Episode 3: New Mexico, Continued, and New Show Segments!

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Episode, we continue our adventure through New Mexico, and also introduce some new segments into the show format!

During our 1st segment of the TBJ Roadshow, we discuss:

    1.  The Historic Route 66 Gasconade Bridge has been officially shut down by the state of MO.  MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation), closed  the 90 year old bridge over the Gasconade River near Hazelgreen, due to undisclosed “safety concerns”.

   -The Gasconade bridge, built in 1924 is eliglble for the NRHP (National Register of Historic Places) and one of the 24 remaining “thru-truss” bridges on Rt 66.  The “Hooked on Rt 66” blog has an excellent write-up regarding this recent news regarding an iconic Rt. 66 location.  There is currently a petition online you can sign to “Repair, not Replace” the bridge.

     2.  Artist Professor Cline (aka Mark Cline) is now on Instagram!  This celebrated sculptor, artist, and all-around magical character has an Instagram account, so be sure to follow ‘em at @enchantedcastlestudios.  And if you’d like an amazing, custom, RoadSide Attraction style piece created by Mr. Cline, contact him through his website:  http://enchantedcastlestudios.com/

    3.  He navigated the stars and numerous galaxies, now he’s about to travel cross-country on another vessel of epic sci-fi proportions!  This summer, William Shatner is going to ride an “out-of-this-world” 3-wheeled trike from Chicago to LA.  Rumors state he plans to travel through most of Route 66 and document the experience.  Check out the full article on the Roadtrippers.com website.

We’re also introducing a segment called “Gear, Gadgets and Creature Comforts” -this covers all the tech, auto-improvements, and general travel/life stuff we believe makes traveling on the road (long term) better.  There’s no reason to be miserable or unprepared on the road.  Whether it’s an improvement to the #GreatWhiteBuffalo van, a great camera monopod that doubles as an impromptu hiking stick, or special comforts for our furry co-pilots, we’ve got you covered in “Gear, Gadgets and Creature Comforts”

To continue our “Origin” story of how the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Roadshow began, we finish our trip through New Mexico.


  1. Big Chief Trading Post -Made infamous via “Breaking Bad” 

  2. Jemez Springs - named for the nearby Pueblo of Jemez, this location features natural geo-thermal springs, historic monuments, and more.  

  3. Red Rocks - right across from one of the last gas stations in the area.  You can get gas, snacks, and photos of a lifetime!

  4. Walatowa Visitor Center - The place we found Turquoise.  It’s a sign, man.  History buffs, Kids, and fans of local art should definitely stop here.

  5. Gilman Tunnels.  Words cannot describe all the break-taking nuances of this little pull-over.  Be sure to check our newly made galleries on the website to see the spectacular graffiti and scenery.

  6. BattleShip Rock -It’s a Battleship, made out of Rock! Actually the starting point of many popular hiking trails, and one of the few places with an outhouse.  

Highway 4 Coffee - We may have stumbled up on the name a few times in the show, but we cannot stress how important it is to find a comfortable, free wifi location with reasonably priced modern conveniences.  Pull into this place for a decent cappucino, a tasty eclair, and what locals say are some great bistro lunch entrees.  (Omi actually showed one of the newer employees how to prep a frozen drink with their new blender)!

If you want to contact us about anything mentioned in the show, have a suggestion, or just want to say “hey” -drop us a line at tbjroadshow@gmail.com

Remember, we’re on Youtube!  You can “Listen” to the podcast and enjoy a few of our pics on the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Roadshow Youtube channel!  Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2ilrKp0AhE