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Hetalia fanarts, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( wow such name) and Soviet Union ♥

Meanwhile, the UK Bros
  • North Ireland: While were in this meeting, can we talk about the whole Brexit thing? I have a few questions.
  • Ireland: Not my problem.
  • England: Then tune it out, wanker!...What is it my perfect little brother?
  • Wales: *Rolls his eyes*
  • Scotland: Ow...
  • England: Everything okay over there, or do I need to halt our discussion?
  • Scotland: No, it's just my tooth. I'm fine, you were talking about brexit?
  • North Ireland: Yes, uh, I was wondering-
  • Scotland: Ouch...ow...
  • England: Do you need an ice pack or something?
  • Scotland: You know what, let me just- *Pulls out pliers*
  • North Ireland: Woah-woah! Wait don't-!
  • Scotland: *Pulls out his tooth*
  • Ireland: Oh my god!
  • Wales: *Screams*
  • ......
  • Scotland, aside: The dentist pulled it out yesterday, but it's always important to let your allies know you can tolerate immense pain.
  • England: *Unconscious on the floor*
  • Scotland: Plus it's always funny to see Artie faint!