waking up to niall horan

This is it. This is the best headline yet. 

Can you imagine waking up to this! I would literally die 😍

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there / the smell of your perfume still stuck in the air / it’s hard

Niall hated the cold he felt on his side of his bed where you used to be. The pillow still smelled like you. It was hard to get out of bed. Why would he want to get out of bed when he still had your scent to smell? He was so worried it was going to disappear one morning when he woke up.

Just like you did.

So he wanted to spend every moment he could reliving that smell that was so perfectly encapsulated in his bed. It was you and beautiful but of course. Everything about you was.

He rolled to your side carefully and clutched your long forgotten pillow to his chest and inhaling deeply into the pillow case that hadn’t been changed in months. He closed his eyes and imagined it was your hair he was breathing in instead of the fabric of the pillow.

After several fake attempts, he rolled himself out of bed and walked toward his bathroom.

The menial tasks felt worse without you there. Your smiling face walking passed the mirror and your smile brightening the room as he brushed his teeth. Instead he felt dreary and didn’t want to leave his apartment. It was still warm here even though you were gone.

He was worried that warmth would go away too after a while. And then it would be as cold as his bed and he would never want to leave.

Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow running around / it’s funny how things never change in this old town / so far from the stars

He was sure he saw you yesterday. That’s what happens when you have a routine as strict as his. The same footsteps are taken every day and when that happens you start to see things that aren’t there. Like you. You weren’t there and yet you were everywhere. All the memories laced into the places the two of you visited each day. The coffee shop, the newspaper stand because you wanted to do the crossword puzzle and the bagel place because Niall needed peanut butter and you wanted cinnamon cream cheese.

The coffee shop still had customers, the newspaper stand was still there, but the bagels weren’t as good anymore. People still walked as everything was the same, but it wasn’t. Niall was missing you and it wasn’t fair. He wanted it back. But it was so far away from that time. It couldn’t go back to that. He couldn’t let it. It wasn’t fair. But it was always you that he saw in this town.

And I want to tell you everything / the words I never got to say the first time around / and I remember everything from when we were the children playing in this fair ground

The heartbreak Niall feels is at its worst when he returns home from work. There’s no gorgeous girl curled on the couch taking a nap while the radio is playing too loud. She’s not by the stove making him dinner. She’s not in the bathroom in sweats with her hair in a bun while she cleans the tub because she “sheds more than any dog.”

The apartment is deadly quiet and he wishes he could turn down the radio one more time and cuddle up to his love on the sofa. Or wrap his arms around her from behind while she stirred her favorite homemade soup on a cold England day. One more time to sit on the lid of the toilet seat and watch her scrub while he looked in awe of the girl that made his life so much easier and so much better.

He would do anything to go back to those days so very long ago when he was your knight on the playground scaring away the stray cats and the squishing the scary bugs. Walking by that park he met you on so long ago hurts his chest and he hopes to God that the little ones on the swings never feel heartbreak like this.

Not one person on that playground deserves to know what it’s like to lose your best friend the way he did.

If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you / drive highways and by-ways to be there with you / over and over the only truth:  everything comes back to you

He hoped that you wouldn’t meet anyone else. It would probably kill him. And yet, of course he would be happy for you if you were happy.

The papers still talked, still stalked and questioned you and Niall. He was so upset and he wished with all his heart that he never had to look at someone in the eye and hear their lips say your name.

But everything was about you. All of it. From the time he got up to the time he went to bed. His dreams were plagued with images of your perfect figure and pretty face making the agony all the worse. He wanted to be over you, but he really didn’t think he ever would be. There was no way because you weren’t just his wonderful love that made his heart smile. The fact of the matter was that you were his best friend, his other half, his better half at that, his therapist, his angel.

He worshipped you and he would do anything to take back that stupid fight that he doesn’t even remember what started it because you would still be by his side. He would be walking into this venue in some beautiful dress that you found on sale and no one would be the wiser and he loved that most about you. And you would make him giggle and his heart slow as you danced around the expansive ballroom while people snapped pictures and made him self-conscious of his inability to have any sort of rhythm for dancing.

He would let everyone watch if he could dance with you one last time.

He’d do anything to get near you just one more time. No sort of time was too long, no distance too far. Everything and anything would not stop him from getting back to you.

The gentle pat on the back from Liam was comforting but not helpful. It didn’t have the same of anxiety decreasing touch that you did.

He bumped into Harry when he stopped short in the middle of the hallway toward the venue. Harry spun around and looked at Louis nervously. Louis zoomed into action and Niall was just too distracted with remembering that no matter how many times he stepped on your toes you promised he was adorable and did so wonderful as he danced.

You still make me nervous when you walk in the room / them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you / over and over the only truth: everything comes back to you

It made sense finally. Harry’s abruptness, Louis’ swiftness, and Liam talking rapidly as he spoke to Niall. The butterflies that he hadn’t felt in months were attacking his tummy. Those only happened when you were around. He looked up and there was your perfection. Far across the room looking as beautiful as you always did. The urge to run over and wrap his arms around and sweep you off the floor was never greater. Oh did he need you.

His stomach started to hurt not just from butterflies. He wanted to, no, needed to talk to you. If he didn’t he was so sure he would die. But now it was like the first time he said all those words to you that he wished he could say one more time.

I love you. I want you. You’re my whole world. I trust you. Please don’t break me. I’m scared. You are my everything.

The words spun behind his eyes as he tried to imagine how those could disappear out of his life. He wanted to say them all again. They were all so true. It felt like word vomit all over again like the first day he said each of those trusting and loving sentences. Except it was worse now.

Because he couldn’t say them. No matter how badly he wanted to.

And I know that it’s wrong / that I can’t move on / but there’s something about you

Praying you didn’t have a date he watched as Harry was finally the last one to go over and speak to you. Louis was several moments, Liam followed speaking to her for the better part of the hour.

Niall loved Harry but he hated how he had his hand on her back, his hand in hers, and the way he effortlessly twirled her around the dance floor while he stumbled every other moment of his life.

He sipped his beer again while Liam promised him that if he went over and asked her to dance she would never say no. That wasn’t the problem. Niall knew you wouldn’t. It’s that he wouldn’t let you go. He wasn’t over you. He never would be. Years of his life were attached to you. The only kind of love he knew was yours.

But he was going to do this. He was going to let the whole world watch him dance one last time. It’s what he wanted.

When the song was over, Harry kissed her cheek and Niall’s blood boiled before she giggled and he twirled her one last time. Maybe Niall was forgetting what she looked like, but she was even more beautiful now than his imagination. She glowed and he didn’t understand how he could look and feel so terrible and you were so effortlessly perfect.

Harry escorted you over and Niall tensed up as the butterflies attacked more.

“Hi Ni,” you said gently, blushing lots, and you looked shyly at him. You held your hand out silently waiting for him to take it. You didn’t need words. Not after all these years.

Holding your hand almost made him cry. Your touch was fiery and beautiful and he wanted to never let go.

He was quiet through the first song. You didn’t pressure him to speak. Of course you wouldn’t. Then he stepped on your toes of course. “Sorry,” he said blushing wickedly.

“All good, baby,” you cooed. His chest constricted violently. He wanted to cry. It had been so long since someone called him baby. And it had been forever since he heard that word uttered from your lips. He’s pretty sure he gulped or gasped or something but at that point he just felt like the world was ending and he was blessed that you were there to see him through it.

The two of you were the only ones in the room as you danced. Niall felt like he was floating and he only hoped that you felt it too.

And I wanna tell you everything

When the song was over Niall wanted another to start. He would spend the rest of his life dancing with you if he could breathe in your beautiful scent and gaze into those eyes that gorgeously haunted his poor, broken soul.

He wished he could move on because this was unfair to you.

Suddenly Niall was outside and you were shivering in the cold. Why were you outside?

“You said you were gonna throw up,” you told him knowingly.

He bit his lip. “I miss you,” he blurted. “And I messed up and this isn’t fair, but I’m not over you. I’m never gonna be over you. I messed up so badly and I’m sure someone else has already snapped you up because you are perfect, there’s no way someone wouldn’t see it,” he was breathing so rapidly, his heart aching.

“Niall, I told you I would never want anyone but you,” you said simply.

To most that would sound a little desperate. But you never said it to stop Niall from breaking up with you. Saying it now, after he hurt your heart, it was just a matter of fact. You would never want anyone but him and that’s how you would live your life.

He kind of just stared at you. Well what did that mean? Niall couldn’t speak.

“You broke my heart,” you told him simply. Again, it wasn’t accusation, it was another fact.

It was a fact that crushed him. His skin turned hot, he ran his hands through his hair making it all spiky. “I know,” he also stated as a fact. He did know.

“But you are my best friend in the entire world, and nothing in the world could ever make me want your unhappiness. Even if it means you don’t want me anymore.”

He pulled his jacket off because he wasn’t going to make you break all over again and then freeze to death. You were so strong though. Your voice didn’t waver, you were simply talking and making all the logical sense in the world that you always did. “I do want you,” he whispered. “Princess, I need you,” he said quietly and his voice cracked.

You looked at him nervously. “I know,” you blushed. “I need you too,” you whispered.

And that was it. He was soaring. His heart falling and he started to feel like he was at home again. “I’m so sorry,” he promised. “I’ll never do it again,” he shook his head. “Never,” he vowed.

You smirked and headed back toward the venue. “I know,” you said matter-of-factly.


You still make me nervous when you walk in the room / Them butterflies they come alive when I’m next to you

He didn’t need to see that you walked in the room. He just knew that you were there because his stomach hurt in the best kind of way. The smile started on his face and you nuzzled yourself against his side while he watched his soccer game.

This is what Niall wanted to have for forever.

If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you / drive high ways and by-ways to be there with you

Niall doesn’t really remember standing up in the middle of the living room, but all of a sudden the two of you were swirling around the room to the quiet music in the background and he was sure you never looked more beautiful. He held you close to him and didn’t mind as much when his toes stepped on yours.

He would do anything to be her for forever.

You smiled up at him. “Hey Ni?” You whispered.

“Yes, love?” He murmured.

“You’re my whole world,” you told him

“And you’re mine,” he answered so softly. He leaned slowly pressing his lips to yours and it felt like all the butterflies had moved to his lips to tingle the way the butterflies always tingled his belly. Just like they always would if he was right beside you.

Waking up in an empty bed wasn’t a nice feeling. Especially when it was Harry’s first week home from tour and you had both agreed that this week was to be spent in bed, intertwined in each other, no distractions. You sighed, sitting up and reaching for Harry’s t-shirt that was scrunched up on the floor from last night before reaching for your underwear and pyjamas shorts that hadn’t stayed on longer than half an hour last night.

Your phone buzzed with a text, but right now you didn’t care, you just wanted to be reunited with your fiancé since he had disappeared before you had even woke up. You braced yourself for your feet hitting the hardwood flooring but instead was met with soft cloth, looking down noticing it was Harry’s boxers from last night and laughing to yourself, before making your way downstairs to find Harry.

Peeking into the living room, Harry was no where to be seen so moving onto the kitchen you found him standing against the counter, his favourite mug full of steaming tea in his hands, his eyes closed as he breathed heavily, a sign that he was stressed and he was obviously distracted because he hadn’t even noticed you standing there and obviously quite distracted by something as he hadn’t even noticed you standing there. He was dressed in a plain black hoodie, and black jeans looking as handsome as ever.

“You disappeared,” you smiled from your spot leaning on the doorframe. Harry looked up, and you didn’t fail to notice that there was something in his eyes, something distracting him, but you knew he was going to hold it in. He wasn’t going to tell you what it was.

“Oh uhm- sorry I didn’t want to wake you and I needed a proper cup of tea,” he smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. You walked over, placing yourself right in front of him, wrapping your arms around his back.

“Why don’t we go back to bed, huh?” You smirked up at him, before tiptoeing to kiss along his jaw.

He pulled away. “You go back up, I’ll join you in a second, yeah? Remember, no phones,” he made a point of saying.

You weren’t sure why he was being so distant all of a sudden, but you just agreed and made your way upstairs to lay back in bed and wait for your fiancé. While you were waiting, you picked your phone up off of the bedside table and noticed one from your sister, mum and best friend.

Are you ok? Is it true? Have you spoke to him? My sister.

Please tell me what I’ve read is not true, sweetheart. I love you. My mum.

Babe, are you ok? I’m gonna fucking kill him. He won’t have any fucking balls left when I’m finished with him. My best friend.

You furrowed your eyebrows before going into Twitter, figuring that you’d see whatever it was on there. And you did, almost instantly.

Harry Styles Gets Cosy On A Yacht With Kendall Jenner On Vacation In St. Barts… But what happened to Y/F/N?

You immediately clicked off of twitter. The picture of the two of them laying on a yacht was enough proof. You didn’t want to see any more. You felt sick enough. He had proposed to you. He had told you that he was going to St Barts for a few days to catch up with his mum and Robin. Not to hook up with the runway model he was dating four years ago…

You climbed back out of bed and grabbed a duffle back, the one you usually used if you were visiting Harry on tour for a week or so, and started stuffing clothes you would need for a few days into it, just as Harry walked in. “Woah, what are you doing? Where are we going?” He questioned, but as soon as you looked at him, tears running down your face. He knew you knew. “Listen, it’s-“ you cut him off quickly.

“H, did you sleep with her?” You whispered quietly, trying not to break down in front of him.

“I didn’t fucking touch her, y/n. If you’d just trust me you’d know that!” He shouted at you. “I’m trying to fucking tell you what happened and you’re just jumping to conclusions. How are we supposed to build a future if you don’t even listen to me? I’m fucking done with how you’re acting right now. Just leave, but if you do, don’t fucking bother coming back. If you can’t trust me then there’s no future here for us. I really thought you were the one, but maybe I was wrong.

You were shocked. He had basically just called off the engagement and told you not to come back. You stepped back, and twisted the ring off of your left hand, grabbed the bag and walked over to Harry. You placed the ring in his hand and squeezed it. “Thank you for showing me what love really is,” you whispered, before walking out of there and not stopping to cry until you had drove out of the driveway, and were two blocks away.

After one day of living with your parents, you were stressed more than you ever had been. Between your parents asking you every two minutes if you were ok, your dad saying he was going to kill Harry, and your mum telling you that you didn’t deserve any of this, you were ready to walk out of there too. It was after an hour of you blowing up at them telling them to stop talking about him that they decided to go out for dinner, giving you some space, something you were grateful of.

It was about ten minutes after you left your phone buzzed with a text from your mum, with a link to something on The Daily Record. You clicked on it and was met with a headline that read ‘Kendall and Harry: Only Ever Been Friends’. There was a video of Kendall being interviewed so you clicked on it and watched it. “So Kendall, you and Harry. What’s happening there?”

Kendall sighed. “We’ve only ever been friends. Even four years ago, we weren’t dating. We’re close friends, and we bumped into each other in St. Barts, I was spending the day on a yacht with a couple of friends when they cancelled. Harry and I spend the day together along with his mom, stepdad, and I have no idea how it happened but Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi turned up. Harry didn’t stop talking about y/n the whole time. He was talking about honeymoons and their wedding colours, and how much he can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle in her dress. No one could split that couple up no matter how hard they try. They’re absolutely perfect for each other.”

You threw your phone on the ground, angry tears rolling down your face. You had ruined everything. Harry wasn’t going to take you back. You should have trusted him. So you took your anger out on yourself, and grabbed the bottle of whiskey your dad kept under the sink, and you drowned your sorrows until you couldn’t feel anything, and you passed out.


“Baby, come on. Wake up baby,” you tried to open your eyes, but your head hurt too much. “Baby, come on. Open your eyes for me, my love,” Harry was here. You forced yourself to open your eyes. You were still in your parents house.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” You croaked, your head pounding.

He squeezed your hand even tighter. “I came to apologise. To say I should have never spoke to you like that. And when no one answered I panicked and looked through the window and seen you lying there. So I came in, I hope you don’t mind. I was worried and I’m so glad I came in. Did you drink that full bottle?” You nodded, your head disagreeing with the action. “I’m sorry I told you to leave, I shouldn’t have. I should have told you the truth. Nothing happened, I can’t live without you. This is yours,” he whispered, his eyes teary as he handed you the engagement ring you gave him back the day before.

“I’m sorry I left,” you replied, smiling softly at him, before he pulled you into his arms. And even though you had forgave him within a couple of minutes, you knew that he’d beaten himself up the night before enough for you, and your parents.

“This Town” by Niall Horan

Waking up to kiss you and nobody’s there
The smell of your perfume still stuck in the air
It’s hard

Yesterday I thought I saw your shadow runnin’ ‘round
It’s funny how things never change in this old town
So far from the stars/start

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

And if the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

I saw that you moved on with someone new
In the pub that we met he’s got his arms around you
It’s so hard
So hard

And I want to tell you everything
The words I never got to say the first time around
And I remember everything
From when we were the children playing in this fairground
Wish I was there with you now

And if the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies, they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

And I know that it’s wrong that I can’t move on
There’s something ‘bout you
And if the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

You still make me nervous when you walk in the room
Them butterflies, they come alive when I’m next to you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

Everything comes back to you

Wake Up Call (Niall Horan Smut)

kay this is my first time so , enjoy!

summary: you woke Niall up with a little bit of surprise that leads to somewhere ;) content: sexual content

pairing: niall x reader


I had planed this from the start. I have always wanted to try this with Niall but the thing is, I’m just afraid he wouldn’t like it. But then again, who wouldn’t? So today I woke up purposely earlier than Niall and give it a go.

“Niall? Nialll…” I whisper but get nothing in response. I smile mischievously and trail my hand from his chest down to his waistband. I got under the covers and started palming him from his boxers. It didn’t took much since he already has his morning wood. As he started to get bigger and harder in my hand, He shift and groan.

deciding he’s hard enough, I slide his boxers gently, careful not to wake him yet. I lick him from the base and took him in my mouth. “hmm…” he moan and shift again. I swirled my tongue and moan lightly giving him more pleasure. Suddenly the covers  were pulled and I see blue eyes staring me with lust. “Fuck baby, just like that, oh yeah..” Niall moan and tangle his hands in my hair now fucking my mouth with all his might.

“so close baby. so close..” Niall moan trying to hit his high, despite me choking on his cock. “Fuck fuck fuck, I’m cumming princess!” He release in my mouth and gave a final thrust. Keeping eye contact with him, I swallow his cum making him groan. “Good morning babe.” I said smiling up in an innocent smile like I wasn’t just blowing him minutes ago.

“sucha naughty girl.” Niall tsk his accent making my core dripping with need. “Are you my bad girl?” “only for you.” I moan and crash my lips to his in a hungry kiss. “I enjoy that baby girl, but i think I’m more… hungry.” he smirk and trail kiss from my neck down to my breasts and across my stomach to my waistband. “Y/N… babe, you’re dripping and I haven’t even started yet.” he said to me with that smug smirk of his. “Niall please…” “I like it when you beg babe. It’s hot especially waking up seeing you sucking my cock.” I moan and arch my back. His dirty words are doing things to me.

“Fuck Niall please.” soon enough I felt him licking my slit making me jolt in pleasure while Niall just chuckle in delight bringing vibration to my pussy. “Ni…” I moan breathlessly as he attached his lips to my clit sucking and inserting a finger. “What the fuck?!” I look up annoyed that he stop just as I were about to cum.

He just grin and slam to me making me scream in pleasure. My hands immediately go to his hair and tug harshly on it. He groan. I knew he always find it hot when I tug on his hair. “Babe, you’re…so…goddamn tight.” he said his jaw clenching. 

“Niall!!! Don’t stop, I’m so close baby.” his hand finding my clit circling it bringing me to the brink of climax. “Cum for me Y/N” he growl and I cum clenching on his cock making him hitting his high too. 

“You know I’ve always wanted to wake you up with a blowjob, I’m just unsure.” “Can I wake up with a blowjob everyday then?” he grin cheekily. “I was gonna wake you up with me bouncing on your cock too, but if it just blowie then okay.” I said teasingly watching his grin fade. “No babe! I need that too!”

A/N: sorry if it sucks. :/ 

He Wakes Up Sick


Harry sat up abruptly waking you up in the process. “H?” you questioned sitting up. He ran to the bathroom without giving you an answer. You quickly went after him. Only to find him bent over the toilet. “Babe” you cooed  grabbing his hair to hold it back. 10 minutes later Harry was still bent over the toilet dry heaving. You put his hair in a bun and stood up to go to the kitchen. You returned to find him with his head laying on the side of the toilet. “Babe, that’s gross” you giggled. You sat down behind him pulling him into your chest. You wiped his forehead with a cold cloth and held the cup up for him to drink. He cuddled closer to you. “Thank you love, you always take care of me” Harry smiled up at you. “You know H, you can tell me if you’re pregnant” you said making him laugh. He let out a sharp breath, “Don’t make me laugh!” he cried.


His alarm went off on his bedside table, he normally turned it off before it could wake you but today was different. You automatically knew something was wrong. Reaching over to turn off the alarm you brushed across his arms, and felt that he was burning up. You checked his forehead using you lips, like your grandma always did. He stirred from under you. “Loubear, wake up” you said softly. He let out a whimper but didn’t open his eyes. “Louis you need to wake up and take some medicine” you commanded, slipping out of bed and running to the medicine cabinet quickly. When you returned he rolled over on your side of the bed with the covers wrapped tightly around him. “Please get up and take this Louis, you have to get this fever down or I’ll be taking you to the hospital” you pled with him. He opened his eyes, “I am not going to the hospital” “take the medicine then” you said shoving the spoon to him. He took it quickly giving you a sweet smile. “Make room” you gigged getting back in bed to hold him until he fell back asleep.


“Baby” you heard a raspy voice pulling you out of your sleep. “Zayn? Are you okay?” you asked confused. He shook his head slowly, you knew then that his throat was giving him trouble again. “Z, why didn’t you tell me last night your throat was starting to hurt” you sighed. He always did this, avoided the pain until it got too bad. “It…didn’t” he said slowly, you could tell that it hurt him just to say two words. “Don’t talk babe” you said getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen to get medicine, warm tea, and his cough drops. You returned to find him with his eyes closes with a pain etched in his features. “I’m going to call and leave a message for them to fit you into the schedule. Zayn this can’t keep happening, you are ruining your voice” you scolded him. He sulked, it wasn’t even his fault. “Don’t give me that look, you’re going to have to give up smoking or singing…and I’m not going to let you stop singing” you smiled.  


“babbbyyyyy” Niall cried pulling you out of a deep sleep. You growled at him and rolled back over to try and fall asleep before you woke up completely. “babbbbbe” he called again this time a little louder. “Niall Horan, you better be dying!” you snapped at him. His lip started to quiver and his eyes turned a pale blue. “I don’t feel good” he pouted. You were wide awake instantly, “what’s wrong’ you panicked. “My throat, my head, my nose,” he started listing off things that were hurting him. You smiled to yourself, he always exaggerated the common cold. “Come here baby” you said pulling him closer to you. You felt his lips spread into a smile on your flesh. “I’m going to get you some medicine” you offered. “No, stay here” he pleaded. “I’ll be back” you said pulling yourself from his grasp. When you returned he had cocooned himself into the duvet, hiding his face. “Niall!” you playfully rebuked at him. “I don’t need medicine, I just need your loving” he cried. “Niall take this medicine!” you yelled at him. “No!” he said shaking his head. “I will call your momma so fast Niall Horan!” you threatened him. “Fine!” he said opening his mouth to take it quickly. “Are you happy now?” he asked. “Very! Now come here and let me give you that loving you are in desperate need for” you joked with him.


One thing Liam couldn’t afford was being sick on tour so his body always seemed to wait until he made it back to his flat to completely give up on him. The common cold he could handle, a scratchy throat was no problem, sore muscles he could deal with but when a migraine hit, it would take every ounce of his strength to make it through the day. All you could do was lay in bed with him in the dark and casually rub his temples, warm up a heating pad, and give him medicine every four hours. You would sit in silence with him the whole time, only speaking if he worked up the strength to ask you a question. Every so often you would kiss him softly or pull him closer into your chest. You hated seeing him like this, but you knew his body was tired and this was the only way it could get him to sit back and relax.

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K, 2015

Here’s my acoustic version of No Control in honour of Project No Control! Let me know what you think :) 

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Casually bringing this old gem back in this time of need…