wal e

I love how in no point in the Wal-E history did humans ever think “hmm… we could recycle this garbage over the course of the next few decades”
the corpoates were just like “lets just stack the trash into neat piles that fixes everything right?”


I am so excited for school to start back! I can’t wait to see all my friend very day again and plus there is MARCHING SEASON!!!! This morning I went to Wall-e-World(Wal-Mart) and got some essential supplies and wanted to share them with you:)

My Back to School Haul:

  • (2) 1" Avery three ringed binders w/ plastic outer sleeves
  • (2) 5pk. Avery Write-On dividers w/pockets
  • (3) 150 sheet pk. of college ruled paper
  • (1) Mead five star 3subj. college ruled spiral notebook
  • (1) 7subj.  accordion file organizer
  • (1) 20ct. Paper Mate mechanical pencils
  • (1) 10ct. Paper Mate black ball point pens
  • (1) 4pk. Sharpie Highlighters (narrow chisel)
  • (1) 3pk. black fine tip Sharpies
  • (1) 2pk. black dry erase Expo markers
  • (1) 90 sheet 3x3 inch pk. blue Post-it notes
  • (1) 2pk. transparent Scotch tape 

 I am reusing my dark grey/turquoise High Sierra back pack I go my freshman year and added my color guard try-out bow  from my sophomore year on to a zipper; along with a turquoise Monogram that I have just recently added.

Ps. I have my Monogram SHM instead of SMH because SHM upside-down is WHS  aka my school:) and because SMH= Shaking My Head


four walls exhibition (day ii) ♡ 151022
exhibit l (full ver. / fifteen mins)
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What the Duck Dynasty

Duck calls to Jim Crow days

when gays were ghosts on

the mountains of Brokeback

and blacks were happy

singin’ Southern hymnals

sippin’ on sweet tea

while white trash

worked beside them

until lunch horns rang,

sittin’ in segregated cafés

thinkin’ about future

A&E Wal-Mart merch

bringin’ big bucks to bigots,

entertainment to their fans

who think free speech is

free license for ignorance

without consequence.  

-Jonathan Flike