Colorado is on fire.


No joke. Its getting horrific…. started with the High Park Fire, then a couple days ago the Waldo Canyon Fire flared up, and today, thanks to lightening and pine beetle kill, three new fires sparked in Boulder. And these are just the really bad ones along the front range.

Friend of mine have been evacuated, along with 32,000 others from the Waldo Canyon Fire alone. The pictures, and status updates from my friends all over Colorado just seem so sad. Some people have already lost almost everything.

You can track the fires, related tweets, and related youtube videos at  http://co.dtswildfire.com/home/Flex 

Please spread the word. Colorado is hurtin, and donation funds have been started. 

Colorado Red Cross CO Wildfire Victims donation:

For the Fire Fighters:


PHOTOS: Waldo Canyon Fire officials confirm “hundreds” of homes destroyed

Tens of thousands of people fled the neighborhoods north and west of Colorado Springs after the Waldo Canyon fire unleashed waves of flames late Tuesday afternoon. Showers of ash fell as traffic gridlocked on Interstate 25 and all major eastbound roadways, clogged full of evacuees and fire equipment. Witnesses flooded the Internet on Twitter, describing the scene as “an apocalypse” and “terrifying” and posting photos of the city wrapped in a sinister orange and black cloud.

Yep, evacuated.

Currently staying with my friend’s father out-of-town. However, the fire is spreading so rapidly that this town is going to have to evacuate as well. We’re slowly being chased out of the mountains, but most of the main highways to get into the city have been shut down.

It was fun having to decide which of my belongings really matter to me.

This is…surreal. The sky is thick with smoke, potent with the scent of burning wood. There’s a bright yellow/orange haze over everything, as far as the eye can see. Ash is falling. I feel like I’m in a dream.

SO…UH, sorry current customers! I have some things to deal with before I can get started on commissions again. My deepest apologies.


PHOTOS: President Obama in Colorado Springs to survey Waldo Canyon Fire

President Barack Obama praised first responders and firefighters during his tour Friday, June 29, 2012 in Colorado Springs of the Waldo Canyon Fire. “They are genuine heroes,” the president said. “We want to say thank you to all the folks involved in this. “They are putting their lives at risk to help us and to save us.” Obama said that though he considered the collaboration of local, state and federal agencies “outstanding,” the destruction of the early fire season demonstrated a need for long-term planning.

Thank you

Sorry for the emotional blogging last night, guys - but thank you so, so much for all of the messages of support and concern, it really means the world. I just wanted to post an update to say I am safe and sound, staying with family until things calm down. So no worries on my behalf, but please keep the evacuees and firefighters in your thoughts!!

Colorado wildfire: Waldo Canyon fire strengthened by dry conditions, low moisture

 A perfect combination of relentlessly hot temperatures, historically dry forests and an afternoon thunderstorm converged to feed a wildfire that burned hotter than 1,500 degrees and moved faster than firefighters could run.

Several fire managers have called this fire’s behavior “incredible” and the dry conditions in which it’s burning “historic.”

Moisture content in the trees and vegetation across the state are at a record low, leaving parched forests practically defenseless when fires roar through, Allen said. In addition to live vegetation, dead fuels have a moisture content of about 3 percent, causing the Waldo Canyon fire to burn hotter than the Hayman fire in 2002 — the biggest wildfire in state history in terms of acres.


Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs
Photos: 6-26-12 around 6pm in Colorado Springs
I-25 is now closed. North/West Colorado has evacuated! Aprox. 32,000 people
It has made it into town and neiborhoods and homes are currently being burned to the ground. (Flying W. Ranch) (Kissing Camels area is under mandatory evacuation) (Holland Park is now under mandatory evacuation) (ALL HOTELS ARE SOLD OUT!, SHELTERS ONLY!

Fort. Carson Army base is assisting with help as long as high schools and churches providing shelter for the evacuated people. (YMCA, Cheyenne mnt. high school, Lewis Palmer high school, phil long center (now a church is a resting area), UCCS, Red Cross, Care n Share) Care and share as well as walgreens are excepting drop off donations, Downtown Antlers Hotel ballroom)

To find out how to support and help, tune into Iconici TV Report with CNN for imformation. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-807687

Also tune into WWW.KKTV.COM or WWW.KRDO.COM to find out updates (Local Colorado Springs News)

WWW.SPRINGSGOV.COM- updates on current evacuation locations

Want to help——-> www.Careandshare.org