wales aph

  • Wales: Hey where can I throw away this apple?
  • England: Oh just throw it away in the bushes, it's biodegradable.
  • Scotland: YOU'RE biodegradable.
  • England: Yes, yes I am.
  • Scotland:
  • Wales:
  • Republic of Ireland:
  • Northern Ireland:
  • Northern Ireland: You're biodegradable, I'm biodegradable
  • England: Callum, are you alright?
  • Northern Ireland: We're all biodegradable oh God *curls up in a corner*
  • England: .....ok Callum.
Meanwhile, the UK Bros
  • North Ireland: While were in this meeting, can we talk about the whole Brexit thing? I have a few questions.
  • Ireland: Not my problem.
  • England: Then tune it out, wanker!...What is it my perfect little brother?
  • Wales: *Rolls his eyes*
  • Scotland: Ow...
  • England: Everything okay over there, or do I need to halt our discussion?
  • Scotland: No, it's just my tooth. I'm fine, you were talking about brexit?
  • North Ireland: Yes, uh, I was wondering-
  • Scotland: Ouch...ow...
  • England: Do you need an ice pack or something?
  • Scotland: You know what, let me just- *Pulls out pliers*
  • North Ireland: Woah-woah! Wait don't-!
  • Scotland: *Pulls out his tooth*
  • Ireland: Oh my god!
  • Wales: *Screams*
  • ......
  • Scotland, aside: The dentist pulled it out yesterday, but it's always important to let your allies know you can tolerate immense pain.
  • England: *Unconscious on the floor*
  • Scotland: Plus it's always funny to see Artie faint!

Hetalia fanarts, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( wow such name) and Soviet Union ♥

anonymous asked:

I went through yer blog and the moment I saw the drawings with the parents ... I started crying. Don't do this to me... too much emotions. Your art is too good, holy shite...

Lmao, sorry about your feels. As an apology here’s a picture of them alive and well. Nations don’t have children in the universe of this blog or in the canon of Hetalia, but these two adopted new nations more readily than the rest of the personification of British kingdoms at the time.

Quick note on who they are:

You all probably know Britannia, but in the canon of this blog at least she would probably have been a coagulation of Brittonic tribes, who later took up the mantle of ‘Britannia’ as the smaller British factions began to break up. She was also a ho, so Allistor’s ‘father’ wasn’t necessarily the same as those who ‘fathered’ England, Wales etc.

The big guy is Pictland - he was the closest thing to a father Scotland had, and was perfectly happy to babysit and carve strange shapes into rocks. Allistor doesn’t remember all too much of him compared to his mother, but he does remember that he introduced him to the Fae and magic for the first time.

Edit: So, nation-wise there was probably a much higher death rate, with personifications being cut down and fading out of existence willy-nilly. Some of these survived, merging regions into one more all-encompassing personification. Before the Anglo-Saxon invasion and the occupation of Rome, Brittonic tribes were generally found throughout England and Wales, with Goidelic tribes in Ireland and part of the west of Scotland, and Pictish regions making up the majority of Scotland. ‘Britannia’ would most likely have started out as one of the Brittonic tribes before slowly becoming one of the main personifications of this culture in Britain (although not the only one). I was wrong with the Mercia/ Northumbria thing, need to re-evaluate that part.