waku waku 2013

Seriously, Sho’s dedication towards his jobs is beyond amazing.

Beijing Olympics 2008 - Japan-China-Japan-China-Japan for 2 weeks. Suzue Nana-san said the reporters had to run here and there until their feet felt heavy, but Sho never complained even once.

London Olympics 2012 - Japan-UK-Japan-UK-Japan. He came back to Japan for Waku Waku Gakkou.

New York 2013 - Arashi went to learn the choreo for PARADOX in NY. Sho was the only one who went home early for News Zero.

Arashi Blast in Hawaii 2014 - Couldn’t go back to Japan for News Zero, so he did a live broadcast in Hawaii at 2 AM. He borrowed the helicopter and brought his cameraman to Pearl Harbour for his Ichimen report.

Even though he only has a brief segment in News Zero, he never leaves his position even once.  Don’t break superSho