead, they focused on each other and had all that time to fall for one another.
“I guess it just happened slowly.. falling for you. And I know we have this thing looming over us but I’m in love with you, Oliver, and I don’t wanna let go.”
But the funny thing with time is that it never stops, even if it feels like it does in certain moments. It keeps moving forward, creeping up, preying on moments Victoria and Oliver would never have. Before they knew it, the end of the year had approached and Victoria now realized what was missing from her life all along. Him.
“Before him, it felt like I had it all, but he was the one thing that was missing. And now he’s leaving.”
As their days together became fewer and fewer, Oliver decided to write Victoria a love letter, leaving it on the desk in her bedroom, something for her to read once he was gone. And as his last day came and went, so did he, leaving a distraught Victoria in the airport. When she arrived home and went into her room, she finally noticed the letter he’d left on her desk; a piece of him she’d have with her always. With new tears forming in her brown eyes, she opened and read it.
“…When you told me you loved me for the first time, I remember you said you didn’t wanna let go. So don’t let go, Victoria Elhart; hold on, because I love you and I’m coming home for you.”