walag kwenta i know

Date a girl who read books.

Date a girl who read books. Date a girl who is fed by knowledge, who is educated and well-reserved. A girl who is inspired and sprinkled by different stories and ideas she has gained from reading all sorts of books. A girl who gets through whatever she’s going through because of an ordinary, inanimate book.

They’re most likely to be the simple ones. The hopeless romantics who devoted all their life posting silly love quotes as their status and waiting for the one. The ones who’ve always wanted a Prince Charming but gained, from experience, the knowledge that there wouldn’t be one, but there would be a perfect fit for her. And that would be you. 

A simple book would make her ecstatic, it would be easy to pick out gifts and you would be more comfortable knowing she would like any novel you would buy her, that she would be contented and be more than happy because of a novel you picked up in the bookstore that caught your interest. And it would take less than an hour. And not a burn in the pocket.

Write a book for her. Just a few chapters of how you met, things you fought about, how strangers became acquaintances, how acquaintances bloomed to friendship, how you progressed from being friends to something more. What you really liked about her and things you’ve never told her. Check the grammar twice and print it out. It will be her favorite book. 

Send her a text. A goodmorning when you wake up and a goodnight when you’re about to sleep. Write her poems, It doesn’t have to rhyme or make sense, just show her you’re exerting effort. Send her romantic quotes you got off the internet or wrote on your own. Even though she says you’re cheesy. She appreciates it.

Let her tell you the overview of a book you have given her and it would be as exciting as the first date you had. Let her tell you stories until you fall asleep like a mother reading a fairytale to her children. Listen to everything she says. Let her say quotes from her favorite book. Organize a romantic dinner. Ones that are always present in books and always on television.

Date a girl who is used to sappy love stories and unrealistic fictional characters that she doesn’t even expect too much. A girl who finds the complexity and depth in the simplest words. A girl who appreciates every I love you you send her. A girl who acknowledges you for remaining true. Date a girl who would prefer the sad truth rather than a lie.

And most importantly: Date a girl who read books. A girl that is used to drama. A girl who actually means forever.

 You will never regret it.