waking up to sunflowers = one of the best ways to wake up

Chapter Three

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: You and Tyler have been best friends for years and you are finally dating.

Mentions: Jamie Benn

Warnings: Slight Cursing, Cheating

Preview: The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

Characters: 1832 words.

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It had been almost two months since you had seen Tyler. You had gone back to school to start the fall semester and Tyler had begun training for the approaching hockey season. You and Tyler had not gone a single day without texting, calling, or facetiming. He assured you every time you spoke of his never-ending love for you. But the doubts still crept into the back of your mind from time to time. Even when he was with you, Tyler was still the party boy star hockey player and being back in Dallas, you were worried he would slip back into his old ways.

But as far as you know, he never faltered.

It was finally October and you were beyond excited to be sitting on a plane making its way to the lone star state. You had missed Tyler so terribly and just couldn’t wait to be in his arms again. Even if it was for just a few days, anytime with him was treasured.

You were flying in for the season opener of the Stars season as you did every year but this time it was even more special.

The plane landed and you gathered your things quickly, rushing to get off and see your boyfriend. You walked from your gate and started to scan the crowd. Reaching for your phone to call Tyler, you spotted him. There he was by the baggage claim holding a sign that read “Honeybee” in one hand and a bouquet of sunflowers in the other.

 You immediately ran to him and jumped into his arms, taking in his familiar scent.

“I can’t believe you’re finally here” he whispered into your ear while stroking your hair.

 “Me either, God have I missed you Segs.” You pulled back to see his face.

 “You have no idea” Tyler smiled and kissed you.

 You left his embrace to grab your bags but he insisted. You took the flowers from him and repositioned the carryon on your shoulder. You followed him to where he had parked the car.

 “You’re sure I can’t convince you to move here?” He smirked as he loaded your bags in the car.

 “Already Segs? We went over this before, I want…”

 Tyler interrupted you, “I know, want to finish your senior year at your school” he rolled his eyes.

 You sighed disappointedly in how the quick trip was starting. “Tyler, I missed you so much but I can’t just drop everything and move to Texas. Honestly, you’re being a little ridiculous.”

 “I’m ridiculous because I want my girlfriend here with me?” He huffed and got into the driver seat.

 “Tyler I am only here for a few days and I don’t want to fight with you over this.” You pleaded looking over at him from the passenger seat.

 You were met with a huff once again and you decided to leave him be for the moment. You had been looking forward to this trip from the moment you left home for school but now your feeling was quickly deflated by the tension sitting in Tyler’s jeep. You rode in silence to his house, with only the soft mumbling of the radio you couldn’t make out.

 When you got to the house you got out and went back to the trunk to get your bags but Tyler had beaten you there. You suddenly heard happy screams and turned to see Candace and Cassidy running towards you followed by two excited dogs. You smiled and were attacked with hugs and kisses from all four.

 “We missed you Y/N!” Cassidy said as she dragged you inside followed by Candace, Cash & Marshall.

 “I missed you guys too” you smiled and looked back to find Tyler but it looked like he had already gone inside.

 “Girls, will you give Tyler back his girlfriend?” Jackie smiled and pulled you into a hug. “Good to see you, Hun.”

 “You too Jackie, speaking of my boyfriend did you see which way he went?” you asked her pulling from her hug.

 “He went upstairs I believe” Paul answered.

 You gave him a quick hug and headed up the stairs. You went to go towards the guest room you normally stayed in but you quickly turned toward Tyler’s bedroom and opened the door.

 Tyler had put your luggage next to the closet and was now sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You slowly approached him and sat down next to him. He looked up at you the moment he felt the bed shift with red-rimmed eyes.

 “I’m sorry” you both blurted out followed by soft giggles.

 “I am though, I should not have pushed you moving here, I know how important you finishing your schoolwork is. I just miss not being with you. Summer made me spoiled.” Tyler looked at you with such sincerity.

 You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Let’s just enjoy the time I am here”

 He kissed you quickly and you both headed back downstairs to spend time with his family.

 The next morning, Tyler was off to practice early to prepare for the big game. He had tried so hard not to wake you. You had felt bad watching him tiptoe from one side of the bedroom to the other so you pretended to still be asleep. You didn’t pry yourself from the comfortable mattress and the Tyler scented comforter until you heard the front door open and close.

 You slipped into one of Tyler’s t-shirts and a pair of leggings quietly padding down the stairs not to wake anyone else up. You smiled seeing a cup of coffee in your favorite mug waiting by the machine. You shook your head and brought the cup to your lips smiling as the warmth met your throat.

 You bent down to pet Cash who was now anxiously sitting at your feet waiting for some loving from you. You started looking around for Marshall when you eyed a white box with a neatly tied green bow sitting on the dining room table in the next room.

 You walked over and saw the note that was addressed to you.


I know what you’re saying “I already have one, why do I need a new one?” Just shush. It’s a new one, just accept the gift.

See you later 


 You giggled as you opened the box. You recognized the victory green immediately. You just rolled your eyes as you pulled the number 91 jersey from the box. You smiled as you ran the familiar feeling of the material through your fingers. That’s when you saw it, sitting there on the sleeve was a patch that read “Girlfriend”

 Even with no one watching you, you blushed and ran your fingers over the patch. You cleaned up the mess you made from opening the thoughtful gift and headed back upstairs.

 After you had breakfast with the rest of Tyler’s family, he had texted you to let you know that the coach wanted the boys to stay at the rink and he wouldn’t see you before the game. You were a little disappointed that you basically wouldn’t see Tyler for the entire day but you understood.

You hung out in the backyard with the Seguins until it was time to get ready for the game. You went upstairs and slipped into a pair or black jeans and the new jersey. You wore your hair down and tied up a pair of white converse. You and the girls applied some Dallas stars tattoos Tyler had lying around to your cheeks. You were all laughing over some silly joke Paul had made as you piled into the car Tyler had waiting to bring you to the rink.

 You took in the sight of the American Airlines Center, this place was like a second home to you. You smiled taking in the familiar sounds and sights of the arena. You, Candace and Cassidy decided to go down to the glass to watch warmups.

 You face lit up as soon as you saw the group of victory green clad men flood the ice. A few of the boys, recognizing you girls, tapped the glass with their sticks sending you three into a fit of giggles. Finally, Tyler skated over when he got a free moment smirking when he saw you wearing your new jersey. You mouthed him a quick “Thank You” and he smiled skating off to continue practicing.

 The game was one for the books. Every goal Dallas scored, their opponent matched quickly after. You felt as if you spent more time on your feet then in your seat. You were happy you opted for converse and not heels. The game was tied 4-4 with 30 seconds left in the third, the shot was set up and Tyler scored his third goal of the night landing a hat-trick. You jumped to your feet hugging Jackie as hats rained down on the ice.

 After all the commotion of a victory had calmed down and Tyler had been named the first star of the game, you and the Seguins were headed down to meet Tyler. The room was crowded with family and fans. You saw Jamie first, he came up to you and wrapped you in a bear hug.

 “Good to see you Captain!” you smiled

 “It’s good to see you too Y/N. I was quite disappointed when Tyler refused to share you after practice.” Jamie replied

 You looked up at him confused. “Wasn’t he with you?”

 He matched your confused look. “I thought he was with you, and that’s why he left out of here so fast.”

 The doubts suddenly rushed your mind. Why had Tyler lied to you? What was he doing?

 The color from Jamie’s face suddenly drained. “Everything okay cap?” you asked following his gaze. And you saw it. There was Tyler standing with a girl dressed scantily clad. He had his back against the wall and the girl was standing way too close for your comfort. You were about to go over there and drop your metaphorical gloves when it happened. She leaned in quickly her lips finding his. He looked shocked at first but then his lips matched hers.

 Your world had suddenly stopped spinning and the walls seemed to be coming down around you. Everything seemed to now move in slow motion. You watched as Tyler pushed the girl away but it was too late the damage had been done. His eyes met yours just as they filled with tears.

 You turned and ran, ignoring the calls from Jamie, the Seguins and most of all, Tyler. You didn’t know where you were going but what you did know is that you just lost your best friend and the love of your life all in one moment.

[fic] we can go halfers on the consequence

desperate to get the too-dense leo to notice him, guanghong agrees to a fake relationship with phichit to make him jealous - so why’s seunggil the one acting so weird? a tale of romantic incompetence, cultural confusion, and asians being allergic to feelings.

(on ao3)

“In the dictionary, the definition of ‘flirt’ is just my picture,” Guanghong says.

“I don’t think you’re a flirt,” Phichit says from the other end of the phone.

“Not the noun,” Guanghong says. He’s nineteen and has never been on a date - he’s definitely not a flirt. “What does 'to flirt’ mean?”

“Well, flirting is basically telling someone you like them without actually telling them, right?”

“Exactly,” Guanghong says. “That’s my specialty.”

“This is about Leo, isn’t it.”

Guanghong groans and flops back onto his pillows. Phichit laughs. “You should just tell him.”

“That’s not what the magazines say,” Guang mumbles. He covers his face with his hands. “And I’m too shy.”

He’s not sure when it began, but it’s been a while since he started crushing on his best friend. Every touch feels like static crackling on his skin and makes his heart beat as fast as love songs say they should. When the realisation finally hit him, he avoided talking to Leo for weeks, unable to even form a coherent English sentence around him. He’d only blurted the truth out to Phichit after Phichit confronted him, concerned about the state of their friendship.

Guanghong apologised to Leo, saying he’d been busy (this through text because he was still playing hide-and-seek with his grammar every time Leo was around), and they returned to their normal patterns.

Well, mostly normal. Along with English, eye contact seems to be one of the skills Guanghong’s feelings conveniently threw down a well. Sometimes, he finds his gaze lingering on Leo, unable to stop looking at the nape of his neck, his collarbones and clavicle, his calloused hands and long fingers. Other times, he can’t make eye contact without his heart threatening to burst out of his chest.

“Maybe you haven’t done enough,” Phichit suggests.

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♫Technicolour Beat- Oh Wonder// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

A/N: This is just something I thought of while listening to this song, and I hope you enjoy it!#

She set him free in an unbelievable way; her carelessness was contagious, filling the air with every word she spoke. She was the light breeze that pushed the brooding clouds away from the sun, allowing the warm light to enliven his life.

She saw the buried tragedies, casting them aside with a touch of her fingertips, allowing him to glow the way he was meant to.

Sunrises meant nothing until he learned the admiration she had for them, until the 5 am light caressed her face as she closed her eyes and smiled at the sky, her cheeks flushed with the peacefulness.

“Get up, get up, get up” Y/N nudged him repeatedly.

“You’re making the bed shake for all the wrong reasons” he groaned, pulling a pillow over his head.

“Wake uuuuuup!” she whined, tugging at his nightshirt.

His response was less than satisfying, as he mumbled “No thanks”.

Minutes later he was grouchily following her to the front of the castle, running a hand through his messy dark hair, eyes half closed.

The cold air woke him as he looked around, disoriented.

“It’s still dark! Are you bloody insane?!”

She smiled at him and pointed straight ahead “Look”.

She looked at him like a happy child, anticipating his reaction.

“What am I looking at?” he asked, as the sun began peeking through the tree branches and a soft breeze blew.

Her smile was infectious. He smirked, watching his best friend’s grin as the sun rose and grazed her face and her (y/e/c) eyes closed gently, facing the orb of light rising in front of them.

He didn’t have a favourite colour until he’d learned hers was yellow. After that day, he’d be perfectly happy living in a fully yellow house, surrounded by sunflowers.

“Y/N it’s your turn to ask Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“Please no, I’m terrible at coming up with questions. And dares.” she groaned.

“Don’t ruin the game now” he winked, smiling at her frustration.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” she mumbled, frowning at her friends.

“Dare” he said unsurprisingly.

She racked her brain for one until she finally gave up: “I dare you to tell us all your favourite colour” she said folding her hands across her chest and lifting her head up proudly.

“That’s possibly the worst dare I’ve heard since I’ve first played this game.” an unamused expression graced his face.

“You scared?” Y/N joked, smirking at him.

“I don’t have a favourite colour.” he said matter-of-factly, a sigh escaping his lips. “What’s yours then?” he looked at her, waiting for a response.

“Yellow” she happily said, her eyes crinkling with the smile lighting up her face.

“Let’s just say mine’s yellow too” her warm presence made him feel at peace with everything, and now the colour yellow did too.

Books were just words on paper until she’d read him to sleep one night and made them come alive and flutter through the air, embracing him softly through the sound of her voice.

He saw her familiar silhouette sitting on the couch in the common room, illuminated by the light from the roaring fireplace, her nose in a book.

“Why are you up?” he asked, jumping over the back of the couch and landing at her feet.

She didn’t look up, clearly captivated by the inked words in her hands “Why are you?” she mumbled distractedly.

“Couldn’t sleep” he said with a sigh, throwing his feet onto the couch right next to hers. She looked up from her text, closing it,never moving her index finger off the page: “How come?”

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KaraMel Fanfic #24 Part 1

Title: Fantasy

Prompt: When Black Mercy attacks Mon-El and put him under its hallucinations, only Kara can save him.

Word Count: 4399

Part 1 of Someone Who Isn’t Alone

Also posted on AO3.

Warning: Contains mild spoilers up to Supergirl 2x09

Note: Yes, it’s totally 2:15 a.m. here, and I totally stayed up to finish this fanfiction when I have to wake up at 9 tomorrow, because…KaraMel (do I need to say more?) And honestly, I have no regrets lol :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

Kara just knew something was wrong with Mon-El when he didn’t answer her calls. Yes, he hadn’t been on earth for more than a few months, and he barely got the hang of the customs here—including smart phones—yet he knew how to answer a call. And the fact that the phone actually rang suggested he hadn’t just forgotten to charge it or accidentally shut it down.

It was after the fifth call that she’d decided to go to the alien bar to see if he was there. It might just have been his job keeping him from answering. When that also yielded to nothing, she became extremely nervous, letting DEO know that Mon-El was missing. Fortunately, he was found. Unfortunately, by the time they found him…

He’d already been attacked by the same creature that attacked Kara a year ago and almost claimed her life. The Black Mercy.

Now he was lying in front of her on a hospital cot with that…that thing clutched to his chest. When Kara saw him sprawled on the ground on some back alley, with Black Mercy on him, her heart stopped. She couldn’t believe her eyes. More like didn’t want to believe her eyes. She remembered oh so well what she felt like when the creature attacked her, she wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else.

It didn’t take a genius to guess what Mon-El was seeing. It must be Daxam, Kara thought. If she’d seen Krypton after all the years of not being on the planet, then Mon-El would surely dream of Daxam, being on Earth for only months.

That wasn’t the worst part, though. Alex had been able to save Kara from Black Mercy, yet it was only because Kara saw Alex as a family as much as she saw her birth parents. She’d also been on earth way longer than Mon-El; she’d built a life here. Mon-El had none of that. If he was dreaming about Daxam, and he believed in the hallucination, Kara doubted there would be anyone or anything that could sway him.

It hurt more than she thought it would.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the RFA(+V and Saeran) on MC's birthday? Sorry for being so late, I sent a match up request some time ago! You guys are awesome💖

Okay highkey this blog is lacking fluff after that huge wave of angst asks on Peony’s behalf. Now I’m here to lighten it all up Even if my work may not be up to par with your other lovely admins. Be happy little flowers

Also admin Lilac can’t write angst for the life of her so she never takes angst asks


  • This kid is a college student so he can’t afford anything too extravagant, Hell he actually skipped the day to be with you
  • But he does buy you flowers, and a cute heart shaped locket
  • It has pictures of both of you in it
  • Then he’ll take you out for a picnic, packed for lunch, and dinner probably at a park where the two of you can mess around
  • Even though he’s trying to become a vet, no one can deny that this boy could become a chef. 
  • The lunch was just a few simple sandwhiches and lemonade
  • after you eat, you’ll play games, where he’s the damsel in distress and your his amazing princess come to save him
  • He’ll try to carry you but he drops you, blaming it  on his lack of balance… who is he kidding, he has no muscle
  • Looking up at the sky and finding things in the clouds, maybe even drifting into a nap while you’re at it
  • Throuought the entire day though, you’re showered in affection
  • And when dinner time comes he gets all the food out, setting it up on the small hill that overlooks the rest of the park
  • And as the sun sets, he brings out a small cake with a single candle, singing happy birthday.
  • And you seal the day with a kiss.


  • Jaehee has been preparing for this day since she first met you, she is hella prepared
  • She took the day off just to spend it with you
  • After breakfast you open a few of your gifts
  • All of them full of thought. Like a jar full of instant hot cocoa mix chocolate chips, marshmallows and caramel shavings. Perfect for a rainy day.
  • Or a coffee mug she saw that reminded her of you
  • she didn’t forget how you said you needed a new bag, it was the style you liked too
  • For lunch she took you shopping, The only thing you two got though were a few macaroons and cakes from that bakery you loved.
  • Afterwards you spent the rest of the day cuddled up to her, watching movies, and drinking the hot cocoa.
  • Only getting up for the cake, she sang it gently for you, smiling as you blew out your candle.
  • “Happy Birthday MC”


  • Early in the morning, he wakes you up with a soft kiss and lazy eyes “Happy Birthday MC”
  • He canceled everything he had that day so he could spend it all with you, and the first thing you do, is sleep in later into the day with your love beside you.
  • You get up again around noon, and he’s making your favorite food for lunch. “Hello my sleeping beauty~”
  • He takes you to town for the day, letting you lead him through the stores, carrying your bags and actively giving his opinion on the things you try
  • saying things like “I think this shade looks better on you”, or “This dress flatters your body more”
  • By the end of the day he makes sure to save just enough money to take you out to eat to that restaurant you’ve been talking about the past few weeks. 
  • And after eating he brings you home where the two of you mess around  dancing around the apartment to songs from his previous performances
  • throughout the entire day he’s been over the top affectionate and sweet. telling you how much he loves you, holding your hand, or grabbing you by the waist if anyone got too close
  • but nothing beats when he brings you your cake singing his own version of happy birthday for you
  • “Happy birthday my love”


  • You wake up in the morning to the smell of a full breakfast, which is unusual on a weekday seeing as Jumin always goes into work early in the morning
  • But here he was making you a delicious breakfast.
  • “Happy Birthday, My dear”
  • The entire day is just you being pampered, manicures, and spas all day you’re purely being waited on, not having to worry about anything RFA related at all.
  • Then he decides that you would make the cake together instead of buying one
  • It all starts by you “accidentally” getting flour on him, and his suit… That type of thing doesn’t wash out easily.
  • It took a while to get him into it but eventually a full out flour war starts which makes a mess of the kitchen and of Elizabeth, who avoided you the rest of the day…
  • Of course, the cake batter is eventually finished, and put into the oven to bake. Whilst the two of you now have to clean the kitchen, and a cat.
  • By the time everything is back to normal the cake is finished, and it’s the perfect size for the two of you.
  • Before you even frost the cake though, he takes you out. Why wouldn’t you want to show off your fresh manicure, and silky legs?
  • It’s a cute restaurant downtown with romantic lights and aged wines and the way he looks at you with the lights in his eyes makes the moment picture perfect.
  • getting home the cake is frosted professionally, with a sweet note from Jumin, and a single adorable candle.
  • He sings to you with his baritone voice and it makes your heart swell
  • “Happy Birthday, My lovely MC”


  • The morning of your birthday you wake up to see a card standing on your nightstand.
  • The picture on the front gave away who had left it.
  • Apparently he had gone ahead and scheduled the day off for you, so that he could celebrate your birthday with you.
  • He decided to set the day up like a game of treasure hunt, where you have to decipher the notes to find the next place to go, until you find the end game.
  • He had a car waiting for you at each place to take you wherever you believed your note took you next. 
  • The first place he had you go to was jaehee’s cafe (cause you needed coffee before he pulled any of this or you would kill him and he knew it) where she gave you your note to lead you to the next place.
  • Which was a jewelry shop, apparently he placed an order under your name. It was a silver chain with a small skeleton key strung on it
  • Inside the jewelry box was a note that lead you to a beauty store, where they had a bag for you prepared with all of your favorite products and the ones you’ve been wanting to try.
  • The day continued like so, each note having sickeningly sweet words in it before your next clue.
  • You finally saw seven for the first time that day after finding your last note. He was your ride to the final destination
  • He took you to a secluded place that had been prepared for your arrival, set with the cake and lights hanging from the lower branches of trees
  • “happy birthday MC”
  • And you fell asleep with him under the stars


  • He wanted to do his best to make this day special for you even with his recent handicap
  • In the morning he was already awake, and dressed, he seemed to be pacing the room waiting for you to wake up
  • Upon hearing you get up he jumped, he was obviously anxious, unsure of how he should go about it. Of course he had a few vague ideas, but he needed to get them into action.
  • He went over and gave you a sweet good morning kiss. which helped soothe his nerves
  • He prepared a fast and easy breakfast so you guys could get out there as soon as possible
  • He made lists of your favorite places, and places that he wanted to bring you too, things like your favorite cafe, which the two of you did stop by to get a few cups of coffee
  • Or that one park that you like to walk through, with that fish shaped bun vendor in it
  • He also brought you to a beach that he used to go to to get coastal pictures in his galleries
  • The two of you stayed on that beach for the rest of the day, mainly strolling along the shore.
  • Once in a while you’ll splash him out of the blue (LIKE HIS HAIR SUNFLOWER)
  • You eventually get to the spot he had the RFA help him prepare. With blankets laid out on the sand
  • And a canopy with a table and coolers underneath it
  • As the sun sets against the water, he brings out a cake, and has you light the candle on top 
  • He sings to you sweetly, his glasses are somewhere on the sand, and the candle light twinkles in his eyes
  • “Happy Birthday MC”


  • You and saeran stayed in for the majority of the day, 
  • he didn’t really understand the importance of getting another year closer to death, but it seemed that you wanted to celebrate it so he would try his best to make it a special day
  • You cuddled most of the day, because he wasn’t comfortable being in the busy crowds.
  • You fought your way out of the room to made the cake together, it came out a bit lopsided but the flavor’s what matters.
  • He sang to you, softly. 
  • You almost recorded it, but he threatened to break your phone if you did
  • After cake, he took you outside though
  • It was right when the first stars started coming out, dotting the evening sky
  • He took you to an open field not far from the bunker, but far enough from all the light pollution
  • You both fall to the ground and watch the night sky 
  • He kisses you chastely, and puts a dainty chain around your wrist
  • It’s a thin twisted silver chain, with simple charms hanging off it
  • You drift off while naming a constellation, and you’re only stirred by the feeling of him picking you up to carry you back to the bunker

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Something Crazy Part 3

Summary: You are not bored anymore that’s for sure but what happened after a great kiss?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1600

Warnings: Lots of Fluffy , angst and nightmares are in italic.  There is a little bit of smut in this so if you don’t like it’s just jump to the 5 paragraph.


Credits to the gif to @dailybuckybarnes

Day 3

Bucky Pov’s

Bucky sees as you enter in his room slowly, only in a black lingerie “Like what you see darling?” he can even think straight he is so hard that is painful “Poor boy do you want me to take care of you?” He watches as you climb in to his lap.

“How do you want this baby? My hands? My mouth? My pussy around your huge cock?” Your mouth is in his neck kissing and biting the soft skin making him moan. He pins you down taking his boxers “I want your pussy … I want all of you.”

He place his hands in your neck choking you lightly, your softs moans are getting him crazy “Do you like this don’t you baby girl? You love being put in you place don’t you?” he puts more pressure in your neck as he enters slowly into you.

He is so lost in his own pleasure and your sweet moans that he doesn’t realize the terror in your face and how weak are you becoming “Bucky… come on big boy… you are hurting me” He doesn’t know how much has passed but he stop pound into you and focus on the pressure in your neck until you stop breathing.

“Bucky wake up, you are okay, you are safe.” He looks scared to the room looking for your dead body but he relaxes a little when he doesn’t find you anywhere.  He is afraid to ask but he has to “Steve, I was alone in here right?

“Yes of course you were. Bucky what happened?” So he explains his nightmare how he killed you of course he let a few details of but at the end he was in shock about how vivid his nightmare was. “Oh Bucky I am so sorry but I guarantee she is fine.”

“I don’t want to hurt her. I meet her two days ago and I already care about her.” Steve gives him a sympathetic smile “It’s okay if you care about her. You deserve to be happy after everything that happened.”

“Do you think she is gonna want be with me when she found out? It’s being two years since I come back and every one leave after I tell them, nobody wants to deal with the damage guy.” He doesn’t like to say this out loud he doesn’t want this to be true “I didn’t walk away Bucky.”

“You know me since forever you already love me; no one wants to choose to love someone like me.” Steve put his hand on his shoulder and he leans into his touch “I am damage too Bucky. I bet she has her problems give her and especially you some credit.”

“She is not a killer.” Steve sighs “You didn’t have a choice. I killed some people, was kill or be killed out there.”

Originally posted by no-one-tells-me-who-i-love

Your POV                                            

“This is time of young lady like you came home? It’s almost 2 am” You say looking at Nat that is with a guilty expression on her face “Sorry mom it’s not going to happen again.” You pat the sofa by your side for her to sit “I hope you used protection you are too young to have a baby.”

“We just make out darling, very pg 13 of me. I am not the one wearing someone else clothes.” You look at yourself in your pajamas shorts and his sweater “I can help it’s so cozy and smells so good I don’t want to give it back.”

“Did you sleep with him?” You shake your head a no “We kissed; it was a great kiss the best I had in my life.” She gives you a smile “You really like him.” You agree “But what’s the point? This is a fling. It will be over when we go back to New York; everything is going to be over.”

She cuddles you in her arms “Don’t overthink if it’s just a fling have the most fun possible if became something else be happy.” You smile kindly at her “Enough of my night. How was with Steve? She sits down and you never see her smile so bright “Was great, he is a gentleman but boy that guy can kiss.”

You two stay talking for a couple hours about the bonfire, how nice Wanda were and how you both think she would be a good friend. You realize that she was sleeping peacefully so you let her on the couch confortable and went to your room.

You lay in the bed and you fall sleep in a couple of minutes.

You wake almost 12 hours later. You can believe you lost almost the whole day sleeping but it was worth it. Your phone had three massages the first is of your mother asking if you are fine and having a good time.

The second was of Wanda asking you and Natasha for breakfast tomorrow at a small bakery at 10 pm she was such a sweet girl.

And the last one was from Bucky you smile only to read his name “Good morning doll I hope you had nice dreams with me : ) I want to take you to dinner tonight can I pick you up at 8?” You smile at the text and answer “Unfortunately no dreams this night. How can I say no to you after that kiss? I will be waiting don’t be late ;)”

At 8 pm you hear the doorbell ring. You open the door and see Bucky in a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt he had bouquet of sunflowers in his hand “You look beautiful Doll.”  He says and hand you the flowers with a kiss on the cheek.

“So do you, you are very James Dean today.” He leads you to his car and opens the door for you “Just James Barnes.” You laugh at his bad joke “So where are you taking me Mister Barnes?”

“It’s a surprise.” In 10 minutes you are in a small restaurant that serves sea food. The place was beautiful decorated in blue and green tons, you two sit in a table in the balcony and you can see the stars it’s a beautiful night.

You two make small talk. Talking about your favorite movies and books the talking is flouting so natural that everybody that ears drop this conversation would swear it that you two know each other for years now.

You explain to him what you do to work and how your job can be stressful but fun sometimes “What you do for work Bucky?” you notice that he is tense by your question but answer any way “ I work on a Lab in the Stark tower… technology and this stuff.”

“This fascinating must be so much fun.” He has a dry laughter “Used to be my dream job when I was a kid working around all that science, technology and weapons but after the war I hate being surrounded by all this things that reminded me about the worst years of my life.”

You don’t know what say to him all you want to do is pulling him in for a hug and say that he can trust you but instead you pick his hand and start to massage his knuckles “ I am so sorry about all this , you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to or not ready.”

“But I do doll because I can let you in without all the facts. It’s being a couple years since I came back from the war… I have constants nightmares about everything I did in that time and everything that happened to me. I almost die a few times and sometimes I wish I had.”

“I killed a lot of people. I try to be normal again like I was before all that mess but I can, the war changed me.”

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This time you don’t resist and pull him up to a hug “You can run away now if you want. I won’t judge you.” You get away from him and place a small kiss on his lips “You fought a war, for me this is brave you are brave James. You did things for survive and you live with the consequences I will not run away because of this.”

He puts you for a deeper kisser and you can feel his hand resting on your leg “If one day you want out of this please tell me just don’t run away.”

“I won’t”

You two continue to have dinner the atmosphere of the date is more intense not that is bad thing but was very different of all the silly fun that you two were having in the last few days. You felt your phone ring but didn’t answer you wanted this man to now that you attention was his.

He pays for the meal and you see that he is taking you home “Bucky did you have fun tonight?” He nods for your question and gives you a smile “Good, I had an amazing time with you and I love it the food.” He takes your hand on his and kisses it “I am glad doll.”

“James do you want this date to end?” He stops the car at a traffic light “No.” You smile at him and you can believe that you are feeling this bold “Do you want me?” You see that his eyes are wild open “Honestly I can stop think about it.”

“So take me to your house James.”


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Avengers Preference: Waking You Up

Inspired by the lovely @im-an-octopus
Kept the reader gender neutral so no one was left out!
Also some are shorter than the others because I don’t know that character all that great.

The star spangled hero blinked a few times, alarm clock going off, and smiled softly at your sleeping form. You looked so cute hugging a pillow to your chest, back pressed against his chest, smiling faintly as you dreamed.

Steve was normally the first to wake up out of the two of you. There was the rare occasions where you woke up before him, which was a nice surprise.

He wrapped his strong arms around your waist, pulling you flushed against him, and buried his face into the crook of your neck. Legs tangled up in each other’s, it was pretty cute.

“Good morning,” He nuzzled his face against your skin. “It’s a new day.”

You rubbed your eyes before running a hand through your hair. Glancing over your shoulder, stifling a laugh at his bed hair, and giving the blue eyed man a sleepy kiss.


The Asgardian Prince woke well before the sun was up, much to your displeasure. He got you up every morning without fail, you actually grew to like waking up earlier than needed.

“Good morning and what a glorious morning tis!” Thor’s voice boomed, you sat up slowly and yawned into your arm, and walked over to your side of the bed. “Even in sleep your beauty never falters.”

“Morning sunshine,” You couldn’t help but laugh, his chipper attitude was infectious. “You look well.”

“I made you some delicious pop-tarts to start this fine day.” The Asgardian held a plate of hot pop-tarts out for you. “Once you finish eating we’ll prepare for the day!”

“Thank you,” You took the plate and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee to go with it. “It’s gonna be an eventful day.”


The billionaire, former playboy, philanthropist peppered kisses along your jawline. Grinning against your skin when you gasped.

“Tony…it’s too early to be up.” You whined, rolling over, and pretend to pout. “I’m still sleepy.”

“Well I know a way to get you wake,” He playfully nipped at your neck, working his way to your shoulders. “Definitely get the blood pumping.”

“You are such a horn dog,” You rolled your eyes before rolling back over, kissing him roughly, and straddle his waist. “But I’m no better.”

“Jarvis, reschedule my eight o'clock.” Tony called out with his usual smirk, unbuttoning your pajama shirt, and resting his hands on your hips “I’m going to be a little busy this morning.”

“Of course, sir.” Jarvis voice rang out. “Consider it done.”


The sharp shooter pulled you close, having your head resting on his chest, draping an arm around you. Smiling as you nuzzled your face into his chest.

He placed a gentle kiss on top of your head, chuckling softly when you looked up at him with a sleepy expression.

“Good morning.” His voice barely above a whisper. “We’ve gotta get up.”

“But it’s our day off,” You puffed up your cheeks before smiling at him. “Alright, but in a little bit…I like being in your arms.”

Clint hummed in agreement, stretching a little bit, and gave him a quick peck. Mornings with Clint are fairly easy going unless an emergency arises.


The assassin played with your hair, she had always been a morning person, until you stir from your sleep.

You looked at the redhead, smiling a sleepy smile, before propping yourself up on your elbows.

“Morning,” You stifle a yawn before kissing her forehead. “You look beautiful as always.”

“Good morning, sunflower.” Natasha gave you a gentle kiss, resting her hand on your cheek, and smiled softly. “It’s time to get ready.”

“Five more minutes,” You pulled her into a hug and nuzzled your face into the crook of her neck. “I wanna cuddle a little longer.”

You didn’t even have to see Natasha’s face to know she rolled her eyes at you but she did hugged back. Humming softly as you ran your fingers through her fiery red hair, occasionally saying words of adoration, as you slowly woke up more.


The speedster groaned at the alarm clock going off, groggily rolling over to drape an arm around your waist, before falling back asleep.

You woke up at the sound of the alarm clock, smiling gently as you shut it off, and nudged the Slovakian a few times.

“Come on, you gotta get up.” You rubbed your eyes childishly before getting out of bed. “We’ve got stuff to do today.”

Pietro just groaned again as he pulled the covers over his head, muttering curses in his native tongue.

“Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to take a shower alone.” You smirked slightly as you stripped out of your pajamas. “All that hot, soapy, water running down my body.”

In the blink of an eye Pietro was standing behind you, in all his naked glory, and wrapped his arms around you.

“Now you’re just playing unfair,” He chuckled as you dragged him towards bathroom and into the shower. “I’m not even awake for two minutes and you tease me.”


The telepathic woman watched you as you slept, debating whether or not she should wake you up. She spent several minutes trying to figure out what would be the best approach.

Wanda finally decided on lightly stroking your hair, smiling gently at the feeling, and watched as you slowly woke up.

“Hi there gorgeous,” You grinned sleepily before kissing her cheek. “I’ll go make breakfast, okay?”

“Hello darling,” She blushed softly at your words and gentle action, you always knew how to make her heart flutter. “I’ll help you.”

“Nope, today I’m spoiling my queen.” You gave her a little smile before getting out of bed. “So just relax and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Wanda gave a little laugh, she knew once you had your mind set on something it was impossible to change it.


The scientist watched your chest rise and fall in a steady pattern, you looked so peaceful, and smiled softly to himself.

Bruce knew he should wake you up but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It was a rare thing to see you so at ease, being apart of the Avengers was a stressful job, and he wanted you to enjoy it. Besides it was your day off, he figured you deserved to sleep in.

You stir from your sleep after feeling someone was staring at you, opening your eyes slowly before looking at the brilliant scientist and smiling widely.

“Did I wake you?” Bruce asked with concern written across his face. “I didn’t mean to.”

“No, you didn’t.” You yawned before cuddling up him, face nuzzled into his shoulder. “How late did I sleep in?”

“About an hour or so.” He ran his fingers through your hair. “You should rest a little longer.”

“Fine but only if you rest with me.” You pulled the covers up. “Need my huggy bear.”

“Alright,” He gave an affectionate scoff and wrapped his arms around you. “Sweet dreams.”

You mumbled a reply as you drifted off to sleep again, listening to his heartbeat.

let’s start with something simple

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.

Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare

1. Let’s start with something simple—direct words, and not-so-direct words. The typical exchanges of the day. Typical words. As of now, merely shells composed of letters. Faceless conversations. “I love you.” “Good morning.” “Have you had lunch yet?” “Good luck with the investigation.” “I’m coming home earlier than usual.” “I’ve cleaned up your closet this morning.” “Congratulations. You did a splendid job today in court.” “Your grades are improving, Trucy. That’s great.” “Good night.” “I want you now.” “I love you too.”

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Nott M. Portent X Duke Nukem

Nott M. Portent watched the tea kettle bubbling through his greasy locks, pale lips turned into a frown, as if it was a rainy day and the sun was hiding. The sun was not hiding, but Nott couldn’t tell on account of his greasy locks, so the day may just as well have been rainy, which he pessimistically assumed. He put on an oven mitt and a sunflower apron, retrieving the sugar cookies from the oven.

His husband Duke was sitting in his favorite recliner, puffing on a fat cigar and reading National Geographic. “Tigers are the bomb.” He turned the page. “Nott, those cookies smell bitchin’. What kind are they?”

He gave a low sigh. “The kind is not important… what is important, is where they’re going to go.” He gently pushed the cookies into a plastic tupperware bin, sealing it neatly along the edges, then shuffled back to the counter and began washing his cooking supplies.

Duke looked up from an attractive ad about silver eagle dollars, concerned about his husband. “Hey there, what’s got you all sad and greasy? Let’s see that pale gloomy face I love so much.” He sauntered over, fetching a cookie. “Mmm, damn I love cookies…”

Nott just fuckin hated the world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass. But the love of Duke Nukem stayed his shotgun-hand from shotgunning. He couldn’t even tell Duke how important this was to him. He was not, as Duke was, a master of language. All he could do was try to express his love, as best he could, through cookies and tea.

“Duke it’s just hard being optimistic when people are so terrible… My whole life is just cold bitter hatred.”

Duke munched another cookie and opened the fridge, retrieving the 1-percent milk, which he poured into a quaint cow mug. “Don’t let the world get you down, Nott. If you wanna make an impact, you gotta be loud. I wake up and see the badness and the filth, but I fight back, and I stay as Me as I can possibly be. The world is your skillet: If you wanna make an omelet, you gotta turn the dial up to eleven. Mixing metaphors, taking names, kicking ass, and saving the world. That’s what it’s all about.” He took a loud sip, sliding up behind Nott as he was scrubbing off an egg beater. His free hand wrapped around his waist in half a snuggle.

“No Duke s-stop I’m doing dishes…” Nott cringed a little as color filled his blanched face like rosy watercolors on a fresh canvas.

“I’ll do -your- dishes, baby…” Nott felt the flush rising all across his face to his neck and ears. “No for real you always ambush me when I’m washing the dishes I have so many to do…”

Duke backed off, sighing. “Okay I was just trying to cheer you up…” He finished his milk, putting on his size-13 boots. “I’m going to stomp some
aliens, and then I think I’ll buy some movies.” He left the house.

Nott resumed his dish-washing. He had used too much soap and been too distracted. Now the water was tepid and slick, and the foam rose up thickly in the mixing bowl as his brush ran up and down the edges. He let go, watched the scrub brush and bowl sink, feeling that he had gone too far and upset Duke. The terrible isolation crept in, the feeling that his loneliness was complete. The last fragile cable had snapped, nothing kept him in touch with humanity now. For no special reason he took the sugar cookies off of the table, sinking down to the floor, crying his angsty saline tears into them.

With the cookies ruined and the dishes still not done, there was only one thing left to do. He went into his bedroom, sorting through Duke’s things, retrieving the only shotgun available since he had gotten rid of his old one. “This is the time of vengeance and no life is worth saving… I will put in the grave… as many as I can…”

He put on his boots, slammed open the door. Dark clouds whirled overhead, crackling with lightning. It was time for him to kill, and it was time for him to die…

Nerf bullets assailed a thick oak tree in the middle of their yard, discharged from the shotgun. The bullet impact-textures danced around the object as more foam bullets struck, only three were present at any given time.

Nott lifted the garden gnome standing cheerfully in the aloe patch, sat down, and began ramming his pointy head into the fresh mulch, to the tune of heavy metal music from inside his head only. It had begun… he left the gnome sticking hat-deep upside-down in the ground, passed through the yard several times recovering his foam darts. He brushed off bits of grass from each one and began reloading as he stomped out into society.

Nothing was safe. He went into the parking lot of a supermarket, kicking stray shopping carts that careless people hadn’t returned to the designated cart return area, rocking them and pushing them away as startled moms desperately loaded their children and groceries, and drove off recklessly.

He went into a park, began purposely tripping over trash cans with his entire body, tipping them over. He purchased a loaf of bread and returned to the park, wadding bits of bread into dense balls and throwing it to a fluffy white flock of ducks, who eagerly followed each bread ball as it sank down into the pond instead of floating, which it would have, if Nott had not scrunched it up.

He then threw away the bread wrapper in a recycling bin for aluminum only, and took two free newspapers from the front of a store despite the ‘TAKE ONE’ notice.

Citizens knew him, what he could do, and were panicked by his antics. They fled for their lives as he pelted them with all the fury his Nerf darts could convey. A long trail of bright orange darts followed in his wake, absent any blood or bodies from the non-lethal foray, as he Nerfed his way into the city.

Elsewhere, a few hours later, Duke Nukem holstered his weapons, gazing at a street filled with alien goo and alien corpses. “Damn I’m good…” A beautiful babe tried to get his attention, but his loyalty to Nott M. Portent rendered him oblivious to such juicy opportunities for carnal mischief. He walked into the movie store, intent on rewarding himself for such excellent fidelity.

He went immediately to the Action section, giddy as he picked up a 2-in-1 box of the first two Predator movies. “The husband’s gonna love this…” He picked up a few other titles, such as “Army of Darkness,” “Full Metal Jacket,” “DOOM,” and “The Secret Garden.” However, just as he completed his purchase, he heard sirens, saw a panicked civilian carelessly tumble through the glass storefront into a display rack of Blu-ray copies of the movie “300” as streaks of orange flashed by, a furious Nerf barrage.

“Damn, no… it can’t be, we were making such progress…” He ran outside as Nott M. Portent’s genocide crusade rampaged, boots steaming as he pursued the flapping coat-flaps of Nott’s trenchcoat. Police vehicles screeched to a halt across from Nott, who threw a fistful of plastic army soldiers at them. They gasped and ducked as pale and green servicemen scattered across windshields, landing haphazardly on the asphalt. Someone radioed for backup.

Duke hid behind a tree growing out of a median, looking closer as Nott strafed into an alley to reload. He saw the cold sob-tears of genocidal sadness trailing across Nott’s genocidal face. Duke’s ego stung to see his husband in such a dire predicament. Police returned a fierce volley of pistol-fire, which sent bits of rubble flying so thickly that some of them disappeared before they hit the ground, according to the world’s Game Engine’s pre-set limit on the number of rubble objects it could render at any given time.

As the police reloaded, and Nott prepared to fire once more, Duke sprang out. “Wait, let me talk to him.” He approached Nott.

Nott’s shotgunning hands trembled. “D-Duke? Stay back, this is how it ends for me…” A plastic army man fell out of his trench coat pocket.

Duke held his arms out in a placating gesture. “It’s alright, baby. We can talk this out. What’s got you hating the world again?”

Nott rubbed his eyes and nose on his sleeve, sniffling. “I thought you were leaving me too, just like everyone… it’s all the same, no one cares about me…”

Duke gave a weak smile. “Hey now come on, that’s a steaming crock of alien shit, what makes you think that?”

Nott looked up, eyes watery, hands limp at his sides. “Because I’m Nott M. Portent, that’s why…”

Duke approached slowly, arms still outstretched, giving him a big hug. “You are important… to me.”

Nott sniffled. The muscles in his face began to do a curious thing, something they hadn’t done before. He was… could it be he was smiling? The shotgun fell, a Nerf dart discharged harmlessly into the streets. He hugged Duke back, feeling for the first time that the world didn’t need to die, that Coldness and Hatred were for the first time being supplanted… with Warmth and Lovtred.

“I have such Lovtred for you Duke Nukem…” He said, nuzzling into Duke’s big burly shoulder.

“I love me too, baby… now let’s go home. I’m ready to watch some movies together and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum.”

Plug in your favorite MM charrie and read

Just imagine these cute little moments

  • The first time you wake up in the morning with them at your side, and they’re still half asleep and pull you closer to them
  • Your first proper date at a restaurant, and they drive you home and even though they’ve kissed you before, they still are nervous about kissing you goodnight before they go
  • You’re at their house and they pull out a guitar. They don’t play it the best, but they sing you a cute cheesy love song. You sing along and try to harmonize, but you guys just end up laughing. They kiss you for your good effort
  • It’s raining outside so you spend the entire day with them on the couch curled up in a blanket cuddling, listening to the rain pitter-patter on the roof
  • The first time the two of you go out and watch a movie, you fall asleep with your head nestled on their shoulder. They don’t wake you up until the end of the movie ‘cause you looked so peaceful and happy
  • You’re sitting outside thinking and they come out and kiss your forehead and join you sitting, being quiet to let you think
  • You’re busy but they’re feeling kind of needy and so they keep touching you, like brushing your hair or resting their hand on your leg or kissing your cheek. Not getting in the way, but trying to get your attention, and you eventually give in and draw them in for a real kiss
  • They took you to the county fair and the two of you play the cheaty fair games, and they actually win you one of the gigantic stuffed animals. It’s a big green platypus and you cuddle it all the time ‘cause it reminds you of them
  • You plan a huge week-long trip with them with a whole bunch of activities to do but you end up staying in the hotel room the whole time and order pizza and leave the TV playing and just cuddle and kiss and be alone together the whole week, only leaving the bed to get food
  • You get a bath ready and put bubble bath soap in. But it’s a little too much and bubbles are everywhere and you yell for them, and they have to make it through the bubbles to come save you but actually just end up joining you in the bath
  • You’re shivering so they take off their jacket and wrap you up in it and then wrap their scarf around you too until you’re bundled up like a kid going out to play in the snow, but you’re also really warm
  • When you kiss them and you kind of just want to melt into their arms and their embrace and get lost in the kiss

Let us know if you like this kind of thing, heheh, I was just in the kind of mood to write this. If you want more like this, fluff or angst or anything, go ahead and just let us know ^^ or if you have any other suggestions for us to do in different kind of styles ^^
Love you all!
~Sunflower (:

vintagxx  asked:

Mileven 12

In which Mike gets braces and El gets worried. (I didn’t proofread this, I’m sorry!) Please enjoy! 

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #12: When we lay together on the fresh spring grass

El wakes early on Saturday morning and, with a chocolate-coloured blanket wrapped loosely around her shoulders, watches two episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, humming along to the familiar theme song over a bowl of Fruit Loops. She had taken advantage of Jim still being asleep, using the opportunity to float the bright red box of sugary cereal down from the highest cupboard in their small kitchen, glad to be free (for one morning, at least) of the bland taste of Cheerios. Throughout the cartoon, as she crunches happily on her cereal, El’s mind wanders to Mike; to his frighteningly accurate impression of Scooby that never fails to make her laugh and is, in her opinion, much better than his attempts at Yoda.

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I Will Make You Fall Once More

(Part one)   (Part two)   (Part three)  Ripping Off Butterfly Wings

(Part four)   (Part five)


Part 3.

Hide is walking to work with constant yawns leaving his mouth. The blond didn’t sleep so well last night. Ever since the damned half-ghoul showed up, his dreams…no – nightmares, Hide hasn’t been sleeping the best. Dark bags outlined the dullness of Hide’s brown eyes. What once held so much vibrancy now looks nothing more than the color of mud. Hide doesn’t bother with his hair anymore either. However Hide wakes up is exactly how his hair stays. Maybe a few swipes from a brush, but really he doesn’t do much with it anymore. More of his roots have grown out.

The crisp cool air of the morning finished waking up Hide. The blond looked around for something that would get his mind off of a certain ghoul. He is alone in the streets. It’s only five o’clock, so most people would be getting up about now.

Hide covers his mouth as another yawn escapes his body. When the human opens his eyes, he comes to a halt. Kaneki is standing in front of him holding up a box tied up in fabric for Hide to take. The ghoul is watching Hide with a straight face – no emotion. Hide eyes the suspicious box.

“What is this?” Hide asks.

“A bento.” Kaneki answers casually. Some emotions are breaking through and the ghoul smiles at Hide.

“Why are you giving me a bento?” Hide asks as he crosses his arms and leans his weight on a leg. The blond arches an eye brow.

“You’re thin, Hide. Too thin. You may be neglecting your health, but I won’t. So I made you this.” Kaneki explains. The ghoul grabs Hide’s hand and places the bento in it. Kaneki’s hands are sandwiching Hide’s hand and the bento.

“Am I going to be poisoned if I eat this? I mean, let’s face it, you couldn’t cook then, and now that you’re a ghoul, it’ll probably be worse.” Hide is being so cold.

‘But he probably labored over this.’ Hide’s conscience whispered. ‘He made this especially for you.’

“What? The big bad Centipede is baking muffins for his crush now?” Hide sneers. He needs to act this way. He can’t let himself feel the butterflies in his stomach. He can’t.

“So what if he is?” Kaneki asks, taking a step towards Hide.

“W-Well, then I’d say that the guy needs to move on and find a new crush because the one he’s trying to please isn’t interested.” Hide’s words are beginning to stutter. Shit.

“No. No. That simply won’t do because this big bad ghoul always gets what he wants, and what he wants is you.” Kaneki declares.

“Well he won’t be spoiled this time. He will never win his crush over.” Hide growls.

“That’s not what your heartbeat is telling me, Hide. I can hear it racing.” Kaneki murmurs. Their eyes lock onto each other. Hide feels a droplet of sweat sliding down his face.

The morning sun is rising higher in the sky. People were beginning to leave their homes to get to their morning destinations. Some people stared at the two’s exchange in the street.

“I need to get going.” Hide utters and scurries away from Kaneki. The ghoul watches Hide leave until the blond disappears from his sight.

Hide keeps a fast pace until he reaches the work building. He looks down at the bento in his hands and unties the cloth slowly. The blond opens the box and can’t help but let out a snort. Most of the food is burnt and over cooked. The rice didn’t look quite done and the food combinations were a little bizarre. But there is something in the bento that Hide’s heart skips a beat to. In the middle of the bento is a small arrangement of vegetables. The veggies made a sunflower. Next to the small arrangement is a sausage cut into an octopus.

Hide wants nothing more than to rip off the wings of the butterflies in his stomach.

NEWT - More Than Sunshine

Request: Can you wrote one where Newt is having his nightmares and it wakes you up, and to calm him down you sing him a song that you remembered, which is “you are my sunshine’ and it’s all fluffy and cute and stuff?:)

(I am not shitting you, I listened to the song in order to get the feel for this before I started writing and wow feels feels feels feels. Also, apologies if this is a little short! I thought this would be best as short, sweet and simple, much like the song ;)  I wasn’t an entirely sure how the reader was going to remember the song but since sunflowers reminded me of the lyrics… )


Half awake, you felt the blanket on top of you shift. Surprised at the cold air hitting your feet, you tried to tug the blanket back to your side. But you heard a groan from Newt, thinking it was just his goofy self wanting more of the blanket, you brushed it off. But what you heard next was definitely not something you could brush off.  “Please,” Newt whispered. “It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it.” A small cry escaped his lips.

You sat up and turned to look at Newt, whose face was contorted with agony from what his head was conjuring in him. Frozen, you stopped moving, waiting for any more words Newt might say. “I didn’t do it,” he moaned. “I didn’t kill her.”

Kill who?

“Hey, Newt, wake up.” You whispered as you gave his shoulder a small tug. “No! I.. I would never!” Newt’s voice had gotten louder and panic began to rise in your heart. “Newt, baby, you gotta wake up, it’s not real,” your voice cracked in desperation as you raised a hand to his cheek, shaking him a little harder. “They did it to her,” he cried out. “They did this. I’m not a monster.” By now, his face was twisting into something that was terrifying you. Something was not going right, whatever it was he was seeing. “Newt, please, please,” you begged, shaking him harder. “Wake up!”

You could already feel tears beginning to brim your eyes. You have never seen him this way before. “Newt!” you said as he jolted upright, eyes opening wide, much to your relief. Immediately, you threw your arms around him and held him tight. His hands wrapped around you even tighter and you felt him nuzzle his face in the crook between your neck and shoulder as he panted for breath.

 “(Y/N),” he gasped.

“Newt, I’m right here, ssh..” you caressed his hair with one hand as you could feel his body tense up even more.

“They,” he began. “Th-they said.. I.. I killed you.. but I kn-know I didn’t, I w-would never do such a thing. You know that. I would never hurt you.”

“Newt, it wasn’t real, alright?” You pulled away but still held his arms. “I’m right here. Safe. With you. And you’re safe too.”

Fear was present in his eyes as cold sweat began to drip down his temples. “They.. called me a monster,” he muttered.

“Newt, you’re not a monster,” you assured, caressing his cheek with your thumb. “You’re Newt. My goofy, lovely Newt,” you smiled. “Come on, you gotta get some sleep,” you shifted in place in order for him to lie back down. Adjusting the blanket, you felt his hand wrap around yours. “(Y/N),” he whispered. “I’m afraid.”

You were surprised at Newt’s vulnerability but it didn’t stop you from doing what you could if it meant calming him down.

“Lie down, I have something that might help.”

You positioned yourself for your head to lie on his chest and wrapped an arm around his waist as his arm wrapped around yours. “I never told anyone this but, I sat alone one day,” you began. “And I saw a yellow flower, by the maze doors. Not the doors that the runners enter, you see. It was the one to the side. It stood out, and it was only flower that I had ever seen in the Glade.”

You glanced up at him and his eyes were focused on the ceiling as he listened to you intently. “Well, I felt like it was meant for me. So picked it up and then I remembered.”

“What did you remember?” he whispered.

“ I remembered a melody. The flower’s scent lingered in the air that surrounded me, so I brought it closer to smell its sweetness. Then the words came to me. It was a song that I have heard before.”

You moved to prop yourself up on your elbow so you could look directly at him. You ran your fingers through his hair and much to your relief, his eyes were beginning to soften, looking quite sleepy already in fact.

“Do you want me to sing it for you?” you smiled.

“More than anything,” Newt said.

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine..

You make me happy..

When skies are grey..

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

Please don’t take my sunshine away..

At the finishing of your last note, you leaned in to place a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you, Newt,” you whispered as you gazed into his eyes. “Never forget that, sunshine.”

 Newt gave a slight chuckle in response as you felt the last bits of his fear fade into nothing.  “I don’t know what I would do without you,” Newt smiled as you fluffed your pillow, getting ready to lie back down. You snuggled back into his arms and pretended to be asleep until you felt him relax and breathe steadily. You took one last glance at his face before you dozed off, making sure his eyes were closed. He was more than just the sunshine to you, more than the moon and the stars. He was your world. 


anonymous asked:

any quotes you live by?

“Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.” — Hunter Thompson

“The world will knock you down plenty. You don’t need to be doing it to yourself.” — Elizabeth Scott

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

“It’s dark because you are trying too hard. Lightly child, lightly. Learn to do everything lightly. Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. I was so preposterously serious in those days…Lightly, lightly—it’s the best advice ever given me. So throw away your baggage and go forward. There are quicksands all about you, sucking at your feet, trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. That’s why you must walk so lightly. Lightly, my darling.” — Aldous Huxley

“You cannot save people. You can only love them.” — Anais Nin

“‎Close your eyes & imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.” — C. Assaad

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Sugar - a secret Santa fic for Hannah!

@hannahberrie surprise! It’s me, your super late Santa! sorry for the delay, I had the hardest time getting away from my family to get this written :P But I hope you like it! I went with police officer Kristoff and waitress Anna <3


It was summer the first time he saw her, and there were fake sunflowers on the tables of the little diner. He’d been going to the diner every day for nearly a year to get his morning coffee, and there had never been anything on the tables except napkins, salt & pepper shakers, and stains from hundreds of coffee cups. The diner was a fixture, one of unchanging the landmarks of the little town. Its neon sign had hummed and buzzed one main street for as long as Kristoff could remember—it had been there when he was a kid, newly adopted, shy and wide-eyed, and he’d been taken there for ice cream. It had been there during high school, when he’d avoided it because it was always crowded with other students on awkward dates. And it had been there when he’d come home, after his training and after his year-and-a-half of working in the city and after he’d nearly lost faith in humanity.

“Morning, officer!” She was new—not one of the gum-popping high schoolers who usually waitressed during the summer, but still fresh-faced and bright-eyed, all red hair and big smile. Her name tag told him ‘Hi! My name is Anna!’ “What can I get you?” Anna asked.

“Coffee,” he said shortly.

“Milk? Sugar?”


“Seriously? No sugar?”


“Are you sure you can drink that stuff without sugar?”

He tried to frown at her, but her expression of comical horror was too much and a smile twitched at the corner of his mouth. “I’m sure.”

She brought him sugar anyway.

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fic: sweet peas and sweet days ; 1.3k ; girl ziall

I just wrote this short little ziall thing based off of this post. I’ve been thinking about the post like non-stop ever since the snow melted here, so I finally had to just write a quick little something about it :* so here’s about 1.3k of girl ziall with gardener Niall and stupidly sweet domesticity. I wrote it pretty quickly and no one has looked over it, so all mistakes are my own.

sweet peas and sweet days

Niall doesn’t even need an alarm clock to wake up anymore. She wakes as their closest neighbour’s rooster begins to crow, before the sun has even really begun rising. Zayn will still be dead to the world, her face peaceful as she sleeps through the noisy rooster, and Niall slipping out of bed.

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