waking up is an achievement tbh

a list of healthy habits for a better you

  • getting out of bed as soon as you wake up - no more chilling on your phone for an hour while you should have been doing your homework (me rn)
  • did a mistake? did something you shouldnt have done ? accept you did this mistake but try and stop blaming yourself and critisizing so much: accept that its okay to do mistakes and it happens, by changing into a pozitive attitude there are much more chances to not do that again
  • have a few days/ weeks for a project? work !! on !! it !! seriously dont let it all in the last day the stress is much higher and it probably wont turn out that good because you’re hurrying up
  • eat breakfast !! seriously ok
  • pick an outfit the night before: so much time saved up
  • reading a book? get a highlighter and highlight unknown words ( especially if you’re not reading in your native language ) . at the end of the chapter/ your reading time search them all or maybe even write them down ? ( i struggle with this so much tbh but i believe it pays back knowing much more than before )
  • do a little bit at least of something you enjoy daily: even if you’re busy af find just half an hour in which you draw, read, play with your cat etc etc
  • achieve a morning and night routine: honestly it can be the most simple things but if you do them like straight as soon as you wake up then you’re more likely to be productive while if you just stay on your phone for half an hour then brush your teeth, you’re basically wasting time.
  • talk to people ! ok listen up i know its scary to just go and talk to people but if you know for example you have a common interest its very likely they will be excited about it and you might even become friends !
  • you’re afraid of doing something? lets say public speaking. i am completely terrified of it . this is exactly why i signed up for debate, to get over this fear. the only way you can solve your problem with a fear for something like this is to face it straight on . yes it will give you anxiety probably it might stress you but you’re being so brave and slowly you’ll most likely overcome it
  • have a crush? you know they’re single and a very chill person ? talk to them. like seriously the best thing to do when you have a crush is chill down for a bit and realize its not the end of the world if they dont like you back and the only way even to make that happen is to talk to them ! like become their friend and maybe hint at them that you like them and you never know??¿

okay listen here i know you’re probably thinking im the most peaceful perfect person ever because i do all these things but the thing is : i dont , i barely do any of them . however , i would really like to change that and i really believe these little habits will help me ( and you ! ) in life in general.

hope you have an awesome day!


 ”Ryan is an evil genius. I’m scared of that dude.”

“He’s got the long play terrorizing going on. It’s like you wake up one day and you’re like, ‘hey, this Ryan guy’s nice!’ and then a month goes by and it’s like, ‘how does Ryan own my house?’”

fenriswaifu  asked:

Wait what creepy thing is living in your room and under the stairs???

Evil spirits sometimes and just spirits in general. At first, I didn’t believe it HAHAHHAHAHA BOY I WAS WRONG. There’s a White Lady under the stairs which btw is really CREEPY istg I thought I was gonna die during my first encounter. But she just… floated and stared at me. You learn to live with them but it’s really kinda scary the first time for me. I slept with a holy water and rosary beside me back then. Apparently, no matter how many times the house was blessed, they just don’t leave. The 3AM thing btw is very real. That was the second scary encounter for me, I was studying back in college and the thing just materialized. I thought I was hallucinating then it kept coming back. I didn’t even know what it was so I can’t really describe accurately. My cousin heard about my encounter and was terrified for me because I was the new target (she was the past one until she moved out) I was hoping I was just dreaming yknow? But she just had to confirm it uGH. HAHHAHAHAA But now I don’t see the thing cause I sleep at 9PM but I can feel it beside me when I randomly wake up in the middle of the night. I don’t exactly know what it wants to achieve tbh? Like maybe this guy just wants to have a bed to sleep on? My bed is big enough for two after all.

I’m being 100% serious tho like? If someone who cared about me gave me a colourful little sticker just for being able to pull myself out of bed and face the day at a time I was feeling miserable and down and lethargic about life??? in a genuine effort to encourage and cheer me up??? because they love me?? I would be exponentially more ready to get out of bed in the morning.

It’s a gentle and loving and sympathetic way of acknowledging how difficult it must have been for the person to wake up and face the grossness of the day (whatever their reason for being miserable) while also trying to cheer them up (because tbh who doesn’t love stickers) and? That’s super insightful and thoughtful and important and will probably make the sad person feel really encouraged

In conclusion that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard Amy Santiago is an adorably precious genius and #1 girlfriend please protect her at all costs

anonymous asked:

I really hope investigator shinohara doesn't wake up soon cuz he'll be like wtf happened when I was in my coma?!? But then I feel like he'll help kaneki idk somehow but I hope he's having sweet dreams >.<

I sometimes think about what would’ve happened if ‘Shinohara woke up now’ tbh. I wonder how he’d feel if he found out that the half-kakuja that he fought before is now working with the CCG as an Assoc. Special Class investigator. :,D

I also wonder how he’d react to seeing Suzuya’s achievements throughout the years.

*cries thinking about it*