wakko yakko and dot


you can’t sit there and tell me that these two spent all that time on the same studio lot as those kids and didn’t end up babysitting them at some point

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I mean, the Warner Siblings were from the 30s and were around long enough to star in several cartoons before they were locked away in the water tower. AND THEN, in the 60s and early 70s, the Warner Siblings were let out of the water tower because the studio wanted to rent them out to other studios for a quick buck. The Warners hated this enough that they eventually fled back to the tower and refused to come out until they got their own show (90s). So, not only could they have known Bendy and Joey Drew Studios when Bendy was in his prime, but they also could’ve been around for the in game events.

Just saying.


I’ve always had a lot of respect for you, kid.”

A little idea I’ve had for a while. After the last Animaniacs production wrapped up, the Warner siblings get removed from the lot once the eldest sibling becomes an adult. Yakko meets up with Bugs, a colleague he’d known for years, while waiting for Wakko and Dot to get dropped off from school. Real-life issues and whatnot.

Sorry for some panels looking so much better than others. I never intended to get the whole thing nice and polished.

A reminder that the Animaniacs actual origin story is

that their creator was under pressure to make a bad cartoon funny and pulled an all-nighter alone

and that he in fact lost his actual sanity creating them…

and what he created was just them smashing the protagonist with wooden mallets.


Character Tropes: Yakko Warner (Animaniacs)

“Friends, we’ll paint any ceiling for just $29.95. Riiiight! How do we do it? No overhead! In fact, when we get through, you’ll have nothing overhead! And if you hire us, you’ll have nothing in your head! We paint ceilings, ceilings and ONLY ceilings! We don’t paint floors ‘cause they’re beneath us.“