GOSSIP GIRL CHALLENGE: Day 01 - Your favourite character


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Ive loved her from the first episode. Theres something about this character that drew me in, shes bitchy and fierce but yet she has something about her that’s so lovable. 

Shes a strong and powerful woman, something that Im DYING to emulate. Come on which girl doesn’t want to grow up to become a powerful woman?! She seems to have it all yet she has her own insecurities and those insecurities are actually quite relatable (although her life may be the most far fetched life and unrelatable one in comparison to my normal one)

Above all, I love how she can betray all her good-time friends but will stop at nothing to protect the ones she truly love like Serena, Nate and Chuck. It’s just unfortunate that the other UESiders dont treat her the same way, with nate and chuck betraying her heart, and serena sometimes crossing the line (with yale and stuff)

I’ll support this girl through everything. She may not be a real person but she sure has made a big impact on my life, the way she carries herself, acts, dresses. It all has become something that i expect myself to be in the future.

On top of all this, she has the BEST fashion sense ever. Like seriously.

whoever told you adulthood is glamorous was fucking lying to you today i realized that my ham was going to expire so i planned to put it on some leftover pizza i had lying around but then i took a bite of the pizza and realized it had gone bad so now i’m eating shredded pieces of ham out of my own hand fuck selena van woods and blane waldorg