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Age: 28

Biggest fear: Spiders, fuck those shifty bastards

Current time: 19:20

Drink you last had: Pineapple mint tea and oh my god was it good

Everyday starts with: Hitting the snooze button

Favourite song at the moment: Yeah Yeah Yeah’s - Heads Will Rolll (A-Trak Remix)

Hometown: Wales

In love with: Sebastian, Ciel, Sebaciel, Kuroshitsuji. And my husband, yeah, that guy

Jealous of: irllax and spawn-of-hades for looking so amazing in cosplay! Every time!

Killed someone: Eh whut

Last time you cried: I can’t remember, not for a long time

Middle name: Fern

Siblings: None

One wish: I wish I could get up off my arse and put the kettle on. Dream big.

Person you last text/called: My friend, asking her what the hell ‘d and v’ means. Apparently it doesn’t mean dick and vagina.

Questions you’re always asked: ‘Should I buy/do this?’. Only cos they know I’ll encourage it.

Reason to smile: I’m going to Disneyland and we all have bunk beds in a theme room! No I do not have any children.

Song last sung: I keep humming the Skyrim tune.

Time you woke up: 8ish

Worst habits: Procrastinating.

X-Ray you’ve had: This one time I got drunk in London and fucked up my foot. Not the first time, won’t be the last

Favourite food: Mexican!

Zodiac sign: Libra

anonymous asked:

can you please post your music playlist?

  • Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole - No Sleeep
  • Trae Tha Truth ft. J. Cole & Ink - Children of Men 
  • Omen ft. J. Cole - Things Change 
  • Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment ft. J. Cole - Warm Enough
  • Lil Boosie ft. Keyshia Cole & J. Cole - Black Heaven 
  • Wale ft. J. Cole - The Pessimist
  • Jeremih ft. J. Cole - Planes
  • J. Cole - A Tale of 2 Citiez
  • J. Cole - G.O.M.D
  • J. Cole - January 28th
  • J. Cole - Wet Dreamz 
  • J. Cole - Fire Squad
  • J. Cole - Hello
  • J. Cole - Love Yourz
  • J. Cole - No Role Modelz
  • J. Cole - St. Tropez
  • J. Cole - Apparently
  • Maroon 5 ft. J. Cole - Animals (Remix) 
  • Jessie Ware ft. J. Cole - Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe (Remix)
  • J. Cole - Be Free
  • Cozz ft. J. Cole - Knock Tha Hustle (Remix)
  • Bas ft. J. Cole - My N*gga Just Made Bail
  • Yo Gotti ft. J. Cole & Canei Finch - Cold Blood
  • DJ Khaled ft. J. Cole & Bas - Hell’s Kitchen
  • Bas ft. J. Cole - New York Times
  • J. Cole - Kenny Lofton

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Wale ft. Rihanna - Bad (Remix)